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Daisy® Boy Scouts of America® Air Rifle Crosman® Summit® Ranger NP2 Air Rifle Crosman Diamondback™ Nitro Piston Elite Air Rifle with Scope Gamo® .177 Rocket Whisper Air Rifle Combo Benjamin® Air Rifle Umarex Steel Force .177-Cal. Air Rifle Benjamin® Maximus PCP .22 Air Rifle and Scope Combo Benjamin® Marauder Woods Walker™ PCP .22 Cal. Air Pistol Gamo® Urban PCP Air Rifle RWS Model 54 Magnum Air Rifle with Scope Crosman Varminator Air Rifle – .177-cal. Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Pink Air Rifle Umarex Force Air Rifle with 3-9x32 Scope Combo
Daisy® Boy Scouts of America® Air Rifle Crosman® Summit® Ranger NP2 Air Rifle Crosman Diamondback™ Nitro Piston Elite Air Rifle with Scope Gamo® .177 Rocket Whisper Air Rifle Combo Benjamin® Air Rifle Umarex Steel Force .177-Cal. Air Rifle Benjamin® Maximus PCP .22 Air Rifle and Scope Combo Benjamin® Marauder Woods Walker™ PCP .22 Cal. Air Pistol Gamo® Urban PCP Air Rifle RWS Model 54 Magnum Air Rifle with Scope Crosman Varminator Air Rifle – .177-cal. Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Pink Air Rifle Umarex Force Air Rifle with 3-9x32 Scope Combo
Brand Crosman Umarex Benjamin Crosman GAMO GAMO Crosman Benjamin Benjamin Daisy Umarex Crosman RWS
Caliber .177 .177. - - .22 cal. -  .177 (1,200 fps, 18 ft.-lbs.). - .22. - .177. - .22 Caliber
At the heart of the air rifle is the energy of the compressed gas transferred to the bullet. When fired, the gas expands and converts its energy into the kinetic energy of the bullet. It happens like this: when the trigger is released, the spring, straightening, pushes the piston forward along the cylinder. Under high pressure, air exits the cylinder through a narrow hole and propels the bullet, which flies out of the barrel at a speed much greater than the speed of the spring.

Daisy® Boy Scouts of America® Air Rifle

  • Official BSA edition;
  • Shoots both BBs and pellets;
  • Single-pump power;
  • 350 fps velocity;
  • 50-round BB reservoir.

Daisy teamed up with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to offer the official BSA edition airgun. The Daisy Boy Scouts of America Air Rifle works with either BBs or .177 pellets, using single-pump power to propel projectiles up to 350 fps. The BB reservoir holds up to 50 BBs, or pellets can be loaded one at a time. The rear sight is adjustable for elevation. The Daisy BSA air rifle is constructed with a steel barrel and a synthetic stock. The buttstock has the official BSA logo. A cross-bolt safety prevents the gun from firing when engaged.

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Crosman® Summit® Ranger NP2 Air Rifle

  • Ultrasmooth cocking action;
  • Shoots alloy pellets up to 1400 fps;
  • Nitro Piston 2 technology;
  • Two-stage Clean Break Trigger;
  • 3–9x40mm scope.

Powered by Crosman Nitro Piston 2 technology, the Summit Ranger NP2 Air Rifle combines powerful pellet delivery with an ultrasmooth cocking action and precision accuracy. Using a nitrogen-filled gas piston instead of the traditional coiled steel spring, the Summit Ranger NP2 cranks .177 caliber alloy pellets out at speeds of up to 1400 fps for effective pest control and small game hunting. The NP2 power plant does not lose any velocity when cocked for long periods, nor suffer any adverse effect from temperature. This air gun combines the superior power plant with an adjustable, two-stage Clean Break Trigger™ and a rifled steel barrel. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation; and the Summit Ranger NP2 Air Rifle comes with a factory-mounted 3–9x40mm scope. The synthetic stock has soft touch inserts in key areas, and a rubber butt pad and sling swivel studs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Crosman Diamondback™ Nitro Piston Elite Air Rifle with Scope

  • Nitro Piston power plant propels .177 alloy pellets up to 1,400 fps;
  • SBD sound suppressor;
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger;
  • All-weather synthetic stock;
  • CenterPoint 4x32mm scope.

