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  Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Mil-Spec Upper Receiver Anderson Manufacturing Low-Profile Gas Block CMMG .300 AAC Flat Top 16" AR-15 Upper Remington® 11-87 Replacement Shotgun Barrels Kimber 1911 .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kits Anderson Manufacturing .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group Proof Research Pr-10 6.5 Creedmoor Carbon Fiber Barrel Magnum Research Desert Eagle 6" Barrel with Two Magazines Ruger® LC380 Conversion Kit Aero Precision 16" 5.56 AR Barrel Seekins Precision .223 Wylde Barrel-Assembly Kit Odin Works 16.1" .223 Wylde Ultralite Barrel Assembly Kit
  Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Mil-Spec Upper Receiver Anderson Manufacturing Low-Profile Gas Block CMMG .300 AAC Flat Top 16" AR-15 Upper Remington® 11-87 Replacement Shotgun Barrels Kimber 1911 .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kits Anderson Manufacturing .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group Proof Research Pr-10 6.5 Creedmoor Carbon Fiber Barrel Magnum Research Desert Eagle 6" Barrel with Two Magazines Ruger® LC380 Conversion Kit Aero Precision 16" 5.56 AR Barrel Seekins Precision .223 Wylde Barrel-Assembly Kit Odin Works 16.1" .223 Wylde Ultralite Barrel Assembly Kit
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Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Mil-Spec Upper Receiver

  • Custom-shop quality without the custom shop price
  • High-strength, 7075 T6 aluminum forged construction
  • Type III, hard-anodized black finish
  • Reliable M4 feed ramps
  • Machined to military specifications and standards
  • Build your ultimate mission-specific AR rifle or carbine around Anderson Manufacturing's AR-15 Mil-Spec Upper Receiver. Anderson Manufacturing delivers custom-shop quality without the custom-shop price. Built from high-strength, forged 7075 T6 aluminum, the receiver ensures reliable performance and outstanding durability. Type III, hard-anodized finish adds extra strength to the receiver walls and enhances abrasion resistance for rugged field use. Comes equipped with reliable M4 feed ramps. Forward-assist and ejection-port cover installed. Machined to military specifications and works with multiple calibers on the AR-15 platform.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Anderson Manufacturing Low-Profile Gas Block

  • Fits .750"-dia. barrels
  • Machined from 6061 aluminum
  • Black anodized finish
  • Upgrade your firearm with the Low-Profile Gas Block from Anderson Manufacturing. It fits barrels with a .750" dia. at the gas port. It's machined from 6061 aluminum and sports a black anodized finish for lasting durability. Two 1/4"-20 set screws.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Everybody D will Boyd here in today's video it's just a lot of fun for me I'm up in Heron Kentucky at Anderson manufacturing thanks to the an thon Network. This video is going to be posted on the am fall channel those gentlemen coordinated a meeting for me to get in comment. Or anderson manufacturing soI'm getting ready to go inside. And meet Jeremy and John. And they're going to show. Us around their shop set back hope. You enjoy how's it going god Jeremy Hammersley Anderson manufacturing here with John miles. We got day today gonna do a little tour we'll just show. You guys what we do here — interested in Sierra shops behind. We get started here we'll go do a little tour show. Some cool stuff. We got going on god we're in the first building here as. You can see out here. We got a lot of receipt over right sorry got a loan. Some engraving somewhere here set up checking the height ratio on. That in the center line before. We want to make sure. This center line to our cloverleaf here for the gas line as well as the carbon handle panel. And after it touches off on. These locations we're going to read out over here on to get far touched off every major machine area on. That sort still it expects on go in like. This coming out like. This okay Oh looks cool can. That stuff's coming out of. That machine but this is our humble media the parts to get.

