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Pedersoli Brown Bess Musket Pedersoli Blue Ridge Percussion Rifles Pedersoli Kentucky Flintlock Rifle Pedersoli Traditional Hawken Percussion Rifle Traditions™ Kentucky .50-Cal. Percussion and Flintlock Rifles Pedersoli Blue Ridge Flintlock Rifles Pedersoli Kodiak Express MK VI Double-Barrel Percussion Rifles Pedersoli .50-Cal. Pennsylvania Flintlock Rifle Pedersoli 1863 Sharps Sporting .54-Cal. Percussion Rifle Pedersoli Enfield 3 Band P1853 .58-Cal. Percussion Rifle Traditions™ Deerhunter™ .50-Cal. Percussion Muzzleloader Do-It-Yourself Kit Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry .69-Cal. Flintlock Musket Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry Colt Conversion .69-Cal. Percussion Musket Pedersoli Cook & Brother Artillery Carbine .58-Cal. Percussion Rifle Pedersoli Enfield Musketoon P1861 .58-Cal. Short Percussion Rifle
Pedersoli Brown Bess Musket Pedersoli Blue Ridge Percussion Rifles Pedersoli Kentucky Flintlock Rifle Pedersoli Traditional Hawken Percussion Rifle Traditions™ Kentucky .50-Cal. Percussion and Flintlock Rifles Pedersoli Blue Ridge Flintlock Rifles Pedersoli Kodiak Express MK VI Double-Barrel Percussion Rifles Pedersoli .50-Cal. Pennsylvania Flintlock Rifle Pedersoli 1863 Sharps Sporting .54-Cal. Percussion Rifle Pedersoli Enfield 3 Band P1853 .58-Cal. Percussion Rifle Traditions™ Deerhunter™ .50-Cal. Percussion Muzzleloader Do-It-Yourself Kit Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry .69-Cal. Flintlock Musket Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry Colt Conversion .69-Cal. Percussion Musket Pedersoli Cook & Brother Artillery Carbine .58-Cal. Percussion Rifle Pedersoli Enfield Musketoon P1861 .58-Cal. Short Percussion Rifle
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ - - - - - - - - -
Barrel Length (in) 41.75 inches 41.75 inches 24 inches 35.55 inches 28.35 inches / 28.35 inches 39 inches 39 inches 24.25 inches 41.75 inches 24 inches 32 inches 24 inches 33.5 inches 41.65 inches 39 inches
Brand Pedersoli Pedersoli Traditions Pedersoli Pedersoli Pedersoli Pedersoli Pedersoli Pedersoli Pedersoli Pedersoli Pedersoli Traditions PEDERSOLI Pedersoli
Bullet Diameter .675 .732 .490 .490 .490 / .490 .577 .490 .490 .675 .577 .530 .577 .490 .490 .535
Caliber/ Gauge .69 Caliber .75 Caliber .50 Caliber .50 Caliber .50 Caliber / .50 Caliber .58 Caliber .50 Caliber .50 Caliber .69 Caliber .58 Caliber .54 Caliber .58 Caliber .50 Caliber .50 Caliber .54 Caliber
Finish Chrome Colour/Satin Chrome Colour/Satin - Case Hardened/Blued/Brass Case Hardened/Blued/Brass / Case Hardened/Blued/Brass Case Hardened/Blued/Brass Case Hardened/Blued/Brass Case Hardened/Blued Chrome Colour/Satin Case Hardened/Blued/Brass Case Hardened/Rust Brown Case Hardened/Blued/Brass Blued Case Hardened/Rust Brown Case Hardened/Blued/Brass
Length (in) 57.05 inches 58.25 inches 40 inches 50.15 inches 44.25 inches / 44.25 inches 54.3 inches 54.75 inches 40.2 inches 57.05 inches 40.15 inches 48.85 inches 40.15 inches 49 inches 56.15 inches 54.75 inches
Model 1816 Harper's Ferry Flintlock 010S274069 Brown Bess Flintlock 010S260750 Deerhunter Percussion Kit KRC53008 Kentucky Flintlock 010S215500 Traditional Hawken Percussion 010S657500 / Traditional Hawken Percussion-Left Hand 010S663500 Enfield 3 Band P1853 Percussion 010S221577 Blue Ridge Percussion 010S26750C Kodiak Express MK VI 010S661500 1816 Harper's Ferry-Colt Conversion Percussion 010S273069 Enfield Musketoon P1861 Percussion 010S218577 1863 Sharps Sporting Percussion 010S755540 Cook & Brother Artillery Carbine Percussion 010S209580 Kentucky Rifle Flintlock R2010 Pennsylvania Flintlock 010S27550C Blue Ridge Flintlock 010S26654C
SKU 04530724 21720260 04510943 20011468 03669862 / 04146605 04533022 03672538 04532432 04530827 04530942 04533102 04531004 04296420 03854084 03672524
Stock Description Oil Finished Walnut Oil Finished Walnut Select Hardwood Oil Finished Walnut Walnut w/Brass Patch Box / Walnut w/Brass Patch Box Walnut Walnut Walnut-Checkered Hardwood Walnut Walnut-Checkered Walnut Select Hardwood Oil Finished Walnut Walnut
Weight (lb) 9.7 pounds 9 pounds 6 pounds 8.15 pounds 8.6 pounds / 8.6 pounds 8.6 pounds 7.7 pounds 10.1 pounds 9.5 pounds 7.25 pounds 10.15 pounds 7.05 pounds 7 pounds 7.7 pounds 7.5 pounds
Twist Rate - - 1:48 1:48 1:48 / 1:48 1:78 1:48 1:24 - 1:48 1:48 1:48 1:66 1:48 1:65

Pedersoli Brown Bess Musket

The Brown Bess was used by British troops during colonization of American territories. It also saw action during the War of 1812 and during the Mexican-American War. Like the originals, these smooth- bore .75-cal. flintlocks feature brass hardware, oil-stained walnut stock and steel ramrod, barrel and lock.