Using a Nitro Piston power plant, the Crosman Diamondback Nitro Piston Elite Air Rifle propels a .177 alloy pellet at up to 1,400 fps, adequate for small game hunting and pest control. Comes with an over-molded, rifled steel barrel, and a market-leading SBD sound suppressor. An adjustable, two-stage Clean Break Trigger™ enables shooters to obtain maximum accuracy potential. The all-weather synthetic stock has a rubber buttpad and a full pistol grip. Comes with a CenterPoint® 4x32mm air-rifle scope and adjustable open sights.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Gamo® .177 Rocket Whisper Air Rifle Combo

  • Double integrated noise dampener;
  • Shoots alloy pellets at 1,250 fps;
  • Comes with a 4x32mm scope;
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger;
  • Break barrel, spring-powered system.

The Gamo Rocket Whisper Air Rifle shoots a .177 PBA Platinum alloy pellet at 1,250 fps, making it an ideal pellet gun for hunting small game, pest control and target practice. A double integrated noise dampener makes the Rocket Whisper ultraquiet, reducing the risk of spooking animals and increasing your opportunities of hitting multiple pesky targets. A 4x32mm scope allows you to pick-off small, hard-to-see targets. Combined with its hard-hitting performance, the Rocket Whisper comes with an all-weather, ambitious synthetic stock, featuring a full pistol grip, a Monte Carlo cheek pad and a rubber recoil pad. The Gamo Rocket Whisper Air Rifle functions with a break barrel, spring-powered cocking system and has an automatic safety. Two-stage adjustable trigger with manual trigger safety.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Benjamin® Air Rifle

  • 800 fps in .177;
  • Black finished brass barrel;
  • Adjustable sights.

These air rifles give you accuracy, durability and reliability. They produce 800 feet per second in .177 caliber pellets and 685 feet per second in .22 caliber. They are furnished with open sights. 19-1/4" black-finished brass barrel. Made in USA.
Barrel: 19-1/4".
Overall length: 36-1/4".
Wt: 5 lbs.
Cailbers: .177, .22.

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Umarex Steel Force .177-Cal. Air Rifle

  • Shoot BBs in semiautomatic or six-round bursts;
  • BB reservoir holds 300 rounds;
  • Powered by two 12g CO2  cartridges housed in the faux magazine;
  • Launches projectiles up to 430 fps.

Shoot BBs in semiautomatic or six-round bursts with surprising accuracy when you pull the trigger on Umarex's Steel Force .177 Air Rifle. The BB reservoir holds 300 rounds for extended time between reloading. Powered by two 12g CO2  cartridges housed in the faux magazine, it launches BBs up to 430 fps, perfect for plinking outside or teaching your youngster safety and shooting basics.
Caliber: .177.
Length of pull: Adjustable.
Barrel length: 7.5".
OAL: 24.4" to 28.2".

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Benjamin® Maximus PCP .22 Air Rifle and Scope Combo

  • Perfect introductory firearm for new shooters;
  • Sends projectiles up to 850 fps;
  • Pressure gauge shows current PSI;
  • Steel rifled barrel delivers pinpoint accuracy;
  • All-weather ambidexterious synthetic stock;
  • Dovetail scope mounts.

