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  Hornady® Case Tumbler Hornady® One Shot™ Clean Gun Parts Sonic Solution Cabela's Corn Cob Media and Brass Case Polish Combo Thumler's Tumbler Ultra Vibe 18 Tumbler Lyman Turbo® Tufnut Case-Cleaning Media Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean Formula Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Auto-Flo™ Tumbler Cabela's Vibratory Tumbler with Detachable Bowl Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Sonic Cleaner 2L Frankford Arsenal® Intellidropper™ Electronic Powder Scale and Dispenser Cabela's Rotary Brass/Media Separator
  Hornady® Case Tumbler Hornady® One Shot™ Clean Gun Parts Sonic Solution Cabela's Corn Cob Media and Brass Case Polish Combo Thumler's Tumbler Ultra Vibe 18 Tumbler Lyman Turbo® Tufnut Case-Cleaning Media Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean Formula Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Auto-Flo™ Tumbler Cabela's Vibratory Tumbler with Detachable Bowl Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Sonic Cleaner 2L Frankford Arsenal® Intellidropper™ Electronic Powder Scale and Dispenser Cabela's Rotary Brass/Media Separator
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Brand Cabela's Frankford Arsenal Lyman Thumler's Tumbler Hornady Lyman Hornady Cabela's Hornady Hornady Cabela's

Hornady® Case Tumbler

  • Cyclonic vibration gives brass a like-new shine
  • Included sifter makes it easy to separate the brass and media
  • Holds up to 400 .38 Special cases or 180 .30-.06 cases
  • Convenient 110-volt operation
  • Make your reloaded ammunition look like store-bought ammo with Hornady's Case Tumbler. Cyclonic vibration cleans brass to a like-new shine. When you're finished, use the included sifter to separate the brass and media. 110-volt operation. Holds the equivalent of up to 400 .38 Special cases or 180 .30-.06 cases. Media not included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The m1 case tumbler cleans and polishes. Large quantities of cases quickly and efficiently the m1 case tumbler holds up. To 438 special cases or 180 30 out six. Cases coupled with hornady tumbling media the cleaning action of the tumbler gives you brilliantly clean brass every time the integrated on/off switch adds. Further, ease of use make your reloads. Look like new with the hornady m1 case tumbler.

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    Hornady® One Shot™ Clean Gun Parts Sonic Solution

