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  Allen Co. 10/22® Case with Magazine Pouch Magpul Hunter X-22 10/22® Stock Hogue® OverMolded™ Ruger® 10/22 Stocks Ruger 10/22 Rifle Case Ruger® .22 LR and Magnum Factory Magazine - Per Each Ruger® 10/22® BX-25X2 Magazine Tactical Solutions 10/22 Picatinny Scope Rail and Compensator Tactical Solutions 10/22® Magazine Release Keystone Sporting Arms Revolution Yukon 10/22® Thumbhole Stock Ruger® BX-25™ Magazine Ruger® 10/22 BX-Trigger Ruger® 10-22 Clear .22 LR Magazine Tactical Solutions 10/22® Barrels ATI® Ruger 10/22® Strikeforce Stock Archangel™ 10/22 Standard Rifle System Tactical Solutions 10/22® SB-X™ Barrel
  Allen Co. 10/22® Case with Magazine Pouch Magpul Hunter X-22 10/22® Stock Hogue® OverMolded™ Ruger® 10/22 Stocks Ruger 10/22 Rifle Case Ruger® .22 LR and Magnum Factory Magazine - Per Each Ruger® 10/22® BX-25X2 Magazine Tactical Solutions 10/22 Picatinny Scope Rail and Compensator Tactical Solutions 10/22® Magazine Release Keystone Sporting Arms Revolution Yukon 10/22® Thumbhole Stock Ruger® BX-25™ Magazine Ruger® 10/22 BX-Trigger Ruger® 10-22 Clear .22 LR Magazine Tactical Solutions 10/22® Barrels ATI® Ruger 10/22® Strikeforce Stock Archangel™ 10/22 Standard Rifle System Tactical Solutions 10/22® SB-X™ Barrel
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Allen Co. 10/22® Case with Magazine Pouch

Protect your 10/22 with style and have storage for plenty of ammo. The shell is rugged and abrasion-resistant Endura material. 7⁄8" foam padding defends against bumps and dings. Zippered side pouch has elastic retention loops for up to three high-capacity magazines. Heavy-duty zipper. Black with red Ruger® embroidery on the handle, webbing and pocket. Imported.
Length: 40".
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Everyone liberal gun owner here with a quick video of a Ruger 10/22 case. Ipurchased off Cabala's. This opened up got this on the line for it was about 16 bucks with Free Shipping using a coupon code. Ifound online something really cool to. Because I've owned a 1022 for years. And years you know. One of the best one of the best guns out there in my opinion. And I've never had a case for it oddly enough. Ihave never had a case I've always just wrapped in the t-shirt taking it. Wherever I was going with. It but it's just kind of. This is kind of out of my camera scope of abilities here but let's just look at a couple things it's made in USA which. Ithought was super cool made by Alan company I've seen. Some of their cases in Walmart didn't know. They were US made but. You see it's kept a little USA the logo there our flag rather. And then the Ruger stitching on. This side again with your handle. All the Ruger stuff. And 1022 embroidered on the thing and cool little zippers. Ibelieve this is a yeah. This is a three mag compartment so. You can take like your bx 25 Meg's slide them in.

If you're like you only own to be x 25 max. You can take your tactical innovations TI 25 mag slides. That in there so then. You get three mags that you're gonna be rolling with so. This is oh well let's take a peek good same zipper type there. And just yeah pretty basic on the inside just your typical stuff but hey. This is gonna be better. What I've had before so. This is a Ruger 10/22 gun case for the 1022 rifle thanks for watching everyone have a great day you.

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Magpul Hunter X-22 10/22® Stock

  • Drop-in stock fits pencil and heavy bull barrels up to 0.92"
  • 0.5" spacers for length of pull adjustment from 12.5" to 14.5"
  • M-LOK slots on forend sides and bottom for accessory attachment
  • Compatible with all factory Ruger 10/22 magazines
  • Rugged reinforced polymer construction
  • Upgrade your Ruger® 10/22 with Magpul's Hunter X-22 stock. Drop-in replacement stock requires no gunsmithing for installation and fits standard pencil and heavy bull barrels. Ultradurable reinforced polymer withstands years of in-the-field use. Ergonomic grip at a comfortable 60° angle from bore axis. Length of pull adjusts from 12.5" to 14.5" in 0.5" increments with included spacers. Reversible barrel tray fits factory and aftermarket barrels up to 0.92" diameter. M-LOK™ slots on forend sides and bottom allow accessory attachment. Dimpled drill points for installing standard swivel studs. Left and right 1.25" footman's loops. Compatible with all factory Ruger 10/22 magazines. Push-button QD swivel compatibility with optional Sling Mount kit (not included).
    Wt: 2.4 lbs.
    Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hogue® OverMolded™ Ruger® 10/22 Stocks

    This revolutionary OverMolded stock is constructed with a rigid fiberglass-reinforced skeleton that solidly holds the rifle action. Features include sleek, straight combs, comfortable palm swells and varminter-style forends, all of which have Hogue's unique cobblestone texture for a sure, nonslip grip. Right-hand action only.
    Available: Standard, Heavy barrels.
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey shooters this is Jean taylor owner of TaylorMade media today I've got a new product minute on homes just released 1022 tactical thumb hole rifle stocks. These over molded one piece stocks have deep foreign channels to fit 092 au inch diameter 1022 barrels but. They will also accommodate standard contour barrels a thumb hole pistol grip gives the shooter a solid grasp on the rifle an integrated high-rise comme offers a solid cheek weld to ensure consistent. And comfortable shot to shot head placement the fore end is wider. And curvier than the company's porter style rifle stock which gives. More stability when used without a bipod hodes tactical thumb hole 1022 stocks are also available for two-piece take down style 1022 rifles for. Both standard in point 9 2o inch diameter barrels search for home stocks on our commerce pages to see. These new products become available.

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    Ruger 10/22 Rifle Case

    Superior, custom protection for your 10/22. Rugged Endura shell with a snag-proof synthetic lining. 7/8" thick foam padding.
    Length: 41".
    Color: Black with red trim.