Perfect for introducing a new shooter to the sport, Benjamin's Maximus PCP .22 Air Rifle and Scope Combo sends projectiles up to 850 fps. Pressure gauge relays how many shots you have left. Steel rifled barrel delivers pinpoint accuracy. All-weather synthetic stock. Optimized trigger positioning. Dovetail scope mounts. Includes a 6x40 scope. Made in USA.
Caliber: .22.
Length of pull: 14".
Barrel length: 26.25".
OAL: 42.5".
Wt: 6 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

This is retro shooter 1721 on a beautiful Sunday morning the Benjamin Maximus 22 Cal. That you've been asking about for us to show a review. Or set up right here about 30 yards, so we're going to do. Some testing of three different pellets. We just picked basically at random of course. We want to do the hollow-point premiers. Because everybody's like oh why don't. You shoot this kind of pellet. That kind of pellet well here. You definitely buy at Walmart. And then some H&N; field target trophy which is a fourteen point six but it's a five point five three millimeters. And then also we have the new Cross man ultra mags which are copper plated 15-9, so we're going to shoot. All three at thirty yards. We do have a wind flag down there, so we're watching today has been gusting winds down here at the range. We got a hanging next to target but here. We go let's shoot five shot groups for you at 30. And show what we got here of course it's single-shot bolt-action. You know and for a price point of $199. This is a pretty very nice start into PCP for anybody. We actually have the range owner. Now has three of these.

He just keeps sending me messages telling me. How much fun he's having with his son is his nine-year-old son about shooting and getting into PCP well let's get to shoot. What this thing can do first upset Cross man premiere four point fourteen point three which sounds like it's shooting hard today is. This thing cranking let's do better of a group it's pretty good. This is 30 yards so. It looks to be about the inch. And a quarter group it's about. What it seems to be with the Cross man premiers buying it. Ithink it's good you can see the wind moving a little bit. We are shooting 30 yards, so they're going to move a little bit we'll move to H. Now I'll give them a try see. They do hey weather conditions are. What they are yeah we're shot. Now then about as realistic as.

You can be can't have. They really don't like to go down range backwards really wish. Iwant to move the gun. You know mm-hmm oh it's hitting before. You hear how hard as yeah. Iwas happy with the 177 but the 22 seems to be I'm telling you it's its tack driving right. Now yeah I mean it's tactile. You can see the wind flag but it's tack you're Adam Wow. Ican see it from here that's 30 yard. You should see you know. Imove the gun that's the. That got away from the group still yeah wait till. That footage we get up close okay. We did shoot in all fairness let's take a look at the gauge here so. We shot 10 shots we're still really good, so we're going to keep on shooting we're going to shoot. All 15 shots from everybody can see we're shooting from.

You generally get from. One film I usually. Most of the times I get 25 nice. One Stella noise I've had a different Maximus. You know the other ones. We had been down to out of the 177 so. Ihad 32 yeah so you know I'll tell. What this 22 is really really shooting here whoo-hoo so. Now we're going to go with the Cross man copperplate 15 9 sees. They do remember 30 yards is. Now remember this beginning beginners PCP rifle you're getting into PCP for the same price as of spring gun yeah. You think about a lot of spring guns. They get you know and run your nitro piston. Whatever you want to call. Idon't know Ryan if you're on the fence about getting a PCP gun. Idefinitely give the Benjamin Maximus a chance to get your feet wet. Ithink it's definitely the. You know what are. You talk price-wise you're jumping into PCP in 199 yeah.

And it's gonna happen is you're just gonna get bit by the bug. And then you leave yeah I'll look at Marauders next. Or the Bulldog yeah go. All in get an air bow right okay that's. One thing about Benjamin ever since. Iwas young I had a Benjamin 342. And was brought up with. Igrew up with them. Iknow Benjamin I mean just. They shoot click a range owner teaching his son on the Benjamin. Imean he's going to be able to say the exact same yeah I'm gonna hopefully just keep passing it down keep passing it on. Now the wind is picking up here a little bit yeah. And of course we shoot a bull's-eye on. You can feel the wind pick up value no. We don't want me to'm gonna wait on. This last shot for this is such a nice group.

