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  Galco Holster-Care Kit Hunter Company Smith & Wesson® 500 Leather Belt Holster – 4" Galco "Model 1880's" Holster - Left Hand DeSantis Cozy Partner® Inside-the-Waistband Holster BLACKHAWK!® Ambidextrous Holster With Magazine Pouch BLACKHAWK!® Suede Leather Tuckable Holster – Right Hand Galco CarrySafe™ Holster Triple K Hunter Holsters Galco CSB7 Belt Sticky Holsters Magazine Pouches Galco V-Hawk Leather Holster BLACKHAWK!® Day Planner Holster Beretta Inside-the-Waistband Hybrid Holster
 Galco Holster-Care KitHunter Company Smith & Wesson® 500 Leather Belt Holster – 4"Galco "Model 1880's" Holster - Left HandDeSantis Cozy Partner® Inside-the-Waistband HolsterBLACKHAWK!® Ambidextrous Holster With Magazine PouchBLACKHAWK!® Suede Leather Tuckable Holster – Right HandGalco CarrySafe™ HolsterTriple K Hunter HolstersGalco CSB7 BeltSticky Holsters Magazine PouchesGalco V-Hawk Leather HolsterBLACKHAWK!® Day Planner HolsterBeretta Inside-the-Waistband Hybrid Holster
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BrandSticky HolstersHunter CompanyBerettaTriple KGALCOGalcoGalcoBLACKHAWK!BLACKHAWK!GalcoBLACKHAWK!GalcoDeSantis
Hand-RightRightRight-RightLeftRight or LeftRight / Right---Right
Model-S&W 500, 4" barrelBeretta BU Nano Hybrid IWB HolsterHunter-4" - 4-1/4" 1911 modelsSingle-Action Revolver w/5-1/2" barrel3"-4" Barrel Medium AutosS&W M&P Full-Size 9/40 / S&W M&P Compact---S&W M&P Shield 9/40
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Galco Holster-Care Kit

Keep your leather holster in the best condition possible with Galco's Holster-Care Kit. Contains one bottle of Galco Leather Lotion to preserve and condition your holster. This special wax-free formula creates a water-resistant barrier and removes surface dirt. The bottle of Galco Draw-EZ shortens the break-in period and provides a smoother draw without harming the finish of your holster or firearm. Kit also includes application dauber, synthetic-wool buffing pad and a combination synthetic-wool/foam scrub pad. Not to be used on suede, nubuck or napped leathers. Holster not included.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Hunter Company Smith & Wesson® 500 Leather Belt Holster – 4"

These holsters provide a custom fit for the Smith & Wesson Model 500 Revolver with a 4" barrel. Rich leather construction. Sewn down belt loop for added safety & security. Fits belts up to 3" wide. Available in right-hand model only.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Galco "Model 1880's" Holster - Left Hand

Galco ''Model 1880's'' Cowboy Leather is reminiscent of rigs worn in american westerns. The model 1880's Holster has a high-ride strongside design made of top-grain premium tan saddle leather for revolvers. Left hand.
Sizes: 4-3/4", 5-1/2".
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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DeSantis Cozy Partner® Inside-the-Waistband Holster

  • Finely crafted with a precise molding that delivers a like-custom fit
  • Unlined leather makes both holstering and drawing a breeze
  • Snap-on split belt loop accommodates belts up to 1.75"
  • DeSantis' finely crafted, unlined-leather Cozy Partner Inside-the-Waistband Holster features precise molding that secures your handgun with a like-custom fit and offers easy, one-hand re-holstering. Snap-on split belt loop accommodates belts up to 1.75" (not included). Right hand only. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    It's a quick little review of the Santa's cozy partner it's. One of their new inside the waistband holsters. It has the split belt loop with the snaps it's got a tension screw on. You don't have the snap going over the side of the gun. Or quick and easy release it's inside the waistband it's got a nice little piece of leather on the back. You can see how much. It covers up the gun so. You don't have a cold gun especially. You live in the northern climates. It holds the gun real nice pull. It out sees that the tension seems to work really nice anyways. II really like this I've had other inside the waistband with without the leather. And then I've had them with a big swatch of leather. It just seems to do the job it's lightweight. It holds it nicely. It seems to have a quick draw without hitting. That snap to get your gun out. Because it's just my little quick little review of the DeSantis cozy partner thanks for watching.

