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  Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Genius 7 Carbon Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Republic LX R Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Dragon 5 Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Impact Sam Hill Cycling Shoe - Men's
  Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Genius 7 Carbon Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Republic LX R Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Dragon 5 Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Impact Sam Hill Cycling Shoe - Men's
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Brand Sidi Lake Five Ten Sidi Giro Pearl Izumi
Cleat Compatibility 2-bolt 2-bolt - 3-bolt road 2-bolt 3-bolt road, 2-bolt mountain
Closure Soft Instep 4 Strap, Tecno 3 Push Buckles, High-Security hook-and-loop strap Dual Side mounted Push/Pull IP1 BOA lace 1 ratcheting buckle, 2 hook-and-loop straps lace hook-and-loop
Lining padded Nufoam - - micro suede PE
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 2 years - 1 year 1 year lifetime
Recommended Use mountain biking, cyclocross cross-country, cyclocross, trail downhill road cycling road cycling road cycling
Sole MTB SRS Carbon Composite Lake Race 100% carbon fiber, Mountain Race X real rubber Stealth S1 Millenium 4 Carbon Composite rubber -
Upper Material Techpro Microfiber Helcor abrasion resistant leather, full grain leather synthetic Technomicro leather synthetic leather

Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's

You're committed to cycling now and short days and bad weather won't keep you from getting on your bike even if that means indoors on the trainer or rollers or a spin class session. Pearl Izumi's SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe for Men lets you keep your expensive cycling shoes for longer rides when the weather breaks and provides a set of dedicated shoes for the gym. The materials and construction itself are specifically built to endure the challenging environment, such as hot and humid conditions, of indoor cycling. It's equipped to handle three-bolt road and two-bolt mountain cleats so it'll work with virtually any cleat you're currently using including those popular on spin bikes.

The synthetic collar and closed cell foam padding on the Select Studio V5's help shed sweat, and the anti-microbial upper mesh helps resist odor-causing bacteria and fungus. Inside the shoe, a PE sockliner with Silvadur anti-microbial material adds durability and additional bacterial resistance. Added ventilation holes in the last board add more breathability during those long intervals. You won't feel bad leaving these shoes in a locker or gear bag as you save your high-end kicks for better days.

  • A cycling shoe designed for indoor riding and spin
  • 2- and 3-bolt cleat mounting for maximum versatility
  • Synthetic leather upper and foam padding shed sweat
  • Hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure custom fit
  • Item #PLZ00OY
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    Lake MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe - Men's

    So you've discovered that your taste in off-road riding borders on all-day epics over rugged terrain. Good news, the Men's MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe from Lake is specifically designed to give you comfort and efficiency in the backcountry with impressively durable elements that can handle the abuse with aplomb. Lake wanted to meet the needs of cross-country riders competing in endurance events, that value an efficient comfortable shoe and cannot afford to have issues with their footwear during an event and demand long life from their footwear.

    The MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe is built on Lake's MX Competition last, which has an impressive hold on the heel to prevent any slippage while trying to keep a smooth pedal stroke when negotiating steep, ledgy climbs. A wider toe box gives your feet some much-needed real estate as they will inevitably swell after many hours in hot and humid trail conditions. Anyone who has experienced hotspots and generally uncomfortable feet by subjecting them to carbon planks with off-road lugs, and yearns for a more comfortable shoe with virtually the same efficiency should check these out.

    The other features are what you would come to expect from a quality off-road shoe. A full grain leather upper wraps your feet with a supple feel and the reinforced anti-abrasion panels help out in areas where you're most likely to scuff the shoes. This supple leather upper is cinched down with dual Boa IP1 dials allowing for a micro-adjustable fit while tightening and loosening. The full carbon sole provides efficient power transfer through the pedals and the grippy rubber lugs dig in for traction as your calves burn while the eyes look for the end point of the hike-a-bike.

  • Comfortable, efficient shoe built for off-road abuse
  • Abrasion-resistant elements add durability
  • MX Competition last is snug in the heel, wider in the toebox
  • Dual Boa IP1 dials provide secure, micro-adjustable fit
  • Full grain leather upper is supple and mold to the foot
  • Stiff carbon fiber sole maximizes power transfer
  • Rubber lugs add grippy traction while off the bike
  • Item #LKC001U
  • Hi this is my shoes.com and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite shoes.com.

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    Sidi Genius 7 Carbon Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's

    It's hard to overstate the reputation Sidi shoes have earned over the past few decades, earning a cult-like following throughout the peloton and amongst self-sponsored cyclists alike. Built with extra circulation-saving space to free your toes from the confines of regular-width shoes, the Genius Fit Carbon Mega Shoe is the stuff of dreams for wide-hoofed cyclist. Stock up on a few pairs of these to keep cramped toes and pressure points a thing of the past on your road rides.

