The 10 Best Hiking Belts

  1. Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style
  2. JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5
  3. Nylon Military Tactical
  4. JASGOOD Nylon Canvas
  5. Propper Tactical Duty
  6. KingMoore Men’s Tactical
  7. Hoanan 2-Pack Elastic Stretch
  8. Arcade The Blackwood | OSFA
  9. CQR 1 or 2 Pack Tactical Belt, Military Style
  10. WHIPPY 2 Pack Nylon Belt Outdoor Military
TOP #1
Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Hiking belts
Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Hiking belts

  • Nice Gift Package, Durable webbing belt
  • Tactical Belt Length – 49 inch, Width:1.5 inch, fit for waist 36-42 inches. Buckle Size: 2″ in width and 5/16″ in thickness.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Buckle
  • Quick Release
  • Made by 1000 D environmental friendly nylon material
  • Hiking belts
TOP #2
JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5 Hiking belts
JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5 Hiking belts

  • Hiking belts
TOP #3
Nylon Military Tactical Hiking belts
Nylon Military Tactical Hiking belts

  • Perfect Gift
  • One purchase for 2 pack black nylon belts
  • Non-Metal Holeless Belt
  • Military Tactical Belt
  • Adjustable Webbing Belt: 100% Nylon web belt
  • Hiking belts
TOP #4
JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Hiking belts
JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Hiking belts

  • Thicken Nylon Strap & High Quality Plastic Buckle
  • This military belt makes with lightweight and wear-resisting nylon
  • Non-metal belts for men is suitable for pant size below 45inches. The total length is about 135CM/53.1 inch, strap width is 3.8 cm(1.5 Inch).
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Nickel free
  • Not only used for daily wearing, but also a good partner for outdoor sports, hunting, and shooting.
  • Hiking belts
TOP #5
Propper Tactical Duty Hiking belts
Propper Tactical Duty Hiking belts

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Durable 1.5″ single layer nylon webbing
  • Adjustable fit
  • Non-metal buckle
  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing
  • Belt width – 1.5 Inch
  • Hiking belts
TOP #6
KingMoore Men's Tactical Hiking belts
KingMoore Men’s Tactical Hiking belts

  • Quick Release Buckle 
  • Quality Nylon Belt 
  • Heavy Duty Metal Buckle 
  • Everyday Carry Gear
  • Hiking belts
TOP #7
Hoanan 2-Pack Elastic Stretch Hiking belts
Hoanan 2-Pack Elastic Stretch Hiking belts

  • Hiking belts
TOP #8
Arcade The Blackwood | OSFA Hiking belts
Arcade The Blackwood | OSFA Hiking belts

  • The original good times belt
  • THE PERFECT FIT: Low profile, micro-adjustable buckle for one size fits most sizing, up to 40″ (101.6cm).
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: A non-metal buckle means easier passage through airport security.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Leave it in your pants for both the wash and dry cycles.
  • Hiking belts
TOP #9
CQR 1 or 2 Pack Tactical Belt, Military Style Hiking belts
CQR 1 or 2 Pack Tactical Belt, Military Style Hiking belts

  • EDC Tactical Accessories : Constructed with a hint of military and law enforcement performance design.
  • Equipment Belt ★Concealed Carry Belt
  • Rip-resistant 1.5″ strengthened nylon webbing
  • Military Spec Heavy Duty Construction
  • Hiking belts
TOP #10
WHIPPY 2 Pack Nylon Belt Outdoor Military Hiking belts
WHIPPY 2 Pack Nylon Belt Outdoor Military Hiking belts

  • Plastic YKK Buckle
  • Nylon Webbing Belt
  • Military Tactical Men Belt – Strong material
  • Flexible Size Belts for Men
  • Outstanding After-Sales Service 
  • Hiking belts

Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Hiking belts

Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Hiking belts

  • Nice Gift Package, Durable webbing belt, Quick – release buckle. Your Best Choice!
  • Please email us to solve your issue ([email protected]), instead of leaving a negative review.
  • Tactical Belt Length – 49 inch, Width:1.5 inch, fit for waist 36-42 inches. Buckle Size: 2″ in width and 5/16″ in thickness.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Buckle – This tactical belt features a military belt buckle made of heavy-duty metal.
  • Quick Release – Intuitive and smooth quick release functionality when you push the golden tabs down at the same time. If just one tab is engaged, the connection will hold and fully re-lock on its own.
  • Quality Nylon Belt – Made by 1000 D environmental friendly nylon material, soft and comfortable for daily use.
  • Perfect Service – 2 year quality warranty. 60 day hassle free return policy.
  • Hiking belts

  • Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.4 inches; 6.38 Ounces
  • Item model number: FAIRWIN
  • Manufacturer: Fairwin
  • Type: Hiking belts

Received nothing for my review bought this for hunting for its low profile under my pack, hip belt. I, don’t wear anything on it, as everything rides on my pack belt, but I had no slipping whatsoever and it was very comfortable even better. It was much cheaper than the $50 name-brand ones. It is a little long, but nothing. A hot knife won’t fix one of the better belts I have purchased. There are many similar belts around, but what one should look for is that rivet in the middle there is a metal bar under it.

This prevents the belt from opening accidentally if one button gets depressed, meaning both buttons need to be simultaneously pressed for the belt to open as a safety feature. This is what I was looking for. It claims a 24, kilonewton strength along the axis when the belt is closed in a loop you.

JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5 Hiking belts

JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5 Hiking belts

  • QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE UPGRADED VERSION:The crafted heavy-duty buckle, made of aluminium alloy, has very strong load-bearing capacity, which can meet your different wearing requirements. The upgraded part is that it is more convenient to adjust the length to perfect fit more than you can imagine. If you want to understand more intuitively how to be more convenient, you can watch our short tactical video.
  • HIGH QULITY STRETCH NYLON:We intent to make the strap be stretch. The strap is made by special stretch material which is more solid than regular belt. More than that, it is very sturdy as well as stretch, which make your waist be more comfortable as well as stay tight, when you take large range of activities. Anyone who do physical activities for a long period of hours will get a great use out of the tactical belt
  • FOR SPECIAL YOU: Our solid belt suits for military, SWAT, fire fighters, work, sport and other tactical users. Anyone who need to take any activity will be in harmony with the belt
  • AS A PRESENT: Our elaborate belt is enclosed in an elegant gift box for you giving whoever you love, or yourself
  • SHOPPING GUARANTEE:If you meet any problems after purchasing the belt, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We promise to provide you 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Hiking belts

  • Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 3.9 x 2.3 inches; 10.41 Ounces
  • Type: Hiking belts

Nylon Military Tactical Hiking belts

Nylon Military Tactical Hiking belts

  • Perfect Gift:The warmest and most stylish gift to your father, friends and family on Father’s Day,Thanksgiving Day,Christmas Day,New Year and Valentine’s Day.
  • One purchase for 2 pack black nylon belts. Premium nylon webbing, lightweight, soft, flexible, sturdy and durable, sweat absorption and dry fast. Suitable for daily wearing with all pants, and outdoor heavy duty work or sports. A good gift for Christmas!
  • Non-Metal Holeless Belt: Well-designed men’s nylon web belt with YKK plastic buckle. Travel-friendly Non-Metal construction, Nickel Free, Non-Allergic. Allow you to be able to go through a metal detector or airport security without having to take it off.
  • Military Tactical Belt: Strong enough to withstand 500Kg weight no deformation. Ideal for police, firefighters, CCW, security guards, electricians and utility workers in need of a great duty belt to carry tools or weapons. Also great for paintball and airsoft gear!
  • Adjustable Webbing Belt: 100% Nylon web belt, 1.5 inch wide belt. Holeless belt and removable buckles that it’s easy to trim it to size. Belts for men waistline girth below 45 inch.
  • Satisfactory after-sales service.
  • Hiking belts

JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Hiking belts

JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Hiking belts

  • Thicken Nylon Strap & High Quality Plastic Buckle (Nickel Free) 1.5″ width of strap as the third pic showed.
  • This military belt makes with lightweight and wear-resisting nylon material that has a strong evaporation of sweat, more comfortable and breathable, feel more flexible, easy to dry in air.
  • Non metal belts for men is suitable for pant size below 45inches. The total length is about 135CM/53.1 inch, strap width is 3.8 cm(1.5 Inch).
  • Fully Adjustable.You can precisely adjust your belt to the perfect fit. Removable automatic Buckle,no holes in belt.If the Strap is too long for you, you can trim the strap length to fit your size.
  • Nickel free international standard plastic buckle, feel comfortable and easy to wear. Non-metallic buckle for easy, quick clearance at security checkpoints. Especially suitable for metal allergy to wear, not easy to crack and breakage
  • Not only used for daily wearing, but also a good partner for outdoors sports ,hunting and shooting,etc.It’s also a nice gift for men,husband,boyfriend,father,son and friends as Valentine’s day gift,Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift and New Year gift.
  • Hiking belts

Canvas breathable military tactical men’s waist belt with plastic buckle, so basically I bought this belt because I have a nickel allergy, so I wanted to buy something that wouldn’t cause any reaction and a lot of the nickel free metal belt buckles were a little bit on the expensive side and I thought I’d just get something cheap and something that I could wear every day without worrying about it. Getting damaged. I bought the nickel free belts in the past and I. Don’t know what it is, but maybe the metal without nickel isn’t as strong and the buckle would just break so I’m going to give this a try.

