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  Walther Q5 Match Pistol Beretta M9 Rimfire Pistols SIG Sauer® P229® Pistols HK VP40 Pistols Ruger® EC9s™ Centerfire Pistol Kimber® KHX Custom RL (OI) Semi-Automatic Pistol Heritage Rough Rider Single-Action Rimfire Revolvers Kimber Micro .380 Pistols Ruger® LC9s® Pistols Pachmayr® Deluxe Laminated Revolver Grips Smith & Wesson® 686 Centerfire Revolvers Ruger® SP101® Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers Ruger® Redhawk® Revolvers Ruger® LCP® II Pistol Package
 Walther Q5 Match PistolBeretta M9 Rimfire PistolsSIG Sauer® P229® PistolsHK VP40 PistolsRuger® EC9s™ Centerfire PistolKimber® KHX Custom RL (OI) Semi-Automatic PistolHeritage Rough Rider Single-Action Rimfire RevolversKimber Micro .380 PistolsRuger® LC9s® PistolsPachmayr® Deluxe Laminated Revolver GripsSmith & Wesson® 686 Centerfire RevolversRuger® SP101® Double-Action Centerfire RevolversRuger® Redhawk® RevolversRuger® LCP® II Pistol Package
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆-------
Barrel Length (in)2.75 inches2.75 inches / 2.75 inches / 2.75 inches-5 inches3.12 inches3.9 inches / 3.9 inches6.5 inches / 4.75 inches4 inches / 3 inches / 4.13 inches4.2 inches / 2.25 inches / 3 inches3.12 inches2.75 inches5 inches4.09 inches4.9 inches
BrandRugerKimberPachmayrKimberRugerSIG Sauer-Smith & WessonRugerRUGERRuger-HKBeretta
Capacity6+16+1 / 6+1 / 6+1-8+17+112+1 / 10+16 / 66 / 7 / 75 / 5 / 57+1815+113+115+1
FinishBluedMatte Black KimPro / Satin Stainless Steel / Satin Stainless Steel/Matte Black-KimPro II GrayBluedBlack Nitron / Black NitronBlued / BluedSatin Stainless Steel / Satin Stainless Steel / Satin Stainless SteelGloss Stainless Steel / Satin Stainless Steel / Satin Stainless SteelBlack OxideSatin Stainless SteelBlack TeniferBluedBlack Hard Coat Anodized
GripGlass-Filled NylonTan/Black G-10 / Checkered Rosewood / Checkered Rosewood-Hogue G-Mascus G10 Mag GripBlack, Glass-Filled NylonBlack Polymer / Black PolymerCocobolo / CocoboloWood / Textured Wood / Black SyntheticAltamont Stippled/Checkered Hardwood / Black Rubber w/Black Plastic Inserts / Black Rubber w/Black Plastic InsertsBlack, Glass-Filled NylonHardwoodBlack PolymerBlack PolymerBlack Synthetic
Holster IncludedYesNo / No / No-NoYesNo / No---No-NoNoNo
Length (in)5.17 inches5.6 inches / 5.6 inches / 5.6 inches-8.7 inches6 inches7.1 inches / 7.1 inches11.79 inches / 10.04 inches9.5 inches / 8.2 inches / 9.6 inches9.12 inches / 7.2 inches / 8 inches6 inches8.25 inches8.1 inches7.34 inches8.5 inches
ModelLCP II, 3750Micro Desert Night, 3300167 / Micro Stainless Rosewood, 3300103 / Micro CDP, Tritium Night Sights, 3300080S&W J-Frame / S&W J-FrameKHX Custom RL (OI), 3000382LC9s w/Case and Holster, Manual Safety, 3235P229 Nitron, E29R-40-BSS / P229 Nitron, MA Compliant, 229RM-9-BSSRough Rider, RR22B6 / Rough Rider, RR22MB4PC Model 686 SSR Pro Series, Internal Lock, 178012 / Model 686 Plus Deluxe, Internal Lock, 150713 / Model 686 Plus, Internal Lock, 164194SP101 Match Champion, DA/SA, 5782 / SP101, DA/SA, 5718 / SP101, DA/SA, 5719EC9s, Manual Safety, 3283Redhawk, 5033Q5 Match, 2813335VP40, M700040-A5M9_22, Safety/Decocker, J90A1M9F19
SKU0482428704780768 / 04433380 / 03441809-053674250467059503390189 / 0462668703247798 / 0281751002493131 / 04768063 / 2001121104936526 / 21439007 / 214390080503698804785604045967770427114804361933
Weight (oz)10.6 ounces13.4 ounces / 13.4 ounces / 13.4 ounces-38 ounces17.2 ounces34.4 ounces / 34.4 ounces33.4 ounces / 33.4 ounces38.5 ounces / 36.8 ounces / 39 ounces30 ounces / 26 ounces / 27 ounces17.2 ounces44 ounces27.9 ounces28.93 ounces26.08 ounces
Cabela's Exclusive-No / No / No--YesNo / NoNo / NoNo / No / NoNo / No / NoNoNoNoNoNo
Caliber-.380 ACP / .380 ACP / .380 ACP-10mm9mm Luger.40 S&W / 9mm Luger.22 Long Rifle / .22 Long Rifle/.22 WMR.357 Magnum/.38 S&W Special / .357 Magnum/.38 S&W Special / .357 Magnum/.38 S&W Special.357 Magnum / .357 Magnum/.38 S&W Special / .357 Magnum/.38 S&W Special9mm Luger.357 Magnum/.38 S&W Special9mm Luger.40 S&W.22 Long Rifle

Walther Q5 Match Pistol

  • Integrated optics mounting system
  • MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail
  • Tenifer coating on slide for corrosion resistance
  • Light 5.6-lb. trigger pull
  • Ported slide
  • Walther's Q5 Match Pistol will satisfy even the most demanding competitive shooters. It features an optics-ready slide that comes with Trijicon® RMR, Leupold® Delta Point and Docter red-dot optics mounting plates in addition to the standard competition iron sights already included. MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail makes it easy to mount lights, lasers or other tactical devices. Tenifer™ coating on slide, barrel and inside action parts resists corrosion. Quick Defense Trigger has a light 5.6-lb. pull and short 0.4" travel. Ported slide reduces weight and enhances barrel cooling. Ergonomic Walther Grip has a nonslip crossdirectional grip surface for better control. Front and rear serrations. Ambidextrous magazine release button and slide stop.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Walther PPQ q5 could certainly be used for personal defense. Either inside or outside the home. You work for security. Or law enforcement you're able to choose your own duty gun is certainly could serve. That purpose as well but make no mistake. This is a gun that was purpose-built for competition Walther packages the q5 match in a slightly larger plastic case. They do the other pp cues in their product line let's take a look at how. It is packaged in the case. This closed cell foam has been custom cut for the gun. All of its accessories so let's take inventory of what we have here there is of course the pistol has a magazine in. It there's another magazine here. And there's a third magazine right here. They are all 15 round flat baseplate magazines there's a magazine loader included there are two additional back straps. And there is a small. And a large the medium is installed at the factory. Ihappen to know from years of my own experience shooting PP Q's. Iprefer the small so. Ivery likely will change. That out we also have three mounting plates for fiber optics. That would go in place of the plate. That has the rear sight on. It there is also some small tools. Provided we have a couple of small wrenches to use for mounting our optics. This small triangular type of screwdriver. It is best used for adjusting the rear sight which is adjustable for wind age. And elevation did you know there is a +2 magazine available from Walther. That fits both the P Q. And the P 99 they don't include. One with the q5 they did make their cutout to fit.

