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  Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot - Women's Volkl 90Eight Ski - Women's Salomon X Max 120 Ski Boot - Women's Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 S Ski Boot - Women's Blizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding - Women's Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Ski - Women's Roxa Chameleon Ski Boot - Girls' Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's K2 Empress Ski - Women's K2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski - Women's
 Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot - Women'sVolkl 90Eight Ski - Women'sSalomon X Max 120 Ski Boot - Women'sRossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women'sNordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot - Women'sAtomic Hawx Ultra 115 S Ski Boot - Women'sBlizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding - Women'sNordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women'sIntuition Luxury Liner - Women'sK2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women'sDPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Ski - Women'sRoxa Chameleon Ski Boot - Girls'Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women'sK2 Empress Ski - Women'sK2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski - Women's
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BrandLineK2BlizzardVolklK2NordicaNordicaRoxaIntuitionK2RossignolAtomicRossignolSalomonDPS Skis
Claimed Weight7lb 13.4oz[163cm] 3lb 8oz-[pair, 163cm] 6lb 13oz--[pair, 169cm] 8lb 4oz-7.5 oz[pair, 159cm] 6lb 12.8oz[pair] 6lb 2.7oz[pair, 24.5] 6lb 10.7oz[single] 4lb 6oz7lb 15oz[pair, 168cm] 7lb 10oz
ConstructionCap-Wallsandwichsandwich3D.Glass (sandwich)--sandwich--capcentral sidewall / cap---Alchemist Pure Carbon (sandwich)
Coreaspen MacroblockBIOkonic (aspen, paulownia)poplar, beechmulti-layer wood, 3D.Ridge, carbon stringers--Energy 2 TI Balsa (poplar, beech, balsa I-Core, Titanal, carbon prepreg laminate)--aspen woodpaulownia---aspen wood, carbon
Dimensions142 / 110 / 125mm128 / 85 / 112mm[162] 126 / 82 / 108mm133 / 98 / 116mm--[153cm] 123 / 93 / 111mm, [161cm and 169cm] 124 / 93 / 112mm, [177cm] 126 / 93 / 114mm--111 / 86 / 106mm122 / 86 / 108mm---130 / 106 / 120mm
Length162cm, 172cm149cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm144cm, 150cm, 156cm, 162cm, 168cm156cm, 163cm, 170cm100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm-153cm, 161cm, 169cm, 177cm--139cm, 149cm, 159cm, 169cm154cm, 162cm, 168cm, 176cm---158cm, 168cm, 178cm
Manufacturer Warranty1 yearlimited 2 year1 year1 year1 year2 years1 year--2 year limited1 year2 years1 year2 years2 years
Profileearly rise, camberAll-Terrain RockerRocker 4mmrocker / camber / rocker--early rise tip and tail, camber underfoot--All-Terrain Rocker (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot)freeride rocker---rocker/camber/rocker
Recommended Useall-mountain, powderall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingskiingpark & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, freeride/powder skiing
Turn Radius14.2m[170cm] 13.5m[144] 10m [150] 11m [156] 12m [162] 13m [168] 14m[156cm] 14.6m, [163cm] 15.9m, [170cm] 17.9m--[153cm] 12.5m, [161cm] 13.5m, [169cm] 15.5m, [177cm] 16.5m--[159cm] 16m19m---18m

Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot - Women's

You wish you could enjoy the ski resort from first chair to last, but your toes go numb sometime after lunch every time. Instead of roasting your frozen feet by the fire while all your friends enjoy the afternoon, slip into the Rossignol Women's Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot. This boot's liner is thermal regulating and made from naturally odor-resistant merino wool that stays soft and smooth after seasons of wear, and will keep your feet happy from parking lot stretches to apres in the lodge.

Rossignol designed the Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot with a mid-range flex that's ideal for all types of riders, from those just starting to challenge themselves to people who get 100 days in a year. The 100mm last includes a women-specific design that effectively balances performance and comfort, while the Sensor Blade shell effectively translates power to the skis edge while shaving as much weight as possible. As you ride the boot more you can customize your flex via simple screws in the spine of the boot to get either a slightly stiffer or slightly softer flex depending on your preferences.

