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  Berkley® Flicker Minnow Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Floating Minnows Smithwick® Walleye Suspending Rattlin' Rogue®
Bass Pro Shops® Walleye Angler® Jiggin' Minnow Bomber® Saltwater-Grade Long Shot™
  Berkley® Flicker Minnow Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Floating Minnows Smithwick® Walleye Suspending Rattlin' Rogue® Rapala® Husky Jerk® Lure Rapala® Jointed™ Minnow Cabela's Mean Eye Walleye Series Medium-Depth Minnow Bait Yo-Zuri® Crystal Minnow™ Deep Diver Walleye Series Sébile® Stick Shadd Rapala® X-Rap® Deep Jackall I-Prop 75 Jerkbait Bass Pro Shops® Walleye Angler® Jiggin' Minnow Bomber® Saltwater-Grade Long Shot™
Brand Booyah Cabela's Jackall Sebile - Rapala Yo-Zuri Booyah Rapala - PURE FISHING Rapala
Sizes 5", 6", 7". - - 3”, 3/8 oz., Suspending; 3-1/2”, 5/8 oz., Suspending; 4-1/2”, 1-3/8 oz., Suspending; 6-1/4”, 3-7/8 oz., Sinking; 7-1/4”, 5-1/4 oz., Sinking. 3-1/8" (1/4 oz.), 4" (7/16 oz.), 4-5/8"(1/2 oz.) 2-1/2", 1/8 oz.; 3-18", 1/4 oz.; 4", 3/8 oz.; 4-3/4", 7/16 oz.; 5-1/2", 5/8 oz. &nbsp;4-3/8", 9/16 oz., dives to 10 ft.; 5-1/4", 7/8 oz., dives to 13 ft. - <ul> <li> - 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2", 4-1/4". <li>

Berkley® Flicker Minnow

  • Pro designed and tournament proven
  • Developed using strict standards
  • Impressive dive curve
  • Pro designed and tournament proven, the Berkley Flicker Minnow combines a special body design with an impressive dive curve to put more fish in the boat. The lure was developed using the same strict standards as the Flicker Shad for a line of minnow baits that dive deeper with copious amounts of flash and tail action.
    Sizes: 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2", 4-1/4".
    Colors: (273)Black Brass, (274)Blue Smelt, (275)Copper Head, (276)Lime Chrome, (277)Flashy Chartreuse, (278)Flashy Ghost, (279)Flashy Green Crush, (280)Flashy Pearl, (281)Flashy Perch, (282)Flashy Purple Candy, (283)Slick Black Pearl, (284)Slick Chartreuse, (285)Slick Pearl Silver, (286)Slick Smelt, (287)Clear.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is the bait that caused. All the hoopla on the walleye tournament well. You guys have got a pretty good fish on behind. Me it's a representation of what this baits done Keith go bias chase Parsons. And myself had the bait. This summer took Keith. Ialong with the Berkley engineers about three years to develop. This bait you can see. This bait has got a very specific action. And it's one tens of thousands of dollars already the summer it's been the talk of the walleye tournament world the competition will. You deal with a company. That tweak and play. And tweak complete and change the action. And movies are on your name. It until we get them to really rock. This is the best of my life. This is awesome it's called the Berkeley Flickr middle it's gonna come in two sizes at first with. Many sizes later but. This is the bait you can see.

    We just barely use one today. And it's all scratched up from. All the fish that we've caught so it's Flickerman. All by Berkley proofs in the pudding here. These guys have been doing it.

