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November Vacation on a Budget: Traveling to Argentina

Once November hits, many people start thinking about travel the world and taking a trip somewhere in tropical places with warm sun. Luckily, when the northern hemisphere is about to head into the depths of cold fall and winter, the southern hemisphere is experiencing gorgeous spring weather.

Our top recommended place to journey abroad in November is Argentina. Maybe South America is not so popular as other warm places around the world but it definitely worth to be visited. The springtime weather in the mountainous region of Patagonia is perfect for the amazing hiking opportunities in the area. Picturesque nature will give you a lot of beautiful photos which will remind you of the best places you have visited. Plus, Argentina’s current economic situation means that your money will go far in this beautiful destination! Argentina is a great destination for outdoor activity. But you can find some unique indoor attractions as well – from Teatro Colon to La Isla De Los Inventos.

You may ask – ok but even Argentina offers cheap travel, how can I afford this trip abroad? Is there a way to travel the world for free (or close to the costs of staying home)? The answer is a resounding yes! You just have to be a little bit savvy about it in order to find the cheapest way to travel. In this article, we would like to give you some economizing tips rather than vacation ideas because the best travel guide is your own preferences.

Things to do in Argentina

Argentina offers something for everyone: nature enthusiasts, urbanites, food and wine connoisseurs, and party people.

When you first see the capital city, Buenos Aires, you will be amazed at how a city in South America can have such a European look. There is a world-class food scene, buzzing nightlife, and beautiful architecture. For wine enthusiasts, visit the home of the Malbec in Mendoza, which is just a 3-hour bus ride from Buenos Aires.

Patagonia is an outdoors-enthusiasts dream come true. With dense forests, granite cliffs, glacial lakes, and waterfalls, there is so much in Patagonia that will surprise you. And don’t miss Bariloche, sometimes called the Lake Tahoe of South America. This deep blue lake is famous for its Circuito Chico, a mountain biking trail which circles the lake and offers unbeatable views.

Mar del Plata postcard

How to travel to Argentina on a budget

Just like any travel destination, it’s important to keep an eye on your budget. However, Argentina is actually a perfect place to visit for budget travelers. The Argentinian economy is experiencing severe inflation, which means that your foreign cash will go far! And you will discover different exotic places which are not included in the usual tourist guides.

How to get cheap flights to Argentina

The biggest expense will undoubtedly be the flight, but there are lots of ways to find cheap travel options. The best way to get a low price flight is by signing up for a credit card that will earn you points toward travel. Even if you have no money saved up for travel, your everyday expenses will contribute to your travel fund! Many credit cards even award a huge points bonus just for signing up. If you time it right, you can get your entire flight paid for.

Once you’re in the country, there are plenty of options for cheap travel. Most cities are very walkable or offer great public transportation networks. For longer distances, there are tourist buses which even offer sleeping cars. These are completely affordable and if you take an overnight bus, you save on accommodation for that night. During the night in the bus or sleeping car, you can compose a list of beautiful places to visit.

How to Find Free Accommodation in Argentina

free accommodation in Argentina

To stay on a budget in terms of accommodation, we find that a combination of Couchsurfing, camping, and staying in hostels will keep costs down during your journey in Argentina.

The cheapest way by far is by using the popular website Couchsurfing. The service is not only completely free, but it is also a great way to meet locals who will let you tag along on their daily life in Argentina. It’s like having a free tour guide!

Especially in Patagonia, camping is a popular way to find a free place to sleep. Many of the national parks in Argentina have Camping Libre facilities. They are completely free of charge with facilities for campers!

Hostels are also a great choice for budget travelers in Argentina. An average hostel in Argentina costs between 12 and 20 dollars for a bed in a dorm room. Private rooms in a hostel cost about 25-30 a night, which is a great deal compared to hotels. Not only are hostels a great way to save money, they are also a social experience. You may even gather more budget-saving tricks from fellow travelers.

It must also be said that the hostels in Argentina are some of the most charming in the entire world. Stay in a converted Victorian mansion with rooftop barbecue in Buenos Aires, a mountain cabin in El Calafate in Patagonia, or an old wine cellar in Mendoza.

Other creative ways to travel abroad on a budget

If you want to stay longer in Argentina, you can usually find short-term paid work opportunities. Many travel programs offer free room and board in exchange for volunteer work.

Wwoof projects in Argentina

There are many opportunities available on Wwoof.com, a network of organic farms offering room and board in exchange for labor. Your free time will be more limited but it will be a great cultural experience. You can also check the website Workaway to find jobs for foreigners in Argentina.

Apply for a Travel Scholarship

There are some travel programs that sponsor young people to travel with cultural exchange as the main goal. These are pretty competitive but you may just be one of the lucky winners of this amazing opportunity.

Teaching English in Argentina

There is also a high demand for English teachers in Argentina. Some travel programs not only give you room and board, but also a small salary. This is meant for people who are interested in a prolonged stay in one place, but allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture for limited costs.

autostop Argentina

Advantages of traveling on a budget

Traveling on a budget will allow you to fully enjoy your trip without burning a hole in your pocket. Once you adjust to the budget travel lifestyle, you’ll be surprised how far your money can go, especially in Argentina. Keep your costs down so that you can afford an occasional splurge on a steak dinner or paragliding trip.

Deciding to travel the world on a budget has all sorts of cascading effects. For example, if you stay in a hostel, they are likely to provide free or very affordable tours for budget travelers. They will often host hostel dinners for much cheaper than any restaurant around town (and much more fun!) The staff at hostels are often young locals who are happy to share their budget hacks with the guests.

Downsides of traveling on a budget

Of course, the downside to traveling on a budget is that you might occasionally experience a less-than-comfortable experience. But as long as you check reviews diligently which are written by fellow travelers, you should be fine. In the budget travel economy, other travelers are always looking out for each other.

Is cheap travel effective and affordable?

As you can see it is completely possible to travel on a budget in South America, in particular in Argentina. You can even use these tips to find the cheapest way to travel the world. Traveling cheap requires you to navigate the country in creative ways, which may even put you more in touch with the locals. Perhaps you might even have a more rich experience compared with someone who signs up for a package tour where all expenses are paid.

We think Argentina is the perfect place to go in November. It is a great alternative to expensive tropical places.


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