We actually have three almost in the same hole. On the bullseye I think it's just. Because the wind picked up. And pushed that round down that's. All yeah I don't think. You to just fifth I wanted to be decent too I'm not going to edit. This video I'm just going to leave. You know full-length. You guys watch beginning to end. Imean we're honor percent honest. How the Maximus is shooting. That there's no fluff yeah. You know there's no filler. This is no and here. You go HNN yeah you pay a little bit. More the Cross man copperplate I'm sure they're. Than have you know the hollow points. And stuff but yeah so alright let's see. Ican get one in the winds dying down just a hair yep well. You want go downrange. And take a look definitely we'll go take a look ceiling walks. Ithink it's the pressure dropped. You know between look like. We were at 13 shots mm-hmm. And then the wind picked up a little bit.

You know I'm not quite sure but. We were actually two in. One hole we can go look at the copper plate but the H. And ends I'm really interested. This goes to take a look at those there. It is okay well down here is your Cross man premieres. And I'd have to look back at the footage. How the looms on it that's not too bad. We could buy a sheet a better group then come over here remember my favorite H&N; so. You know the five point five threes. That was just the size of a quarter well we'll have to watch the footage again but a printer. That was one of the. That was the group you know. Imoved the gun that's a blame. It on uh yeah right but look at these copper plated 59s. You can't remember or thirty yards we're looking at by looking a little over ancient. Or so in 30 we can shoot tighter groups but as. You can also see the wind flag today.

You know this thing shoots better groups in. You know I'm very happy at 30 yards easily being able to hit stuff like. And give it a shot you know. We should think we can come up with a trick shot for this thing I'm sure. We can see we can come up with oh here. We are back it down low over a hundred. And we're going to freehand shot a nice little balloon it's about. That targets 12 inches wide so. We pan down there you should be able to see double then we're going to freehand shoot. It but the Maximus here. This is a-you know it's 100. Some yards so just so. Everybody can see you know. How far we're shooting ready yeah. Ihave no idea all right oh. That was really cool for the balloon go dirty soccer. It taped on this time yeah did. What I did I was watching do. Me walk down there one time set up. It blows off I walk down again. It blows off again I hostage taped. It to the target this time. Idon't know you can see. Iwrapped all around said yes. You blow off this time.

It just pull it pulls the whole ar500 plate armor over. Everything those beliefs y'all never so operate. Ihave no idea we're doing all hold over a little Kentucky wind age. We can find this yeah Kentucky wind age in pencil talkie. It yeah not one shot oh my god OOP. Iwas too easy wow it was too easy well that's the Benjamin Maximus for you yeah oh here. We go at the range we're 100-plus yards on. That shot a 22 Cal I mean did. You hear how quick. That got there it King Custom in yeah remember. Everybody just please remember 199 start point yeah come on hand into PCP. And then you start shooting PCP you're gonna know. What I've been doing for all. This time how much fun. It is boohoo they say shooting is a perishable skill. You can lose it but with. All the Benjamins that we're not losing the scale fact. This is Rick Orion the shooter 1721 hey guys thanks for watching thank you.

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Benjamin® Marauder Woods Walker™ PCP .22 Cal. Air Pistol

  • PCP multishot bolt action pistol;
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger;
  • 700-fps action with 16 ft.-lbs. of energy;
  • CenterPoint Multi-Tac Quick Aim Sight.

Unleash magnum fury on varmints from a package small enough to fit into a pack with the Benjamin® Marauder Woods Walker™ pistol. The PCP multishot bolt action .22 cal. pistol features a two-stage adjustable trigger and delivers 700-fps with 16 ft.-lbs. of energy. CenterPoint Multi-Tac Quick Aim Sight delivers fast target acquisition using the shoulder stock (included) or standard pistol grips. Includes an eight-shot rotary magazine.

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Gamo® Urban PCP Air Rifle

  • Shoots pellets up to 800 fps;
  • Whisper Fusion technology for super-quiet performance;
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) bolt-action repeater;
  • Air tank with 232-bar fill pressure and built-in gauge;
  • Gamo’s Custom Action Trigger (CAT).

