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  Mammut Nirvana Ride S 20L Backpack - Women's Scarpa Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Scarpa Freedom Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Dynafit Beast Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Yvette T112 Ski - Women's La Sportiva Shadow Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Deuter Rise Lite SL 26L Backpack - Women's DPS Skis Nina T99 Ski - Women's DAKINE Mission Pro 18L Backpack - Women's DAKINE Leanne Pelosi Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack - Women's ARVA Rescuer 32L Backpack - Women's Fischer My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Prior Flute XTC Carbon Ski - Women's DPS Skis Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski - Women's Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot - Women's G3 Roamr 100 Elle Ski - Women's La Sportiva Super Maximo LS Ski - Women's Roxa R3W 105 T.I. Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Arc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Women's
 Mammut Nirvana Ride S 20L Backpack - Women'sScarpa Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sScarpa Freedom Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sDynafit Beast Ski Boot - Women'sDPS Skis Yvette T112 Ski - Women'sLa Sportiva Shadow Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sDeuter Rise Lite SL 26L Backpack - Women'sDPS Skis Nina T99 Ski - Women'sDAKINE Mission Pro 18L Backpack - Women'sDAKINE Leanne Pelosi Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack - Women'sARVA Rescuer 32L Backpack - Women'sFischer My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sPrior Flute XTC Carbon Ski - Women'sDPS Skis Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski - Women'sDynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot - Women'sG3 Roamr 100 Elle Ski - Women'sLa Sportiva Super Maximo LS Ski - Women'sRoxa R3W 105 T.I. Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sArc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Women's
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BrandPriorDPS SkisG3MammutARVADynafitScarpaLa SportivaRoxaFischerDAKINEDPS SkisDynafitLa SportivaDPS SkisDAKINEDeuterScarpaArc'teryx
Claimed Weight[pair, 169cm] 6lb 14oz[pair, 168cm] 6lb 11.2oz[167cm, pair] 7lb 4oz2lb 15oz-2 lb 13.9 oz[pair, size 27] 7 lb 8 oz[171cm, pair] 5lb 13oz, [178cm, pair] 5lb 15oz[single, 26.5] 3lb 9oz[pair] 7lb 7.2oz-[168cm] 2lb 14oz2lb 13oz[pair, 27.5] 6lb 13oz[pair, 168cm] 5lb 6oz1lb 9.6oz2lb 9oz[25.0, single] 3 lbs 10.5 oz[single, size 25.5] 2 lb 5 oz
Dimensions[163cm] 125 / 105 / 113mm, [169cm] 127 / 106 / 115mm, [175cm] 129 / 107 / 117mm141 / 112 / 128mm135 / 100 / 120mm19 x 11 x 6in---127mm / 94mm / 116mm--21 x 12 x 7in141 / 112 / 128mm--125 / 99 / 111mm18 x 12 x 6.5in25 x 10 x 7.1in--
Manufacturer Warranty3 years2 yearslimited 1 yearlifetime5 years1 year1 year1 year-4 yearslimited lifetime2 years1 year1 year2 yearlimited lifetimelifetime1 yearlimited
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Mammut Nirvana Ride S 20L Backpack - Women's

Take the panic out of waking up before the crack of dawn by packing the Mammut Women's Nirvana Ride S Backpack the night before you go skiing. This backcountry-specific pack carries skis or a snowboard, and it hauls a helmet, goggles, hydration reservoir, and your essential avalanche safety gear. The Nirvana carries skis diagonally or at an A-frame, snowboards vertically or horizontally, and the helmet carry stows away during the descent. For support, Mammut equipped the Nirvana Ride with a light, stable aluminum frame wrapped in EVA padding for a comfort carry. The waist belt and shoulder straps also feature EVA, and you can remove the waist belt if your dawn patrol will be a quick cruiser.

  • Carry all the backcountry essentials in this ski pack
  • Stable frame with comfy EVA back, waist belt, and shoulder straps
  • Carry systems for skis, snowboards, helmets, goggles, and hydration
  • Front compartment for avalanche safety gear
  • Removable waist belt and stowable helmet carry
  • Item #MAM00PV
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    Scarpa Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    The Scarpa Women's Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot is Queen of the Mountain in the Scarpa freeride line. It's the burliest, with a 120 flex index, but almost a pound lighter than the standard Freedom. The SL also uses a lighter Intuition liner and more aggressive sole. Compared to Scarpa's touring boots, the Freedom SL is more versatile (added alpine capability) and is stiffer and more powerful, but it does weigh more than the Maestrale or F1. It has a Ride Power Block that delivers frictionless motion for efficient climbing and locks in back support for power transmission on the downhill. For the woman who needs a boot that can charge off the lift in alpine bindings or slip efficiently into the backcountry with tech (TLT) bindings, the Freedom SL has few equals.

