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Magpul PMAG® 10-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm Magazine Magpul Zhukov Handguard Magpul MOE® AK+ Grip Magpul AK PMAG® 30-Round Magazine Magpul MOE® AKM Hand Guard Tapco AK Magazine Promag™ Ak-47 Magazines Magpul PMAG® 30 AK/AKM GEN M3 Magazine Magpul MagLink® PMAG® 30-Round AK/AKM Coupler Magpul MOE® AK Stock Magpul MOE® AK Hand Guard Magpul Zhukov-S Yugo Stock Magpul PMAG® 20-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm Magazine Magpul MOE AK-47/AK-74 Grip
Magpul PMAG® 10-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm MagazineMagpul Zhukov HandguardMagpul MOE® AK+ GripMagpul AK PMAG® 30-Round MagazineMagpul MOE® AKM Hand GuardTapco AK MagazinePromag™ Ak-47 MagazinesMagpul PMAG® 30 AK/AKM GEN M3 MagazineMagpul MagLink® PMAG® 30-Round AK/AKM CouplerMagpul MOE® AK StockMagpul MOE® AK Hand GuardMagpul Zhukov-S Yugo StockMagpul PMAG® 20-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm MagazineMagpul MOE AK-47/AK-74 Grip
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Magpul PMAG® 10-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm Magazine

  • Impact- and crush-resistant all-polymer body
  • Ribbed gripping surfaces and aggressive texture for positive handling
  • Constant-curve internal geometry translates to smooth feeds
  • Anti-tilt, low-friction self-lubricating follower for optimum reliability
  • Paint-pen dot matrix panels on the bottom allow identification marking

Magpul’s PMAG 10-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm Magazine is a lightweight, highly reliability 10-round polymer magazine designed for Kalashnikov pattern rifles in 7.62x39mm. The impact- and crush-resistant all-polymer body features ribbed gripping surfaces and aggressive texture on front and back for positive handling. Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding. Anti-tilt, low-friction self-lubricating follower for optimum reliability. Paint-pen dot matrix panels on the bottom of the body allows identification marking. Removable, flared floorplate aids magazine handling and is super easy to disassemble for maintenance. Equipped with a long-lasting stainless steel spring. Made in USA.

Ijust got this bad boy out of the package as. You can see it's its very similar to the third-generation PMAG for the AR platform it's its got the little spot here. You can identify your magazine it's made out of strong new materials. That so yeah Midway USA. They just came out the new magazine had. Some issues in the past with magazines not. One to load into my gun so. Ithought I'd give the mag bulls a try they've always been good in the past running them to ARs. Anything else so typical mag bullet loads right up no problem in the past I've had tap codes. And other magazines I'm not sure the brand just would not load. Iwasn't sure it was my gun. Or the magazine that was giving me the trouble so. It turns out I think the guns just fine. This is just loaded right up no problem at. It goes right in there it's uh. Ithink it's going to be fine I'm not shot with them. What I'm gonna do that today I've had the tap codes. And they've they'll load but just not as good as the Magpul so. And the TEP CO's actually. They wouldn't hardly load at. All I've messed with him enough.

Iprobably got them broke in war in. Whatever to they will accept. It into my gun but the Magpul has been great. And just like anything else Magpul have ever bought works perfect, so I'm gonna shoot a. Few times here and let's see. How well they work. All right so few loaded up here run a. Few here they go well as. You can see it worked perfect just as. Iexpected Magpul can't go wrong for the price probably the best Maggie can get for $13 so anyway. You need magazines I recommend them alright. Idecided I throw in a 30 round mag dump see. All the way out says. She goes have a text message perfect work like a charm go out.

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Magpul Zhukov Handguard

  • Perfectly suited for modern shooting techniques
  • Strong aluminum chassis adds heat dispersion
  • Injection-molded exterior for superior ergonomics
  • M-LOK slots optimize accessory attachment

Perfectly suited for modern shooting techniques, Magpul's Zhukov Handguard leaves the shortcomings of the traditional AK forearm far behind. Aluminum chassis delivers strength and heat dispersion. Fully functional, injection-molded exterior offers superior ergonomics and shooting comfort. M-LOK slots optimize accessory attachment. Works with the Ultimak gas-tube rail for optics mounting. Made in USA.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Our stop recording oh stop recording hey what's going on guys I'm Chris. This is regular guy training so first. And foremost if wind starts becoming a little bit of a problem on the audio. Iapologize all are just gonna have to deal with. It there is nowhere. Iwent so far that doesn't have a lot of wind in. It beside of my couch. Nobody likes to see. Me on my couch, so we're gonna be out here. And we're going to talk about. This today and I'm just going to raise my voice to combat the wind a little bit so here's. What we're looking at right in the last video. Idid about it was reviewing the rifle right. This is a Arsenal Sam 7sf. That video and in the ones prior to. It a bazillion people asked. Me about the long hand yard from Magpul on the a K. They wanted me to know. What my thoughts were about. That kind of deal so. What I'm gonna do now is I'm going to go ahead. And talk about right so here's the thing I don't want. This video in any way to be perceived. This hand guard right. Ireally I really don't. Iactually I actually completely understand why it's designed the way. It strengths really shine. They really do but it does have. Some weaknesses and stuff like. That so we're going to talk about. Now right first thing we're gonna go over stuff. Iliked about it first thing I like having the extension okay. Ilike having the ability to get out just a little bit further so. Ican get in control of.

More things out front of the gun. Because as you can probably tell the hand guard for most aks stops about here. Ihave longer arms so it's kind of nice to have a little bit a little bit greater reach. It doesn't feel like I'm getting choked up on the gun really hard at. Any point in all honesty there's a lot of regular length aka hand guards out there. That are kind of thin. Ipersonally prefer fatter ones mostly. You away from the hot components. This gun does start to heat up. It does okay because a long-stroke piston design in the gun not only is. It a little nose heavy but pretty much every but pretty much. Everything up in here starts getting pretty hot like not enough to fry good optics. And stuff like that like. This like this rmr which by the way I'm really digging on.