    All the excess aluminum swag sticking off the ends here from the feeding process there. You go look for coming our logo. One come out with the logo caliber. And the serial number the fire alright guys. It over here to build. We got the different forearms. And things that get made over in. This section as you can see we've got kimono machines over here brought. Some various pork some of the rails for the free float gas box charging handles a lot of your smaller components. You know the first buildings. More of your receivers. And things like that so as the building goes. Everything continues to flow. We get to the third building here we'll show. You the assembly area. Where the fun stuff happens. They get to shoot and get the stuff out to. You guys Michael what are. We look at here one of our floating tubes for our rifle link stuff. And our arm again there basically. They turn the board over here on the CNC we'll get deeper as well Brandon awesome. One of the rails for our forearm for our 308 just got coming out.

    This old charging handle prior to be blasting and anodizing and naturally we're running all. These here come off. You know the penalty areas out. And alright guys back here in the third building making our way into the Internet fulfillment caves basically. When you're God's orders come in. We get them filled it happens. All of our components lined up ready to go those orders come in. We can get and show. Some stuff we got going on. All right well since Dave come assist we're going to get. You a shirt there's your anderson manufactured teaser look at. That goals Charles on paper. They say once the orders get filled then make your way back here get boxed up ready to go. These guys a process through make. It to the far end of the day it's out far that's cool so it's shooting it into water essentially.

    What this thing is from savage range systems. Some people you'll hear them call the snail in the industry. Because inside of here. You can see a faint line. All the way through. These things are great. You can put them up in. Any area runs off lubricant coolant. And the water pump since its water pump cycles. That through here this is like a snail shell. That bullet hits back here against. And slows it down until. It falls out into the trap well in every week. We can into that trap I'll clean. It go back to what we're doing and. We can set two of these up. And test by our hundreds again grass is available. You can see the price. And check the chamber. That fun stuff so officially. This is a basic setup area for building rifles. We can set up to eight. Or ten knives down one side of the other that's primarily. What we do in this side of the case. This sides primarily lowers their uppers I'm sorry.

    This sides primarily lowers. And just coming down the upper side initially. What we would do is initial barrel inspection here obviously. We get our barrels off the line we're going to use the inspection there to check our headspace here with a stripped bolt check. That before ever goes in the receiver come down the line attach your barrel nut not. It on your bicep that you're paralyzed check the actual bolt carrier group it's going to go with. That rifle man's mistake. We move on down the line for Ian's gas lines guess blocks. This is our one of our free late new barrel nuts. This would be set up on the gun. He goes before in at the very end of. We put on the that could vary from rifle to rifle. This is our Night Stalker. One of our Anders with standard a2 style fighters as well. Some states on the west coast cell will be compensated with them.

    That sort of thing other state. They can't have and from there. It goes to boxing and shipping will test-fire. And every that comes out the door. And take over the shipping we has never bought lower parts kit. You break a spring or a pin. She ate your like all of our extra parts. We tend to sing launching you fell sorrow. Iwant to see it is the newest June we've got a table full of awesome weapons of. This like motor not with addresses. Most popular actor you guys sell complete actually. That would be out and for model here. This R is our top-selling gun simple basic in for free flow hand guard the new home bus stop with a hook pistol grip ships of the five six two three it's got the RFA five tree. Something one else has.

    And I'll be so that's a good lead-in with the orphan five is proprietary treatment. Something only we have basically. It allows you to run your weapon drawn ethical oil. And weapon you can clean. It up with soap it reduces friction 85% 12:55 basically. It breaks down to the molecular level of the material itself. You never go see. It touches it tastes it smells. It's there it's never going to wear off it's going to help you're like sad runs garage you're not. How to put oil on it between third carbon things like. That are going up soaking water dry. And you're good to go so. We have ever rocket.

    We make a 0 or a 5 treatment online. Or four components of things those would be clearly marked as our 55. And our website is WWF champ its part of a 5. Some testings and things been done with the RF ink pot treatment. That will gone to things. That put to the test kind of show. You show you a little bit type of torture tests. Or things have you done. You can talk about with the way. We actually online we have a video. That shows torture test. That was done by Oak Ridge laboratory. They put I believe. It was roughly four thousand two hundred rounds through. It matters four hours non-stop. That going on kept firing. Though the hand guard the plastic hand guard such as. One had caught fire twice the gun was so hot. It was cooking off rounds to myself so basically at. That point it's just a safety issue. That have to quit feeding the rifle butt. It was still shot they put.

