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Best 8 inexpensive Gun Storage – Gun Cabinets & Racks

Gun cabinet it's a helpful thing for those who want to have additional security and order to the firearm keeping.

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Take a look at our TOP-8 inexpensive gun storages.

Top 8

Rectangular Gun Concealment Clock Redhead® 1856 Four-Gun Rack Gun Concealment Bench American Furniture Classics Entryway Gun-Concealment Bench Wood Gun-Concealment Bench Eight-Gun Cabinet Hope Chest with Gun Concealment American Furniture Classics 10–Gun/Curio Cabinet Combo
Rectangular Gun Concealment Clock Redhead® 1856 Four-Gun Rack Gun Concealment Bench American Furniture Classics Entryway Gun-Concealment Bench Wood Gun-Concealment Bench Eight-Gun Cabinet Hope Chest with Gun Concealment American Furniture Classics 10–Gun/Curio Cabinet Combo
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ - - -
Wt 100 lbs. 13 lbs. 65 lbs. - 95 lbs. 66 lbs. 86 lbs. 82 lbs.

Rectangular Gun Concealment Clock

Complement the décor in any room while safely and conveniently concealing and storing a handgun and other valuables. Disguised as an heirloom clock and constructed of solid wood with a mahogany stain. The hinged front panel flips forward for quick access. When closed, it’s held in place by a magnet. Fully functioning, reliable quartz-movement clock requires one AA battery (included).
Dimensions: 9-1/2"L x 6-1/4"W x 13-1/4"H.

Redhead® 1856 Four-Gun Rack

  • Solidly constructed of pine;
  • Keeps firearms within reach;
  • Displays four long guns of virtually any size or shape;
  • Locking storage area.

The Redhead 1856 Four-Gun Rack keeps firearms high and dry where they're easily accessible. Solidly constructed of pine and finished with a warm brown cherry stain, the 1856 Four-Gun Rack handsomely displays four long guns of virtually any size or shape. A lockable bottom drawer provides a safe place for ammunition storage or gun cleaning supplies. Imported.
25.5"W x 37"H x 6"D.
Wt: 13 lbs.

Gun Concealment Bench

  • Cushioned bench appears to be a normal household decoration;
  • Locking, fabric-lined interior holds up to five long guns;
  • Removable wood tray gives handguns and accessories their own space.

Keep your guns at the ready with the Gun Concealment Bench. With its stitched polyurethane cushioned covering, this bench appears to be a normal household decoration. The locking compartment holds up to five long guns in its soft, fabric-lined interior. Removable wood accessory tray gives handguns and other accessories their own space. Ample storage in upper compartment leaves room for blankets or other items. Dual safety stays hold lid open and prevents pinching. Attractive hardwood feet. Removable butt and barrel rests. Imported.
20"H x 50-1/2"W x 17"D.
Wt: 66 lbs.
Color: Dark Brown.

Hey everybody welcome back to guns and gadgets.
Today I'm going to do a review on this it's a gun concealment bench.
As you. Can see it's just the normal bench, pretty robust. It's made of solid wood construction. It comes completely assembled other than the four feet. I guess you could call them the legs. The posts which you just screw on with the supplied hardware.

It is vinyl covered with a little bit of padding underneath. It weighs 66 pounds. Price is two seventy-nine ninety-nine. Currently as I'm recording this was on sale for one ninety nine and i lucked out. I paid one $74.99 for mine was an extra deal. They were running that day but it's pretty cool.

It is a concealment bench it's not a safe. I will show you the inside to show you what I mean. It does have a locking mechanism in it but it is made of wood so if I really wanted to bust this open it wouldn't take too much so just. So you're aware it's not a safe, it is a concealment bench. I got mine set up for a demo for you threw some stuff in here just to show you what it can hold.

The top opens as a nothing special to the top and as you can see you have storage room inside for whatever blankets. I threw some vests in here just for the just for a visual. You can see exactly what you can actually get in here. C couple only it's four inches deep it's a pretty good size. I'll put the dimensions actually in the description but it's a good size. You got like I said. I got three vests in here. One of them's yeah a plate carrier. So this is a lot of room. It just looks very unassuming. As you can see the key and the locking mechanism and you pull up on the hook and there the goodies.

