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  Real Avid Smart Bench Block CMMG AR-15 Survival Kit Real Avid Pistol Tool Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 Wheeler® Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Wheeler® AR Armorer's Vise Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set Wheeler® AR Maintenance Mat Wheeler® Delta Multi-Wrench Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set Lyman® Master Gunsmith Tool Kits
  Real Avid Smart Bench Block CMMG AR-15 Survival Kit Real Avid Pistol Tool Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 Wheeler® Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Wheeler® AR Armorer's Vise Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set Wheeler® AR Maintenance Mat Wheeler® Delta Multi-Wrench Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set Lyman® Master Gunsmith Tool Kits
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Brand Wheeler Wheeler Real Avid Wheeler CMMG Real Avid Lyman Real Avid Wheeler Wheeler Caldwell Wheeler Real Avid

Real Avid Smart Bench Block

  • Engineering-grade resin won't mar finish
  • Outside rubber liner keeps block from sliding
  • Internal magnet grabs dropped pins
  • Universal pin hole sizes fit a variety of guns
  • Made from engineering-grade resin, the Real Avid Smart Bench Block is the perfect addition to your gun-cleaning kit. It won't mar or damage the finish of your guns and an outside rubber liner keeps the block from sliding on any surface when driving in pins. An internal magnet grabs on to dropped pins to keep them from getting lost. Universal pin hole sizes fit a wide variety of firearms. Inner groove keeps barrels stable during detail work. A 1911 Government bushing wrench included on the backside of the block makes removing bushings easy. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    CMMG AR-15 Survival Kit

    The answer to when those tiny pieces are misplaced or worn out. Don’t get caught without it!
    AR survival kit includes:
    • Spring, magazine catch
    • Spring, selector detent AR-15
    • Spring disconnect AR-15
    • Spring, extractor AR-15 (Per 2)
    • Extractor pin M-16
    • Buffer, extractor AR-15 (Per 2)
    • Gas rings AR-15 (Per 3)
    • Spring, trigger AR-15
    • Spring, hammer AR-15
    • Firing pin retainer (Per 2)
    • Disconnect AR-15
    • Extractor AR-15
    • Firing Pin M-16
    • Cam pin AR-15

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Real Avid Pistol Tool

  • A great addition to every handgunner's range bag or workbench
  • Every tool you need for maintenance and gunsmithing
  • Tools lock open for convenient one-handed use
  • Real Avid's Pistol Tool combines all the necessary tools you need for maintenance and gunsmithing in one unit. Easily mount accessories, disassemble, adjust laser sights, change side grips and more. Calibrated to most popular pistol platforms – from polymer-striker fired pistols to the 1911. Each tool locks open to allow convenient one-hand use. Includes a 1911 Government and Officer bushing wrench, four Bondhus Protanium® hex keys for laser sights, a stainless steel pick/scraper, 2.5" bit driver, 3/32" pin punch with 8-32 threads, a 3" tanto knife, six hex bits (including flat, Phillips®, hex and Torx®) with ball detents, a fine tooth metal file and tap hammer metal surface. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    So today I'm going to take a look at the real avid pistol tool it is a very compact multi-tool that is perfect for. Your range bag or for your bench, so we'll start off with the two different sized 1911 bushings so you'll see that. There's a large and a small they're on top they have a nice hammering surface. For tapping things into place this is. Also non marring plastic around it so that's quite nice I've used it a few. Times on one 1911 s and as you can see it'll mar the surface up but it doesn't. Do anything to the metal which is really really nice next up you have a. Really nice beefy pick right here so. This is a lot of steel right here it's great for getting springs out or any. Kind of stuck items so it's very large very beefy underneath that you. Have these four different allen drivers. And those will allow you to those allen wrenches will allow you to do you know lights lasers whatever, and they're quiet. Nice also by the way these large tools that fold out are all liner locked so. Right here you have a nice release and a very positive tactile you know release. So that it's not going to buckle on you. Then next up we have this really nice. Rather, large driver it kind of has a. Filing surface it's hard for you to see but it has a filing surface on this backside and then it has a receiver for. These different bits on this side so you. Have two flats you have an allen a torx. And two phillips and they fit in quiet. Nice so you pull them out they have detents. That retain them, so they're not going to fall out plus when that's closed they can't really fall out they're stuck in there so it fits in that driver. Really nicely so and again liner locked. So press down fold and you're back in. Business and so then on top of these. Different bits you have this. Very nice punch right here so this punch is threaded and there are extensions you. Can get that will allow you to add a. Like a pistol rod for patches and whatnot on here but as it comes it's. Just a decent little very beefy heavy. For its size punch for drifting out pins and then finally you have a pretty. Decent tanto blade so get that the focus. For you so there you have it says real avid on one side and on the other it. Says pistol tool right there so as you. Can see it does have some jimping on the back and I'm not really for sure why. It's that far up but I'm assuming it's for your thumb purchase but it is you. Now it's a very nice blade and of course again it's liner locked so everything's gonna be nice and secured one-handed operation it's got the thumb stud on it but it's just a very decent. Very nice little compact multi-tool it's. Almost like you know it's a pocket knife. That's built around a gun lover so it's. Pretty nifty i really like this again i think this. Would make a perfect addition a perfect. Item for your range bag or your bench. Right so it's not every tool in the world you're gonna need but it's most of them so it's just a really nice little. Compact and it's not very expensive it's not gonna break the bank so let's finish. Up like, we always do with pros and cons and this little guy certainly fits the. Bill when it comes to intended use i think it's very compact it's very small. It's heavy it's well-made for its size. It's roughly the same size as a 1911 or. 45 1911 mag so it will fit anywhere on. Your belt in your pocket range bag moly. Gear certainly on your bench wherever you do your pistol maintenance at this is definitely going to fit into whatever. System you use and again it feels heavy. And well-made for its size so i think. This will certain we hold up now time will tell, and we'll. Have to put it through its paces I've been using it for a few weeks now and it seems to be ok so that's probably the. The Biggest pro the next has to be its size. Right it is very compact you get a lot of tools in a small space and then of course the last pro has to be cost right. It doesn't cost a lot of money for this guy and so you know it fits in line with. A lot of the other real avid tools that. They make out there for the gun world and i think this is certainly well worth. The money so the only con I'm gonna give. It is that it's not made in the united. States of america i really wish it was that's my biggest beef on a lot of the things we review that they're well-thought-out that we'll executed, but they're just not employing americans to make it they'll sell it to americans, but they don't employ americans to make it. So that's my biggest beef with this now. That being said i still think it's a very good deal and it's a very good item that i plan on using but i do really. Think that this can be made in the states for roughly the same cost so as. Always if you like these type of videos please do me a favor share like and comment below if you haven't subscribed please consider doing so and as always be safe and be good.

