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  Goal Zero® Light-A-Life Mini Quad USB Light Set Goal Zero® Lighthouse Micro Flash Lantern Luci® EMRG Light Coleman® Quad® Pro 800-Lumen LED Lantern Browning® Ruckus USB Rechargeable Lantern Stansport 12" Kerosene Lantern Coleman® Tri-Panel LED Lantern Princeton Tec® Helix Backcountry Lightweight Lantern BioLite™ BaseLantern Black Diamond® Voyager Lantern Primus® Micron Steel-Mesh Lantern Streamlight® The Siege® X USB Rechargeable Outdoor Lantern
 Goal Zero® Light-A-Life Mini Quad USB Light SetGoal Zero® Lighthouse Micro Flash LanternLuci® EMRG LightColeman® Quad® Pro 800-Lumen LED LanternBrowning® Ruckus USB Rechargeable LanternStansport 12" Kerosene LanternColeman® Tri-Panel LED LanternPrinceton Tec® Helix Backcountry Lightweight LanternBioLite™ BaseLanternBlack Diamond® Voyager LanternPrimus® Micron Steel-Mesh LanternStreamlight® The Siege® X USB Rechargeable Outdoor Lantern
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BrandPRINCETON TECGOAL ZEROBrowning-StreamlightGOAL ZERO-Black DiamondColemanColeman--
Wt5.5 oz.2.4 oz.23 oz. (with batteries).1.29 lbs.-8.8 oz.-----4.37 oz.

Goal Zero® Light-A-Life Mini Quad USB Light Set

  • Powered by a USB port
  • 110 lumens on high and 30 lumens on low
  • Area-lighting or lantern-lighting modes
  • Goal Zero's Light-A-Life Mini Quad USB Light Set is powered by a USB port and is ideal for lighting up small areas. Each LED light puts out 110 lumens on high and 30 lumens on low. For more light, simply chain up to two Light-a-Life Mini Quad USB light sets together. Chained lights can be turned on and off independently. Lights are spaced 4ft. apart. Collapsible diffuser allows you to choose area lighting for broad, bright light or lantern lighting for a soft, ambient light. 6.3-watt maximum output. Pairs well with Goal Zero Flip 30 or Venture 30 Rechargers. Includes: USb-powered string of four lights, four colored shades, four white shades, four carabiners and one mesh storage bag. Manufacturer's 12-month warranty. Per each.
    Total length: 16 ft.
    Light: 2.82"H x 1.48" dia.
    Wt: 8.8 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys Devin here with back country exposure again. That tagline you gotta love. We are talking about the light to life micro USB quad from gold zero today here in my hands so guys. This is a product I am very excited to share with. You today you a brief introduction in my flip 20 video but what's exciting about. These lights don't come out until August 2016. They are not released. And I'm very fortunate to have the ability to get my hands on. It my friends at gold zero were able to share. These with me what's cool about. They do have the light of life from micro USB already available but. It is a single light. This is a quad so you've got four lights. It stretches across a much wider space. It gives you a lot of cool versatility of different lighting options. And such, so we're gonna we're gonna string this across in. These trees I'm going to show. It works and we're gonna go from there. Now the light of life micro USB quad setup strung up in a tree just to simulate but. This is being powered by my flip 20. It plugs in by USB and I've got. This strung out it was a little darker but I've got. This strung out about probably 10 feet. And the cool thing about. These lights is you've got different functionality based off of what type of lighting you want.

    You can have it nice and bright it's on the brightest setting right. And I've got it in Lantern mode right. You can push up these silicon globes. You can create the spotlight so. If my memory recalls. These lights put off about a hundred lumens. Each of light which is really cool for the sides. They are super bright LED. And it's awesome that they're they're. All strung together in. One complete unit I really like. And the other thing that's nice about. Idon't want that much light for. That entire span of lights. Ican individually turn. These off so that one's off. Icould turn off one here as well. And then I only have two lights on. And I've reduced the amount of light. Ican have all of them on. Ican bunch them together. Ican have them closer really there's just a lot of versatility. Ilike about that is better for me in my opinion then the single.

