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  Cold Steel® American Lawman Series Folding Knives
 Cold Steel® American Lawman Series Folding Knives
Available<ul> <li>
Blade length2.5".
BrandCold Steel
Closed length4"
Wt2.8 oz.</li> </ul> <img border="0" src="http://www.cabelas.com/assets/warnings/knife.gif" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; font-size: 12px; font-family: Arial, Verdana; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-variant: normal; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: 16.7999992370605px; orphans: auto; text-align: start; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: 1; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">

Cold Steel® American Lawman Series Folding Knives

  • XHP premium-performance alloy steel
  • Diamond-like coated blade maximizes durability
  • Hollow-ground, hand-polished edge
  • Textured American G-10 handle for exceptional grip
  • Built in honor of and for use by law-enforcement officers, Cold Steel's American Lawman Series Folding Knives use made-in-USA CTS® XHP alloy premium-performance steel. Ultradurable knives perform in extreme environments yet remain comfortable to carry and easy to deploy. Hollow-ground, hand-polished, DLC-coated blades deliver exceptional edge retention. American Lawman Series handles are made from American G-10 that's textured for grip in the coldest, wettest conditions. Includes pocket clip. Imported.
    • American Lawman
      Blade length: 3.5".
      OAL: 813".
      Closed length: 4.63".
      Wt: 4.5 oz.
    • Mini Lawman
      Blade length: 2.5".
      OAL: 638".
      Closed length: 4"
      Wt: 2.8 oz.

    What's going on YouTube metal complex here. And today I've got a knife. That is long overdue for this channel a lot of. You guys watched me unbox. While back this is the cold steel American lawman. This specific version is actually in s35vn. This knife has had three versions as far as I'm aware of the original in off eight with a Teflon coating the then the upgraded version. And CTS xhp they moved to the DLC coating which is the coating you're seeing here. And then most recent version which is in s35vn it's my understanding. You can still get the CTS X HP version. This version in s35vn running uh. One for 75 bucks on eBay brand-new. And free shipping -. It was a great deal but. You can get him anywhere from 75 to 85 dollars so anyways let's go ahead. Some measurements on. This guy so overall length the American lawmen coming in at about 8 inches overall blade length coming in at just shy of three. And a half inches total cutting edge coming in at exactly maybe just a hair over three inches it's got a nice forward oil there so of course I'm a huge fan of. How about up against the Ontario rat model. One coming in at eight point six inches overall. How about the spider coat our military — up against again — 83 inches overall for the PM -. How about the bench made reptilian should be in the same territory here eight inches overall. Another sweet spot knife for me. How about the spider code Delia Spyderco delica coming in at 7 inches overall so.

    This is a nice 8-inch overall three. And a half inch blade style knife. You know very common ground for you know the well III know. This is a preferred measurement for a lot of people let's go ahead. And get a weight on. This guy zero out my scale there okay women coming in at zero hang on. What is going on here there. That was weird come on zero out okay American lemon coming in at four point. One three ounces as pay to put. It back down 11 three ounces just a little bit over four ounces that's gonna kind of nail. It for a lot of people really works for me. This is a carry size. And weight that is very preferable so anyways actually.

    You know what before. We move on let's go into the paper cut test. Some people like some people hate as always the paper cut test is not a definitive cutting test it's basically just for me to give. You an example of the edge right out of the box versus the universal slicing standard the paramilitary -. You are gonna get something out of. You won't that's perfectly fine it's honestly it's probably. More for me anybody else so let's take a pass with the pm — first pm — so. Isee as ever how about the American woman also extremely slice okay so. Ihaven't done that I've had. This for a long time. Ihaven't done yet truthfully. This knife has been pocket demoed by a gentleman. One of my friends who wants to buy. Igot about you know 100 bucks to spend I'd prefer to keep. It closer to 50 you recommend. We kind of toss some stuff back. And forth I said I've got an American lawman. Ithink is awesome spoiler alert. This knife is awesome. Ican sell it to ya for about 60 bucks its brand-new.