Hey, what's going on, guys? So, today we're back. I know it's been a while but we're finally back and I have some exciting news. We picked up a Pedersoli. This is a reproduction of a second model Brown Bess. Pretty hard to get the whole thing on there. It's the second model because it's shorter.

Believe it or not, it is a first model. Here is approximately 4 Inches longer. This barrel is 42 inches and the other one. Yeah, wait! 42 and 46. Yeah the first first model 46 inches long the barrel but this has always been one of my dream guns to get a hold of.

They make reproductions like indian made ones that are you know not too expensive. But they kind of have that that bad aura around them. People seem to think that they're made out of really cheap pot metal which I think some of the parts really are. I don't know about the actual barrel itself but I don't really want to take that chance and blowing myself up. I do not want it's a daffy duck myself so I finally came upon for a good price. A real pet or Soli Brown best reproduction obviously. To get a real brown bess in good. Condition you're talking about. I don't know.

20 thousand give or take you know. Just its condition condition when it. Comes to antiques like that and then you don't want to shoot something like that so I've always been after one of these and I'm really excited to share this with you today. So what we're gonna do is I have actually taken this out to shoot to actually hunt with a couple times so I already have it loaded with some triple out buck.

I got three triple out triple lot buck in here. I have. A-hunting load. I have spaced out with that over powder wad and the cushion wad and a cushion wad on top of the the buckshot. So we're gonna get, we're gonna try to shoot this. I said we'd go for like 30 yards and see how it does see how it groups on the still target that we have. I think this is gonna be an excellent hunting musket because it's a smoothbore is basically.

This is a 75 caliber weapon so you're talking about the same exact thing as a 12-gauge shotgun so the only difference is you load from the muzzle. That's the only difference and it's pretty versatile. Just like a shotgun. You can use 77.7 3 5 round balls in this. That would be a real tight fit. Use a patchen and probably will be really accurate.

What I have is 69 caliber round balls. Okay, I haven't bought the other multi. I don't know if i'm going to but actually. What is authentic is that they use paper cartridges with 0.68 5 round balls so and the whole reason behind that is obviously. It's gonna be inaccurate but with a smoothbore like this. You'll be able to load a lot quicker because the fouling. If you know anything about black-powder weapons it's gonna get fouled up pretty quickly and it's gonna be hard if you had a set point 735 round ball. And you know after like the third fifth time it's gonna be hard to stuff that thing down there ten shots and you're done.

You're gonna have to clean it before. You can shoot it again so let's try out this triple up buck nine pellets. See how it groups on the steel then we'll try the paper cartridges. Let's check it out one other thing before we shoot. I want to point out that this let's see if I can get my face to focus. Okay so right here this is not a front slide. This is actually a bayonet lug so and it's pretty thick. We do not have a rear sight so I mean it's pretty much, even worse than the shotgun bead but we're gonna do our best and let's see how it shoots.

This is my first time shooting. It a little bit nervous. We have 100 grains of black powder in it. We have a primer charge of like 10 grains of 3f black powder at the bottom and obviously we're gonna prime with 3f black powder as well. But the rest of it is loaded with what is it called. I think it's alliant black, it's really cheap black powder. I use it in my Martini Henry Steiner rifles.

All that shoots really good and it's like a 1f though. It's pretty thick but let's let's check it out. I got my ears in. Don't do this at home. I got no eye protection in all right but this is a quality reproduction. I checked it out before we shot it. We're gonna shoot it so should shoot really well.

You're kind of gonna need a lot more. The pans really big. This is a lot different than your your hawking rifle. A lot bigger. I came to think walk and let's try this. Actually, a little nervous. Last time I shot a flintlock rifle right after I shot a fucking rattlesnake jumped out on me. So let's see how this thing shoots. All right! We got a little delay and I was kind of scared, shaking a little bit. I don't know what it is whenever I get a new gun. I'm kind of scared to shoot it. I call me a pussy, it is what it is but we got some good hits at 30 yards.

Let's go check it out. I don't know if you can see that but there's one two three four and five right off on the side corner, right there, on the very edge so we got five out of nine. Not that bad plus you know I totally flinched and we kind of had to delay as well so not bad. We're gonna try some round balls, some paper cartridges and see how those do. So the recoil on that wasn't bad at all honestly. I mean this is a pretty hefty weapon that's why in the revolutionary war a lot of soldiers preferred there.

I'm trying to think of the french musket Charleville. Something like that. Actually, I got lucky with the gun shop. I got an authentic Charleville 1770. Something I don't know. Original it's a cut-down though but it has original style, original lock all that bore looks good touch hole everything. I'm really excited. I would be shooting it right now too but stupid gun laws. I guess I got a hold it so no one can claim it if it's stolen or whatever at a pawn shop so but anyways. Um I used um fled. I got a lead ball smashed it down using it but it came loose. I mean this led right here. It might be a little on the thick side so I don't think we're getting a good secure. I'm gonna have the tightness every time so kind of sucks but let's try this we've got some real cartridges paper. Cartridges that i made for this yep they. Even had cartridges all the way back then so first thing we're gonna do and like i said before we're in half cock right now it's pretty much the safety on. This gun a lot of people are gonna say this is unsafe this is how they really did it back then okay driving your vehicles is not really safe. You're better off walking you know a lot. Of things that we do in life are kind of dangerous so and there's one of the things.

I just like free producing history. I'm a big history buff so called unsafe it is what it is but i'm gonna do it how they did it back then so 69 caliber round ball gonna bite it. Off one other thing about this the black. Powder go act is pretty expensive so what i did is i put sixty grains of a. Lion black which is a the knock off. Black powder so it doesn't have sulfur. In it and it's really cheap so and then. The other sixty grain is real black powder so i'm gonna put a nice a little bit of real black powder which is on top. Right in the pan let's try not to put. Too much this time that way we get good ignition and then i still got a i see. The real black powder steel so that should go in first hopefully we'll see. We're testing this out we just put the. Whole cartridge in there the whole thing. Make sure it's nice and tight all the. Way at the bottom like you said before. You don't do that you'll blow yourself. Up just got to be touching the powder and now we're gonna take a shot all. Right let's see if we get better ignition this time okay definitely. Missed let's try that again. Half cock yeah that's not yeah sorry.

