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  Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Trail Dog™ Medical Kit Nature's Miracle® Stain and Odor Remover Nutri-Vet® Hip & Joint Dog Biscuits Nutri-Vet® Hip and Joint Mini Wafers for Dogs Nylabone® Nutri Dent® Edible Dental Chews Tick Key Adventure® Medical Kits Adventure Dog Wipes Nite Ize® Doohickey Pet Tool Nutri-Vet® Styptic Powder for Dogs Nutri-Vet® Pad Guard Wax for Dogs Nutri-Vet® Liquid Bandage Spray for Dogs MicrocynAH® Hot Spot Spray for Animals MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Hydrogel for Animals
  Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Trail Dog™ Medical Kit Nature's Miracle® Stain and Odor Remover Nutri-Vet® Hip & Joint Dog Biscuits Nutri-Vet® Hip and Joint Mini Wafers for Dogs Nylabone® Nutri Dent® Edible Dental Chews Tick Key Adventure® Medical Kits Adventure Dog Wipes Nite Ize® Doohickey Pet Tool Nutri-Vet® Styptic Powder for Dogs Nutri-Vet® Pad Guard Wax for Dogs Nutri-Vet® Liquid Bandage Spray for Dogs MicrocynAH® Hot Spot Spray for Animals MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Hydrogel for Animals
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Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Trail Dog™ Medical Kit

  • Comprehensive medical solution for your dog
  • Caters to paw injuries, the injuries that dogs encounter the most
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • Get the comprehensive medical solutions your trail buddy needs to be safe with Adventure Medical Kits' Adventure Dog Trail Dog Medical Kit. Catered to the types of injuries dogs encounter most on the trails – primarily to their paws. includes pet-first-aid field guide, three triple-antibiotic-ointment packages, six antiseptic wipes, two alcohol wipes, one saline wound and eye wash, one 2" self-adhering bandage, one 2" gauze bandage, two 3"L x 3"W gauze bandages, two 2"L x 3"W gauze bandages, one triangular bandage, one irrigation syringe, one splinter picker and tick remover, one 1-oz. hydrogen-peroxide vomit inducer and two antihistamines. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
    5"H x 7"W x 1.5"D.
    Wt: 0.75 lbs.

    well today we are talking about Adventures of dog series medical kit we're building a medical kit again. We have to redo the medical kit for the dog so. Or the kit little load out for the dog alright bring you over here suicune ventured in the adventures of. This medical kit first venture Medical makes a lot of unusual kits we've never had. One on the channel before it's why not the first. One could be the dog kit just out of curiosity. What would. They give a dog waterproof always good especially. You got a lab with that loves water. If there's a packing list somewhere in there. Ithink it's probably on the back there's a packing list on the back side. We got a packing list. And there's a phone number section. You can put like the vets emergency vet number. And things like that on the buck here guess.

    What sharpie anyway. That is just sweet handbook reference but. They do give little pictures that's cool. All about just even got checklist so. You perform a certain time. We check it off mouth-to-mouth full nose. That is crazy I know huh. Iknow a guy I'm one of my old neighbors. You ever have to go CPR to a dog. You have to go put your mouth over their nose. And the mouth like and then. Even a cat you have the cat on there that's cool that's really interesting so. You need to provide first aid to your dog. Or pet huh restraints mm-hmm Wow strange transportation so that's really cool. This is definitely alien to. Ifigured I'd bring you along on.

    This adventure you are in medical of course so. Imean it's gonna be like. Any other mammal right. We got antiseptic towelettes. And whole packet of stuff in their yeah. It doesn't matter and as long as it's not. Something that's like the sterile stuff over there I'd leave. That in there she got there wait a minute. Iwas guessing yep triple antibiotic equipment that's always good antis Talca haul prep pads for cleaning up. You know they're not gonna sit still. If you're up that on their wounds so. These kits don't cost very much that's the other reason why I'm bringing it to the channel so. We have just your non-adherent pad which is really good. You don't want to end up ripping any. More fur off you have to take the bandage off so triangular bandage those things can soak up a lot of liquid yeah those work great.

