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  Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Midwest Industries Micro Gas Block Tipton® Compact Range Vise Gerber® Short Stack AR15 Tool Wheeler AR Trigger Guard Install Tool Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Tipton® Best Gun Vise™ Pachmayr® Gun Screw Set Wheeler® Precision Micro Screwdriver Set Hyskore® Sighting System and Cleaning Vise Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Delta Ring Tool Tipton® Gun Butler® Vise Wheeler® Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set CMMG Lower Parts Gun Builder Kit Lyman® Master Gunsmith Tool Kits Lyman Borecam Digital Borescope with Monitor Wheeler® Master Gunsmithing Benchtop Magnifier
  Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Midwest Industries Micro Gas Block Tipton® Compact Range Vise Gerber® Short Stack AR15 Tool Wheeler AR Trigger Guard Install Tool Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Tipton® Best Gun Vise™ Pachmayr® Gun Screw Set Wheeler® Precision Micro Screwdriver Set Hyskore® Sighting System and Cleaning Vise Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Delta Ring Tool Tipton® Gun Butler® Vise Wheeler® Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set CMMG Lower Parts Gun Builder Kit Lyman® Master Gunsmith Tool Kits Lyman Borecam Digital Borescope with Monitor Wheeler® Master Gunsmithing Benchtop Magnifier
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Brand Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler CMMG Pachmayr Lyman Wheeler Midwest Industries WHEELER Real Avid Wheeler Remington Hyskore Tipton Tipton Wheeler Tipton Gerber Lyman

Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool

  • Quickly disassemble your Remington bolts
  • Removes striker assembly in seconds
  • Compatible with a variety of Remington models
  • Enjoy fast, simple disassembly of all your Remington bolts with the Bolt Disassembly Tool. Three simple steps allow the firing pin to be easily removed for necessary cleaning and maintenance. Compatible with Rem. 700®, Seven™, 40X™, 660™, 721™, 722™,XP-100™ and other military models.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey youtube nc shootist here did a video. A couple weeks back i think it was on. The Remington 760 game master disassemblies. And reassembly and i had a viewer comment hey why don't you show us how the bolt of the 760 comes apart and goes. Back together so i figured i would show that process to you today so getting. Started what we'll need a small hammer you might. Need a big hammer if your vote is stubborn like mine was the first time i. Took it apart a small little computer. Type screwdriver a one-eighth inch punch. It's good to have a magnetic part straight just make sure nothing gets lost a pair of needle nose pliers and of. Course your bolt so let's go ahead and. Get started and when we look at the bolt. You can see that there are two small pins there's a smaller one on this side. And a larger one on the other side that. Hold the actual bolt into the carrier. Alright so if you look there are some. Channels cut into the bolt and we can. See that little pin that sticks through the bolt carrier into the bolt so first. Think we want to do is take our small computer screwdriver okay, and we'll get. In there and push those pins up first. Okay and then we'll take our needle nose pliers, and we'll pull that smaller pin. Out go ahead and set it on our tray well. The pliers won't let go of it okay now. We'll move on to the bigger one on the other side you can see it here take out. Screwdriver again push that one up just. Enough to be able to grab it with the. Pliers okay. We'll take that larger pen and set it aside and now the bolt will come free. From the carrier okay, so we'll go ahead and set the our bolt aside all right now. I'm not going to take the extractor out because there's a focus you can see. There's a small pin in there that holds. The extractor plunger and i don't have a. Punch that's that size, so we'll leave it. In there for now the only part left is. The firing pin okay and you can see focus alright you can. See there's a small little pin that. Holds the firing pin in so the firing pin has a slot cut in it so what we'll. Need to do is chuck this up in a vise. And I'll show you how to drift this pin. Out so it's its hard to do the first time but once you get the hang of it's not too bad so let me get the vise. Set up, and then we'll drift that pin out okay I've got our bolt carrier chucked. Into my vise and what I'll do is use. Some softwood some pine or something. Leave the front lugs of the bolt carrier. Sticking out past the wood blocks. And then chuck where the pin goes. Through make sure that's in contact with the wood blocks so you get a nice. Solid contact alright and I've already. Started this pin a little bit so we'll just drift it the rest of the way out so. Take your punch. And just drift that pin out okay and it. Just dropped on the floor but no big deal well we'll get it later all right. So what we'll do is take the bolt. Carrier back out of the vise okay and. You can see once i take the firing pin. Out there's that notch that lines up. With the hole in the bolt carrier all. Right so the reassembly process is. Just the reverse and one thing to. Mention before we get back to the reassembly you can see in my bolt. Carrier I've got a 760 and it's the. Model a dl which has the chequered. The checkering cut into the stock and. The four in so the later Remington's. Have a firing pin spring that sits down. In the bolt carrier okay if you've got. One of the earlier 760 s i believe they. Do not have a firing pin spring so. That's one thing to notice if you open yours up and you've got an early model of 760 and it doesn't have a firing pin. Spring that's the way it's supposed to. Be so don't panic if you've got an. Early one and you don't see a firing pin spring all right so let's try to get. This guy back down in here okay we've. Got the firing pin spring back into. The bolt carrier and I've already started the pin that retains the. Firing pin and you'll notice this is the. The top of the bolt carrier so the pin. When you drift it out you want to drift. It from top to bottom and when you put it back in you want to go bottom to top okay so it's good to go ahead and get. That pin started you can see it there so. What we want to do is maybe back it out just a little bit. With a punch just enough to get the firing pin lined up okay go ahead and. Put your firing pin in and that notch. Will line up with the hole here let's. See if we can get some daylight through here see if you can see that okay so you. Can see there's that notch in the firing pin, so we'll move it out of the way and. We'll start our pin from the bottom okay and that will at least line everything. Up so we can get it set back in the bolt. Carrier okay so we'll go back to our. Vise all right we'll take our eighth. Inch punch. We'll just drift that pin back in there. Okay so you can see that pin is now set. Back into the bolt carrier the firing. Pin is secure but it's also free to. Move around that's what you want you don't want the firing pin to be stuck forward because if it is once you go to. Close the action you're gonna have a slam fire and that's what you don't want so make sure you're firing pins nice and free okay there's the large hole. That was on the side of the carrier. And you'll notice the actual bolt. You have two different size channels you've got a smaller one and a larger. One okay so obviously the larger one is. Gonna line up with the larger holes okay. So we take our pins that we set aside in. Our tray i will take the larger one. And we'll get it started into the. Bolt carrier body okay we'll line up the channel and. Just push it in with your thumb now if. You have trouble just take your punch and kind of give it an extra little push but it should go in pretty freely so if. It's not going in freely don't force it and try to figure out what's causing it to bind up all right, so we take out. Smaller one just push it in with your. Thumb and there you have it there's your. Disassembled and reassemble bolt for the. 760 game master so i appreciate you. Watching if this video was helpful give it a thumbs up thank you guys for watching god bless we'll see you next time.