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    Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15

  • Features 35 dependable tools
  • Compact, rugged frame
  • Includes nylon sheath
  • Packed with features, the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 features 35 dependable tools packaged in a rugged frame to keep your firearm reliable and accurate no matter where you are. Durable black-oxide coating for long-lasting performance. Imported.
    • Carrier scraper
    • Nine-function bolt/firing pin/cam pin scraper
    • Cotter-pin puller
    • Bolt override tool
    • A1 and A2 front-sight adjuster
    • Pin punch
    • 8-32 female thread post
    • 2.5" raptor claw-point knife
    • 1/4" bit driver
    • 1/4" bit wrench
    • 11 firearm-specific Torx®, Allen®, Phillips® and flat-driver bits
    • Tap hammer
    • Metal file
    • Removable, magnetic storage compartment
    • Lanyard loop
    • Nylon sheath

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The real avid gun tool pro is loaded. With 30 gun maintenance tools in one compact package no matter the make or model of your gun optics or accessories. The gun tool pros 14 driver bits will handle any screw you'll encounter and the quarter inch bit wrench provides. Torque to handle the most stubborn customers there is even a removable. Magnetic storage container to keep parts and pins from disappearing installing or. Adjusting optics removing stuck choke tubes of any gauge punching or replacing pins smoothing burrs the gun tool pro. Provides the precise mission built tool for these jobs and more the real avid. Gun tool pro this is the gun tool your. Daddy wishes he had. You.

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    Wheeler® Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit

