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  Hook-Eze™ Fishing Tool EGO Tournament Culling Beam B & M Frog Gig Angler's Fish-N-Mate® Standard Cart with Poly Wheels Berkley® Fishing Cart Berkley® Power Pack Battery System Berkley® Sportsman's Cart Bass Pro Shops® Drop-Shot Rig Keeper Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Tournament Weigh Bag Berkley® Tournament Culling Kit EGO S2 Slider Handle Bass Pro Shops® Fish-Shaped Floating Key Chain Fuji® EZ Keeper II Hook Keeper ForEverlast Ray Guard Shields Bass Pro Shops® Premium Reel Oil Winn® Large Rod Grip Overwrap
  Hook-Eze™ Fishing Tool EGO Tournament Culling Beam B & M Frog Gig Angler's Fish-N-Mate® Standard Cart with Poly Wheels Berkley® Fishing Cart Berkley® Power Pack Battery System Berkley® Sportsman's Cart Bass Pro Shops® Drop-Shot Rig Keeper Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Tournament Weigh Bag Berkley® Tournament Culling Kit EGO S2 Slider Handle Bass Pro Shops® Fish-Shaped Floating Key Chain Fuji® EZ Keeper II Hook Keeper ForEverlast Ray Guard Shields Bass Pro Shops® Premium Reel Oil Winn® Large Rod Grip Overwrap
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Hook-Eze™ Fishing Tool

  • Tie perfect knots with incredible speed
  • Protects against injury
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • For all knots – simply thread, twist, and snug
  • For all lines and hook sizes up to 4/0
  • Tie a perfect knot, first time and every time, with Ross Bain's Hook-Eze Fishing Tool. This ingenious little knot-tying device makes tying on hooks and hardware or joining lines and leaders incredibly quick and easy, while protecting against injury. Easy to use: the thumbnail-sized hard case snaps securely over the hook, keeping point and barb away from your fingers; an outer swivel and finger ring allow you to make multiple twists and wraps in a flash. Simply thread, twist, and snug your knot, then trim the tag end on the handy floss-style cutter on back. The Hook-Eze can also be used to string your rig safely to a rod guide at the end of the day, to prevent accidents in transport. Accommodates all lines and all hooks, from tiny dry fly sizes to 4/0. Indispensable, yet affordable!
    Colors: Yellow, Pink, Blue.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    EGO Tournament Culling Beam

    EGO Tournament Culling Beam provides quick fish weight and measurements. It's made of 3/16" anodized-aluminum plate, and has a removable handle, stainless steel clips and is laser-etched for longevity. Made in USA.
    Available: Standard.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    B & M Frog Gig

  • Hand-forged spring-steel frog gigs
  • Needle-sharp points and barbs
  • Acetylene-welded seams
  • In order to nab a few croakers, these premium-grade Frog Gigs come with some serious sticking power. B&M's hand-forged spring-steel gigs feature needle-sharp points and barbs that pierce and secure frogs. Acetylene-welded seams for long-lasting durability. 
    • Four-Tine Gig – 7"L x 3.5"W. Tine length: 4". Tine dia: 3/16". 
    • Five-Tine Gig – 7"L x 3.5"W. Tine length: 3.5". Tine dia: 3/16".  
    • Large Five-Tine Gig – 8.5"L x 5"W. Tine length: 5". Tine dia: 1/4".

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Angler's Fish-N-Mate® Standard Cart with Poly Wheels

  • Take gear from your car to the water in one trip
  • Capped rod holders holds up to eight dods and reels
  • Marine-grade anodized-aluminum tubing
  • Use Angler's Fish-N-Mate Standard Cart with Poly Wheels to take all your fishing gear from your car to the water in a single trip. One of the most versatile pier/beach carts on the market today, this cart has all the features a shore fisherman could want, including capped rod holders, low weight and balanced operation. Cart holds eight rods and reels, a 48-72-qt. cooler, a small bait cooler, a medium tackle box, lawn chairs and an umbrella. Marine-grade anodized-aluminum tubing with stainless steel hardware resists corrosion for long-lasting performance. Large 15" dia. x 7"W poly wheels travel through soft sand with ease.
    Inside: 43"L x 16"W x 9"H.
    Wt. capacity: 200 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Berkley® Fishing Cart