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    BLACKHAWK!® Ambidextrous Holster With Magazine Pouch

    A no-nonsense holster with ambidextrous versatility. Injection-molded belt loops fit duty belts up to 1-3/4" (when worn in the traditional vertical position) and dress belts up to 1-1/2" (when worn in the middle of the back). Front pouch holds an extra magazine or small flashlight.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Iguess but he hosted. They have Walmart got picked up Blackjack. Ididn't know the right size so. Ijust did a educated guess 0-5. This is the Sportster ambiguous holster with mag pouch. This does fit my little I'm a little peashooter nine-millimeter the bunch of instructions a little man pouch it's got a nice little button pass in there it's nice and snug. It fits in their nice. It actually was all over in their perfect. Ididn't expect it to fit. That good up I thought. It was gonna be you know. Iwas just a little loose. It yeah say anything it fits in their nice and snug but. You have this gun you're looking for a hole so it's like 20 bucks. This would be a good steel Mack felt matches the closest little cheat put a flashlight her can't mace in there. Somebody okay don't do. That alright once again thanks for watching like comment subscribe be sure out.

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    BLACKHAWK!® Suede Leather Tuckable Holster – Right Hand

  • Conceal your handgun without the aid of a shirt
  • Designed primarily for civilian and law-enforcement officals
  • Smooth leather interior allows quick drawing
  • Rough-textured exterior stops slippage
  • Conceal your handgun without having to wear an unruly untucked shirt with this BLACKHAWK! Suede Leather Tuckable Holster. Designed primarily for civilian and law-enforcement concealed carry. Smooth leather interior allows quick drawing while rough-textured exterior keeps it from slipping. Fits belts up to 1-3/4" wide. Holster conforms to shape of firearm. Belt clip minimalizes bulk, maximizing concealment. (Right-hand model.) Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Galco CarrySafe™ Holster

    Galco CarrySafe™ Holster is a safe, effective way to carry a handgun in handbags, briefcases, messenger and bug-out bags. An elasticized nylon holster attaches securely with Velcro® to a stiff leather backing plate. An adjustable metal clip on the plate adjusts the holster ride height to accommodate different bags and draw preferences. The Velcro holster attachment allows infinite holster angles. A reinforced thumb break retention strap provides excellent security with a fast draw. Multiple holster sizes suit particular handguns, from tiny .32s to small-frame revolvers and full-sized service pistols. Right hand draw. Made in USA.
    • Small Automatics
    • Medium Automatics
    • Large Automatics/Small Revolvers

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Triple K Hunter Holsters

  • For use with Ruger's Mark II, Mark III or 22/45 Hunter
  • Ultratough full-grain leather construction
  • Accommodates 6-7/8" barrels and the Hi-Viz sighting system
  • Secure your Ruger® Mark II, Mark III or 22/45 Hunter model to your belt with Triple K's Hunter Holster. Premium full-grain leather construction. Accommodates barrel lengths up to 6-7/8". Built-in sight channel for use with handguns using the Hi-Viz® sighting system. Plain finish.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Galco CSB7 Belt

  • Full-grain cowhide leather
  • Stands up to law-enforcement and competitive use
  • Solid-brass nickle-plated buckle
  • Constructed of rugged full-grain cowhide leather with a soft suede lining, the Galco CSB7 Belt is designed to stand up to the demands of law-enforcement officials as well as competitive shooters. Built to support the weight of your most trusted handgun, this belt also boasts a solid-brass nickel-plated buckle. Made in USA. 
    Width: 1-1/2".
    Even waist sizes: 36"-48".
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Sticky Holsters Magazine Pouches

  • Carry your magazine and a flashlight or knife
  • Offers choice of how you carry them
  • Sticky Holsters' Magazine Pouches hold magazines and more. Cutting-edge design allows you to carry your magazine and an accessory, such as a flashlight or pocketknife in one unit. The Single Magazine Pouch and Double Magazine Pouch can be carried inside the waistband, in a pocket, on your belt or in the A-frame mode that works with or without a belt. Imported.
    Available: Single Magazine Pouch, Double Magazine Pouch, Single Magazine Sleeve.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Galco V-Hawk Leather Holster

    Offers dual options for comfortable wear inside the waistband via the 1-1/2" leather belt loops or using the injection-molded 1-1/4" C hooks. Open top ensures quick-drawing ease, while the reinforced mouth promotes smooth one-handed re-entry. Crafted of premium steerhide. Made in USA.
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    BLACKHAWK!® Day Planner Holster