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    Midwest Industries Micro Gas Block

  • Low profile fits under most handguards
  • Fits .750 barrels and secures with two set screws
  • Rugged 4041 steel construction
  • The low profile of Midwest Industries Micro Gas Block allows placement under most commercially available handguards. Ultratough 4041 steel construction. 1.125" block secures with two set screws. Fits .750 barrels. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tipton® Compact Range Vise

  • Solvent-resistant nylon delivers lasting performance
  • Adapts to securely hold all types of firearms
  • Expands from 11-1/4" to 17-3/4"
  • Nonmarring contact surfaces
  • Tipton's Compact Range Vise offers a completely new level of performance, securely holding a wide array of guns while collapsing to fit in a range bag. Collapses to 11-1/4" and fully expands to 17-3/4", making it easily carried but fully functioning. Six rubber feet provide a rigid, nonslip base. Two nonmarring forks protect your gun's finish while holding it securely in place for cleaning and light maintenance. High-quality, solvent-resistant nylon construction delivers years of lasting performance. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Make sure we're going here fun to do a. Short video and piece of equipment i got. This week washing last sunday it's saturday now. The following week I've been after one. Of these for a while i was gonna double myself which I'm talking about a gun. Stand or a workstation type thing to. Actually put my gun my rifles and while. I'm working on them and that was gonna build one but i wanted me to was gonna. Build it in such a way that they collapse and it was easily storable well. I got looking around on amazon and well. I looked on midway usa there first and i. Had the one that i wanted in the cart and hit pay now or whatever it was and. We're sorry we don't ship to canada of course you don't but i happened to find. The exact same one that i was looking at on amazon that midway had and it's a. Tipton Compaq range right i haven't even. Opened the shit that i got last sunday and i mean have a look at it and i. Haven't taken them in the package but. They obviously took it out of the package customs were ever have a look at it because they recanted even though. It's a it's a plastic press lock claim. Shelf yeah called the typical compact range. Weights i can tell you just by looking at it. It's not a vise it's a gun rest or a gun standard rest or no yeah it's for. Holding your gun in place while you're working on it's got no moving parts other than the two or end arms and the. Base extends. It collapses to 11 and a quarter inches and fully expands to 17 and three-quarter and that's pretty much all. It is its just a place to put your gun. And that's all i wanted i don't care about having pockets and little places. To put two i don't need that kind of thing i just need something to hold my gun instead of using my sandbags to hold. My ankles they're not effective they don't hold the gun any guns worth a damn I'm. Just going to take it out and have a look at it and put a gun on it got to. Take a scope off one of my rifles off my cross man nitro venom desk as the scope. On it is a bsa black-powder scope which. I found out is exclusive to midway usa as well it was made for them and it. Supported 16 by 44 illuminated reticle. Mobot the radicals turned side was on. I've got to take it off i contacted bsa usa, and they told me to. Get in touch with blue dog 3pl here in. Ontario and i did and they told me to. Pack it up and ship it on back to them, and they'll replace the scope with. Whatever they have that's close to it available because that scope is no longer main so hopefully I'll get. Something happy snow for free because it. Is true it's under warranty anyway let's. Get into this here. Talk on the radio. I don't know how close i am i really. I moved the camera back a bit. That's writer too close okay I'll just. Keep the case and I'm wl just pull back. And I'll just hang it up somewhere it's. Pretty heavy for what it is its six. Rubber feet on the bottom. Well plastic all of it. Pretty solid pretty sturdy pretty hard. Plastic yeah i like it down. Why is that month snap down not this one. It's supposed to be i don't want to say. It's cheap because it doesn't feel cheap i think it's a it's its made of a hard. Durable plastic rubber rubberized. Whatever you want to call them places. The gun sits in it works. Stop always in the way. No way. No solid. This. Paper down here with my kids. At the snow think you said the schools gotta take it off and send it back. Pretty good spoke to well it was until the radical turn sideways it's an air. Gun rated springer magnum springer scope as well yeah this is meant for it's just. That right there just holding the gun. I'm happy of course in it being bought. In canada wasn't as cheap as it was buying him from the us either i think it. Was $17.34 us and i think it was like. Three bucks to ship it to me amazon it was thirty-eight ninety-nine but i still got free shipping and. Everything out of it because being a prime member do not an amazon prime. Member if you shop on amazon it's nine. Dollars a month via to be a prime member and everything you order is free. Shipping and i think that's worth it. Plus with the advent of the prime video. That they have on there you get to watch stop for free as well which is movies and tv shows and everything it's actually i think it's worth the money a couple on top of Netflix that we have. And we're governor a lot of our bases cover them and stuff we want a lot. Yeah so that's the tip the gun advice range friendship or whatever you want to call a compact range faces i think this. Is the lowest model they make because i dunno they make big ones that. Have all your spaces to put tools. And other stuff pain it's a proper. Workstation oh by the way don't mind my Denise in the background here I've got a load in the washer here helping to. Birth of one so i make a video and do a little laundry too yep that's the range. Right compact range right they keep forgetting the name of it. That's cool. Gotta remember how the gun goes in here now. I'll put them maybe I'll put a little. Dot or something to let me know about that's this side well i guess it doesn't. Matter I'll take the steering turning. The gun around. Well i got this microbiome desk up here. I love the look of it i love that the fact that it's all black i love the. Stock on it's a really comfortable stock i was taking about camo in the. Stock takes the recoil pad off and leave. It blacks but i have camel guns before. And they come out really good really. Good. got all the paint down there's orange black or contractor flat black forest. Green i think i got a brown or a tan. You just spray all the colors randomly. And then i take a cedar branch and just. Place it against them with the black and just go over with a black that way that the color underneath comes through and. It's gets the pattern gets painted over with the black it's cool works really good by the way i think that'll end this. Video for the tipton's compact range. Vise because it's not a way so it's just. A gun station holder there's nothing in here that clamps hanging down at all it just sits in their ok see you later.

