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  Fenwick® HMG® Casting Rod Fenwick® Elite Tech™ Bass Casting Rod G.Loomis E6X Salmon Casting Rods G.Loomis E6X Mag Bass Casting Rods Bass Pro Shops® Johnny Morris CarbonLite™ 2.0 Casting Rod Denali Bottom Feeder Catfish Casting Rods G.Loomis NRX Casting Rods Bass Pro Shops® Pro Qualifier® 2 Casting Rod Fenwick® World Class Casting Rods Berkley® E-Cat Casting Rods
 Fenwick® HMG® Casting RodFenwick® Elite Tech™ Bass Casting RodG.Loomis E6X Salmon Casting RodsG.Loomis E6X Mag Bass Casting RodsBass Pro Shops® Johnny Morris CarbonLite™ 2.0 Casting RodDenali Bottom Feeder Catfish Casting RodsG.Loomis NRX Casting RodsBass Pro Shops® Pro Qualifier® 2 Casting RodFenwick® World Class Casting RodsBerkley® E-Cat Casting Rods
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ActionExtra FastFastFast / FastFast / Fast / Fast / Extra FastModerate Fast / Moderate Fast-Fast / Fast / Extra Fast / Fast / Medium / Fast / Extra Fast / Extra Fast-Fast / Extra FastFast / Fast / Fast / Fast / Fast / Extra Fast
BrandFenwickFENWICKG.LOOMISFenwickBerkley®G. Loomis--G. Loomis-
Line Weight10 - 1710 - 206 - 14 / 10 - 1710 - 20 / 8 - 15 / 10 - 17 / 10 - 1712 - 30 / 14 - 40--20 - 40 / 10 - 2050 - 80 / 17 - 258-17 lbs. / 8-17 lbs. / 10-20 lbs. / 10-20 lbs. / 8-17 lbs. / 10-20 lbs.
Lure Weight1/4 oz - 3/4 oz3/8 oz - 1 oz1/4 oz - 5/8 oz / 1/4 oz - 3/4 oz3/8 oz - 1 oz / 1/4 oz - 5/8 oz / 3/8 oz - 1 oz / 3/8 oz - 1 oz1 oz - 4 oz / 1-1/2 oz - 5 oz--3 oz - 5 oz / 1 oz - 3 oz3 oz - 8 oz / 3/8 oz - 1 oz1/4 - 5/8 oz. / 1/4 - 5/8 oz. / 3/8 - 1-1/2 oz. / 3/8 - 1-1/2 oz. / 1/4 - 5/8 oz. / 3/8 - 3/4 oz.
PowerMedium HeavyMedium HeavyMedium / Medium HeavyMedium Heavy / Medium / Medium Heavy / Medium HeavyMedium Heavy / Heavy-Medium / Medium Heavy / Medium Heavy / Medium Heavy / Medium / Medium Heavy / Medium Heavy / HeavyMedium Heavy / MediumExtra Extra Heavy / Extra HeavyMedium / Medium / Medium Heavy / Medium Heavy / Medium / Medium Heavy
Rod Length7 ft 3 in7 ft 0 in6 ft 6 in / 7 ft 6 in7 ft 6 in / 7 ft 2 in / 7 ft 1 in / 6 ft 8 in7 ft 0 in / 7 ft 6 in--7 ft 6 in / 7 ft 6 in7 ft 7 in / 7 ft 5 in-
Rod ModelETB73MH-XFCHMG70MH-FCE6X 782C MBR / E6X 903C MBRWC76MH-FC / WC72M-FC / WC71MH-FC / WC68MH-XFC-2BCECAT701MH / BCECAT761H-CarbonLite 2.0 / CarbonLite 2.0 / CarbonLite 2.0 / CarbonLite 2.0 / CarbonLite 2.0 / CarbonLite 2.0 / CarbonLite 2.0 / CarbonLite 2.0BF903C / BF902CNRX 916C UBR / NRX 895C JWRPQL60MT / PQL66MT / PQL70MHT / PQL70MHT-3 / PQL70MT-3 / PQL76MHT
Rod Pieces1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece / 1 Piece1 Piece / 1 Piece / 1 Piece / 2 Pieces1 Piece / 1 Piece--1 Piece / 1 Piece1 Piece / 1 Piece-

