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  Bass Pro Shops® XPS Double Down Popper Lunkerhunt Dragonfly Berkley® Choppo Rebel® Pop-R
LIVETARGET® Commotion Shad Hollow Body Suick Cisco Kid™ Series 700 Topper Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug Strike King® KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. Topwater Hard Bait Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Pop-N-Top Lunkerhunt Prop Frog SPRO BBZ-1 Rat Yo-Zuri® 3D Popper Heddon® Chug'n™ Spook®
 Bass Pro Shops® XPS Double Down PopperLunkerhunt DragonflyBerkley® ChoppoRebel® Pop-RRebel® Magnum Pop-R Topwater LureLIVETARGET® Commotion Shad Hollow BodySuick Cisco Kid™ Series 700 TopperLunkerhunt Yappa BugStrike King® KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. Topwater Hard BaitBass Pro Shops® XPS® Pop-N-TopLunkerhunt Prop FrogSPRO BBZ-1 RatYo-Zuri® 3D PopperHeddon® Chug'n™ Spook®
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Size-5-7/8", 1 oz.5-1/4". 3".3-1/2", 7/8 oz.-3-1/2”, 1/2 oz.-3-1/2".3-3/4", 1/2 oz.4", 3-5/8 oz.---

Bass Pro Shops® XPS Double Down Popper

  • Creates twice the commotion of ordinary baits
  • Two chopper blades molded into the front and back
  • Amazing side-to-side movement
  • Spits, chugs, plunges and throws water
  • Deadly on large bass, reds, and snook
  • This unique topwater lure takes the deadly plop bait concept to another level, producing twice the commotion and forcing violent reactions from large bass, reds and snook. Bass Pro Shops XPS Double Down Popper's beefy double-jointed body creates amazing side-to-side movement with every twitch of your rod tip, while twin chopper blades molded into the front and back spit, chug, plunge and throw water like nothing you've ever seen. Whether worked fast or slow, the Double Down Plopper brings out the aggression in lurking predators, for heart-stopping action even on a tough bite. Realistic finishes with 3-D eyes; built on a tough wire harness with two strong, super-sharp trebles. No tuning required.
    Sizes: 3-1/2", 5".
    Colors: (501)Bone, (502)XXX Shad, (503)Shiney Blue, (504)Black Bird, (505)Perch, (506)Ghost Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Alright guys this pond I'm a real quick throw. Some top water today. Igot the double down popper. It is a basically a whopper popper with two props on. It instead of one gonna try. That it's the best program only have about an hour. And a half but I'm gonna try to throw. And catch some fish. Ido have a popper so. Ionly have top water gonna try hopefully. Ican get something stay tuned don't let. This guy over here has permission to fish here cuz not. Many people do so just takes the homeowner see. If they knew anything about him, so we'll see got him not a big. One but still a fish not a big. One but he's a fish so. This is my first landed fish on. This bait now hold still buddy hold still not too bad a fish I'll take a picture real quick hey get. You don't like you minute not a big. Imean I'll take I said not a big. One but uh double down first landed fish on. It's not like to see.

    All right probably about a half pound 3/4 pound not big but it's a fish, so I'd like to see definitely. What I like to see gets. Me a little bit of confidence they're gonna bite. Another bite but they like. This double down it's like. Isaid it's the Bass Pro Grande think the best Rosie only. That makes them I could be wrong smashed. It like a big one not really it's super slow but I'm not really fast. Either just steady every. And then I'll stop and give it a rip but. Most part and the walk o'clock. Ijust like to steady retrieve that's my personal preference other people like to do. It different ways oh. Igot a fish it's a little. It might be a bluegill. Ithink it's a blue yo that's a little bass look at. That tiny bass that best is as big as the frickin bait that's crazy still dude really it's not necessary alright so imma show. Ican get this hook out of here the bait compared to the bass. This is crazy how the smallest fish is compared to.

