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  Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Tri Cycling Shoe - Men's Mavic XA Pro Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Wire Carbon Air Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Factor Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men's Fi'zi:k R5B Uomo Boa Cycling Shoe - Men's Fi'zi:k R3B Uomo Boa Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Apeckx II HV Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-ME5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake CX218 Cycling Shoe - Men's Northwave Core Plus Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Tri Fly P.R.O. V3 Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-AM5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Elite V6 Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-RC7 Limited Edition Wide Cycling Shoe - Men's
 Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Tri Cycling Shoe - Men'sMavic XA Pro Cycling Shoe - Men'sSidi Wire Carbon Air Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Factor Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men'sFi'zi:k R5B Uomo Boa Cycling Shoe - Men'sFi'zi:k R3B Uomo Boa Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Apeckx II HV Cycling Shoe - Men'sShimano SH-ME5 Cycling Shoe - Men'sLake CX218 Cycling Shoe - Men'sNorthwave Core Plus Cycling Shoe - Men'sPearl Izumi Tri Fly P.R.O. V3 Shoe - Men'sShimano SH-AM5 Cycling Shoe - Men'sPearl Izumi Tri Fly Elite V6 Cycling Shoe - Men'sShimano SH-RC7 Limited Edition Wide Cycling Shoe - Men's
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BrandGiroPearl IzumiLakeMavicFi'zi:kSidiShimanoNorthwaveGiroGiroPearl IzumiFi'zi:kMavicShimanoShimano
Claimed Weight315g (size 42)--240 g[size 43] 230 g-[single, size 42] 382g[single, size 42] 42[size 42.5] 285 g[single, size 42.5] 210 g[size 43] 225g[size 43, single] 9.17 oz-[single, size 42] 245g[single, size 42] 455g
Cleat Compatibility2-bolt mountain3-hole road3-bolt road3-bolt road3-bolt road3-hole road2-Bolt mountain3-bolt, 2-bolt (with adapter sold separately)3-bolt road3-bolt3-bolt3-hole road2-bolt MTB3-bolt road2-bolt mountain
Closureboa, hook and loop strapsAnatomic Tri ClosureBOA L6, Hook-and-Loop2 hook-and-loop strapsBoa IP1Tecno 3 Push BuckleBoa dial, Hook-and-Loop strapSLW2 dial, hook-and-loopN-1 ratchet, 2 hook-and-loop strapsBoa IP1, hook-and-loop straps with laceshook-and-loop strapsBoa IP1hook-and-loop ankle strap, Mavic Ergo Dial QR w/structured rubber ringBOA L6 dialsLace
Footbeddie-cutdual-density EVA-Ergo Fit 3D+ Ortholite----molded EVA insole with medium arch support, Aegis anti-microbial treatmentSuper Natural Fit KitEVAFizik Cycling InsoleOrthoLiteadaptable cup insole-
Manufacturer Warranty1 yearlifetime2 years2 years-1 year1 year1 year1 year1 yearlifetime2 years2 years1 year1 year
Recommended Usecross-country, enduro, trailtriathlonroad cyclingtriathlonroad cycling, road racingroad cyclingenduro, trailroad cyclingcyclingcyclingtriathloncyclingenduro, trailroad cyclingdownhill, enduro, trail
Soleco-molded nylon and rubberIntegrated Carbon Power PlateLake Race 100% Carbon Fibercarbon fiberUD carbon fiberVent CarbonMichelin rubberNRG Air Carbon ReinforcedDuPont Zytel nylonEaston EC90 SLX2 (high-modulus carbon fiber)Carbon Power Platecarbon reinforced nylonEnergy Grip Trail +carbon fiber compositerubber
Upper Material[body] synthetic leather, [heel/toe] microfiber3-layer seamless compositeClarino Microfiber, meshmicrofiber, meshlaser perforated MicrotexLorica Vernice Microfibresynthetic leatherthermowelded single-shellmicrofiber, meshTeijin Evofiber SLsyntheticMicrotexlightweight anti-rip material, molded toe capsynthetic leathersynthetic leather

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Tri Cycling Shoe - Men's

It's the morning of your target event. Your preparation has included a series of prep races and extends all the way back to the previous winter when a distant calendar date and an early registration race fee on your bank statement kept you from dipping into the pie and digestif cocktails after a holiday dinner. You've done everything you could to ensure that your body is ready, so don't take a chance on your gear. The Mavic men's Cosmic Ultimate Tri Shoes are the lightest, stiffest, most efficient shoes in the French firm's footwear stable, so they ensure that the only thing that can hold you back on race day is your own personal self.

