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Mossberg® Model 500 Bantam™ and Super Bantam™/Model 505 Youth Pump-Action Shotguns Benelli M4 Tactical Semiautomatic Shotguns CZ-USA 712 G2 Semiautomatic Shotgun Remington® Versa Max® Semiautomatic Shotguns Browning® A5 3-1/2" Semiautomatic Shotguns Remington® VERSA MAX® Sportsman Semi-Auto Shotgun Mossberg® 510 Mini Super Bantam All Purpose Pump-Action Shotguns Remington® Model 870™ Express® Super Magnum Hardwood Pump-Action Shotgun Mossberg® Model 500 flex Field/Security Pump-Action Shotgun Combo with Gun Case Winchester® SXP Trap Compact Pump-Action Shotgun Browning® Cynergy Field Over & Under Shotguns Franchi Instinct SL Over & Under Shotguns
Mossberg® Model 500 Bantam™ and Super Bantam™/Model 505 Youth Pump-Action Shotguns Benelli M4 Tactical Semiautomatic Shotguns CZ-USA 712 G2 Semiautomatic Shotgun Remington® Versa Max® Semiautomatic Shotguns Browning® A5 3-1/2" Semiautomatic Shotguns Remington® VERSA MAX® Sportsman Semi-Auto Shotgun Mossberg® 510 Mini Super Bantam All Purpose Pump-Action Shotguns Remington® Model 870™ Express® Super Magnum Hardwood Pump-Action Shotgun Mossberg® Model 500 flex Field/Security Pump-Action Shotgun Combo with Gun Case Winchester® SXP Trap Compact Pump-Action Shotgun Browning® Cynergy Field Over & Under Shotguns Franchi Instinct SL Over & Under Shotguns
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28 inches 28 inches 28 inches 28, 18.5 inches 28 inches 18.5 inches 28 inches 18.5 inches 28 inches 28 28 inches 22, 24 inches / 22 inches
Franchi Winchester Browning MOSSBERG C-Z Benelli Remington Mossberg Browning Remington Remington Mossberg
2 3+1 3 5+1 4+1 5+1 4+1 3+1 2 3+1 3+1 5+1 / 5+1
3 inches 3 inches 3.5 inches 3 inches 3 inches 3 inches 3.5 inches 3 inches 3 inches 3.5 3.5 inches 3 inches / 3 inches
Satin Blued Matte Black Mossy Oak Bottomland Tan Bronze Metal Matte Black Matte Black Blued Silver Nitride Receiver/Matte Blued Matte Black Mossy Oak Duck Blind Mossy Oak Break-Up Country / Blued
12 Gauge 12 Gauge 12 Gauge 12 Gauge 12 Gauge 12 Gauge 12 Gauge 20 Gauge 20 Gauge 12 12 Gauge 20 Gauge / 20 Gauge
Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right / Right
44.25 47.75 49.65 31 - 48.25 49 40 48 34.75 45 - 50 39.75 - 41.75 / 39.75
Instinct SL 40815 SXP Trap Compact 512297392 A5 Mossy Oak Bottomlands 0118252004 500 Flex Waterfowl/Security w/Gun Case Combo 55117 712 G2, 06423 M4 Tactical w/Ghost Ring Sights 11707 870 Express Super Mag Hardwood 25100 510 Mini Super Bantam All-Purpose 50485 Cynergy Field 018706604 81045 Versa Max Waterfowl 81048 500 Super Bantam Field/Deer Combo 54215 / 500 Super Bantam All-Purpose 54210
04141783 03926249 03930868 04806638 04882613 20026862 04170249 03257812 04143966 03577751 03063284 04439081 / 20022647
AA-Grade Satin Walnut Satin Finished Hardwood w/High Profile Trap Comb Mossy Oak Bottomlands Composite w/Dura-Touch Armor Coating Flex TLS Realtree MAX-5 Waterfowl/Matte Black Security w/Pistol Grip Synthetic Turkish Walnut Matte Black Synthetic w/Pistol Grip Hardwood Adjustable Matte Black Synthetic Satin Finish Grade I/II Walnut Matte Black Synthetic Mossy Oak Duck Blind Synthetic Adjustable Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Synthetic / Adjustable Matte Black Synthetic
6.3 pounds 7.25 pounds 7.3 pounds 7.5 pounds 7.4 pounds 7.8 pounds 7.5 pounds 5 pounds 6.25 pounds 7.7 7.75 pounds 5.25 pounds / 5.25 pounds

Mossberg® Model 500 Bantam™ and Super Bantam™/Model 505 Youth Pump-Action Shotguns

  • Practical starter shotgun loaded with features;
  • An affordable way to start young shooters;
  • Adjustable-stock models can grow with young shooters.

Loaded with features, these Mossberg Model 500 Bantam and Super Bantam/Model 505 Youth Pump-Action Shotguns provide an affordable opportunity for beginning and growing shooters to get started with a safe and reliable shotgun.
• Model 500 Super Bantam Field/Deer Combo – 20-ga. model includes 2 barrels: 22" vent rib with dual bead sights. Accu-Set choke tubes (improved cylinder, modified, and full) and 24" fully rifled slug barrel with adjustable sights. Adjustable synthetic stock with spacer. Length of pull: 12"-13".
• Model 500 Super Bantam All Purpose – 20-ga. model features a matte-black synthetic stock and 22" vent-rib barrel with dual bead sights. Adjustable stock with spacer. Length of pull: 12"-13". Includes Accu-Set choke tubes (improved cylinder, modified, and full).
• Model 500 Bantam – 20-ga. model with wood stock and 22" vent-rib barrel with dual bead sights. Includes Accu-Set choke tubes (improved cylinder, modified, and full). Length of pull: 13".
• Model 505 Youth – .410 bore model with wood stock and 20" vent-rib barrel with dual bead sights. Fixed modified choke. Length of pull: 12".

