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  Harris Pivoting Bipod Caldwell® Nonpivoting XLA Bipod BLACKHAWK!® Sportster™/TraverseTrack™ Bipods Caldwell® AR Prone Bipod Vanguard Pivoting Bipod Caldwell® M-LOK®/KeyMod XLA Bipod Caldwell® Accumax Premium Pic Rail Bipod TAPCO Vertical Grip Bipod Caldwell® Bipod Pivot Lock Caldwell® Accumax™ Premium Carbon Fiber M-LOK/KeyMod Bipod
 Harris Pivoting BipodCaldwell® Nonpivoting XLA BipodBLACKHAWK!® Sportster™/TraverseTrack™ BipodsCaldwell® AR Prone BipodVanguard Pivoting BipodCaldwell® M-LOK®/KeyMod XLA BipodCaldwell® Accumax Premium Pic Rail BipodTAPCO Vertical Grip BipodCaldwell® Bipod Pivot LockCaldwell® Accumax™ Premium Carbon Fiber M-LOK/KeyMod Bipod
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Harris Pivoting Bipod

Same features as the standard Ultralight but with the added bonus of allowing the rifle to pivot. The pivoting function is imperative when shots are taken on uneven ground (which is most of the time in the hunting fields). Folds under barrel for easy storage and packability but deploys for instant use. Extends 6" to 9" Standard Legs (Bench Rest) "S" Series (Swivels).

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Caldwell® Nonpivoting XLA Bipod

  • Built of sturdy, lightweight aluminum
  • Telescoping legs
  • Mounts to almost any gun
  • This bipod mounts to almost any gun with a front sling stud. Its base is padded to protect the gun finish. Built of sturdy, lightweight aluminum with soft, quiet rubber feet. When not in use, legs fold forward, parallel to the barrel. Touch a button and they spring down to the shooting position. Telescoping legs adjust in length and are notched for easy indexing to a specific height. Sling connects under bipod base.
    • 6" to 9"
    • 9" to 13"
    • 13" to 23"
    • 13-1/2" to 27"

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    BLACKHAWK!® Sportster™/TraverseTrack™ Bipods

    Combines traversing and pivoting action in a field-proven bipod design. Smoothly track and quickly acquire targets with its horizontal traverse. The pivoting action offers level shooting by swiveling side to side, easily compensating for uneven terrain. Quick-adjust lever lock. High-strength, spring-return telescoping tubular legs. Easy attachment to swivel stud. Durable all-metal construction.
    • 6"-9"
    • 9"-13"
    • 13"-23"

    Hey YouTube just making this video tonight following up in my series of review of the hardware. Ipurchased for my 308 rifle I'm sorry. It has taken this long to make. This last video but I've had. Some bad fish a couple days ago. And it's taken me a couple days to get over. And my dog died that was rough as well but anyways back to. What we're here for I wanted to do. This review tonight on my Blackjacks Sportster bipod. Ipurchased from a savage 308. Ipurchased this bipod. Ipurchased I bought. It but a little bit cheaper. What I had originally planned paid for a bipod. One of the reasons why I went ahead. And bought because uh. Iknew the Blackjack brand was a good reliable brand like. They make good quality stuff. Iwas kinda hoping this bipod followed in. That a good quality nature at the Blackjack brand ass. And for the most part. It is a good quality bipod. You can just look at. And kind of tail that it's pretty well put together it's kind of rugged feeling but. Icome to realize this bipod was not designed for a higher caliber round. What I mean by that is uh. It would be perfect for a 22. Or 17 HMR something around. That size rifle just. Something small to kind of play around with maybe do. Some small game like varmint hunting with but. Nothing big like a 308.

    One of a rifle of that caliber the reason why I say. Because the way this bipod works. Several moving parts on. When did the legs fold which standard on. All by pods one pivots in the cradle here. This cradle here the rifle will pivot from side to side. And sway and then the legs extend from six inches down to nine inches. And that's basically. All the movement that you're going to have out of. This box I first put. And was just kind of testing and see. It would fit I just feel comfortable. And whatnot it was. All working great I tightened up the pivot so. It would it was dead-on. It was working great. And World War two Jacks got out to shoot.