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    Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Floating Minnows

  • Super loud rattles
  • Brilliant, lifelike finishes
  • Big-time action
  • Taking fish from skinny water can really get your adrenaline pumping, and that's exactly what the Bass Pro Shops XPS Floating Minnows were born to do. Work it on the surface or crank it down and let it rise back up. Either way, the Floating Minnow's super loud rattles immediately draw fish to its brilliant, lifelike finish while the big-time action provokes them to strike. Extra-sharp hooks. The hot finishes replicate the natural colorization process (becoming more pronounced in direct sunlight, and somewhat less intense under the surface). Per each.
    Sizes: 3-1/8" (1/4 oz.), 4" (7/16 oz.), 4-5/8"(1/2 oz.)
    Colors: (003)Bleeding Tennessee Shad, (013)Brown Trout, (014)Black Back Gold Orange, (023)Purple Tiger, (036)Chrome/Black Back, (037)Chrome Blue, (047)Chrome Clown, (048)Ghost Shad, (049)Olive Shad, (055)Gold Shad, (057)Mirage, (065)Silver Shad, (067)Green Shad, (068)Tequila.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    It go guys todayI'm going to be reviewing the bass pro shops XPS professional series deep diving middle. This is just you can get. Neither floating nor suspending this particular. Igotten suspending it's mainly for my winter tackle box but. Iwill use it for other things as well in my opinion Bass Pro Shops hasn't had the best lineup compared to a lot of other big companies. Ireally like Strike King I like rapala. Ilike River to see so bass pro shops really doesn't have quality compared to those baked companies but. They really do have a low price. This was only seven dollars a seven dollar lure which. You can get around the same price maybe a little bit. More with the other companies. That mmm a lot of companies will charge fifteen to twenty dollars for a suspending jerk bait like. This here but you want. Something that's low budget. You don't really have to spend a lot of money. This bass pro shops lineup really is good. They don't they're not terrible um but down as good as. Some other dates this is the first really. This is the 2nd or 3rd bass pro shops. And fate that I've actually gotten it's pretty good, so we'll see. It lines up against. Some other baits we'll look at the specs the color my only have. One color here some other stuff so yeah let's get into.

    It so here we have the bass pro shops XPS professional series deep diving minnow against a strike king Kevin VanDam series jerky. Ireally really like. This jerk bait here. This is probably my favorites. Ireally do like Kevin VanDam. Itaste probably my favorite professional so size comparison. You can see I said they're about the same Kevin VanDam jerk bait is a little bit thicker a little bit fatter. Ireally do like the eyes on. One is about the same size as. You see it's more of a minnow shape compared to. This just being kind of am a. More of a classic jerk bait look. You can see the difference in the bills here. Ithink only dives to three. Or four feet while the xbox will guide down to seven which.

    Ireally you know I do like. These your baits but. Ihad to choose I definitely choose the Kevin VanDam series so. This color is called gold XXX shed its kind of like a sexy shad color. They call it gold XXX shad get. Some gold in there they're pretty it's pretty standard color as. You can see you got the long bill there the max diving depth on. This according to bass pro shops website is seven foot so. This can get you down to find those cold water baths. If you're not fishing something too deep seven foot is just fine for me. Ifish mostly in rivers sometimes in ponds. And lights but mostly rivers so. This goes deep enough for me to find cold water bath. This is a three and a half inch bait so it's fairly large you're you're going to be attracting things. That aren't too small especially. You get into a warm split. This will definitely bring out the cold water bath.

    This is 38 38 ounce so. It really isn't heavy. You pick it up it's not heavy at. All for its size it feels just regular. And yeah like this is gold xxx added. You can see you have the top is kind of like a metallic silver gun metal type color then. You have some silver up at the top with your black dot the yellow. And then some gold tint in there as well. And then you have the eyes which the eyes are they're pretty good. They give it a nice look. And they're pretty realistic. This is a the hook size on the one. This particular bait is number six foot hook size, so they're not too big they're actually kind of small I've seen a lot bigger on. This type they are. They don't bend you push on them during optimized durable hooks. That I've ever seen they're not very they're not very mm thick but. They will definitely not rip off. You snatch a big bass so yeah. This was the review of the best pro shops XPS professional series deep diving mail.

    You can find my bass pro shops for around seven dollars um they're really good. Ifished with it is a guarding a couple winter bass for me so. You enjoy this video please comment rate. And subscribe thanks.

