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  Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown DS Jacket - Men's Montane Deep Heat Down Jacket - Men's Norrona Falketind Alpha60 Insualted Jacket - Men's Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top - Men's Arc'teryx Gamma LT Hooded Softshell Jacket - Men's Patagonia Stretch Nano Storm Insulated Jacket - Men's Rab Kinetic Plus Jacket - Men's The North Face Half Dome Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's Marmot Quasar Nova Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Rab Nucleus Pull-On Fleece Jacket - Men's Patagonia Stonycroft 10in Short - Men's Mountain Hardwear Logan Canyon Short - Men's Mountain Hardwear Hatcher Full-Zip Hooded Jacket - Men's Houdini Power Jacket - Men's Gore Wear H5 Partial Gore-Tex Infinium Pant - Men's
  Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown DS Jacket - Men's Montane Deep Heat Down Jacket - Men's Norrona Falketind Alpha60 Insualted Jacket - Men's Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top - Men's Arc'teryx Gamma LT Hooded Softshell Jacket - Men's Patagonia Stretch Nano Storm Insulated Jacket - Men's Rab Kinetic Plus Jacket - Men's The North Face Half Dome Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's Marmot Quasar Nova Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Rab Nucleus Pull-On Fleece Jacket - Men's Patagonia Stonycroft 10in Short - Men's Mountain Hardwear Logan Canyon Short - Men's Mountain Hardwear Hatcher Full-Zip Hooded Jacket - Men's Houdini Power Jacket - Men's Gore Wear H5 Partial Gore-Tex Infinium Pant - Men's
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Brand Arc'teryx Rab Patagonia Houdini Mountain Hardwear Rab Gore Wear Patagonia The North Face Mountain Hardwear Patagonia Marmot Mountain Hardwear Norrona Montane
Claimed Weight 1lb 3.2oz 11oz 8.7oz 14oz 5.8oz 12.2oz - 1 lb 4.5 oz - 1lb 2oz 6.5oz 10.3oz 1lb 8oz 9.17oz -
Fit regular slim slim slim regular regular regular regular regular/relaxed active slim regular regular regular regular, extra room in chest and arms
Hood fixed, helmet-compatible stretch-on, laminated and stiffened peak - - - - - yes, two-way adjustable, helmet compatible drawcord adjustment - - fixed scuba - yes
Length hip hip - - - hip - hip - hip - hip hip hip midlength
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime 5 years lifetime
Material Wee Burly Double Weave (56% nylon, 34% polyester, 10% elastane), DWR coating [membrane/laminate] Proflex (3-layer), [face] polyester, DWR finish, [lining] polyester 95% nylon (67% recycled), 5% spandex, DWR finish 57% polyester, 33% nylon, 10% elastane 85% recycled nylon, 15% elastane Thermic fleece [membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex Infinium, Gore-Tex Windstopper, [face fabric] 90% nylon, 10% elastane [membrane/laminate] H2No Performance Standard (2-layer), [face fabric] 30D nylon stretch ripstop, DWR finish, [lining] 100% stretch polyester [solid] 70% cotton, 30% polyester, [heather] 53% cotton, 47% polyester [face fabric] dynamic-stretch knit (100% polyester) 51% merino wool, 49% recycled polyester 20D nylon 56% polyester, 30% wool, 14% nylon Polartec Power Stretch Pertex Quantum Pro nylon, DWR coating
Pockets [external] 2 zippered hand, [internal] 1 zippered chest 2 zippered hand 2 hand, 2 rear, 1 leg 2 zippered side, 1 internal slash 2 hand, 2 back 1 chest 2 front zip, 2 hip 2 zippered chest, 2 high hand, 1 internal, 1 zippered internal security 2 hand 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest, 2 interior drop - 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 2 hand [external] 2 deep hand, 1 deep chest, [internal] 2 mesh drop
Recommended Use backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, ice climbing, sport climbing, trad climbing alpine & expedition, backcountry touring, climbing, hiking & camping hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, bouldering, casual, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, hiking, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding, sport climbing, trad climbing backpacking, bouldering, casual, hiking climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding backpacking, casual, hiking alpine & expedition, climbing bouldering, casual, hiking all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backpacking, casual, hiking skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, fishing all-mountain skiing, backpacking, hiking, trad climbing, sport climbing backpacking, bouldering, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing climbing, skiing, hiking mountaineering

Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown DS Jacket - Men's

You’ve almost made it to the top of your route, with only one more jug to grab above you. But as you extend your arm to make the big move, your jacket stiffens up without any more room to give and causes you to fumble and fall. For a jacket that won’t hold you back, throw on the Mountain Hardware Men’s Stretchdown DS Jacket. Built with tons of stretch, the DS features a grid-free pattern that moves with you, not against you, and actually captures more warmth than with standard stitching. Plus, the innovative design uses hydrophobic goose-down feathers that ensures warmth even when you’re climbing in wet conditions.

  • Insulated down jacket with groundbreaking mobility
  • Stretchy face fabric ensures your best reach
  • Grid-free pattern traps more heat than standard stitching
  • Hydrophobic down insulation stays warm even when wet
  • Zippered pockets lock in the essentials on a climb
  • Hem adjustments help to create an ideal fit
  • Item #MHW00Z0
  • This is jeremiah with mountain here I'm. Here to introduce you today to the mountain hardwear stretch down jacket it's a 750 fill q down jacket so that. Means your downs not gonna Maddox. Hydrophobic down coating welded seams. With the stretch material it's also got these really nice internal deep pockets I've been using it this season the bouldering in the mornings in between birds you stick your shoes in it's nice and comfortable when you put it on and you realize like how easy it is to move and articulate your shoulders that's when you really appreciate it and that it just looks good it's not too. Great in shiny knees it's a good piece. So all the seams are welded in-between. The baffles, so they're welded with a stretch material so each material it's stretches it's really stretchy so when. You Blaine feed out rope really nicely making it a really just comfortable. Piece to wear you barely notice you have it on you know i really do like these big deep pockets but snacks in their yes. Additional things in here pick banana. All your twist bars in their fit your. Gloves dry them off in there if you need to this will be coming out this fall. From mount hardware it's one of their great new pieces all right we've done.

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    Montane Deep Heat Down Jacket - Men's

    If you're the kind of person who feels liek the arctic tundra is calling you name, then the Montane Men's Deep heat Down Jacket is also crying out to you. This jacket has all the digs to keep you warm when the environment is unforgiving. Down construction with a Pertex face fabric keeps the elements out, so wind and snow won't bother you. With extra room in the sleeves and the chest, you can reinforce your warmth with layers, but still be able to make the moves you need to. The Deep Heat also offers plenty of drawcords to adjust the fit you want. Bring the lower hem closer to your back, the cuffs fit snugly on your hands to keep heat in, and the face aperture is drawstring adjustable to cover as much of your face as you can when the weather is truly unbearable. On top of this all, this jacket works with your safety equipment so your harness and your helmet aren't a nuisance, so you can work on your alpine route all day, without losing heat and without losing your patience with your gear.

