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  Bulldog Extreme Belt Holsters Sticky Holsters Inside-the-Waistband Holster Galco Tac Slide Holster DeSantis The Insider Holster Galco WheelGunner Holsters Galco Dual Action Outdoorsman Leather Holster Triple K Cheyenne .22-Caliber Revolver Holster Galco "Model 1880's" .45-Caliber Cartridge Belt - Tan Galco Summer Comfort Holster BLACKHAWK!® SERPA CQC™ Concealment Holster – Left Hand
 Bulldog Extreme Belt HolstersSticky Holsters Inside-the-Waistband HolsterGalco Tac Slide HolsterDeSantis The Insider HolsterGalco WheelGunner HolstersGalco Dual Action Outdoorsman Leather HolsterTriple K Cheyenne .22-Caliber Revolver HolsterGalco "Model 1880's" .45-Caliber Cartridge Belt - TanGalco Summer Comfort HolsterBLACKHAWK!® SERPA CQC™ Concealment Holster – Left Hand
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Model3 - 5" 1911 / S&W J Frame, Taurus 85 / Springfield XDSBeretta TomCat / S&W M&P Shield 9mm/.40 / Colt Officer/Defender / Springfield XD 9mm/.40 / S&W M&P Shield .45 ACP / S&W J-Frame 2" / Remington R51Glock 29/30/39 / CZ 75/85BPocket .380, 2.75" Barrel / 1911 3"- 4" Barrel / Micro Pistols 2.5" Barrel / Glock 19/23/32 / Beretta PX4 Competition w/Laser / Large Revolver 4" Barrel / S&W Shield, Glock 43 w/Laser / Ruger LCR, S&W J-Frame 2.13" Barrel / Glock 17/22/37 / Glock 26/27 / Ruger SR45, SIG P226, P320 / Large Revolver 3" Barrel4" S&W Ruger GP100 / 5-1/2" Single Action Revolver-Fits .22 Caliber Revolver - w/4 - 5/8" barrel / Fits .22 Caliber Revolver - w/6 - 1/2"S&W X-Frame 500, 4" / S&W L-Frame, 4"Glock 19/23/32 / Smith & Wesson J FrameFits most mini semi auto,Beretta Bobcat,Ruger LCP, Tarus TCP Diamond Back DB.380, Kel-Tec P380,SIG P238 / Fits most revolvers w/ 2" to 2-1/2" barrels (Ruger SP 101) / Fits most standard autos w/ 2" to 4" barrels (Glock 17,19) / Fits most revolvers w/ 3" to 4" barrels (S & W K,L,N Frame) / Fits most 1911 style autos / Fits most Ruger Mark style autos w/ 5" to 6-7/8" barrels
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Bulldog Extreme Belt Holsters

Heavy-duty nylon construction in an ambidextrous design with a pocket for an extra magazine on semi-auto models.
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One on guys gonna do a quick review of a holster just. Ispeak in and I'm really liking it. Iknow you've seen my videos. You know that I'm a big fan of the CX 2 then arms have been 5 5 6 makes. And offers for buddy every caliber out there I've got 3 of them. And love them still love them but sometimes. Ijust want to change. It up a bit I found a holster. That it's a it's an amazing culture it's about a twenty. One twenty dollar holster. And it's very versatile. One I'm talking about is Bulldog cases leather holster. This is the large and the reason. This holster so well is. All four guns you see before. You fit in that holster every. One of them and kind of give. You an idea the versatility of. This holster it starts from. What options it offers. You can see you have a pocket wallet size then. You got your small which of your. One of your cars and your medium size kel-tec pf9 Walther p22 your kel-tec 11 then. You go to your large. Now look at the availability.

That the large holster offers its amazing it. All your Glocks just about from 18k Smith. And Wesson's rugers. All the way over to your Taurus on p99 so it's very versatile start. What options you can get but here's the holster it's a pancake style holster same thing familiar with as you've seen on the CX 2 buddies but. This is leather but. This is called pancake holster. What I like about this actually curves to your hip so. You have this is actually. This is your hip area on the right side. This is actually fitting snugly to Union rides high. And tight and it's very concealable. You have your shirttail out. Iwas wearing my Glock 19 today.