Fenwick® HMG® Casting Rod

  • Carbon Bound blanks spiraled with carbon thread for strength
  • Deep-pressed stainless steel-frame guides with Alconite inserts
  • Sea Guide soft-touch Alien reel seat with Positive Lock
  • Makers of the original high-modulus graphite rod, Fenwick continues to tweak the classic HMG Casting Rods to set the highest standard for angling value. Carbon Bound™ blanks are spiraled with carbon thread for unmatched strength and precise action. Sea Guide soft-touch Alien reel seat with Positive Lock ensures reels stay secure while fishing. Fuji® guides with stainless steel deep-pressed frames and Alconite® inserts. AAA cork handle. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys okay got another quick video for you I'm fighting the cold so bear with. Ijust wanted to show. You my main pipe rod know we're in the pike fishing season I've been out. Several times already. This has got to be one of my favorite rods. If not my favorite rod. This is the Fenwick HMG old school rod. That graphite the pattern of. That's kind of old school. This is a heavy rod up to. What does one quarter to. One ounce in a quarter so it's a heavy rod it's meant for pike fishing I've got. Igot to pair it up with a similar colored Plunger president XT with 30 pound power Pro braid. This is the backbone of my pike fishing this rod here. Ihave caught — over 20 pounds. This rod the fore end. And handle is about 20 inches 21 inches its kind of thinner profile. Then a lot of the heavier pipe rods it's not an inshore rod so it's not heavy like. You could see right here I've worn the cork in quite a bit. And I'm probably gonna have. That recourse I don't want to let go with. This rod cost it wasn't too bad. It was 129 I bought. Ibought it probably in 2008. Ihave got a brand-new HMG same rod it's a light heavy technically but. It goes up to 1 ounce so it's nearly identical but the newer rod. All carbon and it's its a great run. It might even surpass. One as my favorite I'll do. Another mini on that later but. This old-school look of. This rod this has caught. Many and other fish. Even tell you but a lot of people don't like. Because it's actually a real stiff rod it's a fast tip.

    All my pike rods are fast hip there. You go seven foot heavy. One quarter to and a quarter ounce. Ialways use thirty pounds braid so but. This rod is like a pool cue with a fast tip so but I'm fishing for big Pike. This is a lure rod I'm not using live bait with. This rod I'm throwing I'm throwing spinner baits swim baits. Anything up to ounce. And a half I'm throwing with. You hook into a big pike. Icaught a 40 inch or last year. That was about 15 pounds. That was my big one for last year. This thing will manhandle fish. That size it doesn't look. Isaid it's not an inshore rod. It doesn't have that beefy look then an inshore rod has. You know it's got a trimmer look but. It is super strong with. You can see the color I've.

    This is I've used this rod so much. That the starting to get a green it's well it's coming out as green well it's actually peeling or discoloring the black rod blank look. Ifished this rod like correct. This is my workhorse. And it's its just a great ride. They still made them with. This old-style graphite blank but the new. One is awesome — I really like them. They want to have to do a video on. That I'm a big Fenwick fan. Ihave five or six Fenwick rods. You know they don't have the. Ilike Saint CROs -. Some st croix tend to be pricey. Whenever I get a really pricey rod inevitably. These things aren't as fragile anyway that's. If you're gonna do some pike fishing and.

    You want a decent rod for a decent price in fact the new HMG is 90 bucks so. You pair that with. This was $100 reel but. You know we get a $200 outfit that's gonna last. You a long time it's still quality. You know you don't have to spend $500 to get a quality set up so yes. Ihighly recommend if you're going to be out piped fishing and pick. One of these up and I'll do a video on the newer. You can see that looks like. All right happy fishing.