    This bait alright so. We got the bait and the fish I'd say. They won't top water. Imean look how small. All right this is the homeowner. More releases this fish. Ican answer this call hello hey. Someone might way that way casting I'm not making it look obvious I'll cast a. Few times here and there Oh got. One too bad a little bass a lot of little Benson here sink to battle. One who actually pretty long it's not a bad. One it's not a bad all don't steal it's not a bad mmm not a bad fish at. This was probably close to a pound yeah come out top yeah come often pretty but. She just in order for me to fish oh yeah. You I'll hear you yeah. She just asked I was ever out here just to let her know so. She couldn't see from. That far so what's your name nice to meet. You I'm Heather nice and sorry my hands are fishy well yeah there's a lot of little fish in here yep but. Ithink they're very picky. Even the bass they're very peculiar it's hard to sort them to get them buddy.

    Anything sometimes it's a top water bait yeah the neg shelter housing if. Anything in it but it's definitely an egg interesting hmm that's a the others around see anywhere. That there's a here. Anything let me know so. You can hold it up to the Sun. If there's anything in. It but interesting I'm just gonna sit right there like an egg that's odd alright two. More cast all right that's. It don't do all right guys it's gonna do. Several on that Double Down. Ireally like that lure it's basically walking floral with two plumbers on. Ireally like it's awesome I'll show. You guys this moon. This moon is amazing tonight which means kids are going to be crazy at school but look.

    You can see it in the reflection but uh-oh see right there such a big it's big here but I'm not done look big but thank. You guys for watching I really appreciate. It makes sure you subscribe make sure. You hit the bell and grab life by the fish.

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    Lunkerhunt Dragonfly

  • Double-skirted wings
  • Extra-durable material
  • Weedless construction
  • The tantalizing double-skirted wings and realistic body of Lunkerhunt's Dragonfly draws bass toward the surface for action-packed strikes. Extra-durable material stands up to strike after strike from the biggest fish. Weedless construction keeps you fishing and not fighting off vegetation. Per each.
    Colors: (001)Dasher, (002)Cardinal, (003)Meadowhawk, (004)Pondhawk, (005)Skimmer, (006)Darner.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is Lanka Hunt's new dragonfly the surface law that's a weedless presentation it's a very soft bodied thing and I'm just using it here for bass I'm throwing it against. This overhanging trees. And just working it really slowly come to the worm hook. You can see those big arms. That just open up it hits the surface of the water just like a dragonfly seeks with their arm splayed across the surface. This thing has those little legs to imitate. And then the body just sits with very floaty on the surface. And moves with any movement that's on the surface of the water it's not really a lure. That you're going to work hard with a retrieve. You really just want to be throwing it against the structures. You sure that there's a fish sitting especially. If you're fishing in a little creek over shallow rocks. And there's bass in their then. These little dragonflies especially. When it's dragonfly time during in hotter days. Or during the middle of the summer then. These little things in. And around this structure is just going to be pretty effective. Ithink there's a there's a lot to be said for a retrieve. You just sit it there. If you're not getting the bites with a retrieve of a walking lure. Or popping lower in. This subtle presentation. You can just sit it in under. These snags and those little arms can keep moving it's a great presentation as a dragonfly it's a really big presentation so.

    You can see the way. It sits in my hand there so it's quite a big dragonfly but the idea is there so. It calls these fish in it's got a great little rigging system there. Where it's kind of bullish at the front there. You can cheat with your weedless worm. Or can sit it up a little bit so your hook-up rates going to work. You can see how soft. When the bass bites down on. It just exposes your weedless hook that's. You get your hook up it's the lung hunt dragonfly what'll.

