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  The North Face Apex Canyonwall Hybrid Hooded Jacket - Men's Icebreaker Sphere Long-Sleeve Crewe Shirt - Men's Patagonia Nano Air Light Hooded Jacket - Men's KUHL Klash Pant - Men's Mammut Runbold ML Hooded Jacket - Men's Smartwool Merino Sport Ultra Light Jacket - Men's Helly Hansen Jr Seven J Jacket - Boys' BLACKYAK Abigar Shirt - Men's The North Face Winter Warm 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's
  The North Face Apex Canyonwall Hybrid Hooded Jacket - Men's Icebreaker Sphere Long-Sleeve Crewe Shirt - Men's Patagonia Nano Air Light Hooded Jacket - Men's KUHL Klash Pant - Men's Mammut Runbold ML Hooded Jacket - Men's Smartwool Merino Sport Ultra Light Jacket - Men's Helly Hansen Jr Seven J Jacket - Boys' BLACKYAK Abigar Shirt - Men's The North Face Winter Warm 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's
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Brand Patagonia The North Face BLACKYAK Smartwool The North Face Helly Hansen Mammut Icebreaker KUHL
Claimed Weight 10.9oz - 5.1oz 4.73oz 1lb 6.5oz - 14oz - -
Fit slim regular athletic regular regular regular regular regular [seat and thighs] relaxed, [legs] regular
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime lifetime 2 years lifetime limited lifetime lifetime 1 year limited
Material [face fabric] 100% nylon, DWR treatment, [cuffs] 88% polyester, 12% spandex stretch, DWR treatment 169 g/m² fleece (100% polyester) FlashDry-XD merino wool, nylon [face fabric] 100% nylon, DWR coating, [trim, lining] 54% merino wool, 46% polyester [solid] (body) (face fabric) 100% polyester knit, DWR finish, (backer) brushed fleece, (shoulders and hood) WindWall, 100% polyester knit, DWR finish, [heather] (body) (face fabric) WindWall, 100% polyester, DWR finish, (backer) brushed fleece, (shoulders and hood) 100% polyester knit, DWR finish, (backer) burshed fleece 100% polyester [main] 95% polyester, 5% elastane, [lining] nylon Cool-Lite (52% wool, 35% Tencel, 13% nylon) [main body] 72% nylon, 20% polyester, 8% spandex, DWR treatment [insert] 73% nylon, 15% polyester, 12% spandex, [waist belt lining] 100% polyester suede, [additional inserts] 100% polyester mesh
Pockets 1 zippered chest zippered chest - 1 zippered chest 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 2 hand 2 zippered hand - 2 hand, 2 thigh, 2 back
Recommended Use climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding road running, trail running backpacking, bouldering, hiking, road running, sport climbing, trad climbing, trail running casual hiking casual, hiking casual, climbing, hiking & camping backpacking, bouldering, casual, hiking, road running, sport climbing, trad climbing, trail running, training climbing, hiking

The North Face Apex Canyonwall Hybrid Hooded Jacket - Men's

There's a slight chance of showers over the weekend when you are camping, but it's not a high enough percentage to cancel the trip—pack your Apex Canyonwall Hybrid Hooded Jacket and hit the road. This flexible weatherproof hoodie keeps you warm hanging around the campsite and provides exceptional breathability during the hike or an intense game of horseshoes. Micro-grid fleece is soft on the skin when layering over a T-shirt and the adjustable hood and hem help block out cold drafts of air on the summit or around the campfire.

  • A performance hoodie ready for questionable weather
  • Windproof technology and DWR finish protect against elements
  • Breathable material is comfortable for hiking and activity
  • Micro-grid fleece lining is soft against the skin
  • Adjustable hood and hem help block out cold drafts
  • Item #TNF03XQ
  • Hi I'm kyle with sierra trading post from camping to hiking to walking the. Dog the canyon lands hoodie proves itself to be an everyday essential here's why first its smooth exterior is quick. Drying which is always a plus when it's wrinkles and the backing is brush for next to skin comfort the north face also added four-way stretch for move with you ease and raglan sleeves give you full. Range of motion to pitch a ball or climb on the rocks a full zip front and attached hood help seal in warmth and keep out chilly winds hand pockets a. Napoleon pocket at the chest are zippered to keep essential safe and secure the canyon lands hoody is great. And mild weather over your favorite t-shirt but also works as a mid layer when temps keep going down get yours today it's your our trading post.