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    Fenwick® Elite Tech™ Bass Casting Rod

  • Perfected actions designed for bass fishing
  • Durable, lightweight titanium frame guides
  • ECA and TAC handle for solid grip in wet conditions
  • The Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rods are some of the lightest, most comfortable bass rods ever created. Featuring perfected actions for bass techniques, these rods sport graphite blanks for a precise balance of power and sensitivity. Sturdy titanium frame guides deliver increased durability while reducing rod weight. Innovative EVA and TAC handle provides a solid, comfortable grip in wet conditions. Hidden-handle-design reel seat combines comfort and function. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    More information and current price. Iincluded this product link in the description fennel a li tech base casting rods. If you're into flipping and pitching you really can't go wrong with. These rods fennel actually designed the first rods. That specifically used. This technique it shows inthis rods excellent construction. This is a bit higher priced option but. If you're serious about your fishing you still won't mind the modest investment into. This rod which will quickly become an essential piece of hardware the pole is preposterous Lee lightweight which will save your wrists. And hands a great deal of trouble. While you're engaging in. More active forms of angling if. You pair it with a lightweight casting reel as well. You are set up for the perfect day. And your extremities will have no complaints the next day the fennel le tech rods are made by bass fisherman for bass fishermen. This specialization combined with high quality makes. This line of rods an absolute dream for those whose blood runs with a desire to catch the biggest. And strongest bass I have included. This product link in the description. You can check out that link for more details. And latest price thank. You so much for watching please subscribe my channel share. This video and don't forget to hit the like button

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    G.Loomis E6X Salmon Casting Rods

  • Each model is tailored to a specific salmon-fishing technique
  • Multi-Taper Technology leaves the rods light yet powerful
  • Graphite handles, double-locking Fuji reel seats and Fuji guides
  • Regardless of your preferred salmon-fishing techniques, the G.Loomis E6X Salmon Casting Rod Series has the rod for you. Multi-Taper Technology keeps the rods light yet more than powerful enough for heavy currents and all water depths. Rods are completed with lightweight graphite handles, double-locking Fuji® reel seats and Fuji guides for extreme durability.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys JP DeRose were still in our land oh we're still at ICAST 2018. And I'm in front of the G Looms booth. You know we're northerners. We steel head these guys took care of. This year east 6x has completely redesigned their steel head lineup so. This is a salmon steel head setup. And we've got nine models. That are spinning, but they've got new sleek design handles on them. You can see the way the handles are very comfortable in your hands so. If you're using spinning setups perfect scenario. And we've got casting as well. They cover techniques. Everything from hot shot back bounce drift flow. And bottom bounce I mean you're really covered nice thing is nine spinning rods five casting models. Everything from a medium light. All the way up to a medium heavy so. If you're a guy looking to get in on. That fall chinook run we've got. You know one hundred. And twenty inches so twelve foot heavy power rod. Or medium heavy if you're a guy fishing ditches.

    And want a shorter nine-footer fishing four pound leader we've got. That for you too so. Something you got to check out new East 6x steel head for this year.

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    G.Loomis E6X Mag Bass Casting Rods

  • Lightweight, sensitive E6X graphite blanks
  • Full cork grips enhance balance
  • Fuji exposed-blank trigger reel seats provide control
  • Boasting E6X graphite construction that maximizes sensitivity, G.Loomis' E6X Mag Bass Casting Rods are ideal for bumping off the bottom and feeling the softest mouths. Full cork grips feature Fuji® exposed-blank trigger reel seats that maximize control. Durable Fuji guides.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® Johnny Morris CarbonLite™ 2.0 Casting Rod

  • Carbon Coil Technology
  • RT4 Graphite blank
  • A line ID system built into the rod butt
  • Durable Fuji FaZlite guides
  • Comfortable, non-slip Winn grips
  • Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further than Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite 2.0 Casting Rod. They're built with Carbon Coil Technology™, an advanced construction process that creates a double-helix configuration of materials for structural reinforcement. Made with RT4 Graphite, developed for the avid tournament angler, rod blanks are light and also very sensitive, so anglers can use them with confidence – even with a win on the line. Other features include a line ID system that allows anglers to keep track of and easily identify the line weight used on each rod and reel setup. Fuji FaZlite® guides further enhance weight reduction. The CarbonLite 2.0 Casting Rod uses Winn® grips to deliver the ultimate in comfort, reducing stress in your hands and body leading to longer more accurate casts as the day goes on. A skeletonized Air reel seat improves sensitivity by maximizing blank exposure.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length. 