    Safe for all firearm finishes. Clean dirt, grease and powder residue from small, steel gun parts. Concentrated formula. 1 gallon bottle.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Once my local bass pro shop and. We're gonna see how well this. Cleaner so we're gonna do this and it says that it cleans all gun parts safe for all firearms finishes quickly removes carbon dirt grease and powder. Residue probably do about I'm gonna go. Ahead and run it through one cycle see how it do i got a feeling it's gonna. Take more than that because that one. Shot is probably not designed to work on. Ninety plus year old gunk didn't crap. But we'll see how it goes just a minute. Alright here we are down at where the. Ultrasonic cleaner is i have an eye sonic two point one quart it's supposed. To say that's supposed to hold two point one cords but it's actually a little smaller than that I've got the one shot here we're gonna try it now the direction state let's see here shake. Gently before using protection freezing. Alright dilute is a forty to one ratio. Or a half ounce a solution to twenty. Ounces of distilled water tap water. Can't be used however distilled water will improve cleaning action and reduce water spots when drying rinse cleaning solution from parts after cleaning safe for use with all gun parts all right so. I'm gonna go ahead and do that I've already got my parts in here now. I'm not gonna bore you with watching me fill this thing up with water and trying to figure out how much it's gonna take, but we've got that we got the distilled water, and we're gonna plug it in and get. It go back in a second okay so it. Only ended up taking one ounce of the. Hornady one shot cleaning gun cleaning. Solution and 40 ounces of water let's go. Ahead and put it in there we go. Parts are in there now I'm gonna set. This for thirty minutes the instructions did not say how long to. Do it for so I'm gonna go ahead and do one thirty minute cycle and then also on. Top of that I'm gonna set the heater that way it gives a heating. To help clean it all rights so we will. See you again after 30 minutes okay. So it is coming to the end of the cycle we're gonna see how it looks off here. Oh wow look how nasty that solution is. Wow that's kind of surprising i didn't. Think it was gonna work that well obviously there is a lot of crap in. There oh geez hey look at the sides i really scrubbed. Off a lot of stuff it looks like possibly mm that looks a lot better than. What it was the first time or when it went in now wearing gloves cuz i have no. Idea how caustic this stuff is dad focus. Ding you remember this was like. Totally coated black. A lot more pitting and rust that's kind. Of disappointing it's really hoping. What's gonna be like that thing go ahead. And run it through another 30. Minutes and see how it looks after that. All right so according to the ultrasonic. Cleaner company i got to let it sit for about 20 minutes and then i can go ahead and start it up again and i will be back. After the second cycles get done with the second cycle wow that's its still. Surprising me that's my help i kept it. On frame huh sorry guys all right that. Is definitely a lot cleaner because i. Was looking at this thing earlier and i mean it was just caked on with crap. Definitely good yeah i mean for the most. Part looks like it did pretty good but uh still seen some gunk spots and. But considering what it just went through and how much stuff was on it i. Think it's one shot stuff works right. Extremely well. Hey it does have the tick marks on it. Couldn't tell earlier yeah I'm gonna go. Ahead and set this soak this and hops overnight and then get a brush out to scrub it all down but yeah it's it. Actually really surprised me i mean it got a lot of the crap off of it. Wow not bad at all. All right so that horny one shot stuff. In it seems like it works really good i definitely recommend it especially if you're not trying to do. Something like this you know nine decade old parts and stuff for the mosin nag ant. But well even then i mean it's gonna. Really help your cleaning process time. Go down lot less scrubbing your gonna. Have to do — yeah i totally recommend. This stuff is honest i think this stuff worked fantastic like i said considering how it was. Before okay there you go. Workaday one shot stuff fantastic gun. Parts formula if you got an ultrasonic cleaner definitely recommend it now i. Just have to clean out my clear all. Right take care guys. You.

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    Cabela's Corn Cob Media and Brass Case Polish Combo

    Cabela’s Corn Cob Media is inexpensive and works like a charm. Nothing works better for cleaning dirty brass case than ground corn cobs. Includes 8 oz. bottle of brass case and polish additive. With 6 lbs. of media.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Thumler's Tumbler Ultra Vibe 18 Tumbler