    Rather than rebadge the men's version with a little pink and a soft flex, Scarpa's engineers made the last a little smaller and the cuff a little lower to match the shape and size of a woman's foot and calf. The Pebax Rnew shell overlaps for a gap-less fit. Its Carbon Core technology wraps it around a bomber carbon frame for lightweight and allover stiffness for precision control. The Intuition FR Speed liner boot is molded with the shell for a seamless fit and powerful performance, key in making the distinction between a competent alpine/AT boot and one that kills it. The 101mm anatomic last features Axial Power Control for lateral stiffness and sensitivity.

    The interchangeable Vibram sole gives you lugged tenacity when hiking over scree or down-climbing into a rocky chute—the boot comes with the Rockered Mountain Plus sole for AT and tech bindings, but the Mountain Piste sole is available separately for those who rip on alpine bindings, too. You'll feel the advantage in an instant and respond with a peaceful mind. After all, you don't want to charge down a finger chute with already-frayed nerves.

  • A Goldilocks-style balance between weight and performance
  • Stiff 120 flex provides power for gals who charge hard
  • 101mm last accommodates medium to medium-wide feet
  • Generous walk mode with a 27-degree cuff rotation
  • Thermo-moldable Intuition liner for ultimate comfort
  • Four lightweight alloy buckles with a power strap
  • Compatible with tech and alpine touring bindings
  • Item #SCR003G
  • This is the new scope of freedom sl it's. A free ride touring boot so the idea. Being you can easily go on any tours. Generally probably more a day tour than. A full overnight longer tour but the. Beauty of this boot is it can be your one boot does everything it's. Performance downhill when your skin on piece is absolutely brilliant the lateral performance is good the power. Forward into the turn is good but it's. Still, pretty lightweight so for touring. You know it's still very good if you're into free ride tutoring with a. Bigger wider ski this is the kind of. Boot you want to be looking at the scope of freedom sl comes complete with the. Vibram tekken's sole unit but the beauty. Of this as a boot is you can unscrew the sole unit and put standard alpine piece. Soil unit on so it does mean that this boot can be used in a touring pin type. Binding a touring cage type binding or a. Standard our point binding sl is. Available at ski barclays in hillingdon or it's also available on our website at. Skybar lucam.

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    Scarpa Freedom Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    There's a lot to be said for a pure touring set-up, but it doesn't come cheap. If striking a balance between uphill and downhill performance without breaking the bank on new boots and bindings is more your style, the Scarpa Freedom Women's Alpine Touring Boot is probably something you'll be into. The Freedom has Vibram Mountain Piste rubber soles, which are designed to function with traditional alpine DIN bindings, but can be switched out for tech soles if you decide you need improved uphill performance or your suddenly with-it grandma sends you an unexpected pair of tech bindings for your b-day. Your hiking will be golden even without super-light tech bindings, though, since the Freedom leads the women's AT boot category with a 27-degree range of cuff movement; simply switch the Ride Power Block into hike mode to disengage the cuff, or lock it down to drive the 110-flex Freedom down whatever line you've been eyeing.

    Once you're locked in, shredding the downhill is as easy as crushing the skintrack. The Freedom is built with Carbon Core Technology, which molds the lower PU shell around a carbon-fiber frame, yielding a boot that's strong and stiff without carrying any unnecessary weight, so you can drive even burly freeride skis without worrying that they'll overwhelm your boots. The upper cuff, also made of PU, is designed to accommodate women's feet and legs, with a narrower heel, lower calf, and a higher instep that work with the heat-moldable Intuition Speed Ride liner to give you a snug, warm, and comfortable fit for the whole season.