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    Berkley® Choppo

  • Noisy jointed topwater with a cupped propeller tail
  • Creates a significant wake and trail
  • Great as a high-speed search bait
  • Pre-tuned straight swim
  • Super-sharp Fusion19 trebles
  • Roust 'em out in aggressive fashion with the tail-weighted Berkley Choppo propbait. This noisy jointed topwater features a cupped propeller tail that never stops working, creating a significant wake and trail when worked quickly around cover and in open water. Even when worked at slower speeds, the Berkley Choppo's sizable chop-prop kicks up a major disturbance as it passes by; bass just can't hold back. Perfectly tuned to swim straight at all times. Equipped with super-sharp Fusion19™ treble hooks. Per each.
    Size: 3-1/2".
    Colors: (001)Bone, (003)Ghost White, (005)Maverick, (007)MF Bluegill, (009)MF Frog, (011)MF Shad.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    All right so right we are on our way to Sugarcoat we're on a rescue mission for the Berkeley Chapo 90 lures. It was cast out into lily pads less. Then 24 hours ago I lost them so. It alright so. We made the sugar low. We just gotta get this boat on the water hope. We don't get down pour. And go back to the last known location. Where capo was hopefully he's still stuck to a lily pad over there. We can get this $10 plus lure back. It was a sad day to lose him yesterday alright here. We go kind of load and go get chat. Though buying me take. It out has to come back out here. We work in this cello was lost so. We could couldn't get up into the lily pads. Something better we were on kind of bottom. Now parading in Davos. All right rolling our way somewhere in. This alright guys so after. Some maneuvering we're kind of stuck on bottom but. You took a minute one of these fours. And reached out here we're looking some pads over. And never believe it we're still kind of scraping across the muck here believe. It but there is chapo right there. We are just an arm's reach of chapo oh yes there is oh he's down there good of course.

    Isnapped 15-pound line trying to rip chapo of the pads yesterday. What there's no better feeling then get a lower back especially. And ours doesn't seem like a much. More efficient I'm a cheapskate hey. We got him so we want to buy. Although we might buy. One for backup but uh. We got Chapo all right let's get back to shore put them in the box put them in a safe capo we're gonna hide for a. You know a lot to come out here anymore alright so. That we're achieved capo yeah head back in get off the plane down for it up got. He still looks good. He was only out here for about 24 hours but not broke no. II really tried that yank on him get him up lily pads like. Isent a snap down line bring them back. And don't use tableau on a point-like big a foot of water had to come back out of here to retreat doesn't look like much, but he's good he's a good bass lower wasn't the color. Iwanted some other color white is. What I was looking for I. One up at Gander outdoor. They have of course after.

    Ilost him in the past yesterday. Ithought gets me a chance to actually go by the white. That ten bucks I figured. That come back out here rescue up rescue mission success for chapo. Everybody get out like.

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    Rebel® Pop-R

  • Great topwater action
  • Internal rattle for added attraction
  • Dressed rear treble
  • Nothing gets the old ticker going like a giant bass smashing a topwater bait. The classic design of this surface lure has duped an innumerable amount of bass in coming crashing to the surface to hammer one of these attractive and exciting baits. With an internal rattle, scoop lip and dressed rear treble, the classic Rebel Pop-R kicks up a fuss that fish find irresistible. Per each.
    Sizes: 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (017)Ole Bass, (024)Fire Tiger, (030)Silver/Blue, (055)Silver/Black, (059)Silver Shad, (061)Tennessee Shad, (107)Green Perch, (133)Red-Eye Perch, (542)Bone.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Rebel® Magnum Pop-R Topwater Lure

  • Upsized version of the popular Rebel Pop-R topwater
  • Specifically targeted toward big fish
  • Dressed rear treble
  • Glitter filament for extra flash
  • Provides long casts and surface disturbance
  • The Rebel Magnum Pop-R is the upsized version of the extremely popular Rebel Pop-R topwater popper, which has been smacking bass on the surface for 3 decades. This size specifically targets big fish, and features a dressed rear treble with hyper light-attracting strands of glitter filament for extra flash. In addition, the heavier size and profile provide greater casting distance and deliver more surface commotion. With lots of spit, pop, and chug, the Magnum Pop-R consistently provokes strong strikes from the fish in its path. Per each. Made in USA.
    Sizes: 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (005)Foxy Shad, (006)Foxy Momma.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    LIVETARGET® Commotion Shad Hollow Body