    When you don’t know what your day holds, it doesn’t hurt to carry your “day planner.” With the external appearance of a day planner, you can conceal a small/medium or large handgun. The simple design eliminates needless bulk, and the multifit holster allows an exact fit to your gun. Spare magazine holder carries extra ammunition. Double zipper allows opening setup to your preference. Made in USA.
    • Small: 9.63"L x 6.63"W x 1.75"H
    • Large: 11.63"L x 7.5"W x 2.13"H

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Beretta Inside-the-Waistband Hybrid Holster

  • Premium-grade leather backing with microholes for ventilation
  • Corrosion-resistant steel clips with mounting spacers
  • Adjustable ride depth and cant for almost any draw stroke
  • Beretta's Inside-the-Waistband Hybrid Holster is so comfortable you'll forget you're carrying. Premium-grade leather backing has microholes that allow ventilation while keeping the gun away from your skin. Corrosion-resistant steel clips have mounting spacers so you can easily tuck in your shirt so the holster completely disappears. Adjustable ride depth and cant make it suitable for almost any body size or draw stroke. Nano fits standard-series Glocks (N/A .45 ACP). Fits belts up to 1.75"W. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You look for a holster. That is comfortable concealable. And durable? I’m Sean with Concealed Carry Training Videos In. This episode I will be discussing important factors to consider. When looking at purchasing a concealed carry holster First. It is important to know. What types of holsters are on the market There are holsters meant for your pocket shoulder ankle purse. And also for your thigh. Or waste It all comes down to. You prefer carrying the holster on your body The type of holsters. We will be discussing is the Inside The Waistband holster Let’s dive into the world of waistline carry better known as the Inside the Waistband holster. Or IWB holster An IWB holster. When worn correctly will easily conceal your firearm To wear an IWB holster first slip. It inside your waistband between your pants. And underwear with the shell facing outward Many IWB holsters contain clips. That attach to your belt supporting the weight of your gun When worn correctly your firearms grip will protrude from the top of your pants allowing for easy access. When drawing Cover the entire gun by draping your shirt. Or tucking it over your firearm If. Someone mentions to. You are printing or flagging it means. They can see the outline of your firearm underneath your clothing Adjust your clothing or holster assuring your firearm is concealed A common position to carry your IWB holster is at the 4:30 position which is located just above your back right pocket However the position.

    You carry is personal preference Some people prefer to appendix carry located at the front of the waist Others prefer to cross draw which requires crossing your body with your dominant hand to access your gun Different holsters are designed to be worn differently Get a feel for what's comfortable. And practical for both your lifestyle. And your body type If. You don’t find your holster to be comfortable. You won’t wear it's going to end up collecting dust instead of protecting you in a defensive situation Look for an IWB holster with wings on. Either side This design allows your firearm’s weight to be dispersed across the entire holster base which adds to the holsters comfort factor The wings are also designed to be flexible. And will conform to your body Another comfort factor is the backing of the holster The backing is the material.

    That will rest against your side You will want to make sure the backing is as soft as possible to avoid irritation Another important factor with. Any IWB Holster is safety Your holster should be a safe place to store your firearm To assure your firearm is secure purchase a holster with adjustable retention Custom retention can be achieved in. Several ways depending on the holster The. Most secure holsters allow the retention to be adjusted with the turn of a. Few screws The tighter the screws the tighter the retention Also avoid holsters. That require being carried off from your body This includes purse holsters.

    And bag holsters Its much easier for an attacker to nab your gun. It is located in a bag. Or purse Instead opt for a holster. That can be carried on your person You always want your firearm to be within arms reach which is. Another reason why waistline carry is your safest bet To get the optimal amount of comfort. And concealment from your holster. You will want something. That can be customized to your lifestyle Thanks to modern advancements within the holster industry. You can find holsters with the ability to be adjusted to a specific cant. Or angle and preferred ride height Another important factor. When looking at holsters is quality is. What makes it worth buying in the first place Any holster should be able to withstand decades of daily use without breakage The best holster companies in the industry stand by their products offering lifetime warranties. That cover the breakdown. Or degradation of materials over time Keep.

    These factors in mind the next time you’re in the market for a comfortable. And concealable holster Thank. You for watching this episode of concealed carry training videos For. More information on concealed carry holsters visit aliengearholsterscom If. You liked our video be sure to subscribe to the official channel for Alien Gear Holsters.

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