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  Cabela's Magnum 40 Safe with E-Lock by Liberty Hornady® SnapSafe® Portable Lock Box Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault Liberty Centurion Gun Safe Browning® Droptine™ E-Lock 23-Gun Safe Browning® Hawg 49-Gun Safe Browning® Hell's Canyon 65-Gun Safe Snap Safe TSA Lock Box Cannon Director Series Safe Browning® Black Label Mark IV Gun Safe – 43 Long Guns Browning® Sporter Safes
  Cabela's Magnum 40 Safe with E-Lock by Liberty Hornady® SnapSafe® Portable Lock Box Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault Liberty Centurion Gun Safe Browning® Droptine™ E-Lock 23-Gun Safe Browning® Hawg 49-Gun Safe Browning® Hell's Canyon 65-Gun Safe Snap Safe TSA Lock Box Cannon Director Series Safe Browning® Black Label Mark IV Gun Safe – 43 Long Guns Browning® Sporter Safes
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Brand Liberty Liberty Cabela's Browning Browning Browning - Browning Hornady Browning Cannon
Weight - 340 lbs. 1,305 lbs. 1,055 lbs. 490 lbs. 910 lbs. - 630 lbs. - - -
Color - - Charcoal Grey with Feathered Edge Textured Charcoal - Tan - Hammer Gloss Gray Black. - Hammertone Deep Graphite.

Cabela's Magnum 40 Safe with E-Lock by Liberty

  • 2.5-hour fire protection at 1,200ºF
  • Palusol 7X heat-expanding door seal
  • Rugged 7-gauge, three-piece body boasts tanklike durability
  • External hinge allows you to open the door 180º for easy access
  • GX-450 Monster Mech offset handle offers smooth, secure lockup
  • Beautiful and Classic two-tone Gloss finish
  • The Cabela's Magnum safe is the best of the best. Featuring industry-leading fire protection and theft-stopping features, our Magnum Safe is a top-rated performer when it comes to protecting your firearms and valuables. Four layers of fireboard and a Palusol® 7X heat-expanding door seal provide 2.5 hours of protection at 1,200ºF. Ball-bearing hard plate around the lock thwart break-in attempts. Anti-pry tabs and 22 all-active 1.5"-dia. locking bolts prevent prying. Rugged 7-gauge, three-piece body boasts tank-like durability. External hinge allows you to open the door 180º for easy access, while the gear-driven GX-450 Monster Mech offset handle offers smooth, secure lockup. Pin-dot velour 4-in-1 Flex™ interior lets you choose the layout that suits your storage needs. Premium accessory door panel and jewelry door for additional storage options. Automatic interior light with Clearview™ LED wand lights. Includes PEET® dehumidifier. Features S&G's highest rated D-drive E-lock for quick and reliable entry. Includes Liberty's lifetime warranty on attempted break-in and fire. Made in USA.

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    Hornady® SnapSafe® Portable Lock Box

  • Provides secure storage
  • Opens with conventional key lock
  • Constructed with 16-gauge steel
  • Pry-resistant closure
  • Meets TSA airline guidelines
  • The SnapSafe Portable Lock Box from Hornady provides secure storage for handguns and other valuables. The SnapSafe opens with a conventional key lock, and a heavy steel cable secures the 16-gauge steel container to a variety of stationary objects at home or in a vehicle. A pry-resistant closure secures the contents from unwanted entry, and a thick foam interior protects the contents from nicks and dings. The SnapSafe Portable Lock Box can be used to keep your concealed carry weapon in your vehicle, or transported in luggage. Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines, and is CA DOJ certified. Comes with 2 keys.
    9.5"L x 6.5"W x 1.75"D.
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault

  • Biometric finger swipe remembers fingerprints for simple entry
  • Tamper alert lets you know if someone has tried to break in
  • Anti-pry technology stops unauthorized entry
  • 14-gauge steel mechanism and body
  • Ensure that you – and any others you choose – are the only ones that have access to your handgun with Liberty's HD-150 Smart Vault. Biometric finger swipe makes vault easy to open for those who have their fingerprint programmed to the safe, keeping all others out. Back-up key lock comes in handy if you ever forget your combination. Tamper-alert light lets you know if anyone has tried to break in. Anti-pry technology, 14-gauge steel body and heavy-duty steel mechanism keep ill-intending parties at bay. Interior lights make contents easy to see in low light. Angled front opening makes accessing contents simple. Cable lock secures safe to immovable objects. Runs on either the AC power option or a 9-volt battery (included). Five-year warranty. Made in USA.
    2.2"H x 12.4"W x 8.5"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    How's it going guys sheepdog 88 here and. Today we're doing another review and this review is gonna be on the liberty hdx 350 now this is one of the biometric. Safes that liberty offers which are pretty popular nowadays one they allow you to access your safe without having a key and then make it a lot quicker in. Order to get into your safe whether you have a firearm or any other. Valuables locked away but this one is huge this is their 350 this is a part of. Their defender series and i believe this is the biggest one they offer so you have plenty of room on the inside it does have a lot of cool features too which I'm going to talk about but starting off right here as you can see. Is the fingerprint scanner or the. Biometric scanner now the 350 allows you to store up to 30 different types of fingerprints now in the manual or in the. Instructions i do recommend storing the same fingerprints fingerprint more than. Once so what i do is i saved my same. Fingerprint on each finger my left hand. In my right hand i do that three times i enrolled it so that way i don't have to. Worry about it not recognize my fingerprint immediately so i did that so. Let me go out and open here just to show you the inside of it so right now i do have it plugged in it opens in one second it this does have a battery backup so if your power goes out in your. House or anything like that you could still access it with the battery it comes with a nine volt battery and you. Have a key to override it as well comes with two keys let's go ahead in take a. Look at the inside just so i could show you how much space you really have in here. All right so right now i got a pistol a. Spare magazine and a flashlight you noticed when it did open up right away it does have the lead light in orbital in order to light it up in there so right. Here also another cool feature is a drawer i don't have anything in there. Right now but you could put any kind of documents. Ids your passport jewelry anything like. That you do have a small drawer that's really not in the way it's kind of high. Here but it does slide back and forth. But look at the size of this thing i could easily fit two pistols in here right now i like i said you said one sig. P320 it's a medium sized pistol i. Got a spare mag got a flashlight right i. Had this set up for home defense but if you look back here a really cool feature that they added is a usb port with an. Led light on it so I'm able to charge something inside the safe locked away. Also they do give you two usb ports on. The outside to charge your cell phone or anything like that but just showing you. The size of this it's pretty big. And when this safe opens up here open it. Again just listen to how quiet it is so. It doesn't slam down i know there are. 250 oh there's smaller one when that door. Comes open it's pretty loud i mean it opens quick which is nice but if you. Have a break-in and you want to get to your pistol you probably don't want to. Give away your position or make a lot of. Noise you want to be quite so that's a nice feature that they added it still opens very quick but it softly opens and does not slam down showing you the. Outside here so right here you can see. They have the two usb chargers right now. I just got a battery by external battery. Backup charging right now and it's. Plugged in so i like to keep this plugged in this right now it's on my workbench but i keep this on my nightstand right next to my bed so i have quick access to my firearm and it's locked away don't have to worry. About anyone getting to it but this. Thing is awesome it's a nice size it's solid right here. Is the lock for the key override let me. Show you that. So it does come with two of these keys right here real small keys i keep one on. My key chain and i actually have the other one in my big safe for my other. Liberty safe as you can see opens up. Right away don't have anything to worry. About now this battery compartment it's kind. Of hard to see let me see the look at the flashlight on it so