I should have just used leather i don't know i try to get cute but don't worry. We have i was smart enough and brought a. Screwdriver to tighten this down all. Right let's try that again we're in half cock let's let's try. Blowing this. I'm sure that sounded kind of gay right now but we're gonna blow this thing. Make sure there's no burning amber's left so i don't blow myself up there's. No more smoke so let's try this again. See if we can actually get a hit at 30. Yards. That might be a little too much close to. The touch hole remember from everything. That i saw it's you really don't want too much powder in here you don't want a a chain reaction so that's a little bit. Less than the last time we're still kind of getting that slow ignition you might. Have to just use completely all black powder but let's try this again let's see if that remedies things like i. Said the recoils very manageable i was. Worried that uh loading these up with 120 grains would be too much i mean 10. Grains is probably going in the pan and. The other 110 the other 110 is going. Down the bore which really isn't a lot. Kind of sounds like a lot compared if. You reload martin modern cartridges so. Let's try that again see if i can get up. Get this whole thing in the picture here oh yeah not bad that was badass. This time was a little more comfortable it hit pretty much for exactly where i aimed so that's really cool that's a big. Ass all right let's blow this little. Girl right cool grab the cartridge I mean. I tell you what guys I enjoy. Shooting this guns like this a lot more than I do.

Any modern type weapons i mean. It just it's like you're going back in time when you're shooting these things it's a lot of fun i mean every once in a. While ar-15 sar tans whatever aks it's alright. It's just boring to me honestly. You got to swap it switch it up so there. We go got about ten grains up in there. Doesn't look like our flint moved at all. I still even though we're doing this and. Like i said people saying not to do it still try to keep it away from you so i. Mean the worst case scenario we boil off. A couple of our fingers i mean they'll. Suck but do not put your face in front. Of it you're just asking for problems. And as this gets more more fouled up i. Mean we're gonna see better accuracy but let's see how that does again let's see. I haven't been this happy in a while. This is really cool like i said i've. Always dreamed getting this gun this. Brown bess like this was right there. Along with you know which will probably never happen getting an mp 40 mp 44 s bt. 40 gewehr 43 i'm really happy with this. This is awesome let's put that in half. Cock make sure it's in half cock this is. A absolutely cool gun to shoot it is i. Mean very very high quality.

I mean when I saw it it's like i had to have it. I totally uh you know begged the guy to. Take a glass i didn't really had that much money at the time and he accommodated me so kudos to that guy. Really cool alright let's see so like i. Said we're not putting too much in the pan and that's working out we're getting better ignition okay and i'm putting it. Away from the touch hole alright. And guys if you're doing this please. Please wear eye protection alright. Alright this is already starting to get tight with a 69 caliber balls i don't. Know seems like it should be down more. I don't know i want to jack myself up. Definitely jack my finger up i'm just. Super scared that let's see it's about. Right there ah we're good alright.

Obvious this isn't too boring for you. Guys so already is like what the six shot and. It's already getting like to the point where it's getting hard to shoot oh shit. Flash in the pan so we're gonna try. Again sparking its igniting but i think. The touch holes just clogged up alright. That one definitely felt like that one. Definitely felt like i don't know how to. Explain it but i don't know if i was. Just kind of scared to shoot it or what. Or maybe i fucked up and i left an air. Gap hopefully not what happens if you do. Manage to leave an air gap i mean this thing could fucking blow up overpressure the barrel could swell so look for. Cracking or anything like that i don't. Know it seems alright i'm just nervous. All right totally fuck that one a powder. Everywhere so what i did last time is i. Kind of like wrap the paper on. Accidentally around it instead of just. Pushing the extra paper down the bore i. Think that's why it was just so tight but that's how much rod we have left so. That's it like exactly how much we had. Last time and that one wasn't hard to go down at all so let's see if we can get. That full body shot i like how the um the rod the ramrod is very tight in this. Musket like there's no way it's going. Anywhere all right let's do that again.

Let's get all right that's the only. Thing that kind of sucks with the only. Thing that sucks with the oh damn this is hot how does fall with black-powder. Weapons in general is that you can't. Really see where your shots going. Because it's just cloud of smoke but. We'll go at it again i mean i couldn't. Imagine fighting with this weapon under. Pressure even with modern weapons it's. Easy to forget to reload your weapon. When it's empty um you know making sure. The magazines all the way seated things like that anyway you might be taking. Fire people dying around you you forget to. Push the ball all the way to the bottom or you triple load your musket and i. Mean it took real discipline for. Soldiers back in the 18th century to be. Proficient and not to make mistakes while being engaged.

I mean coming out here with a weapon like this just really allows me in a weird way to like pay. Respect to these people that gave gave their lives for us to have all this. Freedom that we have today is just amazing what those people did for us. Gave up their families gave up everything that they had you know for this idea of not being the subject. Subjects to a king you know i could go. On on and on but let's do this again. That's good this time we just push the. Whole thing down yeah it's starting to. Be a nice fit i see now why i'm not. Gonna even bother with getting yeah.

I'm not gonna even bother getting anything bigger in diameter. As far as the round ball goes. Juust like I said what is this. 10 11 10 11 shots now and it's already tight. We should be able to get some good accuracy out of this all right. Let's get it up close, let's see.

Let you see this block in action. Yeah that's that's got some more power. Now definitely losing that windage i. Think we only got a couple more paper cartridges we'll go back when i review. The video and we'll see exactly how many we fired here but i now know why a lot. Of times they only issued soldiers so. Many cartridges i mean what's the point if your guns going to be no good in 30. 30 shots you know why would you give them any more i kind of see the thinking around that and also i can see i guess i can see. Soldiers cleaning their weapons you know.