  • Comfortable ski boot for taking your skiing to the next level
  • 100 flex is ideal for beginner through advanced skiers
  • Adjustable flex control lets you fine tune your ride
  • 100mm last creates a great blend of control and comfort
  • Sensor Blade shell reduces weight without inhibiting performance
  • Diagonal buckles offer superior heel hold and a more natural wrap
  • Merino wool liner with electronic Thermic System for heat regulation
  • Item #ROS00BL
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    Volkl 90Eight Ski - Women's

    Yeah, you've heard it all before: the unwavering promises of versatility, but nine times out of ten those do-it-all skis simply come up short—until now that is. Say hello to coldsmoke and goodbye to the mirrors with a little help from the Volkl Women's 90Eight Ski. Touting a design that's legitimately based in all-mountain fun, the 90Eight features an adaptive 98mm width waist that'll go to mow-town on bumps, sashay through groomers, and float pow like a grade A yacht on the sea. Oh, and don't forget about those nuggets of spring time slushy joy, the 90Eight easily maneuvers those without skipping a beat.

    Now, simply because it's a women-specific ski doesn't mean it's been the victim of the pink-and-shrink laser beam of doom. Boasting the same design as its twin brother (just in an overall lighter package), the 90Eight features Volkl's 3D Ridge construction, which brings the bulk of material to the center of the ski, resulting in reduced swing weight. Though, Volkl does this without actually sacrificing the ski's damping and stability at speed. Additionally, the early taper sidecut eases turn initiation for an easy, playful feel when it comes to hunting down pow stashes or making tight turns through technical features. The multi-layer wood core encompasses the character and flex of the ski, which, since its a Volkl, is inherently stable at speed, and is packed with plenty of power to bust through crud, without even batting an eye.

  • Versatile freeride ski for all-mountain exploration
  • 98mm waist underfoot works well in a variety of conditions
  • Rockered tip conquers crud and powder with prowess
  • Camber underfoot with tapered tail provide good edge control
  • Central woodcore ridge reduces weight without losing power
  • Full sidewall drives power transmission through the entire ski
  • Beech and poplar core offers poppy durability
  • Carbon stringers provide stability at high speeds
  • Item #VKL007E
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    Salomon X Max 120 Ski Boot - Women's

    The X Max 120 Ski Boot is the stiffest boot that Salomon makes for women, and it complements top-level racers and aggressive powder hounds best. Its 120 flex maximizes power whether you're jumping in and out of deep snow or crank down firm snow without wobbling. The narrow 98mm last focuses on precision for turning through each gate, and the oversized pivot helps you turn on powder skis better than ever.

    Salomon's 360° Custom Shell and Cuff is fully moldable to assure a comfortable fit that will keep you ripping lap after lap. The 3D Race Liner features inserts around the ankle and heel to alleviate common pressure points. It has a soft layer of faux fur on the inside so your feet stay extra cozy on bone-chilling days. When you're ready to crush the competition, crank down the 45mm World Cup Claw Strap and leave it all on the hill.

  • The stiffest ski boot that Salomon makes for women
  • 120 flex ideal for aggressive, top-level racers
  • Narrow 98mm last for a snug fit and precise performance
  • Moldable shell and liner allow for a custom, comfortable fit
  • 45mm World Cup Claw Strap for extra power
  • 24mm oversized pivot helps you stay on edge with wider skis
  • Easy step-in band is easy to get on and off
  • Item #SAL01IX
  • Okay patrick Verlaine with tyrell sports group here at bob sports chalet to talk a little bit about the x pro family of boots so this is your 100 last twin. Frame construction custom shell heat moldable boot from salomon so some of. The features on it is a custom shall so. This whole lower shell from basically this part up is all heat moldable to. Your foot in a twenty-minute process that's can happen in the storm so whether you have a big bump on your bunion on your foot or a. Navicular problem with a bump here they can all be addressed with the heat molding of the lower shell in a 20-minute process 24 millimeters. Oversized pivot so it's a more effective way of keeping that lateral rigidity between the connection of the lower shell and the upper shell and over the life of the boot — it doesn't get as loosey-goosey and break-in as much as a 8 millimeter bolt which is traditionally used through the shell the liner uses a. Unique construction call it's a three. Speed formed custom-fit heel pocket you. Can actually see there're two pieces to the liner this is all laminated evie a. Heat molded material it's very dense down by the your your forefoot so a. Great transmission of energy where you can kind of see this heat back in the heel pocket here this anatomically molded pressed open saw uv a heat. Foldable foam which actually when it's. Heated heat expand and take up voids. That are around your ankle bone and in your heel for really secure he'll fit in the booth replaceable toe and heel lugs. Contact our grip material easy for walking around and getting grip on stairs and other surfaces other than in. Your ski bindings flex adjustment on the back between sport and performance comes on the softer setting out of the out of the box when you pull this bolt out you flip this plate up it'll lock the cuff upper a little bit higher and give it its true in this case 120 degrees of. Flux that is your ex pro series of boots. Thank you for watching the video to the end if you'd like to know more about the salomon skis boots and bindings please subscribe to bob sports la youtube video. Channel.