  • An intensely warm jacket for taking on the tundra
  • Extra room in chest and sleeves offers layering compatibility
  • Elbow darts help with mobiliyt
  • Hood is helmet compatible for easy fit
  • Volume compression offers closer fit in neck or back
  • Drawcord adjustments offer protection against heat loss
  • Zips are anti-ice for easy use and protection in icy conditions
  • Comes with waterproof stuff sack for storage
  • Item #MNT003A
  • Welcome back to the channel today i have. A special treat i have the montane deep. Cold down review jacket to review and. It's actually should be called deep space because it's really warm now before i get into the review i want. To explain to you guys what this jacket the magic of this jacket is and i just. Learned this myself out the day now there're three types of down jackets. There's the most commonly the stitch through method where the down is inside these little arm stitch through pockets of our baffles and you have the. Traditional box baffles where the down. Is inside separate chambers of baffles. That are not stitched through so it's a. Wall in between each baffle the stitch through method is just um a long wall. Long baffle with stitches in the middle you have with a much rarer bb or double. Chain burr a bottle where it's sort of. Stitch through v formation but it's just. Like a box style battle but with a v. Formation now most jackets have to. Stitch through most cheap cheaper like a. Patagonia high loft down or patagonia down sweaters they'll have this um stitch through because it makes the jacket lighter cheaper to make and it's. Easy to wear and pack the jacket or stuff jack into a sack the traditional box wall baffle jackets are used for. Mountaineering and are really expensive and really expensive to make and really. Unpack able and stuff able and heavy much heavier now with the lighter materials. Like pertex endurance that this tractor uses and um peak down liner that. Dis tractor uses it makes the jacket just as light as if it had the stitch through method now I'm gonna go into it check in. Is um cut longer for the size and I'm. Five foot eight inches tall and i usually wear 155 pounds 56 pounds after. The holidays I'll be a hundred and sixty pounds and easily wear our size our medium jackets are a 38 regular suit men's suit. Size some a medium but ana size them too small to get this fit and to get this. Fit i mean the jacket is advertised as being cut wide in the torso and longer. In the sleeves for layering but because. The jacket is really warm you don't really need to layer much under it like as you see all i have is a t-shirt a t-shirt and my track top and it's. Really cool today it's 20 degrees it's gonna snow later on today we expect a. A bit of snow so i figured I'll just start wearing this it's really cold now. Inside the jacket you have this neon green lining and you have that peak down. Liner inside that that makes it really warm next to your skin one gripe is the. Internal mesh pockets are really small you can't fit more than a 16 ounce on pull and spring bottle in there and the other mesh pocket is just a zippered pocket for wallet and keys and normally. On a jacket like this you have like really massive internal pockets or water bottles and mittens and stuff like that to keep them warm against your skin against your body but here you don't. Have that but what montane does do well is the exterior pockets imma go into that so you have the to weigh the lanes. If I'm not sure if you guys can see that. So it sits up like that and you have to place it down there which is really cool you have a lot of velcro on this jacket along the storm flap this velcros all down it and you have a double baffle so. You have internal baffle here storm flap. And an out external storm flap on opposite sides of the zipper so well this does it prevent arm prevents cold. Spots from getting in the middle because you have down all around the jacket but the weakest point of a down jacket it's where the zipper runs because it's just a thin layer of fabric along the zipper. So you want to protect that ee and this does that fray well and a buckle keeps this. Keeps that secure now you have in terms. Of the pockets you have the secret panel of pockets down here and there on the. Inside of the down there's down on both sides of these pockets all the pockets in this jacket so you have down on the inside and down on the outside so your hands are really warm in these pockets we have another. Velcro garage pocket down here and a. Vocal one of my clients is really loud. And has that tear and velcro sound and if you're not used to bunco its gonna take a while to get you stuff so you have these garage pockets down here now. The bellow pockets are i call in the garage pockets you can either wear the flaps inside if you don't want to deal the velcro I'm tearing every time or you. Can just pull throw it up like that and it doesn't look big or anything like that it looks very well in line with. Jacket you also have to napoleon pockets. Up here and these are down line as. Well but the only down line on the. Outside but inside is its yours your skin or whatever you burn so to prevent. These from being kept open what montane has done was put more velcro on them so when a pocket like this is open cold air. Could get in and create a cold spot against your skin so montine has. Created out buckle there so if you. Forget the zip the pocket back up they'll close out of mount fleet with the velcro so these are also pockets. Because they're all inside the down, and they're not that big this is maybe mainly for keys or lip balm or. Something like a phone or something on the go and that zips up and so you have. The pocket and the beauty of this jacket. Normally like a box wall expedition down. Hoodie jacket like this it's a big lofty. Marshmallow shaped less potato kind of i call a potato shape but this one is tailored so it hugs your body the. Sleeves are articulated so you can move your arms around you have a nice range of motion as well so it doesn't pop. So the box one of the beauties of the. Box wall baffle it doesn't give you that mikkel and tire or the stay puft. Marshmallow guy it doesn't give you that that tire kind of shaped like you ran a bunch of tires it's a streamline cut. Even though it's a bigger jacket it doesn't look puffy like a regular puffy down jacket because all like a. Straight baffle so much this you get that really well tailoring and what Montaigne has done it's really cold you. Have these internal hinge toggles in the back which is really cool so you can cinch this jacket in the. Midsection and this sort of replaces a. Traditional powder skirt or snow skirt so it hugs the jacket against your waist. Even though it's a longer cut jacket so when the jacket is zipped up you can't get any elements inside the jacket come on the neat because normally what would happen the wind blows up and it comes right up the jack and you get that cold spot in the torso now it doesn't do that because it has this internal cinch but internal cinch is just a simple tube with a bungee cord and a cinch toggle and that's it there's no snow skirt or anything like that or anything extreme that goes into end it's only in the back. Of the jacket and it's really well done it makes it lighter jacket and it makes an effective sort of replacement for a snow skirt or powder skirt down below you also have your dual. Pinch toggles in this side for the torso and you have a drop tail hem in the. Back which is really cool if you don't. Want it to be really long you could cinch it up to make a shorter jacket to. Make it wear shorter and as you can see what a jackets unzipped it's not like it doesn't look like it's are uncomfortable to wear it's its stay it keeps its shape so it keeps a rigid shape another thing montana has done is. Use different textures of pertex endurance throughout the jacket so you have a beefier thicker textures of hair. On their arms shoulders and the but you. Have a softer kind of fabric on the front and in the inside of the arms there so you also have d-ring clips to. Hold mittens and gloves off of which is. Kind of cool right there and Douro cinching cuffs. Which is really cool and sort of. Necessary because the sleeves are really long for the size and I've sized down to. A smaller sleeve still come over my fingertips as you see there which is cool now the best part of this jacket is. The hood unzips and it zips in. With this arm sealing zipper their secret where the jacket with the hood unzipped or zipped up and what montine. Has done with the hood normally a hood has the internal fabric on the inside of. The hood but montine realized your hair could get wet or your hat could get wet or if it's snowing and the jackets worn like with the hood down kind of and water gets in there and it could get the down wet, so they've made a waterproof interior lining for the hood. Which is the same as outside of the hood so it's all one material on the hood which is really smart because. Most jackets just have that soft internal lining and the inside of the hood and that's not waterproof and that's not weatherproofed so when that gets damp the down liner gets. Damaged sorry it's really cold out here. Guys so you also have these are sleeping. Bag baffles up there which is really good and I'm gonna put the hood on and the. Hood tucks away it has these snaps that tuck it away when not worn and another gripe about the hood what the only gripe is too much fog, or they have velcro all down here so you get that. Tearing summer what the velcro does the positives of having velcro there is if. It's really cold and it's its coming.