Once I get to the point where it's getting really tight but i mean you need. Water and i guess i got water in their. Canteen you could do a quick cleaning job but it's definitely like my favorite. Gun to shoot my favorite gun right now i. Mean. So yeah i don't think it was too bad of an idea to not use all black powder like. I said it's really hard to come to come. By real black powder where i'm at and. I'm sure it is where you guys are at to. Obviously the the other not fake black. Powder i can't think of the word right now what do they call that black powder. Substitute okay the black powder substitute.

The whole thing with that is. It just ignites and a higher temperature. So that's why it's not suggested for. Flintlocks for your cap locks and all that your percussion caps so it's not an. Issue at all for your black powder cartridge is not an issue at all but for flintlocks it is and it's it this is. It's not too bad. I don't know dude i like this shit i. Really like this i don't know if you. Guys noticed but i have my backup weapon. Right here too which is a harpers ferry. 1805 flintlock pistol by petter solely. As well we'll do a video on this as well. Sometime i don't know when i bought it. Fairly cheap the hammer is kind of a little loose.

I don't know i don't know why that is but i'm pretty sure and the. More i look at it pretty sure it was a kit gun that someone put together it. Doesn't explain why that's lewis probably just been shot a lot but and. One thing i don't really like about this it's fucking rifle i'm pretty sure they. Weren't rifled it's a 58 caliber pistol it's pretty light for being a 58 caliber. Pistol and they were made started i. Think believed produced 1805 or 1807 something like that but it's really cool. It looks cool i was an mp i don't know. If i told anyone that before but i was. In the military mp and on our logo for. The mps there's cross pistols and come. To find out before a little before i bought it it's the harpers ferry pistol that's what those cross pistols are and it is. Actually united states first pistol ever. Produced so all right let's see how many. Let's see i think we got one or two. Cartridges like yeah we got two left. So oh you know what i didn't do. Stupid me didn't not prime the pan.

Hopefully we got some real black powder left yeah that looks like all real black. Powder see i get to talking you can make. Mistakes with these fucking please these weapons so be very careful what. You're doing when you're shooting these. Type of weapons all right i mean just. Everything everything on this high. Quality i mean kudos to petter slowly. Damn the end of this ramrod though has. Made four attachments and i'm totally. Cutting up my finger with it but everything on this is high quality i looked up when this musket was made and. It was actually produced by petter solely in 2007 so brettly knew only you. Know i guess that's a long time ago huh. 1112 years ago not that new but oh let's. Tighten down our our flint yeah the. Whole thing with this lead i think i. Just think it was me i think i totally. Fucked this up the whole the whole thing. With the lead it's mostly be better like fit our hold its securely better but i. Think it's just too thick let's see we. Can get a hit we've been missing.

I don't know what's wrong with me all right let's try that again. That happens guys i was watching a. Documentary recently and they said these. Guys they would have misfires 25 percent. Of the time okay i don't remember off hand which documentary this was - if you look at. Revolutionary war it probably has the most views i don't. Think it's a history channel thing but i don't know why i even put more i don't think i just got a spark. Pretty sure those guys knew what they were talking about no we might have. Reached her didn't bring a new nipple pick like an idiot so might have reached our end with this.

I really don't like leaving with with the pan with. Everything not the pan but the gun loaded because then we can't clean it but thank you guys for checking out this video i'm gonna try to make more videos. In the near future also i have my ffl. Now i'm starting to sell military surplus weapons and sometimes modern weapons too so just look for that i have a website. It is surplus firearms dotnet so if. You're looking for a mauser 98 anything like that old-school weapons mazda guns. I got them check out my website also i'm. Gonna start getting into the antique rifle selling those right now I have. I Don't know I can't anyways i'll list them at the bottom in. The description if i remember what i even have right now but you enjoy guys have a good one We got one left.

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Pedersoli Blue Ridge Percussion Rifles

  • Exceptionally accurate with a variety of bullets;
  • Adjustable double-set trigger;
  • Polished-brass accents.

Blue Ridge black-powder muzzleloaders feature a drum and bolster system. The precision-rifled 39" blued octagonal barrels with 1-in-48" (1-in-65 in .54 cal) twist delivers exceptional precision with patched round balls, plus the .45-.50- caliber percussion rifles will handle conical bullets surprisingly well. Locks are color-case-hardened. Adjustable double-set trigger. Buttplate and trigger guard are polished brass. Percussion cap fired.
OAL: 55".
Weight: 7-1/4 lbs.
Barrel finish: Blued.

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Pedersoli Kentucky Flintlock Rifle

The renowned Kentucky rifle was a direct descendant of early, expertly crafted German hunting weapons. It became one of the most common weapons used in the American colonies. Since it was lightweight and extremely accurate, it developed into the most popular American rifle of its day. This detailed, authentic reproduction of the Flintlock rifle sports a deep-blued, 1-in 48" twist rifled barrel, polished brass fittings and a fine, oil-finished walnut stock. Right-hand only.

Tell us what we got here, Joe! This is a pierce away ridge. It is except. Right now I gotta get this going, so we get some power in the pants back up. I think it's frozen. I think you might be right.

It is 16 degrees out here today. There's a ball butters. Just a touch, that's all you need. Yeah it's like it. All right, this first shot. It's on half-cocked. We're gonna go 25 yards, 16 degrees out here at a hooligan ville.

We'll see if it goes big just for a shot-for-shot. Let's make white smoke. Set Trigger okay. Definitely wet bag. It went bang. It spit fire out the front. Okay, which one's set trigger. The backpack one so I'm going to pull that one. Then this one just touch the front one.

No, you just touch the front one and what I had to do is set it back on the next part holy mack. Track please and click the back one. That gets it ready and you want it to be tight in your shoulders. Oh you're alright, stand your first shot safety glasses, ears full cock, full load pants, full prisons down the bottom target. I said pull this one. Didn't do anything but it clicked just sensitive on that front one.

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Pedersoli Traditional Hawken Percussion Rifle

  • Traditional lines and looks;
  • Fully adjustable sights;
  • Brass accents;
  • Left hand model available in .50-cal.