    And unused you can carry. It for a little bit. What you think so he hasn't used. This he's been carrying it. And he's definitely gonna buy. It but anyways I've had. Some time to carry it around. And mess with I just haven't caught with. That truthfully surprised. Me the edges is nice and think there's no resistance really on. That paper it feels very similar to the PM — I'm really pleasantly surprised by. That so that's awesome so anyways like. Isaid trying to find places with. This piece of paper like. Isaid the American lawman has had three versions. Now the original version with the Teflon coating I watched a bunch of test videos. Because that's what you do. You start to get into cold steel knives. You watch their test videos there's their hard use demos. Whether it's by cold steel. Or people like me who are just regular guys.

    You know either talking about knives. Or going out and testing them. Inoticed I was like man. That coating wears off too quick. And then I found out. This is actually an upgraded DLC coating it's actually really Pleasant looking it's its kind of like slightly reflective really nice love. That coating but the Teflon coating was like. It looked more matte black but. It just kind of rubbed off so. This is much tougher. Some people are gonna prefer the xhp model which is xhp is kind of like a super s30v it's gonna have a little bit. More edge retention a little less toughness but be stainless s35vn is gonna have good edge retention not quite as good as cts xhp but. It is gonna be tougher. And it's also going to maintain. That corrosion resistance a fantastic steel for this knife. This knife is an IDI sized mega hard used knife. That is exactly it classifies. It really nice classic drop point style blade lots of room to drop towards the cutting edge which is probably why it gets so thin check out the reinforcement down to the tip that's fantastic blade stock thickness is probably right around the same area as the PM 2 maybe a little bit thinner let's compare.

    It with the bench made group Tilian a little bit thicker. Than the bench made group Tilian a little bit thinner. Than the PM 2 so really nice blade stock thickness. You can see there the nose drops just ever so slightly at the tip really nice symmetrical grind looks great. All the way around cold steel really has surprised. Me with their fit and finish I'm honestly really impressed with. This is a very simple design. We have moving down. You know you can see the thumb stud there which by the way is. You could probably take. That out and make it left hand thumb stud but it's like left. Or right-hand primary thumb stud anyways moving down to the scale solid g10 scales simple Torx head pivots.

    Some pins back you're holding in the stop pin. And the part of the back lock you've got Torx heads back here a nice lanyard hole you've got the pocket clip of course on the other side. Everything just mirroring this is a truly ambidextrous knife. Because the pot somebody in the comments section pointed. This out I was like oh that's cool. They give another pocket clip they're actually giving you the left-handed mounting pocket clip. This pocket clip curves so. You can't flip it would. It would curve the wrong way so that's. What the second pocket clip is for which is pretty cool cold steel appears to have a pretty good warranty. It shows that the knife is. Ididn't see like limited. Or a time limit on it so correct. If I'm wrong but these are warranted for life for the original user. Or for the person who purchased. It which is pretty cool.

    Idon't have any experience with cold Steel's warranty so. Ican't say definitively. Or not it's good but. They seem to stand by their product anyways let's go ahead. And talk more about the body of the night so. Ithought for sure this would have steel liners on the inside. It doesn't this is peel ply textured g10. It is g10 it's not plastic on the inside. We can't really see very well but it's its completely liner --less. All the support comes from. This back spacer right here which. Ican't tell if it's g10. Or aluminum whatever it's solid. And then you've got. This steel back spacer which is part of the triad lock. That thing is substantial enough to. Where there is there's no flex. And the scales all solid. You can see the back spacer comes. All the way down here for support. You have you know let's take a look at.

    Now there's no there's no tube in there. That back spacer is metal. Somebody can confirm for sure in the comment section. You want but it's not it's light but. It is it's absolutely solid. And substantial I don't know. This knife really needs steel liners. You know yeah it would add to. That feeling of solidity. You would add some heft to. It but the way this is set up. Ithink it's good to go. Idon't see too many in fact. Ihave honestly never seen. Anything online someone says. Ihate the American lawmen. It broke right away. It doesn't work I've never seen. Iread is the American lawman is. One of the best knives. That exists I beat the crap out of. All the time I've had mine for years it's amazing. Is eight versions people are still carrying those around. They just don't die. This is like the well. Idon't want to say brand names but let's see there's a there's a particular small pickup out there.