    Engineered specifically for building, tuning and cleaning your AR-15 rifle, Wheeler's Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit has everything you need. Each tool is designed specifically for application on AR-15-platform guns, and is constructed of the highest-quality materials. The kit features an AR-15 combo tool, beam-style torque wrench, upper vise-block clamp with gas-tube-alignment tool, pivot- and roll-pin installation tool, mag-well vise block, AR-15 adjustable receiver link and a custom-fitted case.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Alright guys this is gonna be a look at. What's in the box of the ar-15 armors essential kit i picked this up like i. Said in the last video this was from Walmart column i was able to get this. Kit as well as the n nc star kit for. Damn near the price of one of the kits. You know i mean like they had such a discount going on that was right after Christmas i know that a lot of times they don't carry this type of stuff in stores however if you do a website search of their website you can find. Damn near anything even coffins don't believe me go to Walmart long and look up coffins they sell them alright so. Let's get this out of the box, and we'll lay it out so you guys can see what's in the bag anyway just got it out of the. Box again it's the wheeler engineering. Delta series ar-15 armorer's essentials. Kit basically comes with your mag will. Vise you know i got to go ahead and get. That down to the bench here it's this. On this is your upper vise block comes. With that set of instructions and this. Is a it's got your castle wrench castle. Nuts that all that good stuff it's not. The torque wrench this is the combo tool. And let me I'm had to read what this says because it's got a lot on it let's. See here combo tool cut out for three-quarter inch flash hider barrel nut engagement pins cut out for thick stock. Buffer tubes buffer tube nut drivers 1/2. Inch drive bit driver with a flat head. Screw driver bit hex key 7 64 but torque. Drives t1 bit port drive t 20 bit port. Drive t 15 bit so it's all on the wrench. Was kind of go down the line here this is what comes on it so there's a pretty. Nice armorer's wrench with everything right on it you've got this is the torque wrench. Come on so it does come with a torque wrench so you can get your foot pounds right. There's that and then know that's just. Screws to put the vise place down so you. Can get that done and then this is all. The different type of other tools that comes with it and again I'm gonna have to read off of the of what it is i don't. Really want to get everything out of the bag here but it's your pivot pin. Installation tool roll pin installation tool torque wrench magwell by weight mag. Well voice lock where we went through and then the combo tool and everything. Else and then the last thing i think we. Have this is the gas tube alignment tool. And i think that's it for this bag let. Me double check yep that's everything. That comes in it i everything best fit in the bag real nice what I'll do is since i stuttered through what all it. Comes with I'll just show you the back of the box real quick if you need this pause it go ahead and then there's the. Complete list there and there's. Everything laid out real nice for the. Box so again we have for the price i couldn't go wrong i would be starting my build here after this video is done. So we'll catch you guys next time and again check out your deals check out the. Web websites like i said i got both kits for damn near the price of one through Walmart so alright guys later.

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    Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench

  • Apply precise torque when installing firearm screws
  • Ergonomic click/clutch
  • Adjustable from 10-in.-lbs. to 65-in.-lbs.
  • Apply the exact amount of torque you need to install delicate base screws, scope rings, windage screws and trigger guard screws with repeatable accuracy that translates to more consistent performance in the field. This ergonomic, click/clutch enables you to adjust torque from 10 inch-lbs. to 65 inch-lbs. at increments of 5 inch-lbs. Features standard 1/4" drive tip and includes eight bits: T15 Torx; T20 Torx; 3/2" Allen; 5/2" Allen; Leupold/Buehler Windage; #10 Deluxe Flat Blade; #11 Deluxe Flat Blade; and a #32 Deluxe Flat Blade.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® AR Armorer's Vise

  • Armorer's Vise secures your AR in any configuration
  • Ideal for cleaning, maintenance and gunsmithing
  • Highly adjustable
  • Rigid construction delivers a rock-solid work platform
  • Ideal for cleaning, maintenance and gunsmithing, the Wheeler AR Armorer's Vise has a rigid steel base, an angle-adjustable forend support and a magazine well insert that combine to lock your AR in place. Front and rear supports lock into multiple positions in the vise base and are even reversible for maximum customization. Depressions formed into the base keep parts and tools contained while working. Magazine well insert sports a hammer block for lower receiver assembly and dry firing, and its bolt service station secures the bolt face for disassembly and assembly. Vise can be mounted directly to your workbench for increased rigidity. Removable, nonslip rubber feet on base.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    On the spot upkeep made easy the. Portable armorer's vise delivers 100% frustration free cleaning scope mounting. And maintenance right at the range clamps to any bench top and secures your firearm with a padded nomar vise grip. 360 degree rotation provides free and. Easy access at all angles works just. Like the one you have in the shop in fact it's heavy gauge machine steel construction makes it a winner for at-home use — providing the sturdy support and ready accessibility you need to properly service your steel order now.

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    Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set

  • Nine hardened steel punches from 1/16" to 5/16"
  • Hemispherical tips provide proper alignment
  • Includes fitted nylon storage pouch
  • Confidently drive firearm roll pins of any size with Wheeler's Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set. Set is machined from hardened steel to prevent bending and breaking. Hemispherical tips provide proper roll-pin alignment. Includes punches ranging from 1/16" to 5/16" and a fitted nylon storage pouch. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome back to our channel I'm lauren with lock hart tactical and today we'll be looking at the wheeler engineering master roll pin punch set well they've. Done it if combines the roll pin starter. Set and the ball profile roll pin punch set with the precision machined. Gunsmithing hammer all into one comprehensive kit both of the sets have. Knurled handles are machined and. Hardened from steel to prevent bending or breaking and start at 1/16 of an inch. And have nine roll pins ending in a 5/16. The ball profile roll pin punch set is. Designed with a ball profile tip to. Provide proper alignment of the roll pin and prevent damage to the firearm or the roll pin the ball tip profile is perfect. For driving set roll pins and recessing. Then into assemblies the ball profile helps prevent the punch from slipping off the roll pin and damaging the finish of your gun the roll pin starter set is. Designed with a counter bored tip to properly align and start the roll pin preventing damage to the firearm by slipping the roll pin into the recessed tip you can gain much-needed purchase for starting the roll pin into the hole this also helps provide alignment on roll pins for hard-to-reach spots the. Small hammer included in the package only weighs six ounces it has one side. Of the head made of nylon for precise. Work and non marring surfaces and one side of the head made of brass for harder strikes that won't deform punches for more information visit us at lock hart tactical comm thanks for. Watching don't forget to like this video comment down below subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends this is them alarm with lock hart tactical over and out. Try saying that sometimes ask all profile roll pin punch set up a ball. Roll but roll pin punch step.