This set up like a lot but it's enough to notice. And sometimes it's enough to have to get your hands off a lot of guys end up wearing doing the Michael Jackson thing and wearing a single glove so. They can deal with what's going on up here as well as do thumb reloads from bak itself. You start doing a lot of them. Idon't care like how tough your hands are. You sat there and did 400 reloads. And dry fire practice without a glove it's going to start to hurt I'm sorry that's just. It is so I really do enjoy. That having the extension. Ireally enjoy the heat shielding in the hand guard as well. Because as you can probably tell it is a. And it's a non free-floating hand guard right but the heat shielding that's in. It is fantastic it does a great job of insulating heat away from your hand. And venting it out in places. That help you out the. Most I've dropped a bunch of magazines back-to-back through. This gun at once on multiple occasions. And maybe it's it was cold.

Or outside something but. Ididn't notice heat building up at. Any point which is something to be said on. It of its own accord. It is colder outside. You do notice everything starting to heat up quite a bit on other types of hand guards here so the heat insulation. And the fact it doesn't like to stay hot. It bleeds out here really good. That so the extension. And the heat shielding is fantastic right. And realistically speaking if you're looking into. This hand guard if the following drawbacks don't really bother. And of itself sells. This thing because it does exactly. What it's designed to do. It is there to be a really good hand guard it's designed to be a really good heat shield.

And it's designed to give. You greater extension on the gun itself. Now there are a couple of drawbacks to. This number and it's especially problematic on. This individual rifle in order to mount. This hand guard to the gun right. You have to cut off the retainer for stock hand guard right. That a big deal to some well. It depends on really this thing forces. You to cut that retainer off. And then via a bracing system. You can't really see on the inside of. This there's there's assembly videos. Or installation videos already out on YouTube. That show how to install. This thing there's a set of races. That hook up to the barrel itself right. Another thing that happens is. If you're using it in conjunction with like ultimate.

Something that's a lot of stuff bolted to the barrel of your gun. That going to wreak havoc on your accuracy. And stuff well you saw the accuracy testing from the Sam 7 review to a point no. It doesn't really but as far as mechanically speaking it does impact a performance of your individual barrel right again not a lot. And especially if you're making this just like a red dot sporting rifle. And you're using it to just fight with generally. And your and your individual preference is like 300. And in with it doesn't bother. Something to consider. That retainer off two things are gonna happen. Either a you're stuck with. This hand guard or B you're going to buy you're gonna have to buy a bolt on retainer in case.

You want to swap the thing out at a later date. Either the shorter version of. Something else another con then. It definitely has is. That it's heavier than then a shorter hand yarn. That should be self-explanatory but it's not — a lot of guys. You know a lot of times people will bolt stuff on in their gun. And it's one of those deals. Where it's like they don't really notice the sum of the total parts as far as weight is concerned. And then when they're done they're like holy crap. This rifle is really dense. This does not help all but then again that's kind of the nature of the beast. Most hand guards that are in long form on a case add not. Even so much a lot of weight but enough nose weight to notice right so stuff. That helps to balance the gun out like a stock. And a good grip that kinda gets nullified for the. Most part and there's still times. When I'm out here just doing a lot of drills.

And stuff I noticed myself doing this number a lot. If you're out with any rifle for several hours. Or just walking around with. You haven't slung up for long periods of time it's going to start feeling heavy. This guy starts to feel heavy her faster right so it's really. One of those deals you have to weigh those pros. And cons if there are guys out there. That don't like the idea of a bolt-on hand guard retainer. Icertainly understand. Where you're coming from. Ireally do a lot of guys just don't like bolt on retainers because of how. They look because it's like a it's like a clamp system. You see bolts on either side. It takes a set screw to make sure. Everything stays and there's a bunch of Loctite it's just. More screws to pay attention to. Icompletely understand. And of itself might turn. Some people away from. This hand guard I get right so. You know end of day.

Ithink personally with. All the shooting that I've done with. This so far and realistically speaking it's not like. Ispent a year with. This hand guard anything like. That but I have spent just a little over two thousand rounds. This thing is insanely fun to shoot. Ispent a little over 2000 rounds with. This hand guard on board the gun. What I'm gonna tell. You write me personally. Me personally because I'm used to I'm used to just. You know the some of the drawbacks to the shorter hand yards. And that's just the shorter hand guard to give. You a shorter extension. And sometimes you have to peel your hands away from stuff like Ultimax. And things like that is to deal with heat. Me personally I'm used to. Ipersonally like just the fact.

That there aren't once's out front on the negative portion of the weight bias. You know so me personally I'm gonna unbolt. This thing offs on my gun I'm probably gonna go to Carolina alla fitters. Whatever that websites called. And get a bolt on retainer for it so. Ican replace this probably with. Some Russian redwood just. Because a wood is a really good insulator for heat in the first place. And be its lighter. You know so that's really on a personal preference type deal. You know with this hand guard here. Imean there's there's a love-hate relationship from guys. That own and the reviews on. It is very polarizing some guys love.

Some guys hate what I will say. You really do need to pay attention to. If you're digging this. You want it looks at. You want it does much monster. This morning if you want. It is make sure you apply the braces. That clamp the hand guard to the barrel make sure. That you're applying lock tight okay. They are gonna get very hot because of climate irreparable. And it's dependent on those things to keep the hand guard attached to the gun okay so don't try to torque them into oblivion but do use. Some Loctite when you're using a lock tight a lot of guys don't know. This little tip also apply thread lock. Or to the screws and a lot of guys want thread Locker into the surface. That they're mounting something into as well. What you can do is you can just apply Loctite to the threads of the little allen screw.

Whatever this is like a poster board I'm gonna play a lot of Loctite to those threads of. That screw start to screw in. And then unscrew it screws back in unscrew. And then start your tightening process. That locked out on all the screws just so. That the thread Locker that's in the screws it's a healthy dose on the threads of what you're essentially bolting. That screw into right. And it's another thing. You really want to pay attention to one. This particular rifle. This is a portion these screws are bolted again to the barrel of the rifle. You could probably surmise. They get a lot of heat. They get a lot of vibration. That kind of you know. You want if the cons. Imentioned are not really big cons to. You like you got a shorter Warsaw length stock. You have longer arms. Whatever you really dig. You like its heat shielding and the extra capabilities. It gives you the ability to mount stuff to the actual rail really that's. Igot to say it's one of those things.