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Denali Bottom Feeder Catfish Casting Rods

  • Rock-solid E-glass construction takes on massive cats with ease
  • Extremely durable nonceramic, never-fail guides
  • EVA-foam split-grip handle combats hand fatigue
  • Take on the biggest shovel-headed monsters around with Denali's Bottom Feeder Catfish Casting Rods. Rock-solid E-glass construction handles monsterous cats with ease and is complimented by nonceramic, never-fail guides. New EVA-foam split-grip handle with a fighting grip combats hand fatigue during intense battles.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    G.Loomis NRX Casting Rods

  • 15% lighter and up to 20% stronger than the GLX
  • Incredible accuracy, power and sensitivity
  • Super-lightweight components
  • Fuji SiC titanium and single-foot REC guides
  • The new benchmark in casting rods. For years the GLX was the standard by which all high-performance rods were judged. Now there is a new king. The NRX series is the lightest, strongest and most sensitive rods G.Loomis has ever built. Constructed using higher modulus graphite paired with a state-of-the-art Nano Silica Matrix resin system, these rods are at least 15% lighter, 15% stronger and more impact-resistant than equivalent-power GLX rods. Put one in your hand and you'll experience the highest levels of accuracy, power and sensitivity. These are the absolute best bass rods you can buy. Each incorporates the finest components, including super-lightweight skeleton reel seats, grips and guides selected specifically for this series. Hybrid guide configuration with Fuji® SiC titanium frame (stripper plus two) and single-foot REC® recoil guides. High density (HD) cork grips increase sensitivity, are more durable and lighter in weight than A-grade cork. Includes custom rod sock. Covered by G.Loomis' limited lifetime warranty.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey you tubers thank. You for taking in too crazy for Lula's today it's been ages since I've done. Any reviews made any videos for you guys so it's been about two months. It feels like a long time. And I'm glad to get back to. It so it feels pretty good to get back into doing a review for years. And you know this particular review is on my absolute favorite rod. That I own that I've actually ever used so. You know remember when. Ifirst purchased this rod. Igot it for an absolutely fantastic price a friend of mine down at a fishing store actually recommended. This rod to me I was actually going in to buy a. Ithink it was Eva st Croix rod. Or it was Eva wanted. Iwas interline rods. Where the line itself travels through the middle of the blank. And yeah you know he didn't have those particular ones there. And he said you know. What you just got to try out. This particular rod. Because it's its by far. One of the better ones after fishing with. It for the last about say two years. Ican honestly say that. This is by far the most sensitive rod I've ever used it's. One of the strongest rods I've ever used as well. And it's also incredibly like. Ithink they're three of the characteristics. That you'd been looking for when. You do make purchase. And you know decide. Whether to open up your wallet.

    And go with that particular rod. You know it's always scary. When you walk into a fishing store. And you want to invest into a fishing rod. That you know cost of cost a bit. Now it is a really worthwhile to spend. That extra bit of money to be able to get. That performance and an action. And feel from the rod. Because you know obviously. When you're out there spending. That much time on the water. You want to be enjoying what you're doing and enjoying you know pulling in those fish. Or even just working laws. While you're out there so yeah. It was a scary thing but at the end of. It I'm real pleased. That I did make the decision. And said yes to him. He gave me a fantastic price. And I do not regret. It at all so first of. All let's start off by letting you know. That it has one I cast 2010 10 Awards for the best of show for the best freshwater rod category okay.

    Now the most important thing about a fishing rod is by far not. Even close the construction of the blank. And and what they put into. That blank so not only the materials are the resin. That they use the graphite / carbon. That they use it's also got to do with the process in the curing and. And how they cook. That product in the oven. How the whole process to give. You the end result which is the blank itself so guys were in terms of the blank. If for anyone who doesn't know pretty much the blank is the section the tubular section of the fishing rod without. Any other components on. It so I'm talking about. This section here okay the stick itself okay. This tubular section. That slowly gets thin without the guides okay so that's just a blank here without. Any of these things here on. It and without the reel see the handle there. And without yet these sections here the cork. That you see there pretty much.