You can't even tell. It on but this is a black. It comes in the brown. Ijust got the emblem in the sides as the Bulldog cases. And it's got he hails the Ale right there for the large size. These guns are loaded. One are conditioned to not condition. One so there's none in the chamber the Smith & Wesson is loaded but uh I'm not going to run load those. Because I'm not going to show. You myself but um kind of give. You an idea guys how will. These work that is the Smith & Wesson 442 38 + P don't carry. It much but I may start carrying a little bit but uh that's a fantastic farm right there give. Me an idea one works. This is my Glock 26 perfect fits for the Glock 26 a lot in octane which. You know is going to fit as well its nurture guard air. It goes in their very well.

One of the main reasons. This holster was for a gun. That my father left. Me which is myth and Wesson 915. That fits very well remember to carry. It as well so all for our arms fit in. One health sir very well. And it's the Bulldog cases leather. Even know if it's called being a specific model anyhow you'll know. It's pancakes doll holster by uh Bulldog cases check them out comes in brown. And black I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you're wanting a holster. That will fit a variety of guns for about 20 bucks can't beat. It guys just want to give. You guys a review that holster Lord bless.

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Sticky Holsters Inside-the-Waistband Holster

  • Wear inside the waistband or secure in a pocket
  • Super-sticky surface adheres securely to clothing
  • Inner closed-cell foam and lining conform to the gun
  • Sticky Holsters' Inside-the-Waistband Holster gives you a more comfortable way to conceal carry your handgun – inside the waistband or in your pocket. The super-sticky surface adheres securely to your clothing, securing both the holster and the gun. Inner closed-cell foam and lining conform to your gun, providing a custom fit. For left or right hand use. Imported.
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    Galco Tac Slide Holster

  • Open-top holster with neutral cant for fast access
  • Contoured for a comfortable feel on your hip
  • Rugged steerhide and Kydex construction
  • Engineered to hold your handgun comfortably close to your side, the contours of this holster follow the anatomical curve of your hip. The open-top design has a neutral cant and allows for rapid, unimpeded access. Crafted of rugged premium-steerhide and Kydex®. Fore-and-aft belt slots fit belts up to 1-3/4" wide.
    • S&W J-Frame/Taurus 85
    • 5" Model 1911
    • Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26
    • Springfield XD/XDM
    • S&W M&P Compact
    • Ruger LC9

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm Kevin McCluskey editor of Gun Digest the magazine today. We will be taking a quick look at the gaol code double-time holster. One of the key elements of concealed carry is the mantra same gun same place every time. And without getting into a raging debate about what's right. And wrong strong side hip carry is going to give. You the best options for concealment safety. And security of your firearm. What Gallo offers with double time holster is the ability to convert the holster from its original inside the waistband holster to an outside the waistband. Or belt slide holster by just removing a couple of screws. And reconfiguring the loops on the outside as. It comes packaged it's set up as an inside the waistband holster. And it'll hang on belts up to an inch. And 3/4 inches wide in order to make the changes just open the snaps. And remove the screws. That will remove the belt loops from the outside of the holster with the original belt loops removed just grab the components of your Chicago screws. And insert them through the rivets on the backside of the holster. And tighten the screws in place tighten the screws up snugly. And then according to the directions you'll want to place just a small drop of clear nail polish don't use thread locking compound like Loctite. Something like that's because the out gassing from. That material will mess with your rubber straps on the inside here so just a small dot of clear nail polish will help hold the screws in place.

    When set up as and outside the waistband holster the belt loops will accommodate belts up to an inch. And a half wide with a Gallo double time holster. You can go from the inside the waistband holster to an outside the waistband holster in just a couple of minutes. You can carry the same gun in the same place every time I'm Kevin McCloskey from Gun Digest the magazine for more information about. This holster and other great concealed carry items check. Is out at Gun Digest Comm.

