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  Grande Bass Rattlesnake Zoom® Finesse 4-3/4" Worm Zoom® Mag Finesse Worms Bass Pro Shops® Flick'n Shimmy Worms Roboworm FAT Straight Worm – 6" Zoom Dead Ringer Worms Zoom Swamp Crawlers Strike King® Rage Tail® Recon Worm Bass Pro Shops® Triple Ripple™ Worm Bass Pro Shops® Cut-Tail Worm Bass Pro Shops® Swipe Worm Gene Larew TattleTail Technique Worm Cabela's Go-To Finesse Worm Berkley® Gulp!® Killer Crawler Zoom Magnum II Worms
  Grande Bass Rattlesnake Zoom® Finesse 4-3/4" Worm Zoom® Mag Finesse Worms Bass Pro Shops® Flick'n Shimmy Worms Roboworm FAT Straight Worm – 6" Zoom Dead Ringer Worms Zoom Swamp Crawlers Strike King® Rage Tail® Recon Worm Bass Pro Shops® Triple Ripple™ Worm Bass Pro Shops® Cut-Tail Worm Bass Pro Shops® Swipe Worm Gene Larew TattleTail Technique Worm Cabela's Go-To Finesse Worm Berkley® Gulp!® Killer Crawler Zoom Magnum II Worms
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Brand - GENE LAREW - Cabela's STRIKE KING LURE CO ZOOM BAIT CO INC - - - Zoom Berkley® - Zoom - Zoom
Size - 8". 9”. - 8". 5". 4-3/4". 7-1/4". 6". - 3". 4-1/2".  9". - -

Grande Bass Rattlesnake

No worm shakes like the Rattlesnake. Rings along the entire length of the worm create water vibration and release air bubbles drawing bass like a magnet. Injected with Secret Mega3 scent for long-lasting effectiveness. Fish successfully in a variety of conditions and rigging styles.
  • 3-3/4" (Per 12)
  • 4-1/2" (Per 8)
  • 6-1/2" (Per 4)
  • Colors: (201)Chartreuse Pepper, (202)Green Pumpkin Gold/Purple, (204)Green Pumpkin Blue Flake, (209)Green Pumpkin, (210)Watermelon Red Flake, (244)Blue Fleck, (510)Watermelon Chartreuse, (526)Green Pumpkin/Watermelon, (590)Trophy Hunter, (599)Real Shad.

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Sort of the fish drawing a bath rattlesnake strikes again Oh No Oh there I'm gonna think this is. How much these fish love. That Grande look at. That look how far down in there. That fish is swallowed. That bait all the way down in its stomach I'm gonna do a side removal it's really simple. Iactually use like the weight of the tungsten to help. You can see this fish swallowed. That it's way down in there. Any stomach so what I'm going to do is I'm going to utilize the weight of the tungsten. And let the tungsten pull the line out the side as a guy heaviest deals right here. That way I can actually. That way I can grab. This hook right here. And then I can push. Now the hook is just hanging out the side see. Where the hooks are just hanging up. Ican take my pliers. And actually grab the hook. And pull it rights up out of the stomach. And the fish you're not bleeding just removed out of his stomach he's in good shape really nice fish.

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Zoom® Finesse 4-3/4" Worm

  • Realistic appearance
  • Super soft
  • Salt impregnated
  • The Zoom Finesse 4-3/4'' Worm is the go-to bait when the bite slows after a front pushes through. The Finesse Worm can be fished in a wide variety of ways, and is especially effective on a wacky rig, finesse jighead, or Texas rig. Regardless of how you rig it, it delivers great wiggling, shaking action, to make reluctant bass bite. Made of super-soft plastic and salt-impregnated. Per 20.
    Size: 4-3/4".
    Colors: (001)Smokin' Blue, (002)Watermelon Red/Chartreuse Tail, (003)Plum, (004)Baby Bass, (005)Smokin' Shad, (006)Smoke Purple, (007)Junebug Red, (008)Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail, (009)Black Grape, (010)Candy Bug, (011)Green Pumpkin Purple Flake, (012)Motor Oil Chartreuse Tail, (013)Red Bug Shad, (014)Watermelon Candy Red, (015)Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, (016)Green Pumpkin Magic, (017)Watermelon Magic.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Zoom® Mag Finesse Worms