    And lastly of course. We have our safety lock. And our chamber flag the case can be locked by. Either running a lock through. These small holes or just running a lock through the handle but there are no designated lock holes so. If you're gonna use. This case as a transportation case make sure you're able to secure. It in addition to a very good quality. And informative manual. Some other pieces of literature like a warranty card. Some industry information Walther also provides target. That shows the test-firing done at the factory in. This case done it 25 meters ok since. Ialready know that I'm gonna want to change out the medium back strap for the small back strap from personal experience. Ifigured I might as well bring you along. And show how it's done first.

    We want to take the magazine out give ourselves a little Armorer's block here to work with. You need a punch preferably. You want a punch that is made for roll pins. You can see that right there it's got. That rounded end this is a 5/32 inch. Or 4 millimeters that is the size. You want it shouldn't be too difficult but. You just want to take a light hammer. And just tap that out there. We go ok once you've got the pin out then. You just want to remove the back strap that's in there. They sort of hinge at the top so. You want to lift out from the bottom like so. And then just let it come right out. That is the medium that's the. One that's put in at the factory by default.

    This is the small you just want to reverse. That get that back straps slapped in their yeah. It feels a lot more familiar to my hand. We want to replace the pin so. We want to replace the pin from the opposite side there. You go quick and easy. That is a comfortable feeling and very familiar feeling grip let's go shoot I've got. This to give broken in. Now with over 200 rounds of just good fun shooting now let. Me just see what I can do with. It on paper just ten yards off handle I'm shooting federal American Eagle 115 grain good all-around range ammo. And I'm using the open sights on. This gun not a var mor at. This point looks like. All 15 rounds found their mark on the orange dot good stuff. All right, so I'm gonna leave those holes. They are there's no sense pasting them up. This is my hand loaded match ammo. This is the ammunition. All the time for still shooting IDPA etc I've kind of honed.

    And crafted and perfected. It over the years and it's always important to. If I'm gonna shoot a potential match gun. Iwant to know how it's going to shoot mine match ammo. You hand loaders you competition shooters. You know what I'm talking about so let's see. It shoots my ammo same distance same target there're mice mine is lighter it's tuned to have less recoil which can cause a problem in. Some guns that's why it's important to test. It 124 grain bullets well there. It looks like we did well as well. Ithink maybe the first. Or second shot might go a little bit high other. That I'm happy with the performance there as well it's accurate like. It to be most importantly the gun seems to like. It Ireally like this sight picture on the q5 match. Ithink it's a big upgrade from the regular ppq. Even the 5-inch but wouldn't be very fun. It probably wouldn't be a very thorough review. Ididn't mount an RM R. Or a red dot optic on.

    This pistol some shooting with. And since I'm gonna take the time to do. That step anyway why not go through. It together so I can show. How it's done first thing we want to do is. We want to remove the cover plate. That is on there and the rear sight is mounted to. That cover plate Walter does provide a tool to do. This with however to make things go a little bit faster I'm going to use my own. You have not used red dots. Or rmr optics on handguns in the past so. You take those two screws out just lift off. This plate because eaters the underneath side of. And again our rear sight is mounted to. That plate here's what it looks like underneath. This case we actually can see the top of the Striker channel. And our cutout okay the next important step is to determine which of the three. Provided adapter plates you're going to need to mount your rmr I'm going to be mounting initially at least a Trijicon RMR.

    And Trijicon is listed as using number-two adapter plate. If the brand and type of RM are. You would like to mount isn't listed. And there are only a. Few names listed chances are it's still going to be compatible you'll just have to try. It with the different plates for example. Ican tell that Hollow Sun also will fit the number two plate. Even use some point, so I'm simply going to take the number two plate. And I'm going to orient. This portion of you see it's got. This channel cut in. These recessed areas. Where the screw holes come through like. You want to orient that downward so. It fits into the notches here. And the slide pretty easy to see. If you've ever done the. Most basic of jigsaw puzzles.

    That ought to not be a problem so. This is the way we want to mount our optic. And that's the way you would want to test. It for compatibility okay so. You just want to lay your plate down on to the slide make sure. Everything fits nice and the first step is going to be to fasten the plate to the slide. Now we're going to take the true Jacana. And we're going to lay him in place here using the screws. That were provided with the Trijicon RMRI'm connecting it to the locking plate. We want to Snug it down but. We don't want to make. It too tight we don't want to break. Anything all right there. It there is a true g con RM are mounted to the q5 let's put.

    It back together see. It looks alright and there's the q5 match with the Trijicon RMR mounted on. It is ready to let the games begin the walther ppq q5 match is to the ppq family with the zl1 is to the camaro family. Or with the Shelby gt500 is to the Mustang family. You swing that way take a proven. And popular design with superior functionality exceptional economics. And extraordinary styling and then add. All the performance options the q5 matches far. Another optics ready handgun. It wasn't the first offer the milled slide for your rmr. It won't be the last but in its class. It might just be the best Walther PPQ organ Amish are famous for feeling like they're poured into the hand. All the controls are just. You need them and function easily every time the triggering the ppq is legendary for years it's been the standard to which other striker-fired triggers are compared being called almost as good as the ppq is actually considered a high honor with its gentle feel buttery smooth action light.

    And crisp brake and ridiculously short reset the trigger the ppq is better out of the box. That can be achieved with. Most others even after spending hundreds of dollars on trigger jobs. What distinguishes the q5 match is. It focuses purely on the sporting aspect of handgun use. It was built to be a competitors gun straight from the box. These pistols ready to compete against custom handguns costing four times the price extra lightning cuts in the slide make. This gun look aggressive. And amazing but that's not their real purpose they're removing weight not only to accommodate the lower pressure competition ammo. Most match shooters are going to use but also to compensate for the added weight of an electronic optic a lot of mathematics. And testing I'm sure went into producing. That badass-looking profile but the question is with an MSRP of 870 dollars. And a street price of around 800 does the q5 bring enough value to warrant the upgrade over the 5-inch ppq for this shooter.