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    Icebreaker Sphere Long-Sleeve Crewe Shirt - Men's

    From camping on the coast to cruising around town, the Icebreaker Men's Sphere Long- Sleeve Crewe Shirt provides lightweight warmth and incredible comfort. This long-sleeve crew uses Icebreaker's Cool-Lite fabric, which is a blend of merino wool and Tencel for superior moisture management and a soft, supple feel. Meanwhile, the fabric is innately odor-resistant, and the hint of nylon provides extra durability, so you can put this shirt through the paces. Plus, the modified raglan sleeves provide enhanced range of motion when you're hiking and trekking.

  • Ultralight long-sleeve shirt made for warm weather adventures
  • Merino wool regulates temperature and manages moisture
  • Fabric naturally resists odor-causing microbial growth
  • Offset shoulder seams prevent chafing or discomfort
  • Item #ICE011B
  • Okay today just taking a look at the. Icebreaker t-shirt this is one of their. Cool light shirts called the fear. T-shirt and so it's 135 gram weight. Which is the lightest weight shirt. Icebreaker makes and so yes how it kind. Of looks on so this is a medium on me i. Usually wear a large i did order a large. Shirt in this cuz you can see the medium. Just kind of hits my gut a little bit. And doesn't look the greatest so kudos. If you're a better shape it'll probably look better on ya but with the large i. Found it still hung the seam in the front but the back was where it was. Blouse here so really didn't make any make much difference in how it hung so i. Just kind of hit the medium on the. Sleeves were a little bigger and a large too but i think the medium sleeves look. Find the one thing i noticed on this shirt is there's a little these little. Divots to stick out on each, and they're on each shoulder kind of makes it look like it was hanging on a hanger which so. Which is kind of you know shouldn't do. It merino wool cuz it will stretch out so it doesn't like the greenest sorry. For the sweat stains pretty warm here today but so you can see it definitely. Pulls the moisture off pretty well but. Yes that's how it looks and if the length is pretty good a lot of merino wool shirt seemed to run really long this one's kind of more normal length. I don't know how much it'll shrink this. These cool light shirts the severe shirt. Is a blend so it's 65 wool 65 percent. Merino wool 20 percent tensile 15. Percent nylon. The fabric weed is 135 grams so it's. Very light fabric the weed of the shirt. According to icebreaker in a medium size is 150 grams or 5.2 9 ounces so i kind. Of got it just to see something for running it's a bit because i have a i. Forget 150 or 178 merino a shirt and it. It does feel a little warm so it's kind of curious about this one being 135 and. It's with the tensile is supposed to be cooler i don't i haven't run in them. At all i think I'm just gonna send them back cuz again they seem to fit a little snug on me on the front there and. Honestly I'm a little burned out on. Merino just kind of how it's not super. Duper durable the one shirt i have been running in doesn't have any holes yet but it has a lot of pilling where the. Backpack sits that i run with and then a. Couple other shirts i do have holes and. I'm not sure if it's from my belt like. Where they sit on my waist or just abrasion and certainly i mean i was. Darning some holes yesterday so it's. Fixable but it is nice to have a shirt. That you don't have to worry about getting holes in all the time so I'm up. In the air with merino a little bit but you can't beat the you know the nonstick. Nonstick enos i was wearing it day after. Day but anyways as far as this fear shirt so. You can see there's one logo here right on the left chest pocket and it's collar. Same colors the shirt so it's pretty subtle and then on the right seam. There's an icebreaker to agggghhhh logo. They're so pretty subtle branding i would say overall there's no that it's. Not raglan sleeve so the seam run right on the top of the shoulder so i don't know if that would hit you at all if you were running with your you know hiking with a backpack kind of thing but the fabric is very light it's. A comfortable fabric and hopefully maybe with the nylon and the tensile maybe it would give you a little more durability. Than a 100% merino wool shirt would the. Retail i think on this one is 70 bucks, but they seemed you know they dropped. Down in the amazon to the 40 to 50 dollar range it looks like depending on color and size and whatnot so but yeah. That's a look at the so that's the. Icebreaker sphere cool light t-shirt so. Thanks for watching and take care.