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Benelli M4 Tactical Semiautomatic Shotguns

  • Extended magazine, viper-fast semiautomatic;
  • Auto Regulating Gas Operated System (ARGO);
  • Comes standard with Picatinny rail and pistol-grip stock;
  • Available in NP3, Matte Black and CeraKote finishes.

If your life depends on it, depend on the no-fail reliability of Benelli's M4 Tactical Semiautomatic Shotguns. These U.S.M.C.-approved defense shotguns boast a unique Auto Regulating Gas Operated (ARGO) system that guarantees rapid-fire reliability. Extended magazine and viper-fast semiautomatic put superior firepower at your disposal for maximum downrange effect. Comes standard with a Picatinny rail, standard modified choke tube, fully adjustable ghost-ring rear sight, fixed-blade front sight and synthetic pistol-grip stock. The M4 H20 sports an NP3 finish for weatherproof performance. The M4 CeraKote features a weather-beating A1 Dark Earth CeraKote finish.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

What is up everyone. This is today I'm gonna be doing a review of. One of the nicest is not the best shotguns 12-gauge. That are ever made so. This is the Benelli m4 tactical Benelli makes. Many versions m1 m2 m3 m4. And four is the best. One why it's just because the Argo gas system. And well it's an amazing shotgun the Marines adopted. You know it's been tested well. This is the shotgun. That will function anytime anywhere. Any round that's not three. And a half inch because it's only chambered for three inches. Or small so this is New York State compliant. It doesn't have a thumb hole stock which is ridiculous. This exact same gun. It had a thumb hole stock that's an assault weapon it's illegal for a civilian like. Me oh yeah and as well. Ilive in New York Suffolk County of Long Island. Iam NOT military law enforcement I'm just a civilian. This gun is perfectly legal to own so long as it's kept like. It's not exactly. How it's it upgraded a. Few things for example the extended charging hand on the go. Everything I'll go into detail in a minute yeah magazine release. And then the full magazine tube that's a big. You can see the websites are just online. You search the Benelli m4. If you're gonna buy. It in the US or specifically New York State you're gonna see. That like that dark the jet-black type of plastic piece right here it's not smooth why because.

This it's a five rounds in the magazine tube plus. One in the chamber this is a full magazine tube made by Benelli it's the same finish it's not like. One of those third party cells it's the exact same finish as the barrel itself. You could put seven rounds in here plus. One in the chamber one go slit which I'll show. How to deal with just an extra. You can have a total of. This gun right you could fit a total of nine 12-gauge shells in here of two. And three-quarter inches so. Itook off being I replace. That five round tube with. This full round this is not extension. This is a full round tube. And I'll you want to see. Any of these things should. Igo into detail look at my other video. Ido complete explanation. And tutorial of how to install. These pieces but I'll tell. You want to put the full round magazine tube in.

You will need a heat gun to. You could say loosen up the lock tight. That holds the magazine tube in. And I'm gonna disassemble. This a little bit just. You can see it but um wow. This gun it's absolutely incredible, so I'm just gonna start with. Some basics first off like. Isaid it's the Benelli m4 tactical. They make one that's doesn't have. This has an eighteen point five inch barrels. They make one has a longer. Or without a pistol grip but yeah. Ilike the pistol grip. This is just perfect right. Now it's not a distal stock. That would make in a slow weapon so it's fixed. It has a length of thirty-nine point seven five inches. How it's customized. Now with the full-length tube it's unloaded. Me just show it isn't loaded just so. You can see nothing and. Nothing that's the orange.

Or the red tab but as well. Iput in the larger magazine safety button so. This thing has ghost ring sights which on a shotgun it's its different it's really different to see. That but it's really cool to use. And I'll shoot this thing it is not a power. It has the Argos system which is the auto regulating gas operated system. Now to show that in a second. This gun goes to retail eighteen hundred dollars depending on where. Most sites for $1800 with my upgrades. That came to about $2000 which. If you're asking is. It worth I was thinking again the m2. Because there's twelve. Or thirteen hundred dollars big difference but yeah it's its worth.

You have a lot of money. You want to get something else get. This like the MAS pignite Moss berg 930. You really can't afford. Either get whatever gun you're looking for your the Benelli m2 of the Moss berg 930. Both semi automatic shotguns really nice. Idon't own any of them but. And understand they're really nice but. You can afford even just wait. Some time and save your money for this. You will not regret. Ican personally guarantee. That it's just it doesn't get better. This gun alright so. Ijust I'm pretty sure. This book it rights. Now it's 84 one pounds unloaded but. It from a manufacturer seven-point-eight that's because. Iupgrade some stuff. And put the full round magazine tube on which so. Iadded metal to it alright so let's start. You off with you got a rubber butt stock Oh rubber right here.

And then this is plastic so pistol grip the safety it's larger so safety is off. And then safety is on. This much gun you Pirating rail on top. That comes installed. You don't to buy that separately. This piece these pieces right here. They are manufacturers that's. It comes like I said same color for these two. And yeah so I'm going to show. How to take it apart. Now I'll show you why it's just really nice gun overall alright so to take. This thing apart the magazine cap at the end the twists. That until it comes off. These are shot shells. Or not yourselves I just need to go through a gun without. You know actually flying the gun. That way they don't damage the firing pin. You pull the trigger so. Once that's off just gonna slide the barrel forward.