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    Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's

    Remember that time your friends thought you wouldn't eat that ultra-spicy pepper? It went a lot like that time they thought you wouldn't hit that ultra-steep tree line. Keep silencing the doubters with the Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski. The lightest and thinnest member of Rossignol's 7 series, this versatile all-mountain ski is sure to put some spice in your shred.

    Its 86mm waist provides stability and edge control when you're ripping the groomers, with enough width to hold its own when you get a bit of fresh snow. Especially so with Rossignol's freeride rocker, which balances a rockered tip and tale with a stable camber underfoot, giving you the best of both worlds as you float better in the soft stuff and get a smoother hold when you're charging it. With Rossi's Air Tip you'll get stability at speeds and lightweight maneuverability and float at the tip, letting you bounce through moguls and fresh woods with ease. A lightweight wooden core offers versatility for use as a touring ski, letting you explore further and ensuring that your lines will stay as hot as a habenero.

  • Kick up the heat this winter with this versatile all-mountain ski
  • 86mm waist holds a stable edge on groomers and shreds in deeper snow
  • Freeride rocker balances float and stability for all-condition shred
  • Air Tip technology absorbs shock and increases maneuverability
  • Paulownia core keeps it light for easy riding and touring capability
  • Item #ROS00EL
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    Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot is a lightweight, low-volume powerhouse of a boot, so strap it on and make some big mountain turns through crust, crud, or powder. The medium stiff flex provides just the right amount of response for intermediate skiers, or hard-charging ladies who happen to be of smaller stature; the 98 volume last gives you that tight, performance fit you crave when making quick turns through the trees.

    Never fear, though, comfort is also at the forefront of the Promachine's mantra. The liner is fully moldable if you decide to take it to a boot fitter with an oven, but it also comes with cork panels that mold into a natural fit straight out of the box. The liner features PrimaLoft insulation for lightweight, low-bulk warmth, with an Isotherm face that keeps the heat in and wicks moisture away from your feet. Also customizable, the shell is made with infrared technology at common hot spots for simple punching by your boot fitter. To top it off, softer plastic at the entry points makes it easier to get the boots on in the morning, and off after last chair.

  • A powerful boot for riding anywhere on the mountain
  • Medium 95 flex ideal for intermediate skiers
  • Low 98mm volume great for narrow feet or a high-performance fit
  • Fully customizable liner and shell help you eliminate hot spots
  • Insulation adds warmth and moisture-wicking comfort to your runs
  • Micro-adjustable buckles and 35mm Powerstrap ratchet down the fit
  • Item #NOR003X
  • Grabbed hold of the new boot from nordica here it's the pro machine launching 2018 19 winter seasons oh it's. A step up from the speed machine it's it. Looks great start with there're two men's. Boots there's a 130 flex and a 120 flex and there're a women's version as well cool thing about it I'm just going to undo the clips here typical classic four. Clip boot really nice feel to it I'm. Just going to work out the liner gonna. Take the liner out you can see here it's. Got this really nice custom quart. Fit so it looks great but actually what. The court does is it supports the ankle here it adds to the performance you've. Also got this foiling the spoiling is exactly the same foiling that they use for marathon runners when they finish their race that adds strength and lightness to the inner sole or to their. To the inner yeah it's a really nice. Looking boot in terms of weight they've. Managed to shave about 25% off the. Weight from the speed machine so it's a much lighter boot but it still has the performance especially in the 130 flex. That you want if you're a high-end piece performance ear so i think the expert. Skiers who like to ski on the piste of course you can get off piece as well it's a strong boot for good free ride. Skiers you could use this it's not a ski touring boot but it's still pretty light at around 175 kgs depending on you know. The size of the boot and it features on. This boot you've got the grip walk system here and quite nice and me it's. The mitchell insole so a little bit like a vibram rubber sole but it's a made by. Mitchell in quite like the look of that so yeah looks really interesting the new. Nordica pro machine launched in 2018 19. Winter season retail price around 530.