  • Realistic appearance
  • Super-soft
  • Salt impregnated
  • Enticing action
  • Zoom's Mag Finesse Worms are the way to go when finicky fish and cold water dictate a finesse approach. Deadly on Texas or Carolina rigs, the soft but durable Mag Finesse Worms produce an enticing action that's excellent at provoking strikes from suspended bass. Plus, the Mag Finesse Worm's heavy salt formula encourages fish to hold the bite. There are plastic baits, and then there are Zoom baits. The difference is undeniable. For those who love to fish and catch, there can be no other choice. Every Zoom soft plastic bait is wholly realistic, super-soft to the touch (for the extra action needed to pull that reluctant money fish) and salt-impregnated to hold even the most tentative bite. Per 10.
    Size: 5".
    Colors: (001)Green Pumpkin Purple Green, (070)June Bug, (422)Watermelon Candy Red.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Flick'n Shimmy Worms

  • Heavily salted
  • Molded with a permanent bend in the middle
  • Deadly on a shaky head
  • A real sleeper for wacky rigs
  • The ultrasoft, heavily salted 8up™ scented Bass Pro Shops Flick'n Shimmy Worm is molded with a permanent bend in the middle, giving it an unsteady wobble that bass can't ignore. Absolutely deadly on a shaky head or Texas rigged, and a real sleeper for wacky rigs. Perfected in Japan, flick'n is a hot new variation on shaky head and wacky style fishing. There are two key aspects to this deadly, mostly vertical technique: the use of specially designed, super-soft pre-curved worm baits, and an emphasis on drop action. The ends of the bent worm wave wildly (like live tentacles) on the fall; simply flick the rod tip slightly to vary the action.
    Sizes:  4.8” (per 14), 5.8” (per 11).
    Colors: (111)Plum, (114)Pumpkin Seed, (133)Green Pumpkin Violet, (167)Watermelon Magic, (171)Watermelon, (198)Green Pumpkin, (716)Watermelon/Red Flake, (795)Green Pumpkin Candy.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is fishing gamer doing a review. This is the squirming worm. This particular model reviewing is in the four inches comes in a. Few other sizes as well. How to success with. This with a bullet weights attached to. We were able to catch large mouth small mouth bass. Some rock bass pick roll. Ioverall it's a good warm Bates its very similar to. Some Berkeley baits. That are out there I can't see. It stands out amongst competition in terms of the worm Bates so will rank. It about a four out of five it's effective just doesn't really stand out amongst the competition but. You will catch fish with. And that's a review thank you.

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    Roboworm FAT Straight Worm – 6"

  • Precise computer-designed color layering
  • Smooth, straight profile
  • Lifelike action
  • Salt embedded into the head
  • Exclusive Salt Release System
  • Precise computer-designed color layering and a smooth, straight profile make the Straight Worm by Roboworm a finesse staple. The super-supple plastic produces an undulating action that can't be beat. Roboworm's excusive Salt Release System emits a burst of salt at the bite, locking the fish down. Tremendous fish-catching action combined with a powerful salt explosion encourage fish to keep coming back for more. Per 8. Made in USA.
    Size: 6".
    Colors: (001)Margarita Mutilator, (002)Oxblood Red, (003)Green Neon Pumpkin, (004)Prizm Shad, (005)Sexy Shad, (006)Morning Dawn Red.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Zoom Dead Ringer Worms

    The action and lifelike look of this worm is deadly on fish. And each is salt-impregnated for extra bite-holding power. It is particularly effective on Carolina rigs, splitshot or finesse rigs. Per 20.
    Size: 4".
    Colors: (022)Pumpkin, (181)Watermelon Seed, (444)Cherry Seed, (542)Green Pumpkin.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Zoom Swamp Crawlers

    With its realistic feel and action, the Swamp Crawler provokes fish like no other soft plastic bait. And each is salt-impregnated for extra bite-holding power. It's ideal on a Texas rig. Per 25.
    Size: 5-1/2".
    Colors: (181)Watermelon Seed, (542)Green Pumpkin.