These four grips they come off. They have the arrow sure in the direction. And the sights you not to worry about like which. One goes where it's self-explanatory that's left alright. This just slides off. And like I said definitely check out my other video. You want to upgrade your gun not. This needs upgrades but. You do you're also not gonna regret. That's because it's. It just makes something better that's. You think can't get better but. It could get even better so on. This is the Argo system so. This works pretty simple actually. These are short stroke Pistons as. You can see that's the only. This is the only distance. They move there's two of them so.

When the gun is fired gas enters. This little chamber right here. It forces these Pistons forward just like. You know like a centimeter. That short stroke has so much energy. It completely pulls the bolt. All the way back and let's in the next round gets inserted. And that's it works no gas ever comes in. This area ever it only stays in the Pistons it's the only place the gas go so. You have no guess, or we're here touching the bolt whatsoever. You want to take this out. You have to is just gonna pull. This off and then it slides right out sorry about the phone in the background. And then this is the bolt it's a it's a really nice it's an interesting type of bolt. This comes at an angle. This goes into the stock like those at an angle backwards not straight back so just reinsert. That let that slide in. And just to make sure. That the back piece is facing downwards you're just gonna push. This in to you insert. It back in a second I'll show. How the gun works something a little different.

Than your basic shotgun actually slides back. And it's best to have the bolt. All the way back when you're inserting this. Or be installing it. You have about this much space left that's. This much space left that's about. You could insert these pieces back just make sure they're locked in there. Once that's ready magazine cap goes on. And that's it so safety is off like. Isaid it's empty with. This gun if there's. Nothing in there this is completely empty it's not been cocked. Yet so nothing's in there the round of the bolt I'm sorry. It stays back to release. You push if you've already pulled. It back see it let's go back. You just have to push. This little button right there. And then it allows. That to stay back so again won't stay back hit the button stays back. If you're loading around you're gonna put.

One in their loads you can put rounds in there. Because it's not cocked. This thing the latch. It will not go up the only way for you to be able to insert rounds. You can put it in, so I'm gonna show. How to load the seven in the tube. One in the chamber and to go so ghost load. It to get a total of nine rounds so. Everyone round here in the chamber so that's. This is number two three four five six seven eight total buts. One in the chamber with. One in the I'm sorry seven the two. You have eight right. Now how'd it go still go-slow. It's pretty simple I'm gonna pull the bolt back just enough so. You could take the shell it's in there. And push that weights just like floating above the carrier latch. And they're just gonna insert. One in the chip that's nine rounds so just eight nines. When the gun is empty the bolt will lock back. That way you could just insert the next round push the magazine release fire round in their magazine release in fire.

This gun it comes with the button for the magazine for the port release is extremely small so. This is a G G&G; larger bolt release sticks out like. This which not many videos show. That's how much is six out. Ididn't know that but. Idon't mind it's just much easier to grip the two fingers in there compared to just like the surface area for one pinkie but ninety-two fingers the bolt. It also comes with is thin but. This bigger it just looks nicer with a gun. This nice I mean just easy to grab. And number one thing about. This gun it in person notice. Isaid why not I know you're gonna get. This video it's smooth it's extremely smooth. When the bolt moves back. And forth I love about. This gun not among like.

Everything else is that the bolt rotates. It you'll see it rotate. It back sorry so that rotation shot back the shell doesn't just get ejected. And drop to the floor. It gets flowing out to the side because of the rotation. And it's great it really is. This gun is extremely easy to boil to clean to keep well there is also a sling mount on the back. Both sides and in the front. And then you could add just. And a different one on Biden. Imean that's fine with. Isaid 12-gauge two. And three quarters or three inches. Something I noticed is. Ishot those mini shot shells. Ithink they're one in three-quarter inches you're not gonna have enough recoil to pull the bolt back. And insert the next round so.

You have to do that manually no big deal but. You have one shot shell for example. You have any round in here with two shot shells in here. And the tube this thing goes back the two shot shells are going to be pulled at. Once you're not going to have. One show it's gonna pull them. You can't move it's really a pain to get the shot shells out of there. You have two stuck above the carrier latch it's really don't do. If you're gonna use shot shells. One at a time one in here. One in the last round in the back those are only times. Isuggest if they're in the magazine tube in the middle anywhere between the first. And the last rounds it's gonna get jammed it's its not fun. You don't I don't suggest. You know do if you're going to.

You know understand. What I'm saying yeah that's mostly. And also another video. This apart but you want to take a trigger group out it's pretty simple just gonna hit. This pin right here. And then this is a retaining pin so. It doesn't come out just post the side stays in there. And trigger comes out that's as simple as. This gun really is really simple to disassemble. And yeah I believe that's. It I'm sure if forgot. Something I always do but uh. You guys enjoyed this gun is truly amazing and. You have any comments. Or want to say anything out. It in the description cut out. It in the comments section know. If it's a question I'll try to get back to. You pretty quickly you liked the video. And subscribe see you next time.

Iforget something so. Ijust want to show. You there is a choke tube in here so you're able to adjust the spread of shots. It comes to the tool remove. It but see it right there hopefully yeah. Icould kind of turn. It with my finger like. Isaid there's a tool to do. This it's much easier but. You could adjust the yeah here's. What it looks like this is also a smooth bore shotgun. Iforgot to mention. That — it's not rifled door there're no grooves it's smooth bore that's.

It in the performance Department but I'd be extremely disappointed. If they hadn't okay so to start with guys. This shotgun would probably look very familiar to those who have served in the US military. And particularly US Marine Corps. They call it the M 101 for m1014. Ibelieve the only difference is. It has a adjustable stock. And also a seminary. And tubular magazine in the military version. Where obviously the civilian version here has a pistol grip fixed stock. And there's also a five-round limited magazine so obviously here in Australia five-round Limited magazine for a semi-auto shotgun is classed as category C so. If you're a collector primary producer feral pest controller. Even firearm instructor then. You can have one of these so the first thing you notice about the shotgun is the quality. You know it feels solid. Imean it's 78 pounds. Or 35 kilos so you know it's definitely very well-made. Now the quality of Benelli is world-renowned. What more can this shotgun has been in service for a long time with the US military since about 1999.

