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  Drake Waterfowl Systems Neoprene Dog Vest Rugged Dog Boots Cabela's Advanced Dog Flotation Vest Hurtta Summit Parka Pendleton® Grand Canyon Dog Coat Ruffwear® Fernie™ Sweater-Knit Fleece Jacket Ruffwear® Climate Changer™ Dog Jacket PetSafe® Dog Muzzle Pendleton® Yosemite Dog Coat Hurtta Padded Collar Ruffwear® Palisades™ Pack Pendleton® Ranier Dog Coat Paws Aboard Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket
  Drake Waterfowl Systems Neoprene Dog Vest Rugged Dog Boots Cabela's Advanced Dog Flotation Vest Hurtta Summit Parka Pendleton® Grand Canyon Dog Coat Ruffwear® Fernie™ Sweater-Knit Fleece Jacket Ruffwear® Climate Changer™ Dog Jacket PetSafe® Dog Muzzle Pendleton® Yosemite Dog Coat Hurtta Padded Collar Ruffwear® Palisades™ Pack Pendleton® Ranier Dog Coat Paws Aboard Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket
Brand - Pendleton - PETSAFE Ruffwear - Pendleton Ruffwear Drake Waterfowl Systems Ruffwear Cabela's Pendleton -
Sizes - - 8"-28" (even), 32", 35". S-XL. - - XS-XL. <ul> <li> S-2XL. - M-XL. - 2XS-XL.

Drake Waterfowl Systems Neoprene Dog Vest

  • Warm, protective 3.5mm neoprene
  • Trimmable for a custom fit that won't rub or bind
  • Reinforced protective chest strips
  • Built-in assist handles make lifting your pup easy
  • Full-length 2"-wide Velcro closure for a secure fit
  • Keep your faithful retriever warm and protected in a Neoprene Dog Vest from Drake Waterfowl. Neck, leg and back openings can be trimmed to provide a perfect fit that won't rub or bind. 3.5mm neoprene provides warmth, flotation and protection from branches and other sharp objects. Reinforced chest-protector strips hold up to thick brush and ice. Built-in assist handles make it easy to lift your pup into a boat, truck bed or other elevated location. 2"-wide Velcro® closure for a secure, adjustable fit. Heavy-duty seam stitching stands up to hard use.
    Sizes: S-2XL.
    Camo patterns: Mossy Oak® Shadow Branch®, Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass®, Realtree MAX-5®.

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    Rugged Dog Boots

    Wrap a dog’s paws in professional-grade protection. Rubberized soles (made from recycled tires) and heavy-duty nylon uppers shed thorns, gravel, ice, hot pavement and other paw-unfriendly obstacles. Plus, they grip slick surfaces for slip-free security. Double hook-and-loop attachment straps and foam ankle pads reliably and comfortably secure these boots on the busiest, hardest-working dogs. Per set of four.
    Sizes: S(2-1/4"-2-3/4"), M(2-3/4"-3-1/4"), L(3-1/4"-3-3/4"), XL(3-3/4"-4-1/4").
    Note: Size based on the width of the dog's paws.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    These are the altar pause dog boots. We sell here at dogs Unlimited we've been using them a couple of seasons. Ithink they're one of the best dog boots. We have available what makes them nice is the heavy-duty soles. And the uppers here across their front toe made out of recycled tire very durable the other thing. Ilike is the velcro straps are opposing so. One goes you tighten. It down the other goes the other way. This is really important in case. One that's loosened up the other one's going to be on it'll help. You not lose your boots finally. And probably the most important thing is it's got neoprene on the inside. Both front and back great thing about. It offers your dog cushioning when. You tighten down the velcro. It also allows it as a non-slip the slip resistant surface so will help. It from slipping off the dog's foot. These boots are going to offer your dog great protection against. Anything they can run into in the field. Whether it's Sam burrs thorns goat heads underbrush. Anything that's gonna affect their feet as a matter of fact the great in the snow as well stops snow from balling up in your in between your dog's pads you're really going to like them attaboy they're super easy to put on make sure they're size right definitely pay real close attention to the sizing instructions on our website. And in our catalog it is absolutely let's go.