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    Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 S Ski Boot - Women's

    The Women's Hawx Ultra S 115 Ski Boot is the stiffest offering in Atomic's lightweight Hawx Ultra lineup, and the lightest women's alpine ski boot that Atomic has ever made. A narrow 98-millimeter last offers a snug, performance-oriented fit, and the stiff flex is ideal for hard-charging lady shredders looking to tear up the entire mountain. Atomic's True Flex technology maintains the consistency of the flex so your boot feels the same whether you're harvesting spring corn or skiing fresh powder in subzero temperatures.

    To keep the boot light, Atomic used its Prolite design for the shell, creating a slim profile and adding reinforcement in areas where it matters. The energy backbone, for example, adds strength to the boot's structure for better energy transmission to your sticks. Inside the shell, you'll find a women-specific liner that's anatomically shaped, featuring a more tapered calf and shorter cuff height. The liner, along with the shell, is fully thermo-moldable, too, for a snug, comfortable fit, and has Thinsulate insulation to keep your toes warm and happy so you can stay out all day. More customization features can be found in the form of a quickly-adjustable forward lean to 13, 15, or 17 degrees, and the flex index can also be adjusted, leaving you with a performance-hungry boot that fits like a glove and feels like it can drive your skis down anything.

  • Hard-charging boot for lady shredders
  • Stiff 115 flex is ideal for advanced to expert skiers
  • Narrow 98mm last delivers a snug, performance-first fit
  • Shell is lightweight yet strong where it's needed
  • Reinforced spine provides strength and better energy transmission
  • Women-specific liner is tulip-shaped for lasting comfort
  • Thinsulate insulation in liner keeps toes warm all day
  • Shell and liner are fully thermo-moldable for a precise fit
  • Item #ATO00CA
  • This is the atomic hawx ultra a new. Booth for 2017 the main thing with this. Boot is what atomic have done is they've taken all the best bits from all their models of boots, and they've put it into this one so you have much lighter. Weight construction meaning that it. Basically feels nicer on your feet it's much lighter to walk in it feels easier. To ski in but you haven't lacked any. Performance features so in the back here. This plastic part gives you a much more direct responsive feel onto the edge so. From turn to turn you get a super grippy. Feel super responsive the plastic gives. You a lot of spring and rebound and all. In all this is absolutely a superb boot. For anyone who's covering from an. Intermediate skier to an advanced skier with the different flex models available the whole of the hawks ultra line as well. Has memory fit plastic shell what this. Means is that the plastic can be heated. Up and shaped and molded to the unique. Bumps and features of your foot so it does mean there with a combination of the memory fear and this super soft. Comfortable line you can actually have a boot that is comfortable but also is. Super good performance so if you are. After the horse ultra it's available in. Men's and women's and please come and visit us at the shop or vist the web. Site at sky bar lucam.

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    Blizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding - Women's

    Arc effortless turns and feel totally in control during transitions with the Blizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding. This ski and binding package is built for a intermediate to advanced skiers who are searching for exceptional control, power, and forgiveness from a frontside carving ski and binding.

    The Alight 8.2 Ca provides control, power, and forgiveness thanks to a mid width waist, tight turn radius, and early rise profile. The 82mm waist cuts a nice balance between edge to edge control and versatile float while the tight turn radius allows strong turn initiation with minimal power for effortless linking of turns. Working with these powerful turning elements, the early rise profile adds performance by including a powerful camber section underfoot that further enhances edge control while also adding 4mm of rocker in the tip that gobbles up chopped and new snow so that you can explore the entire resort and are not limited to the groomers.

