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Louisiana Grills CS-570/LG-900 Pellet Grill Cover Classic Accessories™ Hickory Grill Cover Pit Boss PB700S/SC Grill Cover Pit Boss PB340 Grill Cover Cabela's Charcoal Chimney Starter Louisiana Grills CS-450/LG-700 Pellet Grill Cover Traeger® Chrome Bottle Opener Traeger® Silicone Basting Brush Louisiana Grills Super Hog Grill Cover Louisiana Grills LG1100 Grill Cover
Louisiana Grills CS-570/LG-900 Pellet Grill CoverClassic Accessories™ Hickory Grill CoverPit Boss PB700S/SC Grill CoverPit Boss PB340 Grill CoverCabela's Charcoal Chimney StarterLouisiana Grills CS-450/LG-700 Pellet Grill CoverTraeger® Chrome Bottle OpenerTraeger® Silicone Basting BrushLouisiana Grills Super Hog Grill CoverLouisiana Grills LG1100 Grill Cover
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Louisiana Grills CS-570/LG-900 Pellet Grill Cover

  • UV-resistant 600-denier polyester canvas
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Tightening hem strap

Protect your Louisiana LG-900 Pellet Grill from the elements with the Louisiana Grills CS-570/LG-900 Pellet Grill Cover. 600-denier polyester canvas withstands hard winds and deflects rain and snow to keep your grill looking and functioning like new. UV-resistant cover is built to last when exposed to the sun's harmful rays. Double stitching and polyurethane interior. Tightening strap ensures the cover stays secured. Imported.
48"L x 24"W x 38"H.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Classic Accessories™ Hickory Grill Cover

  • Heavy-duty Weather10 600-denier fabric with interlocking seams
  • Long-lasting weather leather trim looks authentic and is rot-proof
  • Waterproof, wipe-clean laminated undercoating
  • Air vents reduce condensation, mildew buildup and prevent lofting
  • Padded handles make covering and removing simple and painless
  • Buckle straps and an elastic hem keep the cover secure

Protect your grill with top-of-the-line coverage from Classic Accessories' Hickory Series. Premium, heavy-duty Weather10™ 600-denier fabric has rugged, interlocking seams and a waterproof, wipe-clean laminated undercoating. Long-lasting weather leather trim looks authentic and is rot-proof. Buckle straps and an elastic hem keep the cover secure in high winds while ensuring a like-custom fit. Air vents promote internal air circulation to reduce condensation and prevent wind lofting. Padded handles make covering and removing simple and painless. Provides complete coverage of the grill top and part of the legs/wheels. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Imported.
72"L x 26"W x 51"H.

Hickory square smoker cover. Ijust received it pulled. It out of the box it rights over the smoker. Ican't be happier its high quality compared to. Some other smoker covers. Iwas looking at the color is nice it's actually quite aesthetically pleasing what I really particularly liked scooch around here is. This closure on the back it's nice and snug. And for future use also has. These fantastic clips so. Some high winds it snows. This cover will protect my so occur quite well so thank. You to Classic Accessories for making a wonderful product.

Pit Boss PB700S/SC Grill Cover

  • Protect your grill’s factory finish
  • Heavy-duty material and PVC backing
  • Drawstring closure

Make sure you protect your investment by outfitting your Pit Boss 700S/700SC pellet grill with the Pit Boss PB700S/SC Grill Cover. Heavy-duty material and PVC backing help protect your grill from the elements. Drawstring closure helps keep the cover in place even in heavy winds.

Pit Boss PB340 Grill Cover

  • Maintain your grill’s factory finish
  • Heavy-duty material and PVC backing
  • Drawstring closure

Make sure you protect your investment by outfitting your Pit Boss 340 pellet grill with the Pit Boss PB340 Grill Cover. Heavy-duty material and PVC backing will help protect your grill from the elements. Drawstring closure helps keep the cover in place even in heavy winds.