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    Patagonia Nano Air Light Hooded Jacket - Men's

    From skin tracks to climbing walls, ski resorts to hiking trails, the mountain to your couch—you'll never stop loving the versatile performance of the Patagonia Nano Air Light Hooded Jacket. The Nano Air Light offers the same stretch and comfort as the regular Nano Air, but cuts down on insulation weight and adds on breathability, making it the perfect insulating layer for high-output activities in cold weather.

    Its nylon ripstop face fabric has performance-ready durability, with a dynamic stretch for unrestricted motion, and a soft feel that'll make you want to keep it on as you slump into the couch after a long day in the backcountry. FullRange insulation is surprisingly toasty for its weight and mobility, but manages to breathe and keep you comfortably warm when you work up a sweat. Stretch-woven cuffs help eliminate bunching when you layer under a shell, and push up easily when you need to reach into a crack on the climbing wall. The extended zipper allows for quick venting and an easy on-and-off, so those who normally stay away from pullovers can feel at ease.

  • An insanely versatile insulator for high-output pursuits in the cold
  • FullRange insulation offers low-bulk warmth and breathability
  • Stretchy fabric provides alpine durability and blanket-like comfort
  • Stretch-woven cuffs accommodate hassle-free layering
  • Deep front zipper allows for an easy pull-on and quick venting
  • Chest pocket keeps essential pieces of gear close at hand
  • Stretchy hood fits under or partially over a climbing helmet
  • Item #PAT02P0
  • Hey what's up chris here with summer. Coming to clothes recently been in the market for a new lightweight jacket my current go to jacket that i absolutely love is the patagonia nano puff can't. Say enough good things about this track you absolutely love it one of the main. Limitations though is that when it does get warmer you quickly get hot in this. Jacket so just like a breath ability really stands out when those temperatures do get a little bit warmer so one jacket i kept coming back to is the patagonia their nano air light. Hybrid hoody so wasn't sure what to. Expect before i purchased this jacket because i just could never find it in a store to look at it I've actually looked. At the nano air jacket and really liked that jacket but it was so similar to the. Nano puff i just could not justify. Making that purchase because of the similarities between the two jackets so. Was really interested in looking at this jacket but another thing i can't face. Him with this jacket was i just could not justify spending the money at the time so it found a really good price on. This jacket especially being the hoodie which i love having a hood on my jacket if at all possible but usually that's gonna increase the price but failed it was necessary just to show this if you are in the market for number one a lot of weight jacket but this one in particular also if you are familiar with the nano. Air at all from patagonia this is gonna. Be very similar as far as some of the material but what's unique about this jacket is the fact that it is so breathable so just looking at the jacket. Again the front here for the most part is gonna be insulated but turning this. Jacket around you're gonna see very quickly that there's gonna be some knitted top material on the back of the jacket under the arms of the jacket the. Armpits of the jacket and along the bottom of the sleeves here so a lot of those areas that you're gonna sweat when you're being active hiking going around. Town or wherever you might be so it's. Gonna allow hopefully some of that warm. Air that you're generating to come out of the jacket and keep you somewhat cool and whether that's not. Totally cold so again what i was trying. To do is kind of find a good in-between. Between say an insulated jacket like the nano puff and that fleece jacket. That we've loved for so long the problem. I've always had with fleece is just that there's so bulky and taking up a lot of space when you're traveling again i like the fact that this is a really gonna be a jacket you can compress or compact. Down really small when you travel though this again in your pack or in a bag i like the fact it's gonna be very breathable but also I'm hoping that this. Is gonna keep me warm when the weather does dip down or that temperature does dip down say in the evenings we're at. Nighttime and you're just out and about whether it's again you know out in. Middle of nowhere or you know if you're in the middle of a large city traveling and you just have this handy so it's. Exactly what i was looking at but a couple things that did stand out that kind of surprised me when i pick this up and got it out of the box again it's. Just it's a really lightweight jacket i think it comes in around 10 ounces I'm. So very lightweight but one thing to. That kind of stands out and I'm really interested to see how this is gonna i guess perform when it gets cool is just how thin this back material is so again. I guess I'm kind of hesitant because I'm not sure how warm it's gonna keep me but i know this isn't a jacket for really cool weather and thankfully we live in the south so it's not overall gonna be. Super cold even though we did have a really cold winter last year so. Hopefully i think this is gonna be a good early fall late spring top jacket. And get exactly what I'm looking for. Something when those temperatures do begin to drop that i have handy again if I'm out and about have it in a pack i can quickly grab this out or if I'm traveling again just to have this in my. Bag even if i don't meet it again very. Lightweight and it's not gonna take up a lot of space in your pack so again just wanted to show this and let you know again that this material is gonna feel very similar to that nano air top. Material real. Feels kind of stretchy i guess but again. What's unique is just that the way that this feels and how thin i guess and maybe that's not a good way to describe this that the material on the back and under the arms and armpits of the jacket is so again this is kind of first look at the jacket this is a large and i will. Throw this on real quick and i believe. This is gonna be more of an athletic fit. And to me it's actually really comfortable so again I'm about five nine. And actually around 200 pounds and this. Jacket actually because it is a little stretchy fits me pretty well as i was concerned between this and say an extra-large i was afraid an extra-large might be way. Too big if it also comes with some i. Guess the thumb hole here that your. Thumb goes in again to help cover some of your hand and I've also read where a lot of people who run this is a good fit. For someone who's a runner or if you're. A climber and the weather's not drip drop too low this is a jacket you could wear all day big and very. Comfortable i love the way this jacket feels and fits and again i love. The fact it has a hood. So yeah I've not had a chance to test this because it still is i think in the 90s outside currently so I'm really. Interested to test this over the winter and i will do an updated review on this i just wanted to do a first look at. First take on the jacket my first impressions because i did not know what to expect when i received this so if you do have any questions or comments feel. Free to ask or if you do own the jacket would love to hear your experience with this so again really looking forward to testing this jacket out so as always. Thank you so much for watching please like subscribe again please leave those. Comments would love to hear from you so again thank you so much.