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    Norrona Falketind Alpha60 Insualted Jacket - Men's

    Built to keep you warm, even when wet, the Norrona Men's Falketind Alpha60 Insulated Jacket provides adaptive performance whether you're hiking the PCT or skiing the snowy slopes of Vermont. The Alpha60 features a lightweight exterior and Polartec Power Stretch side panels to ensure unimpeded mobility, which makes the Alpha60 also ideal for backcountry touring or cold weather trail running.

    However, to differentiate itself from the rest of the synthetic insulated jackets on the market, the Alpha60 features Polartec's new Alpha Insulation: this innovative material features a high warmth-to-weight ratio and is extremely breathable, making it ideal for aerobic pursuits. The open-weave construction lends air permeability, manages moisture, and regulates your temperature with ease, so you're able to carry on hiking, climbing, or skiing without having to fuss over your layering system. Additionally, the Alpha60 features quick-drying fabrics to prevent you from catching a chill should Mother Nature bestow you with some flurries or light precipitation, while a Packable Pocket allows you to stuff the jacket into its own pocket and toss it in your pack when it's not in use.

  • An adaptive and versatile jacket for aerobic pursuits
  • Stretch panels promote unimpeded mobility
  • Synthetic insulation keeps you warm even when wet
  • Zippered hand pockets offer cozy respite for cold digits
  • Thumbholes promote easy layering for your convenience
  • Hem is adjustable to seal out elements
  • Item #NRA009H
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    Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top - Men's

    The temperatures have dropped, but that doesn't stop you from getting after it. You're beginning your winter adventure by layering up, starting with the Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top. The durable, airy wool blend pulls moisture off your skin keeping you dry and warm under the rest of your layers. Even if you're really working hard and producing a lot of sweat, you won't have to worry about applying multiple layers of deodorant as wool naturally repels odors. But peace of mind isn't the only comfort this baselayer provides. 