Take along a piece of history on your next black-powder hunt with the Pedersoli Traditional Hawken muzzleloader. Its 28-3/8" octagonal barrel has a 1-in-48" twist rate that's ideal for stabilizing a variety of bullets and lead balls. Fully-adjustable sights appeal to serious hunters and target shooters who demand the uptmost in accuracy. Top-grade walnut stock with brass trigger guards, curved buttplate, forend caps, ferrules and ramrod fittings make for a handsome package. Color-case-hardened lock contains hefty coil springs. Adjustable double-set trigger is also standard. This Davide Pedersoli Traditional Hawken Percussion rifle uses #11 caps. Percussion action.
Barrel finish: Matte blued.

I probably put about ten rounds through this and ten rounds of black powder. It is its dirty one round and it's dirty that's just how it is i want to point out that right now in central florida it is the middle of the winter and with that it is cool, and we have relatively low humidity.

The first thing I want to discuss is health. Put away after use and I use a heavily coated patch with ballast all inside the barrel, just to coat everything. It's not so much cleaning but a coating and then particular attention is made to this area because there is going to be a lot of residue of black powder here so this whole area was slathered with ballast all and then I take a patch coated with ballast all and I put it in between here.

It makes its way down where the percussion cap sits and stops any area here from rusting as well as providing that insulation here, to stop these two pieces of metal from gowing. Which is how I always leave this sitting. I have tested that using this method and not storing in a safe right so using this method and keeping this in a dry air-conditioned environment. It seems perfectly fine to go a couple of days without cleaning. It provided you using black powder, not pirate decks and nothing will happen so long as you know.

The ballast all that's on there is heavily coated. It neutralizes the Black powder residue and obviously the oil does not allow any rust to form on the metal. I encourage people of course to clean as quick as possible for something like this. You go out you're done. You don't immediately clean it. Maybe the next day as is the case here. I'm now taking out. We're gonna start the cleaning and I've already done a video that specifically talks about breaking down this rifle as much as possible for cleaning and inspection.

I will post the link up here. That's not what this is going to be about. This is just gonna be me going through talking about how I clean this rifle. A general cleaning after usage. First thing to go is going to be the ramrod and like everything else on the rifle. If it has the opportunity to be cleaned it will but this is going to be all broken down.

So, we're going to take the ramrod out. We're gonna put it to the side and I'll remove my patch here. I'll bring this to the halfway position as shown and using my tool. I will start to remove this. I may actually have to bring this to the full-back position to fit the tool in alright and this tool should be used only to start the procedure just to get things moving right. Be sure not to obviously scratch the metal of the rifle you want to.

You don't want to do any harm and sometimes it sits in there. I always point out that you would always use this tool to remove them. You would never use this tool to insert them, you know, except to snug them down. We're not even there yet but I continue to point that out. Take a look here, that is that's filthy. More of this you know. I'll tell you and I put a lot of ballast on here. Obviously, this thing never jammed up the entire day and I didn't use the pic or anything on this rifle not once. And it could be argued that, yeah, it was the winter and there's no humidity but okay fine. Didn't jam up once thing ran like a champ and with that removed.

I wanted to give a good view here and remember oil was applied but nothing was scrubbed away. Just to give an idea of what this all looks like here before I do any separation. So I've already loosened this pin. Now I'm gonna pop it out like so. There you go now. I will split the barrel from the stock grabbing. The stock like so from the front gently lifting and removing. There you go having just cleaned the entire mechanical assembly here.

Last time I don't need to rip all this apart and like I said I have a video that shows how this could all be ripped apart and cleaned. I want to show what it looks like having completely clean this and then fired through what we have. Obviously, we have debris all along here throughout here and extending down. You can see some into the wood and the metal here. This all gets cleaned out with a q-tip. I'll show where that debris is you get that cleaned up you oil it.

You clean all the wood around here and you're pretty much good to go after like maybe four or five times, or if you're having any issues then. It's time to take apart this whole assembly and go through it for general maintenance. So we could see looking down in here on this metal plate. Very little residues. That tells us that very little gunpowder residue. Made it this far back right and I go all the way back here and have a look on this plate. And I could see a little bit of residue here and what that tells you is that you really don't need to dig that far down all the time, if it's not touching.

This metal if it's not getting in here a lot. It's really not getting all the way down in there a lot as well. But you can see right here. I mean just it skates right so right here. It's simply filthy. If I go along here I realize the contrast makes it hard to see. I could see some residue here on this black piece of metal but again not terrible up here. Obviously, on the outside we're gonna see some residue but that's not surprising right. So, inside here not too bad but everything on the outside is obviously gonna be filthy where the percussion cap is held in here. It needs to be cleaned out as well and everything around the hammer here.

We could see also look at this thick kicked up over. Here it's gonna need to be cleaned but that's just to show that the trigger, and the mechanism, and the hammer, and everything. It's not really getting in there too bad as bad as this all is. It is contained mostly to the outside. Yeah, well percussion-cap still in there nice and clean. So I started off with this thicker layer of ram well to mull Safai any black powder that I might have missed. And I'm going to let it just sit on here. I'm gonna wipe off the excess later and then check to see the color of the patch rights. He's just seen this thick layer and it also allows that rem oil to get down even here.

Look behind that trigger. See what comes out the other side. I don't plan on seeing much more of anything at this point, but I said trigger - I meant I'm in hammer. I don't see a plan on seeing much more at this point. The q-tip starting to get dirty but seeing everything is now looking good. Once this is done I'll be able to put this part of the rifle to the side and focus on the barrel right. And this didn't take me long at all. I'm really taking my time for the movie that could move this now to the forward position. And take a look, and make sure that everything behind here has been touched and looking good. Let that kind of sit there.

Now we get to the other half of this rifle which is the barrel. We could see some. You can see some nice crud here. I'm just gonna what I'm gonna do before I get started with. The barrel procedure is wipe this crud off because the procedures that we're gonna use. We don't want to introduce any more contaminants into the mixture if they could be easily removed. So let's do that now and I think that the soaking overnight that it does makes a lot of this easy to remove.