Another benefit for this is since it’s all, there’s no metal at all, because you don’t have to take it off during the airport security. So that’s a big plus. So let’s take a look at it. So I’ve got the one in black and there’s two buckle. Types for black and I got the type B. So, let’s see don’t so, it looks like they included extra buckle, that’s pretty cool! So, let’s stretch this up- and this is what the buckle B looks like so looks slightly different I’m- not sure what the buckle the other one looks like, but let’s see they gave us three buckle.

Okay, so this one is actually different from this guy. So let’s see okay. So if this slight variance looks slightly different, it was like a little indent here that pops up so I guess the second, the what I call it the black becomes with also the original buckle. So that’s something to keep in mind. So if you want both types of buckles to soar, the the type B I’m guessing, if you just get the regular type, it will just come with two regular types. So this way at least you get both type of buckles, okay, so the first.

So the first thing I noticed, is that the strap is very, very durable and strong. It’s very thick yeah! If you can tell when you compare it to like a high quality, backpack strap, it is much thicker and much more durable. You can definitely feel it. The plastic you I mean feels okay, it’s kind of hard to tell it’s very light, so I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up but feels okay, it’s they say it’s made out of high quality plastics, we’ll see how well that holds up, and if you look at the other end, I believe the total length of this is 46 inches and if you need to cut it I believe you can cut it and then, if you look, you can take something hot like a lighter and then Carter eyes, the the thread, so it doesn’t come off ready but yeah.

So this is what it looks like it. Also, let’s see what else to come: look through the Box on the bag, so it also comes with the directions on how to wear it. I guess you’re how to lock the belt and also if the belt buckle comes off or if you exchange the belt buckle. It tells you how to do that as well. So I will also demonstrate this in a moment. So the first thing I’ll show you is how to exchange the buckle or undo the buckle. So you just grab the buckle and what you want to do is this is the front of the buckle.

You want to flip it over to the back and once you flip it over to the back. You take this part right here and you pull on it. So if you pull it pops up like this, and then you can just put it out same thing in Reverse, just put it back in and clip it down, and it’s very strong, yeah yeah. It holds very well so so we’ll take the tight B buckle out and get the type the type a buckle. I guess they don’t say it’s type a button. So again, this is the front of the buckle turn it around grab this part pop it up like so, and then let go ahead and slide this one through.

Sometimes these Jeff’s I’ve been done, and now it’s in and once it’s in push down on it there you go. That was a little harder than I thought it would be, but I was afraid. I was gonna break the plastic because it was a lot of resistance, but it worked very strong and I got the type-a buckle and you can go ahead and fish it in and close it. So this is a demonstration on how to wear the boat, be very simple. Take it around the waist. Okay, you first want to make it like this I think something’s gonna makes it much easier to apply or to pass the belt through.

So go ahead, make it like, so you just pull it until you get comfortable with the tightness and then you there you go very tight, won’t come with them, as you can see, there’s a lot of extra but I just passed it through the rest of my loops or you can go ahead and cut it to your liking, and then cargo rise, the nylon. So it doesn’t, you don’t get any excess thread, but very good, very tight and time. Do it same thing? You just take this end right here and then pull on it to undo the latch, very quick and very convenient to put on and on, and it holds very, very tight, which is great, I, guess just to give it a demonstration without it around my waist just go ahead and put it into your liking, lock it down pulling on a pretty strong.

It’s not coming. It’s not going loose very awesome.

Propper Tactical Duty Hiking belts

Propper Tactical Duty Hiking belts

Suited for on or off duty use, the PROPPER Nylon Duty Belt is designed to provide utility in any environment. The molded belt buckle allows for easy adjustments yet holds tight when loaded down. Heavy duty 1.5 inch wide nylon can withstand constant and long term use.

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Durable 1.5″ single layer nylon webbing
  • Adjustable fit
  • Non-metal buckle
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Belt width – 1.5 Inch
  • Hiking belts

  • Product Dimensions: 4.1 x 1.9 x 4.7 inches; 3.2 Ounces
  • Item model number: F5603
  • Manufacturer: Propper International
  • Type: Hiking belts

We are taking a look at my duty belt that I use for police work. I am a cop and a fuel training officer in the south burbs of chicago I like to say in and around the chicagoland area. Things get a little rough here, so I’m hoping that some of the lessons from here can kind of help. You stay safe, using some of the positive and negative experiences that I’ve had in the area that I work so stick around for more of that lots of the stuff that you’re going to see in this video is things that I’ve used for many many years and things that have been sent to me by companies for a long term review we’re going to get into all of that.

Of course, if you’re interested in any of this equipment, anything that youtube will allow me to link in coupon code. 2 will all be down in the description. Also, there will be links to videos about particular pieces of gear if I’ve done a video about any one of these, and I try to keep all those links, coupon codes and videos about pieces to gear up to date as they come along. If there’s something you see here that there isn’t a link for down below. Please leave me a comment so that I can get to that.

So we can better explain the things that you’re looking at here before we get started on the build there’s already a video on the vest that I use every day. It’s like a my armor carrier or plate carrier. Most people would call it it’s become kind of a hybrid thing. For me, I’ve got some really high end armor in it that’s fairly new on the market. You guys are probably going to enjoy. Also we got to talk about uniforms. I have the option with uniforms. Almost all of this stuff.

I have to buy myself, so I have options with what uniform stuff I’m going to wear and I have some suggestions in the summer time. What I wear is blowers pants. They are a uniform, looking pant, but it’s on their tactical side. It’s the model 8665, not sure if I’ve done a video about it, but they are great tactical pants that look like blue police uniform pants. They also come in a couple of other colors for a uniform shirt. I use propper’s summer weight tactical shirt.

It meets uniform requirements, it’s very lightweight. It gets very hot and humid here in the summer and be able to have that lightweight equipment really helps for boots. I juggle between the a pair of blower boots when it’s really really hot and the hayek’s black eagle tactical 2 0s that are a gore-tex boot. When I’m going to be doing something, I think it might be raining or when this weather starts getting chilly and then when it gets really cold out, I switch over to my winter uniform.

Then maybe we’ll do some videos on in the future. So those are my suggestions for uniform stuff. You want to see what I look like wearing all of this stuff and the fact that I’m not an underwear model you guys will enjoy that check out the video. That’s up there and down below on baton placement. You can see how a lot of this stuff interacts and how what I use and how I use it kind of evolves over time. So, let’s get on to the belt itself, the belt is probably the belt that I least suggest.

This is an uncle mike’s mirage duty belt by policy. I have to use basket weave on my belts, and that is my issue. My duty belt at work has to be this basket: weave material which limits me not so much in pouches, because lots of company have basket weave pouches. The problem is the belt itself. There aren’t a lot of good basket, weave belts that are not leather, so that you can sanitize them. This is the one that I used to have to wear by policy. We had to have the uncle mike’s mirage pro 3, with this triple retention buckle, but now that lots of companies make belts with triple retention, buckles they’ve opened it up.