    All right last of the pumpkin killing for this Halloween actually we're doing a video on the Ruger 10/22. Ithought we'd start out. That was kind of get our last jab at the pumpkins of the season how's. All right so that's. What this is it's a Ruger 10/22 it's a gun. That people have been asking me about. Iguess a year and a half hey. You got a Ruger 10/22 what'd. You do a video well I've been answering the same way yeah I've got. One I'll get out one of these days. It out today this is an older model my father gave. All three of us boys after your brother's. One surviving but I have two brothers. That received all three got Ruger 10/22 for Christmas in 1987 okay. We were adults but my dad. He thought it'd be cool. All liked to shoot he just picked. All up rigger 10224 for Christmas. That year we always make. It home for Christmas. That was mine and through the years I've done different things. Some Hot Shot stocks on. It fold stock black evil-looking thing I had a different barrel band on. It broke too I'm without a barrel ban currently which really doesn't matter. That much but I had a really nice doctor on.

    It who made that thing I was thinking as part of a Creek which makes good stuff so. Iprobably shouldn't say. That but it somehow. It got broken, so I just put the original back on just the plain-jane Ruger 10/22. This is a for those who don't know. This is a 22 caliber long rifle semi-automatic takes magazines. It comes with a ten round box magazine. If it's flush we couldn't put our hands on. What were that thing is. Most people tend to buy. Some aftermarket magazines like. One is splitting and it's probably Wyatt malfunction but. They hold up to oil. They hold typically 25. And there even get them in the hole 50. And probably I don't know. Ihad a couple of old ram line back in the day back in the 80s. That were plastic like. One was a 50-round magazine but. It wasn't that reliable. We have determined the Eagle are pretty good Eagle mag the Butler Creek are the best. That we've discovered at.

    This point and there are. Some others I there's. Iknow of I heard about. And I've read about online. Something tactical solutions. That sound right some companies like. That maybe look. It in the description think. It seems like it is tactical solutions perhaps. It makes one is like fifty dollars it's supposed to be. One of the very very fast. This gun I probably try. One of those but it just doesn't come out. That often but Butler Creek. We recommend and we're shooting federal ammo. We get a little bit better results out of. That as far as bulk ammo anyway. Some smaller packs of CCI. Some of those are supposed to be a lot.

    More reliable that's. One of the things you have to face with a semi-automatic 22 pistols. Or rifle it gets really dirty. And it's just not a reliable gun after. You fired a hundred times. Or so sometimes after 10 times. And the 1022 what can. Isay about this thing's been around since. Ithink 1964 and there's no telling how. Many of these have been made very very popular possible. Iwas gonna say half of you're watching this might have. Iforget we have a lot of countries watching in here. That don't have any kind of gun maybe but in. This country people prowling around gun videos might be accurate there may be 50 percent of he's actually had. One he's gone so there's not a lot. Ican tell you about. You don't already know I've never been a huge fan of them they're kind of fun my son John likes him. Ithink they're always kind of.

    That was kind of quirky to. One reason I don't just get. If I'm in the mood shoot of 22. Itend to get a lever gun pump 22. And just not as often with. This it's got a weird kind of mechanism but. It is a good gun it's a fine design. It works pretty well. It doesn't really smell function. Any of them it seems like. It does to I seem to have. More trouble with I don't know. Ifeel like a fumble fingers. When I'm working this thing and know. You work it's just a little different. Any other semi-automatic rifle. Imanipulate and then shoot so anyway from. What is for Ruger 10/22 it's its a favorite rifle a lot of people. And of course it comes in a lot of configurations the barrels. You can get bull barrels for them thick barrels chrome barrels silence of barrels its just. This is no end to the numbers of stocks. That are available in optics. And different sites probably aftermarket on.

    This gun is as big as 4. They are 15 or maybe of those well let's just a couple. More shots that's not Jabber too much I'm gonna try yeah Butler Creek magazine he's gonna get. Some good use service out of. That yeah that's. One of the reasons a lot of people like. These it's the closest thing you can get to a machine gun. You can pick up at Walmart right. You can just pump out the bullets. And it's not very expensive. Because it's a 22 and let's go out long rings a little bit just a fly out there whoops like. Isaid to this guns a little quirky just design. All right okay thanks for hah yes we're hot alright woke up the old dog anyway okay. Iload up a few of these. Now you're looking at.

    It long rifles just watch. What it takes again so probably. One of the most popular. If not the most popular semi-automatic 20 long rifles in existence. Everybody knows that everybody's playful. Some point probably highly customizable every gun show gun shop is loaded with them a lot of. You maybe it was your first rifle my first rifle as far as new rifle bought at the store. Ididn't get from my dad. Something was a Marlin model 16. It was a semi-automatic with a tubular magazine. One takes the detachable magazines. More awkward for me to load. It isn't and load an AR. Or a 8k faster this thing these little baby bullets right but the 22 is kind of America's cartridge. More of these are fired. Anything and you saw they're firing fast it's fun there's planking slow fires fun there's just. Any number of applications for the guns a lot of people hunt with them on squirrels.

    Or rabbits I don't know as much about hunting as. Ido about guns but. Iknow it's a popular rifle for all sorts of applications. And generally it's very reliable. If it's clean you have high quality magazines in. You can pretty much count on. It to work a reliable gun rigger got. It rights on I think there are. Some a through market parts for the bulk. And various things I've seen the mag release I've seen. Some interesting aftermarket pieces there. This much I think I'd want to try out. Because uh I look like a real amateur. Istart having trouble. Or malfunctions with. Because partly I don't shoot. It very much but I have to remember.

    How to hold my mouth right to get the magazine. Now work the latches. And releases everything but. It is a lot of fun to just pull the trigger with no recoil. You obviously can shoot. Even faster than an AR maybe hit. Something a little bit better a really machine-gunning the thing and again the. We tend to find these Butler Creek magazines. Some better ones. Ibelieve they have. Some with a metallic lip. That are even higher grade. Than then these are. These are plastic I believe. All the way through. They seem to work well. We actually misplaced. We had a couple easy could not find them they're in an ammo can somewhere bury.