I think it breaks up the black powder residue. You can see just I'm just removing with the patch. It's more like a sludge. It's not like a crust at this point. I mean some of it stuck to the rifle but you see how easy that's coming off. It's hardly anything you know. To get that removed from there that's I just wanted all that to go away before I begin. So what I've done here is I've prepared some hot water. Not boiling hot but I wouldn't want to stick my hand in there, but not so hot that it's melting this glad container. Just to give you a reference now what I do is I just put a little splash a ballast all in there. That's enough, that's actually too much but that's fine.

Some people use something like palmolive or a dish detergent and that works tood too. But if you use something like palmolive you're gonna have to do a rinse step after you do this. If you've ballast all you're not gonna have to use a rinse because it's a gun oil. So, once you've cleaned the barrel with it and you dry it you're good. So given that option I simply go with the ballast all. I'm not a sponsor of any product by the. Was it's just that I've been using dallas doll and rem oil for many years. And these are the products that I use it's my own personal choice for this procedure.

On the end of the ramrod we'll go the 50 caliber cotton swab and this cotton swab will be just to start off. Will be put in that mixture so it will expand. I'll give it a second here. It's important to note that the water level will be higher than this thread here. When this barrel is put into the water this is the operation. It's gonna be done. We're gonna place this all the way down into the water as shown here and then from the top. We'll use this as a siphon to clean the barrel out. See all the black powder residue coming out the bottom now into the water. All the while pulling the water and ballast all up into the barrel. Give it a good cleaning and I'll do this as long as I see fit.

Having finished this process you'll notice that the barrel is completely dry all of this stuff here where the metal is screwed on that to hold the ramrod, and the sights, and everything with the exception to the first two inches. Obviously, way back there was underwater. The barrel didn't get wet. Everything was done the inside. This process is an extremely clean and thorough process to clean out the barrel so I've dried off this area of the barrel. I put it back on the stand. I will point out, the barrel is it's quite hot. You know it does transfer heat from that hot water. So any residual moisture will dry relatively quickly. The important thing now is getting all of the stuff that was used with water out of the working area now. So the barrel is now sitting up here and I have this piece of the ramrod that I'm now just gonna squeeze out with a paper towel because I'm not gonna be using it anymore.

Let that dry out and I'll put my regular component back on the end here that I usually use. I will point out during the cleaning process that I did with the water in the pan with the ballast ball. If you weren't running a patched ball and you were using a lead bullet, and you wanted to remove any lead fouling in the rifle. And you would alternate between that cotton adapter, and something like this, that would also be used to clean the inside of the barrel and remove that lead fouling.

I use a patch ball so I don't need to use this but this would have been put on the end of the ramrod. And the inside of that barrel would have been scrubbed with a brush like this effectively. You would have alternated between the two of these. I'll point out that when you deal with something like that, now you have to also deal with lead contamination which obviously makes cleanup and safety around like pets and kids.

An entirely different matter but the bullets that I use in the way I set it up. The lead is never exposed to the barrel. There's a separation so I don't deal with a lot of in the cleanup of this rifle. And this is not necessary for cleaning but I do this is a 50 caliber scrape that I just run to the back of the breech and twist it around a couple times, and make sure that there's no foreign body stuck back there before I continue. In everything looks okay. I just wanted to check.

The first thing I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna run a dry patch through there. I don't want to mix oil and water so I want to get through there real quick. There's would be a lot of crud from that water and all the stuff that was mixed in there and all that residue and it's probably some surface orange rust and garbage that's gonna immediately form on the metal. I just want to get that out of there right quick. You can see that right there definitely not dirty. I mean this will come off. I'm gonna get some oil on this immediately and everything will be fine but that's to be expected. We're at the point now with the inside of the barrel is perfectly clean.

We're at the stage now where we could start cleaning the outside of this barrel and putting the rifle back together. Give the barrel a good once-over with rem oil. Paying close attention to where. It was stamped, just to get any black powder residue out of there and you do find some, mostly just from the hands touching it and the underside where I'm not going to be able to apply the oil later when the whole thing is reconstructed. So. I'm just going through this whole thing and just giving it a good general cleaning especially on the bottom out. Last item of business for cleaning will be this thing that by now you've noticed.

I cannot say on youtube so I will call the thing for the percussion-cap and this will have to be cleaned. This one takes quite a beating. I will be using a q-tip some Rommel and this device right here to clean this thing out. I finished cleaning this piece and now I could screw it back on. I'm gonna wait until the rifle is assembled before doing so. However again in the reverse procedure of the installation hammer all the way back.

Making sure everything is absolutely centered, I insert the hook under here. I grabbed the stock from the front all we've checked me that it's centered if it's not centered. I'll lift it up again and check to make sure everything's right and everything seats right down perfectly, just like that. Then I will install my pin. Lock it into place. Finally, I will install this into the rifle. I will not use any tool to accomplish this task only using my fingers and it has very wide thread. So it only grabs in one location there. It is and it should be able too. Especially, once cleaned turn very easily all the way down. Just like so I only use the tool as shown here to give it a little snug and that's it no more.

I'll use a patch to wipe the excess Rommel and distribute it evenly in these areas that I did earlier. Now around the piece that was installed, you need a little bit cold for. This will be fine then. I will take that patch as I did before and fold. It brings it down over the hammer and release it into position. Final patch is used to get all the rest of the gun metal that might have been missed or touched during this process. Evenly distribute all of that oil including the crown up front sights what have you under this area before.

I go and put the ramrod back into the gun and with everything oiled up and completed. Finally the ramrod which is never used for anything other than taking out and starting during cleaning is reintroduced back into the rifle and this hawken cleaning procedure is now complete. I hope you found my hawken cleaning procedure useful. Thanks for watching.

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Traditions™ Kentucky .50-Cal. Percussion and Flintlock Rifles

  • Combines classic looks with top-notch performance;
  • Long octagonal barrels enhance accuracy;
  • 1:66" rate-of-twist barrel is perfect for patched-ball loads;
  • V-style mainsprings deliver fast lock times;
  • Walnut-finished stocks accented with solid brass.