If there’s a basket, we built that you use that you like way more than this one. Please leave a comment down below, so I can buy that one and start using it. I don’t like this belt, I’m in the market for a new belt itself. Right now up front. We have my tourniquet pouch. This is an allegiance, holster tourniquet pouch. It holds the newest model, cat tourniquet and it protects it from the elements, especially if it’s pointed at a little bit of a downward angle.

It keeps rain and snow and slush, and especially those uv rays off the majority of the tourniquet which, as we learn more about tourniquets and how they work and the risk factors with carrying them around all day, we’ve seen is pretty important. The one downside to the elite allegiance holsters tourniquet holder is because it protects the whole thing it’s a little larger than I would really like it’s a little bulkier than a lot of other tourniquet holders, because it provides that protection.

So I throw it right up front. This is where I used to have my tourniquet, then for a while, I put it up on my vest cover again there’s that video up there and down below with my vest cover now it’s back down in the same position so that I can access this with either hand in a hurry I have to. If I have to, and of course it comes pre-marked. This isn’t a spare thing that you have to buy and velcro in there. The little first aid marker on there comes with it, which is a nice added bonus.

Moving back from that, I have the newest asp handcuffs in a federal pouch. This is an open top house. It just has a snap and then on the back. It attaches with a single strap and it has a spare handcuff key back in there, which is a nice little added bonus. These are asp’s, newer, handcuffs and the great thing about these. Beyond the, what asp’s original claim to fame was which was keyholes and double locking mechanisms and everything on both sides, it makes it more user friendly to use and learn less having to fumble around, with keeping keyholes in one direction or the other.

They also have the flat faces on the bows like they always did, and they’re very smooth functioning, just like they always have been. These have a metal body. If you’re familiar with the older aspan cuffs, they were a polymer body with a steel subframe and the problem was fighting someone in the cuffs which you’re not supposed to do, but we all do anyway, especially us, to work in bad areas. These bows could could push so far off from the body that it would get it would come out to the outside.

It would get bound up. I’ve got a video on handcuffs which I’ll link up there and down below again, comparing all the different sets of handcuffs from back when that was asp’s. Standard variety of cuffs with the polymer body, these new steel ones, and they also come in aluminum, don’t have that problem as much as you push. You can’t get it further than where it automatically runs through the poles, which is really nice. I like these they’re, not significantly heavier than smith and wesson peerless or hyatt handcuffs.

The only downside is, you have to buy asp, specific, cuff pouches. They have this open top one which I’m trying out right now I like it occasionally. The problem is that it’ll, my vest cover will push on the handcuff a little bit, it’ll actually push through and then unsnap it. So I’m thinking about going to a closed pouch asp, cuff pouch. They all come in basket weave. So it’s not going to really be an issue. The cuffs, though I highly highly, recommend for my pistol and holster.

I have a safariland sls only holster and in it I’ve got my glock 35 with a tlr2 attached. I used my 45 caliber glock 35, because it’s got a better trigger mechanism straight from the factory. Don’t have to update anything to get a really good trigger on it, pretty good capacity and with the ammo that we’re using I’ve got a whole video called. Why cops use forgery up there or very least down below you, should go check out if you’re interested in the caliber awards with law enforcement, basically long story short due to policy, I’m kind of stuck with 40 caliber.

That’s why I use that. It’s kind of the best case scenario that I have and the extra barrel length with the glock 35, gives the ammo a little better opportunity to get the most performance we can get out of it, which is something that’s important when you’re using unbonded, remington gold and saber 180 grain out of a glock pistol behind my pistol and we’ve got a whole video on baton, placement once again go check that out talking about where you put your baton on your belt.

Behind my pistol in uh safariland, I think it’s a zero three five or zero. Three six holster. I forget the model number for this. I have the asp infinity baton. This is their newest variety of baton. It is a push button baton and what separates it from the old modded noc, auto lock that I used to have is two things. One, it is very easy to open, doesn’t require a lot of effort to open it up. Also, it does not require boatloads of lubrication along the shafts.

Theoretically requires zero lubrication. We will see about that and it opens easily and also closes easily look at this. I can close it with a finger. There’s no heaven to push the button and push it into my chest or push it into the ground or push it into the palm of my hand. To get to close. It opens here easily closes very easily any of the ones with the little infinity logo on it are also lifetime warranty from asp. Now I’ve said before it doesn’t help me much if it breaks at 2am and it’s got a lifetime warranty, but this one is very stout very sturdy.

It works about the same way as my other push button batons and it works easier. I can’t wait to get this to a class and really put it through its paces, but so far so good I’ve been using it on the street. It got a little use over the summer and I am very happy with it. Prices are also pretty competitive working over to the other side. From the front, I have my belt keepers, even though I have velcro a velcro inner belt and then velcro on the inside of my duty belt to lock everything in place that works a lot better when you’ve got fewer things on your belt than I do now.

I have belt keepers which I put around the front and back of my pistol and then the front and back over by my taser on the other side, so that my weapons and radio are locked in place so they’re, always where I left them. Even if the velcro fails me because one thing I’ve learned in police work is that everything eventually fails. I got my taser. This is an x-26p it’s in the stock taser holster, and this is the only way it comes, so you can’t have a basket.

We won. That’s how I get away without having basket weave. We issue the green door cartridges and the taser itself. It’s a little dirty, but still works still works. Alright, remember anytime, you’re using a taser. We’ve got videos on loading and unloading weapons, and this is our bonus weapon in that video make sure you keep your hands away from the front of that cartridge so that you don’t end up with probes through your little digits. I like that the taser stock holster works off of a button on the side.

It keeps it separate from the way my holster operates, so it makes it less likely to mix the two up in an emergency which has been a problem in police work before also I use a cross draw and hitting the button and pushing down to get the taser out so that it’s a completely different operating mechanism from a pistol. Also one interesting thing is taser makes their safety mechanism the opposite of most single action handguns. So that way, you’re pushing up to get the safety off to turn the taser on and down to make it safe.

Another way that we differentiate the taser from any type of lethal weapon, good, smart policing. Next on the belt, I have a pouch with a whole boatload of rubber gloves that I stole off the ambulance. Don’t worry they! Let me do that. In fact they encourage it because they don’t want us not having rubber gloves. I keep a whole bunch of rubber gloves in here, so that I always have them. I’ve upgraded the size of this pouch. I used to have a little one that held two sets now with the pandemic and everything else going on.

I keep at least six sets of gloves on me every day when I start work as long as I remember to steal them and keep them right on my belt. On my left hand side, so I can get a hold of them, even if I’m doing something else with my right hand, which I found to be important occasionally and in the back, I have a motorola radio. This is actually owned by the county. Smart cook, county sheriff’s department on here somewhere, I’m not going to disassemble it to find out and I’ve got it in a turtle back cases holder.

I like this holder because it is a 180 degree swivel up and out, and it allows me to charge the radio by taking it off the belt popping it in without having to undo all the leather straps. It also comes in basket weave, which I think looks better than the stock holster that I have been using. I don’t use an earpiece and a lot of people ask about that. I used to use an earpiece with my radio and what I found is that the earpieces tend to break this radio even has a little spot for a 3, 5 millimeter jack for an earpiece.

I don’t use them, they tend to break and I’d rather have something that works all the time reliably that I can bet my life on than something that it’s not quite perfect than something that’s perfect, but breaks quite frequently, and that’s kind of what I’ve seen with most ear pieces. If you’re an earpiece company- and you want to prove me wrong- send me one, but I haven’t had an earpiece yet that didn’t break so I kind of gave up on them years ago. This radio is significantly better than the radio I used to have.

I have a video on police radios and how this one operates. If you’re interested in what makes this different than just a two channel or a single channel radio, what makes it great for interoperability out on the street go check that link either up there or down below for police radios and how they work. I am not going to go to the instagram live stream audience where people can ask comments and questions as these videos are going on to see. If anybody has any topical comments and questions about the gear that we’re looking at here until next week, you guys be safe.

Take care of each other, make sure you check out that vest cover video, so you can see where my pistol mags go. Hey thanks for watching free field training on youtube, while you’re here check out one of our other videos or head on over to the patreon and see how you can get your name put on your videos like these fine folks over here. All the links are in the description. Of course, we’ll see you guys next time.