    Ivalue the option of mounting and RMR on the pistol. Ilike the choice of using an optic we're not using an optic. Ilike the weight distribution I'll confess to. That I'm a sucker for the cool factor. This gun has looks till Tuesday. Even without a mounted optic the upgraded sights are worth a large part of the additional price I've put hundreds of rounds of various ammo through the q5. Even shot a full IDPA match with the gun using my competition loads. This gun never malfunctioned not. One single time accuracy was excellent. And the feel of a gun with the mounted optic was light. And balanced not every shooter is in the target market for the q5 matched just as every driver isn't in the target market for the performance package on a car but for those who are. This is a great value. One important note to make is regarding holsters. You might already have for your ppq not. All will be compatible with the q5 match. You have a mounted optic. Ifound myself in that category the holster I've been using for years with the ppq did not accommodate the mounted optic but a top-quality gun deserves a top-quality holster.

    Ineeded to have a good holster for this gun so to make sure. Iwas able to run this gun the way. It should be run and in style our friends at multi holster helped. This holster it's not only a perfect fit but. It matches the design statement of the q5 itself the well accessorized shooter who will understand. While shooting this gun. It was in drills in a match. Or just blinking at targets. Ididn't have to think about the gun it's the closest thing to just pointing my finger. And saying bang that I've ever used.

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    Beretta M9 Rimfire Pistols

  • Identical size and operation as the original M9
  • Plinker- and training-friendly .22 LR
  • Reversible magazine release and ambidextrous safety
  • Open-slide design reduces weight
  • Enjoy all the same battlefield-tested durability, reliability and accuracy from Beretta's M9 Pistol in a plinker-friendly package with their M9 Rimfire Pistol. Full-sized and an exact replica of the original M9, you'll already be familiar with operation, controls and takedown. External hammer with double/single action capabilities, reversible magazine release and ambidextrous safety selector ensure flawless operation for left- and right-handed shooters. Open-slide design reduces weight. Removable sights and interchangeable grip panels are compatible with standard M9 pistols. Matte black finish and military-style markings. Includes magazine.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    SIG Sauer® P229® Pistols

  • Corrosion-blocking Nitron-coated slide finish
  • Scratch-resistant anodized hardcoat on the frame
  • Nighttime-visible SIGLITE night sights
  • Proven guarding America's borders, SIG Sauer's P229 Pistols are proudly carried by the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Coast Guard and many other front-line federal agencies. This semiautomatic has a reputation for dependable combat performance and die-hard durability. Corrosion-blocking Nitron®-coated slide finish. Scratch-resistant anodized hardcoat on the frame. Nighttime-visible SIGLITE® night sights. Slip-resistant, textured polymer grip and front strap serrations for a secure hold. Integrated accessory rail. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    All right so there if you're a sig fanboy that's the top of the food chain so. Iit's got a couple features. That kind of set it apart from the regular SIG's first of. All it's got textured g10 handle scales on there so that's different never seen. That from a factory before. And it's got that little Legion emblem in there the other thing that's kind of different about. It is a proprietary coating PVD it's supposed to be highly durable. And added lubricity into the actual firearm itself so it's so self lubricating essentially. Iwas still lubricated. All right so you said lubricity yes that's. It that's a $10 word there. All right so we've got. Some x-ray night sights x-ray three night sights. And they're designed for one-handed manipulation so a lot of the tactical training classes are teaching you know. How to rack the slide. If your other hand gets injured so. You kind of put it on your side your belt like. Idon't know you know. You want to practice. Or not but that's that's. One of the tactical ways to do. It I'll do all the time. And then the last thing is there is an adjustable trigger in there so it's double single action Cola there. You can adjust it for travel, so I've really never seen an adjustable trigger in a pistol like. You said just for travel like. If you're going somewhere. You mean I don't know like so far the trigger go down yeah out of.

    This play yeah okay can't take. You enough funny stuff. Ifunny guy other that it's going to be just like your regular. Any other sig other. You know you got your take down lever here you've got your slide release here. And you've got your decocker there okay. All right are it rights. You get set you get three magazines. It does come with three magazines. That I'm going to start an online petition to get every manufacturer to ship guns with three magazines. Ithink it's a necessity I'll flank so minimum of three magazines. And it's great it comes with. You do get to because a bunch of information. Some stickers one of the things. You get to do you purchase a Allegiant is joined the sig Legion here. You can mail this information in. And they'll put you in the sig Legion. All kinds of little swag type things for doing. That so that's kind of cool yeah it's very nice look it's right guys.

    Idon't know that stuff but. You do get some free gear. You get a challenge coin. If you're going to have a pistol like. This it's why not go for the best no. You totally on a chart it's like. You know a couple hundred dollars. More for this over to the standard two to nine. You know why not go. And join the Legion are. You a member of the leaves I'm not a member of the Legion. Yet but yeah oh my god. Idon't want to be don't. Ifeel like this is an exclusive club but I'm not a member of like. That makes me want to join her right exactly. We can't have we can't have. That okay all right well oh, so we're going to be shooting some freedom editions 124 grand. This is our go to round 124 great. All around and freedom missions good company. Everything we get from them is very reliable. And ship right your front door so check out the description for a coupon code there yes so. And doing some supporting the breast cancer research so that's always good things love yeah okay guys know.

    What you go okay so. This is the Compaq right so it's going to have 15 rounds. These are the magazines. They are the code in. That PVD coating as well so okay four shots are shot ups decocking see. We got kind of trigger pull we've got here let's rock. And roll that wasn't great let's try. That again oh is that the fight rock. All of them on that yeah hold arson there. You go okay let's try. That again ah about. That's a cool color for the gun. And that's just the coating it is like kind of like greenish black yeah definitely tactical. It is tough to cool. All right it feels really good in your hand on. It yeah it's a sexy feeling pistol. You felt like I'll say. Something Damien I did ha-ha. All right here we go here. We go like that great that's not bad no hi don't do. It wouldn't like those Islands over. It got Samba hotter from the rain. And stuff this thing really feels good in your hand. Imight have to have. One of these all right come on back out.

    Another put another magazine to. It huh put another magazine through. It well lets's see here Oh fuck-you there. You there all right okay. You want to get some yeah. All right here we go that's sweet. That is a nice shooting Zig. Iown the p9 38 it's my everyday carry a big fan of six-hour. This is just so comfortable grips very ergonomic Basel doesn't travel too much. You stay right on target with. This little guy love. It who's than 15 hi a couple. This magazine yeah very nice very smooth — yep. Now yeah that decocker a little bit without the magazine in. It to back that it's kind of cool feature.

    That first shot I shot single action double action. Itriggered Dirk did. Imiss the plate but uh the follow-up shots. Imean there's little to no take up on. That trigger after it's in the Hammers back. You can almost see it there look. How much it moves and moves. You know almost a centimeter so very nice alright Jason. You gave that play tracker run for its money there buddy yeah. It is a sweet shooting pistol. Iwill have to give it a sweet cherry pie. How about that alright guys. You enjoyed this video. You did please like favor. And subscribe you want to support the channel check out — fires calm. You can find those patches right here sweet cherry pie patches. And also the Big Daddy — patches. You might find some other cool stuff there like the rubber dummies.

