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  Z-Man® The Original ChatterBait® Reef Runner Cicada Cabela's Mean Eye Blade Bait Johnson® Thinfisher™ Z-Man® ChatterBait® Elite Cotton Cordell® Gay Blade Wolverine Tackle Silver Streak Blade Bait Z-Man® Trout/Panfish ChatterBait™ Heddon Sonar Lure Z-Man® Project Z™ Weedless ChatterBait® Z-Man® Project Z Chatterbait Johnson® Thinfisher™ Spoon
 Z-Man® The Original ChatterBait®Reef Runner CicadaCabela's Mean Eye Blade BaitJohnson® Thinfisher™Z-Man® ChatterBait® EliteCotton Cordell® Gay BladeWolverine Tackle Silver Streak Blade BaitZ-Man® Trout/Panfish ChatterBait™Heddon Sonar LureZ-Man® Project Z™ Weedless ChatterBait®Z-Man® Project Z ChatterbaitJohnson® Thinfisher™ Spoon
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BrandZ-ManZ-ManReef RunnerZ-ManZ-ManZ-ManJohnsonCabela's-HeddonPURE FISHINGCotton Cordell

Z-Man® The Original ChatterBait®

  • More vibration than many crankbaits
  • Unique blade design
  • Swims with hook point up
  • The Chatterbait is a proven fish-catcher with the flash of a spinner, a jig profile and more vibration transmission than many crankbaits. A unique blade design prevents hangups,  letting you fish cover with confidence. Swims with hook point up to improve hookset percentages. Per each.
    Sizes: 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (001)White, (002)Chartreuse/White, (004)Blue/Black, (006)Green Pumpkin/Black, (007)Shad, (046)Perch/BlueGill, (054)Sexy Shad, (065)Sexy Shimmer Blue, (066)Candy Craw, (069)Bad Shad/Gold, (070)Green Pumpkin/Purple, (072)Greenback Shad, (073)Carolina Craw, (074)Okeechobee Craw.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Reef Runner Cicada

    A darting flutter action on the fall and unmatched vibration patterns when retrieved make this lure a fish-catcher. Its bug-like appearance and concave blade produce vibration patterns no other lure can duplicate to attract fish sonically and visually.
    Sizes: 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (001)Silver, (013)Silver/Hot Green, (030)Silver/Blue, (091)Silver/Chartreuse, (216)Gold, (319)Black Nickel/Chartreuse.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Mean Eye Blade Bait

  • Three line-tie positions for adjusting action
  • Hard vibration gets fish's attention in deep water
  • Irresistible design triggers reaction strikes
  • Trigger reaction strikes that no game fish can resist. Cabela's Mean Eye Blade Bait has three line-tie positions, allowing you to change the bait's action. Hard vibration replicates baitfish and gets the attention of predatory fish even in deep water. Per each.
    Size: 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., 3/16 oz., 3/4 oz.
    Colors: (001)Chrome/Black Back, (002)Gold/Black Back, (003)Chrome/Blue Back, (005)Chartreuse/Orange, (016)Red Craw, (021) Firetiger, (022)Rad Perch, (042)Shad Dot, (064)Chartreuse/Silver.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Johnson® Thinfisher™

  • Built-in rattle attracts all predator species
  • Reposition included dorsal snap to change action
  • Large eyes and tempting colors encourage strikes
  • Blade baits are really catching on because they’re really catching fish, and the innovative ThinFisher™ takes these baits to the next level. It has a built-in sonic rattle that attracts all predator species. Change the lure’s action by hooking the included snap into three dorsal holes so you can tailor the presentation to the fishing conditions. Large eyes, tempting colors and black nickel hooks add to the lure’s fish-tempting qualities. Per each.
    Sizes: 1-3/4'', 1/4 oz., 1-3/8'', 3/16 oz.
    Colors: (001)Black Gold, (002)Black Silver, (003)Blue Silver, (004)Firetiger, (005)Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Z-Man® ChatterBait® Elite

