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  Crosman Airsoft Auto-Reset Target Gamo TS Airgun Pellets Winchester® .177 Lead Air-Gun Pellets Umarex® Big Blast Target Inflator Caps Crosman® Premier Airgun Pellets Crosman® Destroyer .177-Cal. Pellets Benjamin® Premier .22 Caliber Hollow Point Point Pellets Gamo® .22 Cal PBA Raptor Ammo Gamo® Copper Bullet PBA® Ammo SIG Sauer® Air-Gun Shooting Gallery RWS Superpoint Pellets Benjamin® Premier Domed .25-Caliber Pellets RWS Hobby Pellet Colt® Peacemaker BB-Cartridges Benjamin® Scuba Yoke Adapter
  Crosman Airsoft Auto-Reset Target Gamo TS Airgun Pellets Winchester® .177 Lead Air-Gun Pellets Umarex® Big Blast Target Inflator Caps Crosman® Premier Airgun Pellets Crosman® Destroyer .177-Cal. Pellets Benjamin® Premier .22 Caliber Hollow Point Point Pellets Gamo® .22 Cal PBA Raptor Ammo Gamo® Copper Bullet PBA® Ammo SIG Sauer® Air-Gun Shooting Gallery RWS Superpoint Pellets Benjamin® Premier Domed .25-Caliber Pellets RWS Hobby Pellet Colt® Peacemaker BB-Cartridges Benjamin® Scuba Yoke Adapter
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Brand RWS GAMO Crosman Crosman SIG Sauer RWS Umarex GAMO Benjamin Benjamin GAMO Winchester Crosman Benjamin Colt

Crosman Airsoft Auto-Reset Target

  • Automatically resets itself when last target is hit
  • Sturdy plastic frame
  • Mesh catches BBs for easy cleanup
  • Improve your accuracy with the Crosman Airsoft Auto-Reset Target. This target automatically resets itself when the last plastic target is hit. Removable synthetic mesh catches BBs for easy cleanup, and the plastic frame with metal support rods ensures stability. Paper targets can also be attached to the front of the trap. No batteries required. Imported.
    15.5”L x 6”W x 9”D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi youtube today I'm going to open up. This cross man airsoft Auto reset target here's the front of the box here's the back of the box let's open. It here're the instructions on how to put. It together and here's. Some targets first what you want to do just take. These targets come with two packs of three targets so six targets. All two small ones to medium ones. And two big ones so first. What you're gonna do is. You have to you have your base you're gonna take the small target. It on the very left side like. This then the medium in the middle. And the biggest one on the very right side. You first get you accidentally put down the bigger. Or the right you want to know. How to put them back up you'll just pull the left. One back it resets. All of them so next you're going to assemble the trap part. It traps the bb's you're gonna take. And attach these little holes on. Each side so you're gonna put. This hole this in the other hole yeah. It traps the BG's so. If they fall in the grass. You don't have to go catch them. It traps them in this mess. You put on later see. You have now on the other side then. You have that set up next you're gonna put them. That trap on you check the nuts trap out here. It in here like this out. One on here then you to help. Me do is hold this out. It in Oh hold this okay. That dinner is in we're gonna take. This piece put it in the net. And played it in here like. And that's how to put. All together then you just take your airsoft gun. You try to shoot these down. You hit them they're gonna go down.

    You miss they go into the net so you're not gonna lose. Any bb's and then it's safer to. One of these breaks somehow. It still gives you three extra ones so that's what's really cool. What we're gonna do is take. This target outside. And my dad's gonna get. Some of my airsoft guns. And we're gonna shoot the turkey. We also have another target here but I'll show. It later in another video in others No.

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    Gamo TS Airgun Pellets

  • The most accurate pellets available
  • Strict quality control
  • Random lot sampling
  • As the world's top manufacturer of air-gun ammunition, Gamo produces the most accurate pellets available, through strict quality control and random lot sampling. If a lot groups outside 7/8'' at either 10 or 25 meters, the entire lot is discarded, so you can shoot with confidence! Per 200 pellets.
    • TS-22 .22 Caliber
    • TS-10 .177 Caliber
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Winchester® .177 Lead Air-Gun Pellets

  • Lead pellets for hunting, plinking and target practice
  • Choice of styles to suit your needs
  • .177 caliber pellets weighing 9.7 grains
  • Winchester's .177 Lead Air-Gun Pellets are ideal for target shooting or pest control. Pellets weigh 9.7 grains.
    • Round Nose – Retains velocity at longer ranges and delivers outstanding penetration for hunting and pest control. Rounded head gives them excellent aerodynamics. Per 500 pellets.
    • Hollow Point – Promotes expansion upon impact making them an outstanding choice for small-game hunting and pest control. Per 500 pellets.
    • Pointed – Retains velocity and delivers outstanding penetration at longer ranges for hunting and pest control. Also, they are great for plinking and informal shooting. Per 500 pellets.
    • Dial-a-Pellet – Gives you an assortment of ammo in a handy container. With just a twist of the clear lid, you can access 3 varieties of .177 caliber lead pellets according to the shooting situation. Flat-nosed pellets give a well-defined hole on paper targets. Choose pointed field pellets or hollow-points for pest control or small-game hunting. Comes with 100 each of flat-nosed pellets, pointed field pellets, and hollow-point pellets. 300 pellets total.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Umarex® Big Blast Target Inflator Caps