  • Carries up to 200 lbs. of gear
  • Adjustable handle
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with electrostatic finish
  • Heavy-duty fabric liner
  • Transport all your fishing equipment to and from the water with the collapsible Berkley Fishing Cart. Not only does it store your tackle, it efficiently carries up to 200 lbs. of gear. With compact cutting board, bait cup and knife storage, all you need for a great day out is in here. Adjustable handle, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with electrostatic finish, durable pneumatic wheels, heavy-duty fabric liner to protect your belongings and strong hook to and to loop straps secure chairs or surf spike during moves.
    • 72-quart – Eight removable rod holders. 54"L x 25-1/2"W x 13"H (fully collapsed with tires attached). Inside frame: 44-1/2"L x 17-3/4"W x 9-1/2"H.
    • 48-quart – Six removable rod holders. 44"L x 25-1/2"W x 13"H (fully collapsed with tires attached). Inside frame: 34-1/2"L x 16"W x 9-1/2"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Well it's up YouTube top tactic fishing here welcome to. Another episode the purpose of today's video is. That we're going to be doing a review of a fishing cart. What I have in front of. Me here is the Berkley fishing cart I've had. This for a little over a year. Now I've used some of my fishing outings, so I'm going to kind of give. You a brief overview of. This fishing cart I'm not going to go specifically too much into the details. And the parts of the fishing cart but I'm going to just tell. You know how effective. It can be to kind of have a fishing cart especially. If you're hauling a lot of stuff like. If your cat fishing or carp fishing you tend to have a lot of gear so. Ifind fishing carts pretty helpful. Ihave here this is the Berkley fishing cart there are. Several models that are out there. This is the more standard. One here and there actually is a jumbo Berkley fishing cart. That is bigger more rod holders associated with. It so first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to start I'm going to work my way to the front of the cart. And work my way to the back so. This is the front of the cart as. You can see here there's a nice handle here the kind of tug. This fishing cart along. Either pull it backwards like. What I'm doing here. You can actually move. It forwards as well which is. Ithink is easier so.

    It does have that option their pull. It forwards push it forward. It backward and the handle does come apart so. You can see there's. These pens here that do like. These locking pens that kind of keep the handle in place, so I'm going to detach. It here okays and then. This comes offs so this is the handle. You can see that there's a three holes in there to adjust the length of the handle. What you want I usually kind of like going to the. Ican put this in here okay so. Ikind of like to do. It like half-way just do the middle. One there and then just to lock. It in place you just simply just put the little pin in there. It locks okay same thing with the other side just put the pin in there. And then it locks really nice and convenient there so. You can see it's nice and walk there has a nice velcro strap on here as well so. It can help with your grip strength it's made of aluminum here so.

    It is corrosion resistant so as far as. It being outside and rain getting on. And snow it can handle pretty much. Any condition which is good working my way towards the side of. This fishing cart you can see. That there's a rod holders here there's three on. Each side so you can have up to six rods. And they're big enough. You can pretty much fit. Any size handle of a rod in here which is nice so. You can use light rods heavy-duty rods. These do come apart as. You can see here these are detachable rod holders so. You don't like these. You can always try to find something comparable to. They do have little grooves on these screws here. You can just kind of put. It back on there and it's relatively easy to put back on there so that's the way. That works okay and yep so that's. It for the sides there with the rods for the rod handles. Iwill say I'll get to the very end. This thing collapses but working my way towards the middle here as.

    You can see there's a nice compartment space here. You can put all of your tackle. And your gear has a little side compartment there to that's separated by. This fabric here so. You can kind of separate. Some stuff so I usually put. You can put live well in here your tackle box pretty much. Anything you want to put in there. That can fit I'll usually put. Some extra reels. Or my carp creed I can put in here my mats. That kind of thing so there is a lot of space to put. Whatever you want in there. And then going down to the back of. This cart you can see there's a nice little cutting board here nice cutting board. You know to cut up your bluegill. Or your cut bait. That is has a nice little beverage holder there. You want to put your coffee. Or Gatorade whatever. It is there and of course. This comes out so case. You want to exchange. It for something else to put in their okay.