Quick and quiet, the Urban PCP Air Rifle boasts Gamo's best noise-reducing technology. Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) bolt-action repeater teams with integrated Whisper Fusion noise-dampening technology to ensure reliable, super-quiet performance. It sends pellets buzzing downrange up to 800 fps. Air tank with 232-bar fill pressure, built-in pressure gauge and quick-fill port allows you to pop off 30 shots per fill. Rifled, hammer-forged steel barrel for shot-after-shot accuracy. Synthetic thumbhole stock offers a comfortable, secure hold. Also features Gamo's Custom Action Trigger (CAT). Includes one 10-round rotary magazine. Manufacturer's limited five-year warranty.
Caliber: .22 cal.
Length of pull: 14.25".
Barrel length: 24.5”.
OAL: 42.9”.
Wt: 6.7 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hey guys welcome to the pyramid insider I'm been taking a look at the Gamo so the Urban's got a lot of features packed into a relatively inexpensive package let's check them out up front here. We have the whisper maximum muzzle break. They don't give a specific rating on how much noise. This cuts but I can tell. It does do some good. Although the gun is not silent by. Any means but I definitely consider. It backyard friendly down below. We do have our fill port here. And the gun of course comes with your traditional fill probe. This is threaded to 1/8 inch pspp. You will need a male Quick Connect adapter. You have a male Quick Connect setup. Or a female on the end of your hose. Ishould say, but we do have a gauge on the front the gun fills to 232 bars so around 3300 psi the very simple probe just goes in like. That also comes a little bit of silicone grease to keep those o-rings on your probe nice and lubricated.

And every couple of uses its good to put a little bit on there. And then we just put our cover back on very easy so as. You can see the urban is rear bolt operated simple pull back to the bolt there. Now it's also a 10-round repeater standard gamo BSA magazine. One nice feature I do like on these mags aside from being under spring tension so. It automatically cycles without. Any extra mechanism here. This little white dot on the back of the mag. This a lot what this does is actually told. When you're out around so. This white dot will pop up. You are empty so you have to do. When you're looking through the gun. You load your last round oh there's the white dot. Iknow I'm empty got to get the new mag.

Or reload that way you're not taking extra shots. And wasting air you can also decock the rifle very simply just by holding the bolt back taking the gun off safe. And pulling the trigger heart. That little click just let. It eases forward now you're safe manual safety up in front of the trigger here. This a lot it's very easy to use. You just flick it forwards with your shooting thing in your hand your forefinger there. And you're good to go very easy very simple so speaking of the trigger. This is the C 80 trigger custom action trigger is two-stage adjustable out-of-the-box there's quite a bit of creep in. That second stage which is not. Something I like but. Idon't like to adjust the triggers out-of-the-box for the testing because.

You guys should get a realistic experience for those of. That maybe does't want to work on. Or just so you know. What to expect it comes out of the box certainly not a bad trigger but of course. It could be better up top we've decided to mount a utg 4 to 16 SWAT scope here mil dot reticle but. That 16 actually give. Is a nice opportunity to actually see. What we're doing downrange of 45 yards. We do the long-range testing so. This was a good option. And didn't throw the weight off too much. Ido like the side focus as well. And then on top we do have an 11 millimeter dovetail as well. That is straight through there is no cut for the breech.

Anything like you got a straight rail. Iprefer this actually. Where the magazine goes into the actual breach of the gun instead of splitting it. That makes mounting a scope a heck of a lot easier. And gives you a lot. More room to fine-tune eye relief to. What you need the stock itself full synthetic as. You can see thumb hole design actually has a really nice feel my hands aren't terribly big but the pistol grip feels really nice in my hands. You can see it got a little room there so. You do have bigger hands. You should fit this gun fairly well raised cheek piece up here which brings your eye into the scope really easily.

And then rubber butt pad on the back. Although it's not like. You got a lot of recoils with. This gun to contend with but certainly pretty comfortable overall about six. And a half pounds without the scope it's really nice gun actually. Ithink just in terms of feel. You know maybe taking this hunting all day. Something like this would be no problem. This is a gun you could just. You could just carry. This thing around you wanted to. It is very light very pointable. It comes into the shoulder nicely. II like the feel a lot. And the synthetic stock. While being hollow actually the lightweight is a feature. Ido like in this case. One other thing I do want to point out right here on the side of the gun says made in the UK.