The barely there uppers consist of Ergo Bonded mesh and synthetic microfiber, which is designed to keep cooling ventilation up and weight and drag down. They're mated to the Energy Full Carbon SLR outsole, which is the same model used on Mavic's top-tier road racing shoe. Compared to the nylon and fiberglass outsole of Mavic's other triathlon shoe, the Cosmic Ultimate's carbon sole is lighter, stiffer, and allows for more ventilation due to carbon's inherently stronger structure.

During transition, the large, horizontally oriented heel loop helps you slip the shoe on while pedaling out of the gate, and the single Ergo Tri Strap secures in moments so you can focus on achieving cruising speed as soon as possible. The strap is also cut-able, allowing you to eliminate any excess material while achieving the ideal fit for your foot shape. While on the road, the carbon heel counter reinforces the minimalistic upper to keep the heel locked in place, and the dual-density Ergo Fit 3D+ Ortholite inserts provide targeted arch and metatarsal support to ensure a comfortable race — at least until you hit T2.

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Mavic XA Pro Cycling Shoe - Men's

Many mountain bike shoes are great for race day, but often suffer from poor flexibility and uninspiring grip when you need to dismount over technical sections of trail. Designed to emulate the look and feel of athletic sneakers, the Mavic Men's XA Pro Mountain Bike Shoe ensures steadfast grip and flexibility when difficult terrain requires you to scope out your line before plunging in.

The XA Pro Mountain Bike Shoe is an entirely different experience for riders coming from a more traditional pair of mountain bike shoes. We'd chalk this up to Mavic's Energy Grip Trail + sole, which manages to remain flexible and insanely grippy, but still retains all the power you need on all-day epics with thousands of feet of climbing and descending. Mavic achieves this balance of all-out grip and efficiency with its Contagrip rubber tread combined with a carbon composite internal plate. This means the shoe remains flexible and grippy along the perimeter lugs, but still places power down under the ball of your foot while pedaling.

Besides being balancing grip with pedaling efficiency, the XA Pro Mountain Bike Shoe offers the superb fit you'd find with far more expensive shoes. Mavic's Ergo Dial QR tightens the uppers with micro-adjustable precision to eliminate excess slop and pressure points from fatiguing your riding experience. This micro-adjustable closure system sits alongside a more traditional ankle strap for additional support and security while riding hard.

  • Sneaker-inspired trail shoes with grip and flexibility
  • Energy Grip Trail+ sole excels over hike-a-bike sections
  • Contagrip rubber tread is ultra-grippy, even in the wet
  • Carbon composite internal plate for pedaling efficiency
  • Ergo Dial QR provides a secure, micro-adjustable fit
  • Ankle strap adds stability and prevents heel lift
  • EVA midsole for vibration damping underfoot
  • Item #MAV00KQ
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    Sidi Wire Carbon Air Cycling Shoe - Men's

    When it’s mid-July, and the peloton is winding through the high-mountain stages and the heat, there’s a good reason why you’ll be spotting Sidi’s Wire Carbon Air Shoes on your favorite pros. Sidi’s top-shelf Wire Air features the unparalleled performance of its vented carbon fiber sole, which is roughly 38 grams lighter than the previous Carbon Lite sole. The new carbon sole features increased ventilation with vents that can be opened or closed (even mid-ride), granting you convenient control over the temperature. The Wire Carbon Air also offers Sidi’s improved Heel Security System, which uses a fully adjustable composite band that keeps your foot comfortably in place. And for a customizable fit, Sidi redesigned the Tecno-3 Push Buckle closure system for quicker and more precise adjustments that can be made easily while you’re in the saddle. Lastly, all the buckles, wires, outsole lugs, and heel retention devices are fully replaceable.