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    Smithwick® Walleye Suspending Rattlin' Rogue®

  • Deadly on large walleyes
  • Suspends several feet below the surface
  • Wounded-minnow action
  • Loud fish-attracting rattles
  • Exceptional flash and realism
  • One of the best-kept secrets in walleye country, the Smithwick Walleye Suspending Rattlin' Rogue has taken some of the largest walleyes ever caught. Its slow side-to-side swagger and ability to hang motionless on the pause, several feet below the surface, make the Rogue absolutely deadly on big marble-eyes in cold water or post-frontal conditions – especially during low-light periods. Working it more aggressively with a wounded-minnow action activates the loud fish-attracting rattles, bringing explosive strikes. Walleye-targeted paint schemes and bright plated bodies provide exceptional flash and realism. The Smithwick Walleye Suspending Rattlin' Rogue is effective for casting or trolling, and a truly outstanding shore casting bait!
    Size: 3/8 oz., 4-1/2".
    Colors: (001)Crackle Clown, (002)Lappie, (003)Lacy Tiger, (004)Hot Chocolate.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Outdoors today we're going to be doing a review for bait review oh. This bait right here is going to be a bait bit. Everybody might not have. Any tackle box but they should have. It in your tackle box cuz it's a very good bait oh it's gonna be a jerk bait I'll suspend jerk bait so it's gonna be a smith wicks suspending rattling rogue. It gets the good overall bait. This is the only I have of smith wick Bates period but just smith wick suspending rattling Ruger as. It rattles yeah there. It is right there it just a green kind of shine color. It around trees and grass a lot just thought. Most time to vast thinks it's a lizard. Something fell out of a tree. Or so it's a I mean it's a little baby bass. You know how to baby bath sometimes has. That greens looking back on Cherokee. It does like this right here so. Iwalk the dog in the water. You can jack it two times. And stop most time. That hit oversaw just afraid good bait. It runs the death it runs is OC it's a 6 inches below the surface but sometimes. It gets deeper depth. Ican tell and it's got. All set hooks on you can see your mama move. It over here all set hooks. All set hooks to hang into a fish too. Many times he don't get off with. Is he's got in three tribbles. This just bait with the stock cook. It comes immediately. You do not need to switch the hooks off. It is the stock hooks work very well as. You can see how them hoochies. All shattered they work very well oh. This bait here has called. Some very big fish oh. One time we was in the swamp. Iof a very large Jack on.

    It right here well a jack chain pickerel that's. We just call him Jack around here but the real names of chain people. It extremely big chain prikol on here's about four pounds that's my personal the best chain pickerel trying to catch. Me a five pounder this year does't know. How easy that's gonna be but the place. We be going got some good leads in. Imet her in there just gotta catch him, but he's late right here. And just a phenomenal obeyed Oh like. Isaid big baits oh so my little fishing buddies ain't. Nothing but team 11. They was like good nothing will hit. That look how big day is. Ithere's like you had to go to the ocean fish my dad. Isaid no a 10-inch bash bass. This bait right here very small with the. They got to hit two hoots oh but. You start that little red dot back there it's just a very good babe I've had. It for a and I'd caught. Some nice fish off of. It the best retrieve I've had success right there through the trees.

    You can use jerk jerk jerk. And just keep it going down. You can joke dirt stop jerk stop. If the fish and three-spoke. You can joke one time really hard just let. It stays there and stay there stay there jerking new hard standard setters better. You can just really. Ihaven't had much successful really but. Ihaven't caught fish. While really but the jerk stop pause jerk Paula's jacket two times. And pause that's the best method ipad leader. And it's the best horn I'm had it's the best method of bad oh it's the best myth. That I'm used with this boat right here oh it's a good winter time wore. Icatch bass in the wintertime. All time you can see it's got. That sparkly back what is going to be in the video. This color right here is unique.

