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  Birchwood-Casey EZE-SCORER® Paper Targets Do-All Cowbell Target Birchwood Casey World of Targets Qualifier Spinner Caldwell® Ballistic Precision Long-Range Target Camera System Cabela's 10” Rifle Gong Target with Stand Caldwell® Ballistic Precision Chronograph Birchwood Casey Airgun Gallery Resetting Target Caldwell® Magnum Rifle Swinger Birchwood Casey Adjustable Target Stakes Cabela's Ground Pounder Target Champion® Center Mass™ 2x4 Target Stand Ground Stake Bracket Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter™ Prairie Chuck Targets Lyman Auto-Advance Remote-Controlled Target Stand
 Birchwood-Casey EZE-SCORER® Paper TargetsDo-All Cowbell TargetBirchwood Casey World of Targets Qualifier SpinnerCaldwell® Ballistic Precision Long-Range Target Camera SystemCabela's 10” Rifle Gong Target with StandCaldwell® Ballistic Precision ChronographBirchwood Casey Airgun Gallery Resetting TargetCaldwell® Magnum Rifle SwingerBirchwood Casey Adjustable Target StakesCabela's Ground Pounder TargetChampion® Center Mass™ 2x4 Target Stand Ground Stake BracketBirchwood Casey Sharpshooter™ Prairie Chuck TargetsLyman Auto-Advance Remote-Controlled Target Stand
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Birchwood-Casey EZE-SCORER® Paper Targets

Use these simple, effective targets to sight in your firearm. Targets have designated writing spaces to record key data, including temperature, yardage, make/model, caliber, bullet and more. Each pack contains a bonus sheet of four 3" Shoot-N-C® targets and 10 repair pasters.
  • 8"-round bull's-eye targets – per 26
  • 12"-round bull's-eye targets – per 13
  • 12"-sight-in targets – per 13
  • Get ready for your next hunting season with the pregame animal targets from birch wood casey. These realistic targets are ready to help. You sight your shotgun. Or rifle included in the line as a gear turkey coyote. And duck target these flattering targets allow. You to easily see where your shot landed shots made in the vital area show up. And a high visible color. While shots outside of the vital area show up in white the lifelike look. These targets help new to experienced hunters Zone in on making efficient shots before heading to the field the deer in Kyoto targets also feature sight-in target for more information on the pregame slider animal targets go to virtual Kayson calm.

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    Do-All Cowbell Target

  • Super-fun .22-cal.-rated target
  • Direct hits will be accompanied by the sound of a cowbell
  • Sturdy steel support system
  • Sure to delight shooters of all ages, the Do-All Cowbell Target brings a whole new dimension to your target-shooting experience – sound. Shooters will not only hear their shots hit the target's .22-cal.-rated steel exterior, they'll also hear a fun clanging sound that's synonymous with a ringing cowbell. Supported by a sturdy steel frame.
    9"L x 4"W x 17"H.
    Wt: 4.25 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Birchwood Casey World of Targets Qualifier Spinner

    Amp up your time on the range with Birchwood Casey's World of Targets Qualifier Spinner Target. This fun, reactive target features three different spinning circles (3.63" dia., 2.25" dia. and 1.63" dia.) that provide audible and visual feedback when hit. Easily pushes into the ground, making it great for use anywhere outdoors. Designed for use with .22LR rimfire rifles and handguns. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The world of targets lying a purchase with KC's metal targets gives shooters hours of fun shooting while becoming better marksman birch wood casey has. Several metal targets designed to be used only. When 22 rim fire rifles. And handguns the targets range from resetting targets spinner. And silhouette all targets feature a twist design so there are no welds to break the Prairie Chuck's silhouette is one-fifth scale. And quarter inch thick for long-lasting performance the virtual Casey qualifier duplex. And sharpshooter spending targets push easily into the ground using the foot rest. These targets give shooters instant feedback the sight. And sound when a successful shot has been made / — a Casey offers three gallery resetting targets. These targets are fun. And challenging allow for hours of shooting without having to go downrange reset the target the gallery 22 design allows.