  • Vented carbon fiber sole (roughly 38 grams lighter than the Carbon Lite)
  • Vents can be opened and closed, even while you’re riding
  • Heel Security System
  • Tecno-3 Push Buckle system
  • Item #SID006B
  • This is a review on the cd why carbon. Red and white shoes so they place the. Box we have the side just cd on the end. Would have size the color the name and a. Half notes at top cd on side cd on their. Luck in the bottom and if we take little. You brew to buy a cd innovations book. Clips so it's got their stuff about the. Tension by so on the back of your heel. Ii tighten up and stops your heel. Lifting out the shoe got the 10 cove. Push then you clip system where you lift. The app twist to tighten it to capture. Then we have our technical if miss. Manual this has all the information. About how to install cleats so there's speed bag look hold up clicks. A time you've got all the main foods and. The stalks here we have some stickers if. You want them not like apple stickers i. Don't think but and that's how you. Adjust the tension on the side so. You can tighten it I'll say that later on it's got a air intake at the front so. You simply unscrew the skirt front and. Then move it forward or back let's air. In to pull you down and then philly. And yet just lots of stuff here we have. The spare parts we have a two. Bolts allen key with a flathead. Screwdriver on the end and two washers. Guessing that's for the tension device. Then we have my cd bag with brand on. Side it's pretty thin then how long. It will last but pas savant in feedback. And then we get to the main part of this. Unboxing the cd shoes this is the left. Foot got the 10 code push clip there the. Intake from the bottom are already unbox. These and put the cleats on so i did put in copper grease on talked it to four to. Five meetings they look they are. Shamanic elites and there's the tension. Device back so just put that screw there. I don't know if you can see that I'm flexing but you just tighten that screw. And it tightens this so you'll he'll. Come out and we get the extra laps it in. The box here we have the shoe right hand. Shoe same thing there's the know what to call it but you. Simply pull this through here I've. Already done it and it tightens the shoes so you don't have to pull this in as much because you're pretty small feet. So here is the tin coat that if you just. Push these two side bits i believe comes. Up like that and then tighten it simply. Do that. And you can also just push on the side. Like that this is if i won't clip and. That's pretty much the shoe so you got the club and self here fully carbon very. Nice and here's the air intake so if we. Grab that flathead screwdriver we can. Then simply put that there to come out. Type-c oh yeah. So you just slide that their forward you. Got this little air intake or you can. Slide it back and then it's closed stops. Water you just tighten up screw back up. When recommending too tight. That's an opening so yeah that's that. And then the good thing about these. Shoes is that everything's pretty much. Replaceable you can replace the rubber. Bits here just take the screw out and you rubber part on fleets obviously. Replaceable I'm sure you can find placement plastic bits here all of these. Clips and restraints they are. Replaceable I've seen them on the web a lot too much and so you can find one of. These on amazon or ebay and yeah that's. It so you've got the two shoes allen key. Two washers two bolts your user manual a. Innovations booklet and a cd bag and. That's the ball that comes in the box. Thanks for watching and if you like this. Video please hit that like button down below.

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    Giro Factor Techlace Cycling Shoe - Men's

    In an ever more contentious world, Giro proves that erstwhile foes can become valuable allies if they simply work together. The Factor Techlace Men's Shoes combine three of the most common fastening systems—Boa's IP1 dial, laces, and hook-and-loop straps—allowing them to peacefully coexist as joint headliners. The result blends the minimalist profile and customizable fit of the lace-up Empire with the user-friendly convenience of the original Factor. We think that it's also just cool as hell.

    The Factor Techlace is the first Giro shoe to feature a Boa dial, and Giro uses it to anchor the shoe at the top, which is where the IP1's single millimeter adjustment will come the most in handy. The rest of the shoe is secured by hook-and-loop straps that are in turn anchored by laces. Fit-wise, they feel similar to the original Factor once the straps are tightened and the dial is dialed, but replacing the full straps with laces involves a reduction in material and a corresponding loss of weight.

    Giro credits the Factor Techlace with a tidy 40g weight loss per shoe when compared to the plain ol' Factor. There will undoubtedly be a chorus of retro-grouches lamenting the combination as unnecessary ostentation, but we heard the same critique of laces when the Empire fist launched, and now it's impossible to imagine a group ride or race without at least one pair in the bunch.