    Now it's one of those components of the rod. That unfortunately if a company did want to skimp on the quality of. It you know aesthetically. You cannot tell you know just by looking at. It you can't tell whatsoever. How strong the rod is. How sensitive it is as well. You know how well. It feels you know that. When you use. It and fish it as well okay but after extensive use with. It like I said I've owned. It for about two years. And I use it actually very often. And it's my absolute go to spinning rod okay. This particular model here is its the baby in the range of the nrx spinning series it's called the it's a six-foot eight medium okay the model is called 8 0 2 s JW r which is the jigging worm edition alright so.

    When you're using jigs. And worms its very much it's obviously a lot. More finesse than say crank bathing dirt bathing and also things like. You know it's definitely. More finesse than say for example a classification of an umbrella rig rod as well so. It is the baby it is the lightest version. When I say light I don't just mean physically light I'm talking about. How much strain and weight. It can take and its line rating as well so let's go into the technical side of. It and let's have a chat about the numbers. All right so the taper itself it's an extra fast taper. What taper means is. If I go is I zoom out for you here. And we look all the way at the front at the tip of the rod extra fast means. That as the rod itself is under load. Or fishes on it taper. Or action means how far up the tip the rod wants to bend the. Most so if you've got a very fast action. What that means is. That it's incredibly a springy. And pliable and bendy at the tip.

    All right guys if you've got a slow action. Or moderate action it ultimately means. That about in the middle of the rod so from. This section to the tip about in the middle of. It is where it wants to do its bending as opposed to wanting to bend. More so at the tip alright so extra bias is pretty much means very bendy at the tip okay that's. Where the blank itself wants to primarily will Bend. All right its line weight rating is six to ten pounds meaning. That you know these rod companies give. You a rating where if. You would put on a certain line. You know how much weight. It can actually take so. If they recommend about six to ten pounds worth of line okay something's going to give guys so it's. Even going to be the line breaks. You hook get straightened out. Or you know you're not fallen out. If you have inside them properly. Or the worst-case situation is. That your rod snaps okay so.

    If by chance you put on heavier line what's going to happen is. That the line is stronger. Then what the rod can take as. It bends and the rod itself is going to snap. Now I actually use around about thirty pound line on. This now the style of fishing. That III do I have to put on a very thick line okay but it's just a testament to the fact. That this particular rod can handle weights. And and the pressure of a really heavy fish at the end. And at the end of the line as well it's never failed. I and it's got a really strong backbone as well so. This bottom tip here of the blank it's incredibly strong okay so. You get a very fast tip very bendy tip so it's very sensitive down. That end and then you get an incredibly strong mid to rear to mid section here as well okay so giving you. That power to then the leverage to be able to really pull in.

    That particular fish. That you're trying to fight with alright so the law wait so the recommend lower weight is a. One eighths of an ounce to a quarter of an ounce guys are on. You know weights around about. That night I certainly throw heavier weights in. That as well in the rod can take. It in terms of the guide system itself okay the guide system is there're eight guides. And then plus one tip so nine into. This particular color is considered the blue. They have a green color. Where the whole blank itself okay is completely. This sort of it's a green color. This color blue it's a natural color of the blank with. These are blue bits here with those blue accents.

    All right all the way for. Each guide alright next step would be the handle length itself is 14 inches okay 14 inches long for this particular model alright so going back to the blank. Now the blank where it's really special. And why I feel it's by far the best blank. And the best fishing rod I've ever owned. And used actually is the fact. That G Looms the nrx series is there a premiere range of fishing rods they've put in absolutely. All of the technology. And knowledge that. They have throughout their the whole history of the company. And they've been able to work out. What goes right and. What goes wrong and they're put in. All the best things. That they could into. This particular rod with. This blank itself it's incredible. It featured incredibly expensive. And a high modulus graphite okay so high modulus carbon okay so very strong carbon along with. Most importantly 3m matrix resin so.