    Idon't fall down here. That good stuff so like. Isaid keep us fight against gun control join. And support the NRA follow. Me on Facebook and Twitter Instagram. And as always remember Big Daddy loves. You hoorah take care.

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    HK VP40 Pistols

  • Trigger has a solid, single-action-type break
  • Cold-hammer-forged barrel with a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Polygonal barrel increases velocity and is easy to clean
  • Ambidextrous magazine release for fast reloading
  • Replaceable, ergonomic grips
  • Due to a trigger that has a solid, single-action-type break followed by a short, positive reset, HK's VP40 Pistol is excellent for military, law enforcement and sport shooters alike. Cold-hammer-forged barrel and carbon-nitride corrosion-resistant finish ensure long life and outstanding accuracy. Rear sight is draft adjustable for windage and combines with nonradioactive luminescent three-dot sights for fast target acquisition. High-grip saddle translates into a lower effective bore axis, meaning quicker target acquisition, less felt recoil and faster follow-up shots. Polygonal bore profile increases velocity, makes cleaning easier and lengthens the life of your barrel. Ambidextrous magazine release is easily operated using your thumb or index finger without changing grip position. Replaceable and ergonomic grip ensures superior control. Front and rear slide serrations. Steel P30-type magazine with protective polymer floorplate. LE version has tritium night sights and comes with three 13-round magazines.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Ruger® EC9s™ Centerfire Pistol

  • Accurate 3.12” barrel with 1:10 RH twist
  • Light, short trigger pull for faster, more accurate shooting
  • Checkered grips offer a secure, nonslip grasp
  • Included finger-grip extension floorplate improves grip
  • Includes one seven-round magazine
  • Slim, light and reliable, Ruger's EC9s Centerfire Pistol is an excellent firearm for personal protection. 3.12” alloy-steel barrel with 1:10 RH twist delivers the accuracy you want in a concealed carry, while the striker-fired trigger boasts a light, short pull to ensure faster, more accurate shooting. One-piece, glass-filled nylon grip frame with checkered grips provide a nonslip grasp for enhanced control and comfortable shooting. Attach the included finger-grip extension floorplate to the magazine for improved grip. Also features integrated trigger safety and manual safety. Inspection port allows for visual confirmation of a loaded or empty chamber. Integral sights sport glare-reducing, rear-facing serrations. Includes one seven-round magazine.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Kimber® KHX Custom RL (OI) Semi-Automatic Pistol

  • Equipped with Trijicon RMR Type 2 reflex sight
  • White dot, co-witness front and rear sights
  • 1913 Picatinny accessory rail
  • Aluminum match-grade trigger
  • Stiplex front-strap stippling and Hogue Magrip G-10 grip panels
  • Kimber's KHX Custom RL (OI) Semi-Automatic Pistol comes factory equipped with a Trijicon® RMR Type 2 reflex sight, attached to a milled slide. The reflex sight provides rapid target/sight acquisition, while white dot, co-witness front and rear sights serve as back-up sights, with or without the reflex sight installed. A 1913 Picatinny rail on the frame allows the attachment of aftermarket tactical sights and lights. The fully supported match-grade barrel is fitted to the slide with a match-grade stainless steel bushing for incredibly consistent accuracy. A full-length, steel guide rod ensures reliability. The stainless steel slide and frame of the KHX Custom RL (OI) are precision machined and feature a KimPro II gray finish. Stiplex front-strap stippling, along with aggressively textured Hogue Magrip G-10 grip panels provide a solid, nonslip hold. The slide features hexagonal-pattern serrations at the front and back. An extended beavertail grip safety ensures a high grip and protects the hammer when carrying the weapon cocked and locked. An aluminum match-grade trigger is factory set to break clean and crisp for precise shot placement and enhanced control during rapid fire. The Kimber KHX Custom RL (OI) Semi-Auto Pistol is a reliable sidearm for self-defense or tactical shooting competitions. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Heritage Rough Rider Single-Action Rimfire Revolvers

  • .22-cal. versions of legendary single-action revolvers
  • Precisely machined for optimal performance
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Born of the traditions of the Old West, Heritage's Rough Rider Single-Action Rimfire Revolvers maintain much of the look and feel of the legendary Single-Action Army revolver in scaled-down versions. Select models include .22 LR and .22 Mag. cylinders that are manufactured using precision machinery to assure accuracy and reliability. Cylinder lockups are tight, and the perfect timing of the actions make for handguns that put shots where you want them. Machined barrels are microthreaded and inserted into the frame for the optimal barrel/cylinder gap to give you maximum ammunition performance. A hammer block mounted in the recoil shield provides extra protection and has a red-dot indicator that lets you know when the gun is ready for action. All Heritage revolvers combine quality with affordability. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The heritage arms 22 long-rifle single action turn the safety off there it's a seat short bill. How much later on not 200 not bad is. It looks neat brand-new first time. You shot about 60 grams.

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    Kimber Micro .380 Pistols

  • Ideal for shooters with smaller hands
  • A great choice for concealed carry
  • 1911-style thumb safety, slide and magazine release 
  • Made of the finest aluminum for lightweight strength
  • Single-action trigger with a smooth pull
  • Built to be a smaller version of the classic 1911, Kimber's Micro .380 Pistols are a great choice for concealed carry or for the shooter with smaller hands. Slides are built to the tightest tolerances and the barrels are machined stainless steel. 1911-style frame is made of the finest aluminum and accompanied by a 1911-style thumb safety, slide and magazine release. Single-action trigger offers a smooth short pull. Flared ejection port and beveled magazine well. Steel sights are mounted in machined dovetails. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys we're back look. What we have here Kimber Micro carry in 380 Luke from general point. And gun was nice enough to lend. This pistol to shoot today pretty nice little gun. Igotta say like I said Kimber Micro 380 barrel is machined stainless steel that's right the ax frame is aluminum essentially. It is the miniature 1911 small size is great for small shooters with small hands. Ishould say as well as concealed carry let's do. Some shooting first we're going to we're going to shoot from 1015 feet see. It does there, and then we're going back up to about 20 yards. That a little bit of a distance so okay that's six. That fifteen feet little surprised. That it's not a tighter group but well. One two three four out of the six are our head shots. You know the other one would have given them a headache for sure, but he'd definitely be having a bad day so. Now we're gonna back up. And we'll try it from 20 yards see. It does their hey now let's see. She does at 20 yards okay well that's. It that's six so as. You can see the group spread out quite a bit. More but even still for a short-barreled little pistol. You know at 20 yards. You can still put them. All in the chest cavity like. That's a viable weapon right there. Iwas aiming center mass on those first. And then I aimed right about the breastbone of them. And that's where those two. That are higher up I don't know. And shoot more okay guys so. This little Kimber this little micro. It unloaded it weighs just 13 ounces little barrel is two point seven five inches in length overall length is five point six inches so it's long as point it's five point six inches so easily conserve concealable.