Now gamo being in Spain also has a very close relationship with BSA, so I'm gonna assume. This gun is actually made in the BSA factory. These parts are made in the BSA factory. Idon't know but certainly looks very akin to. Some other BSA rifles. That have come out recently, so we'll go with. That would also mean potentially. It is a hammer forged barrel from BSA which. We know are very accurate barrels so. Iam very excited to see. What this thing will do on the range with accuracy we've put a fifteen pellets. Or so through this gun to see. Most accurate we've narrowed. It down to about four for you guys so let's head out to the range we'll do. Some crowny testing we'll see.

Many shots you can get off a fill. And obviously most importantly we'll see. If she's accurate set out. All right so we got the crowny setup. We got the urban here loaded with ten rounds we're gonna shoot the jsb 18 grain heavies we're gonna look for a short string here so see. Many shots we can get off a full I'm expecting you probably about 30. Or so with that 3300 psi field being a little higher. You probably get a couple. More but let's see that sweet spot is. Where we're getting the best consistency let's see. What happens reloading the mag pretty simple off the pellet in there. And then rotate to the next slot. You lose your grip something once. You have a pellet loaded in there. It retains itself so it's not going anywhere.

You don't rotate all the way back on the first ten shots we've started at about 750 we're just a hair under 770. Now probably go up a little bit. More but you'll see. That an unregulated DCT like. You will get that initial climb. All the way to that pole point we'll see. What these next ten do. It loaded so looking over our shot string here pretty good numbers actually for starting at 3300 kind of right. Iexpected you had about three thousand twenty-nine hundred. Or so starts to even out right at. That seven seventy mark topped out at 785. It looks like we were down around twenty to twenty-three hundred psi right there so it's using a lot of air over the course of the shot string we end up cutting it off right about fifteen hundred psi so to be using pretty much fifteen hundred psi for the consistent shots turning big well the consistent portion of the shop strength which is right about twenty-two shots is pretty damn good so.

You know for twenty-two shots to go out hunting with a fifteen-foot per second spread between them that's solid that's not going to because. Any point of impact changes. Anything like that so pretty good numbers out of gamma so pretty impressive results out of the urban at 25 yards got the air arms 16 grain pellets. This is a that's about as good as. It gets it's about a half a dime the JSP 18s at 25 did pretty well as well. One sneak up high on. Me there a little bit but overall. Ican't really complain. You know flyers a flyer. And then the H&M; field target trophies also very impressive. These could be covered by a dime at 25 yards so. These will meet your testing needs no problem the Cross man premieres. They did ok good enough for pest thing yeah that's. Now not good enough for 45 let's see. We could do with the Gamo urban at 45 All right so let's look at these 45-yard results the HN ends.

You know like an inch. And a quarter so not great the air arms had. One flyer up high other. That would have been a solid group again a little over an inch here a best group of the day. Though by far the JSP 181 did have. That flyer right there but. All four of the shots here. You know very tight cluster. And still under an inch as a whole so. This is going to be the pellet I'm gonna recommend for the Gamo urban here are those JSP 18 drains should do. You quite well and obviously getting pretty good energy out of them. And certainly squirrels head worthy at 45 yards so definitely a good option there. And then 25 yards you are shorter range hunter out to 30. You know you got a lot of pellet options. That are working this guns One pound 11 ounces 1 pound 11 ounces 1 pound 12 ounces so very consistent the. One thing I will say certainly doesn't feel. That light there's a lot of creeps in. That second stage you watch here it's the love. That take up and a lot of extra movement there which makes.