    What the resin is in the blank there scan there's ultimately two major parts of a blank it's the material side. And then it's the glue side so the resin is the glue. That melts and sticks. And bonds those fibers together creating the blank itself okay, so they've actually. You know three as a company. That makes adhesives. And different sort of epoxies. And resins and then. And those sort of materials, so they've employed 3m to come on board. And supply them the resin for this particular blank. Now other companies do use. This 3m matrix resin as well. It is a very expensive resin so yeah but gee Looms have perfected. It with this particular blank in my view it's by far the best blank on the market actually okay next step would be moving into we'll start from the bottom in. And we'll go up okay, so we've actually we'll start with the okay we'll start with the bottom so at the bottom here we've got the grip so here's going to be your real seat here.

    And then along here is going to be your grip so it's a split grip meaning. That the blank is exposed here. You then get a at the bottom here. Where your the butt of the grip would be is a composite cork here. And then moving on to a very premium cork. That they use for the rest of the rest of the handle there moving on to. That composite again split grip composite. And then moving on to. That cork that I was speaking of before okay. Now the real seat itself here it's quite a cool design. Ireally like it I was a bit at first. When I saw I was like. Idon't know how well it's going to work the feet of your real so your spin real is here the feet come up. And then go into these sections here. And then you just tighten. It on like so it's quite a flat sort of design with a hump there. That pretty many hugs the feet of your real. Ithink you know a lot of like real seats. Now they design them with a skeleton design which means a gap here. And the only thing that's really transmitting the vibrations up the rod is really.

    That section here that like those bits of the real seat on there on to the real feet out feet. And then into your real so you're feeling it here okay but with. This section here the real feet is completely set on. That completely all the way pretty much so against. That cork they're giving you. Ifeel more better sensitivity so. If I just unscrew that's. What it would look like for you. All right and then putting. That back on lining. That up there and that's. How you'd apply your real. All right very comfortable to hold as. You using it there soon. All right so you're going to get a tie there on. That side so as you're you're holding the rod like. This it's going to be located on the left-hand side moving on here you're going to get those blue accents there.

    Where it's quite different with. This particular rod. You know most rod companies are going to put their logo. And the information on top there it's actually on. If you're holding it here it's actually on the right-hand side looking at. It like so you've got your G looms logo there that's their new sick fish logo by to zoom into. This section here hopefully. That focus is for you nrx 8 0 to s jig. And worm 6 foot 8 extra fast action medium power alright. And those things that I've talked about before those ratings there with the line are the line there. And the low rating they're nrx written there alright lastly medium power. What that means is as you're pulling it. How much resistance the total blank has so the rod itself. How much it wants to bend okay so a soft power. Or a light power meaning. That all been heats easily medium obviously medium.

    And heavy or extra heavy means as you're pulling it's going to be harder for the rod to bend okay the action. Once again extra fast has got to do with not. How hard it is to bend the rod but. Where abouts in the blank the rod primarily wants to bend which extra fast means. Once again guys just recapping it's going to be at the tip. That it wants to primarily Bend. All right so nearly done. Iwanted to be obviously vary in depth with. This review guys so yeah we're going to go through. Everything today the guides itself. This is where it gets a bit special for this particular rod the guide system itself okay features a hybrid system meaning.

    That they have a Fugees titanium si guides so titanium frame around there. And that black ring inside is a silicon carbide ceramic bit there silicon carbide is pretty much the industry-leading standard for about last 10 years. Or so it's pretty much. What most premium rods feature well their guide system features anyways it's. One of those materials. That are incredibly hard you've got to be a bit careful. If you do throw your rod down on a hard surface you've got a chance of being able to crack. That particular ring inside there. Because it is such a hard material as well. And you'll generally find. That once you crack. It your line or braid is going to be tearing against. That and you'll be losing fishing that's. One of the reasons why ok. You can put in like a cotton buds into there I'll run them around there.

    And they should hook up in. Any cracks there guys so that's its a good way to be able to identify. If you do have any sort of cracks within your guide system then. All right so like I said hybrid guide system. What that means is. That the first is going to be titanium si silicon carbide second one's going to be the same thing titanium sick third one's going to be titanium sick. And then the next five are going to be which. Idon't have on here but I'll get into. That in just a second it's going to be let's have a look here sorry just give. Me a moment it's going to feature a jealous recoil guide. All right guys I'm not a fan of recoil guides I've used them for a year.