Where it's like I acknowledge. This thing is awesome. It does its job it does exactly. What it's designed to do. It very well however I'm not going to have. It on the gun anymore because of the cons. Imentioned right it does add. Some nose weight and I'm not a huge fan of. It does feel a little um. It does feel a little awkward in. That's because there's extra weight up front. Because it's its nice and long. It feels like this whole section right here is a telephone pole so. It feels like I'm nice and slow. When I'm swinging from. One place to another so for me personally. Iwant to just go with a. More traditional hand guard that's my opinion. You know so that means. Something to you is up to.

You to decide so that's. Igot really guys now check. This out more glasses on the way. Iunderstand you guys are beating me over the head with a lot of things. What I'm working out. Now is I'm starting to worry about starting to travel a little. More westward right. Iwas talking to guys about. What they would feel about a Nevada class. This other shit I was then inundated with a bazillion messages. That we're at and also stuff. That will come but there are other there are other people. That I've reached out to. That are going to start pushing me a little bit further westward so guys. That want training in various places. That are on the other side of the coast from. Ilive that's the Tennessee. You know places like Montana. And shit like and that's coming however there's other stuff that's coming in before. That right like you look on the website. And I'll provide a link for. We have a low light no light only class. You can get a lot of reps with a pistol in the dark we're doing.

That at Bud's gun shop which is great. We can essentially turn the lights off at will. We don't have to work at weird hours. That kind of thing so. We can do a lot of that their performance pistol is coming up also at the same place. And that's a and that's a further faster. More accurate techniques for efficiency kind of pistol class versus the marshal side of the house which is. What we do most of the time right. One of those classes. That really emphasizes individual skills. How to go faster in a calculated way. Than just trying to be fidgety. That stuff and it's a really good it's a really good place to finally be able to go full speed. And that's encouraged right. We can develop how to graduate. What full speed means for you. That so that's a great class that's coming up that's also worrying in a towards the pistol. We have the shotgun class in Louisiana Camp creep. It a little bit more Western. One slot open early April class. Or pistol — and that's an Arkansas.

More stuff that's that's coming up we're going to Maine again for a pistol. One into class that will be in September so there's a lot of stuff open I'm looking for more rifle classes. And stuff like that coming up so just stay updated with. You have any questions. You know you can go in the comments. You can shoot me for those of. You who have like my contact information. Or my email which is. Provided on the website. Or for those that want to host. Is right that have individual ranges. That want to know what it takes to host. Us in various locations. What you can do is you can message. Me about it we'll get together. And we'll start talking back. And forth on how we can make. That happen so there. You know all those opportunities are there. You want to donate to. Us through patreon that's great. That money to train a lot of people military folks. And stuff like that that just don't have the budget to go do.

It themselves we take them from. We take them from the unit. We pay for their flight their food their ammo. And a lot of times we provide gear so. They can come out and train for us so. That money goes is straight to them. And there's a benefit for you guys there too there's a there's a two-tier system in there. One is pretty self-explanatory the other. One isn't as much for $35 a month essentially. You can come out and train with. Is as much as you want for as long as. You want so long as you're signed up to $35 a month. You look at our full price on what you call. It on the website that's actually pretty easy to do. Some math on and figure out holy crap. This is a steal so there's a little bit of back. And forth on who that benefits so. You don't want to do. You just want to throw a nickel at. One time or a dime. Something it goes a lot further. You realize so there's. We also have a discussion page on Facebook a lot of guys on their well over 16000 people go.

And converse on various things. And ask various questions on different topics. And there's a lot of smart guys providing good. And serves in different perspectives. Because I'm not always right in my opinion is a opinion not the opinion so there's. And essentially that's in. You like this hand guard really giving us give it a spin but acknowledge its faults acknowledge the scaling system on your pros vs cons figure out which so glad being said guys remember a regular guys firearm is the last defense against tyranny.

And sliding the hand guard retainer forward in. Most cases you'll need to use a hammer. And a nylon or brass drift punch for this with the gun field stripped. Now begin installation the first step is to cut the hand guard retainer so. That the aluminum rail can be installed. This should be done by a competent gunsmith. Someone with experience using power tools again it's important to note. That the original hand guard will no longer fit. Once the retainers cut wrap. Some electricians tape around the area to protect the barrel in case your cutting tool slips. And wear gloves as the retainer will likely heat up during cutting now. You can begin cutting the retainer cut about 80% of the way through in two locations then carefully finish cut. One spot then bend the cut portion out of the way.

And remove the retainer from the barrel next grab your Zhukov hand guard to remove the aluminum heat shield from the polymer she'll slide the lower unthreaded clamp halves into the heat shield. And then place the heat shield into position on the barrel. And insert the screws through. We can position the upper threaded clamp halves. And begin to tighten the screws at. This point we want them installed loosely so the assembly can slide freely on the barrel. Now slide the hand guard onto the shield being sure to align the tabs on. Either side before tightening the heat shield clamps down fully be sure to inspect the installation. Both sides of the unit should be equally spaced from the upper portion of the gas block make sure the holes are aligned on the hand guard.

And the heat shield then attach the screws on. Both sides of the hand guard. Once you're sure things are ready to go begin to tighten the clamps using an alternating pattern to ensure the screws do not strip. Or warp the clamp next we'll remove the upper hand guard from the gas tube. Most easily done by lightly clamping the tube. And a padded vise rotate the hand guard 180 degrees. And pull it off the polymer replacement is installed in the opposite fashion. Now put the gas tube back in place. And reassemble the rifle test for function. And you're ready to go the Zhukov hand guard for Magpul is a rugged. And functional replacement part for your a K firearm. And like all products sold by Brown ells it's backed by our 100% unconditional forever satisfaction guarantee you.