Ibelieve so obviously it's um. You know performed very well. That was why I wanted to get. Something that's ultra reliable. You know for controlling feral pests here on the farm. Ibelieve I finally found. You know with this shotgun, so I'll run through. More of the specs guys but then I'll talk about. Some the upgrades that I've actually done. You know to this shotgun so overall length on. This is 40 inches or 101 centimeters. Now fairly compact you want to go. More compact you can get shorter barrels. This barrel on here is 18 1/2 inches of 47 centimeters. You can actually get a 14-inch barrel from Benelli okay. Or 35 centimeters so. You know that would make. It really compacts so obviously good for military. And law enforcement but. You know from a feral pest control point of view. You are going through very heavy scrub doing feral pest control. You wanted something even.

More compact that just may be the right option for you at the end we've got. You know a threaded barrel threaded muzzle, so we've got basically. You know different choice. That can be installed so fantastic there. It comes standard with just the modified choke but. You can change you wish the front we've also got the sling attachment. That the rear here we've got ambidextrous sling attachments so. You know depending on. Whether your left or right-handed. You can attach you like so five round tubular magazines as. You know you have a category D license here in Australia then obviously. You can extend and go greater. Than five rounds it's obviously. One up the spout for six round sake. You know perfect for farm use which is my main use.

Now the bolt on this is built like a tank as well. You know you've got two locking lugs it's a rotating head on the bolt. And just as solid and heavy as can be. You take I can't see. Any problems whatsoever with. This with you know just general wear. And tear I think it's going to last a very long time the trigger on. This is really my only complaint so far. You know the actual trigger pull weight is ridiculously heavy so eight nine pounds. You know out of the box was money our testing with. It so I'll talk about upgrades with. That in a moment but that's. What it is out of the box. Now on top normally you've got a Pirating rail. What I found with and I'll start running through. Some things that I've done. Now guys is what I've done with. That is taken what I have the endpoint t2 on top. It just took that side alignment. It just made it too high okay the red dot was too high so.

Ihad to bring it down. And Midwest industries make a rail which. You can see here so. You can take the Pirating adapter off the bottom of your t2. You know even your h2. If that's what you're using and connect. It directly and then. What it does is it just brings. That red dot down just enough there to have. That correct side alignment so really good. Now your standard sites are just a go string sites um. You mean they're fully adjustable for elevation. And wind age so you know that's great but. Ijust wanted to have a red dot on. It there just for that really fast acquisition that's just. What I prefer now under the other changes here the bolt handle the original Benelli bolt handle. Ifound pretty thin okay. Nothing wrong with it was. This really thin, so I've got a sure cycle. One of theirs and it's just fantastic. You know you actually grab. You can just really grab.

It with a firm grip there it's just not really think the bolt release on. This is from Tehran tactical. Now it's an oversize bolt release basically the original. One is almost as small as. What the little screw is there okay so sometimes. You can find it a bit hard to find it with. You with your hand this obviously solves. That problem the carrier below. Now the original Benelli. Ihad really any dramas with. Ifirst picked it up but. Ijust wanted something a little bit smoother. This has a nice smooth round edge on. This Tarrant tactical. You know there're no problems with obviously. You are lighting the tubular magazine so to try to fix the trigger.

Igot the Tehran tactical light. And trigger spring package so with. That guys light and trigger light. And hammer spring drops the trigger down to about four pounds. Or just over which is. You know having it for um. You know a matter of. You know a few dollars so it's a really good upgrade. What I found with mine in particular is problems with light Primus strikes. You use in the chill light. And hammer spring as well okay so. What I had to do was just make sure. That the original hammer spring was put back in. It keeps the light trigger spring in. And yeah it increased things by about a pound, so I'm looking at. Something around about. That five and a half pound to six pound trigger pull but obviously it's a lot better.

Then the original you know eight to nine pounds that's for sure. Now on the back here guys. Iput a limb saver recall pad okay. Ijust thought it'd be nice. Because I'm going to be running some pretty heavy loads through. It so we'll just see. You know obviously that goes out in the field okay, so I'll show. You a feature of the shotgun here guys we've got a snap cap here. This cartridge drop lever here is very important. Because obviously you can cycle the action as much as. You want it will not pick. Now there're two ways to pick. Either push the cartridge drop lever in. You know you dry fire. It will pick the next round up, so we'll just push in the cartridge drop lever. You can hear it go onto the carrier there.

And then obviously it'll chamber. You know around from there okay, so I've removed the barrel here. Ijust want to show. You the actual Argo system here, so we've got drill Pistons here. They only move about half an inch not much at. All but obviously enough to cycle. That bolt the gas plugs at the front here Benelli claimed. These Pistons move through them they're self-cleaning so. You know that fairly impressive then obviously it's going to cycle a long time without having to. You know clean so that just adds to the reliability of. This shotgun okay guys so obviously being made in Italy very quite quality the price you'll pay here in Australia would the exchange rate at the moment which was pretty poor it's about three thousand six hundred dollars at your local dealer.

Now pretty much any dealer can get. These brother Austin for them. However obviously if you're going import. One of these brand-new. You will need a import permit doing so okay so really that's restricted for primary producers. And federal pen controllers so anyhow guys enough talking let's get out on the farm. And I'm really excited to put. Some rounds downrange. This thing sighted in. All right so we'll start off guys. Ijust want to put a couple of rounds through. And get a nice feel for it I've got the Remington 36 Graham double. Or SG buckshot here so normally yeah. This stuff kicks like a mule, so we'll just see. It goes through the Benelli. You know with the Argo system yeah that's real comfortable. Idon't feel any discomfort in the shoulder. Anything it's really quite nice I'd have to say. It would be pretty close to like. Isay 2 for 3 that's really impressive ok so. That I've got the red dot on top there we've got. Some of these federal premium true ball rifled slug, so I've not used.