    And a half and I ended up replacing them with titanium si guides. And I'll go into why all right so. Iabsolutely love the rod. And but I overtime. Iactually got these replaced with like. Isaid titanium silicon carbide. Now what recoil guides are. They are the brand of. It is our EC recoil black ion coded nickel titanium guides so recoil meaning. That it's like a little a string of off of. That material that. Ijust mentioned and. It folds like that creating a little hole like a guide system there okay. Now these recoil guides. If you were to bend. It and then flip it. And let it go it would pop back into its original position okay bend. It enough guys over time they're going to snap okay. Now the reason why they use. One two three four and five recoil guides okay the last. One is still a titanium si tip alright guys so yeah it's only five recoil guides but the reason why they use.

    That guys is it's incredibly light but. Anything that bends okay is susceptible to less vibration transmitting through. This particular blank that's my viewpoint on. It if it's able to bend there's less chance of. That being obviously incredibly hard. And being able to transfer. Any vibrations from the line up into the blank okay from the line to the guide up into the blank down. All the way to your hands. That you're feeling with okay but so the reason why I changed them over is. Because I won they're incredibly noisy. And — I broke one of them after. Iwent like that and then let go. It just went snap so then. Ichanged one of them. And then after a while. Ithink I broke another. One and I'm really careful with. All my products guys.

    And it's one of those things. That I was quite disappointed. And I really wanted to give. These these titanium recoil sorry yeah titanium nickel titanium recoil guides a go but unfortunately. Ifished them for a year. And a half and I ended up having to change them. Or two to this system here so on my particular rod I've customized. It and I turned them. All to titanium Si guides alright so just to end the review. Iknow it's been a long review. And I really appreciate. You guys sticking around to hear. It all but if you guys are wondering whether. Or not to make you know plunging and then. And go ahead with buying excuse. Me buying one of these rods do. It because like I said I've fished a lot of fishing rods. Some really premium ones okay a lot of them really premium ones but.

    Nothing as close as. This is to end the review the best fishing rod. Ihave ever even had the privilege of using alright guys alright, so I'll leave. You to it if you have. Any comments please let. Me know below if you liked the video give. Me a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel as well. Iknow it's been a really long review but I'd get. It for you know in a situation. Where you really need to get in depth with. This particular rod. And have a closer look at. All components as well guys I'll catch is around next time stay tuned for more reviews I'll be doing a whole heap in the next month. Or so all right so yeah I'll leave. You thought happy kitchen go see is bye.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Pro Qualifier® 2 Casting Rod

  • RT3 Graphite blank with Powerwall Construction
  • Lightweight EVA split grips reduces weight
  • Two-piece minimalist reel seat improves sensitivity
  • Fuji guides with aluminum-oxide inserts for smooth line flow
  • The Bass Pro Shops' Pro Qualifier 2 Casting Rod is constructed using exclusive RT3 graphite with Powerwall Construction. This construction process creates strong, structurally enhanced rod blanks all with reduced wall thickness. The reduction in blank wall material minimizes the overall rod weight while enhancing sensitivity, making long days of casting more productive and enjoyable. A two-piece minimalist reel seat improves sensitivity by maximizing blank exposure. Lightweight EVA grips with X-wrap enhance comfort and performance under any conditions. Fuji guides with aluminum oxide inserts allow for smooth line flow. Finally, a split-grip handle design reduces weight even further and provides greater control when casting. All three-piece rods come with a nylon rod sock, and embroidered rod tube – a $19.99 value.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Alright guys so tight wobble. One today first fish I'm switched up to a lipless crank like a TIE fighter tiger color tiger fire color. Whatever it is not a bad bass right there let's see. How much she weighs. And get her back in the water as quick as possible zero. It out 25 pretty awesome fish right there. Imean it's not a hog by. Any means but very glad. It very cold water fish. All right so not bad for the first fish of the day only been out here for about a half hour let's see. What else we can get guys let's let her go. This right here is the bait. That I'm using it's the strike king right. Ibelieve this fire tiger color. Icould be wrong but um it's. What I'm using it's a half-ounce cast super nice I'm using it on my new pro qualifier to seven foot medium heavy. Igot a pro qualifier to reel on here which is a. It 7-5 one gear ratio that's pretty quick right there it's great actually for fishing on shore. Or on the bank like. That with a little as crank. You want to fish those pretty quick, so they're not digging in the weeds. All the time tell you a little bit about. This poor qualifier — really quick. Ialready had a rod same exact rod 7-foot medium heavy fast action rod.