    It up against another rifle with oil. And things on it your standard AR. One failed after not computer so that's been tested it's been proven a lot of guys will know about. Iknow it's kind of goes against the grain. What we're all thought you've got seeing it. You know and actually working one of these things you'll become a believer real facet. You put the oil away so. Ireally encourage. Anybody who has a doubts about. It really gets your hands on. One of these you'll be placing more little set. These guns here these are. All different models. That we've done over the past. Few years some of the stuff. We still do others not so much our big thing we got coming out right. Now to actually just shift out a first big batch. This week is out a our 10 big dog 308 it's extreme with the RF 55 treatment it's got the new mod rail. Than free plug design wanted by. More thrills they stroganoff rales. And initially the parts the only parts. That you're going to see lower courts gets wise between your ar-10 mate ar-15.

    Or our model take down pin. And pin pants are going to be different. And you're both catch other. Everything else is the same Gerry ar-15. We do offer online some 308 components right. Now we've got the 308 lower 308 upper lower for kids in the freeway we've got four arm kits. And barrows pretty many daughters. You need to piece together your own three out of three away. One pieces together yourself. All those components are there. What did you guys introduce. This rifle to the market. We have been we really got our first push out. This past week trading day so. It describes print it's a it's made its way out, so we'll see. What happened from there with definitely. If anyone's interested just it's calm about to get in the cabin there will be links down in the description box to painter save. All the phone over besides YouTube channels audio Anderson Rogers calm for any new feelers out there. You guys want to get set up to come together just give.

    Is a call we'll get. You set up with non killers out there our websites there from here for you to blog wanna check out. What we got do you ever have. Any questions feel free to give. Me a call over here a 5 9 6 8 9 4 0 8 5. And I'm essentially no. More 9 feel free to give. Me a call I've got anything you're looking for you get. You set up we ask a couple questions about. All the parts that are used to make. These Anderson rifles. Where we're doing the components come from every component. We have here is this stuff is done here Heron Kentucky. They are in our claim here. We do uppers lowers. And researchers buffer tubes charge of needle rails. You pretty much do everything in-house -. You can come spring events things of. That nature so that stuff.

    We did from outside places on. Us May which often. We want to keep that way a lot of companies. You know so anything. We get from a nurse is going to be. Is a boiler many vendors. We speak with a FB USB connector that's. One part will definitely say on our product. You ever had any issues. Anything cost concern for you will definitely take care of. One percent faith will do here will make sure take care. Everything where that sort of tell. You thank I really appreciate. You show me around your shop today let. These awesome fire over to the great work. You do here soon in closing is there. Anything that you'd like to tell our viewing I'd like to just say is. You know if in five. You haven't heard about. You look into it I'm telling you it's its the next it's definitely. Everything we say thisI'll stand upon. That 100% don't own. Iwill look into you can put your rifles.

    That take oil on the shelf. And leave them there. Because you'll never need. It again and the thing. Ialso like Said's all my friends are lawyers awesome guys.

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    CMMG .300 AAC Flat Top 16" AR-15 Upper

  • Devastating terminal performance
  • Reduced noise
  • Ideal for hunting or home defense
  • Flat-top receiver is optics and BUIS ready
  • Highly maneuverable carbine length
  • Quickly and easily convert your AR-15 lower for shooting the .300 AAC Blackout round. It offers reduced noise levels with sub-sonic ammo and devastating terminal performance for hunting or home defense. This flat-top A3 upper with 1913 Front sight base is optics and flip up sight (MBUS) ready. The 16” barrel provides a 1:7 twist rate for optimum accuracy. Carbine length gas system and handguard is highly maneuverable. It’s compatible with standard AR-15 lowers and magazines. Equipped with A2 style flash hider. Made in USA.