These before, but they're supposed to give decent accuracy out of obviously a smooth bore barrel. Ijust want to be able to see. What sort of group or accuracy. Ican get with this, so we're just going to slide. It in there at 50 yards. Ijust want to see I go is shooting say three rounds through. You know then we'll shoot out to a hundred. Because basically I want to make sure. That I'm on target with the red dot so. You know I come across. Any feral pests here on the farm obviously it's going to be cited incorrectly so let's just see. Imean normally solids really kick, so we'll just see. This Benelli handles. It okays so I'm pretty stoked with. That yeah lasts two shots hole through hole there so. You know even with the first shot a little bit higher guys. You know we're still at a two to three inch group they're 450 yards which. You know I'm extremely happy with. That's because it's great for you know feral pigs feral dogs.

And other feral pests here on the farm so yeah. Icouldn't be happier okay so out of the hundred. Now guys I just want to see. These solids perform I'm really not going to be shooting any further. This will be the absolute maximum. That I'd even dream of with solids from the shotgun, so we'll just see. It goes we'll see how the accuracy is. And then I can determine. They useful for pest control here on the farm. All right what one ounce of lead certainly has. Some weight to it here the target at a hundred look I'm pretty confident that's. All sided in just nice lean out there with the solids. Imean there's a span of my hand there so yeah the gong really is. What 30 centimeters across so that's still pretty good going from a smooth bore barrel there at a hundred, so I'm very happy with. What I want to do guys is. Ijust want to get some buckshot. Some four shot through the actual Benelli. And just see that patterns.

And then she'll be ready to rock. And roll here on the farm so loading is very simple with the vanilla especially with. That tower and tactical carrier. Now we'll just get the camera to come around the other side. You can just positively insert those shells is no catching up of your fingers. Anything I really rate. This Taran tactical carrier All right guys, so I'm really happy with. That flight control Federal Premium Buckshot that's just fantastic so. Ithink I'm going to be using. That through the Benelli but. Any out lets's just give it a cycle test here. We go honestly this Argo system is pretty impressive but let's put. It to the test yeah All right guys gonna finish up my final thoughts on the Benelli m4 honestly. This is probably the mercedes-benz of shotguns. Ihonestly can't find a fault with.

It other than the heavy trigger. You know even with. That Tarrant tactical light. And spring in it which makes. You know it's still not perfect okay. Iknow a lot of people say hey shotgun triggers aren't meant to be like. That yeah I shoot a lot of rifles so. You know I do like a bit. More of a crisp trigger but still overall the functionality of. This shotgun the reliability is just 10 out of 10. Icannot believe just. How light the recoil is with the heaviest of loads. You know the Argo system also having. That limb saver recoil pad on the back just makes. It a really comfortable shotgun to use. Imean normally if you're using say like a Remington 870. You know under an over shotgun young you're using buckshot. Or solids you know usually. You file like 10 rounds of. And really starting to hurt.

This it's just as comfortable as can be it's just like shooting maybe like a 243 so. You know I've had no problems whatsoever in just. You know being able to keep shooting and shooting and shooting yeah just brilliant. Everything about the shotgun absolute 10 out of 10 say. You know if you're in the market for one of these. You have a Katzie license here in Australia seriously. Idon't know of any other semi-auto shotgun. That could match this thing alright guys. You enjoyed the review. Icertainly had a fun time. You know filming it. And testing everything out. And keeping a way out for when I'm actually out on the farm using this for feral pest control alright guys until next time we'll catch.

Ihave to say that the sights set up. This peep sight with the front sight similar to. What I have on my Moss berg really is great. You just bring the gun up. You find it well folks there. It so we've got our 9 pellets here the bulk of them right here again shotguns. And barrels with shotguns really perform differently with different types of ammo but. You can see this is a not super expensive load. And certainly effective combat accuracy we've got. Another target out here I'm gonna move back. Even further to about 20 yards. And we'll take a shot at. That with the same ammo so there. All of our shots there were on the paper at 20 yards with. This Rio royal Beck buckshot. One combat effective hints at 20 yards no problem whatsoever but Benelli m4 is really soft shooting next thing what we're going to do is we're going to record a string of firing fast fire basically I'm just gonna shoot the gun as fast as.

Ican with the timer give. You guys a perspective on. That cigar was at full capacity 310. Iwas just a little slow on. That first shot cuz. Iwent seven six on. That first shot I could not find the safety. And was working hard to find. That but you know very quick certainly as quick as my Moss berg 9:30. And it's very soft shooting I'm surprised I've shot Bowell's before. Idon't remember them being this soft shooting it's a really gentle push. And certainly effective. You could see how quickly. Iran the gun and was able to get effective hits basically. Itook out our target down there our epic target in about seven yards here. Nothing left of it so well folks that's. It that's the Benelli m4 again special thanks to my friend Steve for use of.

This gun absolutely beautiful. You know what you pay for a joy to shoot. We totally shredded our hip sync target shooting. Both buck and seven. And a half birdshot gun was easy to shoot fast to get on to target especially in recoil very soft shooting and just simply enjoy shooting. Iwant to thank you for watching and also for all your comments we've had a lot of comments. Ido apologize if I'm not able to get back to every comment that's submitted on our channel. We get literally hundreds every week but. Ido appreciate you commenting and. Ido my best to respond. Ialso want to thank. You for your support of the channel.