    You to reset the target I'm just shooting it the target falls flat for compact storage for a. More challenging resetting target the gallery expert 22 features smaller targets. It still has the resetting design virtual Casey also offers the NRA 22 animal gallery resetting target animal targets size for 40 meter shooting for more information on Burch ell Casey's line of 22 rim fire metal targets the birch wood casey calm.

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    Caldwell® Ballistic Precision Long-Range Target Camera System

  • View long-range targets without leaving your bench
  • Wi-Fi streams HD 720p video up to one mile away
  • Compatible with most smartphones and devices
  • Free app to take photos, record notes and calculate groups
  • Integrated rechargeable batteries provide 6 hours of power
  • All electronics contained in fully waterproof housings
  • Take long-range target practice to a whole new level when you equip your range with Caldwell's Ballistic Precision Long-Range Target Camera System. Set the camera up and point it at your target. Camera's integrated Wi-Fi transmits live HD 720p video streaming of the target, up to one mile away, to your device at your shooting bench. All you have to do is download Caldwell's free app in order to view on your smartphone or tablet. App functionality doesn't end with streaming video – you can also capture and save photos, calculate group sizes and take notes associated with saved photos and videos. Fully contained waterproof housings ensure light rain doesn't affect the electronics. All components break down into a storage case for convenient storage and transport. Includes integrated rechargeable batteries for up to 6 hours of continuous use. External power jack allows for continuous power with a more permanent setup. System includes camera, camera clamp, long-range transmitter, smart charger that doubles as an external battery supply, long-range rechargeable receiver, two heavy-duty router stands, two stake anchors and compact storage case.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys Matt Kenmore Cobell shooting supplies at 2016 shacho here to launch the brand-new called the ballistic precision long-range target camera it's a fully functioning kit featuring a transmitter receiver 720p HD wide-angle camera mount two tripods to house the transmitter receiver it's weatherproof. It works from 100 yards out to. One mile featuring a free app downloadable on the iTunes Store Google Play to use on your phone. Or tablet you can view your target. You can scale it checks your group size take notes. You can also record live video comes with a fancy nice storage case for the tripods the transmitters receivers. And everything so you can keep. Everything together. And keep it protected coming soon — sportsmen guide calm.

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    Cabela's 10” Rifle Gong Target with Stand

  • AR500 steel gong target
  • Withstands shots from centerfire rifles at 100 yds.
  • Produces sound and movement with each hit
  • Powder-coated steel frame for easy transportation and use
  • Cabela's 10" Rifle Gong Target withstands shots from centerfire rifles at a minimum distance of 100 yds. The 0.55"-thick, 10"-dia. AR500 steel gong produces sound and movement with each hit. Hardened steel chain, S-hooks and sturdy powder-coated steel frame handle the occasional hit. Tool-free assembly. Easy to set up and take down.
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    Caldwell® Ballistic Precision Chronograph

  • Calibrated for even greater accuracy
  • Captures velocity measurements within +/-0.25%
  • Simple-operation LED screen displays velocity
  • Audio jack cable and app deliver more to your iPhone or iPad
  • The Ballistic Precision Chronograph from Caldwell is calibrated for even greater accuracy. It captures velocity measurements within +/-0.25% by using a high-speed processor and a circuit with an advanced data interface. Although technologically advanced, this chronograph is simple to use. Simple-operation LED screen displays velocity in feet-per-second or meters-per-second readings. It can also deliver this data to your iPhone® or iPad® through the use of the included 15-ft. audio jack cable and an available free app that exports via SMS or email. This handy app adds to your experience by automatically calculating average velocity, standard deviation and the minimum, maximum and velocity spread of each shot string. Includes extra-wide sun screens and a convenient carry bag.    