    Note: This upper will accept both 300 Blackout and 300 Whisper Ammunition.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Remington® 11-87 Replacement Shotgun Barrels

    Improve your shotgun's balance, portability and handling speed with these barrels. The 11-87 and 1100 barrels are not interchangeable. The 11-87 barrels shorter than 26" are not equipped with a pressure-compensating gas system. They function with 2-3/4" magnum or 3" magnum shotshells only. Light contour barrels for the 11-87 Premier have a weight reduction of more than a 1/2 lb. to improve balance, portability and handling without sacrificing strength or durability. Will not fit super magnums.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Kimber 1911 .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kits

    Whether it's to improve your shooting form or just to save money on ammo, these easy-to-install .22 rimfire conversion kits from Kimber will let you get even more enjoyment from your 1911 pistol. Fits almost any brand of mil-spec. 1911 with single-stack magazines and non ramped barrels. Installation is as simple as field stripping. Changing from centerfire to rimfire can be completed in less than a minute. Includes one .22-caliber magazine. No modifications are necessary and you will not have to change mainsprings. Also available is an extra .22-caliber conversion magazine.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is a review on the Kimber 22 long-rifle conversion kit. This kit is designed to fit. Most full-sized 1911's. Idon't know if it's the officer size. Or the commander size to be honest with. It was just built for the full-sized frame the government model basically. You buy the kit it's going to come with your upper here. And it'll come with think. It only comes with while ago so. This is basically the entire kit will come with adjustable sights well adjustable rear sights. Ishould say front swisher standard black site. It comes with a black finish as well as the stainless finish I'm pretty impressed with the way. It was built actually. It was on the quality is definitely there to my knowledge Kimber makes the kid themselves. Idon't think it's like a lot of companies. They have a 22 pistol come out. Or version of their pistol come out it's a lot of times it's made by Umarex. Or maybe some other brand but. Ithink Kimber to the best my knowledge actually manufactures their own conversion kit. Ikind of like I kind of like. That the original company made. This gun actually you can actually get the Kimber 22. And I've helped the Kimber 22 the slide the upper is the exact same so the difference is. That on the Kimber 22 the lower is a is aluminum not like a stainless steel such as TLE so overall fit. And finished very nice and let's just kind of show. This particular Kimber has a full-length guide rod so. You can take it off a little bit easier. You can just slide this entire thing you can.

    You can just slide the entire thing off without doing your standard 1911 disassembly which. You want a 1911 you're kind of familiar with. That but with a full length guide rod the entire thing can just slide off like. That which is nice because then. You have a conversion kit. It makes the assembly process a lot faster. You would just simply take. And slide it rights on like so. You just got to align your slides to up here again doing this through the camera so it's a little bit harder but that's basically. It so that's it on as. You can see it's a very simple process. What I like about this conversion Islam as. You can see I have the.

    Iput in the this is a Smith. Now Alexander magwell slash back strap. Iput the VZ grips on here. Ireally like the way. That trigger on the T le is. Ilike the extra weight. That the rail provides so what's kind of nice about the conversion kits is. You still get to keep. That same trigger pull the grips. This back strap whatever maybe. You invested in some trigger work right. You get to keep that right here a lot of times people don't like to buy the conversion. Because they're kind of expensive in for a little bit. More maybe for the same money. You can buy a 22 pistol. That is true but you have a higher-end 1911. That you've invested a lot of money in for accessories trigger work. Whatever the case is. You get to still name. All the benefits of. That particular 1911 but shoot. It in the 22 caliber so that's the reason why I actually prefer a conversion over the full pistol. That has long with the fact. Ifelt the Kimber 22.

    And honestly I don't really think it's worth the cost of lower just felt kind of cheap. Ididn't feel not nearly a solid as a steel lower. This particular kit. You fire the last round. It does not lock back okay. It is made out of aluminum so. This part here the knotch would wear down eventually with. This steel slide stop would eventually wear. Some kits like some advantage arms. Ithink does it for the clock. And there's another there's. One at 80 that makes the 1911 upper. That has a steel insert here so. That does lock back which is pretty cool. All aluminum it doesn't have. This doesn't lock back. One thing that is nice is. You can drive by all day says in the manual it's safe. And it's I don't really finish. It demonstrates this but. You look at the way it's a it's not yeah.