This video we’re gonna take a look at a new belt from the folks at clique belt. This is their new tube light tactical duty gun belt. That’s what’s coming up on survival on purpose! Welcome back to survival on purpose, my name is Brian thanks for joining me. So not too long ago on the channel, we took a look at a bell from the folks that click belt, that is billed as the world’s strongest belt, and this is when we looked at actually the actual belt we looked at.

You can still see the testing marks on it. We did some pretty extreme testing on this belt to see if it just how strong it really was, and it held up really fine and you can see this is just a single ply of really strong nylon webbing, so it did not necessarily lend itself to being a really supportive concealed carry type belt, so the folks, a click belt or have come out with a new belt.

It’s a two ply version of this and we’re kind enough to send some to me, so I can show them to you. So, first of all, before we get to talking about the specs of the belt, I just want to show you. It comes in five different colors, and this is the coyote under the coyote buckle black or the brushed buckle, the black with the black buckle.

Yes, I think it’s very elegant by the way one of my favorites, the grey, with a grey buckle and finally, the one I’m wearing, which is the coyote, with the black buckle very attractive. If I do say so myself, so pretty much, they got whatever color you need set. Maybe you know mob or chartreuse or teal. So let’s take a look at how this belt is constructed and then we’ll get to doing some of that belt stuff.

So, first of all, I want to show you. The belt is made in the USA, which I think is pretty cool. Second of all, another thing I want to show you that was a it’s. An improvement to both the two-ply and the original single ply is they’ve added they’re calling a tail tamer here and basically it’s just like a Ranger Band type piece of rubber that you can just tuck your tuck, the tail of the belt under and honestly.

If you don’t want to show the clique belt logo, it’s just blank on the backside, since that just solves a little problem with that loose tail flopping around if it doesn’t happen to fit underneath your belt loop, which is pretty cool. So when I said this thing is made in the USA, that is, with the exception of the genuine Cobra buckle which is made in Austria, because that’s where real Cobra buckles are made.

This is this is an actual genuine Cobra buckle, not some kind of cheap knockoff. That’s the same buckle that’s been used for a while by the military and even used in outer space, so just top-quality materials. So you can see basically the outer plow the belt is the same as the original and the inter plies, the proprietary stiffen nylon fabric, and you see it’s got three rows of stitching on here.

The buckle is actually stitched on with a nice box, X stitching by the last construction detail, to show you which is going to be important, because it’s going to affect how you order your sizing, it’s about the last eight inches or so of this thing are only the single ply, which is what makes the click belt really.

The only Cobra buckle belt, I found, which is this easy to use as a standard belt, and the reason that’s important by the way is because, when you order one of these, you need to go in order for whatever size pants. You wear it’s going to give you a little bit of a couple of inches adjustment either way. So if you lose a little weight, you’ll be okay, and if you gain a little weight mmm that never happens does it.

You can be okay too so anyway, that is the construction details. This thing without a bunch, more rambling. Let’s just take you down to the old way. Stop here we’ll show you how well this thing works with a pistol and carry pistol and then we’ll get to doing a little bit more extreme testing. Okay. So, first of all, let’s just talk about why I think this is the one of the easiest Cobra buckle belts to use so basically start out with the belt, with both pieces of the buckle snap together.

Okay, just like that, you just put it on like a regular belt I just like to tuck the loose end underneath there, because it’s a little easier to get through then with the stiffen part, but you don’t have to do that either way, that’s just loose a little pro tip there fold it over like so you just poke through your belt looks a lot faster and then you put the lasting through, like so okay, so now we’re at the same position, we would be with a regular belt.

The comments got the little pin that you put through the holes in the belt, which is going to take a second to do so. Let me just show you how fast this is to put on that’s it tuck. It in just like a normal belt, so I don’t think that takes any longer than putting a little pin in the hole and adjusting that. But then you need to take it on and off throughout the day, for whatever reason, then it’s very easy to do in this tricks back by the way.

Why do they call this a clique belt? Here’s why cool huh so anyway, and another advantage of this belt I think has over a traditional belt? Is it is infinitely adjustable? In other words, you just loosen this up a little bit or tighten it up a little bit and then put it wherever you want and in my experience, I’ve been wearing one of these for over a week now, with with firearms on it, it does not come loose, I mean it stays where you put it.

So that’s why I think this is one of the most convenient Cobra buckle belts that I have ever seen. So that’s how you put it on works like a belt, that’s great to hold your britches up. How does it hold other stuff up? Well, let’s just take a look at that, so we’re gonna start out with twin magazine pouch here, just by the way is a blue force gear pouch, which I think is really cool.

Okay, so, first of all we’ll go with a slide 23. This is a foot, got a full magazine, 13 rounds of for the demonstration there’s, not one in chamber, so we’re short heuerman grams for the bullet weight. That would be so, but just notice this by the way, has a Nolte clip on it. This is a holster made for me by hog holsters, great guy, excellent, holsters Holtz, except it’s excellent, clip clips on your pants, not your belt, but either way it’s the same thing.

You’ve still got a support to support that and your belt still provides the support to hold that up. It just does so by using the belt loops, but put that on here. I can tell you that I wore this exact, exact pistol in this exact holster all day solid day, the other day just to check it out, because I normally carry my Glock 43, which is smaller, but I.

Do this just to check it out and the belt provides great support. It absolutely works perfectly: no sagging, no bagging, no dragon and it uh did a good job, so can also just use a regular inside the waistband holster, with a regular clip on it, make slips over the belt like so, and it works just fine, it’s not too thick.

So we’re gonna have some special funky holsters. It works with pretty much any standard, off-the-shelf holster, which is what this is caps. A quick look at. Why well I! Think. First of all that click belt is one of the simplest easiest, Cobra buckle belts, I’ve ever tried and I. Think the folks that click belt did a really good job of balancing comfort and support and have come out with a really good concealed, carry or duty belt, and this thing is about sixty-five dollars, which I think is a fair price for about they’re, certainly more expensive belts and less expensive belts, but again I think they did a good job of providing a really good value and stick around to the end of video I’ll.

Tell you how you can save 10% on your entire order from click belt, but first of all it is a click belt right, we’re all strongest belt right. You know we got to do some silly right, ok, we’re down here at the Oh and last time we used the single ply, click belt to tow it up the hill. So since this is a double ply, I thought it might be a good idea to see if we can use it to lift it.

Chuck Norris can leave a message before the beep. Okay was that silly enough and I got to say, I’m really impressed the belt lifted. I, don’t know how much weight that was, but it was in a severe bind. As you saw the the jack fell over. It was like really in a bind and it did fine. The only issue we had with the belt was the inner stitching that holds the inner loop came loose in a couple places.

It just popped, loose and I. Think that’s just because the outer belt probably was a little more flexible, maybe had Justin just enough stretch to pop those stitches. It only popped a few here didn’t pop all the way around and the stitching that held a buckle in place, which is really where the stress level is, and it held really really well so the and to be fair, it’s not designed to be a lifting strap, but I did one check and see if it would work, and it absolutely did so I gotta say right now.

The score is click belt to Braco zero. So, if you’re, looking for really comfortable supportive belt for a concealed, carry weapon or any other tactical type gear, I think the two ply. Click belt duty belt could be a great great option, for you comes in some really cool colors and again, at least in my experience.

This is one of the most convenient Cobra buckle belts. I have ever used is just as quick and just as easy to use as a standard belt, but it provides you with the strength not only of the of the nylon webbing but of the buckle too. This buckle was under a lot of stress and it absolutely helps so I’ll put a link to click bouts website where you can go, get one or five of these for yourself, and if you use the coupon code survival 210, you can save 10% on your entire purchase from now through the end of 2016.

So thanks to the folks at click belt, for offering that discount to the viewers of this video and for sending these socks show them to you and as always, thank you for watching survival on purpose, thanks for subscribing thanks for clicking that thumbs up for sharing this video with all your friends. Thanks for doing all your amazon shopping through the survival on purpose links, I really appreciate your support.

Once again, my name is Brian you’re watching survival on purpose. Remember survival is not an accident, so be prepared, see you next time and there are certainly flames. Your belts on the market flames are snapped together, which way? Does it go? I’m done dudes backwards for the camera, which is what makes the click about really the only Cobra Belton.