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    Cabela's Advanced Dog Flotation Vest

  • Triple-segmented foam for buoyancy without hindering movement
  • Straps won't dig into your dog
  • Reflective stripes provide low-light visibility
  • Grab handles for easy retrieval
  • Keep your dog safe around the duck blind or while swimming at the lake with our Advanced Dog Flotation Vest. Super-soft triple-segmented foam provides outstanding buoyancy while allowing ample freedom and mobility. Dual reflective stripes for low-light visibility. Straps are comfortable and avoid digging into the belly. Durable ripstop-nylon construction. Integrated dual grab handles make retrieval easy. Cargo pockets. Leash attachment included. Imported.
    Sizes: M-XL.
    Camo pattern: Realtree MAX-5®.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hurtta Summit Parka

  • Water-resistant and breathable Houndtex coating
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off dogs
  • Highly visible 3M reflectors
  • Keep your dog's body temperature stable in cold weather with Hurtta Summit Parka. It complements the thermal insulation capacity of short-haired dogs and dogs with no undercoat and protects your dog's most important muscle groups, chest and abdomen. Water-resistant and breathable Houndtex® coating keeps your dog warm by protecting against heat-robbing wetness. High-visibility 3M™ reflectors keep them more visible when there are roads nearby. Quick to put on and take off so it's excellent for keeping the muscles of dogs warm before activities. Imported.
    Sizes: 8"-28" (even), 32", 35".
    Colors: Raven, Cherry, Orange.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hello friends its Mary. And Savannah and today we're taking a closer look at our summit parka dog coat. And Raven this is a great coat that's designed specifically for breeds. That don't have an undercoat. And need the ultimate. And protection this is a really nice coat. That features Hound text which is breathable. Yet waterproof and it's got lots of reflective elements. And so your pet will stay visible in low-light conditions so there are lots of ways to adjust. It is really nice it protects. All of the major areas of your dog's body. That are vulnerable including the chest. And abdomen you can adjust. It with the belt you also have a leash attachment so. You can easily use this with a walk. You have two toggles. One at the collar area. One up higher on the neck to protect your dogs. And neck area and it's fleece lined. Some poly fill filler in. It to provide extra insulation. It also has leg straps elastic leg straps. You can also get the best fit over your dog's back with. This toggle that cinches up the rear portion as well so. You can get a great fit it's very easy to put on. And is really warm and ideal for the coldest conditions again. This is our herd of summit parka dog coat. And Raven and you'll want to check out.

    All of our other great herd of products as well.

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    Pendleton® Grand Canyon Dog Coat

  • Inspired by the beautiful landscapes of our National Parks
  • Depicts the colors of the majestic Grand Canyon
  • Easy on and off with hook-and-loop closure
  • Inspired by vintage patterns and the beautiful landscapes of our National Parks, Pendleton's Grand Canyon Dog Coat honors the majestic Grand Canyon. Made of 100% polyester 320gsm nonpill polar fleece with a beautiful, diamond-quilted 8-oz. cotton-canvas reverse. Easy on and off with hook-and-loop closure. Reversible. Machine washable. Imported. 
    Sizes: XS-XL.

    Pendleton Grand Canyon Dog Coat
    Size Length of Back Chest Circumference
    XS 9-11" 12-17"
    S 15-17" 17-22.5"
    M 18-20" 21-29"
    L 21-23" 24.5-33"
    XL 24-26" 31-41"

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Ruffwear® Fernie™ Sweater-Knit Fleece Jacket

  • Warm and stylish layering garment for your pup
  • Durable, 420-denier nylon-ripstop construction
  • Side zipper provides a high-performance fit
  • Introduce your four-legged friend to total and complete comfort in almost any weather condition with the Fernie Sweater-Knit Fleece Jacket from Ruffwear. A stylish sweater-knit exterior surrounds a warm, fleece interior, making this pet garment perfect for stand-alone use or to be worn in conjunction with other Ruffwear coats for added warmth. Side zipper provides a high-performance fit. Reflective-trim low-light visibility. Imported.
    Sizes: XXS(13"-17” girth), XS(17"-22”), S(22"-27” girth), M(27"-32” girth), L(32"-36” girth), XL(36"-42” girth).
    Measure around widest part of rib cage for size.
    Colors: Canyonland Orange, Larkspur, Hemlock.