  • Patterned after the popular original ChatterBait bladed swim jig
  • Ultrasharp Gamakatsu hook
  • Trailer keeper holds soft plastics in place
  • Based on the original ChatterBait bladed swim jig, this effective lure triggers the predator instinct in every fish it passes. Its EZ Skirt® jig skirt is precisely matched to a custom-colored head and a low-profile hub for maximum visual stimulation. A super-sharp Gamakatsu® 5/0 hook teams with a molded-in trailer keeper to hold soft plastics in place and deliver reliable hookup performance. Per each.
    Sizes: 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (001)White, (002)Chartreuse/White, (003)Black/Blue, (006)Smoky Shad, (007)Sexy Shad, (008)Black/Red, (009)Houdini, (010)Redbone.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Morita as next guy here with. Another video this time. It is on the Zeeman ChatterBait original chatter be elite. Now the reason they call. This the ChatterBait elite is. Because the hook mainly the hawk. And some other components but the hook is the main reason why this is called the elite. Now as you can see here it's a pretty it's a pretty thick hook. And focus here it's a pretty sick hook. And is a lot better. Then just the original chatter Bates hook but the whole but there's. More than just the hook to difference of. This bait it still has. That smart hub that smarts easy skirt there the head is a little flatter as. You can see this is also a lot. More durable the head blade connections a lot thicker. And more durable the swivels new better swivels. And the blade this time the blade is a black a shiny black. This is the green pumpkin color as. You can see by the skirt. And the head but you can change the skirt with.

    Any of the other smart skirts made by z-man watch our prod by far the best skirts made. And it has a beat keeper really nice 5 watt give a gal to hook extremely sharp really strong thick wire hook but it's just so versatile. This bait is probably the. Most versatile bait. You can buy other than maybe like a 4-inch four to six inch swim bait which can be used for many different things but. This is probably this is like a weak beat a jig a deep a swim jig ChatterBait crank bait spinner beat a weak beat. If I are you haven't said. That I mean this thing catches so much fish. And you pair that up with like a Berkley havoc beat shad. Or something or a kite at a high tech swing impact. Or swing low impact fat. And this thing just comes to life especially. When you're using let's say like a especially.

    When you're using like. That big heavy braid in. That deep cover then. This thing really just comes to life. And you can just pound the batch of. This they love it I've caught so. Many fish on this bait it's probably a pot bass pike. Both kind of those pieces the bass to. Both the small mouth. And large mouth I mean I've caught plenty of fish on the state. Now this is a friendly new. One I have the exact same beat. That I used but this at. This one I just wanted off the tackle warehouse but. It rights the price is on the elite probably but like $599 there's five nine six fifties. Something like that. And compared to the original. One which is like or like $499. Or something but if you're gonna buy a bait.

    Iwould I mean now tech works caring like the custom ones. And the other elite but. Igot this one before those came out so. This was the best of the best. When I got it and. It still is I mean. If you're gonna buy ChatterBait from zoom in by the elite. Or the custom series. Or something I wouldn't go for the original series. Unless you're gonna replace the hook somehow. Because the hooks are trapping them on there they're brutal. This one can't go wrong with. This beat this is the moneymaker beat so. Iguess that's it for this video. And I'll see you guys next time. This has been Nick Scott. And goodbye turn it up. Ilike put a dip in crack a cold.