That you're going to basically have to cut off. If it's not a removable bottom plate. You can have to Dremel off. This portion because with the Magpul grip. You can't have this portion on here is the way the new Magpul grip goes. It slides on a bracket. This part can't be here on the bottom so. You have a movable one you're going to take. That off you have a fixed. That came with your Russian kind of made. Or Bulgarian made a que. You can have to actually cut. That off versus this converted Saiga. You can just unscrew. It will just come right up Zhukov aka hand guard for Magpul the bracket. You couldn't have this other bottom part. It sits on the receiver like so. These four holes here is. It basically mounts to the firearm itself. These brackets on the inside which goes around the barrel. And that's it secures itself in there.

These little brackets down here go around the barrel portion down here so be wise. That actually take off the gas tube so. You can actually work in with the barrel. This bracket right here is threaded. This other one is not make sure. You check both of these. Because the threaded. One goes on top and the unthreaded goes on the bottom otherwise. We won't go in smoothly it's basically. One of these is going to go on the top portion of the barrel. And then the other half is going to go inside of the rail like so hey. This portion started. You just line up the hand guard up here to the corresponding section so.

It just slides in like so. You need to have this in a vise. Because you're going to have to torque. This around so that it'll basically be 180 degrees the opposite direction do. This is just since it's in the vise. You can just hand twist. It until it's lined up correctly okay. This bracket tightened down so. That it's relatively snug make sure. You don't actually tighten down. All the screws until. You have the hand guard on like so. You need to actually slowly tighten. This to make sure that the gap in between the gas tube is actually. Because otherwise it might can't. One side or to the other. You have it evenly spaced in between the gas block. And the hand guard from here. You want to make sure. Everything stays as. It should and then. You could tighten down. Idid in a crisscross pattern just so. That the screws would pull down on the bracket evenly on.

Both sides everything back together. And it's time to the safety check just to make sure. Everything works again doesn't fire alright everything's good to go but. This is a lot better. Than the fork is before with the old quad rail. You can only go up so far along with. You can get almost to the top of the barrel we're getting some range time with. This hand guard I'm really grown to liking this hand guard over the standard kind of quad rails. And other shorter hand yards. That only go up to this portion having. That extra half greatly enhances the grip. And just the feel of the aka overall been the review of the Magpul Zubkov ak hand guard please like subscribe. And share and make sure.

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Itouched the mark up with. Some barbecues grill paint to prevent. It from rusting and then let. It dries before I continued the system includes the extended polymer hand guard four long screws. And two short ones two two-piece barrel clamps. And the heat shield and/or chassis. Whatever you want to call. It the chassis has four holes in the bottom of. And a short rail in the back. And long rail in the front which the hand guard slides into. And is secured by the barrel clamps have a threaded half. And a non-threaded half start by dropping the non-threaded halves of the barrel clamps into the chassis overtop the holes in the bottom next push the four long screws through the bottom of the chassis. And through the non threaded halves of the barrel clients with the long rail of the chassis towards the muzzle fit the chassis under the barrel of your rifle.

And seat the threaded halves with the barrel clamps over top the protruding screws. And begin threading the screws into the barrel clamps until their hand tight using a 1/8 inch hex wrench tighten. Or loosen the screws enough to. Where the barrel clamps are snug but loose enough to. You can still move the chassis up. And down the barrel. You have a large diameter muzzle device you'll. Most likely need to remove. It to fit the hand guard over the muzzle so begin to slide the polymer hand guard over the chassis from the muzzle end you'll notice. That there are polymer tabs inside the hand guard with the center in front. They line up and right inside the rails at the chassis so make sure they're lined up correctly as. You push the hand guard on. If done correctly a hole in the hand guard will line up with a threaded hole in the chassis using the same 1/8 inch hex wrench thread the two small screws into the chassis to secure the hand guard onto.

It the hand guard and chassis are. One unit but should still be loose on the barrel. And there should be. Some side-to-side play in. It to secure the hand guard to the barrel make sure there is equal space between the hand guard. And gas block on each side. And then begin tightening the barrel clamp screws in an alternating pattern through vents in the bottom of the hand guard until. They are firmly tight note. That the chassis system will not be resting against the receiver. And there should be a gap between the two. When the hand guard is installed next remove your old gas tube cover by twisting it 180 degrees. And then pulling it off the gas tube note. This is optional you can just as well use your old gas tube cover. You wish install the new Magpul gas tube cover in the reverse order by pushing it down. And then using a wrench. Something to help you twist. It into place note I had to stand down. One end of the gas tube cover to make. It works reinstall the gas tube reassemble your rifle.

And the installation is. Now complete okay everyone loves on the a are doing the extending your arm out. All the way and doing the whole cool-guy crisscross the c-clamp thing it does stabilize the rifle a little bit better. When you're shooting rapid fire mm-hmm but there's a problem with. It use this Zhukov hand guard on the a K I'm going to show. That is okay that holy shit out okay so as. You see I've got a good nice powder burn on my hand there. Because the gas port on the gas block on the a K is actually. It vents out right where your hand is. You extend your hand out like. That so are you going to feel. It in the middle of a gun battle. When the life or death are on the line no. Some gloves on will. You feel that would help but. It is there so just be aware of. It go to is it going to kill. It go it's going to leave. Any permanent damage no.

Either so you just kind of got to get used to. Or wear gloves one thing I'm sure is a natural thought upon seeing something clamped to a barrel is will. This negatively affect the accuracy of the rifle who knows so let's find out okay, so we're at 50 yards I'm just using iron sights my aiming point is kind of obscure so it's not the easiest thing to see. Ithink about it looks like. Most of the most of the shots are within an inch. We had a flyer. And a half I would say but. It looks like it's performing about the same using Red Army standard regular Seedcase ammo performing the same as. Ihad the regular hand guards on their so for those of. You who are worried about possibly the bear clamps having a negative effect on the accuracy. Iwould say you shouldn't worry about. It looks like it's pretty good to go ladies gentlemen the Magpul Zhukov extended length hand guard they're an ass very sweet. You have any questions comments concerns please feel free to leave them below don't forget to subscribe.