    You guys probably not gonna be able to see. This but you look at the way it's designed um. It the firing pin actually doesn't make contact at. All with the breech so that's why you can continue to do. It I've done it hundreds of thousands of times. And there's absolutely no damage to. It so the reason that's nice is. You have like a sig 22 upper conversion kit. Some other conversion kits. They are you can't dry fire on them so. You get to the last round well let. Me say two things you can't drive by them. They don't lock back on the last shot so. What happens is you get to the last round maybe. You count you were counting your rounds maybe. You weren't you get to the last. You pull and guess. What now you've done. Some damage to the upper.

    You can only way you can get around. That for cigs and maybe. Some other kits is you have to buy the block. That actually goes it's like a modified follower. That will lock the slide back but then the mad won't draw free so. It kind of comes with. Some caveats I like is. You can just fire it doesn't lock back but. You can just drop that last. That last shot you won't. You don't have to worry about. Any damage to your pistol as far as accuracy goes it's been very accurate for me. Ihave not had I was actually pretty impressed with. It I've not really had much variation in the accuracy depending on the ammo. Iwould say CCI mini mag definitely has been the. Most reliable most accurate but I've also shot. This very high velocity a GU low probably announced. That wrong this is at 1700 FPS ammo 22 ammo.

    And just performed very well in the gun I've also shot visit blazer bulk pack. That was very excellent well. This would PCI it pretties much never jams. Iwould say out of whoa. Iprobably went through two bricks. One problem I've gone through maybe a total of. Even know now maybe like 6 bricks of. This stuff never had a problem with um with CC uh was a blazer bulk 22. Ihave a box of you guys could shoot 22 probably familiar with. It um maybe out of a brick have 500 500 rounds maybe four have like an extraction problem. You know that's or five out of an entire brick not a big deal. And with this stuff it's. All been very reliable.

    It tends to like stuff that's a little bit a little bit harder the only thing I had an issue was with was the Remington linked in bulk pack. That stuff it will shoot. Several rounds it didn't extract. It actually got stuck in here to the point. Where arm yeah that take like a rod. You know get the casing out so very unreliable very inconsistent. This gun definitely did not like the Remington bulk so that's the only ham oh. It does not like but a lot of guns don't like. Everything else though basically. Any other round nose. Iheard the Remington actually. It was not working because. It was hollow point. Idon't really know. If that's true I mean that's generally known to be a pretty crappy 22 round but with. Anything round nose.

    Iput through this it's been almost 100% very reliable. And like I was saying before accuracy. And performance of this kit has just been excellent. It for rim fire steel match division. And performs excellent. And just for regular target practice I've found. Imean it's not going to be the tightest group at say 25 yards but. You can keep it within like a fist size group which for a conversion kit. Ithink that's pretty good. And that's definitely good for if you're into 22 long-rifle action shooting or steel shooting that's plenty accurate. Because usually don't shoot. That far anyway so I've found. It to be an excellent performer for steel match. And a ton of fun and very acceptable accuracy just at the range so it's a very cool way to get. Some extras trigger time with your 1911. Idefinitely highly recommend. Ibought this for 265 from a local dealer um.

    Ithink average though it's probably around 280 290 sometimes. You can get a deal off Midway. Or someplace like that in my opinion it's definitely worth. Iput countless breaks of Hamlin through. This it's held up amazing still very reliable still accurate. You can see the assembly was extremely easy does only come with. One mag my recommendation. You want more mags. This is a proprietary mag so. You do have to use this particular magazine but. Idid get these on sale. And Midway once for 19 bucks. Each which is a pretty fair price for a magazine. Some place is one like 30. Ithink that's kind of ripoff. This is only a you know. All plastic mag it only holds 10. They were only designed to hold 10. Ihave modified one by cutting down the. This rod that holds the spring to hold 15 which is the New Jersey State legal limit but check your local laws before.