  • Polyurethane shell and cuff
  • Heat-moldable Intuition Speed Ride liner
  • Ride Power Block ski/hike mode
  • Adjustable forward lean
  • Vibram Mountain Piste sole (interchangeable tech sole available)
  • Oversized power strap
  • Item #SCR002N
  • This is the new scope of freedom sl it's. A free ride touring boot so the idea. Being you can easily go on any tours. Generally probably more a day tour than. A full overnight longer tour but the. Beauty of this boot is it can be your one boot does everything it's. Performance downhill when your skin on piece is absolutely brilliant the lateral performance is good the power. Forward into the turn is good but it's. Still, pretty lightweight so for touring. You know it's still very good if you're into free ride tutoring with a. Bigger wider ski this is the kind of. Boot you want to be looking at the scope of freedom sl comes complete with the. Vibram tekken's sole unit but the beauty. Of this as a boot is you can unscrew the sole unit and put standard alpine piece. Soil unit on so it does mean that this boot can be used in a touring pin type. Binding a touring cage type binding or a. Standard our point binding sl is. Available at ski barclays in hillingdon or it's also available on our website at. Skybar lucam.

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    Dynafit Beast Ski Boot - Women's

    You never thought you'd see the day when you could enjoy both freeride and touring performance in one boot, but with the Dynafit Women's Beast Ski Boot, that day has arrived. Built for long days in the backcountry when turns are the ultimate goal, this boot is both lightweight and stiff, letting you save energy on the climb and giving you the ability to power through turns on the downhill.

    The Beast is engineered with Dynafit's Snowdynamic concept, which means it's built to ski deep powder with minimal loss of speed. The Precision Lock buckles sit close to the inside of the boot, reducing drag and preventing them from getting side swiped by a rock or stump. This setup also prevents the build-up of snow and stops it from entering to the rear of the cuff. A custom light liner can be heat molded for a seamless fit and enhanced performance. This precise fit adds to the warmth of the boot. An anatomic 102mm last gives your foot some wiggle room, which is nice for the climb, while the cuff provides a range of motion ideal for touring.

  • A freeride boot built for big tours in the backcountry
  • Stiff flex allows you to power through turns
  • 102mm last fits a wide range of feet
  • 45-degree cuff rotation with release for walking
  • Precision Lock System guarantees precise power transmission
  • Thermo-moldable liner provides a customized fit
  • Master Step heel insert is wider to work with Beast binding
  • Item #DNF009Z
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    DPS Skis Yvette T112 Ski - Women's

    DPS's Yvette shape, the fattest of its women-specific line, is now offered with the backcountry-specific Tour1 construction for a ski that's incredibly efficient on the uphill, yet slays big lines and powder with absolute ease. A 112 millimeter waist easily keeps you afloat on the deepest days of the season, but the rockered tip and tail, underfoot camber, and generous sidecut keep you content on days spent skiing hardpack in the resort. DPS's women-specific line isn’t simply a watered-down version of its hard-charging skis, either. The Yvette is built with the exact same construction, only with a slightly shifted mounting point for easier turn initiation.

    The Tour1 construction keeps the Yvette lightweight enough to compete with other backcounry-specific skis on the market, but also boasts features that makes the ski perform impressively well on the descent. The carbon fiber laminate dampens vibrations for a smooth, stable ride, and maintains torsional stiffness for effective turns. A lightweight balsa wood core further dampens the ski, yet makes each turn poppy and playful for a smile-inducing ride that will have you wishing winter lasted all year long.

  • Shred big backcountry lines with this lightweight, versatile ski
  • 112mm waist floats you in waist-deep powder
  • Rockered tip and tail keep ski easy to maneuver in tight trees
  • Underfoot camber provides excellent edge control when snow is firm
  • Carbon laminate construction ensures an energetic, stiff ride
  • Balsa wood core keeps ski responsive for fun with every turn
  • Item #DPK001T
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    La Sportiva Shadow Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    Power your way up tall snowy peaks and crush steep descents on the way down in your La Sportiva Women's Shadow Alpine Touring Boots. These versatile tech boots blend uphill efficiency and downhill prowess so you can tackle tough objective and leave the boys in the dust on your way down.

    The aggressive 125 flex suits the hard-charging lady whose mouth waters at the sight of gnarly spines and pillow drops. The Grilamid shell and Pebax tongue keep the weight down on these kicks, while remaining stiff and responsive for powerful descents. The 50-degree range of motion lets you stride confidently and efficiently as you cruise up the skinner, and Vibram soles keep you upright while you're picking your way through a labyrinth of steep rocks on your approach.