  • Make your own detonating targets
  • Use with empty plastic bottles
  • 10 reusable inflator caps
  • 2 sport needle valves
  • Carry bag
  • Big Blast Target Inflator Caps from Umarex allow you to make your own detonating targets for enhanced shooting excitement. To use, simply attach a Big Blast cap to the top of an empty plastic bottle and pressurize it with a bike pump (pump not included). When struck by a projectile, the pressurized bottle creates a loud boom. Big Blast Target Inflator Caps are compatible with 2L soda bottles and water bottles that have tall colored caps. Pressurized bottles can be detonated with firearms, bows, dart guns, slingshots, or air guns. Caps are reusable. Includes 10 reusable inflator caps, 2 sport needle valves, carry bag, and retrieval string.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Crosman® Premier Airgun Pellets

    Crosman's Premier Pellets are built using precision tooling to ensure each pellet has the same trajectory. Per 500.
    • Domed – For the most downrange energy necessary for hunting and target shooting.
    • Match – Flat head for competition, target and plinking.
    • Hollow Point – Suitable for hunting, target and plinking.
    • Super Point – Pointed for hunting and plinking.
    • Piranha Hollow Point – Ideal for pest control and small game hunting.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys you see a gun in here. And today these Cross man premier hollow points. These are for hunting and. They are 0177 Cal I just want to say. These are probably the nicest fellows. That have ever gone to my guns. Imean they're their lead pellets. They are just they're just amazing hooking them up here for you. They come 500 into 10. And here's what they look like. It has the hollow point. You can see I don't know. What it is they did to. These pellets but they're. All perfect there's little to no deforms. And what's so special about. These pellets is whenever using for hunting which is. What I use them for they hit the target. They actually mushroom the mushroom into the target. They expand and kind of acts as shrapnel inside the target. And instead of using all its energy to pass through the target which. You don't really want to do. Imean it's fine for birds. And stuff but for bigger games. It just Koons squirrels. That helps a lot really. Anything it helps it goes into. And access shrapnel. And basically just acts almost as your bullet is like four times bigger. It really is it hits the target. And then it expands inside of. It expands it's destroying all of those other vital organs around. And it's just like that it's just it's just really nice and.

    Ijust had to do a review on. This for those of y'all. That haven't tried these out. Idefinitely recommend them. And they're very nice. Imean I've shot probably about 150 of these a little less. And I've now gotten. One deform they are very accurate out of my silent cat. Iget about one-inch groups. One on a fourth inch groups at about 25 to 30 yards which is really good for an air gun especially. This low of caliber. And there was also just a little bit of wind. These pellets were just extraordinary. Ipicked these up at Academy they're about five dollars. That expensive pellets. Isaw other ones about 250 of them for ten bucks. Ihave tried them, and they're nowhere near as good as. These so I highly recommend. Ihope you'll try them. They are very nice airgun pellets it's to review the Cross man from air hollow points thanks guys for watching like.

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    Crosman® Destroyer .177-Cal. Pellets

  • Great hunting pellet
  • Pointed pellet with a dished rim
  • Combines performance of a hollow point and pointed design
  • Delivers complete expansion and energy transfer
  • 250 pellets
  • Enjoy the shooting performance of a pointed pellet with the impact of a hollow-point pellet with the Crosman Destroyer .177-Cal. Pellet. This hunting-pellet design gives you a pointed pellet with a dished rim. The revolutionary design provides increased expansion, making it a deadly efficient hunting pellet for your high-performance air gun. Easy-to-carry tin contains 250 pellets.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Benjamin® Premier .22 Caliber Hollow Point Point Pellets

    These heavyweight, .22-cal. hollow-point pellets offer dependable penetration and expansion for varmint hunting. Per 500.
    Weight: 14.3 gr.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Gamo® .22 Cal PBA Raptor Ammo

    Experience the next level of airgun ammunition with the new PBA Armor Impact Pellets from Gamo. The Performance Ballistic Alloy pellet raised the bar by increasing velocity, energy and penetration. The .22-caliber Armor Impact Pellets use an advanced tip to give you 25% more hitting power than ever before. That means this lead-free pellet gives you the extra knockdown power you need for hunting. 9.8 gr. Per 50.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Gamo® Copper Bullet PBA® Ammo