    Because you're getting four lights automatically which. You might use more so in like a car camping scenario. Something like that but. You don't have to chain the lights together like. You do with the single. That is currently available so like. These lights are not. Yet available they will be in August. Idon't know a price point. This is a really cool offering something I'm excited to use as I'm out car camping with my family. This summer I'll probably string this up in the trees. Or across my tent something to maybe my kitchen. Ido my cooking for car camping just things like. That I'm really excited about so that's about. It guys again the light of life micro USB quad light system. Ireally have to say about. It so thanks for watching guys please subscribe to the channel for more videos I'll keep them coming and leave your comments things.

    You like things you probably don't like. Because I'm not amazing at. This but I'm had a good time. And we'll catch you later.

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    Goal Zero® Lighthouse Micro Flash Lantern

  • 150-lumen lantern and 120-lumen flashlight in one
  • Lantern and flashlight are both dimmable
  • Charges via Nomad solar panel or USB connection
  • Compact design is perfect for travel
  • Weatherproof IPX6 rating makes it great for outdoors
  • No matter if you're at the campsite or at home with no power, Goal Zero's Lighthouse Micro Flash Lantern won't leave you in the dark. It functions as a 150-lumen lantern or as a 120-lumen flashlight – both dimmable. Plus, it easily recharges anywhere, anytime, via Goal Zero's Nomad solar panels (sold separately) or by plugging into any USB port. Compact design is great for travel. Weatherproof IPX6 rating stands up to the rigors of your outdoor lifestyle. Battery indicator on top. Runs up to 170 hours on the lowest setting. Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
    3.66”L x 1.5”W.
    Wt: 2.4 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    If you're like you like to get the. Most out of your electronic accessories. When you're throwing them in your pack after. All an ounce is an ounce right the cold zero light house mini rechargeable Lantern is the light source. Even the most ultralight of backpackers should consider. It combines a bright 360 degree light. And the ability to charge your other gadgets. You bring along with its included USB port the main feature of the lighthouse mini is the dual LED light sectioning off the light pattern means. You can select exactly. How much light you need. How long the charge will last try selecting low-power using the easy-to-use dial. And only activating one LED to illuminate a tent on a dark night enough to find your gear. Or twist the dial as far as. You can to the left to engage maximum brightness the battery will drain faster. This was but a full 210 lumens is enough to illuminate your entire campsite the lanterns wire legs feel strong.

    And the rubber coating on the feet grabs well onto wet rocks fold them up to access the removable lithium ion battery. This battery is replaceable which is great but the idea here is. That bringing another battery along means. That you'll never be without the power. You need the feature. That really makes the lighthouse mini indispensable for me is the included front USB port to charge other devices. Each battery holds 3000 milliamp hours which means. It will give you a full charge to. All but the largest of cell phone charging the battery is simple by using the included attached USB cable which can be tethered to a goal zero solar panel which is sold separately to complete the setup with so. Many cool features packed into a compact 8 ounce lanterns. That is bright enough to light an entire campsite. This Lantern is winning over. Even the most space conscious backpackers I've brought. It along on all of my adventures. You will — it's the gold zero lighthouse mini rechargeable lantern hey thanks for watching if.

    You have any further questions about the gear. Ijust demonstrated. You can go on to a website at. That country edge comm there. You can talk to one of our gear specialists. And we'll go through. Anything we may not have shared. You like what we do on YouTube then please subscribe thanks for watching.

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    Luci® EMRG Light

  • Lantern, flashlight and emergency light in one
  • Collapsible, waterproof and extremely durable
  • Needs only sunlight to recharge
  • Perfect for preparedness kits and travel plans, the Luci EMRG Light does several lights' jobs in a single, compact design. It boasts a pocket-sized lantern, flashlight and emergency light for true all-in-one lighting readiness – and there's no need for batteries. This collapsible light needs only the sun for recharging, and it's waterproof, lightweight and extremely durable, making it a must-have for camping, hiking, deep-woods driving and preparation around your vehicle, home and more. Fully recharges in 8 hours.
    10.2 cm dia.
    Collapsed: 3.2 cm.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Coleman® Quad® Pro 800-Lumen LED Lantern

