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  Terry Bicycles Fly Cromoly Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Pro Saddle - Men's Ergon SR Pro Carbon Saddle - Men's Ergon SM3 Saddle - Men's Selle Italia Novus Flow L - Men's
 Terry Bicycles Fly Cromoly Saddle - Men'sSelle SMP Pro Saddle - Men'sErgon SR Pro Carbon Saddle - Men'sErgon SM3 Saddle - Men'sSelle Italia Novus Flow L - Men's
BrandSelle ItaliaSelle SMPErgonErgonTerry Bicycles
Claimed Weight230g315g[small/medium] 175g, [medium/large] 185g-316 g
CoverFibra-Tekleather/Loricamicrofibermicrofiber synthetic leatherDura-tek
Manufacturer Warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years1 year
RailsTi 316steelcarbon fiberTiNoxFeC alloy
Recommended Usecyclingcross-country, cyclocross, downhill, gravel, mud/sand/snow, road cycling, trail, triathlonroad cyclingcross-country, trailcycling
Seat Length278mm278mm-287mm277 mm
Seat Width146mm148mm-[small] 135 mm, [medium] 145 mm, [large] 155 mm140 mm
Shell-nylon carbon reinforcedcarbon compositeFlex-Optimized GFK-

Terry Bicycles Fly Cromoly Saddle - Men's

While Terry Bicyles might be best known for their stellar line of women's products, they also make saddles like the Fly Cromoly Men's Saddle so guys can get in on the company's renowned comfortable ride. Whether you're on the rivet attacking the peloton or wandering through scenic country gravel, this saddle is ready to support you comfortably through any type of ride.

The Fly's most noticeable feature is a large cutout down the middle of the saddle, which lets in cooling air flow and reduces pressure on the perineal artery and surrounding sensitive tissue. This cutout shifts the weighted contact points to your sit bones, which are far more able to support weight comfortably. Say goodbye to numbness and pain, and hello to hours and hours of comfy time in the saddle.

Less apparent, although not less appreciated details include varying density foam that's softer towards the front of the saddle for a boost of cushion and firmer towards the rear of the saddle for increased sit bone support and efficiency through the pedal stroke. The entire top of the saddle is seamless to reduce friction and chafing, and the cover is synthetic for a vegan-friendly ride.

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Selle SMP Pro Saddle - Men's

So these sounds are really specific. First of all they are to say we have a. Very special design patented. Design why we start from the assumption. That cycling must be a pleasure so we. Have very specific and exclusive. Features on all of our selves first of all there's the complete open cutout from the back up to the nose you can. Find many saddles with just a hole in the middle but the most important part where the carrot must be is the front why because most of pressure on your perineal area and private parts is concentrated here while riding and this. Is what this is one of the things that make our service different from the others another thing is the nose. Dropping down so it's very important to. Avoid any pressure on your private parts. And per unit area again so to get a better comfort and better performance as well as you can see maybe some of them. Some people they know our curved shape. Which features most of our models why. Because in this way when sitting on the. Saddle when riding there's a better. Match between the shape of the ischial generosities and the surface of the. Saddle so no matter we'll wash your. Pelvis rotation depending on your. Position on the bike but you can have a perfect match between them moving pressure from the private parts to the. Ischial generosities which is the only good place where pressure must be. But we're gonna launch a new. Concept a new evolution in the concept of smb which is yes 30c ok as you can. See first of all differently from our. Traditional concept is not curved but. It's flatter why because if some users. Need to get a better support thanks to. This shape so from between your ischial. Generosities and especially the back up back part of the saddle having a very solid position of the on the bike. Some others they need to be more. Especially mentally they wanna be more free to move by riding and in this way. They can have the maximum freedom of. Movement no matter what the position they assume on the bike, and we have two. Versions of these thank you very much is. The f30 so it's the same sub in two. Different lines, so we have all the options available for customers to. Get onboard on these new models and the. Main thing is that you have on both versions you have a wide sitting surface. On the back for easier to grow this but in the same time you have a very lean. Shape in the central part of the saddle and on front as well so you don't. Scratch with your lights against the saddle so everybody it doesn't matter what the body configuration can use these models with satisfaction so it's a kind. Of universal new concept which can fit. Everybody and it depends on if they prefer. A short or a long shadow.