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    Gerber® Short Stack AR15 Tool

  • Easy in-the-field AR-maintenance tool
  • Fits in Magpul MOE and MIAD pistol grips
  • Magnetized tool keeps bits with the tool
  • Tighten everything from buffer tubes to flash hiders
  • Compatible with Magpul's M-LOK accessories
  • Multiple scraping options for clearing carbon
  • In-the-field AR maintenance is made easy with Gerber's Short Stack AR15 Tool. Compact size is compatible with Magpul's MOE and MIAD pistol grips so you always have the right tool for the job. Three-piece tool instantly assembles and each piece is magnetized ensuring double-sided bits stay with the tool. Tool modifies for multiple wrench combinations, allowing you to tighten and loosen everything from your AR's buffer tube to the flash hider and other accessories. Included hex bits and 7mm wrench are compatible with Magpul M-LOK accessories. Front-sight adjustment tool for instant sight adjustment. All-inclusive field-cleaning options include using the tool as a pull-through handle for Otis cables and scraping surfaces for clearing carbon buildup from your firing pin, bolt and bolt carrier. 420 high-carbon steel construction. Made in USA.
    OAL: 2.9".
    Wt: 2.8 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys this is chris with i want that. Reviews today we're gonna be taking a. Look at a new tool that's available from gerber called the gerber short stack now. This guy has a manufacturer's suggested. Retail price of $54 and you can find it. For less than that on amazon i believe. The lowest i saw it was about 32 buts. It's comprised of three different plates. That are all held together with earth magnets and a rubber bit driver holder. You have these three plates that are. Held together with magnets it can be a. Little sticky and tricky to get apart. But essentially what you've got here is. Multiple different tools that can be used for the ar platform and each one of. These will interface here so that you can get a grip onto the tool and use. Then for the different things and then once you're done you grab the whole the. While setup again put it back together. Such. Put your piece back down in here and one. Of the coolest features about this guy is it is magpul moe and my ad compatible. So you just take this guy slip it down. In their snap it shut you're good to go. It might make a little noise but if you. Got a rattling around but i keep a couple other things in their normally so. So i don't usually get any sound. From that and the caption over there we're not gonna worry about that right now initial impressions when i pulled this out of the box it was i was very impressed I've had my eye on this since i first saw their marketing for it they first started talking about it and I've. Been I've been trying hard to get a hold of it just got a hold of one here. Actually my wife bought it for me for Christmas and I'm very impressed with it's a. It's a pretty solid little tool the. Drivers at that it comes with as a phillips and a torx head that torques. Will fit your if you have anti wok pins. It will fit my magpul bad lever it'll. Fit several things the it as well. Happens to be the same size or roughly. The same size as the bolts for your. Accessories on your rails the problem with that is because it is a torx head. It is a little smaller than i would not recommend using it for these i tried tightening one of these down and it off. The edges on it just a little bit so. I need to see about ordering a new one from looking at likes i love the compact. Design i love the fact that you know it breaks down and it's got so many different tools it's its just it's a very well-thought-out tool that you know. Just snaps together and you know. You throw in your gun and you've got most of the tools that you need for you. No on-the-fly maintenance i love the fact that this guy fits in the grip and take it with you i love the amount of tools it's got tons of tools on it tons of different things that you're gonna be able to use that are gonna be practical and useful for just about. Anybody that's gonna run an ar and i really like the design you know gerber obviously spent a little bit of time on this getting it all you. No thought-out and you know putting it all together so that it worked so that it was practical so that it was functional and that shows as far as. Dislikes I'm a bit unhappy with. With the fact that this bit rounded. Off i can't help but feel like that's a. Little that's kind of my fault though for using it in something that. Was not torques so you know that's you know that's on me the other thing though that i noticed was here a couple days ago i just. Wanted to kind of take a look and see how it worked with the 3/4 inch i. Was swapping out a flash hider and it. Rounded it skipped across the threads. Are not the threads that skipped across the machining on this here it was. Actually this this muzzle device here and you can see a couple lines. Here from where i was working on it and. I just peeled right off the edge so I'm. Not sure if this is just a little bit out of spec or if it just you know. Happens to be that particular flash hider but i would say not obviously not. To rely on this as the your only tool if you've got an armorer's wrench or if you've got a crescent wrench that can handle a flash hider i would say to. Absolutely do that this is great for you know on the fly if you've got to change something on the field and you and you need to work on it's fantastic but i wouldn't say that it's something to rely on those are really my only two. Dislikes um i would think that. Would be something like i said that was partially my fault and and probably. Primarily my fault but those two issues. Are gonna get me to knock this down just. A little bit in my opinion of it i still love the tool. It's still gonna go everywhere i go it's gonna go into my grip and it's gonna stay there but overall I'm gonna. Give this guy four and a half out of five stars it's gonna lose that half a star there because of the rounded bit and the issue with the. 3/4 inch wrench being a little out of. Out of whack but those were minor issues. This is a fantastic tool it is worth every penny and i would recommend anybody take a look at it and see if it's something that you're interested in I'll go ahead and include a link to their website in the link below as well as their facebook page as always thanks so much for watching if it weren't for you guys i wouldn't be here please do like subscribe and share and keep checking back on a weekly basis for more reviews of awesome products just like this one that'll make you say i want that.