  • A versatile tech boot for dawn patrols and alpine missions
  • Flex of 125 suits aggressive downhill rippers
  • 102.5mm last accommodates wide feet
  • Grilamid shell is stiff yet light
  • Pebax tongue increases stiffness and power transmission
  • Heat-moldable liner lets you dial in a precise fit
  • 50-degree range of motion in walk mode allows for an efficient stride
  • Vibram sole comes in handy on dicey traverses
  • Item #LSP00E9
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    Deuter Rise Lite SL 26L Backpack - Women's

    Pack your Deuter Women’s Rise Lite 26 SL Backpack with touring gear and hit the skintrack after an overnight dump. Built with pockets to stash extra layers, food, and safety gear, this lightweight and slim pack is a great touring companion. Attach your board or skis to the external strap to keep them out of the way on the uphill. For the descent, the Rise’s frame system distributes the weight you carry across your back and hips evenly for better balance while you shred in early morning light.

  • Lightweight touring backpack for quick romps in the backcountry
  • Women-specific fit is slim and shorter for comfort and mobility
  • Ski and board straps allow you to attach your ride to your pack
  • Padded hipbelt and shoulder straps offer lofty comfort
  • U-frame suspension equalizes load while you move
  • Safety pocket on exterior stores shovel and probe for quick access
  • Item #DTR005N
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    DPS Skis Nina T99 Ski - Women's

    DPS's Women's Nina 99, adored by many women for its versatile yet powder-hungry shape, is now offered with the lightweight Tour1 construction, creating a backcountry-specific ski that's ready for all the ups and downs. Weighing in at just over 5 pounds per pair, it's obvious why the ski is an uphill machine, yet its combination of shape and construction maintain fantastic downhill performance.

    The 99 millimeter waist provides just enough float in deeper snow, but not so much that you can't rip through harder snow or spring corn with nimble ease. A rockered tip and tail make skiing in powder feel effortless, while camber underfoot adds reliable edge hold and energy through each turn. The Tour1 construction features a carbon and fiberglass laminate, keeping the ski remarkably skiff so you can plow through variable backcountry conditions at high speeds without flopping tips and teeth-chattering vibrations. A balsa wood core works to further dampen vibrations and maintain the overall stiffness of the ski, still preserving the playfulness and pop that makes each turn enjoyable.

  • Lightweight touring ski that slays the ups and shreds the downs
  • 99mm waist handles early season powder and spring corn with ease
  • Rockered tip and tail offer float and maneuverability
  • Underfoot camber gives edge hold in firmer snow
  • Carbon laminate keeps ski stiff and stable without adding weight
  • Balsa wood core further dampens vibrations and keeps ski playful
  • Item #DPK001U
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    DAKINE Mission Pro 18L Backpack - Women's

    Whether shredding a powder day at the resort or bootpacking for glory turns in the backcountry, the Dakine Mission Pro 18L Backpack can help you be prepared along the way, from lunch break to full-on rescue. The Mission Pro's women's-specific design is built to conform with smaller torsos, so it'll fit better than the average pack. The vertical board and diagonal ski carry utility lets you rig up your planks and gain vert hands free, and the specifically designed avy-tool pocket lets you keep your most important gear organized and close at hand. The fleece-lined google pocket lets you keep your eyewear fresh and fog-free for the descent. Plus, the Mission Pro is compatible with Dakine's DK Impact Spine Protector (sold separately) which absorbs shock form unexpected impacts you could possibly encounter while sending the line.

  • A snowboarding and skiing pack for the resort, backcountry, or heli
  • Vertical board and diagonal ski-carry hauls your gear to the drop
  • Avy-tool pocket lets you stay organized for quick access
  • Fleece-lined google pocket lets you stash an extra pair for the sesh
  • DK Impact Spine Protector (sold separately) absorbs shock
  • Zippered pockets hold snacks, gear, safety kit, and extras
  • Sternum-strap whistle lets you sound off in case of emergency
  • Item #DAK01EX
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    DAKINE Leanne Pelosi Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack - Women's

    In a world where products for women are just shrunken male products painted pink, Dakine brought in backcountry daredevil and snowboarding extraordinaire, Leanne Pelosi, to help design the Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack specifically for lady shredders like herself. This pack's narrow, longitudinal construction helps to create a stable ride and comes fully equipped with key features, like the padded waist belt, to ensure successful runs through the park or in the backcountry. And with additional backcountry-centric components, like the multiple snowboard carrying options and shovel-specific pocket, this pack is practically begging to be taken out of bounds.

