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How to Open a Jar With a Lid – 5 Ways

5 ways to open a jar with a twist-off lid quickly and without hassle

Gloves and towel

The first and easiest thing to try against a badly opened can is a regular rubber glove or towel. Both will help provide more adhesion. Often these tricks are enough to get the jar to open.


If the lid does not give way, you can try using a knife. With it you just have to pry the lid off. After this manipulation it is highly likely to become unusable, but this action is almost guaranteed to get rid of the lid.


An even more radical and desperate way of opening. In the lid, which absolutely refuses to give in to the efforts you can simply make a hole. The best way for this job is (again) a knife. We cut a hole of the right size and extract the contents. If you want, you can cut the lid off the whole jar. The main thing is to be careful not to hurt yourself.

Use the bottom

Another very effective way is to use the bottom of the jar. More precisely, it is necessary to hit it against a flat surface. The blow should not be strong. Most often, one or two will be enough to make the lid go. The essence of the method is that such a shaking organizes a hydrostroke inside the container, which acts on the lid and weakens it.

Hot water

Finally, you can use hot water to open the lid. Grandmas method works especially well in combination with the first one described. Warm water will expand the lid and is very likely to make sure it slips off.

How to open a jar with a screw lid easily?

How do you open a jar with a twist-off lid if you want to save the lid and not have to make any serious athletic efforts to unscrew it? After all, it would seem that the lid should unscrew when pressed, but it does not want to do so.

There are some tricks to help open a stubborn jar. Lids that screw on a jar are, on the one hand, handy when canning; on the other hand, completely unpredictable when they need to be opened.

First, in order to open a jar with a twist-off lid, you must degrease your hands, the jar and the lid as much as possible. To increase the grip between your hand and the lid, you can use cling film.

You can put a rubber band on the lid of the jar to improve grip.

Attention, tips from physics scientists:

You dont twist the lid, but the jar.We hold the lid in our left hand and the jar in our right.We turn the lid counterclockwise with our left hand and the jar counterclockwise with our right hand. If you have rubber gloves on hand, you can open the jar wearing them. If you dont have gloves and there is a man around, this usually works better.

You can put the jar in hot water for a couple of minutes and then try to open it. You can also put the jar under running hot water for the same purpose.

One of the most reliable ways that always works is to pry the lid off with a knife or the handle of a spoon. But this spoils the lids, and we want to use these handy lids for our home canning.

Those who are tired of struggling with a twist-off lid can buy a special can opener for such jars. Resourcefulness and adherence to tradition are good, but perhaps civilization can offer you something more effective


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