    If there's a lot of bleeding I mean I've seen I've seen a. Few videos on and it's a long. It's folded up I wouldn't open. Nobody leave it sterile but. You can tell just by looking at. It stretches out yeah it's not your typical that's regular 42 inch by 42 inch square so it's its pretty big. It immobilizer babies on. You don't hey man you got to protect the pause it's like. If it's hot on your feet is hot on their feet true alright so. They can have ok diffent let's hide your mine I'm guessing this is for this like your antihistamine that's crazy little. And here's one, so they're just telling you what's safe to give their to give your dog but it's just warning do not use to make your child sleeping yeah. Iknow you're not used to make your dog sleepy you've got an annoying dog don't. You don't do that right. And then a one fluid ounce of hydrogen peroxide cool so. You squirt that over there just dump. It fast little package like.

    That's cool just. Another little rap you know just to wrap around the limbs. Or their nose or their snout stuff like. That first you got your Co flex like. That comes in handy for everything yeah so. They got a syringe could be used for her flesh. She can do you got to say. You need to take this makeup. You take the nozzle. You can take the nozzle off crush. And so getting squirt. It in their mouth something if. You don't want them to spit. It out cuz it's gonna be bitter. You don't have any peanut butter. You can feel you can always just squirt. This in the back of their throat I'm guessing you know your imagination turn orange. And then of course you know your tiny little tweezers those are pretty that's good. All the crap out of their wound.

    Or pick off ticks stuff like. That I'm guessing saline yeah Cyril 9% normal saline. And just for moistening of wound dressing wound debridement. And devise irrigation not for injection no magic. They could even drink. It's a great little kit for a starter for keeping your pet safe for them to have their own medical kit but. You could add they do like. We were saying before. They make quick clot dogs. All kinds of cool stuff for dogs. If you're gonna have your own little canine unit it's its gonna it's gonna be good to look out for their health. And in the event. They get injured as well see. We have pulled us over here so. This is his old harness. This is his old harness here like. Ijust kind of pull. This is his old harness it's. What we usually use on. One is made I know it's American product here.

    This is Ray Allen's signature canine yeah. And that's from signature canine calm made in America we've had. This thing for years. And the dogs been using ever since kind of smells but. This is his setup and we've got. This stuff so it rips away so. It doesn't get him hung up the same with the pack, but we're building him a new. One to replace because he's going to be with the family. If wouldn't we have to bug out. Whatever I figured I'd focus on the medical kit. This on Amazon figured I'd grab. What all is in what someone could expect from a medical kit for go do a little duo capsule thing a peanut butter.

    Something like collapsing and. They need some energy yeah. Something on the lines of treats like paint. Even have like peanut butter bar treats. And stuff like you could give a pet but anyway that's. Is sharing this kit. This is the like this is a dog harness under staring at people. Because someone's gonna want to see but the way. This goes on just her slips on. You know there's people out there to have a sophisticated harness. We had to double up on his to make his a little bit stronger he's been wearing the same. One we've got videos hiking with him. You can find him but the way. This set up so this goes to his collar. We had a big problem with him. And grabbing hold him so he's aware. That I'm pulling on him so. Iconnect back here then. You know in the event. He breaks back you have no leverage. And always like having this here.

    Because it's kind of my little pool line so. It kind of stops him. And lets him know hey look I'm still back here don't don't take off without. He will he's a he's a pack mule but. Iconnect these uh. Icould connect quick disconnects so. Ican get the stuff off of him fast. This also goes with his he's got attachments for water food first aid. And other little supplies. You could give him but there's a lot of stuff. You can do with pets. You know they're extremely smart so you're just picking the right pet. And getting gear together. He can be a big help for you especially. It comes to security at night. And things like that it's good to have a dog nearby but anyway alright that's the adventure medical kit.

    You guys enjoyed it pleases like share. And subscribe and — positive — paws up take. It easy take care god bless.