  • A winter pack with backcountry and daily life capabilities
  • 25L with two organizational compartments
  • Two-way snowboard carrying options and diagonal ski carry
  • Padded waist belt helps to secure pack to body
  • Compatible with DK Impact Spine Protector
  • Fleece-lined goggle compartment helps prevent lens scratches
  • Insulated hydration sleeve keeps water from freezing
  • Rescue whistle included on sternum strap
  • Item #DAK01EK
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    ARVA Rescuer 32L Backpack - Women's

    After waking up at the crack of dawn to check automated snow stakes and the local avalanche report, load up the Arva Women's Rescuer 32 Backpack with all your snow safety tools, extra layers, and energy snacks before hitting the skin track. This roomy pack is an essential item in your backcountry arsenal this winter season, providing quick access to your collapsible probe and shovel for emergency scenarios and practice runs alike. Front and rear-panel access maximize the user-friendly nature of this essential backcountry pack.

    Not only is the Rescuer 32 Backpack user-friendly for backcountry skiers and riders, but it's also large enough to carry all of your items during ambitious, long-distance tours. Dedicated pockets for your hydration reservoir, goggles, and wallet organize all your items, so they're not sloshing around inside the pack. Ergonomic shoulder straps maximize support, with a perforated foam back panel for additional padding and weight distribution. Additionally, there's options for both ski and snowboard carry, which comes in handy on those steep chutes where bootpacking is necessary.

  • Roomy pack for ambitious backcountry tours
  • Dedicated compartment for your snow safety tools
  • Front and rear-panel access to internal items
  • Pockets for hydration reservoir, goggles, wallet
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps and waist belt for comfort
  • Perforated foam back panel supports heavy loads
  • Ski and snowboard carry options for bootpacking
  • Carries your trekking poles and ice axes
  • Item #CMA003N
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    Fischer My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    The Fischer Women's My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot is designed for anything from enjoying groomed runs all season, exploring in-bounds bootpacks to get some fresh turns, or getting into the backcountry before work. Its forgiving 90 flex is soft enough for lighter or intermediate to advanced lady shredders, and the 99-millimeter last provides comfort without sacrificing a performance-oriented fit. The walk mode delivers efficiency on steep skintracks or when you're walking across the parking lot at the resort to the chairlift, and the high-traction GripWalk soles give you confidence-inspiring grip on icy bootpacks. Complete with a Primaloft liner for all-day warmth and comfort, there's no place on the mountain that you can't go.

  • Versatile boot for exploring the resort or the backcountry
  • Forgiving 90 flex is perfect for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • 99mm last blends comfort and performance
  • Walk mode makes in-bounds bootpacks or morning tours efficient
  • Plush Primaloft liner keeps toes warm and comfortable
  • GripWalk soles offer reliable traction on slick, icy surfaces
  • Item #FIS007Q
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    Prior Flute XTC Carbon Ski - Women's

    The Prior Women's XTC Flute Ski was born to farm cold smoke, but possesses the ability to tackle all the hardpack and chunder that you're left with in between storms. Thanks to the lightweight construction and mid-fat 105-107 millimeter waist, this plank a solid daily driver, in bounds or out.

    With a rockered tip and tail, these sticks have no trouble sailing through the deep stuff, and camber underfoot lets you rally groomers when you pop back into the resort at the end of the day. Unlike the traditional Flute ski, the XTC construction features a carbon laminate to shed weight without losing strength. A pair of the XTCs weigh in at just over six pounds, making them ideal for backcountry exploration. The XTC uses the same poppy and playful maple core, making it a delight to jump, slash, and huck your way all over the hill.

  • A ski to take your freeride pursuits to the backcountry
  • 105-107mm waist floats pow and conquers crud
  • Rockered tip and tail surfs the steep and deep
  • Camber underfoot lets you rally hardpack
  • Poppy and playful maple wood core for a fun, responsive feel
  • Carbon laminate sheds weight without losing strength
  • Item #PSA002I
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    DPS Skis Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski - Women's

    The DPS Women's Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski is a lightweight fatty designed to help you set the skintrack on a deep powder day, and enjoy the fluffy ride back to the car. Its wide waist keeps you afloat only when you want to, since you also prefer sinking down into snorkel-like depths about half the time on the downhill. You like sinking down on the downhill almost as much as you dislike sinking down on the uphill, which makes the Yvette's rockered, shoveled, and wider tip all the more enjoyable. It keeps your nose above the snow so you can navigate switchbacks a little easier. This Yvette comes with DPS's lightest construction to keep you nimble on you feet, and considering each ski weighs less than three pounds, you might end up one of the lightest skier in the backcountry.