  • Lights up campsites with up to 800 lumens
  • Four portable 100-lumen panels with built-in flashlight
  • Magnetic attachment system on the panels
  • Mobile charging output on the base
  • Calling the Coleman Quad Pro 800-Lumen LED Lantern just a lantern wouldn't do it justice. It does light up campsites with 800 lumens of brightness, but that's just for starters. When you or other campers need to go off on your own, it has four portable 100-lumen panels to use as personal lights. Each of these panels has a built-in flashlight for directional lighting or just use the panel for broad area lighting. The magnetic attachment system on the panels secure to metal surfaces like car hoods and toolboxes for hands-free use. You can also flip out the fold-down handle to stand the panel up on any flat table. Return the panels back to the base to automatically recharge. Base remains lit even with all panels removed. Use the mobile charging output on the base to power up your phone or other mobile devices in the backwoods or during power outages. Base is powered by up to eight D batteries (not included) on high for up to 20 hours or on low for up to 400 hours. Portable light panels  are powered by three rechargeable AAA NiMh batteries (included) on high for up to three hours or on low for up to 14 hours. IPX4 water-resistant design. Manufacturer's three-year limited warranty.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Browning® Ruckus USB Rechargeable Lantern

  • Provides bright white, soft white, green and flashing light
  • Built-in power bank charges your USB devices
  • Buoyant, submersible to 10 meters and drop-tested from 16 ft.
  • Hanging loops on both the top and bottom
  • Powered by rechargeable battery or optional D batteries
  • Light up your campsite and keep your devices fully charge with one must-have tool – Browning's Ruckus USB Rechargeable Lantern. Versatile LED delivers 1,000 lumens of bright white light for maximum illumination, soft white light for a warm glow, green light for stealth around wildlife and flashing light for signaling and safety. Frosted globe reduces glare. Built-in power bank charges your cell phone or other USB devices, allowing you to stay connected no matter where adventure takes you. Rugged polymer construction with rubberized coating is buoyant, submersible to 10 meters and drop-tested from 16 ft., so you can be sure this lantern is ready to tackle the outdoors. Hanging loops on both the top and bottom. One rechargeable 3,000mAh lithium-polymer battery (included) powers the lantern for up to 320 hours on low or for up to five hours on high. Recharges in as little as four hours. Also accepts three D batteries (not included). Includes USB charging cable.
    Ht: 7.5”.
    Wt: 23 oz. (with batteries).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Stansport 12" Kerosene Lantern

  • Classic hurricane kerosene lamp design
  • Flat wick lamp for portable and outdoor use
  • A great choice for light around the campsite or farm, the Stansport 12" Kerosene Lantern delivers portable lighting with a classic look and feel. Sporting the classic “hurricane” kerosene lantern design, this lantern combines an adjustable wick for brightness control, clear glass globe and strong metal construction. Wire cover provides additional protection for the lantern's globe. Bail handle for easy carrying and metal loop on top for easy hanging.
    Ht: 12''.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hello youtube this is my cheap $2 kerosene lantern. This is zinc plated galvanized zinc plated. Ifound is that like a Dollar Tree store same as a dollar store a Family Dollar. Several years back it's been hanging up it's got a little bit of rust pits in. And hanging around there's. Few little spots on their showing up but. Idusted it off had. It hang up we're gonna put. Some fuel in here and fire. It up for the first time we've never ever used. It so we're gonna see. This cheapy Lantern works. These are great cheap ones to put citronella oil in ones. You don't care about cheap ones. And it'll help keep the mosquitoes away so there's. One use form we did get. Some fuel took a picture of. We found some paraffin oil with $6 a quart well. This was nine dollars no with six dollars for half a quart correct myself 16 ounce bottle six bucks okay. This is nine dollars for two quarts half a gallon the gallon was like $24 which is kind of ridiculous huh think about. You double the price. Some extra there but a gallon was like $24 would sit an angle sense to. They charge it up much. More money you could just pop two of these anyway that's. It the store so we did take a picture.