    That is made by a manufacturer. That people are really we're well aware of. They are notorious for going over 400000 miles. And just never dying so fill in the blanks as. You please I used to work at a dealership so. Irelate everything to vehicles anyways yeah just a really good design. And of course you know. Iwent over the try a block in the 8010 video but the three points of contact can. We focus okay three points of contact here of course the back lock stop pin tang of the blade. And then that hook under which. That blade actually hooks under the Triad lock as. It connects extremely solid no wiggle. Icannot wrench I honestly cannot wrench. This thing in any direction to get blade plate.

    It is good to go some people don't like the fact. You have to push down on. That back lock to disengage. This is not really a fidgety knife. You absolutely can. You can get your thumb in the right place. You absolutely can't fire. It out like you can do. It with no wrist I mean it's there but honestly. This is a working tool the cold steel American lawman is the exact line were tactical unnecessary tactical actually meets function. You know there are a lot of people out there who will buy. Any knife that is black military looking and it's usually a tanto there are a lot of people out there who will just buy. That just you know. They won't question the fact why it's $20 they'll just be like that's clearly. You know an ultra you know it's an elite knife. You know the lot of. Us in the knife community who have handled. More premium knives know. That's kind of tactic by manufacturers to appeal to a certain group of people who are after.

    That type of thing assuming. It is better anything else out there but it's also appealing because it's inexpensive that's kind of the tactic cool crowd. You know your tack forces. You know frost Calvary make. Some stuff like that Smith & Wesson makes. Some stuff like that there's a lot there's a bunch. Imean those things are a dime a dozen there gas station. Ithink they're like a hair above gas station knives the ones I'm describing but. You get up to a certain point. And the line is blurred. And you're starting to transition. You know you kind of around. That $75 mark you see a lot of knives. That are better made. And like hat like this manufacturers line half of their line is kind of like ultra tactical. And then there's more practical designs cold steel. Ithink fits perfectly in there for me a lot of their knives. And I'm stuck I'm sorry I'm gonna make. You guys met the Espada is. One of the most ridiculous completely unnecessary designs. Ihave ever seen I understand.

    Some people are drawn to. That's because it's. You know really wicked looking and Sylvester Stallone threw. It into a dartboard. And in Expendables whatever. That was the knife that was in. That movie I think that's a ridiculous that's designed by cold steel. It has no practical utilitarian nature about. It whatsoever now knives like the American lawmen. However have the appeal of being you know. It says American lawmen on. It it's its black that tactical look. Yet at the same time. You actually have a functional blade shape you've got a nice ergonomic handle you've got. Some nice just kind of minimalist. You know the way they have put the materials together is minimalist. And simple it comes in at an amazing price point $75 in. This case call it $80 for you know on average.

    And it's being made with. You know like I said gee thirty-five vnf 35 en is absolutely a practical steal. This theory that s35vn is gonna be the new d2 in like. One to two years, and we're gonna start seeing it on sub 50 lure knives but that's besides the point is its a really good steal have. Imentioned the ergonomics are fantastic oh my gosh look at. This primary grip fit your whole hand around. It forwards toil grip same thing love. This love this I'm always gonna be biased towards knives with a forward toil. This for the longest time. This was the only cold steel knife. Iever had any interest in then. You know the 8010 came along love. That everybody's telling me code for maybe. Igotta check that out too but the American lawmen is it's its the line. You cross over from a lot up for a lot of people.