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    Ruffwear® Climate Changer™ Dog Jacket

  • Lightweight, breathable fleece construction
  • Flexible fit allows your dog full mobility
  • Reflective trim provides low-light visibility
  • Give your four-legged companion an extra layer of protection with the Ruffwear Climate Changer Dog Jacket. Lightweight, breathable polyester fleece offers warmth without trapping moisture against your pet's body. Active fit allows full range of motion. Zippered closure for easy on and off. Includes reflective trim for low-light visibility. Imported.
    • 2XS(13"-17" girth)
    • XS(17"-22" girth)
    • S(22"-27" girth)
    • M(27"-32" girth)
    • L(32"-36" girth)
    • XL(36"-42" girth)
    Colors: Grey, Purple, Orange, Baja Blue, Aspenglow, Twilight.

    hey I'm Cory with avid Max. This is Stacey from ruff we're. We have Linus the dog with. Is today and we're gonna talk to. You about the ruff where climate change. Or fleas coat yeah so the climate change our. This is the perfect coat for your dog on those chilly morning so those chilly afternoons. You go out has reflective lining here for safety nice little sleeves here. This works really well for dogs have longer fur to keep snow balls from building up. If there's snow outside. It has the beacon attachment so. You can have our light on there. And a nice little zipper to get. And off your dog you can see on the inside really softly it's very comfortable for your pup. And there's a little bit of a trick with. All of our apparel with the zippers. And I'm going to show. You guys so instead of unzipping it. All the way just zip. It unzips it partially gets the pies through your little sleeves wait. And then he pulled a zipper out bigger my security don't get. And there are you ready to go. You liked our video make sure to give it a thumbs up as well as. Any comments or suggestions down below for more fly fishing outdoor related videos subscribe to our Abbot max YouTube channel thanks for watching, and we'll see.

    You out there

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    PetSafe® Dog Muzzle

  • Keeps you, your dog and others safe by preventing biting or barking
  • Integrated opening allows your dog to pant
  • Adjustable straps provide a secure fit
  • Padded for chafe-free comfort
  • PetSafe's Dog Muzzle keeps your dog from reacting to stressful or painful situations by nipping, biting or barking, ensuring safety for you, your dog and others. Convenient mouth opening allows panting so your pup can effectively cool itself. Padded design provides chafe-free comfort for your friend, while adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit.
    Sizes: S-XL.
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Pendleton® Yosemite Dog Coat

  • Treat your four-legged member of the family
  • Inspired by vintage Pendleton Woolen Mills patterns
  • Hook-and-loop closures provide easy on and off wearing
  • Reversible and machine washable
  • Treat your four-legged member of the family to incredible comfort with Pendleton's Yosemite Dog Coat. Inspired by vintage Pendleton Woolen Mills® patterns that reflect the beauty of our national parks. Constructed of 100% polyester nonpilling polar fleece with diamond-quilted 8-oz. cotton-canvas reverse. Hook and loop closures provide easy on and off. Reversible and machine washable. Imported.