And remember if you're in the market for a new firearm. If you're looking to buy. Or sell check out arms as calm as well from. Us Farms is calm this is robbed take care. And thanks for watching

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Magpul MOE® AK+ Grip

  • Rubber overmolding promotes a good grip, even in wet weather
  • Long-lasting reinforced polymer body
  • Hard-polymer bottom for snag-free drawing

Made with a reinforced polymer body and wrap-around rubber overmolding, Magpul's MOE AK+ Grip is long lasting and facilitates weapon control in adverse conditions. Hard-polymer bottom edge reduces equipment snags. Fits both milled and stamped receivers, including those with grip reinforcement plates. Includes a basic grip cap but accepts Storage Cores (not included). 1.2" thick. All mounting hardware included. Made in USA.
Ht: 4.1".
Wt: 3.1 oz.
Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hey what's going on guys on cd5. Iam here to talk about the brand-new from mag pol ammo ESL grip. And Magpul just announced their mo ESL Series accessories which includes the butt stock the grip. And the hand guards. You can see there it's a little bit different look it's a little bit slimmer. What I think the SL stands for of course. It doesn't say you guys can tell. Ithink it's slim and lightweight. And I'm going to go over the grip specifically. You guys who have been watching my channel know. That my favorite grip is the mag Pole. Ireally like the grippy rubberized texture. Now opening this up the SL grip the first thing I notice is. It is very mo es k-- so it's a standard hard polymer. And very grippy texture see. Ican get the macro vision on. That but it is quite an aggressive texture there is no storage that's. Ithink the lightweight comes in to saving some weight there but. What I really like I was actually surprised. II seriously thought. Ifound the perfect grip with the MOA plus but. This is a little bit slimmer in the rear here. What I mean by that is for a guy like. Me with small little girly hands. This does feel very nice. It is slimmer in this portion here. It does feel nice I am going to take. This off and I'm going to compare the difference so just give.

One second and I'm going to take. This mo E+ off my rifle here. This is the new SL grip. This is the MOA plus. This is the Magpul k2. What it is most similar to the main difference being the width for sure as. You can see it is a lot thinner. It also is much slimmer in. This area here that that allows for me to get up a lot higher actually up on the grip the texturing is about the same. This is horizontal lining here for the grip. More horizontal and vertical same in the front there too but as. You can see the it is much thinner just to give. You an idea on the grip angle I'll go ahead. And just kind of set. This one here at the angle. It would be so the SL grip is. More of a vertical then let's say the Emily plus as. You can see there I would say. It is just about the exact same to the K to the K — might be a little bit.

More vertical so there's my overview of the brand-new Magpul mo ESL grip. And just a recap there's no storage. It is thinner it is lighter very grippy texture. It does have a more vertical grip angle. Then say a mo we grip but as. You can see it is much thinner. And I'm actually I really like. Ido like you guys want. More information on. This make sure to check out Magpul comm. Ihave the link below in the description box thanks for watching guys have a good day.

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Magpul AK PMAG® 30-Round Magazine

  • Rugged, lightweight and crush-resistant polymer construction
  • Constant-curve internal geometry provides smooth feeding
  • Anti-tilt self-lubricating follower and stainless steel spring for reliability
  • Aggressive front and rear textures for secure grip

Magpul's AK PMAG 30-Round Magazine offers reliable feed for Kalashikov pattern rifles in 7.62x39mm. Sports a durable, lightweight and crush-resistant polymer construction. Constant-curve internal geometry provides smooth feeding, while the anti-tilt self-lubricating follower and long-lasting stainless steel spring reduce jamming. Aggressive front and rear textures for a sure grip. Removable floorplate aids in disassembly. Made in USA.
Colors: Black, Sand.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Magpul MOE® AKM Hand Guard

Upgrade your standard AKM-pattern rifle hand guard to Magpul's MOE AKM Hand Guard. A direct replacement for rifles with a front sling loop on the retainer, the hand guard features an extended grip, integrated heat shield, M-LOK mounting capability and replacement gas tube cover. Made in USA.
Color: Black.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Tapco AK Magazine

  • Rugged AK-47 magazines
  • Horizontal grooves for improved gripping
  • Anti-tilt follower prevents loads from jamming

The Tapco AK magazine offers the most advanced technology to feed your Kalashnikov. Horizontal exterior grooves offer unique styling and an excellent gripping surface. The heavy-duty spring has an anti-tilt component for increased reliability. Constructed of reinforced composite with a metal floor plate. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA.
Available: 10, 20, 30 Round Magazine.
Color: Black.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Cap codes introduced an ache a magazine 30 rounder in a composite material with a steel for plate. These magazines are incredibly durable. And just very reliable tepco products are made here in the USA. This magazine which is only 7 ounces compared to the old steel ak magazines which are 12 ounces so you're saving yourself. Some weight also with. This neat design it really modernizes the ak rifle. One of the things I noticed. Ifirst bought the magazine. Ipulled it in my gun. It was a little just a little tough going in the first couple of times but after a. It just seemed to mold to the magwell. And it's actually a lot easier to release. Than the standard steel magazines. These are just really great composite like. They have a lifetime guarantee on them. You can register your products at Taco good solid to be honest with. Ifirst got I had to do. This about three or four times but after doing. It started really honing in sometimes. It wouldn't quite catch on. This back here You can see from the composite design it's a reinforced composite material. And a very neat modernized design the spring is a heavy-duty Springs.

And it's very smooth. And has an anti tilt follower which a piece comes down to keep. It from canting forward which happens a lot of times with military style rifle kepco thirty round mag nice floor plate steel for plate good positive always good to bounce. Now retail price from Taco is $1799. You know you can hardly find old use surplus magazines for. That price and to be honest with. Ibelieve this is a much better magazine. You can find this probably online a lot cheaper which. Ipersonally did but. You know the thing is too is. You feed these in the magazine release is. Even easier to manipulate with. Than the old steel magazines. This counts for three compliance parts. That has to do with imported rifle so check your local laws. That California Massachusetts New Jersey in New York.

You are not allowed they're not allowed to ship. These to those states but I'll probably be doing a video on the 922 compliance statutes. And kind of give you clear. That up but I'm gonna have to do a little bit. More study but you know. These came with 30 round magazines. And they're just great awesome magazines. Something a little extra. Iwant to put in here on. This video you are subscribed to love my bench made. And his channel was hacked. And he's had to start his channel over again he's uploading a lot his old videos, so I'm gonna leave the link in the sidebar but it's instead of love it's. Now Lu V my bench made so but like. Isaid I'll have you know subscribe to his channel. You don't know about his channel it's an excellent channel so tell him.

