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Making Tea in Nature

Leaders of tourist groups going on a multi-day hike, entrust the purchase of tea most responsible or generally take this function on itself, because tea in a hike – a beverage, without which the entire enterprise would not be complete.

How to make tea in nature

Cookware for brewing tea in hiking conditions, most often also selected separately and used only for this necessary, one might say ritual, procedure. This can be an ordinary kettle or a special tourist kettle. The volume of dishes is chosen with the expectation that everyone will get a mug of this invigorating, aromatic, tasty, invigorating drink.

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The forest is not just birches, pines, firs, and other trees. Lower your eyes and youll see so much variety of vegetation that not only can, but should, be used to make tea that all the stores high-rise racks will shamefully turn away. So, what to make tea from on a camping trip, so that it is not only tasty, but also useful.

In use are not only berries, but all parts of the plant, including roots. In addition to its inexpressible taste, it has such wonderful properties as fixing the stomach in case of diarrhea and relieving irritation in the throat.

The subtle sourness of blackberries is complemented by the sweetness of raspberries. But here you should be careful. In this case, the raspberries must be used as a base for the raspberries, as well as for the raspberries, which have a pronounced antipyretic effect. So, it is not necessary to be overly fond of this drink.

The amount of vitamins in this berry is literally off the charts. But before making a hiking tea of rosehips berries should be cleaned of hairs and crushed. And most importantly, do not overcook. Long boiling will significantly reduce the content of vitamin C in the drink.

But hawthorn berries should be boiled well for at least 10 minutes. In this case, you will get a wonderful drink normalizing the heart activity and lowering blood pressure.

There is an opinion that peppermint is not very positive for male strength. First of all, this opinion is not confirmed by anything. And secondly, lemon balm, although it tastes very similar to mint, but it is a slightly different plant. It has a calming effect, relieves nervousness and irritability, and normalizes blood pressure. Fresh leaves suffice to pour boiling water and allow to stand for 5-8 minutes.

It is long and well known that this simple pretty flower is not only good for divination, but is also a medicinal plant. The dried raw material is poured over boiling water and put on a fire. After 8-10 minutes, the drink, which has anti-inflammatory, styptic, sedative, analgesic, choleretic, diaphoretic and antiseptic effects, is ready.

The scientific name of this plant is different, but people have dubbed it more accurately and informatively. Lvan-tea, and everything becomes clear. Brewing lvan-tea also does not involve boiling. It is enough to infuse the leaves of the plant for a few minutes and the drink is ready to drink. It has fewer useful properties than, for example, chamomile, but it has tonic properties, and in a tourist multi-day hike is not unimportant.

And the last thing that everyone who has ever had a camping tea in the countryside says with certainty. It is almost never possible to replicate it in a city kitchen. So, to once again enjoy this unique drink, we will have to pack a backpack, stock up on food and necessary things and go into the woods. There is no other way.


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