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  Cabela's Aluminum Fish-Measuring Boards Berkley® Weigh Bag Rapala® Compact Touch-Screen 50-lb. Scale Brecknell ElectroSamson Fishing Scale Berkley® Precision Digital Scale Quarrow® Fish Lip Grip 50-lb. Digital Fishing Scale Quarrow® Digital Fishing Scale Rapala® 60" Retractable Ruler Berkley® Scale with Measuring Tape Bass Pro Shops® Tournament Weigh Bag Rapala® Fish Gripper/Scale Combo Rapala® Fish Counter
  Cabela's Aluminum Fish-Measuring Boards Berkley® Weigh Bag Rapala® Compact Touch-Screen 50-lb. Scale Brecknell ElectroSamson Fishing Scale Berkley® Precision Digital Scale Quarrow® Fish Lip Grip 50-lb. Digital Fishing Scale Quarrow® Digital Fishing Scale Rapala® 60" Retractable Ruler Berkley® Scale with Measuring Tape Bass Pro Shops® Tournament Weigh Bag Rapala® Fish Gripper/Scale Combo Rapala® Fish Counter
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Brand Brecknell Rapala - Rapala Rapala Cabela's Rapala Berkley® ALLIANCE SPORTS GROU Berkley® Quarrow Berkley®

Cabela's Aluminum Fish-Measuring Boards

Make sure all your catches are legal keepers with one of these rugged aluminum measuring boards. These precise rulers are available in your choice of 16", 21" or 30" models. Numbers and markers are embossed so they'll never come off. Lifetime warranty.
  • 16" model
  • 21" model
  • 30" model

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Berkley® Weigh Bag

Manage your catch with this tournament-ready weigh bag. Heavy-duty PVC construction creates a safe place to hold fish. Sturdy nylon handles make transporting easy. Convenient 18" ruler on the side.
Dimensions: 27"H x 24"W.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Rapala® Compact Touch-Screen 50-lb. Scale

  • Display weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg.
  • Eight separate bins store weights
  • Backlit display
  • Weigh and track your catch with ease and convenience. This compact scale can display weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg. increments. Eight separate bins store weights and keep a tally of your total weight. Total bin weights continuously displayed. Backlit display is visible in low light. 50-lb. limit.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Brecknell ElectroSamson Fishing Scale

  • Large, easy-to-read angled LCD display
  • Hold feature provides one-person operation
  • Memory tare function retains tare when powering off
  • Tough ABS case protects the device
  • Weigh your catch accurately with Brecknell Scales' ElectroSamson Fishing Scale. The compact, lightweight portable scale with large, easy-to-read angled LCD display combines modern accuracy to 0.4% of the applied load with the qualities of a traditional hanging balance. A Hold feature provides one-person operation on heavier loads. Memory tare function retains tare in the memory when powering off. Tough ABS case protects the device whether used as a hand-held or suspended. Includes a weighing handle, battery and carrying pouch. Complies with FCC standards.
    Wt. capacity: 22 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Berkley® Precision Digital Scale

  • Precision accuracy of +/- 0.56 oz.
  • Automatic culling in seconds
  • Stores up to eight weights in memory
  • Backlit display shows lbs. or kilograms
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Waterproof housing
  • Get precise measurements and automatic culling in seconds with a Berkley Precision Digital Scale. Its Auto Culling System automatically identifies the lightest fish for fast easy culling. This scale stores up to eight weights in memory and displays total weight with precision accuracy of +/- 0.56 oz. Backlit display shows lbs. or kilograms. Stainless steel hook will not rust and the scale housing is waterproof.
    Max. capacity: 35 lbs. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Quarrow® Fish Lip Grip 50-lb. Digital Fishing Scale

  • Weigh your catch quickly and efficiently
  • Easy 1-hand operation
  • Swiveling stainless steel jaws
  • Backlit digital display with hold function
  • Retractable 1m tape measure
  • Weighing your fish becomes a quick and efficient task with the Quarrow Fish Lip Grip 50-lb. Digital Fishing Scale. Ergonomically designed for easy 1-hand operation, it features a nonslip handle and free-swiveling stainless steel jaws that provide both a firm grip and the flexibility to get an accurate read on a thrashing fish. The backlit digital display reads in lbs., kg, or oz. and it features both a manual and automatic hold function that zeroes the scale, then locks in and displays the correct weight – great for weighing multiple fish. The unit powers off automatically if desired. In addition, it's also equipped with a digital F/C temperature gauge and a retractable 1m tape measure. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). Will not harm the fish. Adjustable wrist strap for security.
    Length: 12”.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Quarrow® Digital Fishing Scale