    Idon't know if that's. You know this too far. And then it holds more rounds. And your state allows. Now you've broken the law. You know you don't want to be in violation of. You pretty much have to throw. That mag out, so I'm not saying go. And just start modifying your mags but. This insight is plastic. Idid get one to fit a. Few rounds a more rounds in to the New Jersey legal limit so the mags see. Ibought these mags from Midway. Some of them actually have an issue going in. All the way you have to give it a very firm hit. And then they don't drop freeze. And then other ones. You don't have to do. They just drop three automatically. One in particular is. One of those kind of problem is. It works fine once it's in the gun butt. You know that's that's. One I'd say that's one minor complaint.

    Some mags are a little inconsistent the. That came with the kit was just perfect drop free. You know function absolutely flawlessly. And in insert flawlessly so just. Some extra mags. Igot had issues but um as far as the upper goes its just been it's been perfect so yep highly recommended. II suggest you want to get. Trigger time behind your 1911 go for the Kimber conversion kit. Ithink it's well worth the cost. You guys have any questions. Or comments leave them below thanks for watching you.

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    Anderson Manufacturing .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Custom-shop quality without the custom shop price
  • MPI-tested for reliable performance
  • Chrome-lined 8620 steel carrier
  • 9310 steel bolt coated with corrosion-resistant manganese phosphate
  • Build your ultimate mission-specific rifle or carbine around Anderson Manufacturing's .223/5.56 M16 Bolt Carrier Group. Anderson Manufacturing delivers custom-shop quality without the custom-shop price. Built from chrome-lined 8620 steel, the MPI-tested carrier ensures reliable performance and corrosion-resistant durability. The 9310 steel bolt comes coated with corrosion-resistant manganese phosphate. Includes camp pin, firing pin and firing pin retainer installed.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Proof Research Pr-10 6.5 Creedmoor Carbon Fiber Barrel

  • Match-grade accuracy, superior durability and increased barrel life
  • Weighs a fraction of the weight of steel barrels
  • Caliber Matched Gas System eliminate overpressure issues
  • Perfect for your AR-10 precision rifle build
  • Using advanced composite materials and thermo-mechanical design principles, Proof Research Carbon Fiber AR Barrels achieve a breakthrough in modern rifle performance. Upgrade to match-grade accuracy, superior durability and increased barrel life at a fraction of the weight of steel barrels. Patent-pending Caliber Matched Gas System (CAMGAS) barrels eliminate overpressure issues by shifting the gas port, allowing extra time to reduce pressure – similar to a .308 Winchester with a rifle-length gas system gas system. Forget about using makeshift solutions like clipping buffer springs, adjusting buffer weights or relying on adjustable gas blocks to overcome excessive bore pressure. Delivering a smoother recoil impulse, a CAMGAS-equipped barrel keeps you on target while taking advantage of a more-efficient projectile. It also ensures easy case extraction with less case-head smearing to keep brass in optimal condition for reloading. Custom rifle length gas tube included.
    Caliber: 6.5mm Creedmoor. .875 dia. at gas port.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Magnum Research Desert Eagle 6" Barrel with Two Magazines

  • 6" factory barrel
  • Two magazines
  • Blued finish
  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle 6" Barrels come with factory barrel and two magazines for a Desert Eagle blued-finish pistol. The .44 Mag kit includes two eight-round magazines and the .50 AE kit comes with two seven-round magazines.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Not too bad yeah They gotta be good — 1911 coming to. You on a Saturday here in North Carolina with. Something from magnum research. You know this company so let's see what's in the box there. All right Jasmine all right so. This is brand-new for 2017. This is the l5 the aluminum framed 44 Magnums so last year. They came out with and shot. One is the 44 they are supposed to be releasing it in 50 Cal later. This year early next year so. You have your five inch steel barrel with aluminum frame. It is two pounds fourteen point six ounces. Where the full-size steel version is over five pounds so it's considerably lighter fills getting a hang yeah. You can have this eight round magazine. These are supposed to be interchangeable with the steel frame. One so good deal nice looking testimony. One way Plymouth and re yeah. One at the NRA show yep. We actually had the 357 version last year. All right, so I'm really excited to see the l6 in 50 Cal they'll be really nice yeah but. That looks sweet yeah wooden arrow yep favorite thing about. These desert Eagles is. That it's like a Volvo yeah it's very cool yeah it's a lot of lighter. Then my 50 Cal yes almost half almost have to wait yep so. Iwonder that look like can.