    The Easton EC90SLX2 sole is an upgrade over the Factor's ACC model, and its use of lighter carbon fiber also contributes to the weight loss. Despite shedding grams, the sole remains stiffly efficient and features a full complement of steel hardware for mounting cleats and replacing the heel pad. As with all of Giro's race shoes, stack height is kept to a minimum in order to eliminate as many barriers between your watts and the pedals as possible.

    The sole is mated to a single-piece upper made of the same Teijin Evofiber SL Giro uses for its other top-tier race shoes, so the Factor Techlace is similar to shoes like the Empire SLX in that it breaks in over the course of a couple of weeks. Fit is further customizable with Giro's Super Natural Fit Kit, which allows three different levels of arch support to help alleviate hot spots and discomfort caused by metatarsal pressure. The insole itself is made of odor-resistant microfiber, and the shoes are packaged with a zippered bag for travel and storage.

  • A road cycling shoe for racing and serious training
  • Combines a Boa dial with laces and hook-and-loop straps
  • The material experts at Easton provide the carbon sole
  • Synthetic microfiber upper breathes and breaks in
  • Features Giro's classically understated aesthetics
  • Item #GIR00D9
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    Fi'zi:k R5B Uomo Boa Cycling Shoe - Men's

    While the Fizik R1 Uomo shoes are some of the most comfortable, high performance shoes we’ve worn, they may be a little pricey for riders who want comfort but who aren’t rolling to that start line on a regular basis. For this reason, Fizik introduced the R5 Uomo Boa Men’s Shoes.

    While they aren’t sewn from kangaroo leather, the R5 uppers are highly breathable Microtex fabric with nylon mesh windows for ventilation. Inside of the uppers is Fizik’s Superlight Insole that supports your arches and absorbs road vibration. The uppers are placed on a carbon-reinforced nylon outsole that allows efficient power transfer while remaining on the lower end of the carbon cost spectrum. The stack height is low and the outsole is engineered to drive power to the pedals while remaining flexible enough for comfort on long rides. A molded heel cup helps to keep your foot in the ideal pedaling position while minimizing heel slippage. To secure the shoes to your feet, the R5 Uomo use the Boa closure system. Consisting of a single dial with a continuous loop, it is micro-adjustable for the perfect fit. A hook-and-loop closure at the forefoot adds a separate adjustment point to keep your toes happy.

  • Microtex uppers
  • Boa closure system
  • Nylon-carbon composite sole
  • Compatible with 3-hole road cleats
  • Item #FIZ002H
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    Fi'zi:k R3B Uomo Boa Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Fi'zi:k's R-Series runs the gamut from affordable everyday shoe to pro-ready race rocket, and the R3 Uomo Boa Men's Shoe nestles right in the middle, a better value than the R1 but with more race DNA than the R5. The first thing you'll notice is how clean the R3 is. It looks so good that you might be tempted to just keep it on the shelf and look at it every night before you go to sleep, kinda like you do with all your high-school public-speaking trophies. This might make you feel good, but you'll feel even better when you pull the smooth, soft, and supple Microtex upper onto your foot. It's durable but flexible, and covered with laser-cut perforations that help keep your feet from getting sweaty and soggy.

    Even an upper that good needs some help, and Fi'zi:k obliged by hooking up a Boa IP1 dial closure, which cinches the Microtex around your foot without pinching or squeezing. It offers near-infinite adjustment, so you can truly fine-tune the fit, and the additional hook-and-loop strap at the forefoot lets you fiddle with the volume of the R3 for a slop-free fit. All this is built on the UD carbon-fiber sole that is nice and stiff to help you put plenty of power into the pedals without waste. On top of the sole sits a Fi'zi:k Cycling Insole, designed to work with the outsole to eliminate hot spots and provide cushioning where you need it most.

  • Laser-perforated seamless Microtex upper
  • Boa IP1 dial closure
  • Hook-and-loop forefoot strap
  • UD carbon-fiber sole
  • EVA insole with metatarsal pad
  • Item #FIZ002G
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    Giro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Your riding takes you all over the mountain, so why wear a shoe that limits you to one discipline? In the Giro Cylinder Mountain Bike Shoe you'll find versatile comfort that offers lightweight breathability for banging out miles of XC singletrack, and stiff, rugged support that has no problem blasting through rock gardens and weaving through techy tree lines. New to Giro's lineup, the Cylinder takes queues from the Privateer, utilizing a co-molded nylon and rubber outsole for superior grip that doesn’t weigh you down, and stiff responsiveness that doesn't bend under pressure.