    And on the same day. Itested those NATO rounds. We shot about 10 to 15 rounds. Inoticed it started to sway in. This harness rocky and the harness like. If the pivot adjuster had started to loosen but. Ichecked it was still as tight as. Ihad originally had. It tightened to I just tightened. It as much as I could keep shooting and. It was just still kind of pivoted a little bit. And then the harness. And then at one point. And World War two Jacks. We can be moved. It up towards the targets. Iwent ahead I extended the legs out to. This nine inch there nine inch extension. Ilay down to test and fired two shots. And on the second shot. Iguess the force of the bullet exiting the rifle. It triggered the release button here.

    It triggered it the leg came back up in. And went back to its six-inch position which caused the rifle to dip like so. That was a bit of a surprise. Iwent ahead I pulled the leg back on out fired again the same thing happened so. It will it's been a good bipod but. Iwould not try to rely on. It too much with a high caliber rifle as. You can tell the bipod is still on my rifle. One of the reasons why is. Because as of right. Idon't have a gun safe. Or a gun cabinet and it's convenient to have the bipod so. That the rifles not just laying in a corner in my room. And it's actually kind of hood up so to speak. And it's I have for now. It is shortened up into the 6-inch position.

    It does a well enough job. Imean it's not like. Isaid it'll pivot a little bit in the harness but it's not too bad of a pivot. Ihave to take the bipod off but. Iget the chance I'm going to pick up. Something that it'll cost. Me a little more but it'll be it'll be worth. It but yeah that's that's the black hawks Forster good for small caliber rifles but. You start getting to the bigger caliber then that's. You can't really save too much money but um appreciate. You guys watching this video hit. That thumbs up button like. It hit the share button show. All your friends I really appreciate. You guys share the video. You liked it leaves a comment about. What you thought about. This video comment about. And leave some questions about those my papa. You want and tell what you might want to see in an upcoming video I'm always open to suggestions but uh like said really appreciate the views. That subscribe button. And stay tuned for more but remember keep shooting god bless you.

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    Caldwell® AR Prone Bipod

    With a quick-detach, Picatinny-rail-mounted swivel base this bipod provides a rapid-deploying, rock- solid platform for precision shooting. Its built-in pivoting system delivers pivot and cant ability for maximum mobility without repositioning. Unique internal spring system is low-profile and extremely quiet. Fast and secure adjustment mechanism doesn’t wobble and allows for quick height adjustment. Rubber feet for solid contact points on most surfaces. Lightweight anodized-aluminum construction.
    Weight: 10.5 oz.
    Min.-Max. height adjustment: 7.5" - 10".
    Colors: Black, Desert Tan.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Vanguard Pivoting Bipod

  • Quick-disconnect system for easy installation and removal
  • Includes additional attachment point for a second rifle
  • Pivots and swings for tracking moving game
  • Rubber and spiked feet grip a variety of surfaces
  • Vanguard's Pivoting Bipod gives you exceptional stability, accuracy and versatility in the field. Quick-shoe system uses a Picatinny rail attachment point, letting you install or remove the bipod in seconds, and comes with an extra rail for easy bipod attachment on multiple rifles. 0° to 5° tilt and -30° to 30° swing allow you to easily track moving animals or targets. Buffer spring reduces shock and vibration. Feet convert from metal spikes to rubber for nonslip stability on a variety of surfaces.
    Available: 6"-10" (adjusts from 7" to 10"; Wt: 0.7 lbs), 11"-28" (adjusts from 12" to 28"; Wt: 0.96 lbs.).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    That's Steve with desert dwellers. And today we're going to be talking about shooting sticks okay watch my video last week taking it with my 18 here the excite to HD on. This rifle Moss berg bolt-action 2 to 3 with suppressor bipod full magazine. Now without the t65 eliminator. This is 14 pounds still very heavy, so I'm out there. And I'm trying to hold steady trying to get. This rabbit and I miss his ass. And mrs s like four. Or five times okay so trying to hold a heavy group heavy rifle up off hand. It is not easy so I bought. Me Vanguard the be 62 Scout bipods okay right here hey well it's a shooting stick house it'll be necked. Ido put the rifle in. It swivels left-right legs have adjuster. Now this ain't gonna be fast but there're three steps to. It four segments all together. And there's still a little step. Because it's brand-new anyway. This thing will reach up to like 62 inches. Imean you can see it's higher. Then the camera so I could probably. Even stand and shoot with.