it's right up here on top that's where the 9-volt battery sits and then right here that. Yellow button that's what you use to program it if you hold it down for i believe i don't know five to ten seconds all these lights there's already a green. A yellow and a red light walt flicker look at Christmas tree that resets all the memory resets all the fingerprints and then you could register. Each fingerprint one at a time you hold that button down for a few seconds the green and yellow light will come on and then you slowly swipe your finger over about five times and when the green light flickers that means it's registered now this one is cool because. You could either push your finger forward or pull your finger back it's. Either/or which is nice another nice feature this safe and i. Mean this thing is solid if someone were to try to break into this they don't need some tools it's gonna slow them down it's gonna take a while and this will prevent somebody from gaining access to your firearm really quick. Alright so some other features are those. Safe here alright so yeah this liberty. Safe is amazing liberty makes really good quality product products as you can see they're made in the usa now you guys might have seen my other video where i do a review of my liberty centurion 24 gun safe so. I've been extremely happy with the. Quality of liberty i mean they're really. Second to none when it compares to safe makers i know there's a lot of. Other state companies out there that are a little bit less expensive but you get. What you pay for i will gladly pay a. Little bit extra as long as i know I'm getting a really good quality product it's made in the usa that actually means a lot to me so this safe why would. Somebody get this safe now i think this is great for somebody who maybe really. Isn't that big of a gun guy or isn't. Into firearms that much and need something for home defense realizes like hey i need a firearm to protect myself and i don't need a 24 or 25 gun safe i. Don't want a small lockbox i want something a little more secure so this is a great option for that this is something you could hide really close in. A closet next to your bed on the nights and the nice stands where i keep it this also it doesn't come with it but. You could buy a cable to secure it to. Something or you could buy a mounting plate so if you plan on keeping this somewhere secure like me I'm moving pretty soon so I'm not gonna secure it down yet but once i get my new house I'm planned on securing this down that stops. Somebody from just walking away with the entire state but if you don't have mounting options or anywhere to bolt it down the cable is another great option. For that too but this is good for. Somebody anybody really who has a. Handgun and wants it you know access to. It quick someone needs a break-in and you could also get this for stuff other besides firearms es you know documents. Money anything like that you want to keep secure but this is more geared towards storing a firearm especially. With the biometric scanner of quick access but yeah i mean this has a lot of. Room so i don't plan on running out of. Room with this thing i mean it even goes. Back pretty far like i said i could fit at least two pistols lots of money that. Drawers a real nice feature they added up there I'm glad to have the drawer also i love that usb charger so that way. I could charge you know my cell phone. My battery charge or anything like that. I could have charged security my safe. Seeing a lot of these biometric safes on the market and i was happy when liberty. Started making their own because i knew. The quality was just gonna be ten times. Better than what any other company has put on the market a lot of these. Biometric readers makes people nervous you know i don't know if it's gonna read. My fingerprint exactly when i need it and this one has been a hundred percent. Functional it works every time i read my fingerprint like i said i did store each fingerprint three times just to make. Sure even in the manual it says liberty recommend storing it multiple times so i did three times on each index finger on both hands so that way i can access it. With any head and like i said i could. Store up to 30 different fingerprints all right so if you guys are interested. In ordering one of these safes I'm gonna go ahead and put a link in the description if you want to order one and. Like i said these things are just awesome really good quality this gives. Me i mean i know i have my big save to you but for home defense i don't want to. Have to run to my safe buy big safe and. Spend time opening that up to get a gun. This gives you the option of having a. Gun right next to you while you sleep quick access with the biometric fingerprint scanner i mean it is awesome. Like i said i also keep a flashlight here and it's just a really good product. So go ahead and give it a thumbs up if. You liked this video leave a comment down below what you think and if you're not subscribed already please subscribe to the channel it really helps out and. Thanks for watching.