    This brand we have an in. And it's just clear lamp oil. Idid not read paraffin honor anywhere. Iwatched some YouTube videos I've been kind of studying up a. Few people say paraffins a little. More City herbs stink here. Ibought the cheap stuff, so we're gonna play around the tool. And you'll probably see my old antique. One fired up here in the video here in a. Few days something so we're gonna fill. This up we'll do that off camera we'll come back we'll light. It up for the first time so like. Isaid we've got some pictures of. What it looks like so stay tuned okay we're gonna like. This thing up what it looks like so let's just set about 15 minutes so the wick would suck up the fuel no Bernies too high they'll just sit.

    It could crack the globe. If it's cold out so don't get. It up there like or it's such oh. How good that will show up there. You go never let it before it's not the biggest brightest. Something to what make video too long had. Something shade the light from the window a little. More there we go we'll try. Itook a picture so just a rubber gasket down the bottom its kind of cheesy. This seals so I only filled. This up about here not. Even quite up here I did not make sure. It did not get near the bottom so it's below here about a quarter inch. It is just a little cheap rubber gasket. This stuff does kind of smell stinky so. Idon't quite really like. This in houseless I had to. Ican already smell. It but it's better than kerosene first. That's really gonna make. It stinks so don't do. You crack your globe. If it's could never turn. It down to put these out blow them out there. You go little cheap $2 kerosene lantern thanks for watching you.

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    Coleman® Tri-Panel LED Lantern

  • Features three detachable, rechargeable, take-along light panels
  • Lantern and panels give off 800 lumens on high for up to 20 hours
  • Panels/flashlights give off 100 lumens on high for up to three hours
  • USB port on top allows you to charge other electronic devices
  • Perfect for family camping, the Coleman Tri-Panel LED Lantern features three detachable, rechargeable, take-along light panels, so everyone can have a light at night. While on the base, these light panels recharge and they easily detach when someone needs a flashlight to help them light up the night. When all panels are secured to the base, the full lantern gives off 800 lumens of light on high for up to 20 hours. On low, it gives off 100 lumens for up to 20 hours. Each panel gives off 100 lumens of light on high for up to three hours and 25 lumens on low for up to 14 hours. When these panels are set on flashlight mode, they deliver 100 lumens for up to three hours. Light panels also feature magnetic bottoms that secure to the lantern or any metal item if you need your hands free. Even if all panels are in use, there are still three LED lights on the base to keep your surroundings lit. On top, there is a USB port for charging other electronic devices. IPX4 water-resistant design resists wet conditions. Base is powered by six D batteries (not included). Panels are each powered by three 3 AAA NiMH batteries (included). Manufacturer's three-year limited warranty. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi guys in the Northeast October is a bad month in terms of weather. And since Hurricane sandy have become. More prepared every year in addition to canned food. And water I also have stocked up on lighting because there's usually power outages. You don't really have. Any other source of light so. Idecided to review the Coleman twin LED lantern for you today the lantern measure is about 15 inches tall. And eight inches wide. It weighs a little over three pounds the housing is weather resistant plastic. You can use it outdoors. And for camping it has a simple plastic lantern look which. Ireally like it also has a carrying handle which is convenient. It uses 8d cell batteries which are not included to put the batteries in turn the lantern upside down. And just unscrew the power. You don't have to use a screwdriver to remove things. And there are the 8d cell batteries the positive. And negative are marked inside so it's easy to know which way to put the batteries in screw the base on just tighten. That was really simple with the batteries in the unit weighs about 5 pounds the unit has a rotating dial switch.

    You can turn it from ultra low light too high it's extremely smooth. And easy to turn there's no switch to turn on. And the dial makes the lantern very simple. And easy to use the lantern can run for 299 hours on the low setting and 85 hours on the high setting there are two bright LED bulbs in a texture 2. They provide 390 of light on the high setting and a hundred lumens of light on the low setting the beam distance is 32 feet on high. And 19 feet on low the LEDs do not ever need to be replaced lanterns really safe to use. And it's cool to the touch. While it's running if. You ever have to clean the lantern just wipe. It down with a damp cloth. And it's a mild dish washing liquid it's pitch dark outside on my patio the lanterns on my patio table.