    Ido know they did. They built they took off. All of these sharp edges on them so it's not really going to catch on your clothing as. You go to pull it out of a pocket. Or a purse something like. If you're carrying it for concealed carry. Now we're going to stretch. This out a little bit. More we're going to try shooting from 25 yards. And see what we can do there so. That being said let's just let's just load. And shoot okay got the little magazine in their okay so 25 with. This little guy oh this might be stretching the limits a little bit but. We don't care that's. What we're here to do we're here to try new things right that's six well. We hit it's I think that's a pretty good group at 25 yards. Ibelieve I mean I'm seeing a lot. More pink than was there before a little higher up on the target. Now 25 yards I was aiming right about the point of the chin. Iwas hitting right smack down right there in the chest is. Iwas hitting, so I'm telling you know from.

    All the way up to 25 yards let's say well it'll hit a man-sized target so as a personal defense proper yeah. This is totally viable so. That being said we're just going to load. More just for the fun of. Some shooting we got two big boxes of hand hold for it. We probably only needed. One to do the tests. That we're doing today but since. We have the ammo we're going to shoot. And then also what I'd like to do is get my other half out from behind the camera. And just get the get a female perspective on. It as well see it does for her okay. One other thing we'd like to mention. What we're using for ammo today is a Gila 380 so seems to shoot pretty good Luke recommended. It is a little bit cheaper. Most your holster American ammo. And things like that it's made Mexico seems to do the trick so like. We got two boxes of. We really only needed. You know but what the hell since. You can't return it really, so we're gonna we're going to shoot. It up we're going to put. This thing through it space.

    And so alright can I try a little bit of rapid fire from 25 don't really need an over-the-shoulder shot for this just from the side is fine. And let's just see it looks from here so okay so 25 I'm going to try I'm going to try by. Some headshots this time. Idon't know if I'll be able to hit them at 25 Ohs we'll see we'll find all okay see. Ican figure out where to hold that's six. And then what we're going to do just love. These little guys up no the magazine capacity is six. Ibelieve I think there are. Some extended magazines. You can get that hold is a. And then it also has a spot for your pinky finger as well those would be kind of neat to have but. It just came with one little guy right here so that's. What we're going to just keep using and yeah six at a time is bad six at a time of course as. You know was good enough for the people out west so. Now of course that was a 45 long colt versus a little 380 but that's.

    Neither here nor there we're not going to complain. Some amal we have a gun. We have a camera, and we're going to do a video so let's try. That again why not you know as. Isaid before that's. What we're here to do. And shall continue to do as long as general coin a gun. All the support from them let's do. More shooting why not right okay I'm. All out of whack there I'm left-handed that's right. Ikeep four I keep forgetting sometimes. Iforget I don't know I'm starting to see a lot. More a lot more yellow in the head area of. That target and again we're still at 25 yards shooting so. This little thing is accurate with a 275-inch barrel. Iwas not expecting this kind of accuracy out of a little concealed carry micro pistol. That is very impressive. Imean that's more accurate. Some 45s that I'd shot before in my time so.

    This thing I know Luke. Imight just have to buy. This thing is cool. Ican buy and sneak. It home without my other half finding out oh wait she's my camera person so. That ain't gonna that ain't gonna work too well they'd probably go over about like a fart in church really but just load up. More of these little 380s here. And through more shootin why not. We have the ammo I don't own a 380 so uh might as well shoot. It up right can you guys think of a reason why not. Neither so let's just see. What she do I'm going to go center mass. Some try some rapid fire see. How good I am at 25 with rapid fire I'm gotten it's not going to be very good so okay are. We ready gal dang you know. What I don't think one time. More holes off to the right. And then one off to the left but. Idon't think I don't think. Ihit anywhere inside. That shoot and see target area.

    That I've put on there. Ididn't hit one time. That offends me so I'm gonna try. It again why not we still have as. Isaid plenty of ammo so let's just load her up. Ido have a mail order somewhere here but. Idon't know that would work on these. It is such a short little magazine. Idon't know I don't know. It would so okay try. It again tries it again at high speed okay today. Iput my earplugs in yes. Idid okay again thank. You Luke from general coin. This is a great day. Idon't know about you but that's dead in. Any country there's a. More hits on there I don't know. What the heck I was doing last time but there's a lot. More hits on there so just keep loading this thing up as long as. We have the ammo right why not so lovely August day here in Wisconsin northern northwestern Wisconsin about oh.

    Idon't know hon what would. You say about hour and 15 minutes north northwest of Eau Claire yeah so. It is late summer here in northwestern Wisconsin as. You can see everything's still kind of green leaves. Everything are starting to just starting to change. What worries me is we're just starting to do. We started in the summer with. These videos so wintertime is coming up, so we're going to be having some belts buckle deep snowdrifts to contend with. And stuff like that but. Ithink that's probably a great way to test out a gun is. It handles in normal hot conditions like you'd see in a lot of places of the world as well. How it's going to handle. And snow so maybe just maybe. We live in the perfect geographical area so okay.

    This is too much fun I'm gonna load. It up shoot I already did load up. This magazine try it one-handed. Now let's see I do want to point out, so we're up to about a hundred. And fifty rounds out of. This thing not one single hang-up as of. We haven't wiped it down haven't cleaned. Ihaven't done anything like. All we've been doing is shooting it so okays let's try let's try. One hand I can see. Ican manage to hit. Anything do you think. Ican we'll see I don't know not really sure hello that's a. More headshots looks to. Me in my book anyway a little. More yellow on the head part of the target down there yeah. Icannot believe how accurate. This little thing is. Now of course Kimber is a premium brand comes to 1911's. Imean they're really noted for their 1911 45s. You know they inch doubt gotten on the bandwagon as far as the a. Few years back they came out with the micro carry. They also have what's called a solo carry. Ibelieve they have a micro 9 as well so. All right well at this point might as well just load.

    It up shoot and then as. Isaid we'll probably get my other half from behind the camera here to shoot a couple magazines. And go from there so actually babe do. You want to just hop in here. It will switch places here. You can see what you think of. This thing you know. Somebody get the female spin on. You will you think. Isports you suppose why wouldn't. You want to ah that just boggles my mind. Somebody would actually want to shoot a gum, but she's done plenty a shooting today don't let her fool. She has salt okay so. That being said I am going to attempt to get behind a camera see I'm guaranteed. You guys she is going she's a lot better camera person. Iam so please do not take offence at my shooting skills with a camera. That is so here again here's Maddie let's get the female spin on. It alright you think of. That babe pretty light recoil. It seems like um very late um. Ihave relatively big hands for I'm gonna have very long fingers so.