    Idon't believe in the book at bass pro shop. Even had his color in the boot so. Ijust like this unique color. Ibought it from a local bait. And tackle shop a little bait. And tackle shop I just sit there. And said hey that's a cool bait. Igo ahead it out they're not cheap. They run about seven to eight dollars but. You look the best pro shop boot. They run from anywhere to about six seven dollars but six seven dollars but by time. You pay shipping and handlingi good so not handling but shipping seven other expense was but so that's the end of the video. And please like subscribe. And call me on video ideas. Ireally need some video ideas. You hadn't seen my shout out winner.

    That was gelatin please go check out his channel. Another channel I had shouted out was hooked on bass definitely go check out his channel oh yeah. He comments on my videos so. You can get their channels from. They come in a lot of my videos hooked on bass Jeff 02 y'all watch just comment down below. And just say hey that's my channel so. They don't know where to go so just please go subscribe. And check them out they're being very supportive on my channel. Or we're all the way up to 26 subscribers. Ithink im doing good without. You have any friends. That like deishanay wants. You to just tell themI'm out hereI'm trying to get have good content but. Ijust need some video ideas. What kind of fish you want. Me to do catfish fishing I can't do striped bass.

    And pert like yellow perch. Because get officiating around here but. Iever get your bitch. Me think we'll book will take a trip up north. Something like I might do. Some pie kitchen just summer. Ishould letter do for. That fishing but this is gonna be interviewing please like subscribe. And comment on video ideas. And the next time hope. You have good fishing you.

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    Rapala® Husky Jerk® Lure

  • Suspending action and a loud rattle
  • Lifelike contoured scale pattern
  • Ideal for either casting or trolling
  • When the fish are fussy, slip on a Husky Jerk Lure from Rapala. With its suspending action and loud rattle, no predator fish can resist it. With its neutral buoyancy, this lure suspends just like a baitfish during pauses in your retrieves. Brilliantly painted or with genuine silver plating, the lifelike contoured scale pattern adds extra dimension to an already realistic bait. The rattle chamber transmits sound waves through water to entice fish. Ideal for either casting or trolling, it has a running depth from 4 to 8 ft. Per each.
    Sizes: 2-1/2", 1/8 oz.; 3-18", 1/4 oz.; 4", 3/8 oz.; 4-3/4", 7/16 oz.; 5-1/2", 5/8 oz.
    Colors: (001)Silver, (002)Gold, (021)Firetiger, (061)Tennessee Shad, (111)Green Tiger UV, (117)Yellow Perch, (351)Baby Bass, (392)Silver Blue, (402)Clown, (448)Redfire Craw, (526)Pink Clown, (541)Glass Perch, (545)Olive Ghost, (700)Pink Tiger UV, (712)Pure Chrome, (748)Glass Minnow, (910)Helsinki Ghost, (928)Purple Clown.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Everybody Mike Iaconelli here want to talk a little bit about jerk bait fishing I have a classic in my hand it's the Rapala husky jerk man. This is the bait of choice for me. When the water gets really cold we're talking about late fall through early spring and. All the way through the winter months. That water gets cold. This is the bait I'm going to choose. And the main reason is. Because it's action is not as wide as say an X-ray it's a tighter action it's a. More neutral action. And that's the way I'm going to fish. This thing in those cold water conditions. Iwant to mimic the bait. Iwant to mimic what the bait fishes. And the forwards are doing. That time of the year. When the water's cold so. It out I'm going to reel. That bait down a little bit get. It dive and then I'm gonna put. Some little twitches into. It followed by a really long cause.

    You know it's not uncommon for me. When I'm fishing the husky jerk to pause. It 5 10 15 evens up to 20. And 30 seconds and just let. That date sit want to pause. Iwant to shake it a couple. More times jerk and then. Another long pause and that's a real key motion. When the waters cold. And again the husky jerk isn't going crazy it's smaller movements. And then it pauses. It almost sits neutral buoyancy. That water gets cold. When those fish we get lethargic I'm going to reach for the Rapala husky turn.

