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  Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's Redington Palix River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's Simms Headwaters Boot - Men's Simms Headwaters Half Finger Glove - Men's Simms Sunsleeve - Men's Caddis Northern Guide Platinum Wading Shoe - Men's Patagonia x Danner River Salt Wading Boot - Men's Simms Guide Wildbloc 1/2 Finger Mitt - Men's
  Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's Redington Palix River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's Simms Headwaters Boot - Men's Simms Headwaters Half Finger Glove - Men's Simms Sunsleeve - Men's Caddis Northern Guide Platinum Wading Shoe - Men's Patagonia x Danner River Salt Wading Boot - Men's Simms Guide Wildbloc 1/2 Finger Mitt - Men's
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Brand Caddis Korkers Patagonia Redington Simms Simms Simms Simms
Closure lace traditional lace lace lace - lace - -
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited 1 year lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime - lifetime
Recommended Use fly fishing fly fishing flatwater paddling, river fishing, river paddling, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing
Sole EcoSmart III (rubber), stud kit included OmniTrax 3.0 (interchangeable sole system) Vibram Megagrip rubber - Vibram IdroGrip - -
Upper Material synthetic synthetic full-grain leather, 1000D nylon canvas, rubber - rubber, nylon - -

Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's

Not so different than your favorite pub appetizer, the Korkers Men's Greenback Felt Boot is a loaded with features that ultimately offer paramount performance, unparalleled traction, and solid comfort, so you can focus on the fish (or lack thereof) rather than your feet. The Greenbacks feature the Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole System and come fully equipped with a felt sole. However, the Greenbacks are compatible with other Korkers' specific interchangeable soles, so you can adapt your traction to meet the performance needs of each river system.

The Greenbacks are constructed specifically for wet-wading anglers with hydrophobic waterproof materials that reduce water absorption and overall weight, which also enables them to dry faster and in turn, assist in preventing the spread of invasive species. The cemented parts, strategic seam locations, toe caps, and web lace-loops increase longevity. Iintegrated midsole drainage ports also allow water to drain quickly to keep the boots lighter while you wade.

  • OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System
  • Felt sole included
  • Hydrophobic materials
  • Cemented seams and strategic seam locations
  • Internal drainage
  • Traditional laces
  • Item #KKR000L
  • We're live on the floor die cast 2015. Right now we're in the bunker booth the roman fortress code is gone you see you. Got an all-new burger that has not been. Released yet do you want to discuss with us that's right for spring 2016 should. Be available around the holidays this is the greenback waiting room really excited about this one we built a booth we wanted to hit around a hundred dollar. Price point which is a price point that as consumers we know everyone likes we. Put a lot packed a lot into this boot for that price we've got an ev a molded mid sole so much more comfortable and much more provides much. More support than some of the other booths you see there on the market at this price we added a little more padding into the ankle so it's going to be a little more supportive there how to daddy ring for your gravel guards and. Just an all-around great construction and had a great value for ninety-nine dollars that comes with felt set of. Souls and offers you the option to interchange those soils with other options that we have available on top of the rest nominal. Bring a lot packed into that room yeah. That's that's going a little bit a lot of doors really get into a group a good. Quality. If you have any questions on this and the other items to get our website when this becomes available and opening up and should be available soon on our website for pre-orders to keep checking in we'll have it up there if you have any questions or need to pick up alone and speak with one of our products I'll be happy to answer any questions thanks so much for tuning in you have a lot more coming at you today we're still shooting make a lot more to come and stay tuned.

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    Redington Palix River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's

    It may be ninety degrees outside, but that's some high mountain runoff you'll be wading in, so slap on a pair of waders and the Redington Men's Palix River Sticky Rubber Wading Boots if you want to last more than an hour. These simple and effective boots are made with a durable canvas upper, which is supported by a rugged rubber toe cap for increased durability and toe protection. The rubber sole offers reliable traction when you're walking on slick river bottoms and can be fitted with metal studs, if you need a bit more bite from these boots.