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    KUHL Klash Pant - Men's

    Constructed specifically for skiers, bikers, hikers, or folks who simply have well-developed leg muscles, the Kuhl Men's Klash Pants provide unencumbered comfort and performance when you're in the mountains. These pants feature an abrasion-resistant fabric that's ideal for hiking or climbing, while the DWR treatment fends off inclement weather. The gusseted crotch and articulated knees bolster your range of motion, allowing you to step up and over features with ease. Additionally, the hem features a zippered insert, allowing you to expand the width of the leg and accommodate hiking or mountaineering boots.

  • Hard-wearing pants fit for mountaineering or hiking
  • Fabric is breathable, stretchy, and abrasion-resistant
  • DWR treatment fends off light moisture
  • Reflective details bolster visibility
  • Instep patches provide added protection
  • Boot hooks keep pants securely attached
  • Item #KUH00AZ
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    Mammut Runbold ML Hooded Jacket - Men's

    Whether you're climbing a project up the canyon on a cool fall day or hiking with a handful of your buddies in the high mountains, you're sure to bring along the Mammut Men's Runbold ML Hooded Jacket. Made with a melange look on the outside and a waffle backing on the inside, this fleece jacket keeps you warm while wicking moisture for comfort while you play. When the light fades to night and brings your activities to an end, pull the adjustable hood over your head for extra comfort while you head back to the car.

  • A midweight fleece for aerobic outdoor activities
  • Stretch fleece with waffle backing regulates temperature
  • Adjustable hood offers additional coverage and protection
  • Taped shoulder seams enhance fit and mobility
  • Anti-odor treatment helps reduce unpleasant odors
  • Item #MAM00R3
  • Hey folks gus here at gear pest again. Out in the reinforms a beautiful. December day with the mammootty ken tool. Hard shell jacket yeah this is an. Awesome and very classic kind of mammoth. Piece a technical alpine climbing shell. Made from boots horn right x stretched. Fabric very comfortable feel it. Moving with you across the shoulders it's extremely lightweight this thing. Black stains dead small almost no reason. Not to take it with you be honest if you're heading out into the hills any time of year all the adjustments and. Things you would expect well-thought-out with a pet zips a great helmet. Compatible hood do hand warming pockets. And a useful chest pocket up here great. Comfy jacket i love wearing this thing and if you've got any questions about it just give us a show on here cheers.

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    Smartwool Merino Sport Ultra Light Jacket - Men's

    From moderately-paced trail runs to running errands around town, the Smartwool merino Sport Ultra Light Jacket tags along on your daily activities with sharp style and incredibly light, yet reliable protection from the elements. The shell has a DWR-coating to help keep you shielded from light rain and wind, while the body-mapped panels of Merino Sport 150 mesh regulate your temperature and breathability for lasting comfort. It even stores inside its own chest pocket at the end of the day for easy packing on the trail.