    And then going down to through the wheels of. This thing which is actually my favorite part of. This whole thing believe. Or not so the wheels are. You can see they're big wheels sorry for the audio disturbance there I'm just kind of pulling down my camera nice big wheels here. You can see there's a nice there're nice grooves. And the tires here so. Ican kind of deal with. Any kind of terrain. You can bring this on the beach. You can bring this like one they have sand. You can bring it on rocks gravel concrete dirt roads. Whatever you know you're walking through. This can handle it nice big tires. Ibrought this on the beach I've brought. It in different types of terrains so.

    It is really good these tires actually do come apart too okay so there's a little magnetic tire here. This actually comes out. You can take off the tire here. And it'll come off so. You can actually transport. It pretties easily here. All right now to the tires here I'm going to show. How to take off the tire so there's a little mechanism here okay so. You just kind of have to move around. It does come off kind of like. What I did there's a little washer there okay. And the tire can actually come off but don't worry the stands pretty stable there so that's the. How the tire comes off. You can do on the other side as well it's. And then you just kind of put the tire back in there.

    It goes yeah and then. You put your pin in here there. And that's you put your PIN in. All right so the way the collapse. This fishing card is. You know there's really no starting point to. You can just start collapsing things as. They go but in the back here. This table just kind of folds down just like. That okay and there's a little spring locking mechanism here for the sides for the rods here. This my pull it out just pulled puts. It forwards there you're going to do the same thing to the other side pull. That locking mechanism there. And just kind of put. It over just like that okay. And then of course you want to take off the handle here okay. All right take off the handle okay. And then to further. And to further collapse. This right I'm just going to roll.

    This on its side here alright. You can actually push. You can actually push. These backwards here. How I'm doing here's a locking mechanism here okay there's a locking mechanism here which I'm pulling there. It was actually unlocked the whole time so actually. Ijust locked it to unlock. It just pull the pin. And then everything kind of goes just like. That okay so you can easily transport. All right and then. You can just pick you can actually. Ikind of like keeping the tires on there. You don't want to pick. It can it's a little heavy. You can just kind of just pull. It just like this which is. What I do okay good thing about. This card also is it can hold up to a hundred pounds so it's pretty heavy-duty.

    You can definitely put. Some heavy equipment in there so. And then obviously to open the cart back up okay. You can just pull these out okay. All right flip this on its side here it's pretty self-explanatory it's really not rocket science here with. This sometimes the pins sometimes can self lock itself there okay. And that's pretty much. This so I'm just gonna open. This up their open that up there, so we're good to go. And then you can put your cutting board back up. And then obviously you can put your handle back in their okay that's pretty much that's. All it's to another thing I forgot to mention is. That there's a little stand here but. You to does collapse but. It has a nice little bottom here. It can sit nicely just on the ground there so that's kind of like your legs there to kind of keep.

    It sturdy so you can actually get. This on Amazon this cart. It runs for one $9999. It is that's a little pricey but the quality is pretty good one. This like I said it's aluminum made so. It is corrosion resistant the fabric inside here is velcro as. You can see you can actually take the fabric off here fabric comes off so. You want to wash it which is. What I actually need to do. Ineed to wash this thing you can wash. It in the washer there. It in the dryer so. It is a really nice cart. Irecommend it for anybody who has a lot of gear like idea. That way you're not making multiple trips back to your car to get. All of your stuff I appreciate. You watch this video guys like. Isaid it's a good cart to have especially. If you're hauling a bunch of stuff save. It will save some trips to the car.

    You know you have a lot of stuff. That you're bringing so get the cart. It on Amazon I'll leave a link in the description here. Iappreciate you watch this video. And we'll see you next time on top tactic fishing take care.

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    Berkley® Power Pack Battery System