  • Carve down the mountain with this versatile ski and binding package
  • 82mm waist can handle many conditions and offers exceptional control
  • Early rise profile adds float without limiting edge control or power
  • Tight turn radius makes for solid maneuverability and easy arcing
  • TLX 11 W binding provides reliablecrelease and retention
  • Lightweight and responsive poplar and beech core keeps you ripping
  • Quattro technology encourages controlled and effective carving
  • Item #BLZ003N
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    Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's

    As the slimmest ski in Nordica's Santa Ana Fleet, the Women's Santa Ana 93 Ski is a great choice for ladies who love to rip down pristine groomers, but desire the freedom to venture to the backside on occasion. The 93-millimeter waist is nimble and fast on hardpack and corduroy, but won't leave you thinking you brought the wrong skis when an unexpected storm dumps a foot of fresh. Thanks to the early rise tip and tail, each turn you make is easy to initiate and easy to release for a smooth, maneuverable feel, while underfoot camber enhances edge grip for confidence and control.

    A lightweight wood core sandwiched in between layers of carbon and Titanal gives the Santa Ana 93 a perfect blend of pop, stability, and edge-to-edge power transfer for a smooth, stable ride. And, to top off this balanced package, an impressively short turn radius means you can dance through tight trees and down wide open bowls with effortless agility.

  • All-mountain ski for shredding any type of snow
  • Adaptable 93mm waist can handle a variety of conditions
  • Early rise tip and tail ease turn initiation and increase control
  • Underfoot camber ensures reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Wood core is light and poppy for a playful, responsive feel
  • Titanal layers dampen energy vibrations for an even ride
  • Carbon prepreg laminates increase stiffness without excess weight
  • Item #NOR004Y
  • Hey guys michelle here from the house comm and today I'm talking about the 2018 nordica santa ana 93 women's ski so. Just to jump right into it this is really a do-it-all ski for a girl that knows what she's doing it's for an intermediate to advanced level rider for a couple reasons that we'll get into and it's great for all-mountain specifically but it's gonna have a lot of floats and powder and if you want to do some freestyle moves or hit the park a little bit its diverse enough to take you there and let you be successful as well so the profile of. This as you might be able to see on the video it's kind of hard to tell but there's a pretty heavy camber right in the center here it's called the all-mountain cam rock nordica calls it. So it's gonna push the contact point of the rocker in the front back 25% with. The way that they're doing it now in the tail five percent so it's gonna give you. With the rocker in the front and increased float while the camber care is gonna give you increased velocity and. Maneuverability and powder as well as. Just on groomers too so and it's gonna have a turn initiation too, so we have cambered underfoot here and then a really early rise rocker in the nose so you'll notice if you push here is if your weight is on the ski the contact point is extremely early rise um so the. Contact when is getting really far back pretty far back especially since this is considered an all about in ski that's that's more of a classic powder. Ski i would say so for that reason with. These skis you'll notice that your contact points are a little bit shorter in general even in the back of it here too, so we would recommend that you do size up just a little bit compared to what you might normally be used to in other skis so to get into the specs of. This it's 1:24 width under nose 93. Underfoot and then one 12 in the tail. The base of these skis is centered and the edges are full steel so it's a very. Well-made ski and it does have a really. Really cool design on top i really like the top sheet it does feel super high-quality we also have some interesting technology with these skis, so we have a hammerhead nose and that's gonna maximize the contact and it's also kind of gonna reduce some vibrations that you might experience at high speed so it's a very high quality and very well-designed ski now we do have a. Partial twin tip and in the core we have poplar beach and. Balsa icore so it's gonna make it very lightweight but still super high. Performing board we have a lot of materials going into this board now with the flex of this kind of experimenting with it myself i would definitely say that's a medium flex so it's gonna be a little bit softer in the nose and a little bit. Stiffer in the tail so and obviously when you manage keys it's a little further back so it's gonna give you that. Turn initiation that you need but it's gonna be a little bit softer in the front so you can get up and powder and it's easy to maneuver still so with the laminate of this we have sheets of carbon along the edges and it gives you really good edge hold an edge grip now if you have any problems with this ski you have a one-year warranty through nordica so you can contact them with any problems that you run into now you can find the 2018 at nordica santa and a 93 women's skis at the house calm.