  • Weighs fish up to 88 lbs.
  • Accurate to within 0.1 lb.
  • Switches from pounds, kilograms, ounces, or grams
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Super-comfortable to use and extremely reliable, the handheld Quarrow Digital Fishing Scale easily weighs your catch up to 88 lbs. with superb accuracy. The scales may be switched to measure in pounds, kilograms, ounces, or grams. Its large LCD screen features soft green back-lighting that allows you to see the display in any light. Features auto-lock/auto-off function, plus tare and reset buttons.
    Available: 88 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is for you guys went in. This way hey youtube. This is my view of the quorum digital fishing skill. It doesn't work it just doesn't work so. That was my review you can take my word for it. You could stay tuned. Me explain what happens exactly so. Iwoulds Bass Pro Shop yesterday so. We went there as a family my wife said. Icould pick out any fishing skill. Iwanted a shame on. Me for picking one of the cheaper ones. Igot a digital this is probably the cheapest digital. They have available. Ididn't take too much time looking it had. Some manual skills too. Iwas told by one of the employees there not to waste my money on the manual skills. And get a good digital scale. Ikind of met her halfway kind of listen to advice kind of did. And said one of the cheapest digital skills. They had available there so. Some key points on. This scale is that there are four modes backlit displays there are pounds kilograms grams announces waist up to 88 pounds. Or 40 kilograms it claims to be accurate within 01 pounds. Or 005 into the kilograms. This is an all water fishing scale but it's got a pretty interesting design in my opinion there is the stainless steel hook there is the display power button. And a unit button here's the brown quarrel right there. And it's gotta like a little so.

    You can kind of grip. This way fish obviously hooks onto the suit. It kind of just it's got a really nice comfortable grip for you so like. Ibought this scale yesterday. And open it up brand-new out of its package a good thing is. It did come with two triple A batteries. Both among our quarrel brand same brand as a scale so. What I did was some pop. These bad boys in follow the little positive negative leads on top of the cover of the actual scale. And inserted the batteries put the cap back on does dr Nam so. What you're thinking is you're probably a jackass. You put the batteries in the wrong way went in. This way I'm just gonna flip them. You can see here we have the negative. And positive leads Capcom yeah but Ola held.

    It for various months times different pressure lock the crap out of. Few times it doesn't turn on. Some people are like. You know it came with batteries. That were the same brand that's not really known for batteries. Idon't think even know for scales I've never. Ipersonally never heard of. This brown before so. If they're not known for their scales it's probably not known for the batteries so. Few drizzles in both ways same result same story same problem just. Ibought a cheap product. Ididn't do my research does not excuse the fact. This doesn't work it's not. What I paid for and. It just works like crap. Because I'm paid crap for it just doesn't work at.

    All that's not right so. Iwas going with that was. That I've always seen in the past. Where people get products in the mail. And they're like it doesn't work. Or it's just not in the vlogs. Some weird crap that happens. That I've never experienced in my life so. Ifirst tried to turn. And turns out it didn't work at. Iwas really shocked. Iwas like holy crap. That person so what I did was. Iwent on Amazon like. Ishould have done in the first place. Idid look at the reviews. Iwas very shocked to see. These right here so obviously. This problem could have been easily avoided. If I've done my research. Iwould have found out. That a lot of these scales are doing the exact same thing. That happened to they weren't working the Bass Pro is a mile away from my house but. IDrive back there that's at least $15 gas alone not including the time.

    It would've taken this two hours time. Icould be done something way. More productive and just getting my money back. Ijust lost the gas anyway. Igo there in the near future. Iprobably won't be returning it so instead. Ifelt like it would be a bigger impact. Iposted this review here. Nothing against Bass Pro Shop. That store even bought. This cool shirt I went there so. Nothing gets past Pro Shop but. You guys are watching this. Ijust want you guys to know. You know this is crap I'm not the only. This is happening too so please stop selling this. And just to summarize. Ipaid for a cheap product should have paid a lot. More money for white number two.