    That transitional knife. You know I was there too. Iwas younger I was like. Iwant to go to a flea market. And buy a $40 ninja sword to hang on my wall. You know for no reason. Iwas attracted to you know those trench knives. That had like the spikes on the knuckles. And the throwing stars. You know us grow out of. We get our hands on a knife. That kind of transitions. We start to we get older. We realize you know. That stuff doesn't work. It takes up too much room the pocket. We realize oh my gosh it's actually not made very well. You know screws back out the plastic breaks. Or cracks the blade gets dull immediately. And for me was the Kershaw blur the first. You know the first like kind of nicer knife for me the transitional knife was the Kershaw blur. Idid a video about. That but for a lot of people. Ithink the cold steel American lawman was absolutely. That transitional knife. They get their hands on.

    They realized yeah it's cool. It kind of feels you know. It kind of really it hits the nail on the head for. That need for that tactical blade. That sort of military looking or law enforcement looking knife but every single thing about. This knife screams utility. It is a functional tool. You can beat on this thing you can put. This thing in stressful situations the Steel's right to handle materials are right the locking mechanism is right it's well the tolerances are there like. Isaid no blade play. You can see it also came centered. Ican't there we go centered up no rubbing this is a great knife. It is absolutely representing. That line there and for those of. You who have never checked. This knife out and been curious about. It at 75 to 80 bucks oh my gosh. Ican recommend this knife. All day in fact that's exactly.

    What happened my friend said hey can. You recommend a knife to. Isaid dude the American lawmen man. Imean go for I also recommended the blur. Some other stuff but. Ihad the lawmen on. You can try you know. This knife I absolutely love. Ikind of wish that there was so there's. Some jimping back here. Iwas gonna change one thing give. Me a little bit up top just a little bit. This is a knife I'm going to bear down on. Iwould like to lock my thumb in back here you're probably gonna be wearing gloves but. That spine is just a little bit slippery I'd like to see just a little bit of jimping something to catch my finger but really that's.

    It the pocket clip is just fine its kind of boring but it's just fine. It holds on to the pants the peel ply texturing is heavy but. It works for this knife. This is an outdoor work knife. Some people are gonna EDC. It that's fine it's light enough. And just barely short enough to. You can kind of justify. That but that texturing screams. You know work outside with. Me outside me hard that's that's definitely. Ifeel about this knife. That cold steel shows. Everything pretty much exactly right. Now to be honest you know I've got so. Many knives I have a friend come. Me like hey do you have. One you'd recommend. And I've got one that's in new condition. Ican make him a deal on then I'm gonna do. That but this knife so much. Iwill likely end up purchasing another. One for myself I don't know. If I'll go as 35 or CTSA HP. Idon't think you can go wrong with.

    One but Ross if you're watching this enjoys. This knife beat the snot out of. It it will definitely serve. You well for forever. Something crazy with. It but you'll likely still have. You know by the time you're old. And you've got kids. You know maybe you can give it to them but. That honestly that's. What I feel about this knife. II feel like as far as a folding knife goes. And durability this thing's right there at the top. It should. You haven't had an opportunity to check. One of these out you absolutely should go. And check one of these out anyways guys. That is gonna be pretty much. It for today I don't know. Ipointed this out. And just so you guys know. It is called the American lawman. You can see there but. It is not actually made in the United States it's made in Taiwan. And for a long time. You know that's what held. Me back from cold steel knives is learning. Ithink there's only. That are made in the United States the formax. Idon't know what else but.

    This is made in Taiwan that's. They keep the cost down. You know but after having handled. Idon't care they wouldn't put Taiwan on the blade. That kind of bothers. You know he got in. Some way shape you have to say. You know can we just leave American lawmen on there. And ask 35 yen can we just leave. Ijust Taiwan or China on a blade just looks bad but that's a little nitpick. It doesn't matter it's not gonna affect the performance of. This knife whatsoever. This knife is made unbelievably well go check. It put it's awesome anyways. You guys enjoyed this video. You did please leave a like. If you'd like to check out my other content.

    Ido of course have lots of videos of knives. That are either expensive. Or inexpensive or don't like so check those out. You enjoy all my content then please subscribe to my channel. Because there's definitely. More coming thanks again for watching and have a great day.

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