    The Ultra Vibe 18 boasts a 115-volt thermally protected, sealed ball-bearing motor. Using dry media, it cleans gently with a cyclonic effect. The 1-1/2-gallon polyethylene bowl vibrates at 3,000 VPM with enough room for over 300 .30-06 cases.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Peer reviews are always a popular topic. On the gun channels here on youtube but. Normally people are reviewing gear which they just recently got and it's. Basically show and tell for the most part and that's fine and dandy but occasionally it's nice to see a review of a product which someone has head for quite a while and that's what this is going to be I'm going to do a little review of this tumblers tumbler ultra. Vibe 18 cartridge case vibratory cleaner and I've owned this for at least 15. Years and actually i purchased this unit. Secondhand so I'm really not sure how old it is it could be as old as 25 years. Old for all i know i believe they've been making these tumblers for about 30. Years so i think I'm pretty well-versed. With this product to be able to speak on it now this is a vibratory case cleaner. As i mentioned and it's very heavy-duty. Construction now there's a lot of. Different case tumblers on the market, and they vary in price quite considerably, and they also vary in their construction and quality quite a bit and I've seen some of the cheaper tumblers. That are out there, and they're quite lightly built and of course the prices. Are quite cheap compared to this one these sell for about a hundred and. Eighty to two hundred dollars depending upon where you purchase them but i think. That's money that's very well spent because I've used this extensively for. As i said about 15 years or so and it saw us before i got it and it has never. Given me any problems at all so that's money that is you know well. Well spent i think i paid $100 for this. Secondhand which at the time seemed like a bit more than you know might have been. Justified but I'm quite happy that i spent that money back then because like i said its given me all those years of service so let's have a closer look at. This machine it's got a capacity of. About a gallon and a half is gallons. Which is 6 pounds of tumbling media they. Rated four and a total capacity of. Eighteen pounds with media and the brass. Added to it and that equates to somewhere between 200 and 700 cartridges. Cases depending upon of course the caliber and the size of cases i would. Probably refrain from putting too. Much in it because it does tend to slow down the cleaning action a little bit but i routinely tumble up to 500. Nine-millimeter cases in it without any particular problem at all know this is of course this is the ultra vibe 18 there. Are a couple of other tumblers in their vibratory cleaning range which are on. Each side of the case capacity wise. There's the model 10 which is smaller of. Course and the model 45 which is larger this is a nice size with a fairly decent. Capacity for cleaning now this unit as well. Has some features that motor is a. Thermally protected ball bearing motor. One thirtieth of a horsepower and it. Seems to run fairly quietly oh get the. Camera set up a little better here we'll have a closer look at some of the features of this tumbler okay the top of. The tumbler is held on with a wing nut on top of this threaded rod remove the. Wing nut take the top off there's a washer below that the washer has a. Backing on it a rubber backing on it and. One thing you'll notice right away when you compare this to most of the other tumblers which are cheaper is how heavy everything is on it quite a substantial. Piece of plastic for a lid and it's as well. Lined inside with a rubber liner to keep noise to a minimum which is a nice feature some of the cheaper tumblers do not have that type of feature they have a very thin plastic lid also the. Thickness of the polyethylene bowl quite a bit more substantial than a lot of those cheaper brands of tumbler now if. We look inside the machine here a little. Closer up here this one a little bit. There you can see that the bowl is held on by this once again by this threaded rod this runs down to the motor and the. Bowl can be removed if you needed to replace it for some reason or another some people will use have a couple of. These bowls though use one for liquid case cleaning and one. For dry case cleaning I've only ever had experience using the dry case cleaning method I'll just turn the machine on here you can see the action of it when it's running you can see the media roles. Around in a kind of cyclonic effect. Comes up from the outside rolls over and. Goes towards the center and carries the cartridge cases with it i got some nine-millimeter in here at the moment being clean and if you overload these. Machines they do not clean the brass but. As quickly so it's best to make sure that you don't put too much in them you want to make sure that there's that rotation of the media inside there to get a good effect. One thing about these machines is there's no on/off switch on them they start immediately when you plug them into the wall so one thing that i like to do is to use an appliance timer like. This is kind of like the lamp timers except it's got a little bit bigger rating and you've got a rating on. The back here that tells you the capacity that this timer will handle you. Want to buy one of these timers which will handle the rating of the motor so i. Basically like to plug the machine into one of these timers and then i can set. The timer up to run when I'm not around so now the list of the machine run although it's not really all that loud but it might as well run while I'm not here listening to it and then you can run it for whatever number hours you'd like to run it for so that's a one thing. That some of the other machines do have a switch on the cord really no big deal. One way or the other in my opinion whether they have that feature or not some people would like that i guess if you're setting these machines up in a place where it's hard to access the wall socket it's nice. To have the switch on the cord you could always put a switch on these cords if you really needed that feature moving down on the tumbler you'll see that it's mounted on top of this the bowl here is mounted on top of this metal stamping and between the metal base plate i guess. You'd call it and the bowl there is a. Foam rubber piece which is sandwiched in. Here that's to hold everything good and firmly and below that the whole thing is. Sitting on top of these springs a little. Closer there with the zoom so the whole. Think sits on top of these springs, and they are in turn on top of rubber like a. Rubber bushing inside that there's the. Rubber bushing underneath there so that. All keeps the vibration from moving down to the surface that you have the tumbler. Sitting on top of will go back out here. A little bit further and you can see that the base itself here is a steel. Stamping and the feet are rubber. Bought and they have a steel screw. Holding those in place so all in all. Really very robust construction and. We'll flip it over here a little bit. That's the cobwebs under there should clean that up before i turn the camera. On and there's the motor underneath so. The motor is a pretty decent-sized motor. For this type of application quite a bit. Bigger than you'll find on some of the smaller capacity cheap tumblers you can. See this is the weight which is clamped to the shaft that is actually what gives you the vibrating motion that that weight is clamped on and that makes the whole thing on ballast which when it spins gives you the shaking action and these are supposed to vibrate at about. 3,000 vibratory cycles per minute so see. If we can look at the can look at the. Motor tag there and it is osco. Industrial incorporated 115 volts. Thermally protected sealed ball bearing. So given lots of good service so far so. There you have it that's my review of my tumblers tumbler ultra vibe a product which is manufactured in the. United states and which has been manufactured there for about 30 years so. A really good reliable product if you're in the market for a cartridge case cleaner for reloading purposes i can. Highly recommend this product and i. Think if you get one you'll be quite happy with it talk to you later guys.