As you can see it holds five long guns I got three in here. I got a shotgun with a side saddle on it. I have an 8k that's pretty stock and I as well have an ar with a laser and a couple other options on it. So there is enough room in here to get one more gun if I took my laser and light off the ar I could get a v gun it also comes with this shelf which has ample room to store some pistols. As you can see for the demo I threw my Smith & Wesson 9. And I got an ollawson 25 some random magazines. My precious which for my laser and sling pardon it's just enough room for just some random stuff and it's deep enough to keep a box of ammo and what-have-you and you can take that right out.
As you can see it is as well enough room for ammo storage. If that's what you want like. I said I just throw this stuff in here for the demo so you could put whatever you want in here you could put you know night-vision goggles whatever you wanted but there's plenty of room. I mean I got on the side closest to the front here there's five or six 8k. mags a box of some ammo in 762 and you can see there's a ton of ammo and magazines also. So there's plenty of room like I said its way 66 pounds empty. So when you throw in all your goodies it gets pretty heavy. I'm a big guy, I weigh 270 275 depending on what I have for lunch and I can sit on it you. Now you watch tv of sat on it a couple times or put shoes on sitting on it's not that bad now here is why I cautioned you. It's just a concealment, it's a concealment bench not a sefe.
This is the locking tab civil barrel. Lock it's easily defeated, it's not anything I would trust my life to so it's a concealment bench depending on the state or your location and how your storage laws are you will want to definitely take that into mind. Okay so this is something I would definitely buy again like I said. It's durable, it's dirty does what it's supposed to do his ample storage and the inside is a fabric felt line. It's not going to mar up your weapons so it was made with all the right parts in mind. Also if you don't want to use it for firearms you can remove the buttstock and the barrel holders as well.

American Furniture Classics Entryway Gun-Concealment Bench

  • Offers a comfortable place to sit;
  • Locking storage conceals up to five long guns;
  • Removable accessory tray for handguns or other accessories.

Keep your guns concealed and add style to any décor with American Furniture Classics attractive, multifunctional Entryway Gun-Concealment Bench. This solid-wood and wood-veneer bench not only offers a comfortable place to sit, it also boasts a locking storage area for up to five long guns and a removable accessory tray for handguns and other accessories. Felt-lined barrel rest protects the finish on your firearm. Attractive slat design. Some assembly required.
30.5"H x 54"W x 17"D.
Seat: 48.5"W x 15.75"D.
Wt: 95 lbs.

Wood Gun-Concealment Bench

  • Holds up to six long guns;
  • Removable tray for handguns and accessories;
  • Durable, tufted microfiber cushions.

The Wood Gun-Concealment Bench secures and conceals your firearms in rustic style. The trunk holds up to six long guns, while the removable wooden tray boasts enough room for handguns and shooting accessories. Durable, tufted microfiber cushions and wooden turned feet complete the look. Ready to assemble. Imported.
51”L x 17”W x 20”H.
Wt: 82 lbs.

Eight-Gun Cabinet

  • Holds up to eight rifles or shotguns;
  • Rustic solid-wood, wood veneer and tempered-glass construction;
  • Drop-down door secures ammo.

The Eight-Gun Cabinet secures and displays up to eight 52” rifles and double-barrel shotguns in rustic style. Finished solid-wood, wood veneer and tempered-glass construction ensure lasting durability. Felt-lined holders prevent damage to barrels. Also features a drop-down door for storing ammo and other accessories.
66"H x 20"W x 13"D.
Wt: 65 lbs.

Hope Chest with Gun Concealment

  • Conceals up to five handguns and five long guns;
  • Long-gun storage area locks to deter access;
  • Upper storage compartment for accessories;
  • Solid-wood and wood-veneer construction;
  • Safety stays prevent fingers from being pinched.

Keep all of your firearms concealed in an easy-to-access location that doesn't draw any unwanted attention thanks to the Hope Chest with Gun Concealment. Removable accessory tray holds handguns and handgun accessories, while the internal concealed locking storage area – complete with removable butt and barrel rests – holds as many as five long guns. Upper storage compartment is perfect for storing blankets, shoes, hunting apparel and more. Eye-catching solid-wood and wood-veneer construction with hardwood feet. Dual safety stays hold lid open to eliminate risk of pinching. Assembly required.
19"H x 51"W x 17"D.
Wt: 86 lbs.
Color: Medium Brown.

American Furniture Classics 10–Gun/Curio Cabinet Combo

  • Solid-wood and wood-veneer case has fully locking cabinetry;
  • Displays most 52" rifles and double-barreled shotguns;
  • Felt-lined barrel rest and buttplate protect your firearms;
  • Includes three side shelves and hidden storage behind door.

Display your gun collection and add style to any décor with American Furniture Classics' 10-Gun/Curio Cabinet Combo. This solid-wood and wood-veneer display case provides fully locking cabinetry for peace of mind and three adjustable side shelves for elegant display. Tempered glass clearly displays racks that fit most 52" rifles and double-barreled shotguns. Felt-lined barrel rest and buttplate protect firearms from scratches. Lower shelf provides storage behind a drop-down front door. Classic furniture hardware and floor levelers included. Easy to assemble.62-1/2”H x 33-1/2”W x 10-3/4”D. Imported.
Wt: 100 lbs.


Keep in mind that firearm keeping requires the responsible approach. That`s why don`t neglect to buy reliable gun cabinet or concealment bench.

We picked the best and inexpensive gun storages in order to help you save your time and money.