    You take a little bit yeah. Iwon't know what happened. If Dirty Harry was carry. Any of these desert eagles. You know that offset. Some 2-liter drinks out there. And we're gonna see. What Jason can do with. This 44 Magnum for the first thing are. You ready buddy yeah. All right it over your shoulder here. We clear yeah so it didn't lock back. It did not not this time so. We can say I guess you're wondering right yeah. All right let's let. It up again all right Jason round two. What are you going to see at. This time we're going to try the play track okay. It should be entertaining this is a plate right by action targets gasps. All right this should be entertaining oh. It knocks him down the storage. You know what goldarn going down. You the sand is all built up.

    You miss ah there it hits those plates with serious Authority. It did do't it yeah go down yeah. It did kind of get hiccup. We probably should have lubricated. This before shooting it in his bone dry that's okay. Imight have expected out of these guys yeah man. You absolutely okay hi guys. Igot to see you look. All right. All right my turn ready buddy yeah. All right I want to feel a lot of down those poppers but I'm gonna give it a shot. All right okay here. We go there this makes. You feel like dirty hair again. It was checking the brass right straight back at. More round I got a shoot. You know on to put a grin on your face huh yeah. It really did you know. It is not near our it's not near like the 50 Cal yeah it's a lot. More fun to shoot not. That the 50 Cal how fun to shoot but hey. You know let me go over here. And keep this off this target pie challenge target okay. All right here all right rather not stand behind.

    You read a lot really not high. All right here we go on the money buddy. This thing all right guys. This was just a little sneak peek. Because it's getting dark tonight on. Iwill have one on the range again. Ido really like the grips on. It just your rails here. What up station it's good. Imean 1700 and $90 MSRP so little bit less expensive. Than the can the steel version. Or the l6 which is kind of got. That stainless look to. You know right and guys. This is right out of the box no Lube it's just dry as a bone. You know yeah so we'll lube. This thing got cleans up. It back out on the range here. And have us a blast for this so guys. You enjoyed this video. You did please like favorite. And subscribe check out hopping farms. You can find some of those cool rubber dummies there. Some patches and sweet cherry pies.

    That good stuff on I had to give it a sweet cherry pie 44 magnum desert eagle pistols right yeah. All right guys follow. Us on Facebook Twitter Instagram check. Us out on full30 because that's. This video will be first then we'll put. It over on YouTube Jordan support the NRA. And as always remember Big Daddy loves. You hoorah you'll see. All right let's go finish.

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    Ruger® LC380 Conversion Kit

  • Convert Ruger LC380 or LC380CA to fire 9mm Luger ammunition
  • Delivers light recoil of a .380 Auto and power of 9mm Luger
  • Comes with Luger barrel, slide assembly and magazine
  • Ruger's LC380 Conversion Kit safely and reliably allows owners of an LC380 or LC380CA™ to convert a Ruger .380 Auto pistol into a handgun that fires 9mm Luger ammunition. Delivers the freedom of shooting a lighter recoiling .380 Auto or a powerful 9mm Luger in one flexible package. Includes a 9mm Luger barrel, slide assembly and magazine.