Welcome back to the officer 29 youtube channel in today’s video we’re going to be going over my patrol duty belt setup, as well as my backup, secondary light, the knife I carry on patrol as well as what earpiece I use and why I use an earpiece. So the first thing we’re going to talk about in today’s video is the belt itself. So this belt is a bianchi. It’s a basket weave, and this is like a synthetic look-alike leather. It’s not actually leather.

The three belt choices you have as an officer basically are nylon leather and like this synthetic leather that this belt looks like, so the positives to having a belt. That’s either synthetic or nylon is the durability of the belt. So, with a traditional leather belt, it’s going to deteriorate over time. It’s going to tear rip and show wear a lot faster with these synthetic belts of the nylon. This belt is over five years old.

At this point, I’ve had the same belt. My whole career and I haven’t had any issues. So the only thing I keep on my key ring at work is my obviously patrol car keys and this safari land and what’s in here, are safariland earplugs they’re, just two earbuds. That way you always have hearing protection on you at all times up. Next we have the handcuffs and the handcuffs pouch. This handcuff pouch is a bianchi aki mode elite open cuff case it doesn’t really matter what cuff case you guys go with, except for the fact that you should almost always get the open cuff case, and the reason behind that is, it’s one eliminated step.

So if this case had a flap over it with a button, that’s another step that you have to go through to get your cuffs out, and just so you know, if you have an open cuff case, that means the elements can get in there. So just make sure you lube your cups cuffs. More often, next are the handcuffs themselves, so I carry asp. These are the hinge cuffs. The newer style, I believe, are called the ultra, which are a little bit bigger as far as the cuff size.

So this is going to spark the argument over chain versus hinge and that’s a tactic. This is more of a setup, so we’re not going to dive down there but just know just carry two sets of cuffs, so I don’t care. If you carry one chain, one hinge just carry two sets and that kind of solves that argument. So the benefit of the hinge I’ll just quickly say is that it offers less movement so, but it does limit your um application techniques and one thing to keep in mind when you’re using these ass cuffs.

It’s just super important to know ahead of time that you can actually, when you’re, trying to put these on, you can actually miss the locking mechanism of the cuff, so say you’re fighting with someone. Usually they just go on really nice. You get that positive click. These cuffs are known for slipping, so you can get a good view of that. There, where it looks like under you know, say we’re in a dark situation right now. It looks like that cuffs on and eve and even tightens down to look like that cuff is on, but as you can see, it’s actually not secured at all, and then you can push it all the way through and then you have to start out again.

So that’s the downside to these ass cusps, but with the palmer frame they’re just a little bit more lightweight and that’s why I run them up next. Is the oc pouch in the oc spray? So this is one of those things that is mandated by my department, so I’m only going to talk a little bit about oc because I’ve never had a good experience with oc so be aware that 99 of time, if you use this, you will also it will also be used against you.

So I’ve never been in a situation where someone was ocd and I didn’t get residual effects or even get hit with some of it. This is the saber red crossfire and it’s important to note that I think a while back. There was like the scare of if you were tased no seed, you would catch on fire. This will in fact not catch and fire with uh the taser if it’s deployed together so up. Next, we have the taser x, 26p, uh disclaimer, I’m not a taser instructor.

However you’ll notice that my taser setup might be a little bit different than what you guys are used to or what you’ve seen before. So this uh 26p is actually in a safariland left-handed draw 6520 ewd, and basically, what that means is that safariland’s fancy terminology for saying it’s an electronic weapon, holster, not the holster itself, but the weapon for the holsters electronic and that’s how safariland differentiates the holsters.

So this is a level two which means you have the hood and the push to push down. So you push down with the hood, releasing it forward. That’s your two level retention level, two retention and it releases your holster. So most guys use the traditional blackhawk cross, draw holsters. So they’ll put it in the same area opposite of their firearm and they do the cross draw with their dominant hand to essentially deploy the holster. I’m not a fan of the cross draw.

So I was able to find a left-handed holster that mirrors my duty weapon on the opposite side of my body and that’s what I recommend for you guys to do if not at least try it. Next, we have the belt my belt mounted light. This is a streamlight 74751, streon rechargeable and I’m just I’ll link this all below. So you guys can see how much it costs and where to get it from and stuff um. So the benefit of this light is one it’s rechargeable and it comes with not only a wall charger but also a 12 volt 12 volt vehicle charger.

So if you’re in your car you’re working a double, you can charge this light at all times. Basically I wish it was usb rechargeable. It’s not maybe the newer ones are. I’m not sure this is this one’s pretty old and has some wear and tear on it. Uh streamlight claims its rechargeable life is 1000 times um. The important thing to note with this light is it’s so with the full depressed click it’s constant on and it’s a light press for momentary and then it’s a quick double click.

All the way decompress the button for the strobe and normally I would say strobe- is really stupid and you shouldn’t use it. However, in a dark situation with oncoming vehicles or you’re directing traffic, it really gets the attention of drivers. Well, so you don’t get hit and they see you. So that’s the only time, I’d really say to use a strobe, definitely not in a critical incident or anything like that. So the reason why I’m still using this light is because blackhawk makes a holster for it where it’s mounted um with the light facing down and it’s a solid bottom of it.

So even if you leave leave your light on, it has a little hole to where you can see, but other than that. The whole light won’t give away your position, and it’s also important to note so say: if you need your hands free and you still need a light kind of like an umbrella effect where the light would um illuminate the entire room, you can actually put the light in the holster which I’ve done and you can mount it upside down. So that way, you have an umbrella umbrella effect of light lighting up the whole room.

While you have your hands free so originally, when I got this holster for the light from blackhawk, it had this stupid rubber piece that retained the um light, but it’s a form-fitting kydex holster made specifically for this light. You don’t need another layer of retention on your light, so I got rid of that immediately, and this is a good enough retention. It’s never fallen off my belt or fallen out of the holster without the stupid uh rubber, like lanyard piece there, so you don’t even need that.

Next we have the warrior concealment, ar-15 magazine, pouch, slash, handcuff holder. It holds a 20 or 30 round ar mag. I use a 20 just because of the height and size difference, and I don’t want it constantly riding up my back or interfering with my vest, but the cool thing about warrior concealment is they can make this kydex holster for whatever type of mat mag you want and whatever type of handcuffs you have so go to their website.

I I get no kickbacks from this they’re. Not sponsoring me um, I paid full price for this, but you can select from the drop down list to get whatever cuts you have and whatever mag you want to use and, however orientation you want and all that stuff, so they make it custom for you, which is what I thought was really cool, which leads me to my next point. Why would I have a 20 round ar mag on my belt, so personal experiences dictate setups, so the last critical incident I was involved with, I was involved in um.

I can’t go into much detail because we’re it hasn’t even gone to court yet, but basically, the officer um close to me ran out of ammo and if I would have had this set up on my belt at the time, I would have been able to give him ammo. So I kind of look at this as my get home, safe, mag or someone else’s get home safe mag, because normally, if you think about it anytime, you deploy your patrol rifle, you pretty much only grab the mag.

That’s in the gun. You don’t really have time to grab extra mags unless you have some type of cool setup that I don’t know about, but basically you have the 28 to 30 rounds and that initial mag that’s in the gun and that’s it when you leave the car and you odds, are you’re not going back so up to this point, everything we have previously talked about has been predominantly on my left side of my body. So now we’re going to be transitioning into the back of my patrol belt, so you’ll notice that nothing is here and that is 100 on purpose, because if you think about it, majority of the time that you’re in this belt you’re riding around in the car getting in a car or getting out of a car, which means you don’t want anything digging into your back, causing you uncomfortable back problems for 8 10 12 hours.

However long your shift is so that is intentionally why this is left blank up. Next, we have my patrol handgun holster. This is a safariland 7360 with a numbered nub, mod and qos system. I have a previous video which I’ll link above here it goes over into all the specifics of my patrol handgun setup, but quickly. I just want to mention that my tourniquet strap here is from condition gray I’ll link it below it’s, the src3 uh the benefits of putting a tourniquet on your holster.

Is it just safe space on your belt? It’s close to your gun. You know exactly where it’s at and retains it really well, and also it keeps you know I can still function all the the points of the holster without the tourniquet interfering. So that’s not a factor um. One important note. I want to mention that if you ever have to store your firearm, if you’re taking something to jail or something like that, the qos system really comes in handy.