    Pendleton Yosemite Dog Coat
    Size Length of Back (in.) Chest (in.)
    XS 9-11 12-17
    S 15-17 17-22.5
    M 18-20 21-29
    L 21-23 24.5-33
    XL 24-26 31-41

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Hurtta Padded Collar

  • Comfortable neoprene-padded collar
  • Softens stress on dog’s neck and throat caused by pulling
  • Adjustable, ergonomic design does not chafe
  • Perfect for your young pup, the Hurtta Padded Collar keeps your dog comfortable and safe on walks. Neoprene-padded collar distributes and softens the stress placed on the dog's neck and throat caused by pulling. Adjustable, ergonomic design does not chafe and offers a custom, comfortable fit.  Great for puppies. Safety lock. Imported.
    Whole sizes: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24".
    Colors: Black, Raspberry, Birch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The herd of petted why harness is made from durable neoprene the harnesses are fitted with efficient 3m reflectors with the addition of a fastener the armpit padding stays in place. And dog is moving providing protection from the clip buckle thanks to the wide padding and ergonomic design the harness is comfortable. And does not cause where on the dog's fur. When a dog pulls on the leash the close-fitting harness distributes pressure evenly across the chest preventing damages to the dog's vertebrae the herd of petted wire harness is suitable for active locks for all dogs.

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    Ruffwear® Palisades™ Pack

  • Durable, 420-denier nylon-ripstop construction
  • Multiday backcountry pack with removable saddle bags
  • Includes two 34-oz. hydration bladders
  • Outfit your four-legged friend for the rigors of backcountry travel with the Palisades Pack from Ruffwear. Durable, 420-denier nylon-ripstop construction stands up to wear and tear. A saddlebag attachment system utilizes aluminum fasteners to keep everything tied down and secure. A pair of leash-attachment points provide options when it's time to keep your dog close. Padded girth straps provided even weight distribution and cross-load compression system secures the pack and its contents. Stash pockets keep essentials close and external gear loops add a multitude of attachment points for other accessories. Includes a pair of 34-oz. hydration bladders. It's recommended that your dog carries no more than 25% of their body weight. Imported.
    Sizes: S(22-27” girth), M(27-32” girth), L/XL(32-42” girth).
    Measure around widest part of rib cage for size.
    Color: Red Currant.

    This is a necessarily review but it's a comparison of the two rough wear packs. Ijust got back from a three-day tr3 day hike back hiking trip with my dog. Ihave a golden retriever so. Both of these are the large extra large size. Ifigured I'm going to be sending this. One with the tag here I'm going to be sending this. One back I figured before. Isent them back before. Ikind of explain the difference. These are the two I was looking at. This is the Ruff wear Palisades. And our palisade this is the rough water approach they're actually fairly similar in size. Ibelieve for the extra large is. Ithink it's 18 litres. This is 16 litres so size wise they're pretty comparable the reason. Both of them is at first. Ithink retails for 129 that's. What I actually bought. It for and this was retail at 80 so 130. And 80 bucks $50 difference. One first but in getting my dog used to. It walks dude his nightly walks for quite a. While he'd be fine but then. Some weight in he wouldn't. Even make few steps. Ithought man this is a problem let.

    Me try the Ruff wear approach maybe he'll walk in. And then I came to find out. It was just really the way. Iwas packing in so. Ikind of mentioned a little. Few things about that but. Iwanted to show those of. That are trying to decide. That is a pretty big difference in price. What the differences really are size-wise like. Isaid they're about the same but there are quite a. Few differences and I'm going to end up sticking with. Ithink size-wise this would be just fine for me. This is probably it in size but the extras. It comes with it definitely makes. It worthwhile so first I'll let's take a look at the approach comes with two causes obviously has the harness is between the two are very much the same so. This goes on the front the dog here underneath. You have some straps as. You compare the two of them you'll see. That the probably even the same basic harness the difference.

    Though artis is this harness is removable from a pack so. Idid use that quite a bit on the backpacking part. They go through water. You know it was deep enough water. And opinion you pack the food in here. You know what have. You depend on what's in the pack. You may not want that way so. It only takes a about. You know 15 20 seconds. Or so of that to detach the pack from the harness. And leave the harness on the dog. And then as soon as. You get to the other side of the water. Or finish taking your break. You just click it back in. It doesn't take as long to put. Iwould say as this the harness itself, so I'd say that's. One plus for the palisades. And I'll shut I'll take. That off here in a bit actually. Ican take now I'm going to show. This kind of puck comes. That comes out just there're two clips here there're two clips in the front there's the same two clips in the back. And then there's actually underneath here.