And for sharing the channel with your friends. And family you like. This video any of the videos. We do click the thumbs up icon let. What you think thanks so much for watching it as always stay safe.

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CZ-USA 712 G2 Semiautomatic Shotgun

  • Cycles 2-3/4” and 3” shells;
  • Long recoil spring in butt stock simplifies assembly;
  • Requires less frequent cleanings;
  • Scratch- and abrasion-resistant Cerakote finish;
  • Premium walnut or weatherproof synthetic stock.

Whether you're dropping birds or busting clays, the CZ 712 G2 Semiautomatic Shotgun delivers the performance you need. Long recoil spring in the butt of the stock simplifies assembly and allows the shotgun to cycle 2-3/4” to 3” shells. Plus, this design requires less frequent cleanings and makes it easier to clean once it's time. Scratch- and abrasion-resistant Cerakote™ finish protects the shotgun, effectively extending the life of the firearm. Premium Turkish-walnut or weatherproof synthetic stock offers a secure and comfortable hold, while the modern-style recoil pad significantly reduces felt recoil.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Remington® Versa Max® Semiautomatic Shotguns

  • Revolutionary VersaPort gas system cycles all 12-ga. loads;
  • VersaPort system tames recoil to 20-ga. levels;
  • Compact gas system shifts balance point rearward;
  • Corrosion-resistant receiver, barrel and internal components.

Any load, anywhere, every time – that’s the performance you can expect from Remington’s Versa Max. Its VersaPort™ gas system shatters semiautomatic-shotgun convention and all previous benchmarks for reliability. Staggered ports slightly ahead of the chamber regulate gas release automatically to handle the lightest 2-3/4" target loads all the way through the heaviest 3-1/2" goose and turkey crunchers. The VersaPort system tames recoil to 20-ga. levels, so your second and third shots are as comfortable and on-target as your first. The compact action system shifts the shotgun’s balance rearward for lightning-fast handling, too. This revolutionary system was rigorously field-tested and proven reliable in the harshest conditions imaginable, from dust-filled, two-case dove shoots to late-season duck hunts in ice-choked sloughs. The anodized-aluminum receiver, nickel-plated barrel and internal components offer extreme corrosion resistance keeping the Versa Max functioning flawlessly and looking good through wet, sloppy hunting conditions. Enlarged trigger-guard opening, large safety and Super Cell Recoil Pad offers lasting comfort and ease of use. The entire action system disassembles quickly and easily for complete, hassle-free cleaning. Features Hi-Viz® interchangeable sights and length-of-pull kit, plus a fully adjustable stock. Includes Over Decoys, Flooded Timber, Pass Shooting and Turkey/Predator extended ProBore™ choke tubes. Includes hard gun case.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Remington is poised to make a big splash. This year with the introduction of. This new shotgun it's called the v3. This is a genuinely new firearm. It operates like no other shotgun. And Remington's lineup in fact like no other shotgun out on the market currently at the heart of. It is an action that is somewhat similar to the Versa Mac system in. That there are gas ports in the chamber. That get blocked off depending on the length of the shell. That drive too short action Pistons in there it's a very reliable good system. That Remington has unveiled with tremendous effect but. This shotgun though it's going to cost less there's going to be about a mid-priced type shotgun look for the models to be anywhere like the seven to nine hundred dollar range but. Though it's price less.

Some refinements on that system it's actually calibrated, so that higher power short shells which can overwhelm the action on the versa max. And cause it to run a little quickly. That gas gets bled off in. This system through a very clever escape valve mechanism. That they've developed. It also has a couple of other interesting features again. That make it operate distinctly from other shotguns out there for one unlike the Versa max there is no buffer tube on. This the return recoil springs are located in little capture rods on. Either side of the action. What this means is that the design of the butt stock is not in. Any way limited by the buffer tube. You could put whatever. You want on here for tactical. And personal defense models expect to see folding stocks on there.

And for other sporting models the sky's the limit in terms of what they can dream up. Another interesting attribute on. This gun is it has a magazine cutoff feature on. It we've been hunting birds out here in. This spectacular Colorado scenery for the past. Few days and I've really come to appreciate. How simple how versatile. That magazine cutoff is every time. We need to cross a fence. Or exchange guns anything like. It is simple and easy to unload. That chamber and keep the other shells up in the magazine rendering the gun very safe the v3 is going to be offered in numerous configurations there's going to be a competition model that's going to have a lot of adjust ability to the stock there's going to be a would grade model that'll probably have a bit.

More aesthetic bling than. And of course there's also going to be camel versions of the gun as well Remington is really counting on. This platform to carry them into the future so. You can expect to see. Many iterations. Many models. Many gauges in the years to come. We don't know this platform is going to withstand the test of time. Yet but based on its role out here in Colorado. Ihave to say it looks promising.

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Browning® A5 3-1/2" Semiautomatic Shotguns

  • Speed Load plus system;
  • Lightweight ventilated-rib barrels;
  • Kinetic Drive system cycles through a wide range of loads;
  • Includes three Invector-DS choke tubes and a gun case;
  • Humpback Acquisition Advantage.

Browning A5 3-1/2" Semiautomatic Shotguns boast three options for your best hunting experience ever. Each boasts a strong, lightweight aluminum-alloy receiver. Barrels display a lightweight profile and flat, ventilated ribs. 3-1/2" 12-ga. chambers with recoil-operated Kinematic Drives cycle through a wide range of loads. Close-radius pistol grips. Shim-adjustable length of pull, cast and drop for a customized fit. Includes Vector Pro lengthened forcing cone, three Invector-DS choke tubes (full, modified, improved cylinder), fiber-optic front sight, Inflex II Technology recoil pad, one 1/4" stock spacer, one 1/2" stock spacer, lengthened screws for 3/4” adjustment and a rugged ABS gun case. Also, shim adjustable for length of pull, cast and drop for a custom fit. Synthetic stock with textured gripping surface.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Remington® VERSA MAX® Sportsman Semi-Auto Shotgun

  • VersaPort gas-operation system;
  • Self-cleaning, gas-operation system helps reduce recoil;
  • Comes with 1 Flush Mount Pro Bore choke tube (modified).