    You gotta take the rod off the floor can't be dragging it on the floor watch. One right here you're gonna see Michael did. You come here they've got. One here yes here reel. It in reel it in What you're going your going to do keep going to do keep going to — there. You go — Joe zoom z3 : Itake a picture with. You fish with you guys. You wanna hold it You want to hold it over like. This all right for a halibut. And ginger wants to deliver Lysa

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    Strike King® Rage Tail® Recon Worm

  • Soft, big body
  • Rage flange on the tail
  • Rings on body for a softer, more natural feel
  • Can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or rigged weightless
  • Strike King's Rage Tail Recon Worm is a big-bodied, soft worm with the Rage flange on the tail for increased action. The rings on the body offer a softer, more natural feel. Plus, they displace more water, drawing attention and increasing the number of bites when compared with conventional worms. Rig it Texas style, Carolina style, or rig it weightless.
    Size: 8".
    Color: (980)Red Bug.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® Triple Ripple™ Worm

  • Unique tri-split tail
  • Fluttering action
  • Infused with salt and 8up Scent
  • Bass Pro Shops Triple Ripple Worm has a seductive swimming action with a unique tri-split tail design that increases its fluttering action and chums up more water to attract fish. Plus, the combination of 8up™ Scent and salt makes lunkers hold on harder and longer. Per 10.
    Size: 9”.
    Colors: (001)June Bug, (002)Motor Oil Red Flake, (003)Plum, (004)Blue Flex, (005)Green Pumpkin, (006)Red Shad, (007)Watermelon Red Flake, (008)Sapphire Blue, (009)Watermelon Seed, (010)Tomato.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is fishing gamer. And I'm doing a review of the bass pro shops tournament series triple cross trailer overallI'm going to give. This a 4 out of 5 rating when. Ifirst use I love the actions from previous experience. And using similar types of baits just looks great in the water. You think geez the bastard risk. All over I just didn't have like the tremendous reaction. Iwas expecting look. Ihave other baits I will give it a 4 out of 5. That does get attention. It just has realized action. It could have been part of. Me of the color this sapphire blue much for me. That was the issue or not number of factors are going to be involved but just didn't stand out so otherwise. You knowI'll give it a 4 out of 5. It stood out amongst other baits but its class / get a 5 out of 5 but it's worth the price for the money but there probably are. Some bitter baits out there four out of five that's why review thanks bye.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Cut-Tail Worm

  • Fluttering action on a straight retrieve
  • Erratic movement for shaky or dropshot fishing
  • Salted and scented with 8up attractant
  • Bass Pro Shops' Cut-Tail Worm offers enticing fluttering action on a straight retrieve, and an irresistible erratic movement fished shaky style or on a dropshot rig. Top-quality soft plastic, salted and scented with our 8up™ attractant. Per 16.
    Size: 4-1/2".
    Colors: (421)Green Pumpkin Magic Purple, (509)Golden Peacock.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Swipe Worm