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    Liberty Centurion Gun Safe

  • 30 minutes of fire protection at 1,200°F
  • Two layers of fireboard in the ceiling and door
  • 62,000 BTUs of heat resistance
  • Heavy pry-resistant 1" composite steel door
  • Ten 4"-wide military-style locking bars for pry protection
  • Security-boosting features like ten 4"-wide military-style locking bars for pry protection, an external relocker for punch protection and internal hard plate on the Liberty Centurion Safe goes well beyond the theft resistance of other entry-level safes. Two layers of fireboard in the ceiling and door offer 30 minutes of fire protection at 1,200°F – that's 62,000 BTUs of heat resistance. Palusol™ 7X heat-activated door seal expands up to seven times its original size to keep out smoke and heat. Tough-to-the-core construction boasts a heavy, pry-resistant 1" composite steel door and two-piece, roll-form, 14-gauge CNC body – stronger than the competition's three-piece bodies. Other highlights include S&G UL-listed mechanical lock, gloss black finish with chrome hardware and fully upholstered gray fabric interiors to protect contents. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Made in USA.

    Liberty safe today i go to be giving. You a review of my liberty safe made in. The usa mechanical lock handle and this. Is the 18 satori on gun safe what. Happened there we go. Stands 59 point something. Inches tall almost 60 inches i am a 5 7. 5 8 depending on whom you ask i comes up a little bit under my nose so. It's a pretty tall safe you know this is. My arms straight out in front of me so. It's a decent size say the weighs 366. Pounds which you know isn't that much. For you know safe but for entry-level. Safe perfect it was still a bitch to get. Around though i see open in show you. Made in the usa sticker try to focus. There we go. Can stand 30 minutes fire proof. Insulation at 62 btus for you. Scientific people because to me that. Just looks like a big number so it must be hot and this is what i like even. Though it's an entry level safe guarantee lifetime warranty free safe. Replacement if something goes wrong free. Opening or damaged safe or out and free. Delivery or replacement safe so has five. Let me see if i could get a side of you four inch locking plates. According to liberty this is supposed to. Give more surface instead of one little. Bar holding it supposed to give it a. Bigger bar i don't know if that's true or if that's just a selling point but. Either way you've seen videos and I've. Seen videos where they've tried to do this. And it lasts the 5-minute pry test has. Five on this side and five on the back side of the door inside we have two. Little shelves you know with the opening. In the back as you can see that's for if. You have a long rifle or shotgun it can. Come up through the back this is a little removable panel. Let's see this is not a big. Shelf but you know have my 45 1911 here. Usa flag my xd9 by mp. And my raging bull my safe is still. Empty I'm still you know putting it in i. Just put it in like maybe about a hour ago my little mosquito sig 22 but like i. Said you know it's a big shelf you know big as my hand opening in the. Back you know really big opening like I'd say maybe four inches of space back. Behind there but uh like i was saying. This is a shelf that you can switch over. And it gives you all that open space you. Now this wants to secure it on there. You can't move that on this one is just. A piece of a metal you know opening. Spaces here if you had more rifles these. Shelves come out gives you two shelves. You know good to be the door right here. A thick piece of metal here. Um i haven't really seen any videos on. This so i figure you know give you a. View for this one i paid $4.99 plus. Taxes and everything came out to give 36. Or 38 or something like that which is pretty good it was 100 bucks off at a west coast safes in Ontario. California if you go on the website this. One it's supposed to be $5.99 the smaller ones $4.99 then the bigger ones $6.99 but at west coast safes they have. Have it for $100 off so and that goes. Through different levels like the smaller one is 399 this one's $4.99 and. The biggest one is $5.99 so if you live. In california and you want a little entry level safe you know that's the. Place to go you know this big door you. No pretty good. Um don't really know what else to say about it you know like i said before it's an. Entry-level safe you know i don't have. All the money in the world i can't get those two three thousand dollar safes and all that stuff i haven't bolted it. Down yet because I'm planning to move so. Be kind of wasted at the moment but uh. Eighteen guns i don't know oh maybe. Let's see. But on second. Now. As I'm looking to set at this right now i just noticed that the hole in the back doesn't really give you room in the. Front i guess that's only if you're gonna lean. The rifle maybe there maybe huh yeah it. Would just be clearance just so for two. Guns but i guess if you wanted to see if. One would go here two three four fives. Six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve. Thirteen fourteen fifteen maybe they're. Thinking that you probably put one here and just jam the other ones in there but. I count only 15 spots oh wait. Sixteen seventeen eighteen there you go. Once again 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13. 14 15 16 17 18 i don't know how accurate. That's true but uh it's its good you. Now it's 24 inches wide so you know. It's a good arm's length deep so you. No simple safe. And there you go.