    Ididn't do my research not like. Both my bed that does not excuse the fact. This doesn't work at. All I'm not asking for my money back it's. All good cross that path. If I'm going back there sometime in the near future. Iwill try to get a refund so that's the quarrel Digital fish-scale don't chance. It don't even waste your time learn to my mistakes don't be cheap. And your research thanks for watching what no.

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    Rapala® 60" Retractable Ruler

  • Super-compact design – great for boat or tackle box
  • Spring-loaded pull-out ruler
  • Oversized numbers in half-inch increments
  • Flip-up nose board
  • UV-safe, waterproof non-reflective surface
  • Whether it's a baby bluegill, a trophy muskie, or anything in between, the Rapala 60" Retractable Ruler quickly quantifies your catch – yet it takes up only a few square inches of space in your boat or tackle box. Built especially for measuring and photographing fish, this essential tool utilizes a spring-loaded pull-out ruler with oversized numbers in half-inch increments. It's equipped with a flip-up nose board at the open end to ensure accurate length measurements, and its UV-safe, waterproof surface features a non-reflective finish that allows the readings to show clearly during photography. Made to last.
    Size: 60".
    Color: Black/Red.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's going on guys I'm back again with. Another video this time it's a fishing unboxing video today. Ihave the 60-inch retractable ruler made by a Rapala right here so yeah. It looks like front. And then just some quick information about the ruler so yeah just unboxing video just to show. You guys I haven't seen a video about. This guy yet on YouTube so hopefully I'm the first. If not it's okay oh yeah by the way. This from ganders outdoors excuse. Me tennis sick right trying to get. This thing to open geez alright cool just a closer look awesome so. You can pull whatever number. You want and then you press. This button right here just to roll back so yeah just a quick unboxing video of the new Rapala 60-inch retractable ruler so. All right let's see.

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    Berkley® Scale with Measuring Tape

    Easily keep track of fish up to 50 lbs. and 39" long with this convenient tape and scale. Scale's zero can be adjusted for precision measurements. Folding handle and hook for easy transportation and storage.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® Tournament Weigh Bag

  • Rugged PVC construction
  • Oversized, corrosion-proof nylon zipper
  • Sonic-welded seam
  • Woven nylon handles
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • The Bass Pro Shops Tournament Weigh Bag is made of rugged PVC mesh with an 18" ruler printed on the side. Other features include woven nylon handles, a removable shoulder strap, and a zippered top that prevents fish from escaping and slows water loss in the event the bag is tipped over. All seams are sonic-welded for waterproof integrity. Imported.
    24”H x 23W”.
    Color: Clear/Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Right here curve it going to give. Me four seconds long bouncing just kidding take your time take your time it's summer it's summer fishing so. You got let's welcome up day. One day two the leader mr Bobby Lane sit. That 27 points 65 bobbing you've been out of. You found a way to stay consistent you've been talked about flipping and just beat the back you're not going to hang out the deep. And just ride out there you're going to do. What you like to do come forward let's talk a little bit about. How your experience went yeah. You know I Fishlegs like. This before and every morning I didn't get here the first day of practice till about. One o'clock I just went shallow. And caught a couple quality fish. Me my brother actually came up here with. Me we're rooming together. Isaid normally aren't on a lake like. When it's late in the year. You catch them on buzz bait morning so. Each tied on black both baits. And just went covert. Some water and horse cut the hook on. You did get a bike you know. You wouldn't catch them. They work and far between. Each morning I catch a quality fish on a buzz bait. And later in the afternoon. Iwas running in the backs of these pockets kind of like. Some of these other guys like tommy was. And mine really didn't have willow bushes in him. Iwas flipping there with Nick sawdust mats were like the water would run out of these freaks. And wood with form and bottles. Everything in there. You know this morning I was playing ticktacktoe with about six different coke bottles water bottle Barry didn't matter there was. All kinds and that's.