    The Genius Fit Carbon closes with Sidi's beloved ratcheting buckle system and two hook-and-loop straps, giving you freedom to make minute adjustments along your instep and working with a plush Soft Arch Compression Strap to prevent numbness and pressure from interrupting your pedal stroke. Sidi uppers are known for being some of the toughest of all, so throw any amount of rain, humidity, and road grit at the Technomicro synthetic uppers and be prepared to wait years before you see any significant signs of wear. Sidi balances their durability with well-placed mesh vents along the uppers, which prevent the inside of the shoe from resembling the walls of a greenhouse during hot rides. Finally, Sidi rounds out the Genius Fit with its Millennium 4 Carbon Composite outsole. The rigid platform will energetically deliver power from your legs to your frame, refusing to flex even when you're throwing watts onto the pedals at the end of a climb.

  • Millennium 4 Carbon Composite outsole
  • 1 ratcheting buckle and 2 hook-and-loop strap closure
  • Technomicro synthetic uppers with mesh venting
  • Wide fit
  • Item #SID007X
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    Giro Republic LX R Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Giro's Republic LX R Shoes are for the dapper cyclist who wants to look great on their ride or commute. We've always enjoyed the Republics for a look that's hard to tell where the dress shoe stops and the cycling shoe begins. Available in two beautiful colorways, these shoes are sure to get you noticed by cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

    We wouldn't in the least be surprised to see a bike leaning up against a shoe shine stand and a cyclist getting these leather uppers buffed up. Features like that and the micro-suede heel counter add a touch of elegance and like any fine shoe, comfort isn't lost to style. Giro uses a molded EVA footbed with a medium level of arch support providing comfort over a gentleman's fondo or a fierce alley cat. The lace closure, also seen on Giro's top-of-the-line performance shoes, get the call here for the near custom fit and aesthetics. New on these shoes is the new nylon and rubber co-molded outsole for improved durability and better traction for stable footing while you're off the bike. The sole is compatible with 2-bolt cleats and provides a stiff platform for efficient pedaling.

  • Stiffy leather uppers shoes for the classy cyclist
  • Molded EVA footbed adds comfort while you pedal
  • Nylon and rubber co-molded outsole with 2-bolt cleat interface
  • Lace closure looks good and fits great
  • Item #GIR00GI
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    Sidi Dragon 5 Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Sidi Dragon 5 Mega Mountain Bike Shoe offers the same features as the standard Dragon 5, but is built with Sidi's Mega last for a higher volume fit. The Mega fit is 4mm wider across the ball of the foot and has a higher instep and a wider heel cup to accommodate riders needing some extra room for their feet. The Dragon 5 Mega happens to be Sidi's top mountain bike offering that's available in the Mega fit, and is the descendant of the highly-successful Dragon 4 Mega. The new Dragon 5 Mega sees revised uppers, a more breathable tongue, a new heel cup, and a sleeker Soft Instep Closure Strap. The SRS Carbon Composite sole remains the same though, providing the stiffness you need for putting power to the pedals but with a bit of engineered flex that makes these shoes more comfortable to walk in than Sidi's top-tier shoes with a full carbon sole. This makes the Dragon 5 Mega better-suited to adventurous riding that may require dismounts, as well as cyclocross racing.

    The Dragon 5 Mega shoes are constructed using Sidi's Techpro Microfiber uppers—an eco-friendly synthetic leather that's incredibly durable, lightweight, water-resistant, and offers comfortable support for your foot. The uppers are also mated to a redesigned heel cup that improves heel retention while saving weight over the previous version, as well as a new tongue that's more ventilated to improve the shoe's breathability. The uppers come in new matte colorways, and feature a reinforced toe guard to protect against rock strikes.

    Additional updates include the Soft Instep 4 Closure System, which uses a sleeker and lighter upper strap that's adjustable side to side so you can center it across the highest part of your foot. The strap fastens down using Sidi's Tecno-3 Push Dial, letting you make micro-adjustments in order to dial in the perfect tension for this critical area. An additional Tecno-3 dial below the strap allows further adjustments, and paired with the padded tongue provides exceptional comfort for the top of your foot. The toe box is adjustable as well using a High Security hook-and-loop strap.

    Of all the technologies Sidi built into the Dragon 5 Mega in order to help it withstand on-trail abuse, the Sole Replacement System (the SRS in SRS Carbon Composite sole) may be our favorite. SRS is simply the ability to replace the lugs and guard plates on the outsole, refreshing the shoe's grip so they can continue to last season after season. The SRS system also accommodates two toe spikes for extra traction when conditions are especially slick.

  • Well-made Italian cycling shoes for mountain biking riding & racing
  • Mega fit is wider and taller for riders needing a higher volume shoe
  • Sleeker & lighter closure strap delivers a comfortable, secure fit
  • New heel cup maintains optimal foot position & resists deformation
  • Revised uppers are lightweight, supportive, and very resilient
  • Tongue sees increased ventilation to improve breathability
  • Carbon composite sole is stiff & efficient, yet still walkable
  • Replaceable outsole, straps, and dials ensure longevity
  • Item #SID00AE
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    Five Ten Impact Sam Hill Cycling Shoe - Men's

  • Beefy flats for conquering steep, gnarly sections of trail
  • Hold up to trail abuse with burly leather uppers
  • 5.10's signature rubber compounds hold tight to pedals
  • Reinforced midsole offers exceptional support and stiffness
  • Fast-drying uppers wick and shed moisture
  • Reinforced stitching at toe cap for durability against rocks
  • Item #FVT003W
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