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    Wheeler AR Trigger Guard Install Tool

  • Prevents damage to the lower receiver
  • Durable aluminum construction with mil-spec anodized finish
  • Includes install and uninstall pins
  • Oversized T-handle 32mm clearance
  • Install the AR-15 trigger guard with the same tool professionals use for the job. The Delta Series AR-15 Trigger-Guard Install Tool makes installing the trigger guard the easiest part of the assembly. Simply unscrew the trigger-guard install tool ram, grab the roll pin install pin from the front, put on the roll pin and screw the ram until the roll pin is installed through the lower receiver and the trigger guard. With this tool, you can eliminate worry about using inadequate tools and accidently breaking off the trigger-guard tab, rendering it useless. Durable aluminum construction with mil-spec anodized finish. Includes install and uninstall pins and oversized T-handle.
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    Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15

  • Features 35 dependable tools
  • Compact, rugged frame
  • Includes nylon sheath
  • Packed with features, the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 features 35 dependable tools packaged in a rugged frame to keep your firearm reliable and accurate no matter where you are. Durable black-oxide coating for long-lasting performance. Imported.
    • Carrier scraper
    • Nine-function bolt/firing pin/cam pin scraper
    • Cotter-pin puller
    • Bolt override tool
    • A1 and A2 front-sight adjuster
    • Pin punch
    • 8-32 female thread post
    • 2.5" raptor claw-point knife
    • 1/4" bit driver
    • 1/4" bit wrench
    • 11 firearm-specific Torx®, Allen®, Phillips® and flat-driver bits
    • Tap hammer
    • Metal file
    • Removable, magnetic storage compartment
    • Lanyard loop
    • Nylon sheath

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The real avid gun tool pro is loaded. With 30 gun maintenance tools in one compact package no matter the make or model of your gun optics or accessories. The gun tool pros 14 driver bits will handle any screw you'll encounter and the quarter inch bit wrench provides. Torque to handle the most stubborn customers there is even a removable. Magnetic storage container to keep parts and pins from disappearing installing or. Adjusting optics removing stuck choke tubes of any gauge punching or replacing pins smoothing burrs the gun tool pro. Provides the precise mission built tool for these jobs and more the real avid. Gun tool pro this is the gun tool your. Daddy wishes he had. You.

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    Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench

  • Apply precise torque when installing firearm screws
  • Ergonomic click/clutch
  • Adjustable from 10-in.-lbs. to 65-in.-lbs.
  • Apply the exact amount of torque you need to install delicate base screws, scope rings, windage screws and trigger guard screws with repeatable accuracy that translates to more consistent performance in the field. This ergonomic, click/clutch enables you to adjust torque from 10 inch-lbs. to 65 inch-lbs. at increments of 5 inch-lbs. Features standard 1/4" drive tip and includes eight bits: T15 Torx; T20 Torx; 3/2" Allen; 5/2" Allen; Leupold/Buehler Windage; #10 Deluxe Flat Blade; #11 Deluxe Flat Blade; and a #32 Deluxe Flat Blade.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tipton® Best Gun Vise™