    What I went on and yesterday. They got a little more pressure. It needed and hauled up not much salt. Us was left this morn so. Ikind of had to run around. And try to make something happen. Iended up catching for face but. Iflipped at Berkeley chicken for all week green pumpkin blue. Iwas dying the tips of the tail. And JJ's magic is because the water was a little dirty in the backs of these things. Idid catch a few fish on a new frog it's a chigger toad make by Berkeley on great ghost at. This for a little 16 pounds weight on the front. And a 50 / Riggins hook. And went beating the banks. And cover as much water as. These lakes are taken. This time of year you know.

    You cover a lot of water you're not going to get a lot of ice but normally the. You can alright let's see. We can do it day 1 day 2. And day three head back. And get your fish Tommy come on up here. It is time to check. All out right now he's 853 he's got twenty-seven point six five he's got four in the bag magic number 853. Or better these are going to lock in at 646 which meet your winner Tommy. You have to look back. And just kept creeping you went. All the way from fifth place on day 16 place on day two. And we'll wait in the first place position on date number three it's been a wild week. You know it's been a real friend it's been real tough.

    You know I'm tickled to death. Ijust not on what site. Now that's too big victories in 13 for weeks ya back for three weeks so. You don't get any better. This well Tommy you know. What we got to do now ladies. And gentlemen paparazzi is just about ready Chad please hand over the trophy for your winner of the PAA Bass Pro Shop tournament series presented by Carrie 62. None other hey Tony differ on versus starting in October. This event alone going to have three different half hours segments Oh hey thank.

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    Rapala® Fish Gripper/Scale Combo

  • Strong easy-open jaws secure fish, keeping you and them safe
  • Quick release lets the fish go when you want
  • Corrosion- and water-resistant metal construction floats
  • Water-resistant 50-lb. scale with easy to read numerals
  • Easy single-handed operation
  • Grip, lift and weigh your catch – the Rapala Fish Gripper Scale Combo lets you do it all with one hand. Strong easy-open jaws secure the toothiest fish to keep you and them safe. The quick release lets it go when you want. Corrosion-resistant plastic construction holds up to 50 lbs. Flotation ensures your Rapala Fish Gripper never sees the lake bottom. Pocket-sized water-resistant scale with easy to read numerals that give measurements in lb./oz., decimal lbs. or kilograms. Tare weight fish function lets you weigh in a container without weighing the container. Easy single-handed operation. Runs on one 9-volt battery (not included) for up to 400 hours. Four-minute automatic shut-off. Easy-to-read weight display. Wrist lanyard.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Rapala® Fish Counter

    Easy to use and compact, this Fish Counter will keep track of your daily total, your group's total or your fishing trip's total catch. One-handed operation. Four-figure register with an automatic reset. Equipped with a fixed loop, it conveniently hangs on your belt.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    All hideous ways to make a living need to scare your wits to breaking point. Some can simply bore the fish out of the sea take Marty every day. She sits in front of a window at north Bonneville Dam Washington State counting the fish for the council she's fished crazy. And her whole life revolves around protecting the slippery little suckers from the constant threat of over fishing I am big fish fan. Icount fish I do fish. Ihave a fish aquarium at home. And I'm a Pisces I've always wanted to work for fish. And wildlife as had always been a dream of mine. Idon't have the education that's required for those jobs but for this job. Ican identify fish biologist she's not but a super honing skills are essential to River authorities monitoring marine stocks. And helping prevent their demise generally as the fish are coming through. If there's a lot of fish your eye will catch the. One thing that tells. What type of fish you just instinctively push the button Marty can only work for seven of the busiest months of the year before. She adopts fish-like qualities taking huge guts of air. And flapping around on her back. Each counter has an eight-hour shift. We count for fifty minutes per hour with a ten-minute break. You have what we call a clicker. Each button is for counting different species of fish. You always keep your eyes on the window. Whether there's fish there. You never know one will come flying through. Some are very flighty. They just really zoomed through the window at the peak of a run. We can count anywhere in a day from 45000 to 400000 but today is a slow day it's a weekend.

    All the fish have headed off to the beach hang on what's. This wait a minute had. It through the window. And then gone back I would have — stood out so. That no fish gets counted twice Marty can't afford to make mistakes. One runaway fish could swell the rivers beyond bursting point. However responsibility brings great reward. Ienjoy my job very much. Ifind it very interest and every day is different. You never see the same thing twice every day is the new show like an underwater cinema. All the fish of the stars it's an envy of a life watching the world go by through the murk of cloudy water Neptune for Marty.

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