Itold him I was going to help him out. Because he's been going through a lot of trouble to get. This really uploaded but it's well worth the effort love my bench mate please subscribe for more fun gun reviews. And sensible survival god bless america long live the Republic

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Promag™ Ak-47 Magazines

The ProMag AK-47 Magazine is constructed of a proprietary DuPont® Zytel™-based polymer to ensure a long service life. Spring is heat-treated, chrome-silicon wire for consistently smooth feeding. Made in USA.
Available: 20, 30 and 40-round capacities

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Magpul PMAG® 30 AK/AKM GEN M3 Magazine

  • Holds 30 rounds
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Military-grade durability

Lightweight and highly reliable, Magpul's PMAG 30 AK/AKM Gen M3 Magazine makes an excellent primary or extra magazine for your 7.62x39 Kalashnikov-pattern rifle (AK-47, AKM, AKS SIG556R and others). Steel-reinforced locking lugs and front spine, removable floorplate, constant-curve geometry and a high-reliability/low-friction follower provide military-grade durability. Holds 30 rounds. Counts as three U.S. compliance parts for 922r. Made in USA.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The Magpul 30 Round AK MOE PMAG is their first foray into the AK47 magazine platform with. All the same features you've come to know. And love from their AR15 PMAGS Lightweight. And highly reliable. These 30 round polymer magazines were crafted for 762x39 Kalashnikov pattern rifles. And feature a removable floor plate constant curve geometry. And a low friction follower The follower is self-lubricating for increased reliability The magazine also features a paint pen dot matrix for easy magazine identification The floor plate design allows for easy disassembly for any cleaning or maintenance. That may be neededAnd like. All products sold by Brown ells the Magpul AK PMAG's are backed by our 100% unconditional forever satisfaction guarantee.

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Magpul MagLink® PMAG® 30-Round AK/AKM Coupler

Always have a backup ready to go with Magpul's MagLink PMAG 30-Round AK/AKM Coupler. This coupler fits 7.62x39mm PMAG 30-round AK/AKM MOR® and GEN M3™ magazines. Impact-resistant polymer has the same extreme durability that Magpul products are known for. Two-piece, bolt-on design won't flex under load. Integral grooves interface with your magazines to eliminate slippage. Made in USA.
Wt: 2.8 oz.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Magpul MOE® AK Stock

  • The same wedge-block fitment as the Zhukov-S stock
  • Fixed stock provides internal storage
  • Recoil-absorbing rubber butt pad adds comfort

Built with solid construction and ingenuity, the Magpul MOE AK Stock will enhance your stamped-reciever rifle. Boasts the same wedge-block fitment as the Zhukov-S stock. This fixed stock provides internal storage, QD sling-swivel placement and a recoil-absorbing rubber butt pad.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Yo what's up dudes I figured I'd bring you guys along on my journey here I'm doing a little bit of a kind of updating of my a que fighting rifle project here. This particular I'm kind of updating it basically kind of changing a. Few things improving on a. Few of the parts I have I'm upgrading upgraded a. Few things like put a flash hider light. That stuff I'm going to put. It in to end up putting the different red dot on. It I'll make a separate video for. Once I'm complete but kind of today.

The first step is I'm going to put the Magpul mo e ake a stock on there. And along with kind of enhancing some of the. I guess features of. This gun and updating some stuff I'm it's definitely going on a diet I'm going to lighten. It up a little bit so the first thing I'm going to go ahead. And do is put on the mo a Magpul stock it's a little bit lighter. Than the Arsenal on the cave are there's. Nothing wrong with it's very solid it's. It served me well but. Ijust wanted to lighten. And a little bit these are pretty ergonomic I've buddy mine has a. Ithink it's a DDI rifle with the Magpul furniture. Ireally liked his mo e stock so plus. They look pretty bad ass on top of. It that's kind of the first thing um. This isn't really going to be a install video. Ijust kind of wanted to show. You a little bit about. It's very solid I say it's lightweight has a little bit of a pad back here. It has kind of like the downward angled.

I guess shooters cut for you know those of. Us who wear chest rigs. And armor which I always wear chest rig. And speaking of armor. Ijust ordered me a set of body armor so that's pretty cool. We will get that in a. Few weeks one interesting thing is. It does have this section right here. That pops off from a store cleaning kit. Anything actually I will probably store. Some extra batteries for this surefire weapon mounted light on there that's kind of neat again of course. You can get like different sizes of. Where they're taller so. It increases the size. Or the height of the comb I'm not going to be really interested in. That sense I'm just going to be running a primary arms microdot but. It has your QD mounts on. Either side which are neat. Iwon't use I'll just run my SOE two-point bungee swing through there. It uses your existing tang on your rifle. It kind of just has like.

I look like a wedge block system in here of course. It comes with all the tools. And the hardware you need so that's. Another great thing about mag pools. They give everything you need including the tools so again. This isn't going to be an install video. Ijust kind of wanted to show. You guys this before. It on here we'll see. What it looks like so be back in a minute. All right before this back together. Ikind of wanted to show. You guys hopefully I can get in here close enough in the Lighting's good enough. You can see there screw right there at the very bottom inside the panel of the stock that's kind of what controls your wedge.

That goes into the receiver. That helps it kind of line up properly since different receivers different manufacturers countries of origin. They are you know you have different size tolerances of receiver. And there's your two Tang screws. One right there one right there, so I'd say. All a pretty easy installation there's a couple of sections. It definitely wanted to fight. You a little bit stuff sliding around. And moving but it wasn't too bad let's see other way around I'd say. It probably took me about. Idon't know 12 maybe 15 minutes so. Idon't think it was really. That bad as soon as. Ifigure out how to put the thing back on there. We go first that just reassemble your rifle yeah automatically. Even like without before. Even putting it back together. Ican definitely tell a noticeable difference as far as far as weight goes so yes that's.