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    So shooters then reload there's. Now a fortune cookie 45 LLC can be cheap in the hot land zone. Ithought I'd do a video on an update to the Coldwell chronograph. This chronograph now I've used. It old maybe about eight times. It has served very well hadn't let. Me down been very handy. This carrying case is neat to take to the range. This strap around your neck under your arm. It doesn't take up any space as you're moving stuff to the range. Now the best way to pack the chronograph is by putting the sky screens with the rods facing. Each other so there's no chance in the rods snagging the carrying bag. Or causing some wear. And tear on the carrying bag. Because it's on the bottom of so. What you got here is the smooth side of the sunscreen is facing outward. And also the smooth side is facing inward toward the chronograph so the rods don't damage your chronograph then the cord. That is used to connect your electronic device with the chronograph is best put into the scallop section. You see the scallop section here it's got curved so. When you're packing it. That cord sits right in. That scallop session so it's kind of like fits right in there. Now the extra battery compartment came in handy. One thing about that it's possible. That as you're putting the chronograph into the bag.

    You accidentally turned the unit on as you're sliding it into the bag. That happens what happens is. You come to use your chronograph the next time out the battery will be dead so. You need to make sure. That it's in the off position as. You carefully slide. It into the bag so you don't accidentally put. It into the on position. That you'll be okay. This chronograph has done very well at the range its unobtrusive. It doesn't cause any problem for other shooters on the range it's accurate. You couple it with a Medtronic device like a iPad works very well maintains. All of your data you can enter. All the pertinent information. You can take a photo of your group.

    All those things are very handy but. Ineed to also report to. What happened was this crime graph was dropped. It landed right on its end like. This from about three feet fall with a big thunk. Ithought for sure that the chronograph was going to be broken out of commission. It wouldn't have surprised. It was broken but it survived. That very well so the plastic case. And the components inside are pretty tough. Iwouldn't recommend a constant diet of drop stone so choose the real lawyers out there for about $90. This is a good chronograph that'll serve. You well so if you're looking for a chronograph. This the bad one again. And by the way you don't need to get the deluxe version. That comes with a tripod. Because the tripods worthless. All the other gadgets.

    That come with it's really not necessary so. You need is one for about $90 instead of the deluxe. One for well was one hundred forty-five hundred fifty dollars so anyway there. You go good shootin to. And good crime graphing to.

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    Birchwood Casey Airgun Gallery Resetting Target

  • Resets itself after every shot
  • Made of durable steel
  • No welds meaning fewer weak spots
  • Folds down flat for convenient storage
  • Resetting targets between every shot is a thing of the past with Birchwood Casey's Airgun Gallery Resetting Target. Automatically resets itself when shot with a moderately powerful airgun (500 fps or faster). Durable steel construction withstands tons of shooting, and its innovative twist design means there are no welds to break. Target folds down flat for convenient storage. Lead pellets only.
    17.85"W x 11.73"H.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    For metal target shooting fun with larger caliber loads virtual Casey offers of the double mag super mag. And a gallery 44 resetting targets designed for 38 to 44 caliber mag loads was soft nose bullets used at a distance of at least 25 yards the targets feature a twist design on the target. And no welds to break the double mag. And super mag sprinter targets go easily into the ground with the foot rest the swinging action. That shooters instantly know. They have made for a successful shot Gallery 44 resetting targets feature a resetting design. That allow for all the shooting without having to go downrange to reset the target for more information on virtual Casey's metal targets go to virtue of kc com.