  • A touring-specific ski designed with powder in mind
  • Wide waist assures proper flotation in soft snow
  • Rockered, shoveled tip navigates powder on uphill and down
  • Camber underfoot employs a surprisingly tight turn radius
  • Tour 1 construction keeps each ski under three pounds
  • Item #DPK001B
  • Hi it's andrew from back country skiing. Canada.com we're here at boulder hut adventures you can see the hut behind us here. Just wrapping up a week of fun ski touring and want to talk to you about the tour one waner 112 we've been. Checking out for the weekend for. Most of the season actually the tour one. Is one of three constructions options. Offered by dps you also have a pure. Three which is a stiffer somewhat heavier ski and a hybrid which is has. Some carbon but more traditional construction as well this is new this year I'd have to say the most remarkable thing about the thing about it is its weight the weight for the tour one is. Only one thousand five hundred and. Fifty grams and that's for 184 ski this. Is the 184 ski that we have here let's remarkably light especially with a benefit binding as we have them here just saying a little bit about the dimensions 141 at the tip 112 here and. 126 excuse me 128 here we've also reviewed. The regular construction of the winter. 112 if you'd like to see that review check it out right here so what's. Different about the tour one construction is its it's also a prep reg. Carbon glass fiber laminate construction. Unlike the regular winter 112 there's a. Full cap here you can see here and there's a balsa core and textured. Polymide talk is what the top sheet is. And also like many dps skis they call. This paddle tech which means it's wider. At this point here so we've had a. Variety of conditions here at boulder. Hut over the week and this is a perfect. Ski for good conditions it's outstanding. On the up track because it's remarkably light like way lighter than anything. That i personally have ever skied. But when you get into hard pack. Conditions or gender. You know breakable cross stuff like that it might not be the ski to go with but. In the powder that we've had this week it was awesome and it's a great. All-around ski so again this is the dps. Winner 112 tours one and just saying now. It comes in a 168 a 184 and a 190 cm i. Wouldn't recommend this as a one quiver. Ski its kind of specialty ski because. It's its so lightweight it's not really. You can't really ski it very effectively on the area but it's the perfect tool. For good conditions back country missions. Especially long ones that's it. Andrew from back country skiing canada if you'd like to see more reviews and read trip reports and read the forum's go to. Backcountry skiing canada calm thank you.

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    Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot - Women's

    Designed for aggressive backcountry skiing, the Women's Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot balances a light weight with a progressive performance for riders who value downhill riding as much as easy skinning. Its wide last creates an incredibly comfortable fit for skiers who like to layer socks, or women with wider feet, but regardless of your foot shape, the straps, inverse buckles, and various micro-adjustments will ensure a secure fit. Dynafit's remarkable Hoji Lock system that quickly switches the boot from walk mode to ski mode with a quick flip of a switch. Recent updates include a narrower toebox with the TLT inserts set closer to the front in order to maximize the boot's walking efficiency, and it eases your ability to step into tech bindings a lot easier than before.

  • Alpine touring boot is both light and aggressive for backcountry
  • Wide last creates an incredibly comfortable fit for wider feet
  • Master Step eases attachment to TLT tech bindings
  • Walk mode goes from ski to walk mode with the flip of a switch
  • Speed Nose narrows the toe box for a more efficient skin
  • Item #DNF00EF
  • I'm here at the spl ward section this is. The new touring boot from dena fit really lightweight super lightweight touring boot apparently very. Comfortable to wear when you're touring but has that alpine flex that stiff flex. You need once you get to the top of the mountain you switch down to the alpine section and you want to ski down hard and fast this boot could be for you so a. Very new system called the home key lock system boots called hoji and it. Looks really neat as well Dina fit you know been around for a long I'm a really innovative boot. Company making a comeback with touring boots at the moment, and they've won an award here it is spurt it's really nice to see that look forward too hopefully. Trying this boot out this winter.

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    G3 Roamr 100 Elle Ski - Women's

    The G3 Women's Roamr 100 Ski slays the all-mountain game so you can cover the whole resort and still have time to ride some untracked, backcountry freshies after the chairlifts stop. A 100mm waist width means this ski will ride everything from piste to powder with equal prowess. Its profile combines an early rise tip with a slightly positive camber underfoot to carve crud and track through powder with ease.