    Fully adjustable to fit bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s, and both automatic pistols and revolvers, for cleaning, maintenance and upgrading. Three adjustable, independent supports move the length of the vice on an easy-sliding aluminum track. Holds hinged-receiver rifles and break-open guns for easy inspection without complete disassembly. Constructed of stiff, solvent-resistant nylon for years of dedicated firearm cleaning. Nonmarring contact points. Quick-release cams. Innovative patch and spare part storage. (Gun not included)

    Item note: Not for use as a shooting rest.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is chris from all guns 101 with. Another unboxing of the captain best gun. Vise sorry for the angle the camera i. Don't really have much room to mount it and i need to get him out for the camera so let's open it up so right i have here. Is tipped investment advice most. Versatile gun vise available it also has. Some of the best reviews for gun vices so let's see what you get when you open her up slide that down so right away the. Base i presume i have not opened this so. I don't know whether it contains an arrow what's inside let me just turn it. Over this way hopefully what we have. Here let's turn it this way to the. Camera written tipton best gun vise. Feels to be plastic probably injection. Molded surprising has the patent. Information on it btw i brands calm. Slash patents seems to be some phillips. With some bolts in the back holding on an aluminum rail which i presume that along the rail is for these slides and. Different rocketry let's just put that. Down here for the moment what is that. Box up there here we have one of these. Saddles looks. And empty box so let's move that out of. The way once again feels to be almost. Like a rubber feel here we have there is. Right right left right same system. Molded plastic with which i presume is. Four bolts let's just put that on here. I'm gonna move this out of the way for now mystery box. Two to three snap cap that's what i have available seems to be all your. Adjustable plastic oh that is identical. Molded one like the injection here will. Be your clamps camera here we have. Wheels screws how you want to call them. That these two that's probably more than night before your rail able to slide. Them over and freely and that would be. Another saddle as i would say you have. Your middle as i would call it which is. For your ar pistols and everything else. And instruction manual so what i'm going. To do is uh i'm gonna get all the t. Bolts in i'm gonna get this thing set up. I'm gonna throw a gun on it i'll let you guys see what it looks like and how secure it is so stay tuned for a little. Bit more that we're back and the tipton's best gun base is fully assembled let's see how it mounts with a. Gun what i've noticed is depending on. Where you put your front guide as i'll call it you do lose. Some of your trays here same on this. Side so you do lose some storage space it's not the end of the world to be honest you still have lots of room on. Here and if you don't well you always just get a gun map work you know a bit. More cable space as i'd like to say so. Let me just grab my clicker ruger here write it up today bush for coyotes so. Let's set this up here let's settle it. If you don't know i've already made some adjustments to it just to see and it. Looks like i'm applying a little too much pressure so i'm just gonna sit. These back because i don't like the amount of flex i'm getting and i'm gonna. Raise these up a little bit just that. They see that we're a bit on the low. Side so loosen your side caps here. Basically i'm at the maximum height so. Let's bring that to the max i'm gonna. Close these down and from this point on i'm gonna actually tighten just to try to get it even i don't like the amount. Of flex that i'm getting on the back end here now if you've seen my video as i. Tightened there it is you see it in the. Video but everything is kind of going. Out of whack and since this isn't the. Stock stock. I might have to remove let's try this. Center here which is our ar piece loosen. This back up and for anyone who owns. Even ruger we all know this is a front heavy gun so let me set this down as. Much as i can same with this part here. Maybe it's a low lowest degradation i. Just wanna see that's fun if it still. Patches and that's that that's one issue i'm seeing right here is that this on. Certain guns you have to remove completely because it will not fit but. Luckily i found a new home fourth the. Cap that is perfectly circular hole so. It's going to go in there and this will sit on the workbench until i do need it. For ag guns but sorry about that. So now let's lower this once again to. Its lowest point tighten this one back. Up and we'll do the same on the left side i'm gonna lock that down you want. To try to apply even pressure on it you. Don't do anything crazy but now we're secured and yeah i'll say that's that's. Gonna decent job of holding that. Mobility wise if i really need to push. Hard i'm gonna move everything but. Before i move this so as we see it's. Fully mounted this sturdy i'm not gonna. Lie it is a very sturdy setup but i. Would have liked to have seen some different things and different aspects to it just for the price that we're all paying for this good gun vices don't. Come easy and they don't come cheap we all know that i'm just gonna level it out and like i'm saying for the price. That we all know it's worth you can get. Some other ones out there yes they'll be a little bit cheaper but at the same. Time more dependent on your needs because that's where it comes out to fnd not at the needs that you think you have it's at means you actually do have i clean a lot. Of guns and i'm fed up cleaning my guns on the floor or just on a table like. This with a mat so i think this will make my life much easier and it should. Make the overall long term easier. Especially on bobby because working from lower bent-over positions is not good on your posture or anything else so please stay tuned for more videos and more information as it will come.

