how to make a tree house

How to Make a Tree House With Your Own Hands

How to make a tent out of boards: building a childrens wooden tepee, a double-sided tent and a hovel
In this article, we will talk about how to build a tent from boards yourself, relatively quickly and qualitatively. But, to begin with, lets figure out who and why may need such a construction.

The need to build a shelter is relevant for dacha and garden plots. That is, we are talking about those situations where there is a need for temporary housing, which, after some time, can be dismantled until the next time or not to dismantle at all.

Again, it should be understood that a tent made of planks is not a ramshackle structure of straw and twigs, but a robust structure, in terms of reliability not inferior to a lightweight barn. So, what designs of boardwalks can be built with your own hands?

Ideas for assembly

Of those designs that can be implemented in reality, not applying excessive effort, we note the following options:

structures, where a frame is assembled from boards, which will be clad with other more accessible materials;
structures assembled entirely from lumber.
Lets look at specific examples of assembling one and the other category of structures.

Building a childrens wooden teepee

Who hasnt dreamed of having their own little house as a child? Possessing your own little house is probably one of your childrens many desires. Lets try to make a childs dream come true.

As building materials we will need:

50 x 50 mm bar with a length of 2 meters – 4 pcs;
Board edging width of 100 mm thickness of 20 mm;
self-tapping screws and fasteners in the form of plates with through holes;
Paint and varnish materials for finishing lumber.
From the tools we will need:

  • a tape measure and a pencil;
  • wood hacksaw;
  • screwdriver with drill function

The construction instructions are as follows:

Prepare four beams, which will serve as diagonal supports for the assembled structure;

At the top of the beams make a half-timber groove, so that the two boards formed a single structure;

connect the prefabricated wooden beams and get two structures with the same angle between the supports;

place the assembled supports in the position in which they will later be installed in the finished tent;

Attach the boards with self-tapping screws, as shown in the photo;

After the strips are installed, cut them at the end;

The ends of the slats align with sandpaper, so that the cut line was smooth and did not leave a splinter;

The finished structure is covered with several coats of carpentry wood varnish with a break for soaking and drying of each previous coat.

The finished structure can be installed in the yard during the warm season. With the onset of the cold season, the shelter assembled from lumber can be brought into the house and installed in the childrens room.

Assembling a childrens double pitch tent

Another type of childrens houses is a gable board construction, covered with fabric. To make such a construction you will need edged board with a cross-section of 50 by 20 mm. In addition, you will need self-tapping screws to assemble the frame.

The instructions for making it are as follows:

  • cut ten beams, each two meters long;
  • assemble 2 U-shaped frames, provided that between all the beams is an angular connection of 90 degrees;
  • From the crossbar in the manufactured frames on the sides measure 0.6 meters and make marks;
  • on the made marks fasten the beams, which should be parallel to the cross bars;
  • from the installed beams again measure 0.6 meters on the sides and make marks;
  • on the marks made, fix another cross beam, so that all the cross beams in the frames were parallel to each other;
  • assembled frames are installed diagonally, put them together and fastened with self-tapping screws, as shown in the photo above;
  • the assembled structure is covered with a sheet or thicker material;
  • The canvas is attached to the bottom of the structure with a stapler or paper clips.
  • The finished tent, in spite of its light weight is quite durable. The structure can be installed on the lawn in front of the cottage. If there is a need to dismantle the tent, it is not difficult to disassemble it. You can not even remove the fabric, and just unscrew the screws and put all the structural elements until the next time in the pantry.

Building a barn

Owners of country cottages and dachas often face the problem of temporary storage of gardening tools and harvested crops. Meanwhile, to solve this problem is not difficult, it is enough to build a hut from building materials, the price of which is low. These materials are edged boards and dry reeds.

Reed roofs have recently become increasingly popular in the construction of full eco-friendly country houses. Of course, this material in the arrangement of the roof of the barn will be an excellent and inexpensive solution.

As an example, lets consider the peculiarities of assembling the tent shown in the photo. On average, it will take no more than a day to assemble such a structure, of course, provided that the necessary amount of reeds will be prepared in advance.

The instructions for the installation work are as follows:

  • Prepare four boards (length 2.5 meters cross section of 20 to 2.5 cm) to assemble the rafters;
  • Assemble the boards in the shape of an inverted V;
  • in the upper and lower parts of the rafters fasten cross beams, which must be parallel to each other;
  • Make a lath of narrow slats on the sides, front and back of the hut and do not forget to build an opening to install the door;
  • We knit the reed stalks in sheaves and start stacking in a bottom-up direction, so that the higher sheaves are stacked on top of the lower ones;
  • On top of the ridge line can be fixed bent in the form of rafters strip of tin to prevent rainwater penetrating inside;
  • The door to the building is made as a set board, which is hung on hinges;
  • When the construction work in the hut is finished, you can arrange shelving.

How to extend the life of lumber

So, we have learned what and how you can build using standard edged boards. It remains to get acquainted with popular methods of effective protection of lumber from the negative effects of environmental factors.

If you use a shelter made of wood outdoors, because of long-term exposure to direct sunlight and precipitation wood can begin to rot or, conversely, dry out with the formation of cracks.

To prevent damage to the lumber, the wood must be properly prepared before you build a shelter with your own hands. Preparatory work consists of the treatment of wooden parts with special impregnations strengthening decontaminating and fire-fighting action.

If there are doubts about the appropriateness of using a particular impregnation can use universal means, which combine all the previously listed qualities. For example, quite functional are deep penetration impregnations, which include antiseptics and fire retardants.

Treatment of wood is carried out outdoors under a shelter at a temperature of at least +5 ° C. The impregnation is applied in one layer, then you need to wait for its complete drying and you can proceed to the application of protective paint coating.


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