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    Lyman Turbo® Tufnut Case-Cleaning Media

    Tufnut Media is made from rouge-bearing crushed nut shells. A few hours in a Lyman Turbo Tumbler and cases are clean polished and ready for reloading. Very abbrasive material will polish cases faster, and works great on heavily tarnished cases.
    Size: 12 lb. box, 18 lb. tub.
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    Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean Formula

  • Cleans inside and outside of cartridge cases and steel gun parts
  • Also cleans out primer pockets
  • Effective at removing carbon residue
  • Take case cleaning to a new level of efficiency. Hornady's One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Solution (must be used with Sonic Cleaner to work properly) for an ultra-efficient means of removing carbon residue, tarnish, oxidation  and foreign material from the inside and outside of cartridge cases.
    • One Shot Sonic Clean Cartridge Case Solution – Quickly removes most tarnish, oxidation and carbon buildup. 32-oz. bottle provides up to 64 washes.
    • One Shot Sonic Clean Gun Parts Solution – Safe for all firearm finishes. Quickly removes carbon, dirt, grease and powder residue from small steel gun parts. 32-oz. bottle provides up to 64 washes.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Auto-Flo™ Tumbler

    The world’s most popular brass cleaning and polishing systems. Nearly twice as fast as old-style rotating-barrel tumblers, their unique design allows media to constantly swirl around fully immersed cases. High-speed, agitated motion cleans and polishes every case. Inspect cases without stopping the cleaning operation. Auto-Flo® Self-Separating Tumblers save time by automatically draining the media through an exit port in the bowl, leaving only polished brass. Draining takes only a couple of minutes and eliminates the need to remove the bowl and extra handling of the cleaned cases.
    Fouling must be cleaned from the inside and outside of cartridge cases if you want the most in accuracy and performance from your custom loads. The Auto-Flo Self-Separating Tumblers help save your valuable reloading time by automatically draining the media through an exit port in the bowl, leaving only polished brass. Draining takes only a couple of minutes and eliminates the need to remove the bowl and extra handling of the cleaned cases. The 2500 Pro Magnum AutoFloTumbler is built for the high-volume reloader. Features a 2-gallon capacity bowl capable of holding up to 1,000 .38 special cases at one time. Auto-Flo automatically separates clean cases from media by using the normal vibrating motion. Includes media drain pan.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Cuz I've been running this tumblr well. I've owned the tumblr now for a little over two years and when i use it. Ranges anywhere between two and four i have ranted eight and a couple of times. Total of twenty-four hours the features. That i like about it first and foremost. I reload in my basement until i get a. Building I'm stuck here in my basement. Quietness this is really quiet on. The initial start up until the brass. Feels with media it's a little bit loud. But once it settles you cannot hear it. Run at all so i can set it and forget it and it's great number two quantity i. Wanted a tumblr that i would not have to. Upgrade to in the future i knew getting. Into reloading that i would accumulate. Tons of brass i didn't want a small. Tumblr that would only do a small amount. And extend my polishing time and end up. Either buying a second one or buying a bigger one so right off the bat i got. The largest one i could get i could afford and this one's on this one was on sale for i believe $65 midway usa it is. Made in the usa it is made by the lyman. Products corporation out of middletown. Connecticut this will hold I'm going off. Memory here about a thousand nine. Millimeter cases quite a few hundred 800. 945 you know 40s crap load of 220 threes. I never really counted but any rate. Let's talk more about the tumbler now. The bowl here the opening measures nine. And a half inches the widest point. The inside from here to here i probably. Won't be an exact measure yet, but we'll work with it 11 and a half inches and. Then the depth of it we're looking five. And a half inches deep it's a really. Great sized bowl it's made of great hard. Plastic and like i said i've run this. Numerous of time 24 hours i could touch. That here never felt hot there's no. Signs of any type of bubbling or anything like that it does come with the. Lid which sits on top washer and a. Wingnut just like any other tumblr the. Overall height of this from base to the. Top of the lid we're going to go with at. About 13 and a half inches tall and these are guesstimates you know i really. Can't get the ruler up next to it you might be able to check out the specs on the website so that equates to quite a. Bit of media now let's talk about media. When i put media into my tumblr along. The edge of the bowl here let me back this up little bit okay you see this ridge like on a globe it's you know be. Like the equator basically it's where the top and the bottom of the half a top-half bottom half of the ball meets. Also the top right here this is the kind. This is top of the kind where the wing nut is its about the same height as. Inside a half of the book so i feel my. Media up just about to the line. To you know where the top part of the. Comb still shows i had a forum member /. 