Remington's VERSA MAX Sportsman Semi-Auto Shotgun uses the VersaPort™ gas-operation system that vents gas from the shotgun's chamber to operate the action. It is a very simple system with few moving parts and no O-rings, gaskets, or seals to maintain. The system uses the length of the shotgun shell hull to regulate the amount of gas, allowing the gun to operate with every type of shotgun shell from light 2-3/4" loads up to 3-1/2" magnums without any shooter adjustments. The versatility makes it equally well-suited for turkey and waterfowl hunting with magnum loads, as well as upland birds, and even pass shooting doves with light field loads. This VERSA MAX Sportsman semi-automatic shotgun has a weather-resistant synthetic stock with textured panels on the forend and pistol grip that provide a solid hold in any environment. The barrel and receiver are finished in a nonreflective matte black that enhances concealment in most hunting environments. A molded-in sling swivel stud on the buttstock and a stud on the magazine cap allow the quick attachment of a sling. The self-cleaning, gas-operation system reduces recoil considerably, allowing you to follow up on missed birds or shoot multiple targets quickly. Comes with 1 Flush Mount Pro Bore™ choke tube (modified).

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Mossberg® 510 Mini Super Bantam All Purpose Pump-Action Shotguns

  • The perfect shotgun for beginning shooters;
  • Mossberg’s most compact pump-action hunting gun;
  • Stock extensions lengthen the stock as your youth grows;
  • Rugged and reliable Mossberg construction;
  • Ultralightweight construction.

Start your young shooter out right with Mossberg’s most compact pump-action shotgun. At just 5 lbs. and about 34" long, it’s not too heavy or large for youth shooters to enjoy. Adjustable length of pull from 10-1/2” to 11-1/2” by use of included stock spacer. The 20-gauge has a 3" chamber and the .410 has a 2-1/2" chamber. Both have 18-1/2" vent-rib barrels. Inside, a combination of dual extractors, twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator work to ensure smooth and reliable cycling. The EZ-Reach™ forearm and shortened pistol grip enhance overall control and shooting comfort.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Remington® Model 870™ Express® Super Magnum Hardwood Pump-Action Shotgun

  • Time-proven 870 is one of the best-selling shotguns ever;
  • Silky-smooth twin action bars prevent binding and twisting;
  • Strong, reliable receiver is milled from a solid billet of steel;
  • Vent-rib barrel with modified Rem choke and front bead sight.

Remington's time-proven Model 870 has been around for almost half a century, and has become one of the best-selling shotguns ever, with over eleven million produced. The Model 870 Express Super Magnum Laminate Pump-Action Shotgun has the quality, precision and dependability of the legendary Model 870 Wingmaster at an affordable price. Features smooth-shucking twin action bars that prevent binding and twisting, as well as a strong, reliable receiver milled from a solid-steel billet. Vent-rib barrel with a modified Rem™ choke and single-bead front sight. Barrel and receiver both boast a Standard Express nonreflective matte-black finish. Hardwood stock and forend. Shoots 2-3/4", 3" and 3-1/2" shells.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Mossberg® Model 500 flex Field/Security Pump-Action Shotgun Combo with Gun Case

  • Includes both 28" vent-rib barrel and an 18.5" tactical barrel;
  • Includes a camo stock and forend plus a pistol grip and tactical forend;
  • Flex TLS lets you quickly switch components for different applications;
  • Dual extractors team with anti-jam features for smooth operation;
  • Dual bead sights facilitate fast target acquisition.

Boasting both a 28" vent-rib barrel and an 18.5" tactical barrel with cylinder bore as well as a pistol grip and tactical fore-grip, Mossberg's Model 500 Field/Security Flex Pump-Action Shotgun gives you excellent performance in the duck blind and peace of mind at home. Dual extractors, positive steel-on-steel lockup, twin action bars and an anti-jam elevator provide smooth, hassle-free operation. Flex Tool-Less Locking System (TLS) allows you to quickly and easily switch forends, stocks and recoil pads to fit your application. Synthetic stock has a Realtree MAX-5® matte camo finish. Dual bead sights let you get on target quickly. Rubber recoil pad reduces felt recoil. Includes three Accu-Set choke tubes (improved-cylinder, full and modified). Cable lock ensures curious fingers can't operate the firearm, keeping your family safe. Top-mounted tang safety for ambidextrous use.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Winchester® SXP Trap Compact Pump-Action Shotgun

  • Walnut Monte Carlo stock;
  • Invector-Plus choke tubes;
  • Hard-chrome-plated chamber and bore;
  • TRUGLO fiber-optic front sight;
  • Inflex technology recoil pad.

The Winchester SXP Trap Compact Pump-Action Shotgun's .742 back-bored technology ensures tight, consistent patterns. It has a satin-finish walnut stock with raised Monte Carlo comb and a vent-ribbed matte-finish barrel. Invector-Plus™ choke tubes produce a tight pattern. Hard-chrome-plated chamber and bore make surfaces corrosion-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting gun. 13" length of pull for small-framed shooters. TRUGLO® fiber-optic front sight and ivory midbead sight are easy to pick up in low-light situations. Speed-plug system lets you remove the three-shot adapter with your fingers. Rotary bolt with huge lugs for solid lockup. Inflex recoil pad directs recoil away from your cheek, decreasing flinch and fatigue. Black-chrome protection on bolt and other components. Crossbolt safety. Includes Modified, Improved Modified and Full chokes.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Browning® Cynergy Field Over & Under Shotguns

  • Ultralow-profile silver-nitride-finished engraved receiver;
  • Reverse Striker mechanical trigger reduces locktime and overtravel;
  • Adjustable finger-to-trigger length and trigger styles;
  • Inflex recoil pad yields quicker follow ups.