    Unlike the Privateer, the Cylinder is created with a lighter weight upper construction. It features a combination of synthetic leather and mesh, allowing for unsurpassed breathability for moisture transfer and ventilation on warm days. The toe and heel feature reinforcement to protect you from trail debris when the singletrack gets a little wild. The upper secures your foot into place with an L6 Boa system, offering 1-millimeter adjustment increments when tightening, so you can perfectly dial in your fit, and a macro-release function for easy removal. On the inside, a die-cut insole adds just the right amount of cushion to your arch and heel, keeping you comfortable during long miles in the saddle.

    The co-molded nylon and rubber outsole accommodates steel toe spikes for solid grip on foot in variable conditions, if the beefy lugs aren't enough to keep you planted on the trail. While admittedly less stiff than a carbon fiber outsole, the nylon provides significant rigidity for committing power, but allows just a touch of flex where you want it when you have to hike a bike. The outsole is graced with additional guard to shield your arch from chunky rocks and fallen branches in the mid foot area, so you can stay confident when the singletrack starts to get a little hairy, and the trail ahead offers little forgiveness.

  • Lightweight trail shoe for ripping down singletrack
  • Optimize pedaling efficiency with co-molded nylon sole
  • High-traction rubber lugs provide grip on foot
  • Synthetic uppers are incredibly breathable and supple
  • Boa closure optimizes fit with micro adjustments
  • Hook and loop toe strap secures your little piggies
  • Item #GIR00IE
  • Gyro cylinder cycling shoes men's blue /. Black 45 your writing takes you all over the mountain so why wear a shoe that limits you to one discipline in the gyro. Cylinder mountain bike shoe you'll find versatile comfort that offers lightweight breath ability for banging out miles of xc single track and stiff rugged support that has no problem. Blasting through rock gardens and weaving through tetchy tree lines new to. Garros line up the cylinder takes cues. From the privateer utilizing a co molded. Nylon and rubber outsole for superior grip that doesn't weigh you down and stiff responsiveness that doesn't bend under pressure unlike the privateer the cylinder is. Created with a lighter weight upper construction it features a combination. Of synthetic leather and mesh allowing for unsurpassed breath ability for moisture transfer and ventilation on warm days the toe and heel feature. Reinforcements to protect you from trail debris when the single track gets a little wild the upper secures your foot. Into place with an l 6 boa system offering one millimeter adjustment. Increments when tightening so you can perfectly dial in your fit and a macro release function for easy removal on the. Inside a die cut insole adds just the. Right amount of cushion to your arch and heel keeping you comfortable during long miles in the saddle the co molded nylon. And rubber outsole accommodates steel toe spikes for solid grip on foot in. Variable conditions if the beefy lugs aren't enough to keep you planted on the trail while admittedly less stiff than a. Carbon fiber outsole the nylon provides. Significant rigidity for committing power but allows just a touch of flex where you want it when you have to hike a bike the outsole is graced with additional guard to shield your arch from chunky rocks and fallen branches in. The mid foot area so you can stay confident when the single track starts to get a little hairy and the trail ahead offers little forgiveness upper. Material body synthetic leather heel /. Toe micro fiber closure boa hook and. Loop straps footbed die cut sole co-molded nylon and rubber cleat compatibility tubule mountain for more info and special discounts please click the link below.

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    Giro Apeckx II HV Cycling Shoe - Men's

    It can be tempting to spend top dollar on the shoes that Froome wears—you can probably even find his actual shoes somewhere out there—but most of us need something more like the Giro Apeckx II HV Mens Shoes. They’re quality kicks with a stiff sole, great fit, and the added bonus of being designed for riders with wide or high-volume feet.

    The savings that come with the Apeckx II are mostly attributable to the Zytel nylon sole. It’s almost as stiff as carbon but considerably less expensive, so you get high-level stiffness without the high-level price tag. The EVA footbed provides medium arch support, which will suit most riders, and it features an Aegis anti-microbial treatment to ward off bacteria and stinky shoe syndrome. Two hook-and-loop straps pull the Apeckx snug without pinching, and the ratcheting top strap locks the whole package down to your instep for comfortable and powerful circular pedaling.