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    Rapala® Jointed™ Minnow

  • Perfect attention-grabbing bait for bass and pike
  • Jointed body provides extra action
  • The Rapala Jointed Minnow's hard-to-ignore action can make the difference between a day of fishing and a day of catching. The extra action imparted by its jointed body makes it the perfect attention-getting bait for big bass and pike. This timeless lure is favored by anglers from the Southeast to the far reaches of Canada. Per each.
    • J5 – 2", 1/8 oz.
    • J7 2-3/4", 1/8 oz.
    • J9 3-1/2", 1/4 oz.
    • J11 4-3/8", 5/16 oz.
    • J13 5-1/4", 1/2 oz.
      Colors: (001)Silver, (002)Gold, (005)Gold/Fluorescent Red, (014)Blue, (017)Perch, (021)Firetiger, (029)Silver Fluorescent/Chartreuse, (117)Yellow Perch, (303)Brook Trout.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Mean Eye Walleye Series Medium-Depth Minnow Bait

  • Suspends in 4 to 8 ft. of water
  • Internal weight system for increased depth
  • Internal rattle attracts more fish
  • Catch those fish suspending in 4 to 8 ft. of water with Cabela's Mean Eye Walleye Series Medium-Depth Minnow Bait. The internal weight distribution system gives increased depth and VMC® hooks land more fish with each strike. Internal rattle attracts fish into striking. Per each.
    Size: 4-1/2”.
    Colors: (002)Purple Demon, (036)Illusionist, (041)Orange Craw, (047)Tiger Craw, (288)Chrome Black, (304)Circus Clown, (402)Blue Racer, (407)Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Yo-Zuri® Crystal Minnow™ Deep Diver Walleye Series

  • Targets big-water walleye hiding in the depths
  • Reflects subsurface light to attract fish
  • Lifelike, oversized 3-D eyes and raised gill plate
  • Yo-Zuri's Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye Series targets big-water walleye hiding in the depths. Reflects all subsurface light and gives predatory fish a target, even in murky water. Trolling between 1 to 3 knots creates a tight wiggling action the provokes strikes. Can also be fished with a slow steady retrieve or a stop-and-go-action. Lifelike, oversized 3-D eyes and raised, molded gill plate add to the realistic appearance. Strong, sharp treble hooks. Deep-diving bill dives quickly to work deep structure. Per each.
    Sizes: 4-3/8", 9/16 oz., dives to 10 ft.; 5-1/4", 7/8 oz., dives to 13 ft.
    Colors: (013)Clear, (014)Hot Tiger, (105)Chartreuse Tiger, (236) Purple Wonderbread, (364)Midnight, (447)Clown, (526)Banana Peel, (706)Purple Tiger, (856)Wonderbread, (928)Acid Perch.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is Chris Bishop here at ICAST 2016 I'm the National Account Manager for your Zuri America. Iwanted to introduce. You to a brand-new series for the walleye market for 2017. This is called the crystal minnow Deep Diver walleye series. We have two sizes a three. And a half which is right here in a four. And three-eighths there are a deep driving trolling bait for the walleye market specifically for. That market run true out of the box no tuning necessary black nickel round Ben hooks. We have color patterns ranging from translucent finishes to painted finishes specifically for the walleye market. This is a baby you're not gonna have to change hooks on not gonna have to tune runs true out of the box specifically designed to. That walleye market catch. These at your local retailer in the fall of 2016.