    That we'd you know put into the workbench. And had done't really intend to do a 1022 video a little bit earlier a little sooner. This but I located them yesterday so why don't. We just do all right like. All the pumpkin shooting out of our system by finishing off. One there and so let's shoot a couple. More bags and I'm not sure. What I can say let's take couple shots here Ruger 10/22 Plain Jane virgin fairly inexpensive firearm too off the mag in there make sure it's secure work the bolt. And she's ready to go safety is right there Safety's on right. Now trigger will out full safety off. And why don't we wrap up with a little machine gun in here. Ican down here it's too fucking close let's just have. Some fun with 30 rounds there aren't very expensive. Ilost my sights but. Iwas focusing more on trying to get there the shots as fast as. Igave up on my sight picture there that's.

    All right so pull the bolt back see. Ican get it to stay back there. We go do it just right anyway very popular gun yeah guarantee you've seen. One of these you may have seen. One with a black stock. And bipod everything else. And didn't even recognize. It but the actions the same Ruger 10/22 been around since 1964 20 long rifles it's very popular gun lots. And lots of fun and fairly cheap the shoes. You know even today so anyway take. That for what it's worth. And hope you enjoyed. That we'll see you later life's good.

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    Ruger® .22 LR and Magnum Factory Magazine - Per Each

    Target shooters and varmint hunters can never have too many magazine for their 10/22. Now is your chance to stock up on factory replacement magazines. These magazines are the same as those that come with your rifle. Per each.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Ruger® 10/22® BX-25X2 Magazine

    Double your fun with 50 rounds of .22 LR. Compatible with any .22 LR Ruger® 77/22® rifle, 10/22 rifle, SR-22® rifle or 22 Charger™ pistol, this magazine combines two BX-25™ magazines into one. When the first 25 rounds are spent, simply flip the BX-50 around for an additional 25. This genuine Ruger magazine feeds as reliably as any other standard Ruger magazine. Stainless steel feed lips and springs for consistent feed reliability. Easily disassembles for cleaning. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is a B X 25 mag x 2 x ruger right here. You have one bx 25 magazine hooks to. One with a dust cover I've r. And a couple hundred rounds to. It already and have had zero malfunctions, so I'm going to continue shooting it today. Iwill give you my thoughts on. It after another couple hundred rounds. Once again be x 25 x 2 they're molded together. You can completely take. It apart cleans I have a feeling I'm really gonna like. That 25 is digesting some 20 year old federal mixed bolts, so I'm impressed so. Iguess the moral of. This story and my final thoughts I've got 500 rounds to. This plus or minus a. Few rounds out of the 500 rounds. Ihave for malfunctions. They were all failure to feed but. They were also all every single. One Remington Thunderbolts. They were probably 20 years old so the bx 25 x 2 definitely gets my seal of approval it's. More reliable any other mag. That I've ever put in a 1022. Ihave put tens of thousands of rounds through 1022 magazines. Most of them were the 25-plus round magazines not the factory ten 10-round magazines so.

    This is great not cheap but it's a great addition to. Any 10 22 rifle thanks for watching.

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    Tactical Solutions 10/22 Picatinny Scope Rail and Compensator

    Get on target with these accessories for your 10/22.
  • The Tactical Solutions 10/22 Compensator has a lightweight design that reduces muzzle jump and recoil. Anodized-aluminum alloy. Diameter is .920" with 1/2", 28-thread configuration compensator only, barrel sold separately.
    Colors: Black, Silver.
  • The Tactical Solutions Picatinny Scope Rail comes with mounting screws and aligns with existing tapped receiver holes.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tactical Solutions 10/22® Magazine Release

    Never again will you have to fumble with trying to get the clip out of your 10/22. With the Tactical Solutions Magazine Release, a simple flick of the finger and the magazine is out of the rifle.
    Colors: Matte Black, Silver, Blue, Gun Metal Gray, Quicksand.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This Keith of types of solutions I'm here to show. How to install your tactical solutions extended magazine release first thing you want to do is go ahead. And check make sure there's no magazine your firearm. And the chamber is clear. And the firearm safety for guns say. We need to do is take the barreled action out of the receiver just have. One action screw go ahead. And loosen once the accident screw is no longer screwing the receiver. We can go ahead and remove the barrel receiver from the stock center the safety on your 1022 trigger group go ahead. And pull the barrel receiver out of the action go ahead. And take a punch here. What we're gonna do is gonna depress in on the magazine retention button. And we're gonna go ahead. And press out the pin here. Or the magazine release. We don't have to pull. All the way out just enough. We can actually remove the magazine release let's remove the magazine release. We can go ahead and take the tab solution zmr still depressing the button here go ahead. And press fit that in press the pin back in the mr is. Now attached recenter the safety on the trigger group put our barreled action back into the sock. And tighten the action screw. And that's all taste in solves tactical solutions extended magazine release.

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    Keystone Sporting Arms Revolution Yukon 10/22® Thumbhole Stock

    Revolutionize the look and performance of your Ruger® 10/22 by upgrading its stock. This stock features palm swells, a rollover-style cheekpiece and a semi-beavertail forend. It has a vertical thumbhole grip, a rubber butt, a weather-resistant semigloss finish and it comes ready for you to drop in your barrel and action. The Yukon stock sports a more traditional solid-style stock. Fits rifles with .920" bull barrels in .22 LR.
    Colors: Cayenne, Woodland Camo, Electric Blue.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Let's take a look at the new accessorized Ruger 10/22 the scope is an aim Sports 4 by 32 try illuminated scope with a chevron reticle the revolution stock. And barrel are from Keystone sporting arms the looks of the yukon cyan stock is beautiful the craftsmanship is impeccable. Because I was so impressed with the products. Ibecame a distributor for revolution products. Isell them at my website take aim accessories calm. Icreated and customized. This brass bolt extender. And I sell it on my website as well the extender sets off the accessorized 10:22 very uniquely. Now let's see how the gun shoots the first set of spinner targets is 35 yards away let's have. Some fun and do some rapid fire let's see. How accurate this new revolution barrel is. When I set the targets out to 110 yards the metal targets out there are 8 inches. And the bowling pins are just regular pins I'm going to take a second. And I'm going to move the camera closer so you'll be able to see. How accurate this is at 110 yards. Icouldn't ask for more of these revolution products. Ihope you enjoyed the video. And that you'll check out the website at take aim accessories calm you.