    You have some cliffs underneath the pouches. And probably easier to Stephenson's out underneath the pouch is there a couple Clips as well. That basically makes. That the pouch isn't flapping on top. And so that's that off you'll see here's the harness itself for the palisades. This stays on the dog the harness was pretty nice just in itself. You have a loop here which. This has also and then. You have the loop back here so perhaps. Even around camp you might want to have. That have this on to pin for dogs okay with. Ihad a flashlight glow stick. Igot a Walmart taped to. This for a while but then. Iended up not needing this in camp. This off my dog and it's.

    Something real quick to know for those of. You I'm assuming that you've never had the backpack before for your dog. You don't need to cinch. This down like you would your own backpack. You don't need to cinch. It down tight on them. You want it to be tight enough so. It doesn't slide you know to. One side of the dog. Or the other as you're walking but. You want you know snug but not tight. And then you may have to adjust. It every you know quarter mile. Something like that which doesn't take very long but. It also allows the dog to kind of shake. And hit let him find his own position. You know work things out for himself just like. We are fine-tuning it in our own backpacks as. We walk so that's just a scientific. All right we don't need. This let you the differences in the packs themselves inside the palace are inside the rough the approach basically inside the pouch it's just a pouch there's. Nothing in here other.

    Then an empty sack so. You have one pouch here totally empty. And on top of you do have a pouch here. It can't fit much for those of. You see these types of flipped out bowls before. You kind of get that gives. You an idea on the size. This does not fit very well in here. You can't really zip. You know you might be able to but you're going to risk a zipper. Idon't think you could actually set. It up — might be able to force. That gives you an idea. This is about probably. It looks like about five. And a half inches and with so it's not quite. That width for this pouch. This would be good for your leisure treats. That kind of thing the other side is exactly the same. You do have a couple of the daisy chain type things here.

    Iguess strap something — I've seen. Some people put the dogs sleeping pad on top. Itry to do that with mine. You wanted nothing to do with. That so don't know what you would actually put on here. You can overload them the pack in weight so. Idon't know I would ever need to strap. Anything on there probably won't also just. Another tip for me what I found was easier at first. Iwould clip a lead to. Where his leash whatever to. This but then he got ahead. Or behind as the least gets pulled taut it's going to change the adjustment of the pack on the dog. It was much happier. Ijust let the pack on him. And then click the small lead to his collar. That way it did get pulled tight. It didn't change the adjustment of his pack. And make him uncomfortable just an idea there.

    You know you find what your dog is tolerant of but. It made sense to you would let's look at the Palisades difference in the Palisades. Even the detaching the. This from the harness itself. That was worth quite a bit but there's a lot of extra stuff. That comes with the Palisades. That definitely I'm thinking you know. You probably want to buy a second pack so. You might want to go with. One thing I really like about. This is expandable even fully tight tightened. It had plenty of room for me but here. You have one pouch. And inside you have. This here is pulling here it'll relieve the pressure on the strap. You know you've got your straps here you've got to cinch straps. It goes through the pouch. And attaches to here pulling them. All the way tight it still held. Everything I needed for a three-day backpacking trip.

    What I liked about these patches in addition to. That was this was a good spot for me to put his bowl fits in real easy. It also fits this his water bowl was high dribble. That I've got this is hit my dog's food bowl. And then this is the hydro Bowl. This lifting their really easy to no issues there that's. Iput in there kept. It cleans inside the pot inside the pack there's also two pouches just like in the approach the difference being this pouch is. Ithink exactly the same. Idon't know this would fit in here. Ididn't see you need to try. It looks like that is about the same width as the approaches top pack for me. Iput his leash in there. And I've had some glow sticks in here for nighttime. And then what else do. Ipack in here put some dog awesome mutt MIT in the end of. This power slope you do have a divider so. This one's a little shallower yep. It only goes up against his body as a has.