    The seamless 3D Construction eliminates all chafe points through the entire top so you can move all day long in bliss and comfort. This construction also produces almost no wasted material. So in addition to being environmentally conscious, you don't have to worry about fabric catching on your other layers while you're out and about. The no catching aspect is a big deal with this garment. The fabric is stretchy, soft, and moves wherever you do. Additionally, the soft elastic knit cuffs keep the sleeves from bunching up when you throw on your next layer.

  • Baselayer to keep warm and dry on any winter adventures
  • Durable, airy wool blend wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Naturally odor-resistant, a defining attribute of wool
  • Seamless 3D construction eliminates chafing
  • Soft, stretch elastic in cuffs and hem for added comfort, security
  • Fabric is soft, stretchy, and moves with the body
  • Patagonia aids environmental causes and uses eco-friendly fabrics
  • Item #PAT02ON
  • made with innovative kathleen eyre yarn. Our men's kathleen air bottoms are the. Most advanced base layer bottoms we've ever made they're airy blend of 51 percent merino wool and 49 percent recycled polyester. Feels light and soft on the skin and stretches naturally to move right along with you kathleen air base layers offer. Amazing warmth and comfort range they. Insulate even when wet dry in a flash and resist odors for you stay after day we create the soft 18 point 5 micron. Gage yarns used in kathleen air with an innovative air blasting technology that dramatically increases the yarns loft while reducing its weight compared to. Traditional role yarn the seamless construction and 3d knit structure of this base layer eliminates chafe points throughout the entire garment and nearly eliminates wasted material a brushed. Elastic waistband provides next to skin softness while the double layered crotch gives support a gender-specific box. Stitch knit traps just enough warmth and allows airflow soft stretchy elastic. Knit in the cuffs and hem keep these slim fitting bottoms positioned where you want them and add skin pampering comfort for extended use materials. Technology innovation mins kathleen air. Bottoms are the best in class.

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    Arc'teryx Gamma LT Hooded Softshell Jacket - Men's

    More often than not, mountain adventures come with a side of wind, so be ready with the Arc'teryx Men's Gamma LT Hooded Softshell Jacket. The Gamma LT's Wee Burly Double Weave softshell fabric is made from a lightweight material that offers light insulation against cold temperatures and blocks cold high-winds. The hood is helmet compatible, so you can throw it over your climbing lid without feeling restricted, and the jacket has two large hand pockets where you can warm your fingers before you rope up. The hem is drawcord adjustable, so you can lock in whatever warmth you've accumulated during the approach before you make the final slow and cold push to the summit.

  • Wee Burly Double Weave softshell
  • Regular fit
  • Helmet-compatible StormHood
  • Vislon No Slip Zip front zipper
  • Stretch gusseted cuffs
  • Adjustable hem
  • Hand and internal chest pockets
  • Item #ARC00FO
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    Patagonia Stretch Nano Storm Insulated Jacket - Men's

    Built to block the blowing winds and cold temps on long alpine climbs, the Patagonia Men's Stretch Nano Storm Insulated Jacket combines a durable, waterproof material with performance insulation. Constructed with a H2No Performance Standard shell, this jacket provides protection from wind and precipitation, while FullRange insulation warms and stretches to keep you comfortable without restricting your range of motion. The highly breathable liner helps move moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable while you move.

    In addition to the material's stretch, the Stretch Nano Storm Insulated Jacket is designed with an articulated pattern and seamless shoulder design for enhanced ease of movement. Two-way pit zips provide customized ventilation. The helmet-compatible hood features a two-way adjustable cord-lock system for easy use with gloved hands, and the adjustable hem helps seal out cold whether you're just starting an ascent or pushing for the summit.