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    Pachmayr® Gun Screw Set

    Every firearm has a number of different screws involved in its assemble, and some can be hard to replace. You'll have no worries about lost screws when you work on your gun if you own this handy set. It's a 277-piece set that includes a dozen each of 23 screws that fit common applications in many firearms. Because some are so small, the kit includes tweezers and multiple compartments to keep the various sizes separated.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Precision Micro Screwdriver Set

  • Bits are constructed of chrome-plated steel
  • Extendable handle from 3-3/4" to 5-1/2"
  • 5-3/4" flexible extension shaft for hard-to-reach places
  • All pieces fit neatly in an organized carry case
  • When you need tools you can rely on, turn to Wheeler's Precision Micro Screwdriver Set. This chrome-plated steel 58-piece set will meet all your needs. Includes a flexible extension shaft for hard-to-reach places, handle that extends from 3-3/4" to 5-1/2" and an organized carry case. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hyskore® Sighting System and Cleaning Vise

  • Sight in your rifle in five shots or less
  • Four point-leveling, adjustable front and forend elevators
  • Vise doubles as a stable cleaning platform
  • Padded forend support adjusts to any long gun
  • Follow the instructions with this system and you'll be sighted-in after only five shots or less. It has four point-leveling, adjustable front and forend elevators. The vise is also an excellent and stable cleaning platform. Padded forend support adjusts to any long gun.
    Dimensions: 27-1/2"L x 12-1/2"W x 10"H.
    Weight: 8.6 lbs.

    Note: Do NOT shoot from/on the vise while the butt stock is clamped
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Is an indispensable accessory for the. Serious shooter first you can cite in. Three to five shots will show you how to do that shortly second it doubles as a cleaning vice the. Way it works is that you can move the. Various sections support along these. Sliding bars here so that you can adjust. To any length gun even if you tighten it up you can even use it for some pistols. In order to sign in you need to be able. To fire a good three or five shot group. Our recommendation is to rearrange the. Components this way so if you have a stable base to fire your group from. First thing to do is fire a three or a. Five shot group because you really need two tight grouping to reference from. This is a three shot group that we fired. Using a or fifteen two to three you. Now that we made a cross type target for the simple reason that using this. Type of target is much easier to reference the alignment of the crosshairs it's important to mark the. Center of the group, and we supply iridescent markers you put right over so the center of the group is right in the middle of it now but the purpose is. Exercise we have removed the target but in actuality you would leave the target in place the next thing you want to do is put the rest in the same approximate. Position that when you fire your shots and then you want to just the rest adjust the various sections so that the gun is firmly cradled in the rest make. Sure that the pedestal comes all the way up here so that the porn is resting solidly on it make sure the porn is tightness oddly in the v-notch this one shows that the rest is a good position tightening screws on the. Vice okay now that the stock of the gun. Is snugly anchored in the vice don't make it too tight just so it doesn't move about now you want to bear on the velcro strap around the front pull it. Down good and tight pull it back upon itself like this now the gun is solidly. Anchored at this point we need to. Reference our original point of aim now to do that unload your gun get a sit in. The vice just the way we have it here and then you don't want to touch the adjustments on the scope at this point what we're going to do is we're going to move device left and right the wind age I'm going to use the elevation adjustments at the four corners of the vice to settle elevation to move the reticle the crosshair of the scope to exactly the point where we fired original shots now in our case that's the center of the cross using bullseye target of course that's the center of the bullseye this is the final step in. This step we're going to align the point. Of impact and the point of aim in other words we're going to get you sighted in you take the scope caps off get behind. Your gun and do not touch the vice. Must remain right where it is with the center of the reticle on your original point of aim which of course in our case was the center of the cross target and if you're using the bullseye targets the center of the bullseye look for your. Sight and by turning your adjustment knobs walk the reticle on to the center of the point of impact which is the group that we fired and. Walk with the orange dot at that point. You are sighted in. You. You.

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    Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set

  • Nine hardened steel punches from 1/16" to 5/16"
  • Hemispherical tips provide proper alignment
  • Includes fitted nylon storage pouch
  • Confidently drive firearm roll pins of any size with Wheeler's Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set. Set is machined from hardened steel to prevent bending and breaking. Hemispherical tips provide proper roll-pin alignment. Includes punches ranging from 1/16" to 5/16" and a fitted nylon storage pouch. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome back to our channel I'm lauren with lock hart tactical and today we'll be looking at the wheeler engineering master roll pin punch set well they've. Done it if combines the roll pin starter. Set and the ball profile roll pin punch set with the precision machined. Gunsmithing hammer all into one comprehensive kit both of the sets have. Knurled handles are machined and. Hardened from steel to prevent bending or breaking and start at 1/16 of an inch. And have nine roll pins ending in a 5/16. The ball profile roll pin punch set is. Designed with a ball profile tip to. Provide proper alignment of the roll pin and prevent damage to the firearm or the roll pin the ball tip profile is perfect. For driving set roll pins and recessing. Then into assemblies the ball profile helps prevent the punch from slipping off the roll pin and damaging the finish of your gun the roll pin starter set is. Designed with a counter bored tip to properly align and start the roll pin preventing damage to the firearm by slipping the roll pin into the recessed tip you can gain much-needed purchase for starting the roll pin into the hole this also helps provide alignment on roll pins for hard-to-reach spots the. Small hammer included in the package only weighs six ounces it has one side. Of the head made of nylon for precise. Work and non marring surfaces and one side of the head made of brass for harder strikes that won't deform punches for more information visit us at lock hart tactical comm thanks for. Watching don't forget to like this video comment down below subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends this is them alarm with lock hart tactical over and out. Try saying that sometimes ask all profile roll pin punch set up a ball. Roll but roll pin punch step.