    This stuff one more — but. Ithink I'm gonna try kneeling instead. Or maybe from a chair from here but anyway yeah. All you got to do is go back up little wands mmm still not high enough second set let's see you've got a bunch of junk in the way okay so that's. How that's gonna set. And then to rifle now at. This point I won't have the bipod on. It on the rifle butt. You just set it in like. That and you can swill ball oh yeah look at. That much better now. That 14 pounds of this rifle as. You can see I'm just kind of balancing it but it's holding 14 pounds right there so. Ihave no worries about. This thing at all that the legs has a little strap in. It you would you can't quite see I'll show. You in a moment it's gonna work great I'm gonna make a lot easier as. You watch the video trying to hold. This rifle up for not. Even all day, and we're talking just maybe thirty minutes. All together over a course of maybe three hours my left arm was so sore. All the way up into my neck here's the little leg straps to keep him from going out too far.

    And it's adjustable so. You can do it wherever. You want so yeah the vanguard. Now any cheating sticks will work. You know some people want the monopole which basically is just. One leg but I figure. Icould just do that here by just keeping one of these clothes down yeah let's do. That now it's a model PO like they're shooting stick no big bill I'd rather have the devil give. Me a little more brace got. It off Amazon like $35 so price was definitely right. I and my brother bought him cuz. He had this heavy ar-15. Now he shoots with the suppressor, so we're gonna get. These out and filled hopefully next week. And give you guys a little bit.

    More video on how. It works and how its handling but. You can see it's holding up 14 pounds of rifle right there that's not too bad I'm happy about. It yeah thanks you for watching the videos thank. You for subscribing those who have. You haven't subscribed subscribe. If you do a more product stuff in the coming weeks. And months I'm they actually got a lot of stuff. Ihaven't shown you guys. Yet so hopefully we'll be seeing you again sometime thanks a lot. And have a good day buy.

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    Caldwell® M-LOK®/KeyMod XLA Bipod

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Quick-deployment legs extend with the touch of a button 
  • Twist-lock technology locks leg height
  • Sturdy and ready for all shooting situations, the Caldwell M-LOK/KeyMod XLA Bipods are the lowest-profile bipod mount available. Heavy-duty aluminum construction uses quick-deployment legs with soft rubber feet for enhanced stability. Legs deploy with the touch of a button. Twist-lock technology locks legs between notches or indexes to a specific height. Includes all hardware needed to securely fit to your rifle.
    Sizes: 6”-9”, 9”-13”.

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    Caldwell® Accumax Premium Pic Rail Bipod

  • Attaches to Picatinny rail
  • Quick-deployment carbon-fiber legs
  • Vertical twist-lock technology
  • Achieve maximum accuracy with your rifle with the Caldwell Accumax Premium Pic Rail Bipod. Attaches to a Picatinny rail for easy and secure lockup. Quick-deployment carbon fiber legs have vertical twist-lock technology to lock in specific heights. Leg angles adjust up to 180° with stainless steel push-button leg lock. Soft rubber feet enhance stability on a variety of surfaces. Lightweight for easy transport.
    • 6"-9" – Wt: 8.8 oz.
    • 9"-13" – Wt: 9.3 oz.
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    TAPCO Vertical Grip Bipod

    A great accessory for shooters already using a standard 4.25" Tapco Intrafuse™ vertical grip. Your grip fits into the top of the portable, removable bipod to stabilize long-range shots. You no longer have to remove your vertical grip to use a bipod. An included belt pouch can also be easily carried in your range bag. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Caldwell® Bipod Pivot Lock

    Caldwell's Bipod Pivot Lock makes it easy to make tool-free adjustments to your pivot-mount tension. Spring-loaded pull out lets you easily position the handle. Compatible with XLA® Pivot bipods as well as most other brands thanks to a 10-32 SAE threaded adapter.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Caldwell® Accumax™ Premium Carbon Fiber M-LOK/KeyMod Bipod

  • M-LOK/KeyMod rail mount
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Leg angle adjusts up to 180°
  • Swivel tension lever pivots head
  • Twist-locks adjust leg length
  • The Caldwell Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber M-LOK/KeyMod Bipod utilizes carbon fiber legs to keep weight to a minimum, while ensuring strength and durability. Leg angle adjusts up to 180°, using stainless steel, push-button leg locks. Twist-locks offer incremental leg-length adjustment to shoot from uneven terrain; and rubber feet offer non-slip contact with flat surfaces. Leg stops prevent overextension. This Accumax Premium carbon fiber bipod attaches to M-LOK® or KeyMod® handguards. A swivel tension lever pivots head to get on targets quickly.
    Size: 13".

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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