  • Built to buffer the cold and wet of alpine climbing
  • H2No shell with fully tapes seams is waterproof and breathable
  • Stretch face fabric and lining promotes mobility
  • FullRange synthetic insulation insulates and stretches
  • Breathable lining moves heat and moisture away from the body
  • Helmet-compatible hood with two-way adjustment
  • Underarm vents for active ventilation
  • Articulated pattern and seamless shoulder for ease of movement
  • Item #PAT01HR
  • Hi I'm maxi novice senior editor at outside magazine now we get a lot of jackets in the santa fe headquarters but this is by far the coolest one we've seen a long time this is the patagonia stretch nano storm jacket and to make. This jacket patagonia basically wrapped one of their nano air mid layers of which we've covered before and are big fans in really quiet breathable face. Fabric that's water waterproof breathable so that makes it a really good outer layer for days on the ski. Hill but what's cool about it is that. The space fabric is super breathable so that makes it a good fat country piece and it's also really quiet and stretchy. As the name would suggest so it's really comfortable to wear it's not like a rain-slicked or a hard shell that is. Really loud there's a huge range of movement and of course patagonia being. Patagonia they got all the details right with big cuffs and nice cohesion cords. All those cords are nice and tucked away so it's a really clean jacket so i test. A lot of jackets at outside i tested winter jackets for the winter bios guide and summer jackets for the summer buyer's guide and this is really the one that I'm most excited to wear this season before it comes out for next fall. And it will go on sale for 4 90.

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    Rab Kinetic Plus Jacket - Men's

    We've all been there—those days in the mountains when Mother Nature can't quite make up her mind and settles instead on intermittent rain. In the past, days like this meant a constant cycle of layering and de-layering as conditions changed, but with the Rab Men's Kinetic Plus Jacket you can put those days behind you. Constructed with a waterproof membrane, this lightweight softshell balances waterproof protection with stretch and breathability for complete comfort in mixed, challenging conditions. A close-fitting stretch hood prevents wind and rain from sneaking into the jacket, while a dropped back hem provides additional coverage whether you're climbing, hiking, or exploring the backcountry on your skis.

  • A lightweight softshell jacket for a wide range of mountain activities
  • Proflex fabric is stretchy, breathable, and waterproof
  • Fully taped seams prevent seeping
  • Close-fitting stretch-on hood with laminated and stiffened peak
  • High-set zippered hand pockets for easy use with a pack or harness
  • Item #RAB00EL
  • Outdoor 2018 from here at the rad stand. With hettie tell us about what we talked about today so today we're looking at the kinetic alpine jacket and. Pants this is a really exciting new product we've got for spring 2019 i really think it's going to change how people dress in the mountains so here. You've got the women's pants and you're wearing the women's jacket this is a waterproof as you can see it's super. Soft really stretchy and breathable it. Doesn't feel like your traditional walk no not at all feels like a soft shell the. Idea with these is you put them on at the start today and you don't need to take home because they're comfortable enough to wear all day long okay if we. Look at the features on the jacket start you'll see you've got a ceramic print over-they here now what that does that boosts the durability of the jacket by. 20% and kind of reduces the risk of. Snagging and tearing mm-hmm so but the way that is the fact it's a print means it doesn't hinder the properties of the fabric you've also got it here on the knee and also on the seat so it's still. Stretchy you've still got that same motion and breath ability that you would have without the additional heavy panel. you can see a helmet compatible hood and. You've also got adjust ability on the hem and on the cuffs yep you'll also notice. That the stitch free so that's just to aid comfort really comfortable just as wet it's not something you have to worry about taking on and off especially with the trousers long goddess days wet when it starts raining kind of stopping reaching into a pack changing what you're wearing if we look at the. Features on here you've got a really comfortable waistband so that's going to sit really nicely easy adjust ability and. You've also got additional extensions to. Accommodate a few boots mm-hmm yeah two products were seriously excited about and I'll certainly be wearing when they're available yeah gel grippers on here something falling down definitely if you're stepping up when you're moving around the last thing you want is you droughts are slipping i have a real thing about hoods and fitting over helmet so I'm really excited about this hood yeah because i feel like i can wear this without a hood or with a hood yeah that's really good adjust ability on it and there's been a lot of different helmets I'm trying different things to make sure that even if it's blowing a girl out there it's still gonna stay firmly on your head great thanks very much okay no problem thank you.