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    Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set

  • Perfect for DIY gun projects
  • Molded stand can hang on the wall or sit on a work bench
  • Includes SAE hex, metric hex and Torx drivers
  • Wheeler Engineering's 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set provides everything you need for tinkering with guns. Molded stand with holes allows it to hang on the wall or sit upright on a work bench for easy-access convenience. Set comes with 3/32", 7/64", 1/8" ball, 9/64" ball, 5/32" ball, 3/16" ball, 7/32" ball, 1/4" ball, 5/16" ball and 3/8" ball SAE hex drivers, 1.5mm, 2mm ball, 2.5mm ball, 3mm ball, 4mm ball, 5mm ball, 6mm ball, 7mm ball, 8mm ball and 10mm ball metric hex drivers and T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40 Torx drivers.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Delta Ring Tool

    Simple, one-handed removal of mil-spec AR-15 and M-16 handguards. Custom-formed wire fits securely around Delta ring. Vinyl coating to protect the gun’s finish.
    Dimensions: 16-1/2"H x 4-3/4"W x 1-1/2"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tipton® Gun Butler® Vise

    An affordable, all-in-one solution for cleaning, carrying and storage. Removable, nonmarring forks securely hold your gun during cleaning and conveniently store in the base for saving space on the shelf. Organized compartments and slots hold solvents, brushes, jags and cleaning rods for easy access. Carry handle for easy transport. Durable plastic construction.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

  • Designed to perfectly match precision hardware
  • Hollow-ground flat bits for screwhead protection
  • Includes 15 specialty bits
  • The finest gunsmithing screwdriver bit set available, with bits to perfectly match precision screws and hardware on firearms and optics. This 89-pc. set includes two driver handles, a 3" shaft extension, hex-to-square adapter, 54 hollow-ground flat bits, eight allen bits, four phillips bits, three Torx bits and 15 often-required specialty bits. Packed in an easy-access custom case.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey folks i recently did a video i know. Stuff here croyle and i was discussing. Getting a screw out of this it's a beretta made in 1942 and that screw is. All tore up and i had mentioned how i actually destroyed three screwdriver. Tips getting us out one was a cheap. Gunsmithing screwdriver the other one. Was actually a craftsman screwdriver and. Then the third one was some other tip i. Don't remember what it was the screw was. Blemished it was ripped a little bit before i started getting it out but by the time i was by the time i got it out it's in bad condition now so i mentioned. All the coil help ease it out but there. Is another aspect of that and something else that if you're a gun guy especially. If you're in a military surplus and a little bit of gunsmithing even modern guns i mean pretty much anything you got to have a good screwdriver set and i had el cheapo and it cost me this screw so i. Would recommend this this one here is. From wheeler engineering i've had several different screwdriver kits this. One here is by far my favorite this is. Like their granddaddy this one here is everything comes with. This little layout here location guide. Talks about it here this is the deluxe gunsmithing screwdriver set and it's. Outstanding this comes with everything. That you could need it has a shorter. Screw driver if you need more control more torque a little bit longer one if. You need need the distance has a i've. Never used this it's a quarter-inch for. I guess if you want to put her in a. Ratcheting set or something put that in there i have not used. Here again if you need a little bit of extra distance a little bit extra reach and i'm not going to go over all this. Stuff here it's everything you can imagine you have every flathead every. Screw that has probably ever been made we have a few phillips starr hex and. Here's where it gets really interesting we have right here a weaver slash ruger. Scoring clamp it we have a redfield. Windage screw bit loop old windage screw. Bit this one here is specifically for. Mauser stocks most we have there is a. Not sure where i stuck it here actually. Just dropped this box right before i was doing it and everything fell out and i put it together real quick and i did not put it in very good order here we go. Here's this is a millett rear sight adjustment grip screw bushing driver. This one here there's a screw driver inside and i guess the bushing i'm not. Sure exactly all that works keeps it centered or whatever. Ruger colt single-action base pin m1 m1. A rear sight bit couple pin punches. Smith & wesson rebound spring glock. Replacement front sight bit remington. 870 trigger plate pin all kinds of stuff. Oh rover anymore as i was saying this is by far the best screwdriver set that i have found it's. Got everything and as such. The rifle that i was referring to early. Earlier if i only had the proper biz you. Can get the proper thickness you can get the proper width this one here would. Have fit perfect and i wouldn't have had. The screw destroyed i want to destroyed. This screw i also like that this comes. In a nice durable case solid as i said. Earlier i dropped this thing and it did not break you can find this set right. Here on amazon for around 63 bucks i. Think it's just under 63 which is. Definitely worth it that screw that i. Just destroyed on that rifle is probably. Going to cost me i mean by the time you find somebody to carries that screw shipping and all that i mean you're talking 20 30 bucks for that damaged screw to replace it so this is. Definitely worth it and it's got. Everything you need it's the deluxe gunsmithing screwdriver set from wheeler. You have any questions let me know semper fi.