    You can see has lit up the entire patio. This is my garage it's completely dark there are no lights on at. And the lantern is fully lighting up the room the light is also a bright white not yellow like. Some other lights this is between the low. And high setting and the room is still very bright. This is my basement which is pitch-black. It has completely lit up the room. Ican see everything in the basement. And it's very bright. That the lantern is extremely bright. And lights of any area. You needed to I do feel safer walking with. When it's dark outside because of how far. Ican see this Coleman is cleaner. And safer it uses LEDs.

    And not propane it has no horrible smell it's great for power outages. And also for camping its affordable. And in my opinion worth buying the length of the Coleman is in the description below. You found this review useful don't forget to subscribe. And I'll see you next time.

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    Princeton Tec® Helix Backcountry Lightweight Lantern

  • Compact, lightweight LED lantern
  • Control surface free of buttons
  • 150-lumen white mode dims to 30 lumens
  • Expanding globe and folding legs
  • Bring along a few creature comforts, even when you're headed way out there, with the Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Lightweight Lantern. This compact, lightweight lantern uses LED technology to put out a bright beam that's easy on the eyes – perfect for around camp or in your tent. The unique control surface is free of buttons, yet gives access to a 150-lumen white mode, dimmable to 30 lumens, as well as a dimmable red mode for low-profile use. The expanding globe and folding legs help it to shine over a wide area. Several hanging options for tent use. IPX 6 water resistance. Runs off three AAA batteries.
    4”W x 4”H x 4”D open; 4”W x 2.5”H x 4”D closed.
    Wt: 5.5 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    These are little lanterns. That can be carried with. You camp anytime. And also in my opinion will be great products for back country camping this is called the base camp lamp. And let me show you. Some really cool features of. This lamp it expands up with a simple twist. It has a lockable switch okay so it's not going to come on. And go dead in your pack he'll glow. Either red or white. It has 250 lumens so quite bright. All right now another cool factor about. This is you can remove the globe foot clean easily. And hang this from the roof of your tent as a lamp. And it's flat bright. And would be great in the top of your tent. Or if you're doing some caving or. Something like that. You can clip it onto your chest. And like that hopefully. Ididn't blind it too bad okay its runs off of three double A batteries. Either rechargeable.

    Or alkaline and a really cool thing about. This see if I can get. It turned off is that. You can open it up. And you can charge. It from a solar charger. And you can also charge out of. It to your iPhone or tablet. Whatever you can charge those things in the back country should. You need to a really great little product from Princeton tech the base camp lantern retails at about 79 bucks. And the back country at about 35.

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    BioLite™ BaseLantern

  • 500-lumen flatpack lantern
  • Edge lighting for group settings
  • Bluetooth connectivity adds features
  • Works with Android and iOS devices
  • Get the most from your off-the-grid energy with the BioLite BaseLantern. It's the world's first 500-lumen flatpack lantern that combines edge-lighting with Bluetooth® connectivity to bring a miniature smartgrid. Using a 7,800 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion, the lantern can light large group settings and charge vital gear. The Low Energy Bluetooth app connects to your BaseLantern to add features like sleep timers, proximity activation and real-time battery feedback. App not required for basic lantern functionality. Works with Android 4.3 and up; iOS 10.0 and up. IPX4 water resistance.
    5.08"L x 5"W x 1.73".
    Wt: 1.29 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Introducing the bio light based Lantern the world's first flat-pack lantern. That creates your own personal smart grid completely off-grid utilizing advanced edge light technology the base Lantern maximizes brightness. While minimizing space fitting 500 lumens of light into a compact pack able form. And unlike old single function lanterns as a hub. This can extend lighter with the integration of bio light site lights creating easy overhead lighting to light large spaces. Or create multiple it sites with the use of phones. And other digital tools playing more. More of a role in off-grid life. We need energy to keep them going the base lanterns internal rechargeable battery is paired with two USB ports so. You can power your weekend with up to 50 hours of light. Or for phone charges depending on what you need grab the base Lantern XL. More power to your system. When energy is scarce making it easy to monitor. And adjust your usage is critical, so we're bringing the controls. And analytics right to your pocket turn on/off. If you've got site lights hooked up. You can control those too full color spectrum control allows. You to engage night vision calibrate the warmth of your light. Even have a little fun with your surroundings set sleep timers. Or alarms to wrap up your night. Or start an early day without fumbling in the dark enable proximity activation. And the base Lantern will automatically turn itself on. Or off based on your location so. You can find your way back home safely.