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    The North Face Half Dome Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's

    Whether you're rolling back into the lodge after a long day on the slopes or heading back into camp after hours of backcountry adventuring, The North Face Half Dome Full-Zip Hoodie will be waiting to welcome you with open arms. Made with a midweight cotton/polyester fleece, this hoodie is the perfect casual piece for aprés anything. A full zip and ribbed collars promote easy layering in colder temps, while two hand pockets provide convenient storage and a hiding place for chilly hands when you wear it alone.

  • A comfortable full-zip hoodie for post-adventure relaxation
  • Cotton/polyester fleece keeps you cozy in the lodge
  • Full zip and ribbed collars make it easy to layer over and under
  • Hand pockets hold small items on cold hands
  • Hood adjusts for comfort and versatility
  • Item #TNF04QD
  • The women's half dome hoody the half. Dome is a longtime favorite from the logo wear collection and perfect for relaxing after a long day on the hill. The women's half dome hoody by the north. Face.

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    Marmot Quasar Nova Hooded Down Jacket - Men's

    Layer your Marmot Men's Quasar Nova Hooded Down Jacket under your shell and hop in line for first chair. This midweight puffy makes the perfect layer for a frigid day on the slopes, stuffed with toasty and highly compressible 800-fill goose down. Flip up the hood when the winds start to howl, or rock it on its own when you post up for lunch on a chilly spring hike.

  • A midweight puffy jacket for wintertime fun
  • 800-fill goose down is warm and compressible
  • Nylon outer fabric can withstand wear and tear
  • Lightweight construction is easy to layer under a shell
  • Hood adds an extra layer of defense
  • Item #MAR017M
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    Rab Nucleus Pull-On Fleece Jacket - Men's

    When you've got one hand in a crack of cold granite and the other reaching for the next, the last thing you want is for your clothes to hold you back. When you're done reaching for the crux, reach for the Rab Nucleus Pull-On Fleece Jacket. This midweight fleece has plenty of stretch for chilly fall climbing routes and comfortable layering on the ski hill. Its oval-grid design manages moisture to keep you dry through your layers while enhancing breathability and temperature regulation. When you really need to shed some heat, you can open up the deep front zipper to let cool air into your system, then get back to playing in the mountains with comfortable warmth.

  • This fleece midlayer packs plenty of stretch and comfortable warmth
  • Thermic stretch fleece moves with you on cold multi-pitch routes
  • Wicks moisture and allows air flow for dry and breathable comfort
  • Half-zip design allows for effective venting when you really heat up
  • Single chest pocket offers quick access to smaller pieces of gear
  • Item #RAB00J9
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    Patagonia Stonycroft 10in Short - Men's

    Your springtime projects didn't go as planned, and instead of finding other climbs at cooler crags, you stubbornly throw yourself at the same route despite the summertime temperatures. At least the Patagonia Men's Stonycroft 10in Short and a tank top help you keep your cool after the umpteenth time you've punted off the crux. Its four-way stretch fabric works with the gusseted construction to ensure full mobility in this slim-fitting short.

  • Technical trail shorts suitable for sunny climbing
  • Four-way stretch fabric with DWR finish for water-resistance
  • Gusseted, articulated, and slim fit ensures full mobility
  • 50+ UPF sun protection shields skin from harmful sun rays
  • Item #PAT02CC
  • designed for hiking travel and everyday wear mints tony croft shorts are made. With a 95% nylon and 5% spandex fabric. With four-way stretch 50 plus upf sun. Protection and a durable water repellent finish to shed moisture the nylon has 67. Percent recycled content which reduces our need for new petroleum the waist adjusts for the perfect fit and has a zippered fly and reinforced belt loops a. Gusseted crotch allows a full range of motion front hand pockets a side leg. Pocket and two rear pockets keep you well organized the fit is slim and the. Inseam is 10 inches light stretchy and. Easy care our men's stony croft shorts are ready to go

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    Mountain Hardwear Logan Canyon Short - Men's

    Button-up the Logan Canyon Short before hitting the trail for a long hike, a weekend of backpacking, or even a trip to your local crag. The Ripstop fabric is lightweight, flexible, and quick drying to ensure your comfort while the fully gusseted crotch and harness-compatible construction ensure you can climb to the best of your abilities.