  • Shoes for high-level cycling every ride
  • Zytel sole provides stiffness at a lower price tag
  • EVA footbed provides cushion and support
  • 3-bolt cleats for efficient power transfer
  • Aegis treatment resists the buildup of odors
  • Adjustable straps secure a customized fit
  • Item #GIR00AN
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    Shimano SH-ME5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The ME5 Cycling Shoe from Shimano is some serious enduro kicks when you're after some serious enduro kicks. Its refined construction and design situates itself as Shimano's ride hard and put up wet shoes, at home on park laps and shuttle loops alike. It boasts its much-lauded Torbal midsole technology, which is engineered to flex in engineered ways to translate body English to the bike while you're mobbing through technical terrain on any trail.

    Its sole forgoes an expensive carbon version in favor of a nylon and synthetic blend that’s still efficient but offers that all important give for comfort on extended downhills and lowers the barrier of entry. Not to be overlooked, its Michelin dual-density rubber outsole offers unmatched traction, long-wearing durability, and slip-free footing over rock scree fields, slippery roots, and long creek crossings on foot. It achieves a stiffness rating of six out of 12 on Shimano's scale meaning you won't sacrifice watts to a flexy sole without negating the benefits of clipless altogether.

    The synthetic leather upper receives reinforcement in the form of rubber on venerable areas providing some much-needed reinforcement. Closures consist of a Boa dial with Powerzone wire guides and a hook-and-loop strap to dial in the fit and offer on the fly adjustments as needed.

  • A mountain bike shoe for the rowdy set that doesn't negate efficiency
  • The stiff midsole is efficient and comfortable off the bike
  • Michelin grippy rubber offers traction while on foot
  • Low profile dial adjusts fit and offers micro-adjustments
  • The synthetic leather upper is protected with rubberized armor at impact zones
  • Item #SHI00JO
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    Lake CX218 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Lake builds its CX218 Cycling Shoe for high-cadence pedaling and fast riding. It uses high-quality materials throughout for race-level performance in a shoe that cost a lot less then you might imagine. This updated version changes from the Action Leather upper of the previous model and exchanges it for lighter, softer, and longer wearing Clarino Microfiber while its strategically placed mesh inserts and perforations throughout keeps air flowing through to keep your feet cooler. Anchoring them to your feet is a single side mounted BOA L6 lacing system and a hook-and-loop strap that customizes your fit and eliminates the potential of pressure points and hot spots for comfort on those all day rides. The CX/TT Competition Last increases toe pitch and heel lift to allow your foot to expand under high pedaling pressures, while the 100% carbon fiber Lake Race outsole keeps weight low and stiffness and strength high.

  • Lake's venerable CX218 shoe with a new upper material
  • High performance and comfort blend in this racing shoe
  • Clarino microfiber upper provides breathable, durable comfort
  • Boa closure cinches the exact right fit without pressure points
  • Carbon fiber outsole delivers power transfer and low weight
  • Item #LKC002I
  • Hi this is my shoes.com and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite shoes.com.

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    Northwave Core Plus Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Core Plus Cycling Shoe from Northwave represents an excellent pair of road shoes for the beginning cyclist. You'll be rewarded with a pair of kicks that fit well and make your cycling more efficient while not breaking the bank.

    For the upper, Northwave uses a seamless, unibody construction that keeps the shoe light and reduces pressure points as you pedal. Four breathable mesh inserts and perforations across the surface let your feet breathe and ensure optimal ventilation, a boon on those stifling summer rides. The closure consists of a hook-and-loop strap across the forefoot and an SLW2 dial offering step-by-step and full release in a single button to achieve the perfect fit.

    Down below, an NRG Air Carbon Reinforced sole gets more power to the pedals with its stiffness index of 8.0 out of 15 of the Northwave scale and continues the venting theme with 5 available helping to increase the airflow. The shoes work with 3-bolt road pedal cleats and an SPD cleat plate (sold separately) allowing you to use 2-bolt cleats too if needed.