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    Nature's Miracle® Stain and Odor Remover

  • Ideal cleaning solution for stains and odors caused by pets
  • Cleans grass stains, mud, vomit, blood, accidents, and odors
  • Safe for use on carpets, hard surfaces, clothing, kennels, and more
  • A perfect solution for any pet mess, Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover helps you keep your home, patio, driveway, vehicles, and more clean. A smart choice for many organic stains and odors, this cleaner utilizes a bio-enzymatic formula to clean grass stains, mud, vomit, blood, accidents, and odors. Safe for use on carpets, hard surfaces, clothing, kennels, carriers, and more when used as directed. Ideal for stains and odors caused by dogs and other pets.
    Size: 32 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    whoo this one's serious. And it's on your favorite fabulously fluffy accent rug for stains. This bed you'll need to call on the big leagues like our advanced formula it's a powered up version of our enzymatic formula that's suited for severe pet messes. You know the drill by. Now wipe soaked and wait awhile decide Nature's Miracle products use action-packed ingredients to break down stains. And perfection takes time people wipe away be confident pet parent with mess eliminating power in every shape. And color you too can have nice things trust the miracle

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    Nutri-Vet® Hip & Joint Dog Biscuits

  • Promotes healthy joint and connective tissues
  • Specially developed collection of natural ingredients
  • Each biscuit includes 166mg of glucosamine
  • Peanut butter flavor your dog will love
  • Support the optimal functioning of your dog's joints and connective tissues and fight the effects of old age with Nutri-Vet's Hip & Joint Dog Biscuits. These peanut butter-flavored biscuits contain a carefully formulated collection of ingredients designed to promote bone and joint health. Each biscuit includes a standardized 166mg of glucosamine, a key building block for the natural production of cartilage in a body. So, help your favorite 4-legged buddy fight back against years of wear and tear on the cartilage in its joints with these tasty treats.
    Size: 19.5 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We survived on a budget made easy your home for all the info. You need to know when you're destroying survived on a budget. This is the nutria that hip. And joint chewables for dogs extra-strength made by vets trade by pets seventy-five count. That right after this okay welcome back to survive on a budget made easy. This a liquor store. Ican tell I already paid too much word at the liquor store. You can find it on Amazon 120 count for 17 dollars. And 20 cents but green dog well he's having some hip. And joint problems but I've been giving this to him. Imight say for about two weeks. It says you're supposed to give 1/2 achievable per 40 pounds of body weight twice daily. He only weighs around 20 pounds, so I'm only be giving them half a tablet. Once a day that's in the morning he hasn't been having any trouble chewing on. What the tablets look like okay compared to my thumb. Now but solid to my thumbnail. Ihave a little cutter. Iknow it's over this anymore. Ithink Walmart but to cut pretty easy okay he's a cut. One in the morning give it to him put the other halfback in the container but the cut pretty easy. He hasn't been having trouble chewing them but. Iwasn't he was whining a lot. And having trouble getting around barely walking while. He was walking just real slow but here's a video of him being on the pills for lower for two weeks. You can see he's moving decent.

    Imean the dogs going on 14 years old. Ithink but uh he wants a little bit but. He used to be like a constant wanna. That kinda wanna he was kind of excited just going to dream. And get a treat but for the price point of 120 count for $17. Ithink it's well worth. It to give it a try I'll have a link down below in the description box ok. He hasn't been getting sick off of these hasn't had trouble chewing them. It's been working really great so. Idon't have to give it a 5 out of 5 star rating they say. You can find these at your local store but you're going to pay. More so do yourself a favor click down on the Amazon link down in the scripts. And box do me a favor click on the channel logo to subscribe.

    And as always thank.

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    Nutri-Vet® Hip and Joint Mini Wafers for Dogs

  • Promotes healthy joint and connective tissue
  • Specially developed collection of natural ingredients
  • Peanut-butter flavored
  • Providing natural nutrients that support the optimal functioning of your dog's joints and connective tissues, Nutri-Vet's Hip and Joint Mini Wafers for Dogs help keep your dog active. Years of wear and tear from normal aging, disease, injury, genetic conditions, and inflammatory chemicals attack the cartilage in a dog's joints, causing discomfort and possible bone damage. These tasty, peanut-butter-flavored wafers make it easy for dog owners to give their dogs standardized and accurate amounts of glucosamine to promote healthy joints and connective tissue in their active dogs. 125mg of glucosamine per wafer.
    Size: 6 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Nylabone® Nutri Dent® Edible Dental Chews