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    DeSantis The Insider Holster

  • Minimizes bulk
  • Heavy-duty steel spring clip ensures deep cover
  • Soft unmolded leather construction
  • Carry your weapon in comfort and confidence with DeSantis' The Insider Holster. Heavy-duty steel spring clip is positioned high to ensure deep, undetectable cover. Soft unmolded leather construction minimizes bulk. Must be worn with a belt. Made in USA.
    Color: Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The insider is a synthetic unfolded inside the waistband holster constructed out of sturdy material. It features a good strong belt clip to really grasp onto your belt. And the clip rides fairly high on the holster. That means is with the gun in the holster the clip is high relative to the back strap of the gun which means. You insert the gun into your waistband it's going to ride fairly low. And very well concealed easily accessible but well concealed. That I'm wearing the gun. You can see how well concealed. Even without a concealing garment. You can see that the gun is. And tight to my body. Yet the gun is still very easily accessible.

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    Galco WheelGunner Holsters

    Using an innovative belt slide system, the WheelGunner can be worn in the strongside or crossdraw positions on either the right or left side. To change carry positions, just unsnap the holster from the belt slide, move the slide to your preferred location and reattach. Holster carries a medium- or large-frame revolver high and close to the body. The WheelGunner secures the revolver with a combination of hand molding and an adjustable hammer thong. Simply slip the hammer thong off and the gun is cleared for a fast, smooth draw. Constructed of premium saddle leather. Fits belts up to 1-3/4". Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys mr Fox Trot 1996. And today I'm going to be doing a review of the Gaucho holster for my Smith & Wesson 686 so first I'll show. You the package it comes in just a little plastic holder there's their gun name. What the holster is. What the gun type is made. This is for a revolver. And it's made in Phoenix Arizona which is cool it's made in USA unlike. Some cheap China crap. And it's just a nice package. You can use it to store. It, so I'll read off the I'll read off the guns. This holster is compatible with so it's um the Colt king cobra four-inch. This holster is designed for a four-inch gun so. Whenever I say gun it's meant for four integral so the Python trooper Dan Wesson 357 Ruger GP 100 myth. And Wesson L frame 586 Taurus 425 checker. And 627 trackers in the 66. Idon't know why they didn't mention the Smith wasn't 686. It fits fine this is a um. This is the Plus version which has seven rounds. It fits fine I thought. It to the gun store. Where was gonna buy the holster. Ithought it would be too thick but. It fits fine it's easy to pull out. If it's a attach to your belt. It has it's really it has nice stitching kind of like a white era Brown string it's a darker a tan. And it's real leather it's not like synthetic. Anything like you just want to carry your revolver like. You know you're going to be drawing it like practicing at the range um it's its in there enough.

    It won't like you follow. Something it won't pop out but. You really want to keep. It in there if you're just going to be carrying it like on the hiking trip. You know most likely won't need to draw. You just snap this little. This little brace right there over the hammer. And it's you just flick. That with your thumb. And then just draw it with your finger off the trigger. It draws really nicely the price on. This at least at my um. Idon't know ranch it's called ranch at home. It was a hundred dollars but it's kind of cool. It for 25 bucks I had three $25 off gift certificates so. Icouldn't use it on like ammo. Anything so I just said. You know what I'll buy a holster so overall it's really nice holster um. Iwould recommend it I've had. It for about three or four months. Iwent off the rage probably ten times with. And practice drawing and drawing and just doing it my house.

    And stuff and there's nowhere on. It except for this these little black marks right there. And that's just from. Where in make contact. It makes contact with my belt but that's no big deal. You don't see you don't see. That anyway it says Gallo. And the serial number so yeah that's about. It so um that's the Gallo holster Stella see.