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    Caldwell® Magnum Rifle Swinger

  • Durable 3/8" AR-500 steel target 
  • Rated for rifles up to .308 Winchester at 100 yds.
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Caldwell's Magnum Rifle Swinger boasts a 3/8" AR-500 steel target that withstands impacts from rifles up to .308 Winchester at 100 yds. Durable cast-urethane frame connectors provide a rigid frame yet allow bullets to pass right through. Steel legs and crossbar offer stability for long-lasting performance. Portable design for ease of use. Includes four stakes. Imported.
    Target: 5"L x 5"W.
    Overall size: 18"H x 21"W x 21"D.
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    Birchwood Casey Adjustable Target Stakes

  • Gravity Tension Clip design adjusts to fit any target you choose
  • Rugged steel stake construction anchors targets firmly in place
  • Pair with your favorite target to create an exciting training tool
  • Pair these Adjustable Target Stakes with your favorite targets from Birchwood Casey for a training tool that's the ultimate combination of stability and visibility. Innovative Gravity Tension Clip™ design adjusts to fit almost any target, while the rugged steel stake construction keeps everything anchored firmly to the ground. Includes two fully adjustable 36” stakes. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey there everybody welcome to. Another episode of Gideon's tactical today we're gonna be checking out. This little target, and we're gonna be shooting some rounds downrange at. This is the Birchwood. And casey ground strike 8-inch target. You know kind of like a self-healing plate. You can shoot any type of round. You would like as it obviously the closer. More high-powered the round but less the lifespan will be we're gonna be shooting some nine-millimeter. And 45 at it today just to see. It performs they give. You about a quarter-inch thick piece of steel wire right here to stick. It into the ground it does have. That loop as well as a secondary loop it's about half an inch thick. And its thickness it's kind of. That lime green so it's really easy to see. You know in all environments. Even kind of as dusk is. You know coming or something like. That great size this up here. And that's kind of why we bought. This has to kind of be a wilderness take out in the woods for the day we're going to maybe do. Some knife testing and. We want to shoot some pistol. You know or maybe something like. That so its lightweight aways just under a pound. And it's pretty small. You know eight inches for. That plate it's easily put inside a backpack. Something like you know. You can run wire through here a para cord. And hang it from a tree do. All sorts of different stuff so it's pretty versatile. And we'll see it takes forty-five. And nine millimeters so let's get out there. And shoot this little sucker up. All right here we go with nine millimeter we'll see.

    It performs on the Birchwood. And Casey all right so there. It is after shooting some nine at. It hold up just fine no holes. These are just kind of black scuff marks so. You can see kind of where you're hitting and what's nice also about the. This ground strike targets is. You can get the little sticker paper targets. And just stick them on so. You kind of get an idea of where you're shooting once you've kind of clouded. It up like I have with. All the different marks. You can just get those little sticky targets. And those will show up great. You want to kind of get a better idea of what exactly. Where you're shooting on. This particular ground target so let's go ahead shoot. Some 45 as it holds up against the 45 okay here. We are at about 25 feet we're using the 45 Springfield XD. And we're gonna see. This thing does at about 25 feet so there. You go taking the abuse pretty well so far.

    All right everybody so. This US made $25 ground target. This it's called the ground strike target again 8 inches by Birchwood. And Casey has had up great against the 45. And against the 9-millimeter so. You know at 25 feet holding its own gonna last probably a very long time before. This thing starts to show. Any real damage, and we're not going we're gonna have to get rid of. It eventually but I mean I'm sure. This is gonna last is probably about a year shooting at about. Once a month you know putting a couple hundred rounds at. It easily as well as. You know 22 you want to go out further. You want to use 3030 your 2 2 3. Or 5 5 6 7 6 — it will hold up is. What they say on the little tag it's just the closer.

    You are to the target the. More high-powered the round the faster. This ground strike target will wear out but for 25 bucks maybe here in the US a home run great for going out on camping trips hiking trips. Or building your own little target range. This sucker is an awesome little eight inch plate so thanks for watching everybody stay quip stay prepared we'll see.