  • Revolutionary 360º cleaning action
  • Provides long-lasting fresh breath
  • Enriched with 25 vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids
  • Who doesn't love to pamper their pooch and keep them healthy at the same time? Nutri Dent Edible Dental Chews from Nylabone offer your pets optimal nutrition while deep-cleaning teeth and freshening breath. The revolutionary 360º cleaning-action brush flexes and bends as your pet chews, finding difficult to reach areas to clean and polish. An added benefit is the pleasing taste of the chews, which provides long-lasting fresh breath. Nutri Dent Edible Dental Chews are also enriched with 25 health-giving vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids for the overall health, happiness, and well-being of your dog. Made in USA.
    Available: 8-Pack, 14-Pack (not shown).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi dog lovers I'm Rayleigh from Chuy. And today we're taking a look at nutria dent dental tree treats by the makers of Nylabone chew toys for over 60 years my opponent has been helping dogs get the. Most out of life they want to help your dog get the. Most out of his treats with the nutria dent edible dental to treat with a formula. That has only eight ingredients. These dental chew treats feature a special shape with tiny nubs. That scrub away plaque. And tartar as you're thawed chicken with 360 degrees of cleaning action. They get those hard-to-reach places. You sure you want to go on. This voyage captain the destination seems hard to reach ha hard to reach no destination is hard to reach with nutria Don's on board no matter the size of your dog there's a perfectly sized nutria done for them from mini. Or large they come in a variety of flavors your dog will love so for a tasty treat. That takes care of your dog's teeth try nutria Don edible dental chew treats I'm Kay lee thanks for watching bye cruising down a seat in my face boat

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    Tick Key

    Ingenious tick-removal device uses forward leverage to safely remove the entire tick, head and all. 99.9% effective. Made of high-strength anodized aluminum. Stores in wallet or pocket. Per each.
    Color: Assorted.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You feel all came right out look. They worked, and he's still alive he's still crawling so. That worked now his head's not in. Me so that's you do it.

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    Adventure® Medical Kits Adventure Dog Wipes

  • Helps remove plant oils
  • Soothes itching and burning
  • Cleanses and moisturizes
  • Give your buddy a quick wipe down after romping through the trails with the Adventure Dog Wipes from Adventure Medical Kits. Not only do they help remove plant oils and soothe itching and burning, but they also help cleanse and moisturize, ensuring your four-legged friend stays happy. Each 8”L x 8”W wipe is fragrance-free. Per 8.

    This is the adventure medical kits trail dog medical kit. It gives you the confidence. And your four-legged friend will have the supplies. You need when you're romping around on the trail the kit includes a wide array of medicines to treat pain inflammation. And common allergies there're wraps. And bandages to immobilize fractures. And provides support to get. Both back home safe there's. Even saline wound I wash in irrigation syringe antibacterial wipes a splinter. And tick remover and much. More before you head out read up on. Some basic first aid instructions for pets which are included in. This kit you won't need to use. It but it's always good to have the peace of mind. You can care for your pup. When you're playing outdoors stay safe out there with the trail dog medical kit bye adventure medical kits thanks for watching if. You have additional questions about the gear. You just saw please feel free to visit back country edge comm. And get in touch with. One of our other gear specialists. We also have technical specs about. That gear on the product pages of our website. And often times we have bonus videos. You like our channel please subscribe.

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    Nite Ize® Doohickey Pet Tool

    Take care of your beloved 4-legged friends when you carry the Doohickey Pet Tool from Nite Ize. Simply clip to your keychain, backpack, belt loop or pet's leash and have easy access to a nail file, tick remover, burr comb and even a bottle opener for you and your friends of the human variety.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Yo what's up everybody a Superbly fat guy eight five nine coming at. Yet again and I'm coming at. You with a little video on the night eyes innovation doohickey T tool let's Brian knew as. You can see um I don't know. This but it not too long ago like. It nods my brain is escaping me. What anyway um I figured. Iwould do a little uh again. Idon't know if it's really a review just. More like an overview. And show you guys this little cool little tool so uh well yeah I'll show. That up close and personal. And there you go it's got a little carabiner on. It made in the made in the great they're great China bottle opener a flathead. Idon't know what that's. Idon't know that little huh don't know. That little grind is there but let's let's take a look at what here. We get oh yeah it on ruler wrench carabiner clip. And bottle opener there. We go Oh box cutter. And it's not a box cutter it's a package opener liars anyway there's.

