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  Full Tilt Soul Sister Ski Boot - Women's Tecnica Cochise 105 Ski Boot - Women's Blizzard Black Pearl 78 Ski - Women's Armada Triad Ski Poles - Women's Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls' Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's K2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski - Women's
 Full Tilt Soul Sister Ski Boot - Women'sTecnica Cochise 105 Ski Boot - Women'sBlizzard Black Pearl 78 Ski - Women'sArmada Triad Ski Poles - Women'sRossignol Trixie Ski - Girls'Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women'sK2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski - Women's
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BrandBlizzardK2ArmadaArmadaTecnicaFull TiltRossignol
Claimed Weight[pair, 156cm] 5lb 8oz[163cm] 3lb 8oz---3lb 11.9oz[pair, 158cm] 10.8lb
Constructionsandwichsandwichsandwich---Rossitop cap
CoreCarbon Flipcore, woodBIOkonic (aspen, paulownia)Power-Lite---poplar
Dimensions115 / 78 / 100mm128 / 85 / 112mm[151] 129 / 91 / 119mm [159] 130 / 92 / 120mm [167] 131 / 93 / 121mm---110 / 80 / 103mm
Length151cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm149cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm151cm, 159cm, 167cm100cm, 105cm, 110cm--138cm, 148cm, 158cm, 168cm
Manufacturer Warranty1 yearlimited 2 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year
Profilerocker camber rockerAll-Terrain RockerAR Nose Rocker---100% High camber
Recommended Useall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingskiingall-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiing
Turn Radius17m[170cm] 13.5m[151] 16.5m [159] 17.5m [167] 18.5m---[158cm] 17m

Full Tilt Soul Sister Ski Boot - Women's

The park-slaying, freeriding, Full Tilt Soul Sister Ski Boot will take you to your happy place and keep you there. Full Tilt is known for its three-piece shell design, and the Soul Sister features a redesigned version of the original, the FTS Soul shell, that incorporates a new modern toe box shape and replaceable rubber soles for nonslip walking. This smartly designed 99mm-lasted shell eliminates the need for thick, heavy overlapping plastic or bolts, which helps cut down weight. This medium-flexed boot offers versatility and reliability in all conditions while providing a smooth, natural flex to eliminate shin bang and provide a reliable feel. Even better, you can swap out the included tongue for something stiffer or softer. Thanks to the Infinite Pivot design, the cuff pivots forward with your calf without ever coming to a stop, so you can ride with less shell distortion, no shin pain, and more control.

Like every Full Tilt, the Soul Sister comes with a heat-moldable Intuition Pro liner that sports J-Bar technology, and a J-shaped piece of foam that's added to both sides of the ankles to dramatically increase ankle and heel hold. A thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control in the rest of the liner for those with a wider foot or who prefer a little more toe room. Equipped with an array of adjustment features, the Soul Sister features cables that wrap around the boot like a shoelace for even pressure distribution and increased comfort while eliminating dead spots. Its Widetrack Buckle system is engineered to increase precision and durability with on-the-fly, single-handed adjustments, and the ribbed tongue provides a smooth, consistent flex that also makes the boot easy to get on and off.

  • A high performing ski boot for ladies who rip the park
  • Medium flex for park and all-mountain skiing
  • 99mm last for a narrow, precise fit
  • Intuition Pro liner can be molded to your feet
  • Ribbed tongue maintains a smooth flex
  • Dual material sole give you traction when your skis are off
  • Item #FLT001Z
  • Hi I'm alton from the start house in. Truckee we're at not bachelor food testing for america's best boot fitters right now i just tested the full tilt. Soul sister it's also in the women's. All-mountain traditional category. There's enough stiffness in the cup but. In the foot area it definitely does have a cushiony feel overall we just get it. From the top to the mid mountain and it. Was a pretty good on i would say hold. Powder snow and overall i like it.

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    Tecnica Cochise 105 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Tecnica Women's Cochise 105 Ski Boot doesn't shy away from charging big lines in or out of the resort. With a design that boasts Tecnica's anatomically shaped shell for a precise and comfortable fit, and tech fittings that allow you to use your lightweight pin-style AT bindings, the Cochise is a true quiver-of-one boot you can use both in bounds and out.