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    Ruger® BX-25™ Magazine

  • Presents cartridges at a 30º angle, perfect for the 10/22 rifle
  • Constant-force stainless steel spring
  • Self-lubricating anti-tilt follower
  • This genuine Ruger 25-round 10/22® magazine is enhanced with high-performance features. Its stainless steel feed lips present cartridges into the action at a 30º angle – precisely the angle the legendary 10/22 semiautomatic rifle prefers. For extra consistency, it has a constant-force stainless steel spring and a self-lubricating anti-tilt follower. Two-screw disassembly allows for easy cleaning. Works in any factory-original .22 LR 10/22 rifle, 77/22® rifle, SR-22® rifle and 22 Charger™ Pistol.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today I'm doing a review on the new 25 round magazines. That Ruger is manufacturing now for their 1022 rifles the bx 25 25 round magazines it's a long time in coming but Ruger finally has produced a high-capacity magazine for the 1022 over the years Ruger typically sold the 10 round magazines which were pretty much bulletproof. They never malfunctioned. They have steel feed lips. You can see you look at. One of these carefully the different grooves. And cuts are designed very specifically for the shells to go in. And build a feed out of them. And it's a very dependable feeding magazine over the years others have manufactured high-capacity magazines ram line was. That manufactured and still does manufacture magazines a long time ago random line was. One of the better onesI'm not sure. If that's the case anymore but you'll notice. That the feed lips are plastic. They get wore out and beat up. And they've never been nearly as reliable as the 10 round magazines but sort of round capacity that's what's for the trade off. That Ruger is manufacturing with err 25 rounders. Ifirst thing I noticed was the feed lips on the top are about the same as the ten rounders so. They should feed the exact same way as a ten rounders. We should have pretty much the same reliability the only issue.

    Now is going to be the spring in. This extended portion. And as long as they did. That correctly there should be no problem with. One thing that stands out to. Me pretty quickly is the length of these magazines it's only a 25 rounder but compared to the 30 rounder Ram line the Ruger is quite a bit longer I'm going to assume. That Ruger did some engineering on. And that's going to be a better design it's probably going to have. More pressure on the spring or. More of a spring to give. More pressure on the bullets to make sure. They feed properly because sometimes. These ram lines felt awfully weak. You were loading those last. Few rounds you got extremely difficult to load. And then when they're pushing those back out the last. Few rounds seems like its kind of weak pushing them out.

    These 25 rounders I've loaded up four of them. They were very easy to load the last round goes in just about the same as the first round very easy, so I've already fired. One of these magazines. When we'll go ahead. And do a quick demonstration. And fire them off and show so far I've not had a single malfunction. One of the things I had done was. Iactually bought with a pro mag 50 round drums. You look at that in the store the manufacturer looked very well the plastic very good very heavy-duty plastic. It has a an even a little tab. Or a thumb to have you compress on to help. You load the magazine. Because on a 50 round drum. That can be kind of difficult. That out I don't have. Ialready took I didn't get a chance to do.

    Any video of it but the feed lifts were atrocious a 50 round drum. It would Jam probably eight to ten times at least for every 50 rounds. And the feed lips weren't anywhere close to. What the feed lips are on these. They were metal it looked like. It was manufactured well. Ijust don't think was designed well so. It back to Cabala's who has a great return policy had my receipt in no packaging they took. They took it back no questions asked. And then I ordered. These off of Midway. And for just a few bucks. Iwas able to get 425 round mags for a total of 100 round capacity for just a. Few bucks than the 50 round pro mag so. Inever had been a big fan of drums but. Iwant to give it a try. It basically failed miserably so.

    Iwould definitely not recommend the pro Mack drum as well. It didn't feed into the rifle very well didn't fit. It was very tight fit. These magazines fit. And snap in very easily so with. That I'm going to go ahead. And give a demonstration. And show what they can do. Ialready have all four magazines loaded up with 25 rounds so. That is the 25 round B X 25 magazines much improved over 10 rounds. If I'm looking for something with compact miss I'll probably go ahead. And keep a few of these around. Iwant capacity I'll go with. These as far as the rest of them Ram line Butler Creek. All those other ones I'm not gonna use. It anymore so hope this has been helpful to. If you've got a Ruger 10/22. Iwouldn't be at all afraid of using these magazines they're very solid very well-built. You hold them in your hands. They definitely stand out from.

    All the other cheaper high-capacity magazine for the 1022. Ihave not done yet but there are two screws. You can actually take the magazine apart. And clean they should last forever. And I'm very happy that River is finally after decades is finally manufacturing a high-capacity magazine for the 1022 hope. This has been helpful stay safe. And thanks for watching.