  • Power 12-volt accessories no matter where you are
  • USB connection charges smartphones and more
  • Supplies power for up to 12 hours
  • 12-volts with 2.4 amp hours
  • Operate Berkley's Power Pack fishing lights or other 12-volt accessories on the go with the Power Pack Battery System. USB connection even allows you to charge smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Also features two posts for battery clips, vehicle plug outlet and battery meter. Pack supplies power for up to 12 hours. Includes battery pack and AC charger.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This Scott Thomas in the Berkeley booth at ICAST 2014 I'm a senior product manager for Berkeley tools. And accessories have a new product want to show. This year we got the new Berkeley power pack a lot of times. When guys are out there fishing they don't have the power. They need to either run electronics run their GoPro cameras maybe. They need to recharge their phone maybe you're out doing some night fishing need to run. Some light so this is the battery. You need to do it so on the front here. We have a USB port so. You can plug and charge. Any electronics that require a USB connection as well. You have your port right here for charging the battery up on top we've got a little button here so. We press this button. You can tell what the battery level is so green means it's fully charged red means. You need to recharge the battery time to hook. And reach recharge the battery. And we've got some battery posts on top so. You can use bat alligator clips. You don't have a connection a vehicle connection so. We also have a vehicle plug. It back here so you can plug into to. And power any of your electronics so go check. This out at tackle warehouse it's available for pre-order you.

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    Berkley® Sportsman's Cart

  • Fits up to eight large tackle trays and has two rod holders
  • Integrated seat and cutting board
  • Extendable handle and molded wheels
  • Efficiently manage and transport all your fishing gear to your favorite fishing hole with Berkley's Sportsman's Cart. Stores up to eight large tackle trays, has two removable rod holders and employs a compact design for easy transport and storage. Integrated seat and cutting board make fishing more comfortable and cleaning your catch easier. Extendable handle and molded wheels for easy toting. Heavy-duty steel frame with a corrosion-resistant electrostatic finish. Large pivoting feet won't sink into soft ground.
    20"L x 27.5"W x 29.5"H.
    Wt capacity: 300 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You for purchasing the Berkeley sportsman cart we're excited to walk. You through all the unique features we've included in. These models as we design them with. One thing in mind to make your time on the water. More enjoyable the only tool. You will need to initially assemble your new sportsman card is a Phillips head screwdriver let's get started unpack your cart. And lay out the components together as. We have done here in the box. You will find assembly instructions for wheel spacers two thumb screws two washers two locking pins four screws two axle assemblies handle assembly to rod holders cart frame two wheels. And the seat start by laying the frame face down on the floor lay the handle assembly onto the frame make sure the t-handle is towards the top of the frame install two screws at the top of the frame. And then two screws at the bottom of the frame. And tighten next insert the axle assembly into the square tube on the bottom of the frame be sure the assembly is oriented correctly with the axle angled away from the front end of the cart go ahead. And install the thumb screw to secure the axle repeat. These same steps for the other axle assembly. We are ready to install the wheels slide. One spacer onto the axle making sure the smallest diameter end is facing outward away from the cart slide the wheel onto the axle the hole in the wheel needs to fit snugly over the spacer push the tire onto the spacer install a second spacer with the small diameter facing in towards the wheel then slide.

    It into the hole in the wheel slide the washer onto the axle install the locking pin by sliding it into the hole on the end of the axle in. One motion lock the pin in place by snapping a circle portion of the pin over the end of the axle with a simple 90-degree twist repeat. These same steps for the second wheel set the cart upright to install the seat make sure the bracket on the back of the seat catches the frame. And then snap the strap to the buckles lastly install the two rod holders by sliding the key holes in them over the rivets on the side of the frame. One is located on the right side. One is located on the left side for more information on. This cart and others in the series please visit Berkeley fishing calm you're. Now ready to go fishing with your new Berkeley sportsmen cart.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Drop-Shot Rig Keeper

  • Keeps your drop-shot rig secure
  • Won't harm your line or your rod
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Bass Pro Shops Drop-Shot Rig Keeper keeps your drop-shot rig secure and out of the way. Won't harm your line or your rod. Per 2.
    Color: Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Tournament Weigh Bag

  • Spook-proof black material reduces stress on fish
  • Heavy-duty 600-denier nylon with a PVC coating
  • Sonic-welded seams
  • Woven nylon handles
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • The Bass Pro Shops XPS Tournament Weigh Bag is made of heavy-duty 600-denier nylon with a PVC coating that actually calms fish and reduces stress during transport. A rugged diamond rubber material protects the bottom third of the bag for long-term durability. Other features include woven nylon handles, a removable shoulder strap, and a zippered top that prevents fish from escaping and slows water loss in the event the bag is tipped over. All seams are sonic-welded for waterproof integrity. Imported.
    Color: Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Berkley® Tournament Culling Kit