Easy on the shoulder, the ultralow-profile silver-nitride-finished engraved receiver of Browning’s Cynergy Field Over & Under Shotguns reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Reverse Striker ignition system doesn’t use inertia from recoil to set hammers – reducing locktime, overtravel and eliminating the possibility of the second barrel not firing. Trigger system allows finger-to-trigger length adjustments and can switch between wide-checkered, narrow-smooth and wide-smooth trigger styles. Inflex recoil pad. Strong MonoLock Hinge integrates the monoblock barrel and hinge, giving up to 300% more surface area to pivot than traditional trunnion-style hinges. Three Invector-Plus™ choke tubes (Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full) with 12 ga. and 20 ga. Three Standard Invector choke tubes (Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full) with 28 ga. and .410 bore. Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones. Durable, hard-chrome-plated chambers resist corrosion. Matte blued lightweight barrel has ventilated top and side ribs. Unfired shells are elevated for easy removal. Satin-finished Grade I/II walnut stock. Top tang barrel selector/safety. Ivory front bead sight. Micro Midas features compact 13" length of pull with three 1/4"-thick stock spacers for a custom fit.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Without exception no other over-and-under shotgun on the market today can match the innovation. And performance of the Browning synergy. When designing the synergy browning engineers did. Than simply start with a clean sheet of paper by utilizing the latest computer software. And decades of engineering experience. They completely rewrote the book on over-and-under shotgun design at the heart of the synergy lies the exclusive mono locked-in system with the mono lock the mono block. And hinge become an integrated unit replacing the smaller grunions traditionally found on over. And unders because the hinge surfaces are on the sides of the mono block instead of on the bottom. This innovative system creates an extremely low-profile receiver enhancing your target acquisition. And reducing felt recoil. Another first for the synergy is the reverse striker system unlike other double-barrel guns reverse striker is a striker based mechanical trigger system.

That doesn't rely on recoil to reset the hammer for the second shot. This system provides a crisp break. And vastly reduces both lock time. And over travel compared with traditional double-barreled trigger systems for the ultimate in shooting comfort browning synergy euro models feature the in flex recoil pad. This unique bad design reaches deep into the socket to provide long treble recoil absorption three lengths of recoil pads are available. And can be easily changed to adjust length of full a slick perylene coating provides a snag free surface for easy shouldering of the synergy the Browning synergies lightweight profile barrels are backboard to reduce felt recoil. And ensure maximum ballistic performance shot pattern density.

And uniformity that means. More pellets from every shot hit right. You aim the invective less interchangeable choke tube system ports in conjunction with the back boring and allows. You to instantly tailor your shot pattern for a specific target. And distance there is a Browning synergy suitable for any type of shotgunning from field to sporting models the synergy euro offers modern styling with flowing lines. And unique stock detailing pick up a Browning synergy today. And feel the future of shotguns it's the best there is.

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Franchi Instinct SL Over & Under Shotguns

  • Aluminum alloy receiver with auto ejectors;
  • Tang-mounted automatic safety with built-in barrel selector;
  • Prince of Wales AA-grade satin walnut stock;
  • Includes interchangeable chokes plus a custom-fitted hard case.

Quick-swinging and comfortable to shoulder, Franchi's Instinct SL Over & Under Shotguns were built with balance and speed in mind. Polished aluminum alloy receiver with auto ejectors. Tang-mounted automatic safety with built-in barrel selector provides positive selection without changing the saftey's position. Attractive gold-plated trigger completes its styled look. Deeley-style forend latch and cut checkering for an attractive, reliable gripping surface. Prince of Wales style AA-grade satin walnut stock has a hand-rubbed oiled finish to complement the grain and resist the elements. The slim pistol grip and forend promotes the perfect grasp when swinging and following through on upland birds. Highly-visible red fiber-optic front bead sight. Gold-inlayed Franci logo in the trigger guard and "Instinct SL" engraved in the right side of the receiver. Includes interchangeable improved cylinder, modified and full chokes plus a custom-fitted hard case to protect your investment in transport. Lightweight alloy receiver.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Sake is having a really big year on the shotgun scene. They have come out with. Several new models including this over. And under they call the instinct L it's a 12-gauge field gun very solid configuration it's got a Prince of Wales grip really nice laser-cut checkering one of the best examples a laser-cut checkering. That actually goes around a radius. That we've seen good metalwork on the barrels 28 inch barrels three inch chambers like a lot of field guns has an automatic safety. And selective trigger so barrel selector mechanical trigger is a nice touch good butt pad well very solid over-and-under shotgun reasonably priced at 1200 bucks. You know it's a it's a really good package.

And features cut checkering on the slim 4 ends. And pistol grip while a traditional set loyal finish complements the woods beautiful grain. And protects the stock from years in the field at froggy we'll never forget. We came from we take great pride in our work. And believe a fine firearm should last for years that's why every froggy is held to the highest standards. And comes with an industry-leading seven-year warranty every sportsman knows. That subtle feeling when. Everything culminates at. And for a brief moment. Everything feels right. We live for those rare moments. They arrive trust your instinct to experience the funky instinct tell for yourself visit your local funky dealer. Or go to funky usacom you.

This is specific for a woman's free.

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