    Tecnica has carved out a reputation for building some of the highest performing all-mountain and race boots on the market, and the Women's Cochise 105 Ski Boot is no different. Boasting a C.A.S. shell with a consistent, predictable 105 flex, a ski/walk mode for easy touring, and a powerstrap with a buckling mechanism, this boot caters to the woman who more often than not leans towards a men's boot to find the performance she needs.

    Great attention to detail was paid to every aspect of the Cochise. Its C.A.S. technology includes a solid shell with a dimpled pattern that allows for a more precise boot-fitting process. The C.A.S. UltraFit liner is thermo-formable so the shell and liner conform to the contours of your lower leg, ankle, and underfoot. Tecnica lined the liner with merino wool for enhanced thermal regulation, smooth softness, and natural odor-resistance.

  • Versatile freeride boot for adventurous all-mountain skiers
  • 105 flex ideal for intermediate to advanced lady rippers
  • 99m last provides space for most average volume feet
  • Hike mode offers impressive range of motion on the skin track
  • Tech inserts and rubber soles work with tech bindings
  • CAS liner and shell are fully customizable fora precise fit
  • Merino lining offers warmth and odor-resistance
  • Item #TEC003N
  • What's going on I'm hunter from technical and I'm here at tahoe mountain sports to show you the women's Cochise 105 it's a. New boot offering from technical this year is our same Cochise lower you have. In the whole line this is a plug version that it comes in at a ninety-eight millimeters last so a little bit narrower still uses lightweight triax plastic. Triax plastic guys above twenty percent lighter than standard polyurethane has a. Totally new redesigned liner in here neoprene back behind the sixth toe right. Here and interchangeable souls you get. On all the Cochise boots so you can buy a tech compatible soul get down on their go to run edina fit setup as with all. The Cochise boots you have a metal-on-metal coupling walk feature in the back creates a nice stiff and. Responsive spine in the boot that you want when you're going downhill boot comes with a nice ultra fit liner nice. And plush on the top gravel off toe box. In the toe here keep your toes nice and warm this boot is the only women's boot that comes with the power lock strap you find all the men's boots makes it really easy to go from ski to tour mode and gives you a great range of motion once you unlock these two buckles here again. This is hunter from technical and come. Find the Cochise 105 women's at tahoe mountain sports.

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    Blizzard Black Pearl 78 Ski - Women's

    The slimmest among the Black Pearl fleet, Blizzard's Women's Black Pearl 78 Ski caters to resort-oriented lady rippers who want to rip groomers, carve turns, and send bumps like it's nobody's business. The rockered tip and tail ease turn initiation and keep your tips up in the soft stuff, while camber underfoot and the 78mm waist make for easy edge-to-edge rotation and carvability.

    The Black Pearl uses Blizzard's signature Carbon Flipcore design, utilizing carbon layers to enhance torsional rigidity and strengthen the ski without adding extra weight. The wood core offers a smooth, playful flex, while the short turn radius gives these planks a snappy and responsive feel that's perfect for navigating tight trees while you're exploring the resort.

  • A ripping ski for on-piste adventures
  • 78mm waist is nimble and responsive on groomers and hardpack
  • Rockered tip and tail ease turn initiation
  • Carbon Flipcore design enhances rigidity and strength
  • Multi-Layer wood core is light and playful
  • Sandwich construction lets you hold an edge on hardpack
  • Item #BLZ002T
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    Armada Triad Ski Poles - Women's

    Cruise groomers, shred bumps, and maybe even duck into the trees for a dose of adventure with your Armada Women's Triad Ski Poles in hand. These durable aluminum poles are a solid choice for on-piste ripping, pole whacking, and parking lot duels.

  • A solid pole for all-mountain ripping
  • Aluminum construction is lightweight and durable
  • Standard baskets for cruising groomers
  • Item #ARM00K4
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    Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls'

    Designed for the progressing young shredder who's looking to take their talents to every corner of the map, the Rossignol Trixie Ski is a versatile all-mountain ski that performs everywhere from the park to the bumps. Its nimble 80mm waist easily rides groomers and performs well on park features, helping your young skier get comfortable all over the mountain.