    They Bass Pro Shop just put on sale the combo. Icouldn't pass it was a $120 for the combo. This is a $200 combo. Ibelieve you buy them together normally they're about 150 mm 160 bucks so. Imean technically I saved around 40 bucks. Whatever but it's still an awesome deal for a great ride really liking the way the pro qualifier 2 is it's so smooth. And it's so light I cannot believe. How balanced this rod. And reel is I have my other. One my rod with a pro qualifier the original. And it's its definitely a little heavier. You can definitely feel. This has the body of like a carbon light a 20. And very similar to. If not basically the same body so. It really fits in your hand cupped in your hand real nice as well so just a little bit. More about the rod and reel combo the rod itself has Fuji eyes makes casting very smooth pretty much no matter.

    What type of braid you're using whether you're using four strands. Or eight strands I'm casting is very smooth with. It I'm using eight strand right. Now bps line man I gotta get hooked up for those guys. Iuse a lot of EPS products anyways so the reel itself is a seven bearing reel on the 20 carbon light is a. Ibelieve it's a ten bearing reel I'd have to do a little research on where the bearings are to see. It makes a real big difference but. One of actually I have two of those as well so far. Both actually feel just as nice just as smooth, so I'm sure the bearings do make a difference but. How noticeable I don't know the carbon light 20 has a carbon fiber handle which makes. It a little bit lighter let. You right now you're not going to notice a difference. This is pretty light especially compared to the old pro Qualifier hope. You guys liked the review don't forget to check out the links at the end of my videos thanks for watching and as always fish on

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    Fenwick® World Class Casting Rods

  • 3M Powerlux blanks deliver Fenwick's top strength-to-weight ratio
  • Chip-resistant marbled cork split-grip handles
  • Fuji K guides with alconite inserts
  • Fuji reel seats
  • Fenwick's World Class Casting Rods are in a class of their own. 3M Powerlux® 500 resin blanks disperse tension evenly under load for exceptional strength without added bulk or weight. Marbled cork split-grip handles are more chip-resistant than traditional cork for longevity. Fuji® reel seats and stainless steel Fuji K guides with alconite inserts. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You send Wiccan we've got. Some great products here brand-new for 2013 for Fenwick. You know I got the small mouse series. All those but even better yes so. This is our new series called the a tous couple things. Ireally like about. This rod one is it's. One of the most comfortable rods I've ever fished with, so we've done. Something unique here we're using what we call a tack material yeah. That does is it really gets a little bit tacky. It gets wet it allows. You to just have no slip on your rod. Ithink you'll really like. You get greedy we've also done a Fuji skeleton reel seat here. And really just helped to eliminate the weight. These are definitely. Some of the most lightweight rods on the market today well. Iknow also from my research the guides have been improved here to tell. Me about those yes so. One of the most common problems. That we've we get returns on with rods is the guide inserts popping out right so. What we've done is we've done a deep pressed titanium frame guide. And basically you know it's just gonna make. That guide a lot more durable you're not going to have the inserts popping out. You know things happen well. When you're either slide. It in the rod holder. Or definitely you laid. It out on the deck something somebody bumps. It steps on and so just with the titanium. Imean that's just a very high quality material. And just makes these things bulletproof well spinning bait cast. Whatever many different series do. They so we've got 26 different actions on. This series so you can't find the rod that's right for you.

    That lineup you know. You need to back up start well Casey thanks so much.

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    Berkley® E-Cat Casting Rods

  • Super-tough E-Glass blank construction
  • Stainless steel guide frames and aluminum-oxide inserts
  • Solid full-cork handles
  • Tame big catfish with power to spare. The legendary Berkley E-Cat Casting Rod's super-tough E-Glass blank construction with stainless steel guide frames and aluminum-oxide inserts deliver the backbone to out muscle cats. Solid full-cork handles ensure a secure connection between you and the rod.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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