Everyone welcome back. Ijust wanted to show. This austin excel control cover. Ipurchased from Walmart. Ijust wanted to do a quick review. And kind of my thoughts. And then see this fits on the grill I've had the grill my grill for about four months haven't put the cover on. It so often that it's starting to rain it's getting cold want to go ahead. And cover it up let's go. And open whatever feels nice goes thick doesn't feel like. Some cheaper grill covers. You can see out there for 20 bucks by the way. This was Walmart, so I'm hoping this will last my grill actually sticks underneath a cover so shouldn't be as. It as exposed to the elements but. Ido want to cover up for dust. Another stuff like it has a pull string to kind of tighten up the bottom. That feels nice I'm not sure. This will be done't think they'll be waterful. You look at the insiders a PVC protection so maybe. It is oh go ahead this on the grill.

It fits I wanted to show. This grill cover fits. It has the logo on there a nice decent material. One thing I didn't really care for is. This drawstring doesn't really hold very well. Iwish there was some way to clip the grill down to the cover mostly. If it's windy it might blow off couldn't really tighten. It too much you can see. It goes over there the grill stack there. It cleared that side pan with the hooks on. It also has my front shelf. Iput on this grill. It cleared no problem so. You guys want to know. How to add a shelf to your grill go ahead. And click the link above so right over the hopper hopefully keep. All the pellets from swelling up in the range goes. All the way down to the bottom which is good so sit detect pretty well looks like it's pretty well-made tails pretty thick like.

I had like a plastic lining inside, so I'm hoping. That keeps it somewhat waterproofs its pretty easy to put on. And we'll see how over time. It fades or not but. It should protect the grille. And like this grille quite often, so I'll be taking this cover on. And off quite a bit hope. You enjoyed this video please subscribe I'll be posting some other videos on modifications. And cooks so thanks for watching.

Cabela's Charcoal Chimney Starter

  • Light charcoal without lighter fluid
  • Holds up to 5lbs of charcoal
  • Coals are ready in 15-20 minutes

Light charcoal without lighter fluid with our Charcoal Chimney Starter. Easy to assemble-attach handle to the body of starter using the included nuts and screws. Coals will be ready in 15-20 minutes. Holds up to 5lbs. of charcoal. Environmentally safe. Imported.

So we're gonna try out. This Web charcoal starter. This is actually a mini. One is still quite big to take with. You camp gear but so the full-size ones are really big. What you do is you roll a couple of sheets of paper. You put them under the bottom. And inside you fit up a charcoal in through the slots like the paper. You should draw the area. And reset fires at the charcoal. They meant to speed up the time. It takes to get chuckles hot let's see. It gets on so there. We are we've got the paper in the bottom out the right way. Now we'll fill it with charcoal We kind of got it going I think. Imight've stopped a bit too much paper in the bottom took a. While to get going — bit of a breeze here so. We put up a wind break it's. Now smoking away eating those curls up still cooking away quite hot inside. We have to wait — they're mainly gray. All over so our charcoal starter looks pretty like it's ready to go it's taking me longer. Iexpected taking about 45 minutes. Isupposed to get to. This stage but I haven't had to use. Any light as at that is very hot coming out there so big handle here is nice and saw.

We just hit those into the fire. And we've got some ready hot bricks obviously watch. This is very hot make sure the kids are away from. And there one instant barbecue fire you.

One here is Kings ford long burning we've been using. That a little bit lately. Because it's widely available the third. One I've never used over here. This was just went over to. Us from Camp made this is the camp made 100% all-natural coconut charcoal briquettes. Though I'm looking forward to giving. One a try today so back behind. Me are three different chimney starters. And I'll show each of them. This one's our good old Weber. One okay that that thing's been used that's over a year. And a half old is still working just fine okay. Whatever it's about 1415 dollars. Most your home improvement stores. And online one here. We picked up today one is a grilling Pro says made in the USA on. It okays I've tried these over the years we'll check out. One works just got a little metal pan on the bottom of. You probably say well where's the third.

One well here this is the new camp made collapsible travel charcoal chimney starter so let's open. And I'll show how to set. It up so this thing breaks down into a nice little carry bag here pop. It out of there and check. It out okays if you're familiar with the fire box little camp stove. This is kind of reminiscent of. That just pops open like. You have a flip-down charcoal grate in the bottom there. That holds it open also on. This handle on the side. That kind of automatically popped in there. It has a little detent spring right there. You can actually press fold the handle back. It comes out and snaps in place that's gonna be great for day tripping but let's see. It likes charcoal so. All three chimney starter sitting here on the table. What we did we put the same amount of brown paper in the bottom of. One teaspoon of peanut oil. You can use canola oil olive oil.

