How to Properly Prepare for the First Hike

How to Properly Prepare for the First Hike

Going on your first camping trip? Your head is probably spinning. What to get? What to wear? How do you pack? There’s really no reason to panic. Everything is easier than it seems.


The question about equipment leads almost all beginners to a deadlock. For the first experience there is no sense to buy a professional. But it’s important to know how to choose the right amateur equipment. The golden rule of hiking: choose everything as easy as possible.


If you do not have a tent or the opportunity to buy it, you can ask the organizers of the hike about the availability of other participants. If you can afford to buy one, choose a tent based on how many people will be living in it. If you have vacancies, let the organizers know, perhaps someone needs them. Also, the tent should be waterproof. The rains can come at the most inopportune moment.

Sleeping bag

The choice of the sleeping bag depends on the night air temperature on the route. You can check all the data with the organizers or see the weather forecast. But it is necessary to choose the sleeping bag so that it is designed for 3-5 degrees below the expected temperature. Thus, you will be additionally insured against unforeseen cold weather.


The back must be rigid, the straps adjustable, belt with buckles. The backpack should not be torn and all zippers should work without a hitch.


When choosing shoes must be remembered that it will have to pass dozens of kilometers.

Therefore it is not necessary to choose uncomfortable or tight shoes. Otherwise you will quickly regret it. Enjoyment from the campaign will turn into excruciation. Ideal shoes – trekking boots. Normal sneakers for the campaign will not work.

Important! You can not go hiking in new shoes. You must wear them. You must be able to walk at least 30 kilometers in these shoes.

What to take

When taking something, beginners sometimes think, “It’s light anyway, we can take it. This is one of the most common mistakes. Before you start, the heaviest backpack may seem light. But after walking a few kilometers, every 100 grams is felt.

The most essential items are:

1. Hygiene products: soap, shampoo, wet wipes, toilet paper. These are the essentials. If the trip will be long, a razor, shaving lotion, cotton buds and/or disks, pads can be helpful.

2. first aid kit: iodine, bandages, painkillers, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, activated charcoal. Sunscreen may be needed in summer.

3. Utensils: deep plate, mug, spoon, knife. Some people prefer to use plastic dishes. This question is not crucial. But experienced campers, as a rule, love and try to protect the nature, so they use plastic as little as possible.

4. Other: mosquito repellent, small scissors, needle and thread, lighter or matches, clothesline, glue moment, duct tape.


Items of clothing should be chosen according to the time of year.

For the summer period:

  • – A pair of T-shirts;
  • – a long-sleeved sweatshirt;
  • – a hat;
  • – a warm sweater or sweatshirt;
  • – windbreaker;
  • – shorts;
  • – tight pants;
  • – Two pairs of socks: wool socks for sleeping and regular socks for walking;
  • – underwear.

If you go to the sea, do not forget to take a swimsuit.

For winter:

  • – thermal underwear;
  • – woollen socks;
  • – Warm sweatshirt and pants;
  • – A storm jacket and pants;
  • – down jacket;
  • – hat.

The insulation depends on the weather conditions. Maybe winter won’t be too cold, and several layers of clothing won’t be necessary. But it is important not to forget to take things for the night. You should also have extra warm clothes in case the weather changes.

In the fall or spring, you need to pick up clothes depending on the weather conditions. Do not forget that at night the temperature drops. A storm jacket or suit will do as outerwear.

Physical Preparation

Hiking – a strong load on the body. You need to be prepared physically. If you do not do sports, you will have to start. It is advisable to do it a few months before the start.

Dangerous to go on the road for people with heart disease, respiratory system, with bad knees and back.

In the first trip is better to go with experienced travelers. Lovers of hiking – people are open. They will always help you if you have difficulties.


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