280g reloading calm please check it out joins it if you like it we try to help. Everybody out and you know friendly group of people, but he was asking he. Just got a tumblr i believe it was the don't quote me I'm going off top of my head midway model 1297 so it's a bit. Smaller but it should be fine for what. He's doing he's just starting out right now, and he got a good deal on it so at. Any rate fill your media up about the. Some distance and you should be good to. Go now the media that i use i don't. Spend the big bucks on lyman brand i. No they're good and I've got friends that use them and I'm not saying anything bad about them I'm on a budget i work with the budget so i go to. Outsmart and two years ago into petsmart. Bought a huge bag of crushed walnut. Which is what you're buying when you buy. Up like lyman brand or midway brand. Media they're all crushed walnut i get. This back in the lizard betty section it. Comes untreated but you get a huge. Bag flight 19 bucks like said about two. Years ago and i haven't even begun to run out and you can treat it at home and. I'll talk to you a little bit about treating it too but that's what that is. Fine crushed walnut now word of caution. No I'm not wearing gloves I've got to. Sink right outside that once i get done. I go wash my hands i don't eat or drink while I'm doing any of this when you're. Cleaning brass there are contaminants. That comes out of your primer pockets the primer that's in it of the mixture. And stuff that's ignited there's a. Little of lead exposure saying that there's. Also a bit of a dust pick up what i usually do is when I'm ready to dump. This i go over next to my window with. The fan blowing so that the dust particle goes up and out the window with the fan so you do want to have some exhaust for my larger amount i just. Store it in this cat litter box this is. The same walnut' media except this is. Untreated i didn't have a need to treat. This one yet as you see i still got a. Good size so if ever run out what's. In my tumblr and the two cans i can move. On to this like i said it's going to last your life well pretty down dag on. Close to the lifetime now treating the. Media what i do is a don't don't get any. Kind of polish that's got ammonia in it. Ammonia will hurt your brass so what i. Do is I'll take whatever container that. I'm going to be storing it in so let's say I'm gonna store it in this bucket i use wicked metal polish you get them up. Most flying j truck stops you can use mother's there's you can use fits it's. Got money in it put a couple drops in. It covers it up let it air out for a couple of days lets the money evaporate. But with a wicked metal polish it will. Last you a long time to squeeze the bottle one two three drops maybe about. Three dime size drops cover it up mix it. Up real good shake your bucket. Then it's ready to go it's that simple. It's no rocket science or else i can't. Do it any rate i got a big folder can. I've got a mixture of 270 brass and 6.5. Grendel brass and there's quite a bit in. There i just dumped almir ok put the lid. On washer wingnut you don't want to over. Tighten this he'll crack the lid but you do want to get to somewhat tight so it's not rivaling i just go by feel now like. I said you hear this it's going to be a. Little bit loud to begin with once the. Cases fill up you'll notice you'll get. Quite so let me go ahead and plug it in. Ok now right there. It's moving together the cases are. Filling up I've not changed my voice allowing us in any way now it's at its. Prime it's just going to sit there and. That's a lot it's going to get during the whole tumble section session. So before i and let me show you what i. Used to sift my brass with okay get in a. Walmart it's just a plastic bucket made. In china so you know they got to good. Use one I've got. Colander that i drilled the holes a. Little bit bigger a couple more brides. Trying to fill up that the media will fall through but not the brass I've got. Two holes couple of bolts mountains. Mounted to it i picture tumblr up for it. In here the media falls through the. Brass stays on top shake it and you get. The brass out or the media out of the. Brass pick each price up shake it what have you cool thing is there's an opening here once you get all your brass. Cleaned out you pick it up for all your. Media back into your tumblr you're good to go i don't know what two three bucks. Maybe already had the colander couple. Bolts wing nuts probably not even that much i paid a dollar for the bucket. Probably got at the dollar tree maybe. Walmart i can't remember but that's what. I used to sit now i also got some of. This cabala's case polish i really. Haven't tried it yet i got at the yard sale so i couldn't tell you how it goes. That's just another product out there but at any rate. Excellent tumblr lasted me two. Years now and it's still running a new. Highly recommended if you got the money i think they're like 80 bucks i got on. Cell 65 but uh take the lid off like. Quit. Now you can see the dust kind of fooling. Around there let's get up the tripod. And that's about a good decent right if. You open your tumblr up and you see that the move around like is that's pretty. Good right now i might have too much brass and it might be a little sluggish but run this on a couple two three hours. No I'll look good in china. Hope it works out for you and we'll get. You on the flip side. You.

