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The best part about summer is the joy of sunny weather and the charm of fishing. That time of the year is finally here we can who heartedly enjoy fishing in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, and the whole of New York. There are so many places to go with the favorite fish rod, prepare our boat to jump and ride along the river, find the perfect spot on the banks and patiently wait for the big mouth-watering catch! However, along with the excitement, you must ask how to get a fishing license! Won’t be a good idea to learn about how old do you have to be to get a fishing license to start fishing?

So, you will need a fishing license to fish, and to get a license, you must be 16 years of age or above. Of course, there are a few free fishing days as well, which allow you to fish freely. Otherwise, it is advisable to carry the license whenever you go fishing. Read on to know more about it.

Getting a license to fish varies from state to state. However, once you get a fishing license, you can easily plan for a fishing day at various fishing spots across the nation. Each state has set up its own angler’s rules and age criteria, but mostly it is 16 years. In general, you get your fishing license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife Department.

Types of fishing licenses you can apply for:

•    Residential and non-residential fishing license

•    Recreational and non-recreational fishing license

•    Saltwater and freshwater fishing license

Let’s get to know more about them:

  • Every state provides a residential fishing license to its residents; however, if you are a visitor here, you may apply for non-residential license too for that particular state. If you have a proof of that state, then you will get the license at a lower price. But, if you don’t, then don’t have any option, but to pay more.
  • Follow your state regulation and then choose a saltwater or freshwater fishing license. Although many coastal and inland water provide both the license, some, however, will offer you the license based on the opportunity type.
  • A recreational license is suitable for those who take fishing as a hobby, but if you are a professional fisher, then we will suggest you to with commercial fishing license.
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If you are wondering about how to get a fishing license online, then visit the official website of the fishing department. Online is the fastest way to get your license. You can visit https://www.fws.gov/fishing/FishingLicense.html and enter the state you want your fishing license for. You can pay by debit or credit card and take a print out right away. However, few states may send the license copy to the registered address as well.

Don’t forget to catch fish on the free fishing day at Pennsylvania though, enjoy the day without carrying your license. We hope this piece has given you a good idea about the types of fish license you can apply for and how.



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