  • Hollow soft plastic surface bait for topwater predators
  • Produces tremendous sound and water disturbance
  • Lays down an attention-getting bubble trail
  • Flashing, splashing trailing spinner blade
  • Realistic profile and lifelike detail
  • Whether fished in weed-choked shallows or open water, the LIVETARGET Commotion Shad Hollow Body gives bass, pike and other surface-crashing predators an inviting target. This hollow soft plastic weighted baitfish blurps across the surface with tremendous sound and water disturbance, producing a broad bubble trail to get the attention of any game fish within striking distance. The internal harness with ball-bearing swivel connects to a flashing, splashing Indiana spinner blade that emits a deep, penetrating sound when on the move – even in thick cover, the fish will have no problem finding this lure. Of course, it features the realistic profile and lifelike detail common to all LIVETARGET baits, and it's built on a custom extra-sharp, wide-gap double hook to ensure reliable hookups. Precision weighted for easy casting and speed control.
    Sizes: 2-1/2", 3-1/2".
    Colors: (001)Pearl Ghost, (002)Silver Flake, (003)Glitter Blue Shad, (004)Metallic Moss, (005)Pearl Blue Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You're going to love the commotions mullet from live target it's an easy-to-use top water lure. That replicates an injured mullet to perfection did. Imention it's easy just cast. And retrieve and the perfectly balanced Colorado blade does. All the work the splashing commotion. And penetrating sound along with the tantalizing bubble trail allows. You to call fish from anywhere. Whether you're fishing open water. Or casting under docks. And cover there is nothing more enticing than an injured bait fish flailing on the surface the extra sharp wide gap double hook is designed. And placed specifically to maximize hookups available in two sizes. And three colors the commotion mullet by live target

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    Suick Cisco Kid™ Series 700 Topper

    Every tackle box needs a classic surface lure for attracting monster muskie, pike and bass. Stainless steel propeller blades on the nose and tail of the torpedo body create a lifelike wake on the water that's irresistible to fish. Works well at any speed. Made in USA.
    Size: 4", 3-5/8 oz.
    Colors: (705)Black Lime, (706)Baby Duck, (707)Firetiger, (709)Yellow Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug

  • Incredibly versatile hollow-body topwater
  • Flexible transparent bill produces varied swimming actions
  • Pronounced walking action, like a natural waterbug
  • Can also produce a tight shimmy, or kick out to both sides
  • Flared lip for water displacement
  • Waterbugs are a delicacy that bass and other fish can't pass up. The Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug is a soft hollow-body topwater lure that moves across the surface in much the same way that a North American Waterbug does, drawing intense interest from nearby predators. The secret to its varied swimming motions lies in its flexible transparent bill, which allows it to plow forward while leaving a heaving wake, execute a tight shimmy, or kick out to the sides on a stop-and-go pattern, depending on your retrieve. Whichever style is in play, the Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug's flared lip displaces water loudly, drawing bass in for the quick strike. Weedless design allows you to fish in the thickest, sloppiest cover imaginable, where the lunkers live.
    Size: 3".
    Colors: (007)Roach, (008)Albino, (009)Midnight, (011)Amber.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Strike King® KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. Topwater Hard Bait

  • Casts like an arrow
  • Popping, spitting, side-to-side action
  • Loud internal rattle chambers
  • Chip-resistant finish
  • Rugged, extra-strong treble hooks
  • Strike King's KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. Topwater Hard Bait was designed by the world's top angler to cast like an arrow and walk the dog with an ease you've never experienced before. The popping, spitting, side-to-side action drives big bass mad with hunger. Features include loud internal rattle chambers, a chip-resistant finish, 3D eyes, and rugged, extra-strong trebles to hold fish fast. Per 1.
    Size: 3-3/4", 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (001)Bone, (002)Sugar Daddy.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The next bait I want to talk about is walking bass. And the best one on the market. Iknow of today is made by Strike King and it's called the sexy dog the new sexy dog. You know Strike King when. They introduced this came out with two versions. One is the junior a to hook version. And the full-size of three hooks. You know it's a walking stick bait. Ithink Larry's got. One on right now yeah. Igot the senior on here I'll tell. What there're different times to use. One of these type baits. You know the spitted king is. More of a subtle bait. It just fits a little bit. You throw it out around cover that's in shallow water. You can make accurate pin torque task with. It'll stay in the strike zone a long time fish come up to get. It lets's bait here is used for a little bit different situations. You really need to make really long casts in clear water. Or you've got schooling fish. Or you're fishing underwater structure. It goes way out into open waters. This bait really shines. Ilike the onus thing on like a seven. And a half foot medium heavy rod. One of the important things on. This is not time directly to use. It times the loop knot. One of the most important things. You can remember to fish. This is don't let the fish get a good look at. Because normally you're fishing this in clear water.