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    Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's

    If your liners are starting to feel like they're losing a bit of their luster, throw them out and show your feet some love with the Intuition Women's Luxury Liners. For years, Intuition has been the standard in heat-moldable liners due to the fact that they're made with Intuition's own closed-cell EVA foam, which offers exceptional warmth that is lighter than most stock liners. An antimicrobial treatment along the inside of the liners helps to reduce any odor-causing microbial growth from taking hold, so you won't have to worry about them stinking up the back of your rig after back-to-back days on the mountain. 

  • Intuition foam (closed-cell EVA)
  • Tongue-style liner
  • Lace closure
  • Heat-moldable
  • Antimicrobial lining treatment
  • Item #INU0003
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    K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's

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    DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Ski - Women's

    Hop on a pair of DPS Women's Zelda 106 Alchemist Skis and there's a good chance you'll quit your job, throw your smartphone out the window, and move to the mountains in pursuit of sweet, dreamy pow turns every day of the week. These lightweight, mid-fat sticks make for an ideal daily driver in the backcountry. 

    The rockered tip and tail keep things floaty and fun when the snow starts to fly, while sidewalls and camber underfoot let you hold and edge and carve like a racer in variable conditions. Replacing the Pure3 series, DPS's new Alchemist construction is lighter, stiffer, and damper, thanks to the vibration-tuned carbon layup, while still retaining the lively and playful that DPS is known for—once you get a taste you'll never ski anything else.

  • A playful ski for the resort or the backcountry
  • 106mm waist surfs powder and carves hardpack
  • Rockered tip and tail float through the soft stuff
  • Camber underfoot lets you slice and dice groomers
  • Aspen wood core is light and playful
  • Carbon layup cuts chatter and adds strength
  • With the Wasatch as their playground, DPS knows a thing or two about powder skiing
  • Item #DPK0010
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    Roxa Chameleon Ski Boot - Girls'

    Chameleons are pretty dang cool—they can change colors on a whim. Inspired by these cool little critters' ability to change at a moment's notice, Roxa changed the colors of the Chameleon Ski Boot to something with a little more pizzazz and gave it the ability to adapt to growing feet. Kids' feet take them to some amazing places (especially magical tree runs and down velvety smooth groomers), but they also grow amazingly fast. Fortunately, the Chameleons easily adjust to three different sizes as your gal's feet grow, providing several seasons of comfortable, well-fitting boots. The Expandable Junior Comfort Liner features a stretchable neoprene tip that adapts to growing feet and provides fabulous warmth for long days on the hill. A soft flex, three-piece design, and two no-fuss plastic buckles are perfect for pint-sized powder princesses.

    Vim. Vim vous ave l'habitude. Elle. Le monde. 3. Malgré. K vim cadel il n. Regardez tout le monde. Monde. Malgré la crise. Il est bien évident. Le groupe monde. Malgré la crise. Y aller.

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    Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's

    Skiing is all about having fun, so you better hurry up and eat your shreddies, because you're about to be charging a whole lot of vert on the Line Women's Pandora Skis. As Line's premier powder plank, the Pandora is built to surf the deep stuff, yet still rides firmer snow after the mountain gets tracked out. With a 110mm waist and an Early Rise tip profile, you'll find yourself making big sweeping turns down open bowls, maneuvering through chopped-up snow, and carving down corduroy. Plus, the Pandora's widest point of sidecut starts tapering earlier in the tip to reduce drag and hooking in soft snow so you can smoothly munch pow, crud, and soft snow.

    Boasting Line's Capwall construction, the Pandora blends the light and responsive performance of cap construction with the smooth, solid feel of sidewalls. Line's engineers gave the Pandora an aspen MacroBlock core featuring aspen underfoot to ensure your turns and landings have a nimble feel and buttery-smooth flex. Thin Tip technology shaves unnecessary weight in the tip and tail, significantly cutting down on tip bounce and swing weight. Other technologies packed into the Pandora are Directional Flex for easy turn initiation and Fivecut geometry for intuitive control and unlimited turn shapes.