You cut bacon grease. Whatever other kind of natural Oh. You have just drop that on their kind of let. It soaks into that paper. Now we're gonna put the exact amount of coals into. What I've done is I put the exact amount of coals in. Each chimney starter which is 20 coals the exact amount. You need for a 10-inch Dutch oven running at 350 degrees. And the big Weber we have the Kings ford long burning back here in the cheapo. We got the stubs and of course we're going to use the camp made collapsible travel chimney starter with the camp made charcoal. All light them all up at the same time so right. This is not a contest to see which.

One likes the fastest. You know a lot of the charcoal companies like especially Kings ford a always like. You know but like so fast blah blah blah it's ready. And they're right you know them. And Royal Oak they always had a battle who was who's charcoal was ready the fastest. If you're going to just jump on from work grill steak cook. Some hamburgers hot dogs that's great but for long cooks. You need something that's going to last the time. You need to make that cook. And that's more important to the kind of cooking I do then just coming home serious date. You folks are having a hard time getting your chimneys to run long enough to get your coals going that's why you put.

That little bit of oil in the bottom it's gonna burn. It kind of like a candle in there. And give you a little. More heat to get things going it's only been a couple minutes. And it's like we've already started get charcoal smoke from. All three okay one here Kings ford long burning. That got ready the fastest next was the stubs. And just now getting ready it's gonna be the camp made coconut charcoal so that's taking a little longest. Now let's see which. One burns the longest. Most spread those out in. One layer just like. You would do it was on a Dutch oven try to leave. Some space in between them just like. You were doing a Dutch oven. Now we're gonna have to give a little bit of extra time to the long version. It started the fastest. One in the middle is a Stubbs would be back see Holly do so. How the chimney starters perform well starting out with our good old Weber right here I've been using this thing for a year.

And a half still working. That bottom grade starting to get a little that's the only thing I found with. It kind of goes is that great. That holds the charcoal in the bottom get kind of warped in a period of time. And the coals will start falling through that's. When it's time to replace. And a half okay this little cheapo guy okay by the way. This is only like four. Or five dollars cheaper. Than a Weber I've owned a bunch of these in my lifetime. Iguarantee that thing will be gone in six months. You know we'll keep using this. Iget back to this particular. That the coating on these burns off real quick it's just galvanized. And it's gonna start rusting. That thing is jumped don't waste your money on.

One little cat made. One collapsible you know. It seems to be made from the same material as the Weber. That same kind of coating on. You know it got a little discolored from the heat of the charcoal. What they all do the handle is a bit hotter to pick up then the then the Weber. You see that's a lot closer the handles are a lot closer to. You charcoal but the collapsibility of. One is definitely going to have its place here at the back woods warm a studio. One of those don't buy. This job's about 45 minutes I'm going up here shake the ash on them just see. How many coals are left. This is the Kings ford long burning yeah. You can see those are down to probably third of their size.

This is the stubs all right they're getting pretty small as well. This is the charcoal. This was the last one to actually light, so I'm gonna have to see. How they're I shake them they're kind of breaking up a little bit. They still got a pretty good coal going on them, so we'll check back on about. Another 15 20 minutes. This is definitely not scientific. When we'll see how much heat. One of these still has just by like holding my hand that's pretty hot way hotter super hottest so it's our little camp a charcoal chimney had a little chance to cool off their first time. It definitely go to be preferring this. One over taking a big Weber on day trips just for the fact. That I'm done with she pulls right up press a little button on the side fold a handle down comes to. This own little carry bag slide. It rights in there I've been having to lug my big Weber. When stuff down in the charcoal bag that's a heck of a lot easier to pack. It seems to work really well so it's been about an hour.

And 15 minutes this is the Kings ford long burning there still are a. Few coals there it's gotten pretty cold. If your Dutch oven cooking with. That's gonna be maybe on a warm. What surprises this period of time is Kings ford long burning and the stubs just about the same amount of coal size but. Ihold my hand here. Ihold my hand here noticeable difference in the amount of heat that's putting out okay so. Though it's smaller it's still hotter. Now over here is that coconut charcoal. And is by far the hottest but. What I did notice using. That today is you're gonna use. This with your Dutch oven cooking don't try to move.