    Iwould say um you also definitely be good in purse. Or my back pocket yeah um as far as my personal preference. Iwould want something a little bit bigger. Ihave long fingers yeah. And that's just you don't really have smaller hands. You have longer fingers yes. And that's why when I'd mentioned earlier. That the extended magazines. They have that spot. That rib on there for your bottom finger. That was help Oh a lot really yeah. You got six in there that's X. All right lower back up. And shoot I mean that's that's. What we're doing here I'm going to adjust the angle a little bit on. This thing please bear with. Me folks I'm not going to stop. And edit I just plain don't know. How to edit so okay fire. When ready okay so that's six. You know there really is. It there really isn't just like oh no. You know magazine capacity with. This thing so it's its six shots. You know uh at close range. Somebody is coming after. You pull this out at a close range.

    You could do a little bit of damage with six shots right. You really need as you know Erwin Rommel did say. You know whoever wins the fight is. He who has one extra round in the magazines that's why well look. It got him is what I have to say so. All right go ahead when ready little Kimber Mike role. Idon't know that is a lot of fun. Idefine it just like. Isaid I've got long fingers for a woman. And it's just a little on the small side for my hands right but as far as concealed carry goals concealed carry. This would go perfectly. You I've seen out there the tank tops. That have them you know radio here.

    That are concealable. This would be good for. That like I said on your hip in your purse right. It would work great like. You know six shots it obviously can do. Some damage yeah I'm impressed at 25. They are we are yeah we're hitting at 25 with. It headshots headshot center mass mouse. Even hitting them off of the breastplate. Or the head I mean you're still causing damage. Imean you've got so. Many precious organs in their in. That small area any of those is gonna make. Somebody stop right like. Or at least think twice those are hits in. Any language so okay. They are hips okay go ahead. And shoot you want straight right left-handed.

    You can cry laughter. You go put me to shame okay. All right okay we only have four rounds are left so load them up shoot them. And then we'll roll to the end. And we'll be back with. Another venue back with. Another video that is right. We just like doing it. This is just what we do that's right. He has worked two weeks straight we're two weeks straight without a day off so that's four okay we're. All out we're all out 100 out of. This that's a hundred rounds so beautiful little Kimber a hundred rounds today Luke is very nice little pistol for concealed carry. And we're very happy. We got to play with. It today that's right make sure. Icheck out general coin. And gun click on a little a bit of. It clicks on the link to their website. Iwill have the description at the bottom of the page thanks for watching thank. You Luke from general coin. And gun catch us next time have a good day.

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    Ruger® LC9s® Pistols

  • Lightweight and compact for comfortable carry
  • Double-action only
  • Steel-allow barrel and slide
  • Striker-fired versions of the award-winning LC9. Lightweight and compact for comfortable carry, the double-action-only Ruger LC9s 9mm Pistol has an steel-alloy blued barrel and slide, a glass-filled nylon frame and adjustable three-dot sights. Crisp trigger pull for quicker, spot-on shooting. Checkered grip frame. Includes finger-grip extension floorplate that can be added to the magazine. 7+1 capacity. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Upgrade your handgun's fit, finish and handling with Deluxe Laminated Revolver Grips from Pachmayr. Premium rosewood is highly polished and available in a checkered or smooth finish. Quick, simple installation.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Smith & Wesson® 686 Centerfire Revolvers

  • Based on the popular medium L-frame
  • Chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special+P
  • Available in six- and seven-shot models
  • The stainless-steel Smith & Wesson 686 Centerfire Revolver is based on the medium L-frame, one of the most popular double-action revolver frames in history. It’s a lawman’s carry-gun favorite due to its combination of magnum-grade strength and relative compactness. All models are chambered for .357 Magnum/.38 Special+P and feature an adjustable white-outline rear sight and a red ramp front sight.
    • Model 686SSR (Stock Service Revolver): Six-round cylinder; wood grips; interchangeable front sight.
    • Model 686 "3-5-7" Magnum Series 3" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder, custom "3-5-7" wood grips.
    • Model 686 Deluxe 3" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; wood grips.
    • Model 686 3" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; molded-rubber grips.
    • Model 686 4" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; molded-rubber grips.
    • Model 686 6" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; molded-rubber grips. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Guys welcome to Z reviews today. Ipulled the big boy out of the safe. This is the Smith & Wesson Model 686 in 357 Magnums. Now it's a very solid constructed revolver. And a lot of fun to use out the range which you'll see a bit later on in. This review me just first of. All just touch on what comes with the revolver. This carry case some Smith & Wesson. You know manual here. You also get a trigger lock. And own key and as well. You get two of these smaller keys which a lot of people wonder. What they're useful. This is actually to enable the trigger lock so to speak. Or the trigger safety on the revolver, so I'll touch on. That a little bit later. Ijust want to continue on. And run through a few of the features before. Igo into now the sights on. It just normal bladed sights. Nothing too special there. However at the front you've got like a red ramp on the front side. Now that's fairly good. You can pick up your targets fairly quickly.

    Ifind it's a bit like a high vis site. You see on some of their semi autos nowadays so that's fairly good feature. And the grips on it here they're just HOH grips obviously they've got a Smith & Wesson symbol on them but. They are a hog grip they're finger grooves here so it's really good for hanging on to. You can get nine nice firm grip. You got the palm swells there. And just raised bump setter to stop your hand. It gets sweaty from slipping from the grip. Now being a revolver. You can use it in double action. Or a single action so those of. You who are new to that sort of terminology. What it means is a double action is just simply. You pull the trigger. It fires okay or a single action. You pull the hammer back. And then you fire from there okay great thing about the three five seven is. You can economize a little bit. And run 38 special rounds through. It okays so there're two positives of.

    One is the recoil. And the noises and is as. You know highs what the 357 is. And also the cost you can go. And pick up 38 special rounds at a fraction of the cost of the three five seven. Most people who get right into. And get serious you know go right into reloading anyway so. That brings the cost down but. Me personally I like to just get out the range. Few different factory rounds. And just have a bit of a play from there. And it's just more so the fun for me. Than getting into you know too seriously. One thing I will mention. You do shoot 38 special rounds through the revolver you'll find there's a lot of buildups of lead. Now naturally at the front of the revolver on the cylinder you'll see lead build-up at the end there. Now that's only natural. And that's something you've just going to keep them the maintenance up with cleaning on. You use a few of the 38 specials through. And then you try to use a 357 round a lot of the time you'll find when trying to eject them.

    They can actually get a little bit stuck okay. And that's from the build up so there's a simple solution to. That before you use the 357 rounds through the revolver after. You use 38 special just simply just put a brush through. It okays so just your normal cleaning brush. And your rod just put. That through there the cylinder there just. Or twice straight through. And then that just seems to solve. That problem completely okay I'll just go into the key lock feature. Now you'll notice here just near the thumb release for the cylinder there's a little button here okay. What you need to do is. You just need to move. That forward and with the key just place. It in there and give it about a ninety degree turn anticlockwise okay then release.