    And easily oh and the app itself. It barely uses any battery from your phone thanks to low energy bluetooth settings it's time to re imagine the way. We look at what a lantern can be. It can fit into everyday life from. Us here at bio light thanks for helping us bring energy everywhere.

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    Black Diamond® Voyager Lantern

  • Hybrid design with lantern, flashlight, and dual mode
  • DoublePower LED 140 max lumens in lantern mode
  • 50-lumen beam in flashlight mode
  • Single, convenience switch for all modes
  • Collapsible double-hook hang loop
  • Combining a bright, non-glaring backcountry lantern with a powerful, precise flashlight, the Black Diamond Voyager Lantern provides ultra-versatile lighting for post-sunset campsite activities. In lantern mode, it produces 140 lumens of bright, dimmable, ambient, non-glaring light from the DoublePower LED in a frosted globe. In flashlight mode, it creates a strong, 50-lumen beam. These two modes and a third, dual mode (both lantern and flashlight on) all operate through a single, convenient switch. A Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output. Compactible to 4.2"; stands 6.25"H fully extended. Collapsible double-hook hang loop. Runs up to 100 hrs. on low on four AA batteries (not included).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We are taking a look at the Black Diamond Voyager This is a dual-purpose lantern. And flashlight And true to the Black Diamond reputation. You have a really durable really good quality light It would be perfect for camping It is small enough for back packing and climbing and. It would be great for emergency use There are three settings There is the regular lantern setting There is a flashlight setting And there is also the combined lantern. And flashlight Right. It is collapsed So in order to turn the lantern on. You have just got one button It is an on/off button but. This switches through. All the modes So I just want to turn the lantern on. Ihave to press the button. Once And this is a nice frosted globe When. You look at it doesn't blind. It disperses the light So on maximum power. This is right at about 140 lumens You can dim. This down you have to do to dim. It is hold that button in The second setting is the flashlight setting and the flashlight is on the bottom In order to get too there.

    You just have to press the button twice It strobes through. You have got the regular flashlight setting You can also dim the flashlight So. These are LED lights At the highest lumens the flashlight is 50 You can dim. It down to 10 lumens. And same thing all you have to do is hold in the button to dim. It In order to get to. Both the flashlight. And the lantern going at the same time. You just have to hit. That button three times. You can see both the flashlight. And the lantern are on You can also dim. This just by holding the button down And. You are dimming each of the lights. You hold the button down. It is at its lowest setting it will give a little blink If. You want to go back up to the highest setting all. You have to do is hold. It in It will go back up. It will blink again. It is at the highest lumens This has a battery power indicator on. When the battery is getting low. It is going to shine red. We are at full battery so. That battery indicator is at green The voyager takes four double A batteries You can.

    Either use alkaline batteries. Or rechargeable And. It is really simple to get to. That battery compartment So. Iam doing here is holding on to the body of the light. And twisting the bottom. Ido want to mention. Whatever setting you had. It on last you turn the light off. And turn it back on again. It is going to go right back to. That setting So let’s say. Ionly want to use this as a flashlight. It on the flashlight setting last And. Ihit the button once the flashlight is going to come on. Then the globe And from there. You can cycle through the different settings Some last quick features: This has really nice metal hooks on the top. You can use these just to hang the light.

    You want the ambient light of the lantern. You want that concentrated light with the flashlight Down here at the bottom. You have a nice rubber padding So. You are keeping this at your campsite having it outdoors. It is really durable. And just all the materials put into. This is really durable You can tell there was a lot of thought. And a lot of care put into the making of. This light All in this is a really great camp light camping back packing climbing anything you can throw at. It is the Black Diamond Voyager.