So if you pinch the the feet of the fork system together and lift up, the entire holster comes off from your belt, so this eliminates this is just an added. I would say this is an added safety precaution. Rather than removing your gun, your firearm from the holster, you can just remove the actual holster itself. It keeps the weapon safe and you can just secure the firearm wherever you need secure it like this and when you’re ready to go, you just slide the qos system back into the plate.

You get a nice positive, clicking, sound and you know just check it for fitment and you’re good to go. Lastly, we have the safariland triple mag pouch few things to consider when picking a mag pouch, like I said with a cuff like similar to the cuff pouch, doesn’t really matter which one you pick as long as it’s open. Yes, that exposes your mags to the elements. I get that. However, it’s a lot worse to have one of the holsters that have the buttons over top and like a flap.

So every time you want to get another mag, that’s another step of opening up the mag pouch reaching for the mag and starting the mag. That’s just one extra step that isn’t needed. So just try to look for an open top. Okay, I lied. I have some bonus round content for you guys. These are just some things that I picked up from working patrol over the years that I want to pass along and pay forward to you guys. So this is my backup or secondary light.

Yes, your gun has a light, but you don’t want to be doing an inventory search of a car with your gun, flagging everyone in and around the car okay. So this is your backup secondary light, so the one I use is a surefire stiletto pro and what’s awesome about this one is: it is a thousand lumens which is pretty good and it’s usb rechargeable and it’s super rugged weather resistant, all that good stuff and you notice from surefire.

So it’s a you know, tried and tested brand that you know it’s going to be pretty good. So, with this you’ll see you have the usb rechargeable right there. I think it’s usbc. So if you have um a laptop in your car or the 12 volt outlet you’ll be able to recharge this in the car and with the button here it starts out with low medium and high. So one click is low. Two clicks is medium. Three clicks is high all the way, and then this button is something or other to program it.

I haven’t programmed it because I don’t see a need to because the most important part of this light is actually right here. So this is a momentary only switch. So with this switch is by pressing it. You get all 1000 high output mode of lumens tactile touch, so it’s just momentary, so there’s no constant on which in a secondary light, I honestly don’t want a constant on. So that’s why I haven’t programmed it, and I don’t use these buttons at all.

I just use the high, like the base bottom switch of the actual light itself for the full 1000 lumens, and you get a pretty decent battery life out of this, and it’ll actually has a light on it and it’ll start to tell you when it’s dying, so you know when to charge it. The knife I carry with me on patrol is a gerber tanto, g10 serrated, whatever that means I don’t really care, I’m not a knife guy. The reason why I chose this knife is because it has a super aggressive grip.

Like a grip frame texture, it almost feels like a skateboard like a grip tape and this button right here. So if I have gloves on, I can still feel this button, and that is the only reason why I picked this knife. It’s a um like a medium sized knife, I would say, but it’s a really positive feeling click when you press the button on that knife and also uh, really good uh feeling safety, but I keep the safety off, especially in my pocket, because I ever need this quickly, but selling point right here.

I’ll have the link below for you guys that button with gloves on sells a knife. So up next we have a leatherman oht. This is a 16 in one multi-tool, so I keep this kind of in my left vest pocket. So you never know when you’re gonna need one of these. It’s just for any, and every situation you come in. Heads of pliers, phillips flat head can opener um. It has two knives serrated and a kind of like a saw and on this side it has some type of opener and then a different saw blade.

Multi-Tool have one I don’t care which one you pick they’re all pretty much the same, just have one on you at all times, so, lastly, we have an earpiece. This earpiece is the eight pin, listen only very important to get listen only at least for my specific use. I only need listen. Only this is from comm gearsupply com, I’m not getting paid from them. They don’t even know who I am that’s just where you guys can find these so the benefit of buying this on comgearsupply com, it’s 100, uh free replacement, and they have a really good warranty because odds are you’re.

Gonna break this just from um wear and tear on daily use. Okay! So now getting to a point of why you should be wearing an earpiece, the main benefit for me is: I can’t speak for your radio setups, but for me once I get to work- and I turn my portable radio on that clips onto my belt. I do not turn my radio off. So if you traditionally just run the push to talk with the open mic, you have to turn your portable radio on and off when entering the car, because that radio will interfere with the in-car radio and it’ll be all scratchy and no one will be able to understand you.

Maybe if there’s a calm guy out there, he can explain why. But basically, when you run a earpiece, you are able to keep your portable radio on and still communicate using the in-car radio without static, and that is super important because when things are actively happening, one less thing you have to do when bailing out of a car is turn your radio on, because your radio is always on because you don’t turn it off. Obviously this all this helps with sound.

So if you’re on a highway in a loud environment, you can still hear and if you’re checking someone for warrants, for example, you would know long before they would and they wouldn’t hear it all where this system fails, though, what I found is, if you’re like me and the only guy running an earpiece on your shift or in your zone. It kind of defeats the purpose, because if you need to move um quietly approaching a target and the guy’s radio next to you is going off.

Okay, that just defeat the whole purpose of you having an earpiece, but I’m just letting you know the positives and negatives for running an earpiece. But this is very near and dear to my heart, and I wish more officers would utilize this. Yes, it’s a little uncomfortable. You can’t hear as good, because basically um one one ear is basically taken up all the way, because this this system actually inserts in your ear, there’s other ones.

They make that kind of go around your ear and just like the um earpiece itself kind of lays in your ear. Instead of actually going in like this one and that’s something to consider- and maybe you can see if that’ll work with your radio, but this is a cheap alternative and something that I don’t think many guys know about. I think most guys think that you still have to turn off your radio and on your radio upon entering and exiting a car or using in-car radio.

But that’s that’s the biggest benefit with this and I’ll I’ll have the link below so you guys can go to their website and see if they make the earpiece option for your duty. Radio, all right just kidding guys one more thing: you’ll notice on my belt, there’s zip ties and what these zip ties are for is for consistency of my duty belt fitment, and what what I mean by that is when I first got this belt five or so plus years ago, this belt used to velcro, and I you can’t see it on here anymore, because I think I took it off, but this belt used to velcro.

So the access to this belt. So right here, you can kind of hear it used to velcro and that used to be a pretty secure fitment. But over time this belt has been worn and the velcro kind of lost its um stickiness to it. So I decided to use zip ties to get a consistent, fit behind the mag pouch to the access and about of the belt. I actually did it on both sides and I’ve been kind of recommending this to other guys that I work with um, especially because you I wear an inner belt too, and that’s what your belt keepers go through, but specifically with a duty belt.

You want the same consistent fitment and the zip ties really allow for that by making the belt securely snug into place with no movement. So whether or not the velcro wears out over time or not, it doesn’t even matter anymore, because the zip tie snugs and secures everything to the belt all right. Thank you guys for watching another video, please remember to like comment and subscribe and turn on the notifications bell up in the corner.

That helps you guys, because I upload so inconsistently at different times, because remember I’m still working a full-time schedule, it’s difficult for me to stick to a strict schedule of uploads, but in the meantime, make sure you head over to my instagram, see what else is going on and uh and keep up to date with uh. What ryan and I have gone on, a special project called resilience. You.

I’m, just that Officer and welcome to another video today, we’re gonna be doing a review of my gun belt, so I’ve actually had this belt since I started so seven years, the actual build itself, no I replaced a few things on it, but we’ll be going over what was issued to me and what I bought separately for my own benefit. So before you, if you’re thinking about getting in a law enforcement you’re, just starting out, make sure that you are not going out and buying a bunch of different things before you figure out what your deferments policy is on, you having those things Pharma its most likely I’m going to, let you just carry whatever you want, especially when it comes to like a holster or something like that, because you need to qualify with it before you can carry it and as far as our nails goes most likely, you need to get those items approved before you can carry them as well.

First things: first, what you guys are do I’m a black belt baby, that’s right just kidding! This is how I wear underneath this is call it thunder. Belt I ran, some vulnerabilities is when we wear underneath to hold this belt on this belt, doesn’t just clip on and stay on. It needs to be secured to us. So we put this on first. This bill, specifically, is a 5-11. It’s the tdu belt I’ve had this forever and it obviously shows a little bit a little warmth a little more down, but I mean it’s sturdy man, this thing’s gonna last forever.