It a little bit difficult to get. That nice and light feel but I'm sure. You play it around with the adjustment a little bit. It into a nice comfortable place for yourself so the Gamo urban PCP. You guys have seated it's fairly consistent over the chronograph will consistent enough to get the job done down range in the accuracy perspective as you've seen relatively quiet I'd say. This is backyard friendly. Although not as quiet as. It could be potentially the 232 bar fill not a problem really. You don't have to go. That high as you saw I'm actually probably filling the 200 bar is gonna maximize. That sweet spot with your shots but the full system is relatively easy not a huge fan of the probes in general just. Because it's o-rings its extra pieces I'd prefer. More companies start going just to the quick disconnect on the guns but. You know some of these things we're never going to change. Ireally wish they did. Though magazine system functioned flawlessly rear bolts pretty easy to operate not too much tension with.

That hammer spring and again the Urban's really nice really pointable. This is definitely going to be a type of hunters delight type of gun. If you're in the market for a relatively inexpensive pcp to get the job done on a hunt. You know pesty in the backyard. Whatever you'd like to do. Ithink the urban is going to be a really solid fit for. That wraps it up for the Gamo urban pcp in 22 calibers for the pyramid insiderI'm tyler patner we'll see. You guys at the next.

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RWS Model 54 Magnum Air Rifle with Scope

  • 1,100 fps (in .177);
  • Floating action vitually elminates all recoil;
  • Includes 4 x 32mm scope.

This rifle has an innovative floating action that shifts rearward, eliminating most recoil. It fires a
.177-caliber pellet at a fast 1,100 feet-per-second (.22-cal. pellet fires 900 fps). Button-rifled steel barrel, which is extremely smooth with tolerances of ± .0002" provides superior accuracy. The slightly smaller bore diameter at the muzzle stabilizes pellets. It has a one-stroke, side-cocking mechanism and it loads quickly. The rifle also has an automatic thumb safety, an adjustable trigger, a rear sight with a click-adjustable micrometer and a checkered Monte Carlo hardwood stock. Includes two-piece scope base and 4x32 scope with adjustable objective. 39-lb. cocking effort.
Size: 17" barrel.
Length: 43-1/4".
Calibers: .177, .22 cal.
Weight: 9 pounds, 11 ounces.

RWS Airguns carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty by returning products to manufacturer. Return of RWS Airguns to Cabela's for refund or exchange is limited to 30 days from date of purchase, with proof of purchase from Cabela's.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Crosman Varminator Air Rifle – .177-cal.

  • Powered by Nitro-Piston for light weight and reduced noise;
  • Sound-suppressing rifled steel barrel;
  • 1,200 fps with .177-cal. alloy pellets;
  • Includes 4x32 scope.

The Nitro-Piston® power plant on the single-shot Crosman Varminator Air Rifle reduces weight and shot noise, making it a natural for pest and varmint control. Shooting .177-cal. alloy pellets up to 1,200 fps, the Varminator has a rifled steel barrel with overmolded suppressor for reliable accuracy and added noise reduction. It comes equipped with a smooth break-barrel action, adjustable two-stage trigger, dovetail mounts and lever safety. Synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad. Includes a 4x32mm scope.
Caliber: .177 (1,200 fps, 18 ft.-lbs.).
Length of pull: 14.75".
Cocking effort: 37 lbs.
Barrel length: 15".
OAL: 45.5".
Wt: 6.25 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Pink Air Rifle

  • Shoots both .177-cal. pellets and BB's;
  • Front fixed sight;
  • Rear sight is adjustable for elevation.

The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Pink Air Rifle is a versatile pump-action air rifle shoots both .177-cal. pellets and BBs. Functions as a single-shot gun when using pellets and a repeater with BBs. Outfitted with a front fixed sight and a rear sight that is adjustable for elevation. Steel barrel. Cross-bolt safety.
OAL: 33.5".
Wt: 2.75 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

This is the 760 pump master from Crosman it's a 177 caliber air rifle. That shoots bb's and pellets it'll fire bb's up to 645 feet per second. And pellets up to 615 feet per second it's a variable pump gun which means. You power it by pumping it at least 3. And up to 10 times it has a fiber optic front sight a rear sight is adjustable for elevation in a synthetic stock. And the safety is cross bolt which means. You push it from the right the gun is hot push. It from the left the gun is on safe let's talk about operation. Now to shoot bb's with. This gun the reservoir can contain up to 200 bb's. You slide up in the port on the left side. And switch your bb's there close. That opening, so they don't fall out on top of the rifle is a little button. You slide it backwards. This allows BBS to flow from the reservoir to the magazine to do. You point you shake.