  • A spunky, powder-specific ski for surfing fluffy stuff
  • 110mm width waist and rockered tips ensure float
  • Directional flex pattern offers control in chop
  • Fivecut geometry enhances turn initiation
  • Wood core reduces swing and is lightweight and durable
  • Capwall construction combines strong sidewalls with light cap
  • Item #LIN004B
  • My third year skiing on the Pandora and i can honestly say it's my favorite ski. I've ever had that early rise in the. Taper on the tip and tail helped me like just kappas know what i can stay nice and forward and make those good patterns without having to work too hard this really does all that for you and just have fun with it's the only thing. I'll take out and pow but it's also really fun on a groomer if you can totally carve with it and fries I'll just power through anything don't let the 115 waste scare you off from doing a bit of Pandora's it's so easy to ski it really helps to make those turns and initiate them in the deep snow and on the service as well they're fun they're playful star food quick i use it every day whether I'm in. The resort just driving around giving side of the runs with my friends up in. The back country seeing big line suit powder it's really fun on everything.

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    K2 Empress Ski - Women's

    The K2 Empress Ski is designed to give you the power to preside over the park, pipe, trees, and steeps. A full aspen wood core is light, poppy, and durable, while the braided carbon pattern near the tip and tail gives the ski a smooth, stable feel. With a nimble 86-millimeter waist, the Empress best controls the park but can conquer the whole mountain.

    Rounded tips and tails provide predictable turn initiation and easy release so you can scrub speed and vary your turn shapes like it's no big deal, and the tip and tail rocker allow for mellow switch riding and respectable powder performance. Just the right amount of underfoot camber ensures a reliable edge hold when you're bombing down firm groomers, and the cap construction not only keeps the ski lightweight, but adds durability so you can spend more time playing on boxes and rails and less time in the shop.

  • Freestyle-oriented ski for the park and beyond
  • Nimble 86mm waist designed for speed and spins
  • Rockered twin tip and tail add nimble control in variable conditions
  • Aspen wood core is lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Carbon pattern near tip and tail ensures stability and power
  • Cap construction keeps the ski light and durable
  • Item #K2S00HH
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    K2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski - Women's

    The k2 Thrilluvit 85 Ski is designed to expand your comfort zone and open up a plethora of locations and conditions for your to explore with confidence. The 85mm waist width makes it a great first all-mountain ski to take you from more groomer focused rental sticks. That waist combined with the All-Terrain Rocker enables the Thrilluvit to skip over chunder and float through pow while your abilities off piste grow. Meanwhile the camber under foot and quick edge to edge control prevents you from losing any of the firm snow performance you demand. Finally the weight saving BIOKonic construction focuses the heavier materials on the edge of the ski where they remain powerful and create room for weight saving materials in less important ares of the ski. This lighter weight keeps your legs fresh and your mind focused on skiing from first chair to the last.

  • Intermediate all-mountain ski designed to expand comfort zones
  • 85mm waist thrives on hardpack and can handle off piste conditions
  • All-terrain rocker blends edge hold with floaty versatility
  • Short turn radius makes tight turns at any speed a breeze
  • BIOkonic tech limits weight without limiting power and response
  • Wood and Nanolight core combination cuts down on swing weight
  • Tapered tips help ease turn initiation and transition
  • Item #K2S00HF
  • Hello this is clemmed smith with k2 skis in. Colorado coming — coming to you today from christie sports we're talking today about the k2 skis all of it 88 to the. All of it 88 ti is part of our love it. Series skis which are free right specific women's skis and what makes. Then free ride specific is that these things are engineered to go anywhere on the mountain in any conditions you can throw at it the olivet eighty-eight to is probably. Our most versatile high-performance women's specific free ride ski the 88. Millimeter footprint makes it very nimble and agile on harder snow and in bumps and then the rocker camber rocker profile makes the ski still float really. Well in softer snow and in variable snow. Conditions it features a full women's. Specific wood core that we call bio flex. So it's a proprietary blend of polonia. And bamboo that makes the skis nice and light, but then we reinforce that with metal teen all layers over the. Perimeters of the ski and on the base and those layers of metal are going to give this ski tremendous edge grip great. Smoothness and predictability and variable snow and harder snow so the all. Of it 88 as far as versatility goes from our free ride lineup this thing can't be beat. You.

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