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    Wheeler® AR Maintenance Mat

  • Padded, neoprene surface protects rifle's finish
  • Absorbs excess oils and solvents
  • Exploded view of an AR-15 Carbine for part identification
  • The Wheeler AR Maintenance Mat provides a screen-printed, exploded view of an AR-15 carbine for part identification. Its padded, neoprene surface protects your assualt rifle's finish during cleaning or disassembling. The durable, nonskid rubber backing keeps your work area from shifting. This AR mat even absorbs excess oils and solvents for a clean and dry surface. Rolls up for easy storage. Machine washable. Imported.
    Dimensions: 47"L x 20"W.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Delta Multi-Wrench

    A rugged and reliable tool to meet most of your AR-15 servicing needs. Constructed of innovative layers and laminated stamped steel, it’s one of the strongest AR-maintenance tools you can buy. This construction method allows the use of hardened-steel barrel-nut pins capable of standing up to heavy amounts of torque. The 1/2" cutout accommodates a torque wrench or ratchet driver. Profiles for a buffer-tube lock nut and flash hider are included. Tool includes a bit driver, bit holder and six bits commonly used to service AR rifles.
    Available: Delta Wrench, Delta Wrench Combo (includes torque wrench).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench

  • Compact for super-easy transport anywhere
  • Ergonomic design facilitates a positive grip
  • Built to catch the recoil spring plug
  • Won't damage the finish
  • Fits government and officer's models
  • Real Avid's compact 1911 Smart Wrench is easy to take with you so you're never without the perfect disassembly tool whether you need to take your 1911 apart at home or in the field. Ergonomic build facilitates a positive grip, plus an innovative design catches the recoil spring plug so it doesn't do you any harm or get lost. Resin construction is super tough, yet won't scratch the muzzle's finish. Fits government and officer's models. Convenient lanyard hole.

    This is a real lab in 1911 smart man. Built by 1911 owners for 1911 owners. This sixteen by nineteen inch matt has a. Non-slip backing it protects your work surface and guns while keeping parts organized in close at hand the super tough padded core has an oil and solvent resistant coating making cleanup easy. The work surface is printed with step-by-step take down instructions for your 1911 an exclusive attached parts. Tray ensures pins springs and bolts are. Never lost again the magnetized. Compartment keeps the tiniest pieces locked in place the real avid 1911 smart. Man a little red carpet treatment for. Your 1911. You.

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    Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set

    A professional-grade set less than half the size of sets containing comparable tools. 26 bits fit most gunsmithing applications. Includes standard, Phillips, hex and torx bits; a 2" No. 2 Phillips bit that's ideal for recoil pads and a hex-to-square conversion bit to use with 1/4" square-drive sockets. Magnetic handle.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lyman® Master Gunsmith Tool Kits

  • All the tools you need for home gunsmithing
  • Bits for slotted, Phillips, hex and six-lobe screws
  • Specialty bits including Weaver scope ring and Glock front sight
  • Screwdriver handle and ratchet wrench included
  • Comes in compact, convenient storage case
  • Get all the bits you need to work on your guns with the Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kits. The compete sets come with bits for slotted screws, hex screws, six-lobe screws and Phillips screws with an assortment of specialty bits. Specialty bits include a Weaver scope ring bit, Glock front sight bit, 1911 grip bushing bit, .062” pin punch, .093” pin punch and .118” pin punch. Ratchet wrench included for tough-to-remove screws so you have maximum torque. Slotted screw bits are hollow ground to properly fit screw slots and prevent cam-out and ugly, damaged screw slots. Sets come in compact, convenient storage cases.
    • 45-Piece Set – 12 hollow ground bits for slotted screws, 15 hex bits in standard and metric sizes, six Phillips bits including two long bits, three six-lobe bits, six specialty bits, 1 extension, 1 ratchet wrench and 1 handle.
    • 69-Piece Set  32 hollow ground bits for slotted screws, 17 hex bits in standard and metric sizes, six Phillips bits including two long bits, four six-lobe bits, six specialty bits, 1 extension, 1 ratchet wrench and 1 handle.
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