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    Ruger® 10/22 BX-Trigger

  • Light, crisp break between 2.5 and 3 lbs.
  • Minimizes overtravel and has a positive reset
  • Reliable, safe design exceeds industry standards for drop testing
  • Self-contained module is easy to install
  • Improve the trigger pull on your Ruger 10/22 or 22 Charger™ pistol with the BX-Trigger. Light, crisp Genuine Ruger Factory Accessory breaks between 2.5 and 3 lbs. (approximately half the force needed with the factory trigger) plus has minimal overtravel and a positive reset. Rugged design delivers reliable, safe operation that exceeds industry standard for drop testing. Self-contained module is easy to install.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This video is for the tier 2 intermediate trigger work on a Ruger 10/22 from brimstone gunsmithing the biggest difference between. This trigger and our tier 3 trigger is. We use a rim fire technology physical trigger. You can see them laying out there on the right-hand side of under the different colors. And widths you can get but. This trigger is much. Than a cosmetic upgrade the biggest issue with the tier 3 is. It still uses the factory trigger return spring and plunger. Now that's not a horrible design for a trigger return system except. That since this piece. This trigger housing is cast as. One piece both in the aluminum. And polymer flavors. They drill the hole for the tree return plunger. It an angle like they don't have to drill through the front of the trigger guard. This means you begin to depress the trigger the plunger actually cocks kind of at an angle inside of. That hole it binds in there. And so as you're pressing the trigger it's actually scraping and sliding down the walls of. That hole as the triggers being pressed. It also moves back and forth across the rear of the trigger as tyr's being pressed. You can see you look in the older metal housings you'll see. Where the plungers actually worn through the anodizing in a groove on the back of the trigger housing so on the polymer is very resilient. And the internal finish is just glass smooth so.

    You can get away with leaving the tier threes. Or leaving the polymers for the tier 3 buts. We do kind of recommend jumping up to a tier 2. You have a metal trigger housing. That said this is a metal trigger a polymer trigger housing and going to a tier 2 to the intermediate trigger with your important technologies trigger is a big upgrade on these units as well the biggest thing. That the repair technologies trigger does for us again is it's not just a cosmetic upgrade is. It allows us to install. This torsion type spring you can see. How it's milled out there. These Springs are manufactured for us. We do a couple thousand time. You press the trigger the spring just compresses. And releases as you can see there's a little set screw right there the inside of. It is machine to catch the end of. This the long end of. This spring this is a much smoother set up in the factory there're no plungers there's no friction there's no moving parts. This is as close to a friction free system as.

    You can get it doesn't stack. It allows us to have a little bit smoother a little bit lighter pull weight. And still there everything function as. It should kinda hard to explain. That let me just show. This is a customer's trigger. Ijust finished up he already had. Ibelieve this is a kid magazine release. Icould be wrong on. That but I believe that's a kid magazine release. You already had an aftermarket bolt release installed so. We were just doing the trigger work on. We did it's here too. This is with a standard width silver trigger in their so being in Tier two. You still have the pre travel as. You can see right there it's about the same series from the factory. Or the tier 3 but that pre travel is.

    Both lighter and smoother the smoother is self-explanatory but the nice thing about the lighter is. It actually makes the point. It hits the wall more pronounced on a tier 3 because of. That high friction trigger return system the line between a take-up. And the wall can almost feel a little bit sometimes muted not a huge issue it's not. You can feel it but it's not as pronounced as on these tier twos. You have just a it's such a light take up. That wall it's just a very pronounced stop so that's nice at. That point you have the same glass rod break. You did before but it's actually going to feel. Even lighter we have drilled out the factory trigger return spring hole we've tapped. And we've installed a travel stop in there. Now having a hard over travel stop doesn't technically make the brake. Any lighter or it's out. Any crisper it's still a glass wrong break but. It makes more precise. Because the trigger doesn't just move to the back. And kind of float or doesn't move as much.

    It just breaks and stops. And so it's gonna feel because of. That shorter movement. That it's traveling it feels. More precise it feels. More crisp and then. That over travel stop in there the trigger doesn't move as far to the rear. And therefore it's a shorter reset. You can see just how short of a distance. And again Sam she talked about in the tier 3 because of the internal reshaping and polishing. That reset although it's. You know a light trigger press. And light Springs that reset is still very positive. And very smooth so all round. This is a great option great trigger on. This trigger is applicable for folks who are doing some upgrades. Someone want spend a ton of money but. They are doing some other upgrades to. It they're looking for a trigger. That can kind of keep pace with maybe a little bit nicer quality barrel.

    If they have metal housing and. They want a better trigger. This would be a great option talk about the triggers a little bit here obviously makes them in a variety of colors. These colors you can fluctuate a little bit so check our current selection on the website as of May. And 2015 this is the color selection but. One of the biggest differences is the standard width. And the full width now the upper portion of. Both is the same size so don't think well I'm gonna get the full width. It will fit more tightly in the trigger housing and give. Me a better quality trigger feel the part. That fits inside the trigger housing is the same width on. Both of them so this is strictly a cosmetic. Or personal preference thing this trigger is actually still a little bit wider the standard width. One is still a little bit wider. Than the factory triggers. One is of course extremely wide. Some folks like some folks don't. Iwould say we sell probably three.

    Or four times as many of a standard width as the full width but. You know it's each to their own there's absolutely. Nothing wrong with these verses. Or vice versa just be aware. These the full width triggers are incredibly wide. And so be we tell people. You are not positive. You like really why it triggers go with the standard width trigger, but they're. Both great options one other thing about. These in addition to the being milled for the torsion spring and allowing us to install our travel stop the internal finish is also significantly tighter. Then on the factory parts so. It holds a disconnect ER. And the sear more precisely which also lends to the crisp feeling of the brake so.

    All around this is a great options a great upgrade. He also has a wide variety of our sorry room fire technologies has a wide variety of upgrades for your trigger housing different magazine releases charging handle. That kind of thing and. He doesn't in matching colors for his triggers so. You can get a very professional-looking kind of custom look to. It sooner those can ask well can. You modify a factory trigger. Some other brand to do. We can't it you'd be surprised. Most aftermarket brands actually end up being looser. Or have looser tolerances. That the factory ones do. We tried modifying the factory ones for a little. While there it just really didn't work.

    You want to have a torsion spring with an auger travel style installed in your trigger you'll need to buy a trimmer our technologies trigger to do. It with that's really the only way to go. You are looking for something. That looks pretty factory. We can do the standard way the black here is an actual factory trigger versus the room for technologies trigger yes. It does look a little different but it's not huge. This is a polymer trigger here's an older style aluminum trigger it's not a huge difference without close inspection. They look pretty good so. Ithink it's all there is to. That it's a it's a solid trigger it's a great upgrade it's definitely a solid upgrade from our basic level of trigger work again. If you've got a metal trigger. Iwould highly recommend going with. This option it's just a great trigger really not much else to say. You have any other questions.