These coals around too much. They break apart very easily basically. It takes is a little tap. They just most of them just fall right apart into crumbles which is probably why that's a lot hotter don't know. It works really good. They say on the bag. That the ashes of this are 100% organic. You can put those in your compost pile. Iwouldn't recommend doing. That with either of these to. Some of these this is stubs all-natural it's supposed to be all-natural but. Ican guarantee most kings for it has. Some coal dust in even have long burning or not so. What is the best kind of charcoal to use I'm gonna answer. That was saying depends on what you're doing with. Ihave a dish is only going to take 15-20 minutes like a lot of our. You know easy Dutch oven recipes to cook. Iwant to get that done in a shortest amount of time probably going to go with. Some Kings ford or Kings ford long burning if I'm grilling something on the weber grill.

Or the weber smokey mountain. That great all-natural flavor definitely gonna go with the Stubbs all-natural. Now with this new charcoal. We just found with a cam made coconut charcoal. Igot something's gonna take a really long time in the Dutch oven like a braised gumbo a lot of other things. That may take an hour. And a half in that Dutch oven probably gonna reach for some of. That camp made coconut charcoal just. It puts out so much heat. And lasts so long so which chimney starter would. Ibuy for everyday around here the Weber at $1499 is a great choice but like. Isaid it's kind of the buttock to haul around to go on day trip. If you're doing a lot of camping backpacking hiking and taking along your outdoor cooking gear with. We do a lot of day trips here definitely bring along with camp made collapsible chimney starter just a lot easier to pack. Even at 3995 I think that's a great deal so guys don't forget about our amazon store I'm gonna leave.

You a link in the very first comment below go down there. And check that out. You can buy the little camp mate collapsible chimney starter. You can buy the big Weber chimney starter. And every little purchase. You make over there will help to support. What we do here at the backwoods gourmet Channel hey thanks for watching the backwoods gourmet as always. You like what we're doing please the like button right down there to subscribe to our channel. You can click right here to see. Another great backwoods gourmet video it's gonna be right up there. And for a whole playlist. Something into something you can go right over yonder. Something you.

Louisiana Grills CS-450/LG-700 Pellet Grill Cover

  • UV-resistant 600-denier polyester canvas
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Tightening strap keeps it secure

Protect your Louisiana LG-700 Pellet Grill with a custom-fitting, ultradurable Louisiana Grills CS-450/LG-700 Pellet Grill Cover. Constructed of heavy-duty, double-stitched, 600-denier polyester canvas with a polyurethane interior, it also boasts UV protection that guards against the sun's damaging rays. Convenient tightening strap keeps it secured. Imported.
42"H x 38"W x 24"D.

Traeger® Chrome Bottle Opener

  • Doubles as a strong utility hook
  • Durable die-cast zinc-alloy construction
  • Attaches quickly and easily to any grill hopper

Learn about everything Traeger

You can hardly call it a barbecue if there's not a bottle in your hand. That's why you'll love Traeger's Chrome Bottle Opener that doubles as a utility hook for holding that bucket of ice or your set of grilling tools. Attaches quickly and easily to any hopper with the included hardware. Durable die-cast zinc alloy.

Traeger® Silicone Basting Brush

  • Built for high heat
  • Ideal for spreading sauce, butter or oil
  • Dishwasher safe

Wield the Traeger Silicone Basting Brush like a grilling artist, creating masterworks of savory perfection. Built for high heat, the brush slathers on sauce and bastes butter without shedding a bristle. Dishwasher safe.
0.80"H x 1.7"W x 11"L.
Wt: 0.2 lbs.