    You want to just keep. It come just speed is of essence with. This bait in clear water will pull fish from great distances. You know nothing to pull bass up out of fifty feet of water suspended in fifty foot of water. Or come from the left. Or right through great distances to have. This bait Wow do that ah that's why we fish right there no matter. What size is that's why you fish beautiful fall evening almost dark — come look at. This is why we fish. That thing's strong I'll tell. What we know don't come in there we'll throw out don't go away. We come back hopeless. More that's left right with the old sexy.

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    Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Pop-N-Top

  • Weight-transfer system for increased casting distance
  • Weight-balance system for walk-the-dog action
  • Cupped mouth to spit water
  • Dressed treble tail hook
  • The Bass Pro Shops XPS Pop-N-Top boasts a weight-transfer system for increased casting distance plus a weight-balance system for walk-the-dog action. A cupped mouth allows this floating lure to spit water, attracting the attention of nearby predators. Also features a dressed treble tail hook. Per each.
    Size: 5-1/4".
    Colors: (002)Bone Orange, (012)Chrome Black, (044)Chartreuse Shad, (053)XXX Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Lunkerhunt Prop Frog

  • Double-prop feet churn up water
  • Slides over cover like pads, wood and slop
  • Weedless, wide-gap, up-turned hooks
  • The double-prop feet on the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog make a lot of noise and disturb the water's surface for a target bass and pike can't ignore. Designed to fish where other prop lures can't – pads, wood and slop are no match for the Prop Frog. The unique design lets it slide over the top of cover, re-enter the water and immediately start churning it up. Full set of weedless, wide-gap, upturned hooks land fish once they strike.
    Size: 3-1/2”, 1/2 oz.
    Colors: (001)Green Tea, (002)Leopard, (003)Croaker, (004)Rocky Toad, (005)Pearl, (006)Texas Toad.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's happening my peoples issue boy mainly teenage. Another episode of fishing Alabama so then which. Ido a little top water throw the trap for a little. And of course. Igot the worms hi Don um it's summer hot as Hades we've got a little overcast today might be a good day. We might get a link into. Some bad girls today but. Iwant to show you guys. What I'm throwing the day for the top water lure we're gonna be throwing the prop frog step a little foot in the back kicking hopefully. We can link it suspects girls with. Ireally want to catch the fish on the proper are today but. If not I'm gonna throw the bill duis original rattletrap I'm gonna toss. That for a little and of course. Igot the wacky rig tied on. Imay end up switching to the neighboring a little bit later on but I'm gonna start off with the wacky. Imean well I mean it's the wacky. You don't know saying anyways I'm gonna get off the floor. Igot the kayak is y'all can see. It behind me let's go see let's see. We can catch some Packers baby. You got to be different. You know I'm saying cuz the normal is born. Everybody does their video standing up so. Ifigured why not do my intro laying on the ground. Igot ants on I gotta get up alright guys, so we're gonna stop. It rights there for a second. This the real you see right there Marcel just bought. That real I got to show. You guys he bought. It for me for my birthday man.

    He hooked me the lose for my birthday man. He hooked I caught a fish on. It like the first five casts so. Ijust wanted to stop the video real quick. Iappreciate you Marcel thanks for hooking me up with the Lowe's. Isee why you're a loose fan anyways let's get back to the video back to the video there. We go nice one starting today nice. When starting today on the fry that's. What I'm talking about oh baby on the pratfall. If anybody's wondering it's the prop for all. Many good you know nagging Oh baby that's. This beautiful fish go. We can catch them up let's go She go are you kidding me right. Ijust dropped my camera in the freaking Lake. This is a very sad moment guys very sad moment. Idropped my freaking camera. And the freaking Lake last week. Iwent fishing and I dropped my phone in the lake. This time I dropped my freaking camera in the mother freaking Lake that's a yeah what's.