  • Road cycling shoes that won't break the bank
  • SLW2 closure dial up top an hook-and-loop strap dial in the fit
  • Seamless Unibody upper wraps feet in comfort
  • Mesh vents along upper to disperse excess heat
  • NRG Air Carbon Reinforced sole balances stiffness and comfort
  • Sole vents help with temperature regulation
  • Accommodates 3-bolt cleats and 2-bolt (with adapter sold separately)
  • Item #NTW003V
  • Okay so we've been up riding around the. Victorian us for the past few days and I've been lucky enough to get hold of a. Pair of north wave torpedo pluses and. There are a few things to comment on about this they're super light so you. Now if you're going to be out there for hours and waits an issue which it. Probably is for most riders these are a. Great shoe there's a carbon fiber sole. For stiffness, you'll notice these are speed play enabled so basically any. Cleat out on the market for the road at least for the road market these shoes. Are going to comply with ventilation. Also is a pretty important feature with. These shoes as you'll see there's some great ventilated pockets throughout the foot so if you're prone to getting pretty warm around the feet then these. Are the shoes for you i will be honest. And say i was a bit confused about how. To open them up it took me a little while I'm embarrassed to say with the ratchet system i wasn't used to this one so nobody else out there feels like i. Did when you try them on you basically to open it up you release this you. Pulled back this mechanism up here and then all you have to do is pull the string and that opens it rights up and. Then obviously to close it's the standard mechanism but when you're out. There riding you can just press this lever once or twice and that releases it. In little bits little increments so if you're going up a hill and your foot starts to sweat which is and starts to get warm which is definitely what's been happening up here then you can just really quickly release it as your foots coming around each time which is great. And yeah that this is read racy read. Although it's just called read and watch I've called it racy read and there's. Also a white and a black I'm pretty sure so most wardrobes are going to be covered with this shoe the only thing in. Terms of constructive feedback that i would give you they are pretty big and unfortunately for me they are almost as wide as they are long so i. Did feel as though i needed to spend. More time in this shoe for it to better mold around the width of my foot and certainly that was apparent when i was. Getting out of the saddle i could definitely feel that i needed to. Just give them a few more days to break in as far as the shoe design is. Concerned you'll notice that there's almost no seam you've just got this one. Seam over here which is a obviously a deliberate design effort and that the. Whole idea is its just the it's the one. Piece of shoe that's been molded together rather than different panels all stitched together to create the one piece so it makes it pretty seamless looking as well as increases the comfort. And ensures that your not going to be agitated through any theme sort of digging into your fort.

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    Pearl Izumi Tri Fly P.R.O. V3 Shoe - Men's

    Blending a barely-there feel with unmatched performance and breathability, the incredibly lightweight Pearl Izumi Tri Fly P.R.O. V3 Shoes are designed for serious triathletes in competition where every gram matters. An advanced 3-Layer Seamless Composite Upper offers exceptional breathability and eliminates hot spots by conforming to the exact shape of your foot shape, while the 1:1 Anatomic Tri Closure also reduces blisters and takes pressure off your forefoot for a smooth fit.

    The Integrated Carbon Power Plate is both featherlight and ultra-stiff for optimized power transfer, and the Unibody construction does away with the traditional lasting board design to give you maximized pedal efficiency through a super low stack height. Dual-density EVA comprises the insole substantial arch support where you need it, while the off-center heel loop makes for an easy on and off in critical transitions.

  • Top-tier tri cycling shoes made with an unbelievably low weight
  • 3-layer Seamless Composite Upper breathes well and fits exactly
  • Anatomic Tri Closure gets rid of hotspots and eliminates pressure
  • Dual-density EVA insole fights fatigue with transverse arch support
  • Carbon Power Plate is lighter than air and insanely stiff
  • Oversized heel loop adds an easy pull-on performance when you need it
  • Item #PLZ00LG
  • Hi greg here with one try calm and this. Is the pearl izumi men's try fly for this is made specifically for triathlon you can see here with the quick closure. One velcro strap on the outside it also has really good ventilation and drainage. For those wet feet stiff the soul and it's got the pull tab here on the back of your fast transitions and putting the shoe on while you're on the bike you can find out more about it at one tricom.