  • Comfortable and functional short built for daily use
  • Stretch Ripstop is durable, comfortable, and quick-drying
  • Fully gusseted crotch works with the stretch for easy movement
  • Harness compatible construction never holds back your options
  • Classic pocket design keeps you prepared on the trail
  • Item #MHW01B4
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    Mountain Hardwear Hatcher Full-Zip Hooded Jacket - Men's

    Just because the temperatures are starting to drop doesn't mean you have to stay inside. Hit the trails in the Mountain Hardware Hatcher Full-Zip Hoodie when the leaves start to turn yellow for warmth and comfort. The bonded grid fleece backer wicks away excess moisture as you get well underway in the ascents. The low chest pocket placement is Mountain Hardware's nod to the early days, but it also makes anything you put in it easily accessible when you're wearing a sternum strap on a backpacking trip. Two zippered hand pockets hold the rest of your hiking essentials so you have access to anything you need while you make your way through the fall foliage.

  • Wool blend fleece to stay warm and comfortable on the trails
  • Grid fleece backer wicks moisture away from the body on ascents
  • Scuba hood seals out the elements and keeps body heat in for warmth
  • Lower chest pocket is easily accessible when wearing sternum strap
  • Zippered hand pockets securely store essentials or warm hands
  • Item #MHW017L
  • Mr. energy's extreme energizing equipment yeah what we're looking at. Today is the mountain hardwear men's a. Therm hooted jacket polar tech alpha. Insulation to keep you toasty warm weather resistant yet highly breathable. 50 tenure playing we've nylon stretch. Fabric that's a mouthful articulated fit. Seams with an underarm gusset and articulated elbow to keep your moving. And diving super easy some loops to keep. Your sleeves right where you need them.

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    Houdini Power Jacket - Men's

    The Houdini Men's Power Jacket might be durable and smooth at first feel, but that's only because you haven't put it on yet. When you do, your arms will feel its soft side that's styled specifically for skiing. The smooth face slides through your ski shell as comfortably as your arms slide through the sleeves, and the thumbholes work with the adjustable hem to keep a secure fit when you're skiing. Polartec's Power Stretch Pro fleece wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you feeling fresh if you work up a sweat on the ski slopes.

  • Fleece jacket designed as a midlayer for skiing and alpine trekking
  • Polartec Power Stretch Pro fleece wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Slim fit and smooth face slide under hard shells with ease
  • Extended sleeves with thumbholes and adjustable hem secure the fit
  • Item #HOU005U
  • My name is axel i work in the marketing. Department after dating and i want to show you another new product of this season it's called be jacket. Like this you also have it on the mannequin. It's a new addition through our shell. Range which is actually smaller this year but in a way wider — it's. Completely circular which means it's. Made from recycled fibers but it's also recyclable and that's all of our shells are circular and also completely free from war apartments. And i think it's really important that certain that the time when you could only think about a product from pure. Functionality perspective is over that's at least how easy i have to consider the. Impact environmental impact you. It's a very versatile show you could use. It for anything from skiing to kayaking. Or just taking a walk with your dog we. Try to make products that are as versatile as possible. It's a very durable fabric we see it as. Sort of our workhorse shell you can use it all year round from pretty much anything i think then take anything you. Throw at it, but we are very proud of ourselves so. That's why i wanted to show it to you

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    Gore Wear H5 Partial Gore-Tex Infinium Pant - Men's

    Built to move fluidly through all the twists and turns of your hike, the Gore Bike Wear H5 Partial Gore-Tex Infinium Pants offer the stretch, breathability, and protection you need for serious days on trail. The flexible, lightweight Gore-Tex Infinium construction keeps saturation from the clouds or water running off your jacket at bay, while the Windstopper panels do their part to protect your vulnerable legs from piercingly cold winds. The wide elastic waistband features an integrated drawcord for easy customization and a snug fit, while the carefully-mixed fabrics that comprise these pants give you a full and natural range of motion to nimbly scramble over root, rock, and log.

  • Breathable and lightweight hiking pants for demanding day trips
  • Gore-Tex construction defends against rain, wind, and snow
  • Regular fit promotes an open range of motion
  • Wide elastic waistband with integrated drawcord customizes the fit
  • Adjustable hem at ankle helps cinch out the elements
  • Multiple pockets provide zippered storage for small items
  • Item #GWR009A
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