  • Color code your catch
  • Floating T-handles
  • Storage hanger attaches to livewell lid
  • When time and money are on the line, Berkley's Tournament Culling Kit keeps you fishing longer. Keep track of what's in the livewell by color coding your catch from large to small. Floating T-handles for fast catch and release times. Storage hanger attaches to the livewell lid for easy access. Colors are coded to match Berkley's 35-lb. scale.  
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    EGO S2 Slider Handle

  • Thumb release tab and extend the andle to net or gaff your catch
  • Floating design for easy retrieval
  • Neoprene foam grip is reliable when wet
  • Lock intervals every six inches
  • Push the thumb release tab and extend your EGO S2 Slider Handle to net or gaff your catch. Floating design for easy retrieval. Neoprene foam grip is reliable when wet. Lock intervals every six inches. Compatible with all EGO net and accessory attachments.
    • 18" handle extends to 36".
    • 29" handle extends to 60".
    • 48" handle extends to 108".

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Fish-Shaped Floating Key Chain

  • Makes a fun Bass Pro Shops souvenir
  • This key chain instantly floats in water
  • Features a highly visible yellow color
  • Made of durable foam
  • Don't get caught up a creek without keys! This Bass Pro Shops' Fish-Shaped Floating Key Chain will save the day if your keys accidentally get tossed into the water. The highly visible floating fob is made of durable foam and instantly floats when it hits the water. Easy to find in a purse or tackle box.
    Size: 3.75”.
    Color: Yellow.

    This is phishing gamer doing a quick review of Bass Pro Shops floating key chain tips of the functionality is such. If you're out in the canoe. Or kayak and wouldn't think the essentials with. You want to take a car key with. You luckily some cash with. You put the cash into the role here as such. This cap goes on it's primarily watertight. And basically if you're new. Or kayak tips over you then have the ability to see. That it's floating nearby so basically I'll stick up out of the water. And be able to see your car key. And the cache they don't lose. And that's our view thanks for your time.

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    Fuji® EZ Keeper II Hook Keeper

    Secure your lures without damaging guides or cork handles when your rod is outfitted with one of these innovative hook keepers. The folding design keeps it out of the way when not in use.
    Colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    ForEverlast Ray Guard Shields

  • Protect your lower legs from underwater hazards
  • Rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Adjustable side-buckle closure
  • Protect your lower legs from underwater hazards wearing the ForEverlast Ray Guard Shields. Rugged 900 Denier nylon fabric exterior with polycarbonate insert resists abrasion while also remaining flexible enough for all-day comfort. Adjustable side buckle closures for easy on and off. One size fits most. Imported. Per one pair.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Okay I just bought. These leg protectors from Academy sports. They are supposed to protect your legs from snakes. Or just anything you want to do outdoors. That might be involving something. That might harm your legs like. Even using a weed whacker. Or something I bought. It mainly to protect my legs from possible copperhead bites in my pine Islands. And ivy islands anyway. They are there come as a pair. And these zip up in the back. And they are made of a solid material they're stiff. Iwould think a snake Fang would not penetrate. It they are cut out in the back so. You can walk with your knee opening that's the back. And the zipper seems a little flimsy so. What I'd wear shorts in the summer. When I do my yard work so. Ijust leave them zipped up. And slide my leg in take my shoe off. And slide my leg and. That works for me anyway. That's it there's. Nothing fancy about. It gets two of them flimsy zipper the. Ibelieve I was reading the description of. It online and I thought. It said it had straps. Ido like this I think. Ilike the zipper better but anyway that's. It and I'm showing you the back. Because the photo on line does not show. Anything other than the front.

    And they don't show. Anything about the back anyway that's it.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Premium Reel Oil

  • Helps improve performance
  • Extends reel life
  • Formulated for modern reel designs
  • Can be applied to levelwinds, gears, spool shafts, and bails
  • Formulated for modern reel designs, the Bass Pro Shops Premium Reel Oil is 100% synthetic and can be applied to levelwinds, gears, spool shafts, and bails to help improve performance and extend reel life.
    Size: 1-oz bottle.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Winn® Large Rod Grip Overwrap