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    Galco Dual Action Outdoorsman Leather Holster

  • Wear strong side or crossdraw for easy access
  • Retention strap secures handgun in rough country
  • Polymer tab promotes quick removal of strap even with gloves
  • Tension-screw adjustment delivers a like-custom fit
  • Galco's Dual Action Outdoorsman (DAO™) Leather Holster can be worn strong side or crossdraw for quick, easy access to your firearm while hunting or hiking in bear country. Retention strap keeps handgun secure while pushing through brush and boasts a large polymer tab that makes it easy to snap and unsnap, even while wearing gloves. Tension-screw adjustment delivers a like-custom fit. 100% premium saddle leather. Fits belts up to 1.75"W. Made for double-action revolvers, but fits some semiautomatic pistols. Right hand only. Belt not included.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Triple K Cheyenne .22-Caliber Revolver Holster

    For the .22 shooter, these holsters are a great way to carry your .22-caliber revolver in style. Contoured to snugly hold the revolver. Heavy thong tie-down holds the holster securely on your leg. Can be used with the Wyoming or Deluxe Belt. Right hand only. Made in USA.
    Available: 4-5/8", 5-1/2", 6-1/2", 7-1/2" barrel lengths.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Galco "Model 1880's" .45-Caliber Cartridge Belt - Tan

    Galco ''Model 1880's'' Cowboy Leather is reminiscent of rigs worn in american westerns. The model 1880's 3"-wide Cartridge Belt is premium tan saddle leather with rough-side out and a nickel buckle. Holster sold separately.
    Loop size: .44/.45.
    Waist sizes: M-XL.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Galco Summer Comfort Holster

  • Easy to remove without taking off your belt
  • Secure, full combat-grip presentation
  • Sturdy, reinforced-saddle-leather construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry, this inside-the-pants snap-on-belt holster offers the convenience of being able to be removed without having to take off your belt. Its smooth-out leather rides comfortably alongside your body with a full combat-grip presentation for a quick, sure draw. Constructed of reinforced saddle leather, the holster retains its shape and is built to last. Fits belts to 1.75". Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    So I'm guys making it out on to my Gallo summer comfort holster video answering a request by enduring Eagle to see. It prints anything, so I'll just get into. It I'm wearing it rights. This is a this is extra-large t-shirt. You know you can see I'm not a big guy wait a hundred. And fifty 155 pounds. And I'm six-two, so I'm not a large guy but. You can see I'm right-handed so obviously the holsters going to be in. This area but no printing even. Itwist around it is going to be a little different. You have a tighter fitting shirt but. You know you have to kind of work with. What you have kind of fit the gun into your style. Or change your style around the gun you're wearing but so. It rights there it's tucks. It in really close so just enough to. Iget my fingers up under the grip. And pull out the farm but the only real way you're going to get printing is. If you're bending over really really far. And then you can see the blood of the gun sticking out it's really not. That bad so I didn't do. Something I'll just kind of squat down like. And then no one's the wiser so yeah. It works really well but.

    Ido recommend kind of longer shirt there's. Me personally it works out better so. That way I'm not paranoid. Ikind of grab something. That it's going to write up so yeah. You don't want to see. More angles I could do. That but really this is like a standard shirt. Iwear so it's going to be different for everyone else but. And for your gun that stuff so as. You have any questions. Or comments please post in the comments section thanks for watching.

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    BLACKHAWK!® SERPA CQC™ Concealment Holster – Left Hand

  • Patented SERPA Auto Lock provides secure firearm retention
  • Designed to release with natural drawing motion
  • Speed-cut design for rapid draw and re-holster is perfect for concealed carry
  • Can be worn on belt or as a paddle holster
  • Thumb breaks can slow your draw and get in the way when you re-holster. But you won't experience those drawbacks with BLACKHAWK!'s patented SERPA Technology™. It engages the trigger guard as you holster your firearm and secures it until you release using the normal drawing motion with your trigger finger alongside the holster. No snaps or straps to get in the way. Can be worn on a belt or used as a paddle holster.

    Item note: Will not fit any .357 J-Frame Revolvers.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Iunreliability with an exceptionally low profile the Serpas CQC concealment holster till there was a smooth draw easy re holster. And unparalleled security featuring two levels of retention the Serpa hollow lock responds intuitively releasing your firearm. When the trigger finger is indexed along the slide. This ensures your firearm is kept firmly in place until. You initiate the draw cycle a passive adjustment will adjust pressure on the trigger guard. And its speed cut design allows. You to clear the holster faster slide the firearm back in place. And it's engaged at level two multiple mounting options are available. All of which minimize printing and maximize effectiveness the perfect holster for concealed carry it's proudly made. And worn at the USA by black hawk.

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