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    Primus® Micron Steel-Mesh Lantern

  • Lightweight, durable steel-mesh mantel housing
  • Hassle-free EasyTrigger ignition for quick, easy lighting
  • Fuel-efficient patented burner is extremely quiet
  • Compact, lightweight and durable, Primus' Micron Steel-Mesh Lantern is ideal for backpackers who count every ounce that goes into their pack. Don't let the small size fool you – this lantern puts out 235 lumens to illuminate your campsite. Steel-mesh mantel housing is lighter, yet more durable than standard glass globes. Hassle-free EasyTrigger™ ignition delivers quick and easy lighting for a burn time up to 36 hours. Fuel-efficient patented burner is extremely quiet. Uses isobutane fuel (sold separately).
    4.17"H x 2.44" dia.
    Wt: 4.37 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Interesting thing here made by promised aunt the band it's option B see. How quick we can set. This is your contraption see. If it's um got your standard port it's got the top. Ithink there should be a classic mantel. This is standard that comes off the top work your mantel out believe a small hole on the bottom there on the top big ball hole on the bottom see. He can get it through there just like your standard lantern mantel. Ihate Mantle's by the way. One of the things I try to do is repair old lanterns. And I'm not very good at. Ialways and handle. You manhandle the silk glass here as. You can see supposed to open. This up to a globe it's got two probes. That will go up through. And the whole yeah it's a little better so. You can kinda see it spread out like. That a little bit get your favorite bit lighter let. It light and do its work. You will see it smoke quite a bit as. It burns love to do its thing see. It comes sumed turn.

    That mantle into glass. All is right in the world not wanting to burn real well their see. What I can do about. That so we'll try that yes. Iam NOT the best with Mantle's get your protective cap back on. This is a cable for holding it maybe I'm a Catholic priest yeah I'm hilarious so. You can get this on here. And a reasonable amount on without killing yourself there. You go don't open up the fuel it's got a lighter right there. You are good to go let. That burn opened up the fuel. All the way, so I'm gonna turn the light out. And that's actually. You turn the heat buddy off that's actually a lot of light. You can turn it off to. Even brighter it's about three feet behind. And go run off of these again four to seven dollars depending on where. You are mostly you people have. This refutes so you don't have candles that's.

    Another option you know again that's made by Primus I've got about four of these like. Isaid it's an expensive option but. Nothing else it also gives off quite a bit of heat so maybe. This is good for snow backpacking maybe it's good for a cold damp basement see. You could walk along with. This to handle up it's got a hook on. This end anyway there.

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    Streamlight® The Siege® X USB Rechargeable Outdoor Lantern

  • 360° light or a focused beam
  • White LED produces up to 325 lumens for up to 4.5 hours
  • Red LED with night-vision or SOS modes produces 1.6 lumens
  • 300-max-lumen flashlight mode runs up to 3.5 hours
  • MULTI-FUEL design
  • The Siege X USB Rechargeable Outdoor Lantern from Streamlight serves up the ultimate rechargeable outdoor lantern. This 2-in-1 lantern/flashlight combo provides 360° of light to illuminate a large area or a focused beam to light your path. Versatile lighting options let you use this Streamlight flashlight/lantern combo in several ways. The white LED produces up to 325 lumens for up to 4.5 hours; a red LED with night vision or SOS modes produces 1.6 lumens for up to 22 hours on night vision or up to 90 hours on SOS; and the 300-max-lumen flashlight mode runs up to 3.5 hours. The innovative MULTI-FUEL design lets it run on 18650 USB rechargeable battery (included) or two CR123A lithium batteries (not included). A polycarbonate glare-reducing cover provides soft, even, 360° light distribution, making it comfortable to use even in close quarters without straining your eyes. A recessed power button prevents accidental activation, and an incorporated hang hook lets you place your rechargeable lantern anywhere. IPX7 waterproofing ensures protection to 1meter for up to 30 minutes A battery-level indicator changes from green to yellow to red, then flashing red when batteries reach the end of their usable life.
    Size: 4.5''.
    Weight: 7.2 oz. with 18650 USB battery; 6.8 oz. with CR123A batteries.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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