  • Greater comfort, better handling for your rod
  • Sized for larger muskie, catfish, and saltwater rods
  • Can also be used as the sole grip on West Coast jig rods
  • Provides a cushioned, nonslip hold in any weather
  • Significantly reduces hand fatigue
  • Give your favorite rod an upgrade in comfort and handling. With its generous length and width, the Winn Large Rod Grip Overwrap is ideally sized to cover the handles of your muskie, catfish, and saltwater rods, or as the sole grip for West Coast-style jig rods. This premium textured polymer tape goes on easily to provide a cushioned, nonslip hold regardless of the weather, enabling precise control at all times. Significantly reduces hand fatigue too!
    96"L x 1.2"W.
    Available: Dorado, Blue Tuna, Lime Camo, Black/Blue Camo, Wild Fire, Black/Silver Camo.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You fish for a long time chances are. You probably have many rods in your arsenal. That you're not fishing anymore simply. Because the grips are damaged. And fill brittle etc. You grab those rods. They just don't feel comfortable anymore why not give those rods a second chance today. Iwant to introduce. You to our series of motor wraps over up is a simple solution allows. You to give that rod a second chance. When finished installing the rod. Or rod will have ribs. That feel comfortable again. They feel tacky one way today I'm going to show. You the installation on the standard rod for the sake of. This video I'll just only do the back end before. We start installing the over wrap onto the rod. Iwant to explain a little bit about the over wrap itself. It again is eight feet long on the back end is a backing tape. You apply you take off the backing tape. That it's its tacky. That will be the surface set comes in contact with the rod to keep. It in place in addition to the tackiness on the back the edge is. What we call a traction edge is roughly half the thickness of the grip. What you want to do is.

    You do the spiral wrap. And I'll show that later is. You want to be going over the traction edge. This will make for a clean. And smooth application to start the install. You need to determine the circumference of the grip. This by starting the first spiral wrap without taking the tape off again it's going to be a spiral wrap so. You want to take the edge put on their take. One circumference around. Where the corner of the tape meets the tape take your marker. You mark that edge. They need because you're going to cut. You have your marker there take your straight edge. You go from the mark. You made to the opposite corner over your over up tape take a mark basically mark. What does on blue so hopefully. You can see if your scissors cut along. That line try to make. It straight but doesn't need to be overly straight. Because you're going to be over wrapping. That first edge anyways. You have this first piece cut you're ready to start the over wrap take your tape off roughing about oh.

    Iwould just say half a foot okay your cut edge is going to be a bottom so basically. You want it start it there lets's just start. It rights there as you come around you're going to cover. That corner now you're ready to start your over wrap spiral. All the way up to the tip of. That rod or the tip of. That handle so notice. Iam spiral wrapping covering the traction edge. Ipreviously previously explained very simple just continue to go up the blank the route them to Griffin excuse. You come to your backing tape pull somewhere off continue to keep going if. You look you don't wrap it'll go like. You can always back off. And continue your looking you know grab as well. What you don't want to do is come over. This was because then. What happens is you get a bump so. You want to try to stay on the traction edge as much as possible okay. You come to the edge of the rear grip you're coming down to the end there. What you want to do is. You want to take your mark again.

    And mark that spot. Because you're going to make. Another cut doesn't have to be exact but. It has to be close continue your wrap to. That markets parking spot take your mark again. They meet you want to mark. That again on the other side okay. Because you're going to make. Another cut so what you want to do is. You want to back off. You notice I have my first mark. And my second mark okay so. You want what you want to do is. You want to cut from there your first mark to your second mark so. What I do is I take my straightedge again. Iconnect the dot the two dots. Ibump the two markers take my marker pick. Another line now that's. What I cut to finish off okay. Now I'm ready to finish. This off again I go back over my traction edges to make a continuous smooth application okay you're almost done so basically. You have your whole rear grip cover again. It feels good it's kicked it's comfortable you're giving your rod a second chance so finish. This job off take the finishing tape again there're two pieces on here in the tan pad.

    You run out you can always just use electrical day. This finishing tape also has backing tape on. It as well peel that off. Where your traction. You finish cutting up your over wrap it's going to try to unravel by itself. It would you don't have a finishing tape so basically take. It like start for your wrap that's complete the base is covered. You don't need finishing tape there. It has backing tape on the back so it's its not going to move on here. That concludes the video on our over wrap again. Ifor the purposes on. This video I only over up the rear grip but the procedure can also be applied to the fore grip as well.

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