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Ergon SR Pro Carbon Saddle - Men's

The SR Men's Road series is Ergon's new line of road bike saddles, designed specifically to accommodate the sensitive perineum area that is often a source of discomfort for male riders. Built with a flat contour, comfortable padding, and a deep relief channel, SR Men's saddles complement the male anatomy in a low, forward-tilted riding position that's typical for road cycling. This version is the SR Pro Carbon Saddle, representing the flagship offering in the SR lineup. It features lightweight carbon fiber rails and a carbon composite body that save about 45g of weight compared to the next model down, making it equally as suitable for competitive racing as it is for rigorous training pursuits.

Due to their specific pelvic anatomy, men generally sit more upright on the saddle. This creates a higher pressure in the perineum area, which can lead to discomfort, numbness, and in some cases considerable pain. Ergon addresses this issue by incorporating a deep relief channel with a cut-out, helping to focus the pressure back onto the sit bones and part of the pubic blades. And to ensure comfort for these bony structures, Ergon incorporates Orthopedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell Padded Inlays for the best possible pressure distribution in these areas.

  • Ergon's flagship road saddle designed for male riders
  • Relief channel reduces perineum discomfort and pain
  • AirCell foam cushions your sit bones on long rides
  • OrthoCell inlays distribute pressure evenly to improve comfort
  • Carbon rails and carbon composite shell for low weight
  • Microfiber cover resists tearing and abrasion
  • Y-shape allows maximum freedom of movement
  • Item #ERG002A
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    Ergon SM3 Saddle - Men's

    The Ergon SM3 Saddle is designed with XC racing in mind, but still provides the comfort and support needed for big rides in the backcountry or all-day endurance events. The longer padded nose allows you to shift your weight forward for more comfort and control on steep climbs, while the generous relief cup removes pressure from sensitive areas when you're spending long hours in the saddle. The padding itself is designed specifically for mountain biking, absorbing small impacts and trail chatter while providing a firm platform to put power to the pedals.

    Ergon designed the SM3 saddle from the ground up. The ultra-thin shell used an extensive finite element method analysis to map loads and areas of stress. This gives the saddle its distinctive shape, but more importantly, it allowed Ergon to tune the shell construction for optimized deflection. The shell is covered with progressive layers of padding that are individually tailored to the different saddle widths. Every size option gets its own layer for rider-specific compression. Adding to the SM3's trail taming is a nose mounted micro damper. This damper, located in between the shell and TiNox rails, filters out smaller vibrations. The rails are hollow to reduce weight and allow 30mm of adjustment. The SM3 also has an easy-to-clean synthetic leather cover—just wipe it off with a damp rag.

    Despite Ergon being a German company and doing the design work in-house, they relied on the Italian saddle expertise of Selle Italia to manufacture this particular saddle. To size yourself for an Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle, you'll need to measure the distance between your sit bones. Widths between 9-11cm should ride a Small, 11-13cm a Medium, and 13-15cm should opt for a Large.

  • A mountain bike saddle for XC racing and endurance events
  • Padded nose offers comfort and support on steep climbs
  • Relief cup reduces pressure on sensitive areas
  • Ultra-thin shell tuned for optimal compression and deflection
  • Micro-damper in nose filters out trail chatter
  • Durable microfiber cover that's easy to clean
  • Item #ERG002F
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    Selle Italia Novus Flow L - Men's

    Durability, comfort, style—few saddle manufacturers embody these qualities like Selle Italia, and fewer still have done so for over a century. The Novus Flow L Saddle falls right in step with that tradition, delivering exceptional comfort to shepherd you through any ride or race adventure in timeless style.

    The Novus Flow L is built using titanium rails that serve to keep the saddle's overall weight down while absorbing shock from rough roads. Comfort is further improved by the inclusion of extra padding compared to other Novus models, providing some additional cushion for your sit bones. Selle Italia also incorporates a pressure-relieving center cutout, which helps reduce numbness and pain, and is especially noticeable on long days in the saddle.

  • A longtime Selle Italia classic built for racking up mileage
  • Center cutout relieves pressure and numbness on long rides
  • Substantial padding to cushion your sit bones
  • Dropped nose aids comfort in a forward-leaning position
  • Ti 316 rails offer some shock absorption for rough roads
  • Tough microfiber cover is made to last
  • Item #SEL003Q
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