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    Sébile® Stick Shadd

    The Sébile Stick Shadd was designed to cover almost all fishing situations. The streamlined shape is incredibly efficient for long-distance casts. Extremely stable in all conditions – even powerful currents and breakers – the Stick Shadd stays horizontal when stationary or worked. Power keel under the belly gives it an erratic swimming motion to make the bait more versatile. Enhanced cosmetics, improved hardware and a reinforced body for higher pull strength. Sinking models can be used at any depth from top to deep. Suspending models are ideal as jerkbaits for predatory fish and won't rise or sink at all.
    Sizes: 3”, 3/8 oz., Suspending; 3-1/2”, 5/8 oz., Suspending; 4-1/2”, 1-3/8 oz., Suspending; 6-1/4”, 3-7/8 oz., Sinking; 7-1/4”, 5-1/4 oz., Sinking.
    Colors: (001)Ghostescent, (002)Green Mackerel, (003)Natural Shiner, (004)American Shad, (005)Firetiger Gold, (006)Natural Golden Shiner, (007)Bunker, (008)Holo Greenie, (009)Blood Red Amber, (010)Blood Red Dark, (011)Chrome/Chartreuse, (012)Blood Red White, (013)Silver Liner, (014)Ayu.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We'll stick chef this bait comes available with four different models to fish shallow to deep. One of the famous features of the stick chef happens to be its unique power keel design the power keel is going to allow for immediate reaction in the water. It works similar like a sharkskin to create unique turbulences around the baits belly that's going to reduce the friction in the water to ease the motions. And allow the stick. She had to glide through the water the stick shad has superior cast ability allowing the angler to throw. This bait in a variety of conditions. And slack water to high winds there's. Several reasons why the stick shad happens to be Patrick's Appeals number. One go-to bait the bait is so versatile. You can fish it literally shallow. One of the most successful ways I'm using the stick shad happens to be a hard twitch pause retrieve jerking the sticks add similar like the jerk bait will produce a lot of strikes for you simply don't let the look of the stick shad pull. Though the bait does not have a lip. It still has a unique accident in the water it'll Drive. Many of the fish wild walking the dog is as well. Another very popular way to fish the stick shad.

    Now in the past walking the dog means. That you're retrieving a top water lure. Although the stick shad is available in pop water. Now walk the dog on. All four models when you're around inactive fish. Many times slow small twitches will produce active strikes. You have fish that are following the sticks have but simply not attacking it. Many a time to stop. And go retrieve is the answer.

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    Rapala® X-Rap® Deep

    A deep-diving version of the X-Rap. The lip design rockets it down to a depth of 6-15 feet. Its aggressive darting action and rattling is every bit as enticing as the original. Cast the X-Rap, and the new lip design rockets it toward the bottom, then rip it for extreme slashbait action. Stop and go for enticing suspending on stall or slow-wind for classic Rapala wounded-minnow action. Internal holographic foil captures and reflects light for optimum flash and attraction. An internal weight-transfer system aids casting distance. Pyramid point hooks penetrate tough-mouthed fish and hold fast. Per each.
  • XRD8 - 3-1/8", 1/4 oz.
  • XRD10 - 4", 7/16 oz.
  • Colors: (001)Silver, (017)Perch, (117)Yellow Perch, (392)Silver Blue, (402)Clown, (551)Hot Steel, (556)Glass Ghost, (557)Hot Pink.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The original ex rap brought slash bait technology to the top five feet of the water column. Now Rapala slashes the depth barrier with the new ex rap deep ten. It brings all the same acts rap features. You depend upon in the shallows down deep. Where the big ones look out of. All the new lures that Rapala has introduced in the past couple of years. And they're all awesome. Most excited about it lends itself to my style fishing more just eight on eight pound test line will go somewhere between eight. And ten foot and the magic about the bait is in coal super cold pre spawn conditions. You can get this lure down. That deep and fish. It as slows as you want. And keep that depth. Imean triggering all those giant pre spawn bass to buy. When you're jerking this bait down. It down in that eight to ten foot of water. And actually what this bait does is as. You jerk it has an erratic motion about the every second. Or third jerk it actually turns straight around. And look straight at the fish. Imean it's the most incredible action you've never seen a bait like. It you're almost making these fish feed on. This bait which is you know in the fishing business that's like magic. You can make a you can actually make a fish bite.

    You want to what this lure will do for you is a preschool conditions. When the water temperature could the ex wrapped deep ten comes in thirteen popular fresh water colors to cover a wide range of fish species. And water conditions. It features the same textured translucent body an internal holographic foil as. All X wraps to create a realistic portrayal of the little fish. That bigger fish like to eat. And no doubt about it Rattler's classic feather tail trigger strikes then the premium pyramid point hooks take over sticking deep. And holding on for dear life. Once the fish is on its on for good. You know one of the things. You really notice about.