    It looks like it feels like a little. You know little vinyl. That slick matera blanking on the name right. Now but basically it's a divider. You can push that to the side. And you've got access to the full pouch so. You don't have to use. You don't want to choose not to you've got a much bigger pouch here again. It expands quite a ways but. Ican't imagine you know. If a pretty big dog. Iguess to fully fill. Something may have that but for me. That was bigger than then my dog can probably handle. It looks like just looking comparing right. Now then think of it before. One also the Palisades also has a drainage hole here for so. If you've got some water in there's a place for the drain out comes out right here. And then it's got its only its seal around the top. And it's open on the bottom for the water to escape. And but rain wood it wasn't getting it so there's. And that's on both sides.

    Both sides have they also have. Both have the daisy chain here so those are the differences with the packs. Ialso wanted to kind of throw a. Few things in here for those of. That are kind of just starting out. One thing I found with my dog is. You wouldn't walk I had put in a moose antler in there. And a rawhide bone for a big treat for when. You went there and then. Ithrew in a couple other things. He really wouldn't walk. And that's why I in the ordering approach thinking it was a problem of the pack but with the problem was with. Ipacked it rights so. Iwant to show I packed. You know it might get your dog started a little better first off. You get your pack whichever. You didn't choose doesn't matter but it's your choice. Ithink pallet a is well worth the extra 50 bucks. You can afford if you've been considering it.

    You probably can afford. It is pricey this will last for a long time definitely abrasive abrasion resistant. You know my dog they don't realize. How much wider they are at first so definitely walking into blogs. And branches and bushes. That kind of stuff so also be careful. You know they got poison oak. And poison ivy or sumac. Where you're at you're probably going to have. It up aside along sides the pouch here by the end of the ship so. You know keep some tech new. Something similar with. You to wash that off so for my dog. What I did was I also have the Ruff wear of canine overcoat my dog loves to be in the water there's no keeping him out of. You go in the wintertime. You know if he's swimming at night. And tell him off, but he's still a bit wet he's got long fur so. He could it was cold at night. This would help dry off. This isn't what review. This product but it's a nice terry cloth inside. Or fleece inside sorry. And then I believe. This can push down some rain.

    And then also this pretty cool gloop. You can slide in a glow stick. And then you can see. Where your dog's walking around. This is also reflective oh. That reminds these are also reflective pretty highly reflective on the dog as well as on the harness. All of these lines here also reflective so real high visibility in. That see here I believe. These are also reflective on your coach you've got. That unbolting on both packs. Some packing what I did which definitely. We went on the backpacking ship. It was a 180 degrees from the nightly walks were taking first off put two. You have the Palisades put the harness on him. You go for a few nightly walks then put an empty pack on the harness go for a.

    Few nightly walks, so he's getting used to having on. And then start adding weight. Irecommend I brought my dog is. This jacket he carried his jacket his food oh that's. One other thing the Palisades comes with 2 1 litre water bottles. Where the approach is not so. This comes addition to the Palisades pack but does not come with the approach so here's. What I did back to packing is. Ifolded this went into. That pouch inside of. This pack so this goes right up against his body so. What he's feeling is. Something very soft. Iknow I'm not doing a great packing job here but it's trying to give. Me an idea of the profile of the shape of. That went in there so. These feeling of his body up against by. Something really soft. And then weight gets added which. He didn't mind the weight. It had up to about ten pounds. Iwas done with this jacket on. This side in order to keep.

    It balanced which you definitely want otherwise as the dog walks it's going to start doing this on him. And you're going to constantly have to be adjusting it so on the other side. Ijust a microfiber fiber tala fur for me. It was just super absorbent so that's. What I had one in the other pouch on the other side. This gave a good starting point on the pack. And then I had his bags of food which. Iput in like those little snack packs. You might have for your kids I'm the little snack Ziploc bags. Remeasured them out. And then so I knew exactly breakfast lunch. And dinner which at home my dog. When he's breakfast dinner but out on the trail. You know he's working hard so. Iwant to make sure. Something some more energy at midday so. Itook those two meals. And divide it up into three who seemed to appreciate.