    Iwent to go grab my bag pick my bag up soon as. Ipicked the bag up freaking camera fell into the lake moment of silence from my camera please alright. We got to go back fishing man. Icaught one already so. Igotta catch more I'm so sad seriously uh seriously that's like a riddle a fishing in the kayak man fishing in the freaking kayak never happening in the boat never happened at the boat alright guys so far only caught mundo fish oh no fish. It was on the top water like five minutes of. Me being here now I've been chunking the top water been chunking a trap through the flick shake no bites so y'all ready no. Igotta go and throw the knavery doubt don't in a tree man hopefully. Ican link up to something I'm pretty confident. They rigged, so I feel like I'll catch a. More fish I really wanted to get a bite on the trap man so.

    Iget back to this other part of. This lake go around. Although you guys can't see. Iam sorry about the waterfall over there. Iknow it's super loud but I'm gonna keep chunking I'm gonna keep chunking the coolest stick. We can link some phat Girlz. And then after I go back around. This Bend I'm gonna start throwing the trap again hopefully. Ican link up to some fish man like. This video is slowly starting to suck. You know I mean it's slowly starting to suck. Igot to catch some fish I'm gonna put the camera down. And go catch some phat Girlz That was a tough day fishing man. Icaught a few fish but no uh no fat girls man no fat girls no fat girls man a bunch of freaking baby fish is. What I caught today but it's cool man.

    Istill had a good time fishing man. Istill had a good time fishing man. You know what we're gonna end. This vlog the same way. We started this night Omaha let. You guys on the next episode baby. Igot things I got to do man peace out

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    SPRO BBZ-1 Rat

  • ICAST 2014 Best Hard-Bait Award winner
  • Single-jointed profile and durable square bill
  • Long articulated tail adds a realistic touch
  • Super-sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks ensure a solid hookset
  • Designed and tested by Pro Staffer Bill Siemantel, the lifelike SPRO BBZ-1 Rat provokes topwater strikes from large predator fish in both freshwater and saltwater. Single-jointed profile and durable square bill deliver effortless walk-the-dog action as well as a popping action to trigger fish into striking. Sturdy construction stands up to strike after strike from hard-hitting fish. Long articulated tail adds a realistic touch. Super-sharp Gamakatsu® treble hooks ensure a solid hookset. 

    SPRO OAL Length (without tail) Weight
    BBZ-1 Rat 25 5-1/2" 2-1/2" 5/16 oz.
    BBZ-1 Rat 30 6-1/4" 3-1/4" 1/2 oz.
    BBZ-1 Rat 40 7-1/2" 4" 1 oz.
    BBZ-1 Rat 50 10" 5-1/4" 2-1/2 oz.

    Colors: (001)Grey Ghost, (002)White, (003)Brown, (004)Morning Dawn, (005)Ninja, (526)Chrome Silver, (928)Nasty Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Let's check out the new bbz. One rat by SPRO you hey guys bill SEMA tell from SPRO we're going to talk a little bit about the new BB Z. That I've built first bro we're going to debut. This at ICAST 2014 in Florida next month we're going to talk a little bit about. It there's a lot to. This bait there's a lot of time. And effort put into. It there's a lot of neat trick things. That are put into and the fish catching capabilities of. This bait with some of the prototypes as. You can see this is a brand-new. One here's one I've used for over a hundred hours. And the thing just keeps catching fish, so they're very durable bait. They got a lot of great action to them. And they're the perfect size for catching all types of fish, so we're going to talk a little bit about the bait we're going to get right into. And start talking about. This is a 10-inch bait overall from the tip of the nose to the tail the body length itself is about five. And a quarter inches. Ibase the body off a super spook size well-known top water bait people catch fish on. All fish all across the. Is basically the world so. Iwanted to keep a basic body shape. And length everybody can use with. All types of rods and equipment. All species it doesn't matter. If you're saltwater fishing or freshwater the weighs approximately two. And a half ounces it's a square bill bait reinforced that's built into the head a lot of the wood plugs. We built back in the day the custom ones after a. While the bills fall out. You got to do a lot of maintenance. And work to keep these baits running this. One you're not going to have.

    That problem it's an. All plastic bait but. What I did is inside to give it the durability the sound the flotation of wood is basically. This bait is injected with foam. Igot the densities just right. You listen to the knock in. It sounds like an original like old wood plug so very subtle very nice very simple. And basically pull out of the package. And start fishing with. We have bro power split rings 90-pound on. Everything we have a double split ring on the front hood. What I'm trying to do here I'm trying to give. You a better hook up ratio also trying to make. It as weedless as possible as. You can see the front of the tip of the hooks are just at the end of the bill so. You swim this bait up. And over brush you're going to have a pretty good chance of not getting it hooked. Or fouled but when a fish does hit. It grabs the bait you do is.