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    Cabela's Vibratory Tumbler with Detachable Bowl

  • Bowl detaches quickly for simple transfer
  • Efficient vibration action cleans brass
  • Durable injection-molded construction
  • Featuring a quick-detach bowl, our Vibrator Tumbler with Detachable Bowl allows you to transfer media and brass easily without having to move the entire cleaner. Increased vibration action cleans brass efficiently. Durable injection-molded construction. It is not recommended to use anything but walnut or corn media. Manufacture recommends the bowl be filled 2/3 full max with brass. Holds 1,000 9mm casings, 650 .40 Smith & Wesson casings, 600 .45 ACP casings, 450 .223 Remington casings and 250 .30-06 Springfield casings. Three-year warranty on motor, limited lifetime warranty on all other parts.
    10.25" W x 3.25"D. (inside bowl)
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Sonic Cleaner 2L

  • Intense ultrasonic action
  • 80-watt ceramic heater enhances unit’s cleaning action
  • Removes carbon residue, tarnish, oxidation
  • Cleans inside and outside of cartridge cases
  • Take case cleaning to a new level of efficiency. Intense ultrasonic action teams with Hornady’s One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Formula (must be used with Sonic Cleaner to work properly) for an ultraefficient means of removing carbon residue, tarnish, oxidation and foreign material from the inside and outside of cartridge cases. Unlike conventional tumblers that clean only exteriors, this unit leaves cases completely free of carbon residue – even flash holes and primer pockets. Also use Sonic Cleaner with Gun Parts Solution on small steel gun parts. One Shot Sonic Clean Formula sold separately.