  • Canvas upper
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Lace closure
  • Non-corrosive metal hardware
  • Webbing pull loops
  • Sticky rubber sole
  • Stud-compatible sole
  • Item #RNG001P
  • Hi my name is adam I'm here to talk to. You about the pale looks river boots it is a lightweight durable waiting boot for all occasions offered in sticky walnut rubber or felt our souls this. Boot features a highly pack able and classic design so you can take it with you on all your angling adventures it is. Constructed of high denier durable nylon. Fabric this boot is designed with deep. Draw lacing to keep your foot in place while waiting all hardware is anti. Corrosive to help your boots last longer in the field the neoprene line interior. And collar offer exceptional comfort for. Long days on the river halex river boot features a high rubber rand for. Excellent durability and protection this boot is constructed of quick drying. Lightweight synthetic materials both soles are stud compatible for safe. Weighting in all conditions overall the. Pail looks but is an affordable option for all your fishing endeavors.

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    Simms Headwaters Boot - Men's

    For unbeatable traction on a variety of surfaces while you wade, count on the Simms Men's Headwaters Boot. Built with Vibram IdroGrip outsoles that make short work of mossy rocks, slick mud, and rocky riverbeds, this super-grippy boot features a rugged and easy-to-clean nylon and rubber upper, partial neoprene lining to help your feet stay warm and comfortable, and a dual-density EVA midsole for all-day support. Simms also hooked the boot up with an ESS support plate to protect your feet from rocks, and built the boot on its Headwaters platform for increased stability and comfort when you're spending more time in the water than on dry land.

  • Rubber and nylon upper
  • Partial neoprene lining
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Vibram IdroGrip rubber sole
  • Headwaters platform
  • ESS support plate
  • Item #SMM005X
  • Welcome to the feather crafts video series my name is tony fairy with sims fishing products today we're going to be talking about water series of boots headwaters pro. Head bloggers well it all starts with. What's underneath the hood in this case it's the platform that's integrated with the boot itself starting on the bottom. We use a four millimeter vibram hydra. Grip rubber sticky rubber in the market same type of rubber that's used in the climbing shoe world so really grippy rubber lug pattern aggressive they are. All set with 92 degree cutting edges so even as the rubber wears down you still. Have a good clean edge for scuffing on rocks integrated tow injection molded. Dual density eva a mid sole with ess. Retention plates built in the ess plates. Allow for a stutterer cleat to go. Through the outsole but then gives it the backing material in order to grab. And hold onto your the threading on the screw for the cleats or studs the. Dual density eva a harder on the outside. For rugged durability a little bit. Softer underfoot does feature a nylon shank plate for a little bit of rigid torsion control last is your foot forum. Which is neoprene wrapped as well prevents excessive moisture from absorbing also just slides in and out. With your neoprene stocking feet as we. Get into the boots themselves both boots aren't going to be neoprene line partially neoprene line allows the foot in and out real simply both boots are. Going to use big burly heel tabs for. Pulling the boot on and off both boots use scratch rubber construction. Fundamental difference comes in the upper material the remaining materials this is a high-density nylon woven this. Is a waterproof nu buck leather going to be a little bit more form-fitting a little more durable over the lifetime of the product both are designed to have a. Gravel guard drop down over the top of. The boot simply hooking into the lace or the d-ring the whole story behind simms. Footwear is the whole idea of proprioception it's a fancy five syllable words it's the experience underfoot when you look at how this platform works in conditioned. Conjunction with get uppers it gives you a very durable long-lasting high-quality piece of. Waiting for wear both boots come in. Sizes 7 to 14 retail on the headwaters. Is 179 retail on the headwaters pearl. $1.99 so a $20 upgrade to go into the. Leather thank you very much.