    These two X wraps is a difference in the lip. One of the key things. When your bias fishing is to get the bait to run the depth of the fish are. If they're in like say a 4 to 7 8 foot zone usually. This short limp is going to get down there to cover. That type of water if they get real deep on. Some of these Clearwater lakes. And the fish are actually coming out of maybe 15. Or 20 little waters. When it's real cold that's longer lift. We usually get down there to. That ten eleven twelve foot zone. You pause they can come up to the bait. And that's what makes a jerk bait so good. He pumped the part on. That thing I have to let. It sits a long time these fish are real sluggish here gonna let. That thing just sit there well. He nailed get it down to take. You about four or five six turns on. That handle and get him started down there. And then just give him three.

    Or five little short pops straight down with. That rod that does is. That makes that big dive then just let him sit there slash-and-burn then pause for jobs I'll let. It sits that's something about the way. It is bringing extreme attitude. And hard cutting aggressive darting action to a standstill down deep in their face then down their throat look out below you.

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    Jackall I-Prop 75 Jerkbait

  • Perfect for fishingjust below the surface to way down deep
  • Mimics the look and vibration of a swimming baitfish
  • Sinks slowly at rest
  • Created for fishing multiple levels of water, the Jackall I-Prop 75 Jerkbait maintains a horizontal position for a realistic appearance that hungry fish won't be able to resist. Perfectly placed props keep it stable during underwater and produce vibrations that mimic those of made by baitfish swimming in an unthreatened fashion. Sinks slowly at rest and gets down deep. Super-sharp Gamakatsu® hooks. Per each.
    Size: 3", 3/10 oz.
    Colors: (534)HL Wakasagi (not shown), (541)IS Bluegill (not shown), (558)IS Chartreuse Black Glitter, (565)Secret Shad, (572)IS Ghost Minnow (not shown), (589)IS Threadfin Shad, (596)Oikawa.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® Walleye Angler® Jiggin' Minnow

  • The perfect size minnow
  • Cooked-in 8Up scent attractant
  • Realistic minnow shape
  • The Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Jiggin' Minnow is the perfect size minnow to tempt even a finicky walleye. Cooked into every minnow is 8Up™ Scent Attractant to give the Jiggin' Minnow a natural baitfish flavor that fish love. Per 12.
    Size: 3".
    Colors: (001)Natural Gold, (002)Nite Glow, (003)Pearl White, (004)Opaque Chartreuse, (005)Motoroil Red Flake, (006)Green Pumpkin/Purple, Black Flake, (007)Sunrise, (008)Light Blue/Pink Belly, (009)Hot Lime/Fire Red, (010)Hot Orange/Chartreuse Belly, (011)Hot Pink/Chartreuse Belly, (012)Black/Hot Pink Silver Flake, (013)Black Gold/Orange Belly, (014)Yellow/Pearl Silver Flake, (124)Chartreuse Pepper/Bubble Gum, (125)Purple/Pearl Silver Flake Belly. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Bomber® Saltwater-Grade Long Shot™

  • Slender minnow bait
  • Advanced casting system
  • Heavy-duty hardware and saltwater hooks
  • Region-specific color patterns
  • Wide-wobbling swimming action
  • The Bomber Saltwater-Grade Long Shot is a slender minnow bait that relies on 4 main characteristics to catch fish: (1) it features an advanced casting system for superlong casts; (2) it has heavy-duty hardware and saltwater hooks; (3) its color patterns are region-specific; and (4) it has a wide-wobbling swimming action that game fish just can't seem to resist. This truly is a fish-catching machine. Per each.
    Sizes: 5", 6", 7".
    Colors: (130)Baby Blue Fish, (131)Mother of Pearl, (800)Baby Bunker, (802)Mullet, (803)Blue Mackerel, (807)Green Mackerel.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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