    An 80-watt ceramic heater enhances this unit’s cleaning action. Set the timer from one to 30 minutes to choose the proper cycle for your application. Holds up to 300 .223-Remington cases or 150 .308-Winchester cases.
    Tank capacity: 2.1 quarts.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys lock and load channel here one. Do a quick review for you today on a product that i just purchased as you know i reload and i'm always looking for a better easier way to clean brats. That's probably the one part of reloading that i really do not enjoy is clean the brats there really isn't a good way of doing it i've been tumbling using a corn cob media for most of my. Brass i've got a line of turbo tumbler. It does okay it takes anywhere from two. To three hours depending on how dirty the brass is i like to tumble it before i run through my dies so i don't scratch. The dies so what i have behind me here is i've got some 40 smith & wesson cases some of them i've already tumbled and then i have some that are dirty that i'm going to run through this this new hornaday lock and load cleaner i got. This from midway usa okay it's a sonic. Cleaner there's different ways of cleaning brass this was on sale so i thought i would try it made it sound. Pretty simple and easy i know there's also a rotary method of wet method we. Put your brass in in a rotary tumbler with steel pins i have a friend of mine. That does that and he said that works real well i don't have one of those but. I thought i would try this i've been. Using this this sauna cleaner now for. About three weeks but i'm not gonna saying it i'll let you see how it does and then i'll give you my impressions and then you can make up your mind what you think but let's go ahead get started here i'll show you what i got going and we'll see how it does okay guys here's. What we got going this is the sonic cleaner alright it's pretty nice little. Unit not as big a hopper who i thought. It would have but not too small either. It does okay stainless steel container and it has this little basket here that. You put your brass in okay and then you. Put your solution inside the cleaner and. Drop that down in there and then what it has is a timer here for how many seconds. You want to want to run it to uh the cleaner is one hundred eighty two eighty three eighty and four eighty. Resolved 90 seconds - okay so it's 90. 180 - 83 80 40 okay and then just has an on/off switch so pretty easy to operate you do have to. Use this cleaner this is a sonic it's. Called one-shot a cartridge case formula. By hornaday calls for a 41 ratio or half. Ounce of solution - 20 ounces of distilled water i have a pre-measured plastic cup i use. But i filter the line it's 20 ounces of water and then i add a basically 2 cap. For this one shot - the cleaner and that. Will do you ok what i have here show you. Up close here is 40 smith & wesson cases. That i've taken to the range if these are once fired okay the one on the left. Here i ran through the corncob media and. That's in the regular tumbler and this. Camera doesn't want to focus but it come. Out pretty good come up pretty clean. Okay that's about two hours of tumbling. And then on the left here you see is the. Dirty breath i haven't done anything with it all okay these have not been d primed or anything these are right from the range and like i said i clean these before i run them through my size or die so i've got 20 or so cases of each so. What i want to do is like i said this has already been tumbled so i'm going to compare after a couple cycles in the. Sonic cleaner here what they look like. Compared to two hours in the in the. Corncob media vibratory tumbler so we'll. Go ahead and we'll get this set up and clean and i'll show you how to how to mix it okay what i have here is a. Remeasured cup this is 20 ounces of distilled water now what i've done is. I've used hot water it doesn't say on. The instructions whether you use hot or cold i just think hot would clean better it seems to anyway so i've actually this. Is a hot tap water and then i put in the. Microwave for a couple minutes just to get it get a good and hot okay so it's. 20 ounces of water. And then this is the cleaner i having. This little pan here this is exactly. Half ounce okay so dump that into the. Water and there's your mixture okay so. Next i want to go ahead and take my basket here and put my dirty brass in it. And again this is a brass right from the. Range right from the ground once fired. We'll go ahead and put that in there put. The lid on and i've tried each setting. Here and i found that the 480 works the. Best and again if it doesn't clean it. You know i've actually gone a couple times so we'll go ahead and run that and. I'm back here in a few minutes when it's. Done okay we're back so that's eight. Minutes of cleaning let's check it out so hot look all right not bad look. Pretty good still some grime on them the. Insides are not too bad but that's. That's just after eight minutes okay now again compared to the tumbled ones. Not quite as clean but definitely. Cleaner and if you can see the water there there's definitely some grime. Laying the bottom of that pan so let's go ahead and run it another cycle up 480. Seconds and we'll come back and check be. Right back. Okay got a couple seconds here and this will be done and we'll check them out this will be the second run-through so. This will be a total of 16 minutes. Looking pretty good inside of cases very. Nice and clean you can see that nice. Outsides looking