    The traditional camber profile provides plenty of grip and stability at speeds, perfect for rocketing into their first big airs or racing parents back to the lodge. Rossignol's Jib Tip technology gives you plenty of pop for more energized takeoffs, and shock absorption for smoother landings, ensuring that learning in the park can be as painless as possible. The tips are also rounded for backwards landings and approaches. Rossitop cap sidewalls offer an increased resistance to chipping for early attempts on rails and in the woods. The Trixie also comes with Look bindings so these skis are ready to go right away.

  • Gives your progressing young ripper all-mountain capability
  • 80mm waist is perfect for shredding the park or the groomers
  • Cambered profile provides grip and stability for growing speeds
  • Rounded Jib Tips allow for backwards skiing and smooth airs
  • Cap construction saves weight and resists chipping
  • Lightweight poplar core allows for playful maneuverability
  • Look bindings are included to save money and add convenience
  • Item #ROS00EQ
  • Hi I'm kylie I'm from evo and in the. Hand i have the rossignol trixie jib this key is a lightweight ski full wood. Core great for beginner to intermediate skier looking to get into park skiing. It's a full cap construction and full. Camber underfoot so you can see here in. The middle of ski quite a bit of camber a great rebound extra energy added pop. This is. Rossignol gave the ski a more rounded. Tip and tail an overall profile great. For riding switch almost true twin a. Little wider in the nose though and yeah. It's overall great fun ski for the park.

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    Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's

    Armada's Women's Victa 93 Ski is a versatile daily driver for the resort-lapping lady. The 93mm waist gives this ski all-mountain prowess that will have you railing groomers and sliding through soft snow with a smile on your face the whole way down. The ultralight wood core provides a smooth and consistent flex that will please skiers of all abilities. Carbon and KEVLAR stringers add a playful pop, and the fiberglass laminate increases torsional rigidity, keeping you stable and in control while you're bombing the resort at killer speeds.

  • Playful and forgiving all-mountain ski that can handle it all
  • 91-93mm waist is quick edge to edge and floats in new snow
  • Shorter turn radius encourages edge hold and eases turn initiation
  • AR Nose Rocker floats over new snow without sacrificing edging
  • Power-Lite core cuts weight for long days on the hill
  • Laminate Matrix provides a consistent and long lasting pop
  • Armadas fastest base, the Comp Series, glides exceptionally well
  • Item #ARM00JQ
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    K2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski - Women's

    The k2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski is designed to expand your comfort zone and open up a plethora of locations and conditions for your to explore with confidence. The 85mm waist width makes it a great first all-mountain ski to take you from more groomer focused rental sticks. That waist combined with the All-Terrain Rocker enables the Thrilluvit to skip over chunder and float through pow while your abilities off piste grow. Meanwhile the camber under foot and quick edge to edge control prevents you from losing any of the firm snow performance you demand. Finally the weight saving BIOKonic construction focuses the heavier materials on the edge of the ski where they remain powerful and create room for weight saving materials in less important ares of the ski. This lighter weight keeps your legs fresh and your mind focused on skiing from first chair to the last.

  • Intermediate all-mountain ski designed to expand comfort zones
  • 85mm waist thrives on hardpack and can handle off piste conditions
  • All-terrain rocker blends edge hold with floaty versatility
  • Short turn radius makes tight turns at any speed a breeze
  • BIOkonic tech limits weight without limiting power and response
  • Wood and Nanolight core combination cuts down on swing weight
  • Tapered tips help ease turn initiation and transition
  • Item #K2S00HF
  • Hello this is clemmed smith with k2 skis in. Colorado coming — coming to you today from christie sports we're talking today about the k2 skis all of it 88 to the. All of it 88 ti is part of our love it. Series skis which are free right specific women's skis and what makes. Then free ride specific is that these things are engineered to go anywhere on the mountain in any conditions you can throw at it the olivet eighty-eight to is probably. Our most versatile high-performance women's specific free ride ski the 88. Millimeter footprint makes it very nimble and agile on harder snow and in bumps and then the rocker camber rocker profile makes the ski still float really. Well in softer snow and in variable snow. Conditions it features a full women's. Specific wood core that we call bio flex. So it's a proprietary blend of polonia. And bamboo that makes the skis nice and light, but then we reinforce that with metal teen all layers over the. Perimeters of the ski and on the base and those layers of metal are going to give this ski tremendous edge grip great. Smoothness and predictability and variable snow and harder snow so the all. Of it 88 as far as versatility goes from our free ride lineup this thing can't be beat. You.

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