    It you'll notice here there's a little bit of a flag that's come up near the hammer okay that's just to let. You know that it's. Now locked so no matter. What I can't pull that hammer back. Ialso can't fire the revolver it's just not possible it's just completely locked okay so. Nothing can be done to. This other than just simply releasing the cylinder okay. You can't work the revolver other. Then just releasing the cylinder so that's a cool little safety feature that's um on. This revolver and naturally just to release. You got to do is just move the thumb button across put the key in. And then obviously clockwise about 90 degrees let. It work again so fairly young fairly simple sort of idea but very effective. You know you want to add in security on your revolver. Now the cost of these you're looking at approximately nine hundred dollars here in Australia.

    You just need to enquire with your local gun shop prices may vary naturally okay on the topic of cleaning I'll just quickly touch on. This before we head out to the range. You can get a lot of buildups of lead especially around the front of the cylinder. Now that's the same with. Any revolver that's just the nature of the game okay. Iuse a product called lead away so in other words lead go away lead away. And that's from clean bore. Ifind that's really good. You just have to put a little bit wipe across the front. That lead buildup just comes completely off so just a tip. You may find useful definitely check. You got yourself one of these revolvers. Or you're looking at getting into. One okay so we'll head out the range. And we'll do various tests from there.

    And see just how good. This revolver is my vessel will do. It mo tested a few times here to set up at 10 meters so. What we'll do is for just fire six shots just see. What sort of groups. We can get just from dying sites okay so. Now we're not fancy 158 crane semi wad-cutters 38 special just from Holland six rounds short. We go there with just a normal group free hand we'll go for the middle left target okay. Now we're going to step. It up a little bit we've got the 357 back 150 a crane high-velocity jacketed cycling to see American Eagle put six of these through sea. We go from there if you're looking at. One of these 357 magnums. You can see they're a little bit. More old 38 specialist so. You should be able to see the difference with. Me okay so what we'll do is we'll go for the top right target okay so. We got to use 150 a crane jacquard hollow-point 357 made.

    And round some federals do. It we'll just fill the first with. All here you can see. That just the general recoil of 357. And you'll understand why a lot of people like to use a 38 special. You definitely know. You pull the trigger on the 357 so. You can see here I mean I'm definitely no marks but it's just free head so. That was the just a 38 special in the American Eagle there, so I'm sure with a bit of practice. You can easily get you your groups in a lot better. That was the semi wad-cutters there so. This reasonable accuracy out of. It then over the 357. You can actually see a couple of individual groups starting to tighten in there. That was with the American Eagle. And then this middle. One here as a result with the gun federal 158 came exactly followed points so. Once again there that comes down to the shooters ability.

    You definitely pull. That into a tighter group there just with practice okay, so we'll have a bit of fun. Now I've got six rounds of the 38 special silhouettes up 30 meters there. And we'll just take a. Few shots with and we'll see. We go with the accuracy okay, so we've got. More round so it'll be a little bit. More adventurous there're a peaks of red up there at 100 meters. And take a shot at that see. We go just over the top. You can see just how much fun. It is just using 38 specialist through the 357. And of course you know. You want to cut that bit extra knockdown then. You can go off to the 357 round I'll just demonstrate the difference between the 38 special. And the 357 in the sense of recoil so just fire off six shots here with a 38 special.

    And I'll fire off six of the 357. And we'll focus here. You can see the recoil okay so we're. Now light up there 357. And you'll see the difference here in the recoil she's a lot. More step that's for sure okay guys there is a Smith & Wesson Model 686 in 357 million. You can see the 357 Magnum is a helluva lotta car add up those extended ranges silhouette competition 357 Magnums round his idea you've got to want a knock-down. You can certainly get out to those distances with. It but as you can see. Ienjoyed running it's a 38 special street. Because the economy is there it's a fraction be lost. And still knocks down the silhouettes. You know those consequences without. Any transfers away so overall the Smith & Wesson 686 rollovers. Ihighly recommend it so why don't. Or sum up now that's. It from for watching Ozzie reviews is my channel on youtube on the on facebook as well so.

    You log on to youtube under my channel you'll see the link to Facebook thanks.

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    Ruger® SP101® Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers

    Ruger revolvers are renowned for dependability, accuracy and being generally great shooters, and the SP101 Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers are no exception. All have five-round cylinders unless specified.
    • Model 5718 – .357 Magnum, 2.25" barrel, stainless steel, fixed sights, black rubber grips. Double action/single action.
    • Model 5720 – .357 Magnum, hammerless, 2.25" barrel, stainless steel, fixed sights, black rubber grips. Double action only.
    • Model 5771 – .357 Magnum, 4.25" barrel, rubber grips with hardwood inserts, adjustable rear and fiber-optic front sights. Double action/single action.
    • Model 5719 – .357 Magnum, 3" barrel, stainless steel, fixed sights, black rubber grips. Double action/single action.
    • Model 5773 – .327 Federal, 4.2" barrel, stainless steel frame and finish, black rubber grip with engraved wood, transfer-bar safety, fiber-optic front sight, adjustable rear sight and six-round capacity. Double action/single action.
    • Model 5782 – .357 Magnum, 4.2" barrel, stainless steel frame and finish, adjustable rear and fiber-optic front sights, Altamont hardwood grips with stippled and checkered sides. Double action/single action.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm Kelly young with American Rifleman. This week's kind of the week is a revolver. That because of its incredibly versatile chambering can fire. Any of five different cartridges the Ruger SP 101 in 327 federal Magnum so. It about this gun that gives. It such flexibility well it's to the fact. That the 327 federal is technically a super Magnum. And since all headspace on the rim. And share the same case in bullet diameters. All three of the cartridges. That came before it can also be used in. This firearm plus one additional chambering, but we'll get to. That in a second first came the 32 Smith & Wesson back in 1878 which was originally a black-powder cartridge. And is also quite weak then in 1896 the case was lengthened. More powder was added to create the 32 Smith & Wesson long which is a little. More powerful but still not much a fast-forward. Another 85 years even longer. More energetic version of the 32 long was developed. That was named the 32 H&R; Magnum. And then finally back in 2007 Ruger. And Federal Premium worked together to create the 327 federal Magnum a cartridge.

    That generates enough energy to be consideration for defensive purposes which is. Something that can be rarely said of the 32 caliber. And lastly most curiously in addition to. These other four the 32 acp which was designed for use in semi automatics has just enough of a rim on its case for it to headspace properly in a 327 chambered revolver with the exception of its chambering this model is in. All other ways identical to the rest of the SP 101 line the stainless steel revolver is a double action single action with a Swing Out cylinder. And as is typical with rugers the cylinder release is activated by pressing in on the back of. It like so the gun also has a triple locking cylinder a chequered hammer spur. And a one-piece rubber grip. Now from the factory. These guns come with the wooden grip inserts. Iinclude the Ruger logo but on. This particular gun I've installed. Some custom care night inserts from jigs grips.