    You do a real set that drops the hooks down. You have a really good hook up ratio they're double Gamakatsu. One ought to ex strong hooks. Ibuilt them so they'll never marry. You don't want the marionette also you're not going to have a problem with. We have an exclusive patent-pending tail. We came up with one that is a very simple in. And out replacing system basically it's just a toothpick. This is the same kind of stuff. Idid on wood plugs 35 years ago it's simple it's direct. It does its job you're not going to have a problem with. And that's what we're going to build for you guys. Something you could very easily change our tails.

    You want the tail is an 8 section plastic rat tail. That is C shaped so at. This time there's no chance for. That hook to capture. That tail so you have a bad cast also it's reinforced with 80 pound braid going through the center of the tail. Some of my prototype tails I've got 30 to 40 hours on. One tail which is phenomenal compared to a regular plastic worm tail. You can go through in. One cast the neat thing about. Though is you want to change out. This tail and put a plastic worm on. We built you could just pop the toothpick out. You can put any plastic worm. You want in it back in. And you're ready to rock. And roll so very cool little bait the size the dimension.

    Everything else is right there. And we're going to do a little video later on it's a DIY do. It yourself I'm going to actually show. What I did is I preset holes for the whiskers point zero to four which is a 40-pound diameter mono filament. Or fluorocarbon we're going to show. You real simple in another video on how to. You want put whiskers in. And really bring this bait to life the cool thing about. It with the build design the weight the flotation the hook placement. This bait will easily walk the dog just as easy as it'll wake bait so there're multiple techniques built in. This bait you're going to catch a ton of fish on them. It doesn't matter if it's redfish snook stripers bass large mouth small mouth. Some big ocean fishI'm china. This baits going to catch a lot of fish. Because the techniques. That are built into. This bait is proven. You know walking bait. And awaking bait it's a proven top water bait. And top water techniques so stand by we're going to give.

    More ideas on how to do. How to use this bait. When to use where to use. And equipment you need to use. It so stay tuned, and we're going to get. More information really soon.

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    Yo-Zuri® 3D Popper

  • Popping and splashing action makes a big scene
  • Floating lure tempts serious strikes out of predatory fish
  • Color Change Technology adds an ultraflashy and realistic look
  • For popping and splashing action that makes a big scene, leave it to Yo-Zuri's 3D Popper to tempt serious strikes out of aggressive predatory fish. This floating, field-proven lure even boasts Color Change Technology for an ultraflashy and realistic look.
    Size: 3-1/2", 7/8 oz.
    Colors: (001)Blue Mack, (002)Sardine, (004)Dorado, (005)Fly Fish.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Heddon® Chug'n™ Spook®

  • Mimics a dying baitfish on the surface
  • Large eyes and realistic colors
  • A rattle adds to the fish-enticing commotion
  • Large eyes combine with realistic colors and an open-mouth chugger face that spits water everywhere to fool fish into striking. A One-Knocker® rattle contributes to the commotion that mimics a dying baitfish on the surface. Ultrasharp No. 2 Xcalibur Tx3™ hooks won’t let go once the fish grabs hold.
    Size: 5-7/8", 1 oz.
    Colors: (001)Blue Shad, (002)Okie Shad, (003)Baby Bass, (005)Ghost.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The head and chugging spook. Ifound out that hadn't released. This lure a couple years ago. Iwas very excited one of my favorite Tom. Or lures if not my favorite top water lure of. All time is the original spook there weren't very. Many of these popping Sal walking baits on the market at least. Icould find that were readily available. That was very happy to see. That a company that was so available like Hedden came out with. This lure haven't one type of work house for seven dollars. And 59 cents which is. Igot them from you can see. Ihave two different sizes. This larger and the smaller. On the large version comes in a length of four point. Or I'm sorry for and 7/8 inches. And has a weight of. One ounce and it's a top part of floating lower obviously just like the smaller version but. It has a length of three. And a half inches and a weight of a half an ounce.