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    Browning® Droptine™ E-Lock 23-Gun Safe

  • Easy-to-program electric lock
  • Force Deflector locking system
  • 30 minutes of fire protection at 1,400°F
  • Strong 12-gauge-steel body
  • Adjustable shelving
  • The Browning Droptine E-Lock 23-Gun Safe protects your firearms from unwanted access with a Force Deflector™ locking system featuring re-locker and hardened steel pins. The electronic lock combination is easily programable. The 12-gauge-steel body has an integrated, fully reinforced frame, a 1" formed door and seven 1" locking bolts. The Droptine E-Lock 23-Gun Safe is rated for 30 minutes of fire protection at 1,400°F. Adjustable shelving and a gun rack on the door for long guns allows maximum use of space. A raised floor protects contents from humidity. The textured black exterior features a silk-screened logo of a droptine whitetail antler.
    58"H x 30"W x 20"D.
    Wt: 460 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Browning® Hawg 49-Gun Safe

  • Stores up to 49 long guns
  • Half DPX storage system on door back
  • Cantilevered modular shelving adjusts for various needs
  • Tough 12-gauge steel body with 1" locking bolts
  • S&G electronic lock and Force Deflector locking system
  • The Browning Hawg 49-Gun Safe gets the most out of its 33 cu. ft. 49-gun capacity with a half DPX® storage system on the door back and cantilevered modular shelving that adjusts to individual storage needs. A quick-access rack for long guns on the door back provides rapid access to firearms for home defense. Your guns and other valuables will be safe from unwanted entry, protected by a 12-gauge steel body, a 1" formed steel door anchored by eight 1" locking bolts, an S&G electronic lock and Browning's Force Deflector™ locking system. Rated for 60 minutes of fire protection at 1,400°F.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Browning® Hell's Canyon 65-Gun Safe

  • Durable 11-gauge steel body with Force Deflector locking system
  • 90-minute fire rating at 1,680ºF
  • Quick-access barrel racks and DPX storage system on door
  • Duo-Formed 1"-thick doors
  • Internal electrical outlet
  • Store your firearms, ammo, and other valuables with peace of mind in the Browning Hell's Canyon 65-Gun Safe. 11-gauge steel body and large-diameter locking bolts provide added security, while the Axis Adjustable Shelving and included pistol rack facilitate convenience and versatility. Premium DPX storage system features a quick-access barrel rack with scope saver. Force Deflector™ locking system, hardened steel-pin lock and pry-stop end bolts prevent entry and protect the SecuRam locking mechanism. Elevated floor keeps buttstocks away from moisture. An internal electrical outlet allows use of a light, dehumidifier, or battery charger (not included). Rugged 1"-thick Duo-Formed® doors have partial inner plates, as well as 1.25"-dia. chromed locking bolts on the top and sides for added security. Decorative outer scroll detailing and pinstriping. 3-spoke chrome handle. 8 shelves, 4 barrel racks, and 2 pistol racks. 90-minute fire rating at 1,680ºF. Made in USA.
    Weight: 1,055 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Snap Safe TSA Lock Box