    G3 built the Roamr with a Joyride Plus construction that truly lives up to its name. Joyride starts off with a lightweight, flexible wood core made of poplar and paulownia, then wraps the core with two layers of Titanal aluminum to eliminate vibration when you're cranking high-speed turns. Full alloy steel edges ensure control when you're cutting hard, and the dual-density sidewalls enhance energy absorption and durability. The Stealth Razor Edge reduces overall mass and weight, while the P-Tex 2000 Electra base ensures a speedy feel.

  • G3 claims this ski is ideal for 70% backcountry and 30% resort
  • Versatile 100mm waist handles soft and firm snow equally
  • Minimal camber extends the effective edge for smoother turning
  • Early rise tip rocker navigates soft snow on the uphill and down
  • Light, poppy wood core with two titanal laminates for dampness
  • Joyride Plus construction includes durable sidewalls for longevity
  • Item #GGG003F
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    La Sportiva Super Maximo LS Ski - Women's

    There are those that prefer a lightweight skin to the top over all else, including downhill performance, and then there are those that take La Sportiva's Super Maximo LS Ski out for a tour and don't have to choose. Built with SKI TRAB Lightweight Technology, the Super Maximo is both extremely lightweight yet rich with anti-torsional strength. The core is built from 14 different layers in order to reduce vibration, using lightweight wood interlaced with higher-strength wood, then reinforced with a fiberglass box. This process delivers both torsional rigidity and durability to an otherwise lightweight ride.

    When it comes to downhill performance, the Super Maximo LS is well adapted to a wide range of snow conditions. It features La Sportiva's progressive Attivo shape, well tuned for adept steering, floatability, and forgiving turn initiation. This innovative shape ensures gradual entry into fresh snow, yet provides plenty of contact on sun-affected crust. Plus, the 94mm waist underfoot is wide enough to handle last night's big dump, yet narrow enough that it deals well with any wind-buffed slopes you might encounter on your way down.

  • A well-balanced touring ski for mixed conditions in the backcountry
  • Medium waist underfoot delivers reliable performance in most snow
  • Low Omega profile improves maneuverability and turn initiation
  • Cap construction minimizes weight during uphill travel
  • Lightweight wood core is reinforced for torsional rigidity
  • Swallow tails designed for skins, stability, and steering precision
  • Item #LSP00EH
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    Roxa R3W 105 T.I. Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    The Women's R3W 105 T.I. Alpine Touring Boot is Roxa's most freeride-oriented ladies boot, designed for ripping chicks with an affinity for hard-earned turns. The flex of 105 is stiff enough to please the aggressive lady shredder, yet still comfortable and forgiving enough to keep your feet happy on the skin track.

    The durable Grilamid shell keeps the weight down so you get on top of big objectives with enough gas in the tank to let it rip on the way down, and the Intuition liner is heat moldable so you can dial in the perfect fit. The Gripwalk soles add a little security to icy bootpacks, and with a 45-degree range of motion in walk mode, these boots allow you a comfortable and natural stride the whole way up.

  • A lightweight touring boot for crushing the uphill and the downhill
  • 105 flex is Roxa's stiffest backcountry boot for women
  • Medium 99mm last accommodates a variety of feet
  • Grilamid shell is durable yet light
  • Intuition liner is heat-moldable for a precise, comfortable fit
  • 45-degree range of motion in walk mode
  • Gripwalk soles provide security on sketchy traverses and bootpacks
  • Item #RXA000W
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    Arc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Women's

    With the ability to climb like a mountaineering boot and navigate technical ski mountaineering descents, the Arc'teryx Women's Procline Lite Boot is a true alpine workhorse that will move up granite-strewn ridges and glacial ice with ease and remain rigid when you're laying turns down a hanging snow field or narrow couloir. It's clear at first glance that the Procline isn't your standard AT boot—its split cuff, uniquely shaped shell, and integrated boot gaiter all indicate that this boot loves to ascend. In fact, the Procline brings a whole new level of uphill performance to the table with 360 degrees of cuff mobility (75 degrees fore and aft and 35 degrees laterally) to deliver an unsurpassed feel while skinning, bootpacking, or climbing sections of vertical rock and ice. And if that wasn't enough, the Procline gets an extra bit of help on the up thanks to a lugged Vibram sole and reinforced toe cap to protect the shell from shrapnel when front pointing.