    That out I also put. One water pouch on this side. One water pouch on this side the weight about. And again these are fully tightened right. We will expand and have plenty of. More room and then. You have plenty of room in here from our food from your room in here for food. And then I put is a water bowl on. One side and his people on the other side. And bridge I did bring some other stuff for him but. Ifigured I could carry. This weighted up about 10 pounding I was done for with water. Ifigured that's plenty for him to carry. Ibrought a couple of snacks. And stuff of our treats form to chew on a couple toy. Or a toy I just threw them my pack so. You know make your own decision but. This is about the profile for this a pack looks about. You know like I think that's okay in the camera a little bit hard for me to see but. Ibelieve that's okay so let. Me throw that in the approach so.

    You can see that should do. Ido highly recommend espouse I'd say. Iwill be keeping this. Ireally like this back. Iwas really happy I figured out. How to get it packed so. That my dog was happy see so. This out a little good so. We can compare with loosely. Ijust do some areas so. We can get an idea of the size let. This out and after the palisade the pouches seem to look a lot bigger maybe. Because are not divided. They don't have extra collagen so. This would be a probably easier to pack to be honest with. You since we're going to have. That divider here's the profile the front profile for lips here's the front profile for the approach so that's the difference. That helped you out a little bit making the decision.

    Either pack would be good. Both feel like they're made of the same material make sure. Both meet very have very long endurance your lifespan but for me the extra $50. This is worth it for me mainly because of the fit the divider is pretty nice but the water bottles worked out perfect the detachable pack was a huge selling point for me. And with many extreme crossings. You guys do I think that's going to be worth your own frustration. And putting the pack on. You know if they've got the pepper. They got the harness on already adding the pack on doesn't seem like much forum but you'll find. They don't mind they prefer to not have. You might find mention chasing your dog down to put the pack on.

    You know you might think it's a gay matter depends on your dog my dog's great but. Ithink you'd much rather walk without a pack. He doesn't mind is so much. When it's on anyway make sure. That put you leave from home put. Both sides on a scale measure so. That about and then definitely take your dog out on a couple walks with. Some stuff in the pack so. He understands what's going on. Ithink the excitement of the backpacking trip will make him forget about. If he's never done it before. He might be a little confused. You know you want to find out. All the Gauchos before. You leave all the uniqueness to your dog so thanks again. And have a great time.

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    Pendleton® Ranier Dog Coat

  • Inspired by the landscapes of our National Parks
  • Polar fleece on one side and cotton canvas on the other
  • Hook-and-loop closures for easy on and off
  • Inspired by the timeless beauty of our National Parks and vintage Pendelton Woolen Mills® patterns, the Pendleton Rainier Dog Coat keeps your furry friend warm and comfortable in vibrant style. Its reversible design features 100% polyester 320gsm non-pillo polar fleece on one side and a diamond-quilted cotton canvas on the other. Hook-and-loop closures offers easy on and off. Machine washable. Imported.

    Pendleton Ranier Dog Coat
    Size Back Length Chest
    XS 9 12-17"
    S 15-17" 17
    M 18-20" 21-29"
    L 21-23" 24.5-33"
    XL 24-26" 31-41"

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Paws Aboard Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket

  • Keep your pet safe in and around the water
  • Breathable mesh underbelly provides draining and drying
  • Bright color and reflective strips provide maximum visibility
  • Keep your pet safe in and around the water with Paws Aboard's Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket. Neoprene construction keeps your pet warm. Breathable mesh underbelly provides proper draining and drying, keeping your dog comfortable and healthy. Velcro®-adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles create a cozy, secure fit. Bright color and reflective strips provide maximum visibility. Handle on top for quick and easy grabbing. Imported.
    Sizes: 2XS-XL.
    Color: Red.

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