  • TSA-approved design keeps guns or ammo safe during travel
  • Four-digit lock with 10,000 user-programmable codes
  • Compact, durable construction is ideal for travel
  • Tough rubber overmolding provides slip-free stability
  • Foam lining protects your valuables
  • Keep handguns, ammo, or other valuables safe when traveling with the TSA-approved Snap Safe Lock Box. Four-digit lock with 10,000 user-programmable codes delivers exceptional security, while the compact design fits easily in tight spaces like under your vehicle's seat, in a drawer or in your luggage. Impact-resistant polycarbonate construction stands up to inevitable rough handling that occurs during travel, and a tough rubber overmolding adds additional protection against impact as well as slip-free stability. Foam lining protects your firearm's finish. 1,500-lb.-rated security cable and connector. Fits up to a full-size 1911 handgun.
    External: 10"L x 7"W x 2"H.
    Wt: 1.6 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cannon Director Series Safe

  • Four-bolt door with TRULock internal hinges
  • 75-minute fire rating
  • Adjustable shelves customize internal storage space
  • Electronic keypad access
  • Loaded with amenities and sized for the space-conscious, Cannon's Director Series Safe fits into tight spaces to protect your valuables and firearms from theft and disaster. A 14-gauge steel body, double 12-gauge steel door panels, triple-fin smoke seal, triple hard plates and a 75-minute fire rating ensure maximum protection. Adjustable shelves customize internal storage space. The four-bolt door with Cannon's patented TRULock™ internal hinges keeps unauthorized people from accessing your firearms and other valuables. Electronic keypad and single drop-style handle for easy entry.
    34"H x 24"W x 18"D. 
    Wt: 291 lbs.
    Color: Hammertone Deep Graphite.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Browning® Black Label Mark IV Gun Safe – 43 Long Guns

  • Durable 11-ga. steel body
  • 100-minute ThermoBlock fire rating at 1,680ºF
  • Quick-access barrel racks with scope savers
  • Duo-Formed 1"-thick doors for added protection
  • Integrated electrical outlet keeps accessories charged
  • DPX storage system on door for added convenience
  • Store your firearms, ammo and other valuables with peace of mind in Browning's Black Label Mark IV Gun Safe. 11-ga. steel body and large-diameter locking bolts provide added security, while the Axis Adjustable Shelving and included pistol rack with five-handgun capacity facilitates convenience and versatility. Two carbine barrel loops secure shorter rifles and shotguns to the door panel. Premium DPX Storage System features a quick-access barrel rack with scope saver. Force Deflector™ Locking System, hardened steel pin lock and pry-stop end bolts prevent entry and protect the SecuRam locking mechanism. 100-minute ThermoBlock fire rating at 1,680ºF. Elevated floor ensures your gunstocks stay protected. Internal electrical outlet is perfect for keeping essential gear, like GPS units and spotlights, fully charged and ready to go. Rugged 1-31" thick Duo-Formed® doors have partial inner plates, as well as 1.25"-dia. chromed locking bolts on the top, sides and bottom for added security. Decorative outer scroll detailing and pinstriping. Three-spoke chrome handle. Interior light package, semi-closed gear loft. Made in USA.
    Black, Tan.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Browning® Sporter Safes

  • Durable 12-ga. steel body for 60-min. fire rating (at 1,400˚F)
  • Adjustable shelving and barrel racks
  • Cantilevered design for ultrasturdy shelf support
  • DPX Storage System and cantilevered design
  • Formed doors are 1" thick for added protection
  • With extra-thick 12-ga. steel bodies, hardened-steel pin-lock protection and Force Deflector™ Locking Systems, count on Browning's Sporter Series Safes for exceptional firearm security from theft and a 60-min. fire rating (at 1,400˚F). Internal shelving and barrel racks can be quickly and easily adjusted, plus the cantilevered design eliminates the need for vertical shelf support when you want to add a little extra space for storing  guns, ammo and other valuables. Elevated floor ensures your gun stocks stay protected. Versatile DPX Storage System on the back of the door includes flexible polymer wings that allow firearms to be pushed or pulled from the rack with ease – adding both value and convenience. Rugged 1"-thick formed doors have partial inner plates, as well as 1"-diameter chromed locking bolts on the top and sides for added security. Decorative outer scroll detailing and three-spoke chrome handle.

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