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    Shimano SH-AM5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    While the debate over platform pedals versus clipless continues to rage on, you can't really argue the benefits of improved pedaling efficiency when it comes to being clipped in. These days, in both BMX and downhill, both traditional platform holdouts, more and more cyclist are using clipless and after a short learning curve, riding clipped in is way better, especially with options as comfy and stylish as the SH-AM5 Cycling Shoe from Shimano. Becoming one with your bike saves energy, makes maneuvering the bike easier, and you don't have to worry about blowing off the pedals and bashing your shins against the sharp edges of your flats.

    The AM5 uses a durable synthetic leather upper with mesh to keep your feet safe from errant trail debris without giving up breathability. Its lace closure, with included alternate color spare laces, allow for a near-custom fit while the high-grip rubber sole with toe and heel traction tread improve grip on those hike-a-bike exploits.

  • A stylish off-road shoe that boosts efficiency
  • Synthetic leather upper is supple and durable
  • Mesh inserts increase ventilation and breathability
  • Gripp rubber sole increases grip on rocks and roots
  • Lace closure is reliable and maintenance free
  • The pedal channel offers a stable shoe to pedal platform when not clipped in
  • Item #SHI00JE
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    Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Elite V6 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Speedy transitions, sockless comfort, and unrelenting power transfer are the hallmarks of the Pearl Izumi Men's Tri Fly Elite V6 Shoe. This race-specific cycling shoe is best suited for experienced triathletes seeking the very best in pedaling efficiency, as backed by its Carbon Power Plate that's the stiffest sole in Pearl's triathlon line. To ensure speedy transitions, the Anatomic Tri Closure comfortably secures without fumbling with complicated lacing systems.

    The seamless composite upper comfortably wraps around your foot, regardless if you're wearing socks or not on the race course. This 3-layer upper feels supple and smooth, conforming to your foot shape without nasty pressure points holding you back. Mesh vents prevent perspiration build-up and help to disperse moisture, should you get leave the swim stage with your feet still damp.

  • Race-ready shoe for demanding triathletes
  • Anatomic Tri Closure for speedy transitions
  • Carbon Power Plate maximizes power to the pedals
  • Unibody construction creates a lower stack height
  • 3-layer seamless upper is comfortable without socks
  • Mesh vents disperse sweat and residual moisture
  • Dual-density EVA footbed provides arch support
  • Item #PLZ00HV
  • Hi greg here with one try calm and this. Is the pearl izumi men's try fly for this is made specifically for triathlon you can see here with the quick closure. One velcro strap on the outside it also has really good ventilation and drainage. For those wet feet stiff the soul and it's got the pull tab here on the back of your fast transitions and putting the shoe on while you're on the bike you can find out more about it at one tricom.

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    Shimano SH-RC7 Limited Edition Wide Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Bringing a little color to your feet and injecting race-ready performance for those needing slightly higher volume shoes comes the SH-RC7 Limited Edition Cycling Shoe - Wide from Shimano. We've been cranking out some miles in these shoes and have fallen in love with the comfort, light weight, and of course, great looks. Slotting into Shimano's Road Competition category, the SH-RC7's are plenty light for tackling your local 'bergs and cols. A rigid carbon sole and BOA closures ensure that the shoes are stiff enough and can be tightened quickly and easily so you can come out victorious in the finishing kick. The only question we have about the shoes is how did Shimano pull off all these great features at such an attractive price?

    Shimano fashions the SH-RC7's upper from perforated synthetic leather, which is lightweight, form-fitting, and allows air circulation throughout the shoe. The shoes feature micro-adjustable Boa L6 reels across the top and forefoot spanning across wide anchor points to distribute pressure evenly across the upper offering additional adjustability and customization of fit. A stiff carbon fiber composite sole facilitates efficient power transfer with a stiffness rating of 10 on Shimano's 12-point scale, so you don't have to worry about wasted watts through sole flex. Click your heels and find yourself on the winning end of a bike throw.

  • A higher volume road shoe that blends comfort and performance
  • Light, efficient carbon fiber composite sole
  • Breathable synthetic uppers for comfortable security
  • Dual Boa L6 closures dial in the fit with micro-tension adjustments
  • Special colorway adds some flair to your feet
  • Compatible with three-bolt road cleats
  • Item #SHI00LH
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