    Or to purchase this work visit our website at wwlpcom. Or shoot us an email at brimstone gunsmithing at gmailcom thanks.

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    Ruger® 10-22 Clear .22 LR Magazine

    Target shooters and varmint hunters can never have too many clips for their 10/22. Now is your chance to stock up on factory replacement clips. This clear-colored magazine is the same as the one that comes with your rifle. Per each.
    Available: 10/22 – 10-round magazine.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tactical Solutions 10/22® Barrels

  • Ultralight, .920"-dia., fluted bull replacement barrels for Ruger 10/22
  • Chrome-moly lined with a 1:16 rate-of-twist rifling
  • Oversized shank for precise fitting to receiver bore
  • Tactical Solutions' 10/22 Barrels are ultralight, .920"-dia., fluted bull replacement barrels for Ruger® 10/22 rifles. Chrome-moly lined with a 1:16 rate-of-twist rifling. Increases accuracy while decreasing rifle weight. Oversized shank for precise fitting to receiver bore. Threaded models have 1/2" x 28 threads. X-Ring barrel fits all Ruger 10/22 receivers and most aftermarket 10/22-style receivers. Made in USA.
    Length: 16.5".
    Wt: 15 oz.
    Outside dia: .920".
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's up y'all mr SK let's go here. Any better way then putting a 2-1 working this here 10:22 um as. You see I've got a couple 22s 10 22s on the table here I'm off to the far corner with the Woodstock call excuse. Me Woodstock here this is a special edition 1022 from the factory um did not come with a scope bipod. Or magazine came with the half bull barrels oh. And don't freak out not loading just a camera um. That bull bellows got a very nice heavy bull well it's a half a bear like. Isaid um little buff had very nice wooden stock great finish on awesome trigger pull. And with the magazine release its extended that's pretty standard. Now um I'll put a scope on. It but flip ups as you see here. That you'll be able see down. This but yeah that's not. Even go there alright so. Idon't make this video extremely long here. This is a another special edition Ruger 10/22. This is the excuse this is the Ruger tactical 1022.

    And tactical is a word. That is about a certain mindset not your equipment is not tactical. You can't have like a tactical baseball anyway it's not gonna make. You better in baseball. You suck so. What you think all right I've got the cheap optic on here. It works great for a rim fire. Iwouldn't put anything else a little BSA on red dot it's got four different reticles but. This is a special edition 1022. It is a tactical 1022 tactical. Because it's four pounds four ounces very light. You can run and gun with. All day um you can pretty much just. And go it's a lot of fun um also a special feature here. We have a muzzle brake on here on. This muzzle brake is threaded. You can take and add a suppressor flash it's a flash hider muzzle brake flash. You would not need really need. One on in 1022 but um yeah. It uh first that'd be nice alright. Another thing I'm just going to recommend. This ammunition I'm not trying to sell.

    You Winchester ammunition but. It comes in a white box. Istocked up about 25 of these 555 rounds from Walmart runs. You valve will run you about 1549 for a box um. They will have some failure fires failure to well tell your fees. It depends on your magazine. And weapon itself but failure to fires. You can expect that in bulk rim fire but. This beats the Remington full in 22. Or 22 long rifle ammunition tends to be. More greasy I don't like. That grief but okay. This is a deal I got a Cabala's. Ihad just recently went. And got the UM bull barrel yesterday on the cells going on. ICabela's they have a clearance as well as employee discount for non. And non Cabala's workers tactical solutions 1022 high performance 22 will grow up upgrade for the Ruger 10/22 Patrick solution Boise Idaho.

    This is the as you see thread. It in Matt and then it's fluted as well alright here. We go I'll be putting on. This my first 10 22. One over I was like 13 links about oh there's no way to. Even tell the tens of thousands of rounds. That I've been through. This barrel I'm sure it's close around 50000 see. This here barrel oh wow. This is very nice this barrel is going to run. You about two hundred. You don't get it on so. Ipaid two hundred and twenty so. Igot the employee pricing and yeah. You can't beat I mean look at. That beautiful machine fluted bull girl. This part doesn't have the fluted areas. All the flutes going all the way down the barrel. Because it's going to be on the stock as. You see the top you can have a long fluted flute down. It excuses me um prohm died imagine. Ican't guarantee that I'm sure. It is so um thread it in alright. Iwill be putting a suppressor on. This is a little grommet. It comes with you can put. It on here but you don't have.

    That threaded look I'm going to fry end up get a muggle break until. Iget a tax stamp for a suppressor oh there's a couple of suppressors. Iam looking at currently alright. And that's how it's going to look kind of look like. It doesn't have a threaded in with just your regular old look alright. Nothing me rambling nonsense alright um. You got a 20 ton hydraulic shop fish I'll be building a Bulgarian ak74 soon so. Igot to get this show on the road my day off so. This is a tap card 1022 interesting t6 interview stock system great for training and. You can put a bull barrel on. It in the bull and reminds. Me of the ache a platform with. It being on the right side of firearm. You charge that County the way. You charge a 8k yeah so. Ithe way you're getting training and. If the practice get out there. And running gun with. You know practice specifier bikers cover practice communication with your buddies. You trust friggin retards alright you're charging firearms oh there.

    We go together zero alright put the safety in between so. Ican pull receiver. And barrel assembly off. You see cut paper towels. You don't have to have. Iran with a long time without. These papers oh but um yeah. You got to do what you got to do right gives. You a little better look at the stock. It really is your area for the rails. And as a rails up here. And whatnot but as you see collapsible stock system so. You can just kind of practice try somatic changes whatnot. All right I'm gonna stop rambling. That your barrel simply. This is your receiver. And barrel assembly on 10 22. And as well as trigger. Some with fire control group. All right to take off the barrel. It is two little hey. All right there will be a part two. Because I'm scared of the camera battery dying we'll be back right on stay classy wait on for part two.