    Some information pauses. And read, so I figured I'd uh grab my keys. This on there and carry. These a little bit I do have the Weatherman bruiser on there. Igot as a gift you know it's good but the bottle opener man. You just don't get a lot of torque on. You don't have a lot of handle to really get on. Ifeel like with I got a lot. More real estate to grab onto to pop a bottle open. Iplan on doing a side-to-side review at. Some point or a head-to-head comparison of these two eventually but figured I'd go ahead. And slap this on my keys. And give her a world. Idon't know that head-to-head comparison will come about but. It will eventually so as of right. Now you're looking at pretty much. Imean the same exact thing although the night eyes does come with a little ruler a little two-inch rulers. It does have the wrench there so it's got a couple. More capabilities than then the Weatherman browser but.

    Ihad to pick right. Now I'd probably pick the night eyes honestly. Ijust wasn't real impressed with the bruiser opening those Jarritos bottles. Idon't know several months ago but anyway. Ijust want to do this quick little overview. And show you guys the night eyes doohickey. Everybody take your easy.

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    Nutri-Vet® Styptic Powder for Dogs

  • Encourages small cuts and overtrimmed nails to stop bleeding
  • First-aid tool for hunting dogs or pets
  • Encourages cuts to clot up and stop flowing
  • A great solution for overzealous nail trimming and other small cuts, Nutri-Vet Styptic Powder for Dogs helps bring an end to bleeding. A handy first-aid item for hard-working hunting dogs or pets, this powder is designed to help the bleeding from small cuts and overtrimmed nails clot up and stop flowing.
    Size: 0.5 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Nutri-Vet® Pad Guard Wax for Dogs

  • Safeguards dog's paws against gravel, hot pavement, snow and more
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Simply apply a thin layer before going outside
  • Mineral oil, beeswax, paraffin wax, silica, and orange essential oil
  • All-season paw protection
  • Ensure your loyal companion stays comfortable on any adventure with Nutri-Vet Pad Guard Wax for Dogs. This safe, nontoxic paw wax safeguards dog's pads against gravel, asphalt, sand, hot pavement, ice, snow, salt, uneven surfaces, and chemically treated roads. To use, simply apply a thin layer to dog's paws and between toes or gently press your dog's paw into the wax. Always clean paws with a warm cloth after being out in snow or ice. Nutri-Vet Pad Guard Wax for Dogs consists of Mineral Oil, Beeswax, Paraffin Wax, Silica, and Orange Essential Oil.
    Size: 2 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Nutri-Vet® Liquid Bandage Spray for Dogs

  • Vet-formulated bandage spray
  • Waterproof seal covers scrapes and abrasions
  • Soothing, breathable protection against dirt and debris
  • Prevents bacteria from entering wounds
  • Bitter taste to deter biting or licking
  • At home or off the grid, Nutri-Vet Liquid Bandage Spray for Dogs just might be the perfect first-aid solution to your furry friend's minor wound. Soothing, breathable, yet waterproof, this alcohol-free, non-stinging, vet-formulated bandage spray creates a protective barrier between harmful bacteria, dirt, and debris to ensure your dog's minor scrapes and abrasions do not become a more serious problem. Nutri-Vet Liquid Bandage Spray bitter taste deters biting or licking. Imported.
    Size: 2 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    MicrocynAH® Hot Spot Spray for Animals

  • Relieves pain and itching from hot spots
  • Soothing and moisturizing
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Safe and nontoxic
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Relieve the pain and itching of your pet's hot spots with MicrocynAH Hot Spot Spray. This easy-to-use spray provides soothing moisturization and is safe for use on dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. MicrocynAH Hot Spot Spray contains Water, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, and Sodium Chloride. Active ingredient: Hypochlorous Acid (0.009%). This safe, nontoxic formula is veterinarian recommended. Made in USA. 
    Size: 3-oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Hydrogel for Animals

  • Cleans wounds, cuts, lacerations, hot spots, incisions, and more
  • Safe for use on all animal species
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Every animal caretaker needs MicrocynAH Wound and Skin Hydrogel on hand. Safe for use on all animal species, this effective treatment cleans wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, skin ulcers, post-surgical incision sites, hot spots, burns, scratches, rashes, irritated skin, and it helps reduce wound odors. MicrocynAH Wound and Skin Hydrogel comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Ingredients: water, sodium magnesium flurosilicate, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, hypochlorus acid, and sodium hypochlorite. Made in USA.
    Size: 8-oz. bottle.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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