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  Cabela's Go-To Crappie Tubes Bass Pro Shops® Tender Tube® Cabela's 6" Go-To Salt Tube Bass Pro Shops® Double-Dipped Tubes Chompers® Ultra Tubes Gitzit Tournament Series Gitzit Tube Radical Glow Tube Zoom Salty Super Tube Cabela's Action Tail 1-3/4" Hard-Head Tube Bass Pro Shops® Bass Teaser™ Tube
 Cabela's Go-To Crappie TubesBass Pro Shops® Tender Tube®Cabela's 6" Go-To Salt TubeBass Pro Shops® Double-Dipped TubesChompers® Ultra TubesGitzit Tournament Series Gitzit TubeRadical Glow TubeZoom Salty Super TubeCabela's Action Tail 1-3/4" Hard-Head TubeBass Pro Shops® Bass Teaser™ Tube
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Cabela's Go-To Crappie Tubes

  • Accurately imitates minnows or small shad
  • Particularly deadly on crappie, panfish or trout
  • Ideal colors for clear or stained water
  • Bring the big bite to your line with our Go-To Crappie Tubes. These soft, flexible baits accurately imitate minnows or small shad with a darting action when jigged. Particularly deadly on crappie, panfish or trout. Ideal colors for clear or stained water. Per 20.
    Size: 1.5”.
    Colors: (001)Red/White (not shown), (002)Black/Chartreuse Sparkle, (003)Hot Pink/White, (004)Pearl (not shown), (005)Pumpkin Pepper/Chartreuse, (006)Pearl/Chartreuse (not shown), (007)Black/Chartreuse, (008)Red/Chartreuse Sparkle, (009)Orange/Chartreuse, (010)Glow/Black/Chartreuse, (011)Red Glitter/Chartreuse, (012)Silver Glitter/Pink, (013)Purple Glitter/Opaque Chartreuse, (014)Silver Glitter/Chartreuse, (015)Silver Glitter/Pearl, (016)Black/Red/Chartreuse, (017)Red/Yellow, (018)Opaque Chartruese Glow, (019)Red/Yellow, (020)Pink/White/Chartreuse.  
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® Tender Tube®

  • Salt-impregnated tube body
  • Pulsating tentacles
  • Fish hold the tube longer as they savor the salt
  • Our Bass Pro Shops Tender Tubes are impregnated with salt, so fish hold the lure longer to savor the tempting salt. Gives you more hook-setting time and a higher hookup ratio. 10 pack. Per 10.
    Size: 3.5".
    Color: (128)Rootbeer Candy.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    So we're going to target. And then we're going to go to bass pro shops. And we're going to go eat. Some lunch and I'm starving so. We just came back from target long to bass pro shops get my dad at present at buzz Jasper shop Oren did. You live all right thing really good. Ihave sugar on you only take like to become. It looks we right they weren't. That bad I don't know. It has sugar on it darken here thank. How nice of this place Lauren there the seats are big enough. You people they will fall elbows Lauren got. Some chicken tenders them out. Some huge fries I just got finished eating Oh.

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    Cabela's 6" Go-To Salt Tube

  • Designed to target deep lake trout and other predatory game fish
  • Tentacles move in the slightest currents
  • Salt-impregnated for added weight
  • Target deep lake trout and other predatory gamefish with our Go-To Salt Tube. Tentacles move in the slightest currents to deliver a lifelike appearance. Salt-impregnated for added weight. Per 5.
    Size: 6”.
    Colors: (030)Yellow, (031)Glow, (032)White, (033)Pearl.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® Double-Dipped Tubes

  • More tail action than an injected skirt
  • Thicker wall in the head position
  • Slower fall rate than an injected tube
  • Infused with salt and 8up scent
  • The Bass Pro Shops Double-Dipped Tube has more action in the tail than an injected skirt and has a thicker wall in the head portion, creating a slower fall rate and more durability than an injected tube. Infused with salt and 8up™ scent.
    Sizes: 3-1/2”. 6”.
    Colors: (927) Green Pumpkinseed.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Chompers® Ultra Tubes

    By loading a super-soft plastic with fish-attracting salt, Chompers® created a 4" lure that'll impress the most particular tube-bait flipper. Per 10.
    Colors: (008)Watermelon/Red Flake, (014)Pearl Pepper, (111)Salt & Pepper, (181)Watermelon Seed, (542)Green Pumpkin, (598)Black/Red Flake.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Gitzit Tournament Series Gitzit Tube

    With the Gitzit Tournament Series Gitzit Tube, be prepared to catch the same fish twice. The secret lies in this lure's attractants, which have won countless tournaments and set numerous records. It also gets better with use. As the lure is used, salts help break it down to release more attractants, which make fish uncommonly persistent. To release more of the ingredients, use a pocketknife or key to scratch the lure, or rub it in a fish's mouth or down its side. Excellent for fishing in clear or muddy water at a variety of depths year-round. Per 10.
    Sizes: 2-1/2”, 3-1/2”.
    Colors: (047)White, (071)Leech, (072)Lucky Green, (073)Leech/Gold, (074)Brown Craw.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    That we've we've come up with is our tournament series lures. Ican't tell you what's in. Idid you'd slap yourself on the forehead. And say oh geez what a good idea why didn't. Ithink of that but. You didn't I did so. You to try some of those sometime the advantage to. These is going to be. How persistent that fish is. He has to have that lure he'll spit. It out he'll come back. It again you'll look them he'll break the line you'll go back through again. And you'll catch the same bloody fish again it's an it's an amazing additive in here along with. All the salts and the colors. What we put in here is dark so there are no light-colored lures but there are greens there are browns there are blacks with gold sparkle. They have won more tournaments. And money for people around the country. They have taken more kids who couldn't fish. And turn them into kids. That started talking about being on the fishing circuit. They get older and it's given so much pleasure to retired people. And people who just love to get out. And fish the price on. These things is cheap they'll chase. Everything out of your tackle box before you're through. You to try them you ever want to get. Any information on them on our literature. All of our on our packaging or our phone numbers give. Is a call we can go over. This stuff and I'll put. You in the right direction. We don't want anybody buying stuff. That isn't going to give them a lot of fun so give them a try gets. Us are a wonderful product I'd like to talk to. You next maybe about.