A bet on the whole career see that on then you’ll put your belt on, and then you use belt keepers. So these Bell keepers I actually bought myself because of my first Bell keepers, I lost years and years ago, when I was on training, so I’m training I had taken my stuff off of my personal car, because when you’re field training, you obviously don’t drive here, your patrol farm home, yet until you’re officially signed off to go on duty on your own, so I was taking stuff off putting in my personal car and I took those bill.

Keepers off and I had to put them and I completely forgot, they’re up there and took off if you’re, currently in a law enforcement or thinking about going to law enforcement, just know of enough put stuff on your roof, and that goes as far off patrol to because people have put suspects, cellphones and other items on roofs as they’re taking out of their pockets and the searching them and you’ll forget it’s up there and you might lose it or have to go back and get it inflates there.

It’s nothing. You’re gonna be a little bit of a trouble with your department and that person can be you rolling. Yes, please go on. You find out certain locations and you’re in your belt, where these will go and it will hold your belt together. I also use these all my keys, so I hold my patrol keys on my belt. A lot of officers will keep the patrol keys on their belt if you use different kind of ways to pull them on there, I actually just uses this so I’ll.

Take this photo my belt, like so throw my keys on there and I’ll lock it in place like that and it’ll sit on my belt. Just like that double function. Another thing I have to go over before it’s our own actual gun belt or duty belt is that a lot of officers will have a pouch to carry gloves. You can buy a pouch peri-peri gloves. I! Don’t have that because the main reason I don’t have enough space I’m, pretty small, waist and space is limited for me.

Oh Mike I melt. If you’re a bigger dude, you got plenty of space, get yourself one of those glove pouches. That’s very helpful. I put these gloves in my, but I have them on my left. Pocket I always know where they’re at I always carry gloves on you. If you can have the real estate get one of those little globe, pouches keep it on you at all times always have gloves on you. Let’s get right into it, shall we so we’re gonna start from how I haven’t laid out here? This is my right side.

So this will be my right side here and it’ll. Go all the way to my left side wrap around here. So the same cup here holder here, I bought myself. This is an asp and cup holder. These are a span cups, so all it is is a so all this right here is a single point. Button right here: you’ll pull forward on it just like that, all right, so I would keep my handcuffs ready to go, don’t be the guy that puts their handcuffs in there like this puts your handcuffs in there like this.

While your psyche is gonna, go pull it out, and your handcuffs like this. This is the way we’re we’re putting them on ain’t. Gonna go on I’m ready to go, so you pull them out and they’re ready for action. Just like that. This does come with a handcuff key and a holder in the back here, but it’s like impossible to get out. It’s really really hard to get out. You know and bend your nail off to get us out.

So obviously it stays in there. It’s almost in there and I use a different cook. So, let’s talk about that, so this is what I use for my handcuff key. A lot of officers will get the I do, recommend it as well. It looks kind of like a pin and you’ll sit in your pocket. That’s really good one to have -, but I keep this one here like this on this little string here. So the reason I did. That is because, if you’re trying to handcuff somebody or a print somebody- and something goes wrong, they want to keep finding us on my pet.

You can let go of this and not fear of losing your keys or your handcuff key. You let go of this and try to handle, get down to business. You’re, not gonna, lose it. It’s gonna go right back there and you’re good to go, get yourself one of those, preferably black, so it doesn’t stand out and it sits right on there myself, I haven’t hooked on to one of the little belt loops here and next up. We have this holder here.

This is for the freakin worst stuff on the entire planet. I know because I’ve been sprayed with it and it sucks. So that’s the Sabre red. This is actually exact stuff that I got sprayed with in the Academy, and it was a very, very, very terrible day. But now you look back guys, he’s good memories good times so Kimmy Academy we got sprayed with this as soon as we got spray that we had to go down.

Handcuff somebody get the handcuffs on there, get them double locked. So if you don’t have a double lock it is double-locking is when you make sure the handcuffs are completely locked. So after you put the handcuffs on, they can still keep tightening tightening on the person’s wrist, though we double lock them to make sure that they don’t they don’t tighten down any further. You have to do that.

Get up find an ass on the ground or put on a hair bag with it, fight people off technically and then the other go get high, as in yours, go shoot a shotgun, go over shoot, 2, 2, 2 & 2, with mentor reloads in between each one of those rounds, and then you got to go and watch the crap out of your eyes and if you don’t know this and you’re going to the Academy and you’re looking at this video as far as the net just know, when you go to put that water on your face, you’re not able to breathe.

This is the craziest and scariest feeling you go put that water on thinking my ears and watch this off and everything locks up, and you can’t worry it see if they hit it for a little bit and then take that water off and get going like so anyways we’re getting too far in a story time. Let’s keep going so this right here was department-issued I, don’t know how much they cost, probably around twenty thirty bucks, I’m, not sure right now that department-issue.

This right here is actually the latest and greatest here that I have on my daily belt. So what we’re? It is actually a basket weave, Safariland holster. This one was actually provided to me by blackhawk themselves: I met with one of their employees and we had a long talk and he actually sent me one of these out. So if you check out to you, if you ever come across this video you’ll know you are but I don’t know if he wants me to put his name out there, but a shout out to block period.

Thank you guys really really presented me in this. I can do a full review on this holster later on, but it’s a really good little spirits really fast and right now, I’m, trying 15 t and iing it, which is trial and error, but I’m also probably going to keep it as far so far. I really like it and we’ll see. I could constantly with this thing good practice in and it’s a it’s really fast, but really good holster.

If you were interested in this holster and Department says it’s good to go when you’re allowed to get this, then this rolls – were running about 169. This is the T series he’ll 3d light, so this one runs 169 bayberry. If you don’t have a light on your gun, they’re a little cheaper to just visit. Blackhawk calm, take a look at those holsters and get yourself one. If, if you’re able to that’s one of the biggest things that departments are bragging, have you never probably not gonna? Let you have or you’re gonna have to do.

A memo from, however, works in your process, your department to get it approved for you to carry that’s what I did I got it approved for me to carry and they allowed it so yeah. That’s that holster super shout out to the holster notice. It’s not basket-weave I think they’re working on the basket, but they do not currently have a basket weave. So you have that basket. Weave just hold off until you can they make it or find a different holster, but yeah.

So the gun I carry. Is this six-hour? It’s ap, three! Twenty! Nine millimeter, it’s a phenomenal phenomenal gun. I love this guy. We came from Glock, 20 ones and big Glock 21 is a nice gun. It’s a 45, but this gun will make well honestly make you a better shooter and just shoots really smooth and with with nine-millimeter you get more rounds. We carry the TLR flashlight on here, gun lying when you wanna call it phenomenal all-around, it’s great honestly and having a light on here, makes a huge difference with the shooting, – I think it helps it more, be more stable, it’s a great gun, and yes, this gun is not loaded, and then you guys want to think it allotted so I’m going to show you it’s not so thanks right when you’re always making your youtube videos that you keep your gun unloaded every time you clean your gun.

Everything like that make sure just fully unloaded trip the check. It wonderful check it or you do anything. Please be safe. So next, up on the list here is my ass puller. Yes, there’s a Spain custom. This is an asset on alright. So this what this does right here. This will fling out an extent, probably good to 3 feet so like that, and then this is what we used to. You know strike the legs inside things like that.

I’m, not gonna, pull like started out right now. I would, but you have to have some hard concrete surface to collapse. It back and I’m in my house and not gonna. Do that if you’re gonna be in this line of work, you need to have a tourniquet. It is very, very important. This I bought myself I’m, trying to get myself and I bought to hold her myself. We are issued a tourniquet, but not a tourniquet holder and the tourniquet that we have is a I think it’s like a soft tea, or something like that.

Now this is a cat which I think is far more better and easier to use easier to apply, especially to yourself, but this right here. As far as the tourniquet itself is a recon actually about on Amazon they’re a little bit cheaper than the Northland northern rescue, the North American rescue tourniquets very expensive, but obviously you can’t put a price on life-saving equipment, but I have tested this one out multiple times and it’s going to do the job.

The biggest thing you need to look for when you are buying one of these. You want to try to go to a cheaper route. Make sure that this Swindell here, a piece that you are you tighten down to tighten the tourniquet down further mmm, make sure that’s a metal if it’s plastic, it’s just going to bend and it’s not going to tighten down properly so make sure that that’s metal. This is it’s very sturdy.