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    Cotton Cordell® Gay Blade

    The flathead design sends a tight, pulsating action that fish can see and feel from miles away. Dual line-tie holes allow it to be worked like a vibrating bait or a jigging spoon. Great for schooling fish or any time fish hole up in deep water. Per each.
  • 1/4 oz.
  • 3/8 oz.
    Colors: (004)Chrome/Black, (006)Chrome/Blue, (811)Smokey Joe, (096)Chartreuse (3/8 oz. only)
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wolverine Tackle Silver Streak Blade Bait

    Ever since they were first introduced in the Great Lakes more than 25 years ago, Silver Streak lures have been a popular choice with master anglers. Time-tested design was developed by tournament-winning charter-boat captain Chuck Cartwright.
    Sizes: 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz.
    Colors: (001)Purple Demon, (002)Pink Panties, (003)Pink Squirrel, (004)Purple Boxers, (005)Hot Lobster, (006)Firetiger, (007)Glo Yellowtail, (008)Bait Pearl.
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    Z-Man® Trout/Panfish ChatterBait™

  • Smaller size is great for panfish or delicate presentations
  • Each bait comes with an extra body
  • Intense vibration created by unique blade design
  • ChatterBait's reputation as a bass slayer is well known, but these smaller versions will show you that the design is equally effective on trout, panfish and species that prefer to dine on smaller morsels. Take some to your favorite trout pond or crappie hole and get set for some great fishing action. Includes one rigged ChatterBait and one extra body.
    Sizes: 1/16-oz., 1/8-oz.
    Colors: (001)Gold/Black, (002)Silver/Natural, (003)Chartreuse/Firetiger, (004)Silver/Blue, (005)Chartreuse/Rainbow.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Heddon Sonar Lure

  • Anglers can adjust the action to match conditions
  • Versatile enough for a variety of presentations
  • Effective on most freshwater species
  • Heddon’s only adjustable-action lure has unique line-tie holes that allow anglers to adjust the lure’s action to match fishing conditions. Whether cast, trolled or jigged through the ice, this lure’s vibrating action is tempting to most freshwater species. Per each.
    Size: 1-7/8", 1/4 oz.
    Colors: (001)Flash Green, (002)Flash Chartruese, (003)Flash Blue, (004)Red Head, (005)Silver Shiner.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Z-Man® Project Z™ Weedless ChatterBait®

  • Heavy fiber weedguard prevents snags
  • ChatterBlade delivers fish-attracting vibration and flash
  • Heavy-duty, chemically sharpened Mustad UltraPoint hook
  • EZ Skirt provides a full profile and excellent action
  • 3-D eyes and lifelike paint scheme push wary fish over the edge
  • Z-Man's Project Z Weedless ChatterBait boasts the same fish-catching design as the original Project Z ChatterBait, but this model adds a heavy fiber weedguard so you can confidently fish heavy structure where the lunkers hide. Stainless, hex-shaped ChatterBlade® swings freely for fish-tempting vibration and flash. Heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® black-nickel hook has been chemically sharpened to increase your hookup rates. Z-Tie™ double umbrella EZ Skirt® delivers a full profile and excellent underwater motion. 3-D eyes and lifelike paint scheme offer a top-notch look that fish respond to. Per each. Made in USA.
    1/2 oz., 3/8 oz.
    Colors: (365)Pearl Ghost, (402)Bream, (526)Black and Blue, (820)Chartreuse Sexy Shad, (843)Dark Green Pumpkin, (928)Blue Back Herring.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Z-Man® Project Z Chatterbait