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    ATI® Ruger 10/22® Strikeforce Stock

  • Add a custom touch to your 10/22
  • Six-position-adjustable stock
  • Stock folds out of the way for compact handling or storage
  • Glass-reinforced polymer withstands the harsh conditions
  • Upgrade your favorite rimfire with ATI's Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Stock. The six-position-adjustable stock can be folded out of the way for compact handling or storage, and offers a perfect fit for nearly any shooter. DuPont® Extreme-Temperature Glass-Reinforced Polymer construction holds up to a lifetime of harsh use in unforgiving weather. Removable Scorpion recoil pad soaks up kick and vibration to keep you on target. Adjustable cheekrest system gives you perfect cheek weld for easy, consistent aiming. One 4" and three 2" Picatinny rails allow attachment of accessories, and included covers protect the rails when not in use. Multiple sling-attachment points. Drop-tube adapter lets you use iron sights. TracLOCK system eliminates vertical and horizontal play in the stock for rock-solid handling. Fits Ruger 10/22 rifles. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Okay we're going to show. How to install the ATI stock onto a Ruger 10/22 before. We get started let's go ahead. And perform a safety check promote. That safe habit see there's. Nothing in the magazine. Nothing to the chamber handle. It a safe firearm so let's go ahead. And begin first you'll need to remove your barreled receiver from your original stock for. That you'll need a flathead screwdriver back your take down screw out loosen up your barrel band take your barrel. And off place your safety halfway between fire. And safe and just lift your barreled receiver out of your stock. It comes with optional rails you've got a rail at 12 o'clock 3 o'clock 6 o'clock. And 9 o'clock position. You don't like the long Pirating rail. You don't want to eat up. That much of your hand guard. You would want to place your hand. You can replace it with a short Pirating rail eliminate over half of. This rail on the bottom side. You want to use the smaller rail. It has a sling swivel stud. That just threads into. This nut and then you would just fasten. It onto the underside of your hand guard. They can also be removed to remove. These rails there's a nut. And a Philips head screw. You just take and remove your screw take the nuts out-of-the-way take your filler.

    And just snap it into place like. You take veiled receiver make sure your safety is still halfway between safe. And fire it's not a naturally resting position for it wants to click into. One position or the other. And then that drops down out. It back into safe get your take down screw. And snug that into position then. You get your top cover here just sits in place here you've got two long screws. And four shorter screws take an allen key. And just screw that down. If you're gonna put a rail on top of your receiver. And mount a optic then. You probably would want. This elevation even elevate. This cheek riser to align your line of sight through your optic but.

    If you're going to use the factory sights then. This is already too high for. That line of sight so there's an adapter to angle. This tube downward much like the Taco stock to align. That line of sight with your original factory iron sights let. How to do you want to fold. This over there's a Philips head screw you're going to want to back out take in place your adapter on their like. That take your provided pin let's right. It through and then there's a screw. That threads into the end of. That pin tightens that down place. This back in and then snug. That screw back down. You have elevated this from your shouldering so. You can see down the sights. You can fold your sight forward into. This slot and then. It just folds back up alright well. That shows how to assemble. And install your ATI stock thanks for checking out my videos shoot safely.

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    Archangel™ 10/22 Standard Rifle System

  • Engineered for do-it-yourself installation
  • Mil-spec components and proven polymers
  • Four Picatinny rails
  • Six-position tactical stock
  • Storage in stock and pistol grip
  • Turn a standard Ruger® 10/22® rifle (sold separately) into a battle-ready Archangel™. The Advanced Rimfire System (ARS) is built using proven mil-spec polymers. Mount modern accessories on your Archangel. Its upper receiver has a Picatinny rail for mounting optics. The free-floating handguard has Picatinny rails top and bottom. Built-in storage in the pistol grip and in the six-position Archangel combat stock extension tube. A muzzle device completes the system with a Picatinny rail and bayonet lug. An injection-molded polymer magazine release is included, a $25 value. Use with standard 10/22 barrels only.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tactical Solutions 10/22® SB-X™ Barrel

    Sport the versatility of a short-barreled rifle without the burden of red tape with Tactical Solutions' 10/22 SB-X Barrel. A suppressor can be added without greatly increasing the overall length. Standard 1/2” x 28 threaded end attaches to a suppressor easily and quickly.1:16 twist. Made in USA.
    Inside dia: 1.1”.
    Wt: 13.5 oz.
    Color: Matte Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    So guys it's John and today we're gonna be installing the sbx barrel for the Ruger 10/22 take down from tactical solutions by. Now you've seen the first impressions video shooting with. This barrel I thought. It would be cool to see the install. And show you guys because a 10/22 take down is not a super common thing to be swapping barrels on at. This point this is as far as. Iknow the first barrel designed to swap for. That so we're gonna take a look at. And walk you through the install process fairly simple. You have not seen the first impressions video there's a link in the description of the video down below so please go check. That out so first things first as. Iclear out my workspace here. This is actually part of the packaging and has the installation instructions in. It pretties cool nice quality like. We need to disassemble the 10/22 take down for those of.

    That don't know you just pull back on the action twist. And as you're pulling on. This lever here you can take. We do not need this portion the receiver portion of the gun for this install, so we're just gonna set. That aside over here so the first thing we're gonna need to do is dismantle. We need to get this four end off of. This barrel assembly so there's a barrel band here. You can see that's just a flathead screwdriver. And we've also got a screw here so let's get to doing. That wow this is super complicated I'm kidding this is really easy so. You can see that's just coming through there that's gonna pop apart we'll set. That aside loosens the barrel band to the point. It slides forward you can see. It just kind of you split. And pull it rights off of there. Now the only thing holding it on is. This screw back here so let's go ahead. And loosen these things are not super tight obviously the 22 long-rifle does not have a bunch of force on.