    Some of our swim baits. That have been only developed about ten years ago but there's quite a following on those too. And there are some unique ways to fish those. Ithink you'd enjoy giving them a try thank you.

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    Radical Glow Tube

    It's like having two products in one: the day colors you need and a glow of the same color as the lighting changes or when the water darkens. Each color provides over 10 times the brightness and eight times the duration of conventional glow colorants. Can be recharged with natural sunlight or halogen lamps. Choose from various sizes to target everything from panfish to lake trout.
    Sizes: 3-1/2" (Per 5), 5" (Per 4).
    Color: (007)Natural/Green Glow.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Zoom Salty Super Tube

    A super-thick and super-tough hand-dipped version of Zoom’s original tube with the same legendary attraction. Use the 3-3/4" size on a tube head and work it over gravel and sandbars in rivers, or hopped to imitate gobies in the Great Lakes. Each is loaded with salt for extra attraction. Per 8.
    Size: 3-3/4".
    Colors: (025)Green Pumpkin, (054)Watermelon Red, (097)Rootbeer Pepper Green, (157)White Pearl Silver, (239)Green Pumpkin Blue.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You first one of the day just a little guy thought. Icome down three to two he's little choke. That tooI'm hoping to get. Some good small mouths out of here little guy right so. Ijust got this code of a fish look. How big he is he chomped on. That thing jump right on. That the tube man working beautiful nice can. Now base mice better angle. This is my second base of the day. Imean maybe third still working the tube I'm not turning away from them gettin pretty good bounce off of. It so seconds one of the day how's. It go everybody que vas here um hey Batson today. Iwant to go over the tubes. That I got from zoom well. Ididn't get up from them. And pick them up obviously have no affiliation with zoom no contract. Or nothing like that just use their products. And the tubes I went out the other day. Iwas aiming for some Smalley but. Iactually ended up catching about like a three pound large mouth on. This tube you do really well in small mouth like I've got a couple to pounders. Ibelieve so the way. Ihooked it up is I hooked. It up Texas rig again. And I put a slip shot. Or a slip sinker in the front of. It and pretty much. What I did was I threw. It into a brass bed. That was laying with the water. And I let it drift right past the grass fed. And that's when I gotta hit her. And I pulled it in but unfortunately. That dad didn't charge my camera so. Iwas only able to get little clips from the little bit of battery.

    Ihave left in my camera but other. Than that loom makes a great product. Imean I use their trick worms. Iuse their flukes there. They make great product but. These tubes are amazing up here in the Northeast cuz the small mouth will open. They kill them you can. You can drop shot these. You can swim them. If you get the right action get them to sway back. And forth um sometimes hit. Some right they kind of look like a sunny so a sunfish so other. Than that I mean I had a good day efficient in. That day so if. You like what you see subscribe down in the bottom like my video like. It obviously um and. Ihave more videos coming along the way so it's ba vasan.

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    Cabela's Action Tail 1-3/4" Hard-Head Tube

  • Wide body offers a larger profile
  • Flared tail creates lifelike movements
  • Drives panfish wild
  • Put Cabela's Action Tail Hard-Head Tube on your jighead for an afternoon of hassle-free, action-packed fishing. The soft, solid body puts a firm grip on the hook, so it won't slide down when you bring it through weeds. Its wide body offers a larger profile, and the flared tail creates lifelike movements that drive panfish wild. Per 15.
    Size: 1-3/4".
    Colors: (001)Black/Blue/Chartreuse, (002)Popsicle, (003)Firetiger, (004)Tennessee Shad, (005)Lemon Meringue, (006)Red/Pearl, (007)Chartreuse, (008)Red/Chartreuse, (009)Pearl/Chartreuse, (010)Blue/Pearl, (011)Pink/Yellow/Pearl, (012)Tennessee Shad/Chartreuse Sparkle, (013)Junebug/Chartreuse, (014)Silver Glitter/Pearl, (015)Purple Glitter/Opaque Chartreuse.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® Bass Teaser™ Tube

  • Smaller version of our Tender Tube
  • High-action tentacles
  • Seductive action at all times
  • Salt-impregnated
  • A smaller version of our Tender Tube®, the Bass Pro Shops Bass Teaser Tube is a must for northern fishermen looking to limit out on smallmouths, or any angler faced with the need to downsize. Its durable body features high-action tentacles that seductively wiggle on the fall and breathe on the pause, triggering quick strikes at any point in the retrieve. Salt-impregnated to hold the bite.
    Size: 2-3/4".
    Colors: (902)Black, (906)Orange Craw, (907)Ole Faithful.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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