Traditions' Kentucky .50-Cal. Percussion and Flintlock Rifles are ideal for hunters that want a classic look without sacrificing performance. Long octagonal barrels with 1:66" rate-of-twist rifling are perfect for patched-ball loads, plus the long sighting planes between the blade front sights and fixed notch rear sights enhance accuracy. Color case-hardened locks boast V-style mainsprings to speed lock times. Two-piece walnut-finished stocks are accented with solid-brass furniture so they look great hanging on your wall or out in the field.

We have here is a Kentucky rifle picked it up the other. Day it's a 50 caliber it's a thirty. Three and a half inch barrel she's a she. Got quite a stretched over this one and. They're very well. The price is pretty damn it i think i. Paid around this one was 360 before tax. And i got the so called wholesale over. There I'm going to see their name who. Knows but i was really taken with the. Was this thing was put together you know. For the price it's a beautiful wood and. I always liked the older full woodstock. Rifles as you can see it's a flintlock i. Haven't put a flint in it yet that's not. Bad you know the fit and finish on this is pretty decent as if you know for what i paid for it the only part that is. Hurting is this figure i mean what it. Takes to make a trigger take that's. Pretty pathetic but strangely enough the. Release is quite decent line so i kind. Of later I'm going to do something with this take it apart the mechanism is. Quite simple I'll push that i think so. It's all i tell you i mean that's about the only bad thing i can say about it. Prior to shooting it of course that's. Quite happy with that chaparral rifle it. Was turned out to be a turd but this is. A real nice looking gun i have a fine. Log pistol by traditions and fires great. And it's quite accurate I've looked up. At some comments and some of the things. That are whining about this rifle. Huh some folks are saying it shoots slow. Well has this high-tech actually front. Sights i wouldn't take much to file that down to raise the barrel and it's only. Stamped in there you could like what i. Probably might do if it is off a lot is. I'll just get a in italian front sights. A form the lineman or something a little. Fit in their rare sight it is a bit of a. Turd but again you know for what you pay. For this thing.

I'm not going to hit this stuff to urge 400. Meter shots which is all I'm going to be. Doing whether to line your up at 50 you. Can make the adjustments with a file in those plain cites traditions does have. An adjustable rear sights like a boat. Spring loaded job with a screw in the back that you can adjust your elevation. With it be as simple as replacing that i would probably fix up all your problems real easy and you know it's going to fit. The with the read size dovetail on. It's got another 'full brass buck play. On it and it goes all the way up here. The fit and finish you know is actually. Quite nice the italian articles. Tend to be better in that regard.

This one is pretty good you know for what i paid for this gun i am quite pleased. With the overall quality of it you know. For less than 400 bucks well then you. Now it's pretty nice that another one i. Forget the name of it but it's covered with brass the brass in here pat's box. The brass going up here so six thousand. Seven hundred dollars and I'll tell you. The finish on that one isn't half as. Nice as this one here for some reasons all nice and shiny pat's box the hinges would be here. It was pretty crappy fit there so I looked at this. I has a really long rifle. And i was quite taken with it so I brought it home so now i could do now is. I think we'll just have to take it out. And do some shooting look so your great. Day for shooting sun's out it's not. Wendy. Hmm. You.

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Pedersoli Blue Ridge Flintlock Rifles

  • Exceptional accuracy with a variety of bullets;
  • Adjustable double-set trigger;
  • Polished-brass accents.

Blue Ridge black-powder muzzleloaders feature a drum and bolster system. The precision-rifled 39" blued octagonal barrel with 1-in-48" (1-in-65 in .54 cal.) twist delivers exceptional precision with patched round balls, plus the .45-.50- caliber-flintlock rifles will handle conical bullets surprisingly well. Locks are color-case-hardened. Adjustable double-set trigger. Buttplate and trigger guard are polished brass. Flintlock action. Includes flint in lead.
OAL: 55".
Weight: 7-1/4 lbs.
Barrel finish: Blued.

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Pedersoli Kodiak Express MK VI Double-Barrel Percussion Rifles

  • Produced for hunting in Africa and India;
  • Half pistol-grip-style walnut stock;
  • Ideal for a reliable and quick second shot;
  • Available in .50 cal., 54 cal. and .58 cal.

Produced for hunting in the wide Africa and India regions, the Kodiak Express MK VI Double-Barrel Percussion Rifle was the gun of choice. Pedersoli recreated it with blued side-by-side barrels, engraved locks, ghost tang sight, half pistol-grip-style walnut stock with cheekpiece, small German-silver plate with initials and a rubber recoil pad. A manageable, perfectly balanced gun considered by black-powder hunters to be the ideal rifle for a reliable and quick second shot. .50 cal has six-groove rifling. .54 cal and .58 cal. have seven-groove rifling. .50 cal. and .54 cal. have 1:24" rate of twist. .58 cal. has 1:48" rate of twist. Uses .490", .535" or .575" dia. round balls.

Pedersoli .50-Cal. Pennsylvania Flintlock Rifle

  • Finest reproduction of rifles used by Pennsylvania hunters;
  • Oil-finished walnut stock;
  • Steel front and rear sights.

The finest reproduction of the American rifles used by Pennsylvania hunters, this extra-long .50-Cal. Pennsylvania Flintlock Rifle by Pedersoli boasts an oil-finished walnut stock with a rust-brown-colored barrel. Adjustable double-set trigger. Steel front and rear sights. Vertically adjustable rear sight.

Okay this is a Pedersoli, Pennsylvania. Long rifle 45 calibers flintlock. Little more complicated in the springfield rifle musket as far as the ignition system. So we have triple f go x maximum charge in. This is 38 so I'm going to go a little less than that.

Okay, take you for 40 caliber ball and I'm a hatch that is 0.005 thickness, makes it fairly easy to get it down the barrel. Okay it ran the little guy home. I use go x by the way instead of pirate x because you get a faster lock-up time. The pirate extends to have a real delay between the pan going and then the actual charge firing.