    The construction of the Procline consists of a Grilamid shell more akin to a traditional AT boot to give the boot the solid downhill performance necessary for skiing and a split Grilamid cuff to save weight and enhance climbing mobility. Where the Procline really sets itself apart, though, is with its integrated corder gaiter, which is durable and waterproof to ensure reliable coverage in high alpine environs. Beneath the attached gaiter is a heat-moldable EVA liner with optional lace closure to ensure a precise and comfortable fit. The buckle system of the Procline consists of two aluminum latches and a cam-locking power strap that can be quickly secured without having to deal with traditional hook-and-loop straps during transitions.

  • A women's-specific boot for ski mountaineering
  • Split cuff delivers 360 degrees of articulation
  • Attached corder gaiter resists wear and is waterproof
  • Procline Lite liner is heat moldable for a precise fit
  • Two adjustable buckles lie flat to reduce catching on pants
  • Cam-locking power strap ensures a quick and secure fit
  • Lugged Vibram sole climbs well on rock and packed snow
  • Rubber toe cap enhances durability when front pointing
  • Item #ARC00LO
  • When you're touring and you flick this it's amazing the range of motion obviously that you have without undoing. That top class so it's very precise for. Where you want to put your foot but feels really freaked she's good i guess if you can do this if you want and you loosen it rights up when you're throwing to it makes it even easier the side. To side motion business and kind of see. Here it's on an angle makes it better yeah i like that i just. Kind of want to see if snow entry is any. Issue with this it's a mountaineering boot so times are gonna happen when you do get off your skis obviously and start. Postholing up there's something nasty and big i don't know if he'll be full walk mode like this or not but likely so. You can see i mean that keeps a lot of the snow out which is really nice that tall boots all gator and then. There's that cuff area so without doing. Anything to it i just clamp that yep. Clamps i don't think i can feel it but it's in. There it's definitely in there so i. Don't know yeah but other than that i. Mean boots sure does skin nice that's very comfortable and free feeling and. Light and on off-camber type stuff it. Sure allows you to keep a full skin contact if you choose so yeah so far so. Good okay so now it's time for the book. Review inside instead of in the rain so. There it is size 27 and there's our weight pretty. Simple little scale one boot 1.3 6. Kilograms so super light obviously. Especially when you're looking at something that is as strong as skiing boot as it is so that's nice so good weight on the boot now, and we look at the liners you'll see there are two liners that this boot is using this. Is the support liner the support liner. Are they're stronger liner it's nice just. A good flex motion in the back of flexes. Going in the back so you can get lots of easily easy angulation with this boot is. The cuff of the boot certainly allows it, so we don't want the liner to restrict that different densities of foam nice. And stiff through the top and the tongue so lots of support through their nice moldable down through the bottom which is great and then obviously our character being a mountaineering company they're thinking about using liners like this if you have to be drawing your liners you're wearing them alone not in a boot you can see you've got a rubber. Bottom to that boot which is going to. Give you a lot better traction if necessary but just durability as well so. Into the actual boot itself the plastics this is where all the magic is in this boot a few things that i really. Like i love how dry this boot is with this. Zipper that does up from the front of the boot it keeps this entire structure. Quite watertight as you can see that you. Tough and that gator around the top it's going to keep a lot of snow out so when you have that boot opened and you are in tour mode and a lot of other boots you. Collect a lot of snow through here through buckles and into the boot so you have a lot of water entry into this whole boot system that's not the case with this. Which is really nice to see it's in front of the boot as you can see has the rubber rand to it that's a thermoformed. Rand it's not going to pull away from that gives you much better durability. And some add its stickiness if you are. Climbing and using this boot from a mountaineering standpoint to have a hard. Plastic toe that can skate off is not a. Good scenario so having this is going to make a big difference for people its ultimate comfort when they are climbing and not using it with their skis and you. Can see it's a very burly soul the soul that's on there is not one of these super lightweight soles that's going to. Disintegrate in one season of use that's. A full proper vibrational go it's a. Mountaineering sole great to see that. Obviously works with pins it's what it's made for it's the only way it's going to work but from a standpoint of moving in. The mountains it's great to have that security on your feet so all in all i. Have to say that our caraxes nu pro kline. Boot walks as i would expect it to walk. And skis much better so i think it's. Going to be it's its definitely worthy of carrying the arc'teryx name hope you enjoy it.

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