  • 3 deadly worms in one
  • Can be fished as a magnum, regular, or finesse worm
  • Simply pinch off head sections to change styles
  • Flat, straight tail for tantalizing action
  • Infused with salt and 8up scent
  • The innovative Bass Pro Shops Swipe Worm is one of the most versatile soft-plastic baits ever devised, delivering 3 separate worm styles in one. Let's say conditions call for a big bait. The Swipe Worm is ready to go, with 7-1/4" of full-bodied enticement. If they're not slamming the big bait, just take a swipe and pinch off the front 1-1/2" section. Now, you've created a 5-3/4" worm with its own head section, just reinsert the hook and get back to casting. Still not biting? Time for another swipe. Pinch off another 1" and you have a deadly finesse worm. From a big worm, to a standard worm, to a finesse worm, without ever changing baits – that's the 3-in-1 Bass Pro Shops Swipe Worm. Put a few in your suddenly less-full tackle box, and then watch your catch rate soar. Flaunts a flat, straight tail for tantalizing action and is infused with salt and the proven 8up™ scent. Per 16.
    Size: 7-1/4".
    Colors: (222)Candy Bug, (335)Sooner Run, (376)Sungill.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    what's going on YouTube hello my tackle hoarders out there a PFA here again in the test tank. And today for you guys. Some Bass Pro Shop products here. This is the stick a worm in craw berry it's a five. And three eighths inch baits I'll move the light in a second so. We can get a closer look at the color here but as. You can see it's this your standard stick style single style baits. It in the tank right. Now rigged up on a wacky jig head it's a BMC wacky jig it's 1/8 ounce. Some baits do better weighted. Than others, you just get. More of an aggressive wiggle on the way down as. You can see with that waited. You can throw them weightless obviously but. Ijust think more of an aggressive wiggle on the way down. When it's weighted and hopefully it's picking up real well. All the action and the thing on the way down obviously there's. Many applications you can use for stick style bait.

    Idiscussed these before with the smart bomb. And the Roku you can obviously wacky rig. These Nikki rig these Texas rig. And the shaky had them my two preferred methods with the stick style worms like. That will be on a shaky head. Or a wacky wit rig like. This weighted or not weighted. Iwas playing around with. This in the test tank earlier. You do get some movements out of. This weightless but. You get a lot more waited. Now it's happening pretty quick. And the test tank here but just imagine. That going down six eight feet four feet. Whatever you may have it's. It go have a nice wiggle like. All the way down you know on slack line like. And then you know you're gonna feel the bottom Jake let. It falls jig let. Ipicked these up at my local Cabala's. They were on sale for three bucks a bag. And it's a bag of 16 so it's a pretty good value seeing a little bit on these on YouTube.

    And from what I heard. They are very good obviously. You can see all the action. You get out of them in the test tank here a lot of people speak highly of these so. They were on sale I decided to pick up a couple of bags. This craw berry and then. Ialso have another color which is green pumpkin pearl belly. And a chartreuse tail we'll take a look at. That in a second also I'll adjust the lighting but. You can see how well. It just still the action. It has just on an eighth ounce jig head like. One of those baits I feel a little bit added weight makes a world of difference to. You do get some shimmies like. Isaid before on the way down it's just. More pronounced with a little bit of weights on. It that's these stick baits. That I've noticed SAR going to react. Whether it's the stick a worm here a dinger the ROE cool a single. You know all have you know action on the way down. Some are more pronounced. Then others wait list, but they're really effective weighted like.

    This is just you know not very deep here so just imagine. That falling six eight feet ten feet. Whatever you know depth your fishiness at. That action all the way down it's just going to be really effective let. Me adjust the lighting here we'll take a look at the baits. And the light a little bit so. We can kind of see the color a little bit better darker colors are hard to pick up here but obviously it's a green pumpkin. You guys can tell it's got multiple flake in. It's got red black. Some green in it's got the flat nose there so it's real easy to Texas rig shaky head rig like. And then the other color. Ipicked up just like. Isaid the watermelon get the watermelon here. You got the pearl laminate. You get the chartreuse tail they're not really a stick bait fisherman as of. You know seeing this in action wacky rig like. That along with the rope who. Idid a little bit while go off well leave out a thumbnail for. That at the end of the video here for you guys to check.

    That out I highly recommend. You guys check out the Roku bite dude. And stay tackle that's an awesome. One weightless but I guess set for three bucks. You get a bag of sixteen at least in my area right. Now at the Cabala's. Iwent to I think that's a pretty good deal it's going to be a real effective dates rig. That way you mean a lot of times your stick baits are wacky rig like. That just a lot of great action like. This is a good alternative to fishing at weightless. If you're not really getting any bites on. It I'd recommend maybe trying just a little bit of weight on. You could even put a little small bullet weights like an eighth ounce weight in front of a wacky rigged hook.