  • Chatterblade swings freely for tempting vibration and flash
  • Mustad UltraPoint black nickel hook is chemically sharpened
  • Z-Tie double umbrella EZ Skirt adds a fuller profile and motion
  • 3D eyes and painted scheme offer a top-notch look
  • Building on the success of the original ChatterBait, Z-Man has elevated the performance of the Project Z ChatterBait by adding high-end components. The unique, stainless, hex-shaped ChatterBlade® swings freely for fish-tempting vibration and flash. The heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® black nickel hook has been chemically sharpened to increase your fish-landing percentages. The Z-Tie™ double umbrella EZ Skirt® delivers a fuller profile and excellent underwater motion. 3D eyes and painted scheme offer a top-notch look that fish respond to. Per each.
    Sizes: 3/4 oz., 1 oz.
    Colors: (001)Pearl Ghost, (002)Blue Back Herring, (004)Chartreuse Sexy Shad, (006)Break Bream, (008)Black/Blue, (010)Dark Green Pumpkin.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys thanks for joining me it's grant with angling Authority calm. You know back when the project Z chat array came from Zima. And fishing when that came out. It was really exciting for me. And the group of anglers. Ihad with we were just so used to using the original chatter rate. It was such a staple for our fishing we'd always haven't tied on. It was part of you know. You get on you throw. It just to see if ChatterBait would work. Because it's one of those baits. That doesn't work all the time but. It does its phenomenal so. When Z man fishing came out with the project Z ChatterBait which had. These improvements over the original chatter baits. You know I contact them really exciting in asset. You know we got to get our hands in. Some of these we got to do a review on for the website. And we'll probably do a how-to as well. You know they said great sure well we'll send. And I'd be fishing with the project Z ChatterBait for six months. Some great improvements over the original ChatterBait so. Some things about the original ChatterBait. We were having problems withI'm going to show. You guys here's some of the original chatter baits like. You can see what we've done with. One is we've actually used. Some power Pro to tie the skirt on. We were having problems with the screw actually getting pulled off by fish so that's. One of the fixes we have for the original chattery. We were having problems also with the hooks getting bent open we'll get a big northern.

    Anything like that here. You can see I've got. Some original chatter bass already. They know part of my tackle box. Another part of problem. Iwas having is this clasp. It would just get mangled. It would sometimes you need to lose fish. They were getting open so. When the project Z ChatterBait came out I've got. One right here they actually made. Some improvements which. We were really excited to see you've got. This new clasp it's totally tied on. You can see how it's twisted on so. It won't open which is a vast improvement over the older chatter it's got the same coffin blade. That works really well you've got a new different design head. That comes through cover a lot better. They put a let's see let. One here project seek that's not a project see there. They put you look at the guts of the lure. They put a much better trailer keeper they've got a stouter hook. That won't open, and they've got a larger skirt keeper right there, so they've actually made a slew of improvements to the project z ChatterBait which makes.

    It an overall better ChatterBait. IuseI'm use the ChatterBait for quite a. Now andI've been using it on. This little rig here. This is a Abu Garcia STX is a 7 to 1 gear ratio. Iactually throw it on a legend tournament st Croix. This is the slop and frog swim jig. You can see it right there. It on a 74 had me fast you've actually got a ChatterBait I've already got to chatter down there the white. This rod with you know. It with braids I just shot a nice Power Pro but throw with. Any kind of rate just gives. You a good solid hook up the fish grab. You know you got them. You just set the hook. And go so it's a really good chatter bait. When we've been throwing it. And be using you know a lot of different trailers as. And I'm going to talk a little bit about the trailers we've been using I'm using with a lot of your trailer using we've been using the chad way with paddle tails cross drops. It with flukes like a caffeine shad. Whatever and it's worked with.

    All different trailers depending on the conditions. And it's worked really well minimal hang-ups. And weeds you know we've thrown in. Some crazy places you know it's had a lot of success I'm going to show. Some trailers that we've been using so for pilot ales. These are the three trailers. Iprimarily use I would probably recommend for the ChatterBait you've got your ez swimmer from gambler. This is a phenomenal trailer it's got a lot of thumps big paddle tail it's got the segmenting here so. It gives you a lot of sway. Each way that with the project Z ChatterBait. When I'm in the fall. When I'm looking for something a little bit bigger. When I'm trying to call in a tournament. Iwill use it also with a Chad Reed elite. And you've got one here rigged up. That I've been using and. That is a phenomenal big fish bait right here I'll use the diesel minnow as well that's a Zemon product.