    You know you're not dealing with a magnum rifle you're just dealing with 22 long-rifle pressures. And specs all right so that's getting a little tight let's go ahead. And continue unscrewing. That okay so as you can see. That screw came out of there. We should be able to slide. This back I believe. And off of the assembly there. You go there's your four end. This is your Ruger 10/22 take down barrel assembly. What you can see a little. More clearly is the plunger. That helps it locks into the receiver. You can see there's a spring and then there's a detent inside. That spring that holds. This plunger together. You also have the locking lever which is. What you interact with underneath the four end to get. This to lock and unlock out of the receiver so. What we have to do is disassemble. This right here it should be fairly simple our next step in disassembly is taking apart. This block this plunger is in there under pressure via.

    This locking lever so. What we need to do is push. This back take tension off of. This out or may not be able to see let. Me get a pic here right underneath there's a little bit of a channel obviously that's so. It can slide back and forth but. What I'm going to attempt to do is use. Some fishing line to wrap around there. And pull that out it is under tension. Idon't want to Mar. This is not my rifle. This actually belongs to my ax my buddy Brian. You guys have seen, so I'm gonna try. And keep this as clean as. Ipossibly can so let's get to. That little lever was a slippery piece. Itried fishing line. That didn't work I tried cloth. And a wrench that didn't work. And after about 10 minutes of struggling I opted to use channel lock pliers to get the thing out okay so. That took a little bit. More effort I thought. They did say in the instructions. This would be tight so. What I had to do I had to do.

    It off camera, so I could get the proper torque on the thing I used the screwdriver to push. This flat as you can see. And then I used my pliers to pull straight. You know your experience may vary but. It out we're ready to keep rolling let's do. This so the next step is to pull. This entire assembly out of here so. You pull forward this is called the plunger. You can see where the locking lever goes through we'll set. That aside there's also a detent. And a spring in here we'll see. That out there we go so there's the detent. And behind it was the spring now my tools out of the way here. You can see these two holes here inside those holes we've got screws. They need to come out. This block needs to come off so. We can install it on the new barrel let's get to. That, so I've got a 960 force allen key. And we're going to take.

    These two screws out. That should remove this block from the original barrel so let's go ahead. That there we go again. These are not under a whole lot of pressure. You torque these back down. They say to use 20 inch pounds but I'm just gonna do. It hands tight I trust myself not to open torque. It okays there's you can see that's coming right off of their okay let's go ahead. And keep unscrewing this it's interesting to see the different arrangements between the factory stainless barrel. And the tactical solutions. You can kind of see in the background there, so we'll rusty no big deal. That happens so there's our block. We need to make sure. This is aligned in this sort of fashion on the flat spot on the new barrel so let's take our old barrel there. You can see and we're gonna set.

    This aside we don't need. This anymore so here. We go there's we can begin the process of reinstalling all of. This on the tactical solutions sbx barrel so let's do. That so our next step is to install the block onto the new barrel using the same hardware, so we're gonna go ahead. This aligned we'll just kind of sit like. Now maybe it doesn't want to okay, so we've got our forward screw on the allen key. And we're just gonna kind of line. It up forgive this a little wacky. Iam doing this off to the side so there. And I'm a former car guy recovering car guy so. Idon't tighten anything down until. Everything is in place.

    Iknow it's good I know that's a good practice to have on guns as well, so we're just taking. That second screw working it into the block into the hole in the bottom of the barrel with our 9/64 allen key there. We go it's its just tight. It just kind of bottomed out so. What I'm gonna do is give. That a little tightened give. That a little tighten. And then we're gonna go ahem. More there we go there. We go okay I am confident. That is secure so the next step is to reinstall our plunger assembly. We see here we've got the plunger the spring the detent. And of course the locking lever first in is the spring so the detent essentially acts as a buffer between the spring and the plunger assembly so that's just gonna slide right in their big end first it'll drop in. And reside inside that spring and. This apart I'm just gonna put a little lubrication on the plunger. And I'm using slip mm just. Because it's handy and just put a little drop on there.

    And I'll spread it around with my fingers. And there was a there was a hair of rust on here but. Nothing too serious, so I'm just lubricating it to make sure. That it's a it's a properly maintained machine okay so plunger goes back inside of. It appears to be symmetrical so. We should not have any issues again. It rides on that detent inside there. You can see what I'm gonna have to do is push. That back in to the point. Ican reinstall the locking lever, so I'm gonna get my screwdriver again. This is going to be a little awkward from so forgive. Me I'm gonna go ahead. And push and I'm gonna take my locking lever. And push it down into the assembly.

    Now keep in mind I'm like off to the side of the camera here just so. You guys can see this clearly so again it's a little awkward to be doing this okay there. We go pushed it back actually used my hands to not need the screwdriver in. That case and our locking lever / block assembly is. Now mounted on the new barrel there. You can see it's mounted nice and flush looks good. Now it's time to reinstall the old four ends. Now keep in mind we've got. That screw we got a line up. We got a couple things to line up here. That will help everything good to go. Ipulled that off camera just so. Icould make sure that the holes were set okay so. Now it's time to go back through our four end. And screw now I'll show. Something interesting the screw I'm actually working in here actually contacts the bottom of the barrel. And I'll show where in just a second. Ithink it's pretty interesting okay.

    It kind of wobbles as. It back on and doesn't look like it's gonna sit flush but. You start getting it tight. It starts to align itself properly. And fits really nice. You can see the gap here is closing as. We get tighter that's a good thing that's. What we want and again. One of those screws. They want you to torque down a certain way. And I'm just going to get. It hands tight and there so that's tight. Ithink that's confident so. Now I'm gonna slip the barrel band back over. Everything and remember. Some flex in it should just drop right on there. You go will drop the nut into. One side as usual up I'll hold the not in as. Ithread the old screw into. All right so look at. That we've got our 10/22 take down for end barrel assembly with the new tactical solutions sbx barrel it's got the shroud out front the inert can in there.

    It is ready to rock. And roll you guys learned. Something about the 10/22 take down. How to install this barrel. You enjoyed the video please give it. That old thumbs up I really appreciate. You guys do you haven't. Yet of course subscribe to my channel for cooler things just like. And as always guys thank. All so much for watching we'll see. You soon remember guys. You can support the channel. More by going to patreoncom slash I'm with chaos.

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