And twist it until. You see the bb's line up in the magazine it'll hold up to 18 BBS. Once it's full slide. That button forward. That keeps those babies in the magazines. They don't flow back to the reservoir. You can slide your bolt rearward the bolt has a magnetic probe on the front. That will pick up a BB. That slide it forwards. And you're ready to shoot let's say. You want to shoot pellets included with the 760 it's a pellet strip. It contains five pellets load your pellets into the strip move the bolt rearward. You can slip your pellet clip right into the side of the rifle every time. You fire you move one pellet. When you're done you pull. It out reloads and go at.

It again now 760 is available in a variety of kit configurations. That include targets. And safety glasses and bb's in pellets. Some have a red dot others having a target finder scope it's also available in a great-looking Peet model the 760 is ideal for target shooting and introducing beginners to the sport of shooting so check. One out today and take.

It is so for me myself. Iactually filled bb's in. One at a time it's a little bit of a process but. You know it works for me. You have a magazine here go ahead. And pull back on this. And you pull out the magazine during your pallets. You can place your pallets in there. If you want to you can throw a BB in there. And then push it back in but. You have to be careful. Because the BB will fall out. If you're not paying attention so. You cannot fill the whole magazine with Peavey's but. You can put one in at a time. If you wanted to overall the ergonomics like. Isaid are really nice. It feels really good in hand easy to take. And pull up to get a good sight picture on the front sight is. Or the rear sight I mean is. This sort of V look easy to use the front post. Though I would and. Iam going to put some pain on. That just because I can see. It a little bit more. And I'll highlight it a little bit easier to use the gun.

Now you do have the options of. You have a rail here. And it's a real small rail but. You know it's for an air rifle the Cross man does make air rifle scopes red dots. And just regular scope so. You can find one for it. And fit that on to. It definitely a pretty accurate little gun the capabilities with the babies. You know just works out really nice being able to shoot. Both out of one guy for me I've just been using the Daisy BB's. Imostly use those because the Cross man babies copperheads bleed a little bit. When they stay in the wind feds too long. All the pallets that. Ihave shot out of it worked perfectly no problems no issues we'll go through metal cans. And it's a great little plinker. Now for hunting definitely I'm not really going to do. Anything with this gun but. You can if you want to choose small birds. Anything up to about a rabbit size. Imean you could probably take out depending on how close. You are to target I wouldn't go further.

Than maybe 30 yards with the gun that's just. Me personally and you know overall a really nice little air gun a lot of plastic on. It but capabilities are there in the price tag liner it's really cool just coming in at around 40 bucks. This is a really great little air rifle so. That is a look at the Cross man pup master. Any questions feel free to ask. You guys have a good. One be safe take care we'll definitely talk to.

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Umarex Force Air Rifle with 3-9x32 Scope Combo

  • Shoots high-velocity pellets up to 1,200 fps;
  • SilencAir 5 chamber noise dampener;
  • Adjustable two-stage trigger for pinpoint accuracy.

The Cabela's exclusive Umarex Force Air Rifle features the ReAxis gas-powered piston system, which enables it to fire high-velocity pellets downrange at a blistering 1,200 fps. SilencAir 5 chamber noise dampener keeps shots quiet. Adjustable two-stage trigger for increased accuracy. Metal Picatinny scope rail offers room for accessories. Combo includes 3-9x32mm scope.
Caliber: .177.
Length of pull: 14.5".
Cocking effort: 30 lbs.
Barrel length: 19".
OAL: 45.5".
Wt: 8 lbs.

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