    Ilike the diesel minnow it's got a little bit. You can see it's got a little bit short profile, so I'll use. That in the spring you know. When waters a little bit cooler. If I'm going for fish. That a little bit harder to get the bite. Imight throw that for a bit the only thing about the z-man products is. They don't keep very well on a boat so. If you're like leaving a boat out in the Sun. Whatever this we'll get. All weird on and I've got. One here this has been my boat for about three four days. And she's done they just kind of melt into so that's. One of the things with the z-man plastics I've been. Another pilot ale here. This is actually an excellent I'll tell. This discontinued you can find them good luck vitamin E as. You can it's got a huge boot. You see the boot chill on. And compared with the other ones it's got a huge boot, so I'll throw.

    That I'll throw I know fish are active. And feeding or I'll throw. It yeah in this fall looking for our larger Abbas. Ineed to call again as far as cross. That kind of thing I've got. Some stuff here to show. These are the three cross. Now you've got the gambler mega daddy. That is a phenomenal. And I've got one actually here on an original ChatterBait. That I've been throwing this is a green pumpkin blue a green pumpkin blue ChatterBait. And it's just phenomenal the thing about the mega daddy. And I've got that's a full mega daddy. And I've got one here. That I've actually cut off there. And then he just twist off the tail end. And it's just such a big profiling these claws they're just so rhythmic.

    They just they go up. And down so subtly so slowly bass just can't resist. That I've had a lot of success with the mega daddy. And segmenting it like. That again the Zeeman plastics is a turbo cross again. They don't keep very well in a boat, but they're there're great plastics for when bass are just smashing them they're super tough. They can take up they can take a lot of counting but. They don't keep very well on the heated boat. And I've actually been using and I'm doing a review on. This as well the burner coughing gambler. This is a great bait it's got the. You why not body on. It so it's a nice tight body with a. You can see it here an angle front so. It doesn't get caught but it's got. These little tails on the end. These two burner crawl legs. They really make a very fast motion like a fleeing fish like a fleeing minnow. Whatever so these are. This is a really great bait in the spring because.

    It gives the impression of a smaller fish. You know that bass are going after let's say. You see a lot of perch. Or bluegill the waters. You know that bass are targeting them. If let's say one of them spits up a small blue viola in your live well. You know just tie one of these on. And you've got these little tails. They give you a great just a great fleeting small fish action so. This is the three cross. Iprimarily use this is the there's the mega daddy right there segmented for you guys to see. You sometimes use I use I'll use a fluke. Some over here. That I'm showing you. This is the super stuff from gambler again white. You know you can't be white. And I'll match it up with like a 3/8 a 3/8 ChatterBait can't beat. You go with a fluke. Or caffeine shad any kind of. Something that's just a little bit.

    More subtle you need to just remember to shape the rock a little bit. And give it some action. You can kill if they'll hit. It on the fall so those are two other options. Iuse primarily and I'll go with only go with like a natural color. Or a white and white always seems to be. That great thing in the fall for me. And the other thing. That I'll use as well for chata baits is grub again. It has the tail single tail. Or double tail I'm looking for some fast just a little bit of a fasiq fleeting action in the bait. And I'll use this as a twin tail from Gambler again. You guys can tell I love gambler. This is a twin tail from gambler. You can just use this is a just a regular rough. You kind of rough from the local tackle shop.

    You can just pick whatever. That works really well. When fish are just you know they're going after bait fish. Some great stuff I recently actually caught a nice five pounders. And I'm going to put. That clip on the end of. This video what I use for the five pounder. Icaught while doing the review. This is a like a perch. Or bluegill pattern. Ihad a big boot tail on. That did really well for me. You know I was matching the hatch. It was a lot of perch. And bluegill around Pluto were nesting actually. Ijust ran it over a bunch of weeds just. Ikilled it rights at the edge. She came up and just smashed. Iwant to show you guys. Some other trailer options. This year's see this is a. Ididn't go over this is a grass pig from havoc. And that's on an original chad way. You can see that there. And here you go again. Another gambler easy swimmer. And that's on an original shadow root as well so. These are some great options for chowder baits right here. You got lots of great options for the new project see ChatterBait andI'm really happy with.