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    Cabela's Ground Pounder Target

  • Gives you a different shot after every hit
  • Self-heals after hits from centerfire rounds
  • Ultratough targets handle over 1,000 hits
  • Centerfire hits cause them to fly, bounce and roll
  • Take your plinking fun to a whole new level with Cabela's Ground Pounder Targets. Originally designed for military, law enforcement and fast-action pistol training, this target flies, bounces, rolls and runs with every successful hit. Their unpredictability challenges shooters to locate them and readjust for every shot. Self-sealing upon impact, these durable, long-lasting targets can handle 1,000+ hits for hours of fun and training. Best results when using centerfire cartridges.
    Available: Box (4.875"L x 4.75"W x 4.875"H), Ball (5"L x 5"W x 5"H), Star (5.384"L x 5.134"W x 5.236"H).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Champion® Center Mass™ 2x4 Target Stand Ground Stake Bracket

  • Easy to use, even in hard soil
  • Won't twist from bullet impacts
  • Solid steel construction
  • If you are using the Center Mass 2x4 Target Stand Topper, then you'll definitely want pick up the Target Stand Ground Stake Bracket Topper from Champion. Installation is easy even in very dense or hard soil. Solid-steel construction prevents twisting from bullet impacts.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hey guys I'm Lilith champion traps. And targets today to talk to. You about our 500 target mounting solutions. And systems if you're not familiar with our targets. You can check out champion target comm for a lot. More information but. What you see in front of. You today this is our 2 by 4 target stand ground stake bracket. This stands very versatile but we've got. These four pieces four quadrants so. This target stakes really pounded in the ground you're not gonna get a lot of wobbles. If you're hitting the target. All over the place so. You can use any length 2 by 4 to mount your target so. That stands in the ground is simply slid your 2x4 in tighten. This bolt in the back. And then use your 2 by 4 targets. And topper insert it screws. It down for the easiest way just use. You hang a plate on. This way is just take your plate there's the easiest way to hold your target. And with this 2x4 topper the bullet is direct deflecting in a safe direction so. This is the champion 2x4 ground stake bracket target mounting solutions from champion targets.

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    Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter™ Prairie Chuck Targets

    Set up the Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Chuck Targets at challenging distances and enjoy hours of varmint-blasting fun. Realistic design stands 8" high. Includes eight Shoot-N-C® targets, four corrugated cutouts, 32 pasters and ground stakes. Apply now

    Lyman Auto-Advance Remote-Controlled Target Stand

  • Set up a new target without going downrange to do it
  • Remote rotates the target sheet from distances up to 200 yds.
  • Assembly and take down is simple, compact and fast
  • Protective plates are rated for use with all rimfire rounds
  • Legs use standard inexpensive electrical conduit tubing
  • Set up a new target without walking downrange by using the remote with Lyman's Auto-Advance Remote-Controlled Target Stand. Rotate the sheet to show a new target from distances up to 200 yds. away. Target stand powered by eight AA batteries (included) and one 9 volt battery for the remote (included) so you can pull the trigger anywhere you're allowed to target practice. Disassembly is simple, compact and fast to get the most out of your time at the range. Protective plates are rated for use with all rimfire rounds. Includes a roll of standard bullseye targets. Legs use standard inexpensive electrical conduit tubing so you can customize the target height and easily replace damaged legs with ease. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hey guys Jeremy from GD. Ihear the truth about guns calm been out of the range today in Texas. Now I've got a target at a hundred yards. If you're lazy like. You don't like running down there. And resetting your target to do accuracy groups. If you're switching guns. Or switching ammo whatever the case is I've got what's called the Lyman Auto target here. It works out to 200 yards let. You exactly what it does by zooming in ready for this. Ihit the button oh yeah advances to the next target hit the next button. And we're stopped there's a spool on top there's a spool on bottom there's a bunch of different target styles. You can get from Lyman out to 200 yards pretty cool little setup. Me about 10 minutes to set. It up the first time to put. Some tubes together but. You batteries in it was good to go I'm kind of diggin. It fulls review of the lineman auto target system will be on t tag soon as you'd expect link in the video description below thanks guys see. You next time

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