It’s gonna work, just fine! So that’s that’s recon! They are in amazon for 16 bucks. So if you want to do that, do that, if you’re not worried about the money buy the other one so for your but I bought, I would love to buy an extra one of these as well. I always have an extra one. If you use this, when you get back up so keep one within your patrol car all right in the folder itself now I know that there’s a holder out there that runs around $35, but I did a little bit more research on Amazon and I found this one for 15 bucks.

So a much better deal and I said okay. Well, maybe it doesn’t work. You know some things on Amazon might be a little iffy, so I went for it. It works just fine. It’s a little bit tough to kind of get it in there, but I mean when it comes time. You need to pull it out. It’s gonna come right out just that I’m going to pull it out right now, because it is put the foot back in so but yeah. They 15 bucks, another 16 bucks and that’s the price of usually one tourniquet itself, but, like I said you can’t put a price on life-saving equipment.

So this right here is the issued one. That I got the hand cup holder, and these are the issue handcuffs that I got. These are Smith & Wesson’s, the OG handcuffs. These are great handcuffs, great yeah yeah. Those are the ones that are issued to me race, you to us, it’s our department, yeah, so I. Keep that one towards my back make sure you don’t ever put anything on the very center of your back, because if we get pushed down some for some reason, it hits in the right spot of your back.

It can cause some serious damage, but yeah I keep these in the back. I keep the ass to the front. The reason I keep these in front is because it is so much easier access here. I can keep an eye on my subject: I can control my subject, and all I have to do is reach straight down right in front of me. Get those handcuffs on so something’s gonna go wrong and I need to drop the handcuffs and go hands on or do whatever I need to do.

I can do that a lot easier than having to reach back here in Fame a little bit of all ability to myself so I highly recommend that you put your handcuffs right up front like that and get a folder. That’s easier to do because it’s gonna be a little bit difficult to open these up and pull them out. You want quick access. This is just a backup in case you some reason at the rest to your subjects or if you get a heavier set guy and he gets honest or reach around there, you get a huge guy.

Like me, you can’t get your arms behind him, no yeah! Then you get to coast all right. So next up here is the flashlight that I’ve had I’ve actually had this flashlight. This is a stream light. Poly, poly, stinger, LED, streamlined I’m, not sure if they actually make this exact model anymore. I think I might have changed a style up a little bit because I noticed some of the new guys come in and they have like they have the same brand, but it looks a little bit different, but I’ve had this.

For seven years since I’ve been in law enforcement and it’s a great flashlight, it’s bright enough, it could be a little bit brighter I think the new ones a little bit brighter. But yes, I’ve had this give all time and I’ve only had to switch the battery once and that was probably within the last year year. Two I just switched it out, so it lasted for a good five years on patrol so and that’s a lot of use of a flashlight, doing a night shift and and everything.

So if you get in a law enforcement- and they don’t the issue with a flashlight, make sure you get a good one. I’ve seen a light old lights, really good. This one I think runs around ninety two hundred bucks, something like that or the newer ones, so make sure you get a flashlight spring forward, especially even if you’re on day shift, and you think that you’re not gonna use a flashlight, you’re gonna use a flashlight so make sure you pick yourself up one now, you never know if you’re gonna go into the dark house, or something like that.

So it’s always good to have one right next. This is my radio holder, so this is pretty cool. This is what actually came with my radio there’s a Motorola radio end up like this it’ll slide right off the bill. I’ll show you my radio here, don’t know how much it is is probably pretty expensive. Let State Department issued, but it just slides in like that. It’s secure, I run with this I jumped over fences with this I.

Don’t like everything with this, and it does not come in so it works really good. Some people don’t like it. Some people prefer the bulkier heavier one that our Department issued. No, but I love this. It’s it’s lightweight anything you can do to reduce the weight off of your your duty belt. Do it, because is this thing gets very, very heavy and you already have back problems and you’re only 28 years old, so they go on there like that, slides back in and it’s alright and now we’re creeping up on the left side of me.

So a lot of officers like to cross crawl, which means you crop a cross taller taser over here, so they crossed all right handed over here. Mmm I didn’t actually like that. So I opted to just draw a left handed I reason: I don’t like cross draw because I feel like this is just kind of vulnerable and if, for some reason, things changed, it goes from I’m gonna taste this guy to Oh crab this guy’s got a gun.

I need to go to my down a lot faster. So if I keep, if I could tailor this here and I go, oh no I already had and I already have my taser out. Well, my gun hands-free too. So I can transition with a fast and switch it up. So I don’t like the cross drop, but everybody has their preference this so yeah. This is the Taser that I carry. This is the x2. So each of these will fire two prongs into the subject.

So you shoot one off. You don’t get a connection that guy’s not going down. Then you can fire the other one. Hopefully get a good connection. That point and then yeah that’s an extra backup. It’s great or you got two suspects, you get Jays wallet and you can taste the other one boom boom. You got both of them. It’s pretty cool to have what’s different between this one and the x2, which is very important, is that the x2 you take the cartridges out to dry stun.

So what dry stunning is is basically turning this on and just sticking you on the person’s body. That’s called a dry stone that kind of it’s a little pink appliance to kind of give you the flipping hands behind their backs. I’m like that, if you don’t feel like need to actually full I fully fire the prom, though that’s important, because if you actually pull the trigger on this one, it’s gonna fire the cartridges.

You don’t actually take them out on a specific day there so yeah, that’s a Taser quick-quick the withdrawal right here. That’s all this is a little push release here and then a rock back pull it out. Alright. Last but not least, we had my magazine holder. This was bought. I bought this myself. We get issued, one that is bulkier and wraps over, and the reason I had to switch is because I have no more space on this belt.

I needed this space and I like this better anyways, because it’s a lot easier to to get a hold of them and get them out instead of having to deal with the flap, pull that flap up and then pull the magazine out, there’s just a few little more seconds, but a seconds count. So I love this. It really cleans up everything and gives me a lot more room on my belt to buy this mag holder. It runs about thirty bucks and if you want to get one, that’s not basket-weave, they make those as well.

This is obviously for the big magazines they make them for a multitude of magazines, pretty Universal for the most part, because this right here will just tighten down to your mag size. So if your notice that your mags are a little too loose, all you do is tighten down this little bowl right here and it’ll make them a lot more snug still tightened down too much to where you can’t get them out, but don’t lay them too loose to where you’re running and your magazines fall out everywhere and that’s gonna be embarrassing.

If you lose those, so landing can’t be the difference between life and death too. So make sure that you make sure those are secure, so yeah, so down below I’ll link everything that I owe my gumbo I’ll link those down below. So you can get access to those if you’re interested, but yeah like I, said before, make sure that your Department allows it don’t go buying a bunch of stuff before you get hired.

What, if you don’t make it I’m just saying or you know, then you buy this stuff and your products like nude. No we’re, never gonna! Let you look. Let you use that stuff and now you’re stuck with this, this expensive stuff, that you probably can’t return, and you don’t know what to do with so please don’t buy anything until you get situations. Another reason for that is you don’t know how you’re gonna, like your gun belt setup, everybody has different preferences.

Some do like their Magus I, can’t it horizontally. It’s all preference so get on the road get some time in and figure out what works best for you use. What’s issued to you. Obviously, if you have to buy things you’re promised when I came, you need to purchase this thing, it’s kind of essential for you to have they’re gonna, let you know that or if they don’t and you’re like looking at this and you’re like oh I, don’t have that nut then go ahead and buy yourself that stuff, it’s very important for you to have a lot of it’s a lot of safety concerns and I’m gonna get you go home safe tonight.

So alright, guys well hope you liked the video it did, give it a like and subscribe for more videos. I’m gonna have some more coming soon but yeah. Thank you guys. So much for watching I really appreciate it, and I will see you in the next video see ya. I’m, not a Robocop I got family got friends. I got people who depend on this job that I got I’m, not a Robocop. I got people in the ground and I got people in the system and I miss him luck.

I’m, not a Robocop I got family got friends. I got people who depend on this job that I got I’m, not a Robocop. I got people in the ground and I got people in the system and I miss him. Luck, yeah, I’m! Only human trust me. If you cut me, I’ma bleed, like yo,.

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