    This bait you know. If ChatterBait is one of those baits. You throw it does really well with the right conditions. And the right trailer a couple months ago. We contacted z-man both their new ChatterBait project see. And it's one of these. That I've got right here. And they've designed them with. These features which. You can read about in the review. And I've been using it today. What I've been throwing it with is st Croix slop. And froth this is a seven four rod heavy fast. And I've been throwing out with the Regal STX real from Abbey it's a 71 gear ratio. And very happy with the bait today. What I'm testing it out on is a bluegill pattern. One here right here. And I'm tipped it with a little boo tail swim bait. And I'll show you guys the result that's the result. This big female is a beautiful post spawn fish.

    She came off a nice deep weed bed. We caught it basically just matching the hatch matching the forage lots of perch in. This lake what we did is basically. We just slow roll to ChatterBait over the weed beds. And there you go results 5 pounds. And 3 ounces large mouth with the right trailer. And the right conditions the ChatterBait is phenomenal bait. You have the right gear. You have the right gear. You can get it in almost anywhere. You can throw and cover thick weed beds just pop. It along fairly weedless with. You can do so much with. And the new project see ChatterBait who is a really great design improvement over the original ChatterBait. Istill have several original chatter baits. That I'm going to plan on keep using because it's just such a great fish catcher for me but.

    Ido replace the chatter baits. Because eventually they will die off. And stop working for me. Or get used up I do plan on definitely I'm going to keep replacing my chatter baits with project see chatter mate yeah. Imean the only other thing I want to mention is. That there's a lot of companies because of the success of the bladed swim Jake there's a lot of companies. That do make bladed swim jigs. And chatter baits I've tried. All of them most of them. What I found is that they're not consistent. Idon't always get the result. What I can say is with project Z chat wait. And the original chad way from z man is. That the product is consistent.

    What I'm getting and. It does have some flaws especially with the original chat abate but. What they are and minimize those flaws like the original ChatterBait. And Nova the skirt sometimes slips, so I'll put. Some glue or tied on like. Ishowed you earlier in the video. And those are things. That as an angler you're always looking to overcome. Whatever possible setbacks. You may have so yeah. You know in conclusion to the project. Each a debate is a phenomenal ChatterBait is well-designed they've addressed. All the issues that anglers have had with the original ChatterBait they've actually listened to anglers. And they've really taken. Some time you know. You watch some of those projects see videos. They put out you mean David you're catching fish. And it's a great fate definitely recommend. It always have untied on.

    And I've always every time. Igo out I at least try. One of the things that fish are looking to bite. It is just such a phenomenal bait so anyway that's my review. And a little bit of how-to. Ididn't cover too much of. It but that's my review on the shadow ray project see definitely a winner definitely sign crewman so check. It out I'm going to put. Some links at the end of the article. Itake a look at and see try. It out let me know guys comment let. Me know what's working for you what's not working for you. Me know your thoughts thanks a lot of guys.

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    Johnson® Thinfisher™ Spoon

  • Natural vibrating action
  • Built-in sonic chamber
  • Black-nickel hooks and snap
  • Think thin. The Johnson Thinfisher Spoon is one fine, versatile spoon, offering a natural vibrating action on the retrieve plus a built-in sonic chamber that predators just can't seem to ignore. Jig the blade vertically and allow it to swim back down through the strike zone, keeping a firm grip on your rod handle. The spoon comes with two black-nickel treble hooks and snap. Per each.
    Sizes: 1-1/4", 3/16 oz.; 1-3/4", 1/4 oz.; 2-1/4", 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (003)Pink, (233)Firetiger, (244)Perch, (260)Black/Gold, (272)Gold, (372)Chrome, (616)Silver/Black, (801)Chartreuse, (872)Silver/Blue.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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