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    Simms Headwaters Half Finger Glove - Men's

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    Simms Sunsleeve - Men's

    Protect your arms from the sun and elements when you wear a short-sleeve shirt with the Simms Sunsleeves. Its quick-drying, breathable stretch fabric offers comfort and protection while you fly fish while elastic at the bicep and a curved fit at the cuff provides better hand coverage while you're fishing. Pairing snaps at the bicep also keep the two Sunsleeves together when you're driving back home. 

  • Polyester, spandex fabric blend
  • Quick-dry, breathable stretch fabric
  • Pairing snaps at biceps
  • Elastic at bicep
  • Curved at cuff design
  • Average Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Item #SMM002K
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    Caddis Northern Guide Platinum Wading Shoe - Men's

    Between the swift current and slick river bottom, it can be intimidating to step out into the middle of a river, much less wade across it. The Caddis Northern Guide Platinum Wading Shoe gives you the necessary bite to wade across swift rivers and mossy rocks thanks to an aggressive rubber sole that can be equipped with metal studs (included) for extra traction.

  • A reliable wading boot with a simple and streamlined design
  • Reinforced toe, heel, and ankle for increased durability
  • Padded design ensures extra comfort during all-day sessions
  • Aggressive rubber sole is stud-compatible (studs included)
  • Item #CAD000D
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    Patagonia x Danner River Salt Wading Boot - Men's

    The Men's River Salt Wading Boot is a lighter option of wader footwear from Patagonia, and it still boasts heavy-duty support and protection whether you're fishing in a summer stream or an alpine lake. Patagonia built this boot with heavy-duty support and protection. Its waterproof, full-grain leather upper comes from Danner's American tannery, and it has a PFC-free saline solution process for improved resistance to breakdown. The Vibram Megagrip rubber sole is specially compounded for grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

  • Wading boot provides heavy-duty support and protection
  • Waterproof full-grain leather upper from Danner in the USA
  • Perforated drainage ports at sides help the boot dry quickly
  • Dual-midsole combines stable rubber with supportive PU
  • Vibram Megagrip sole specially compounded for grip on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Item #PAT02VU
  • Hi my name is john I've got a blog. Called that's just fly fishing while i write about some of my fly fishing adventures and review gear. This past summer when i heard that patagonia and danner were teaming up to produce a new fly-fishing boot i knew i. Had to have that boot my wife and i both had the dana river grippers in the early 2000s and loved them the best food ever made. Recently i purchased the danner. Patagonia river salt boot from m w. Reynolds in denver colorado and received. Then i thought I'd let you open them up with me if you haven't been to em w. Realms in denver you have to make time. On your next trip out there it's a really cool job m w Reynolds post car. Here's a handwritten thank-you from mark. Himself very classic. Wow these boots are beautiful i love the. Military look this was modeled after a. Boot that danner makes for the marines i. Love the color i chose the river salt. Boot because i do a lot of back country hiking a lot of wet lading i hike up in. The mountains and fish small alpine streams and lakes these are really light. A lot lighter than i thought they're. Made in the usa in portland Oregon i love that try these on they're lined on. The inside here danner recommend be. Worried your regular shoe size and. That's exactly what i did also these. Boots come with aluminum studs for those slippery areas you can screw right into. The bottom of these mega grip rubber soles and then also an extra pair of. Shoe laces. These are easy to lace. Wow these are very comfortable have a. Lot of good support let's take a look at. Then they actually look good with jeans. I think my coworkers are at the office. Are gonna see me wearing these on a casual friday very comfortable they fit. Well and they also feel like they have extra room for neoprene stocking fluids. Thanks for watching I'll post some extra. Pictures of these boots on my blog. You.

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    Simms Guide Wildbloc 1/2 Finger Mitt - Men's

  • Great half-finger glove for cold-weather fly fishing
  • Polartec fleece material is warm even while wet
  • Hand warmer compartment for extra cold conditions
  • Item #SMM00GI
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