Okay, bullet seated. It's ready to roll. Now I need to put some. I use four x go x. Here in the channel in the pan. And let's see we can get. Hopefully not a flash in the pan. Double set triggers as soon as you set the back trigger. Basically brushing the front one. Sets it off more insights and there we go. Petter Sullivan sylvania long rifle.

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Pedersoli 1863 Sharps Sporting .54-Cal. Percussion Rifle

  • Steel patch box on the oiled-walnut stock;
  • 32" blued octagonal barrel;
  • Fixed front sight.

The 1863 Sharps Sporting .54-Cal. Percussion Rifle is best known for its advantageous role on horseback, as a skilled shooter could reload and fire approximately five rounds per minute as opposed to the three-round-per-minute capability of a typical infantry rifle. Fully functional replica of the original historic rifle. 32" blued octagonal barrel. Fixed front sight. Oiled-walnut stock. Graduated rear sight with sliding plate. Six-groove rifling with a 1:48" rate of twist. For use with .530-dia. round balls.

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Pedersoli Enfield 3 Band P1853 .58-Cal. Percussion Rifle

  • Functioning replica of one of the finest firearms of its time;
  • Shoots a .577-caliber minie ball;
  • Walnut stock, blued barrel, case-hardened lock with brass accents.

Pedersoli created this accurate, fully functional version of one of the finest military firearms of its time, the Enfield 3 Band P1853 Percussion Rifle, for shooting and display. The Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifled Musket was the result of several studies conducted by the British War Department with an emphasis on improving the caliber and size of its main infantry battle weapon. While similar to its predecessor, the Pattern 1851, in appearance, it offered a number of refinements. The gun shot a .577-caliber minie ball, greatly enhancing its range and accuracy. It was also fitted with a ladder-type rear sight with a slider for adjustments. Three steel bands secure the 39" blued barrel to the walnut stock. All other accents are brass and complement the case-hardened lock. Ramrod tip is shaped with a characteristic jag slot. Three-groove rifling with 1-in-78" rate of twist.

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Traditions™ Deerhunter™ .50-Cal. Percussion Muzzleloader Do-It-Yourself Kit

  • Select Hardwood stock;
  • 24" octagonal barrel is rifled for patched ball loads;
  • Adjustable fiber-optic sights.

Build Traditions' Deerhunter Percussion Muzzleloader Kit and enjoy the precise accuracy of the finished rifle. You'll take enormous pride in building, shooting and displaying the gun on a wall or fireplace mantel in your home. The 24" octagonal barrel is rifled for patched ball loads and comes equipped with adjustable fiber-optic sights. Color-case-hardened lock with V-type mainspring for fast lock time. Single trigger. One-piece select hardwood stock. Aluminum ramrod. Percussion cap ignition.

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Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry .69-Cal. Flintlock Musket

  • Reproduction of the U.S. 1816 musket;
  • Handsome hardwood stock;
  • Lock and 41.75" smoothbore barrel are satin-finished steel.

The U.S. 1816 musket was originally produced in the arsenals at Harper's Ferry and Springfield between 1816 to 1844. This is a fully functional reproduction with great attention to detail.

It sports a handsome hardwood stock. The lock and 41.75" smoothbore barrel are satin-finished steel. The lock is marked with Harper's Ferry 1816, the American Eagle and U.S. letters. For use with .675"-dia. round balls. Right hand only.

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Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry Colt Conversion .69-Cal. Percussion Musket

  • Handsome hardwood stock;
  • Lock and 41.75" smoothbore barrel are satin-finished steel;
  • For use with .675-dia. round balls.

Between 1848 and 1860, approximately 700,000 Model 1816 muskets were converted from smoothbore flintlock firearms to percussion ignition. During the 1850s, many of these conversions used an ignition system developed by Samuel Colt.

Pedersoli's 1816 Harper's Ferry Colt Conversion .69-Cal. Percussion Musket is patterned after the Colt conversions with great attention to detail. It sports a handsome hardwood stock. The lock and 41.75" smoothbore barrel are satin-finished steel. The lock is marked with Harper's Ferry 1816, the American Eagle and U.S. letters. For use with .675-dia. round balls. Right hand only.

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Pedersoli Cook & Brother Artillery Carbine .58-Cal. Percussion Rifle

  • A reproduction a Civil-War-era gun;
  • One of the few rifles developed by the Confederacy;
  • Handsome hardwood stock.

Pedersoli's Cook & Brother Artillery Carbine .58-Cal. Percussion Rifle is a faithful and functional reproduction of the gun originally made by Ferdinand and Francis Cook in Georgia during the later part of the Civil War.

One of only a few rifles developed and manufactured by the Confederacy during the Civil War, it was primarily used to outfit artillery soldiers and skirmishers. It is a compact, fast-handling firearm with a round, 24", .58-cal. rifled barrel with a hardwood stock and two barrel bands. Adjustable sights. Five-groove rifling with 1:48 rate of twist. For use with .577-cal. Minié balls. Right hand only.

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Pedersoli Enfield Musketoon P1861 .58-Cal. Short Percussion Rifle

  • A fully functional replica of a Civil War-era firearm;
  • Compact size made it ideal for artillery and cavalry units;
  • Shoots .577-cal. Minié balls.

Pedersoli's Enfield Musketoon P1861 .58-Cal. Short Percussion Rifle is a replica of Enfield's short rifle made from 1861 to 1865. It improved upon earlier, longer Enfield firearms made in the 1850s by increasing the barrel's rifling grooves to five and tightening the rate of twist to 1-in-48". This made the gun more accurate than earlier-made longer Enfields in spite of its smaller size.

When combined with .577-cal. Minié ball ammunition, it was a devastating battlefield weapon. It also addressed the need for artillery and cavalry units to have shorter, more maneuverable firearms. The 24" barrel is fitted to the walnut stock with two steel bands. It's outfitted with a straight, ladder-style rear sight with a slider.

Apart from the bands, all other garnitures on this firearm are made of brass. The ramrod tip is shaped with a characteristic jag slot and there is a hook with a ring in front of the trigger guard. Five-groove rifling with 1:48" rate of twist. For use with .577-cal. Minié balls. Right hand only.

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