It kind of close up looks pretty sharp. All right guys figure before. This video up I'd give. One last little look of. It kind of close up but yeah. Ithink I'm digging it so. Ithink it's going to work out well very comfortable like. Isay just holding the rifle. You can automatically tell at least. Ican tell a huge difference as far as like weight. And ergonomics, but I am digging this definitely looks cool very comfortable. Idon't think I need to put. If you're running I'm going to run a read. That like you guys are considering this for your AKM the stock panel here for the hyda comb is plenty good. Because looking down. You can easily adjust. You need to and since the with the ultimate rail like what's on mine the red dot go.

It misses so yeah that's. It there she is so. I really like this thing of course. Ireally don't know a hundred percent till. Igo shoot it but yeah I'm impressed with. You know Magpul makes good shit I've never seen. Or owned anything of theirs. They don't make well so alright guys that's. It so sorry to those of. You who were wanting a installation video but. Icuss too much and yeah it's just not worth. It so uh that's pretty much. It I'll probably end up having a update video for you guys pretty soon. Whenever I get like. All the rest apart here I've already changed out a. Few things on it help lighten up basically just make. It a better fighting rifle butt. Iguess that's one of the main steps. And it's done so alright guys take. It easy thanks for watching.

It did very well again no damage. You know with the exception of. That cantaloupe no damage but demo stock survived then. We have decided to play a baseball with the cantaloupe. And Paul would happen. It wrongs you can see. You created a nasty hole which part of the stock. He did the whole this part of the stock so. It went like it was a nasty has to hit but that's the effect guys imagine. This is the human skull of course the human skull is a little bit harder oh that's but still. IPaul would you like to be bad shock with. This stock I don't want to be budgeted alright so not samples. This stock also has the hidden compartment fall right here on the top let. Me grab the round is the best way to basically prove the lodge. And then you're popping the hood hold. It ain't as you can see from. All the banging my cleaning kit got open but. You can stick the regular ak cleaning kit to. You know I got the. All arranged it's that stuck in the river right.

Now but it's a nice idea. They did it simple solution as well. What is cool about this stock pole as. You can add that toxic riser to. They got the different. They got the quarter size. They got the help in size. Igot 3/4 size so they really use. You know some common sense. When designing it I said to open. You need is around we can pop the knife. Whatever you want to do with. They did the decent job the Magpul off. You know it's its confused to surprise. Because their first adventure to the AKA market there are regular AKA magazines. We have disappointment but then. They came out with that shook off. They come out with the. You know emily line. And it's a different product. This is decent alternative for the price so job well done guys keep surprising us. And keep developing more products for the a k okay. We are for surely grateful okay guys thanks for watching please let. You have any questions you.

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Magpul MOE® AK Hand Guard

Upgrade your standard AK-style rifle hand guard to Magpul's MOE AK Hand Guard. A direct replacement for rifles without a front sling loop on the retainer, the hand guard features an extended grip, integrated heat shield, M-LOK mounting capability and replacement gas tube cover. Made in USA.
Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Magpul Zhukov-S Yugo Stock

  • Equip your Yugoslavian-pattern AK with a folding stock
  • Right-folding stock with adjustable comb for optics
  • Tool-free five-position length-of-pull adjustment
  • Multiple QD-mount positions at the receiver and rear

Upgrade your fixed-stock Yugoslavian-pattern AK rifle to a folding polymer stock with Magpul's Zhukov-S Yugo Stock. Stock's hinge block mounts directly to your rifle's unique rear interface for a robust fit. Right-folding stock has an adjustable comb height for optics. Five-position length of pull adjusts without using tools. Angled rubber butt pad for easy shoulder transition and slip-free performance. One-point QD mount at the receiver and optional QD mounts at the rear of stock for attaching a sling. Mounting hardware included. Fits most stamped-receiver Yugoslavian M70 pattern rifles with a fixed stock and recessed trunnion (does not fit standard AK-pattern rifles). Minor stock fitting may be necessary. Made in USA.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hey what's going on Keith from trigger-happy gonna do. Another part of this video here we're making some upgrades to a century arms in PAP em 70. All the way back to my original video. Idiscussed you know it's hard to find direct bolt-on parts for a Yugo pattern rifle so it's. You know you've not going to go into your local gun shop. And just be able to grab standard parts. And put on these rifles so. You kind of have to put. Some effort into and to be able to find what you're looking for but. Some companies have been making some new options for us. And that's great in the second video. Idiscussed this Midwest industries rail system. And check out that video. You haven't already. If you're looking for a nice rail system lastly before. We go do some shooting here we're gonna talk about stock options. And again they are rather limited so Magpul came out with the Zhukov s line in 2015. And replaces the original stock here. What came on the rifle there are good. And bad to the original stock it's a it's a bigger design a beefier design. Than the standard a que pattern rifles come with it's got a little higher comb.

And it's definitely wider in my opinion. What most are and you'll see here. Ican knock this out. What it attaches to the receiver with its just a heavy-duty bolt. And you'll find that's a lot better way to attach then. What other aka rifles are but. It also makes it again impossible to be able to. You know bolt up regular stocks to. This type of Yugo rifle so. What you're left with is a. Few options you can buy kits. That will convert this into a m4 so. You can attach a buffer tube here you've got a. You know 50 or $60 for an adapter plus your buffer 2 plus the stock so you've got a fair amount of money wrapped up into. Or you're left with trying to find some direct bolt-on stuff. That is hard to do so. When Magpul came out with the Zhukov line. Ikind of jumped on board. Ireally do like it bolts directly on with. That same type so you don't have to do.

Any gunsmithing no other parts required. This also gives you a nice adjustable length of pull so. Ican get it clear out here to add quite a bit of length to. This stock so for a tall. Or bigger shooter you've got a lot better options. Then with the standard stock so. You can see here you know you've added about two inches. Or so sorry it's hard to see there to the standard length. It will actually collapse down a little bit shorter. Than the standard length which is nice. All right here there. We go you've also got a quick detach place here so. You can put a quick detach sling mount which is great. That you'll notice here I've added a cheek riser. This is a half-inch. You can buy them in a quarter inch. Or 3/4 range so if you're using an optic. Or a red dot like you can get a better cheek weld the basic stock does not come with. These are about ten dollars a piece, so they're easy to find but. If you're just gonna shoot ons the way it's set up out of the box is pretty darn good.