better still a little. Bit of grime it's not bad overall say. They're not too bad now it's compared to. The tumbled cases the tumble case are a. Little bit a little bit shinier now the big difference is though if you look the inside of the sonic case is much cleaner. Than the inside of the tumbled case but. The outside the tumbled case is cleaner than the outside of the sonic case so what we're going to do is we're going to. Go one more round here we're going to go. Eight more minutes that'll be a total of twenty four minutes and we'll see how it. Looks after that. Okay that's three cycles of eight. Minutes peace 24 minutes and generally. That's what i run and i consider the. Results acceptable as you can see. Outside the case is clean inside the. Case is clean i don't have the primers. Punched out yet but that is the other advantage of this over the vibratory. Media tumbler is that it will clean the primer pockets so is one better than the. Other i don't know but if you compare. We'll do a side by side here and i'll let you be the judge okay i got them all dried off here and. On the right i have the brass that just came out of a 24 minute cleaning cycle. On the corner de sonnet cleaner and this. Is a two hour cleaning in the vibratory. Lime and media tumbler so what do you. Think i would say that they're. Definitely both clean the outside of the cases are definitely clean but the cases. From the tumbler vibratory tumbler or shinier okay now that's not a big deal. To me i just want clean cases it did. Take longer to get this and then if you look at the inside of cases as i showed. You before the sonic cleaner definitely gets the inside the cases cleaner than the vibratory tumbler now once once i do this i punch the. Primers up i have dirty primer pockets. To clean and that's a pain in the ass the vibratory tumbler deterred the. Alignment vibratory tumbler will not clean the primer pockets whereas the. Horner day sonic cleaner will so which. Is better i don't think one's better than the other they both have advantages and they both have disadvantages what i've. Decided to do was use both in combination when i first get my. Range brass back after shooting it first. Thing i do before i do any is i usually just throw it in here for about an hour okay let it tumble it gets it clean. Enough that i can run through my sizing die and that's my main concern i don't want any grit or grime on or to scratch the die so i run it through here first for about an hour okay and it gets it. Clean enough that i can size it i punched the primer out sized then i take. The cases and put it into the sonic. Cleaner and run it three cycles which is. Twenty four minutes and it gets it nice. And clean on the inside and it cleans. The primer pocket so i don't have to take the little brush and clean the primer pockets out which on these ones i do after they tumble two hours i still. Have to punch the primers out and clean the primers pockets so as far as time. Saver i guess it's about a draw because. I'm still using this an hour and about almost a half an hour on that so i'm saving maybe a half an hour okay then. You have cost the media this corncob. Media you can buy five pound bag for. Three bucks at last quite a while months. Whereas you have to buy this sonic. Cleaner for the sonic solution for the. Sonic cleaner okay and this runs about 17 dollars for 32 ounces but it does. Last a while i don't know this was $69 on sale from. 100 this was regular price i think i. Paid $69 for 10 years ago so i don't. Know i just decided to use them both i. Still i still haven't found an optimal. Way one-step process i am looking at the. Rotary cleaning that i mentioned earlier it's a wet cleaning in a rotary drum. That has steel pins friend of mine uses. It as you can throw any kuan and you want in there and you tumble it for. Three hours and take it out they look like brand-new cases inside out and primer pockets the media never wears there is no solution to make send you just used on dish soap and i think they use a lemon shine for to make brass nice. And bright so that may be something i'm. Going to look at down the road i thought i would give this a try the other drawback is you can put up to 150 pistol. Cases in here at a time we're in the. Sonic cleaner here as you can see it's. Quite smaller you know you can only get. Maybe 50 cases okay so capacity is another issue if. You're in a big hurry the sonic cleaner. Would be the way to go but anyway guys i just wanted to show you how that works i've seen these put on midway for a while and i thought i always want to try it see how it worked out. Again you know these cases are clean enough to to resize and reload. Definitely i've saved for me the big. Advantage is it cleans the primer pockets now i don't have to mess around with a brush that's really the biggest thing for me so i still use them both tumblin menhir sonic and sonic them than. Air hour-and-a-half total and i got nice clean cases the only other thing the. Only drawback is they're wet okay so you got to let them sit overnight and dry out put a fan on them or whatever but then you do have nice clean cases so all in all they're both. Okay i guess if they have their drawbacks and their advantages so all. Right guys just want to give you a quick review on that let you know my thoughts and i appreciate you watching later.

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     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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