    Both have a rattle in them the larger. One actually has what seems like a dedicated chamber here towards the rear there's actually two chambers there's. That is like a balancing chamber. That has a ball bearing in. And then there's one just forward of. One right here it says chuggins booth the. That the ball that's rolling back. And forth there that's the rattle to. You move this thing through the water. It actually has that nice. That nice rattle sound. Ican't see in the smaller version but. Ican only imagine that the. That sound you hear that's rattling around in there it's probably. More like this super spooky junior which in fact is the same exact size. Iactually prefer this smaller size super-smooth jr over the larger.

    It just seems to get but a little bit. More I'm gonna go over. Some features of. This lure it would be lack of features. Because there's really not much going on with. You can see it has a three-dimensional holographic Dyess. It says chug and spook jr there on the back. Itypically don't care too much for these hooks. That come on the head. And lures there I believe. They were made by Excalibur they're like a rotating tx3. Something like I mean they're okay they're not plated with. Anything and you can see. That there they call them. That rotating because. You look at the hook closely you'll see. That it's actually canted to the side it's supposed to. Either be able to penetrate the fish's hop mouth easier. Or hold on to the fish a little bit better I'm not quite sure.

    Inormally replace the stock coach with. These black nickel-plated hooks. These I believe are Gamakatsu hooks. One of the main differences. Isaw in this through a. Iwas fishing with it sat in the water for those of. That fish a normal spook in. This case a super spooky junior you'll notice. They sit slightly canted in the water for some people just starting out top water fishing you might find it a slightly difficult to walk. This through you actually have to pop. It to get it up on plane. And then start working it. You don't get a really good rhythm going with. It you'll end up fighting it. It wants to sit tail down into the water the difference between the newer lures. Or the chuck in spoof is. It actually sits almost perfectly horizontal in the water it's probably just a little bit easier to walk in the water man.

    That your generations standard spoon as. You expect this lure cast really well which shouldn't be a surprise. Because it's just very aerodynamic looking and it's smooth. And it's scale weighted. You can see it's all painted over the line tied. Ilit there I use a loop knot. These lures it gets a little bit. More freedom of movement the stiffness of the fishing line. You may use doesn't interfere with. It's sachet in the water. This lure is called okie shad the color. That is at least a chartreuse back its kind of transparent it's a little pink. It has kind of hologram partition in the forward part of.

    This one's called baby bass. And the interesting thing about. This lure is it actually looks different on tap workouts. It back I'll just go ahead. And show you on my phone there on my phone you'll look at baby bass. It shows you just a different color altogether. What you're looking at with. This not to be confused with Florida bass. They have a bass but flora basses is actually transparent. You can see through. That baby bass actually has a black. And olive back to it black lateral line kind of off-white pearl white belly there which is going to be the business end of. This lure there's not a bunch of rolling going on with. This work I look at these lures. Ican't help but get slightly sentimental just because of the fact. This was actually the first top water lure. Iuse to effectively catch bass. It was actually one of the first top water lures.

    If not the first top order lure. Iuse to learn how to do. That sachet walk the dog action. They have the chugging spook with. That cup mouth it can't help but just love. One as well I didn't speak about the its effectiveness as far. It pops in the water it's certainly as. You would expect throws. More water with that open mouth. That goes without saying just because of the nature of how. You work this baby that's really. Ihave to say about. This lure it's not a bunch going on with. Imean it's got a rattle it's got a cup mount it's got hooks. That are not very good. And it'll flat-out catchy fish. And they're available. And they're not very expensive. You guys like the video please hit the like button. That helps out a lot. If you're not a subscriber to subscribe to my channel. And that's gonna give. You the direct line to. All of my new videos. Ihave coming out you guys can check. Me out on Facebook and Instagram. This wall you guys have.

    Any comments or questions. You can leave those down below there's a lot of people. That watch these videos so there's a lot of people out there. That could answer questions. Imay not be able to answer for you especially. Something out stay tuned for the next review. Idon't know what we're gonna do next. It will almost certainly be. Some kind of top water lure stay tuned for those hopefully I'll have those out in the next couple days you.

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