    Hey YouTube finally got my lc9 wanted to get. One about three years ago. And I decided not to. And then it went off with a Californian roster so. What I had to do was get a 380 with the 9 millimeter conversion. These guns are pretty old so there are a bunches of reviews online already but. Ijust wanted to show. You another one I know. How it is when you're looking to get a particular gun. You want all the reviews. That you can get so as soon as. Igot this I took out the magazine safety. Because that thing is awful. And I put in the guy right there the steel guide rod. And I'm gonna show you. How to break it down. Even though there are a bunches of videos on. That to the way I do. It is a little different let. Me try to do this on camera with. One hand but what I do is. Ijust angle it back a little bit like. This give it a little squeeze. And a pinfall try it out. Idon't know why everybody doesn't do. It that way I don't know. If I can do this one-handed putting it back in but hold on a minute okay so. Igot it started and put. It back in you just line. It up give it a little squeeze then. We drop right in so no tools needed so yeah. Ilove this thing it's really small. And I mean like really small. And I'm gonna get the Glock 26 pretty soon they're about the same size but obviously. This one is a lot thinner. And lighter and I've heard complaints about the trigger pull. Idon't know if it's.

    Because this is a newer model. One but it is that at. All I don't know what they're talking about it's really smooth. And the break is nice and crisp. You know compared to the Glock trigger. Iwould even say this is smooth. You know and another thing is. This is a double action like. If you don't want a double action don't buy a double action I'm gonna revolver guys so. Ilove double actions. And so this is a nice shooting gun to. Me it feels nice I mean completely different. Than a striker fired. Idon't know why we. Even compare the two oh yeah there. It is and I love this thing I mean. Ilike the long trigger pull that's why I bought. It there aren't very. Many types of firearms gun like. This so it's different. Ilike that so that's. It's a really nice gun. If you are interested I'd say go check. One out don't just watch the reviews. Because they're not really on point. Because you have to see. It for yourself because. Even though I checked.

    One out a few years ago. Iwatched all these videos saying about the trigger pull. And how awful it is. That it's not awful it's just not a single action trigger pull so. If you're expecting a single action trigger pull you're not gonna like it.

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    Aero Precision 16" 5.56 AR Barrel

  • Strong 4150 chromoly vanadium construction
  • QPQ corrosion-resistant finish
  • Crafted to mil-spec standards
  • Upgrade your AR with time-tested accuracy using Aero Precision's 16" 5.56 AR Barrel. Strong 4150 chromoly vanadium construction with a QPQ corrosion-resistant finish has been crafted to mil-spec standards, ensuring years of reliable service. Other highlights include a mid-length gas system, M4 barrel extension and 1/2-28 threads. HP and MPI tested.
    Length: 16”.
    Caliber: 5.56 NATO.
    Gas-block journal: 0.75” dia.
    Twist rate: 1:7”.
    Wt: 2 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Seekins Precision .223 Wylde Barrel-Assembly Kit

  • 5R rifling and 1:8 rate of twist for accuracy
  • Made of nonglare, bead-blasted stainless steel
  • Durable Armor Black finish
  • Inspected four times to ensure optimal performance
  • Customize your rifle for precision accuracy with Seekins Precision's .223 Wylde Barrel-Assembly Kit. It features 5R button rifling and a 1:8 rate of twist to deliver superior accuracy. It's also CNC-machined from nonglare, bead-blasted stainless steel and coated with an Armor Black finish for long-lasting performance. Each barrel is inspected four times in the construction process to ensure match-grade tolerances for optimal performance. Chambered in .223 Wylde using a midlength gas system (16”) or a rifle-length gas system (18”). Adjustable gas blocks included.
    Available: 16”, 18” (not shown).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Odin Works 16.1" .223 Wylde Ultralite Barrel Assembly Kit

  • Odin Works' lightest barrel
  • Dead-on accuracy with reliable operation
  • A hybrid version of the .223 Rem. and 5.56
  • Barrel's throat is tighter than a regular 5.56
  • This .223 Wylde is a hybrid version of the .223 Rem. and the 5.56. It has a chamber throat that is slightly tighter than a regular 5.56, which achieves more accuracy while maintaining reliable operation with both 5.56mm and .223-Rem. ammunition. 1/2"-28 threaded barrel. Kit includes: 16.1" barrel with midlength gas system, low-profile gas block, midlength gas tube and thread protector. Manufacturer's 1.5-MOA guarantee. Made from 416R stainless steel. Hand-capped. M4 feed ramps.
    Length: 16.1".
    Twist Rate: 1:8.
    Wt: 1.4 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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