    You know that out just to add a little bit of weight will really accent the action. You get out of that but that'll do. It for this video like. That was a tank test of the Bass Pro Shop tournament series Stickle worm in craw Barry 5. And 3/8 ounce I mean inch just on these VMC wacky jigs eighth ounce thanks for watching I really appreciate. It checks out the channel tons of our tank tests on their share the video like a video subscribe. You haven't leave me a comment I'll get back to. And we'll see you in the next.

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    Gene Larew TattleTail Technique Worm

  • Ideal for dropshotting
  • Round body
  • Paddle foot produces a slight swimming action
  • Designed especially for dropshotting by professional bass angler John Murray, the Gene Larew TattleTail Technique Worm has a traditional round body. The TattleTail Worm's body thins to a tapering tail. At the tip of the tail is a tiny paddle foot. This wispy tail, together with the weight of the foot, keeps the bait moving even when the angler does nothing. Move the worm, and the paddle foot evokes a slight swimming action that delivers a quivering action that reverberates throughout the body.
    Size: 8".
    Colors: (663)Watermelon Pepper, (664)Sooner Run, (665)Red Bug Lite, (666)Merthiolate, (667)Junebug Lite, (668)Sunny Green Pumpkin, (669)Morning Dawn, (972)Green Pumpkin.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    New for 2014 is the tattletale worm here at Gina root. It was designed by finesse guru. And Elite Series Pro John Murray John really wanted to have a worm. That went between eight straight toe worms. And a curly tail worm as far as action goes. This worm does just. That it actually has a very small paddle on the very tip of the toe. That when you pull. It through the water. Whether it be on a shaky head a hard head. Or a drop shot it actually has a nice vibrating action so. It doesn't really give. You the intense action of a curly tail but not the suppleness of a straight toe worm so. You actually have a really good in-between worm the. Where you don't actually have to pour your rod really hard. It still gives it a lot of action from the current in the water the tattletale worm actually comes in 12 colors. And it ranges four colors. That are great and really dirty water. All the way to colors. That are really great in clear water. One of John's actually his favorite so far is the great silver laminate. It actually is a extremely good color. Whether you're in muddy water. Or in clear water right here. Iactually have it rigged on our 3/16 bounce hard head a really neat thing about. That is you can actually fish. It just like a different bug cast. It out there I let. It go to the bottom on spinning gear maybe six to eight pound test. And roll it in just like. You would a Biffle bug it's becoming a very big staple. And John success with the worm along with also like don't shake your head.

    Or drop-shot go check. It put it's the little root Alto worm six inches long comes in 12 colors thanks for listening you.

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    Cabela's Go-To Finesse Worm

    Designed to be used in drop shot or finesse presentations when an ultrasoft worm is needed for maximum action. Made from our softest plastic formulation to give it the greatest action in the water. The bright colors work best in clear water.
    • 4" – Per 20.
    • 6" – Per 15.
    Colors: (001)Green Pumpkin, (002)Watermelon Red Flake, (003)Blue Fleck, (004)PB&J, (005)Watermelon Purple Swirl, (006)Bluegill.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Berkley® Gulp!® Killer Crawler

  • A great soft bait for slow trolling
  • Gulp! scent attractant adds enticement
  • Natural texture encourages fish to hold on longer
  • Designed specifically for slow trolling, this soft bait features Gulp! scent attractant for additional enticement. Its hollow core teams with a natural ribbed texture for a realistic feel when a fish grabs hold. For best results, use with Mustad’s Slow Death hook (sold separately). Per 10.
    Size: 3".
    Colors: (001)Watermelon Pearl, (009)Dark Chartreuse Pepper, (010)Night Crawler, (011)Breen Orange, (013)Natural.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Zoom Magnum II Worms

  • Realistic feel and action
  • Impregnated with salt for added attraction
  • The realistic feel and action of the large Magnum II Worms from Zoom provoke big bass. These soft plastics also are salt-impregnated for extra bite-holding power. Per 20.
    Size: 9".
    Colors: (003)Black, (025)Green Pumpkin, (062)Black/Red Glitter, (078)Pumpkin/Chartreuse, (202)Junebug, (996)Watermelon/Red.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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