  • Ultra-light wind breaker jacket for added coverage on trail
  • Water-resistant shell deflects light precipitation
  • Merino blend mesh regulates temp and breathes well
  • Regular fit provides room for layering
  • Reflective details bolster your visibility in the dark
  • Packs into its own chest pocket at the end of the day
  • Item #SWL01DW
  • This is the smart wool men's phd ultralight sport vest this is a perfect. Layer to throw on for cool fall or spring running it gives you just enough. Core protection to maintain that warmth it's also got a stylish aesthetic so you can wear it casually it's built with some technical fabrics the shell is 100%. Nylon and it's got a dwr coating to shed. Light moisture you'll find trim panels. Which are merino wool and polyester blend these panels are strategically. Placed in the high heat areas they'll. Help your body naturally regulate temperature by drawing moisture away and letting that heat pass through there's a. Single chest pocket here which can hold smaller items the vest also reverses on. Itself and stow's away in that pocket for travel convenience one other detail that I'd like to mention is how smart will recommend washing their garments pay close attention to the care instructions for merino wool pieces they're not meant to be washed like a typical synthetic or cotton item this is. A regular fit vest I'm wearing a large. And I've got it over a synthetic insulator right now and it fits. Appropriately I've got plenty of room to move it's not too short it fits exactly like I'd want it to protect the core. It's an excellent layer that gives you. Just enough protection on those cool weather morning runs this is the smart. Wool men's phd ultralight sport vest. Thanks for watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of our other gear specialists we have detailed product descriptions. And specs and often for a lot of our. Products we have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on. YouTube please subscribe.

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    Helly Hansen Jr Seven J Jacket - Boys'

  • A technical rain jacket for everyday wear
  • Synthetic shell repels the elements
  • Fully sealed seams prevent moisture from sneaking in
  • Removable hood lets you adapt to the seasons
  • Hand pockets stash snacks or a cell phone
  • Item #HYH00O1
  • My name is jf outdoor ambassador at. Hayley anson I'm here today to talk. About the 7j jacket it's made out of. Hali crack protection it's waterproof its breathable and the seams are taped let's talk about the features there is a. String on either side that's quickly adjustable the main zipper has a storm flap so that way to protect you from the wind i like the two velcro that are. Quick adjustable for your cuffs the pockets are well comfortable with mesh and there're two zippers so you won't. Lose anything you have stashed inside you can also put a mid layer underneath or. You could definitely just wear a t-shirt because there's a mesh liner inside. There's also an inside pocket to store. Any of your items that you just don't want to get wet and here you know on the west coast it rains a lot so when we put. The hood on it covers your face there's adjustable string on the side to keep it nice and snug so it keeps you warm there's in the back there of the hood there's a velcro adjusted so that way it. Could give you better visibility i like this jacket it's a simple basic jacket. That will keep you dry on your daily routine.

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    BLACKYAK Abigar Shirt - Men's

    The BlackYak Men's Abigar Shirt is a versatile trainer designed for most sports year round. Its merino wool material excels at thermal regulation to keep you comfy whether it's warm or cold out, and it's naturally odor-resistant. BlackYak added durable nylon panels in high-wear areas to last longer. Active Stitch flatlock seams not only provide a smooth feel, but also stretches for full mobility.

  • Performance shirt designed for all year-round use
  • Merino wool excels at thermal regulation and odor control
  • Nylon paneling enhances durability in high-wear areas
  • Active Stitch flatlock seams stretch for better mobility
  • Item #BKY005L
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    The North Face Winter Warm 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's

    When your running obsession takes you down cold mountain trails in the late fall, slip into The North Face Winter Warm 1/2-Zip Jacket. This running-specific jacket is perfect for working up a sweat in cold weather thanks to its lightweight fleece fabric, which traps pockets of body heat to keep you functioning at your best as you skip over roots, rocks, and puddles on the trail.

  • Lightweight fleece jacket for late season running
  • Polyester fleece traps heat in important areas to keep you warm
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves at your hands to ensure warmth
  • Secure zip pocket on chest holds your keys or energy packs
  • Pattern on chest matches shorts for an extremely put together look
  • Item #TNF04RP
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