You know had no issues there. One other great feature of. This stock is it is a side folder sorry I'm doing it off camera here locks up really nice and tight you'll see there. It will fire in this configuration but. Because I've added this riser. It no longer can do. That but without the riser will fire just fun like. That you've got plenty of clearance here with the bolt which is good but again really nice lock up. And over all the way the stock mounts is very tight there's no play. This stock so you know. Ithink it's a great option it's about a hundred dollars for the stock. And then again another $10 for. Each riser piece you add they're not a big deal.

You know 100 bucks for a really well-made stock. Ithink is worth all day long so. You can make some modifications to. These rifles you know I've added a new stock I've added a new hand guard I've repurposed. You watch my original video. Italked about you can repurpose a standard ak optic male instead of buying the very expensive mounting option. You know so no extra cost there. And then I've added a different muzzle device over the standard slanted break there so. Idon't have an excessive amount of money it's a little. Then a standard pattern rifle but probably I'm still under the hundred. And fifty dollar mark for everything except for obviously the red dot itself so. Ifeel like that's a pretty good price point for me to get. All the function ability. Iwant out of this rifle so stay tuned we'll take. It through its paces here soon.

When the weather straightens up but for now. These are some upgrades I've done to. This rifle so thanks for watching it keeps from trigger-happy. And we'll see you next time.

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Magpul PMAG® 20-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm Magazine

  • Impact- and crush-resistant all-polymer body
  • Ribbed gripping surfaces and aggressive texture for positive handling
  • Constant-curve internal geometry translates to smooth feeds
  • Anti-tilt, low-friction self-lubricating follower for optimum reliability
  • Paint-pen dot matrix panels on the bottom allow identification marking

Magpul’s PMAG 20-Round AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm Magazine is a lightweight, highly reliability 20-round polymer magazine designed for Kalashnikov pattern rifles in 7.62x39mm. The impact- and crush-resistant all-polymer body features ribbed gripping surfaces and aggressive texture on the front and back for positive handling. Constant-curve internal geometry translates to smooth feeds. Anti-tilt, low-friction self-lubricating follower for optimum reliability. Paint-pen dot matrix panels on the bottom of the body allow identification marking. Removable, flared floorplate aids magazine handling and is super easy to disassemble for maintenance. Equipped with a long-lasting stainless steel spring. Made in USA.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Magpul MOE AK-47/AK-74 Grip

  • Ergonomic design fits the natural contours of your hand
  • Aggressively textured surface promotes better control
  • Compatible with additional optional storage cores
  • Fits most milled and stamped receivers

Upgrade your AK pistol grip easily with Magpul's MOE AK-47/AK-74 Grip. One-piece reinforced polymer drop-in grip fastens to milled and stamped receivers, including those with grip-reinforcement plates. Ergonomic design fits the contours of your hand to promote a relaxed grip. Aggressively textured to reduce slippage in all environments. Core storage compartment is compatible with optional storage cores for additional space. Includes a storage cap and all necessary mounting hardware. Made in USA.
4.13"L x 1.21"W.
Wt: 2.9 oz.

Magpul mo e ake a grip obviously. We have mounted up on a sub before variant here. And works just fine on the 47 variants as well, but we'll get. More into that later out of the review keep doing some shooting and I'll let. You know what I think of. It at the end but without further ado I'll shut my mouth. And start ringing some steel you're gonna get. You open your package you're gonna get the actual grip itself with a Magpul logo up top mark a K down here on the bottom you're gonna get the screw to attach. It to your receiver. And you're gonna get. These storage compartment cover just of note. These are compatible with. All the other m OE AR grips out there so. It takes that take. This really the one the only cons I'm gonna have about. This grip here is it does take a flathead screw. Or come with a flathead screw. And those of that I've installed. Many of these in our aks will know. That is just kind of annoying much rather see a Phillips head in there on your left. We have the AKM OE grip. And on the right we have our AR m OE grip you'll see the grip angles are very similar. Ibelieve they said there's just a couple of degrees differences but the big difference there is gonna be the grip texturing its hard to say via camera here obviously but. This is a somewhat grippy. This is much more grippy. Iwould put it akin to perhaps those of. That are familiar this is kind of like the Gen 4 Glock texture.

This is kind of like the gen 3 so. You definitely get a better grip here with the 8 K grip. Iput the grip back on the rifles. We compare angles here. This era mo e Magpul. And here's the hope. You guys can get a feel for the grip angles very similar a little bit. More of an angle here on the mo E but obviously the grip texture over here is gonna be a rubber overmold. This a polymer here. We have a standard Almach a ke grip. You can see the difference there on the grip angles but of note the biggest difference is gonna be. How the MOA feels in your hand. You guys know I have relatively large hands.

This little peg here kind of annoys. Me with the standard a Kade grips. One feels much better in the hand here. We have the US palm grip mounted up on the rifle. And here's that mag pole m OE grip can see. That the us palm grip is a little bit longer maybe about a quarter of an inch. And it's a little bit wider here at the base of the grip versus the amoeba that's. They stack up next to. Each other really know. You guys can see that too well on a camera but the grip angle is definitely a little bit. A more little bit steeper there with Emily the last thing I wanted to mention is gonna be pricey Spooner market reading about twenty dollars which is pretty much standard for most of your aka aftermarket grips up there. And considering mag pulls customer service. And quality control. They do have and just reputation making very durable products. Ithink that's pretty reasonably priced. Ilike the grip angle. Iwas kind of afraid. Iwouldn't with all the new. More vertical grip angles coming out.

Iwas kind of thinking. That maybe that would be the way to go but. Iactually like it feels good in my hand really not a lot of bad things to say about. It I'm glad to see my pocket in the AAA game obviously the magazines are supposed to be coming out next I'm looking forward to those coming out but um really just a good plaque all-around. You guys have any questions about. You can feel free to post below in the comment section. You don't have a youtube account. You can always post over at my Facebook page but. Iappreciate you watch and. It was fun making the video. Ihope to see you in the next.

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