    Superior to conventional lead pellets, this copper ammunition delivers 30% more terminal impact. Copper Bullet PBA retains 100% of its weight after expansion, creates less ballistic drag, shoots faster and flatter, and produces tighter groups. The shape and long skirt enhances the pellet’s flight characteristics and accuracy with a more streamlined profile.
    • .177 caliber – 7.1 gr. Per 150.
    • .22 caliber – 14.4 gr. Per 100.
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    SIG Sauer® Air-Gun Shooting Gallery

  • Hit the center-mass knockdown targets
  • Magnets hold center-mass targets until reset
  • Shoot the center SIG target to reset
  • For use with .177- and .22-cal lead pellets
  • Powder-coated metal construction
  • Endless hours of air-gun plinking fun begins with SIG Sauer's Air-Gun Shooting Gallery. The center-mass targets magnetically lock down with a successful hit. Once all center-mass targets are locked down, hit the center SIG target to reset. Heavy-duty metal shooting galleries are for use with powerful .177- and .22-cal. air rifles firing lead pellets. All-weather powder-coat finish.
    • Dual Target – Two center-mass knockdown targets.
    • Quad Target – Four center-mass knockdown targets.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We're gonna talk about the 6:00 hour. Nothing to see up there quad shooting gallery pellet wrap it's really cool uh. Now for a little bit not real long. It gets really closely to the side of boxes but. It really really gets cold out here I'm up Northwest Indians. You can't go out and really shoot anywhere so. What happens is to go indoor. Ifound out it's best just to shoot pellet guns. And like I said use. This SIG 250 pellet pistols. Ithink it's pretty accurate has a decent trigger on. Imean it's its a pellet gun but it's cool for indoor shooting it gives. Something to do like. Isaid before trigger time is trigger time. You know it works pretty good the gallery's pretty good. You hit the targets. They go down sometimes. When the pelts one starts getting weaker. And weaker the gas it doesn't go down. They wobble everything else oh. Ishallow but didn't do horrible then do great I'll tell. What lets what I got I'll take. It from there like I said it's indoor fun. You pick one up the gamma Cabala's. You get the gun to with. It up in the basement gives. Something to do it's like shooting falling plates really okay let. You a footage check out of. It alright our indoor range. Now it's winter time we'll go ahead using a sig p228 gun let's see. That one's wobbler well there goes down alright oh right. Now switch and try the other magazine. All right again them. All down now we're going to bring it back up oh man. It ah for some reason doesn't wanna go down alright let's go check. It put down their let.

    Me see ok let's see. We get him that one's wobbling well there goes down alright Oh ran out switch. And try the other magazine alright. All down now we're going to get him back up oh man boom. It ah for some reason doesn't. One go down alright let's go check. It put down their let. It hit him hey thanks for watching like always hit like. You haven't already please subscribe to the channel. And remember god bless america.

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    RWS Superpoint Pellets

  • Air-piercing velocity
  • Aerodynamic pointed head
  • Amazing penetration
  • Enhanced field accuracy
  • Load RWS Superpoint Pellets and find out the true capabilities of your air gun or pellet rifle. Air-piercing velocity coupled with light weight and an aerodynamic pointed head produce amazing penetration. Precise manufacturing techniques enhance field accuracy.
    • .177 cal – 8.2 gr., Per 300.
    • .22 cal – 14.5 gr., Per 200.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Oh yeah I'm gonna do a mini review on. This river of super point colors 22 elven 11 grams which is 17 grains anyway they're a little bit inconsistent of the head so. They don't shoot totally consistent. They do hit them they become severe Dench partly because of the shake of the head. This is point but there's also a lip around the edge around the head well so there's not focusing here. We go yes you actually make. It kind of wedge shape. And then it goes in say seven hard feet per second. It just blast the matter outwards. Anyone listen it's such a Ledge. Even stack these colors on top secret. Many can accent I like a nice tidy little here's two Oh.

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    Benjamin® Premier Domed .25-Caliber Pellets

    High-precision, .25-caliber domed pellets offer hard-hitting power and a heavyweight penetration for enhanced target-shooting accuracy and hunting performance. Per 200.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    RWS Hobby Pellet

    Enjoy round after round of plinking without worry over expense with RWS' Hobby Pellets. High-velocity pellets deliver excellent accuracy at short to medium air-gun ranges. 6.9-gr. .177-cal. or 11.9-gr. .22-cal.
    Available: .177-cal. (per 200), .22-cal. (per 300).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Colt® Peacemaker BB-Cartridges

    Colt Peacemaker BB-Cartridges can each hold one .177 BB. Six cartridges per package. For use with the Colt Air Pistol.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Benjamin® Scuba Yoke Adapter

    Grab the Benjamin Scuba Yoke Adapter for easy scuba-tank filling of your Benjamin PCP air rifle.

    Manufacturer's note: Consult the PCP Fill Guide for the right adapter and the owner's manual before use.

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