This is the Makah me silicone brush set. I really like it's attractive. It has the round and the straight it's a gray with an acrylic center. One of the reasons I have a very eclectic kitchen. And well just for example. I have an old citrus juicer a very colorful little espresso demitasse. And my pitcher more elegant. This is like basically my whole kitchen. I just have a mishmash of stuff. Ihave a mix of industrial. And warm and cozy something like. This with neutral grace. And the clear center really complement pretty much. Any kitchen you have so. I really like and my ice makers making ice so sorry about the noise uh. These have a nice grip a nice large grip. I hold mine like a pencil. I put the sauce in the marinade on but. You can see I have a nice and. You hold I also have a nice grip um. These have knobs on the bottom. You can see they're just little bitty knobs. I loved the idea of silicone brushes. They first came out. Iused regular pastry brushes. Iwas always leaving bristles. And would like hair. I was having to dig. It out of you know. Whatever I was brushing on. And um but I would have to pray up. And try to squeeze something real fast. They were slick they didn't really have. Anything to grasp the marinade. You know I was putting rum over. Something and with the little knobs. What happens there's the little ball tips on the end they're not very big they're not very intrusive but. You have something. It kind of grips your sauce so. You can dip it in bring it up out. It will actually sort of. You know hang on these little end pieces which is so nice compared to smooth.

It just kind of falls off so. These are nice they're really attractive um. They would go in a modern kitchen. They would go in a throwback kitchen. They would go in a retro kitchen they're just extremely easy to use.

Louisiana Grills Super Hog Grill Cover

  • Fits the Super Hog grill
  • Heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing
  • Drawstring bottom keeps it secure

Keep your grill looking new with the Louisiana Grills Super Hog Grill Cover. The custom-sized grill cover is a perfect fit and is made of heavy-duty polyester backed with PVC to protect your grill. Drawstring bottom keeps it secure. Imported.

Louisiana Grills LG1100 Grill Cover

  • Fits the LG1100 or CS680
  • Heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing
  • Drawstring bottom keeps it secure

Keep your grill looking new with the Louisiana Grills Grill Cover. The custom-sized grill cover is a perfect fit for the LG1100 or CS680 grills. It is made of heavy-duty polyester backed with PVC to protect your grill. Drawstring bottom keeps it secure. Imported.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

If you're looking to smoke grill. And bake like a pro in your own backyard then look no further. Than the Louisiana grills wood pellet grill the. Most versatile cooking system ever built the Louisiana grills revolutionizes grilling in three important ways the digital control center. And lid thermometer allows for precise temperatures temperature control means. You can rely on even heat for perfection grilling the use of a hundred percent hardwood pellets instead of charcoal. Or propane allows you to enjoy the amazing wood flavor with a single push of a button the Louisiana grills has a temperature range of 170 to 600 degrees. And a programmable meat probe. And digital control center. That works together regulating and automatically adjusting to a safe holding temperature. When your food reaches the desired internal temperature. And with its adjustable side plate flamed reuler. You can sear steaks. And fish just like your favorite Steakhouse our proprietary exhaust system makes for even grilling and smoking as well.

You need to Louisiana grills the included removable upper rack as cooking space. You cook dinner on the bottom convection heat lets. You bake dessert on the upper rack. Once plus cleanup becomes a breeze with the porcelain coated heavy-duty cooking grits known for superior heat retention cast iron makes searing a snap other features of the Louisiana grills is the stay cool vented handle four casters for easy movement. And a heavy-duty 14 gauge steel construction. And powder coat finish plus solid legs making it strong. And long-lasting getting the Louisiana grill started is simple pour in your favorite variety of 100% hard wood pellets turn on the digital control center. And the probe to the desired temperature. Both are adjustable in 5 degree increments. When the grill is at the desired temperature begin grilling searing smoking or baking on.

That hundred percent hardwood convected heat the programmable meat pro ensures perfect doneness the versatility of the Louisiana grills wood pellet grills unmatched by. Any other oven or grill. And you'll be amazed at. All the delicious foods. You can make of it with true fan force convection cooking you'll be looking for reasons to cook out every night Louisiana grills comes in izes optional accessories such as a smoker cabinet. And hopper extension means there are no limits to your barbecuing potential plus the deluxe french shelf. And side shelf make. It easy to have your grilling supplies Within Reach. If you're ready to be the hero of your backyard the Louisiana grills is the perfect addition to your patio Louisiana grills the. Most versatile cooking system ever built. And don't forget to stock up on Louisiana grills grubs.

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