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    CMMG Lower Parts Gun Builder Kit

    Rebuild your AR-15's lower receiver with CMMG's AR-15 Lower Parts Kit. Kit includes: takedown-pin, receiver pivot pin, two takedown-pin detents, two takedown pin-detent springs, two hammer and trigger pins, safety selector, selector detent, magazine catch, magazine-catch spring, magazine-release button, bolt catch, bolt-catch plunger, bolt-catch spring, bolt-catch spring pin, buffer retainer and buffer-retainer spring. Parts not included: pistol grip, pistol-grip screw and washer, trigger or hammer, trigger and hammer springs, disconnect, disconnect spring, trigger guard or roll pin.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lyman® Master Gunsmith Tool Kits

  • All the tools you need for home gunsmithing
  • Bits for slotted, Phillips, hex and six-lobe screws
  • Specialty bits including Weaver scope ring and Glock front sight
  • Screwdriver handle and ratchet wrench included
  • Comes in compact, convenient storage case
  • Get all the bits you need to work on your guns with the Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kits. The compete sets come with bits for slotted screws, hex screws, six-lobe screws and Phillips screws with an assortment of specialty bits. Specialty bits include a Weaver scope ring bit, Glock front sight bit, 1911 grip bushing bit, .062” pin punch, .093” pin punch and .118” pin punch. Ratchet wrench included for tough-to-remove screws so you have maximum torque. Slotted screw bits are hollow ground to properly fit screw slots and prevent cam-out and ugly, damaged screw slots. Sets come in compact, convenient storage cases.
    • 45-Piece Set – 12 hollow ground bits for slotted screws, 15 hex bits in standard and metric sizes, six Phillips bits including two long bits, three six-lobe bits, six specialty bits, 1 extension, 1 ratchet wrench and 1 handle.
    • 69-Piece Set  32 hollow ground bits for slotted screws, 17 hex bits in standard and metric sizes, six Phillips bits including two long bits, four six-lobe bits, six specialty bits, 1 extension, 1 ratchet wrench and 1 handle.
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    Lyman Borecam Digital Borescope with Monitor

  • Easily inspect .20-cal. bores and larger
  • Check for fouling, damage and bore wear
  • Mini camera transmits images to the display screen
  • SD-card slot lets you capture images and save them
  • Easily inspect your firearms' bores for wear, damage and fouling with Lyman's Borecam Digital Borescope with Monitor. 22" rod has an integrated miniature camera that displays the firearm's bore on the included screen. Camera fits .20-cal. bores and larger, making it easier than ever to inspect for wear, throat erosion, tool marks and other rifling or chamber damage before you purchase a used firearm. SD-card slot on the display unit lets you capture images and save them for viewing later (SD card not included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hello this is joe angelo with alignment products today I'm going to demonstrate the use of the lyman borg am i will show. Setup and usage and examples of things to look for in your barrel and chamber areas inside the box you will find a 20. Inch 90-degree wand usb power adapter. With multi-voltage face plates a three. And a half inch color monitor sd card and card reader lens cleaner and cotton. Swabs for cleaning the camera and an instruction manual. once you have the board cam setup powered on and wait for the image to. Appear on the screen as you can see the. Want is marked where the lens is orientated and there are hash marks along the wand in one inch increments this will aid you if you happen to see something but want to know what inch marked so you can find it again and take a picture for review there is also a. Rubber stop on the one to help protect the muzzle crowd the brightness of the. Light is also adjustable on using the arrow keys once the board cam is powered. On you can start to insert the wand into. The muzzle of the firearm always making sure the firearm is unloaded and safe as. You start the wand down the barrel you see the lands and grooves of the rifling. You may see some glare from the light you can either adjust the light intensity or move the wand closer to the wall of the barrel the bore cam will. Show red copper following rough or. Machining marks pitting rusting fire. Cracking and general wear in the barrel and throat chamber area once you have. Located something in the barrel chamber throw the lining board cam will take a picture and save it to the sd card provided so that you can review them on the monitor or a computer at a later. Time in order to take a picture get the. Wide position so that it gets the best possible view of the area in question and press the capture button on the monitor you may also want to jot down. The inch designation and lens orientation so you can find that area again if need be to review pictures on. The monitor you will need to press and hold the mode button 3 seconds to enter. The review mode you can press the arrow buttons to scroll through the pictures taken To exit the review mode press and hold. The mode button for three seconds to. View pictures on your computer remove the sd card from the monitor and insert the card into the supplied reader then. Insert into an empty usb port on your computer the lyman board cam will store. The 3,600 pictures on the sd card provided a bottle of limbs cleaner and. Cotton swabs are provided these can be used to clean a mirror at the end of the wand dampen a cotton swab with the. Supplied lens cleaner and clean the mirror at the end of the wand clean any dirt lid etc off the lens that can be. Seen on the displayed image for more. Information on this product for any other products in the lyman family please visit lyman products comm.

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    Wheeler® Master Gunsmithing Benchtop Magnifier

  • Three diopters with up to 1.75X magnification
  • 40 built-in LED lights with a 400-lumen output
  • Flexible gooseneck design holds in any position
  • C-clamp at base secures to almost any tabletop
  • If you're serious about gunsmithing and gun care, you know that it's good to see things clearly and up close. With Wheeler's Master Gunsmithing Benchtop Magnifier, you get to see what you're doing and still have your hands free to get the job done. It's equipped with three diopters with a maximum of 1.75X magnification, and its 40 LED lights and 400-lumen output lets you see what's going on in every nook and cranny. C-clamp at the base secures to almost any tabletop. Adjustable and flexible gooseneck design holds in almost any position. Convenient adjustment handle helps you keep the lens free of smudges. AC power cord is 88" long. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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