    Ithink look pretty good. This model has a 42-inch barrel with a full under lug. And a sighting system. That consists of a green fiber-optic front pair with an adjustable rear a transfer bar is also present to prevent the hammer from striking the firing pin. Unless the trigger is intentionally pulled. Another benefit of the 327 federal Magnum. It smaller diameter of the cartridge is. This particular gun has a capacity of six. Whereas the much more common 35 calibers SP 101's only have room on board for five rounds. All five of the cartridges. This gun can fire are still in production today. That really gives the shooter a lot of options in regards to. How to load this thing on. One hand the 32 Smith & Wesson is actually less powerful. Most modern 22 long-rifle loads. Some 327 ammunition generates up to 500 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle so the user has a lot of opportunity to choose just.

    How much a juice they need. How much recoil they want to deal with. Even with the hot 327 federal loads. This gun is still considerably. More pleasant to shoot. Then a 357 magnum through a similarly sized revolver for more information on the Ruger SP 101 in 3:27 federal magnum visit Ruger com you.

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    Ruger® Redhawk® Revolvers

  • Double-action revolver designed for powerful magnum charges
  • Unique single-spring mechanism for relatively light trigger pull
  • Replaceable ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight
  • Ruger's Redhawk Revolvers are the first double-action revolver specifically designed for powerful magnum cartridges. It has many advanced features such as a triple-locking cylinder, a unique single-spring mechanism for relatively light trigger pull, replaceable ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight. Rugged stainless steel construction features extra metal in top strap, sidewalls and barrel mounting areas to handle high-power ammunition.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You've heard of monster trucks the Super Redhawk in 454 casual for a number of years. It was the most powerful handgun in the world until the introduction of the Smith & Wesson 460. And 500 magnums the 454 casual an incredible pistol for big-game hunting predator defense. And for silhouette an incredible pistol look at the bore nope not loaded. These big boys weigh 53 ounces. And 1/3 pounds that's unloaded without the scope but really. You will appreciate the weight. You fire one of these. It is an incredible experience. Now in 45 long colts it's just a joy to shoot. This is the 45 long colt which has been the staple for many years for shooters. Even in the Old West. And black powder and then developed for the army. And really this is the father of the 45 ACP very similar the 454 casual was made as a somewhat of a magnum type caliber for the 45 long colt. This round is you'll notice is not much longer. Than the 45 long colt the real secret to the. More power one generates is here large pistol primer small rifle primer the rifle primer itself in. This configuration this is a 250 bullet but. They can go up to pressures of 60000 Cu P. And generate 1900 feet per second. That is really humming now. Most of your 454 casual rounds are going between sixteen. And seventeen hundred feet per second but. It can generate up to 1900 feet per second with 2000 pounds of energy on the receiving end so in a really incredible round the 45 long colt can fit into the chamber that's chambered for 454 casual buts. You cannot put the four five four Casual into a 45 long colt chamber.

    And for good reason very similar to 38 special 357 44 special 44 Magnums. Now Smith & Wesson did develop the 460 Smith & Wesson Magnum. And the 454 casual and the 45 long colt will fit into. That pistol so that just expands the line. One of the really neat things about. This is because of the pressures. And the way this would create using 45 long colts makes a nice just makes. It a good shooting gun fun shooting gun but then. You have the potential for the much higher velocity. More energy that's incredible that's a lot of bullets answer. Now for a number of years only freedom arms made a pistol. That would shoot the 454 casual. And in 1997 Ruger developed the 454 casual for their Super Redhawk. They wanted to continue to use the same frame but the cylinder had to be capable of handling the pressures the very high pressures of the 454 casual so. This has the cylinder has different alloys. And different heat treating processes to make. This withstands the pressure but the frame itself is the same as.

    All the basic Ruger Redraws. They did put this target gray finish. You can see it's a little different. It is a stainless steel. It has a different kind of smoky color to. It which is really beautiful. And gives it a little less of a shine. Than your basic stainless steel. This is done with a special process with tumbling media just to polish the surfaces but give it. That kind of grey look. Ithink it's a beautiful gun kit here. We see the adjustable sights in the rear of course fully adjustable with a very nice front sight with a fluorescent orange insert of course. They come with the ring mounts here. And then the rings of course. This is a pistol scope. These guns were made for you know large game. Or for predators defense. This caliber is made for a large heavy gun. And can really get out to the distances. You would need of course.

    It has the basic I loved Ruger's cylinder release has a nice sound to. It in fact this one's been smooth very slicked up it's a very nice pistol. This is from a really good buddy of mine. We do a lot of shooting in fact he's the. One shooting this gun the best out of. You can see where its marked 454 casual calibers. And 45 colt calibers again. You can put the 45 colt into the 454 cylinder but. You cannot put the 454 casual bullet in the 45 long colt. You definitely would not want to. You were crazy has nice rubberized grips with a laminated wood insert very comfortable. Imust say this was the first time I'd ever fired the 454. Ihad heard about this legendary caliber for many years.

    And just never really had a chance to but. Ihave to admit it was a pleasure to shoot much different. Ianticipated we ready might won't cut. They wouldn't show as much. You know not only might not. Even be focused that long. Irelief now good not the Beast. You go John yeah I was trying to press. It down don't try to hold. It down good grip on. Now 1957 dick Castle introduced the 454 casual. It was as I've said the. Most powerful handgun in the world for a number of years in fact freedom arms. Iremember when freedom arms was making the single action 454 casual. It was just legendary in fact. We were shooting 44 Magnums at the time. It was like you got to be kidding me Libyan the 454 casual. This is a man's gun right here. Iwant to give a special thanks to Ralph for letting me borrow the pistol.

    And to shooting it at the range. It was really a joy to shoot. You know it's really great. You get an opportunity to take. One of these beautiful classic revolvers. And have experience with. And as always thanks for watching please subscribe for more fun gun reviews. And sensible survival god bless america long live the Republic the 454 casual the. Most powerful handgun in the world for a number of years is still an incredibly powerful pistol. And just incredible for you know sticking it up. Somebody here oh so. You want my bullets well I'm gonna give them back to.

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    Ruger® LCP® II Pistol Package

  • Compact, lightweight design is ideal for concealed carry
  • Single-action trigger breaks clean to minimize human error
  • Steel slide, one-piece nylon-grip frame and alloy-steel barrel
  • Fixed sights and a recessed hammer allow quick target acquisition
  • Package includes: handgun, case and two seven-round magazines
  • You're going to carry anyway, so you might as well carry a pistol that's both easy to conceal and comfortable to move around with all day. Ruger's LCP II Pistol Package features a compact, lightweight LCP II that fits comfortably in a variety of holsters, making it ideal for concealed-carry applications. Crisp-breaking single-action trigger pull minimizes the risk of a pulled shot when the stakes are at their highest. Through-hardened steel slide, one-piece nylon-grip frame and blued alloy-steel barrel provide exceptional durability. Large, textured grips distribute recoil for easy handling and allow a sure grip in stressful situations. Included grip-extension floorplate can be added to the magazine for even more secure handling. Fixed front and rear sights and a recessed hammer ensure an excellent sight picture for quick target acquisition. Slide racks easily and stays open after the last round is fired. Package includes: handgun, Ruger one-pocket case and two additional seven-round magazines.
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