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  Bill Lewis Echo 1.75™ Crankbait Salmo Hornet Bomber® Model A Crankbaits Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Lazer Eye™ Hard Baits – Shallow Crank Bandit® Lures Walleye Bandit™ Crankbait Berkley® Dredger Crankbait Rapala® Sinking Magnum #14 MirrOlure® Top Dog® Offshore Angler™ Lazer Eye™ Saltwater Series Down Under Spro™ Fat Papa Square Bill Crankbait MirrOlure® MirrOdine® C-Eye Pro Series Crankbait Worden's® Flatfish® Trout and Panfish Strike King® KVD Square-Bill Silent Crankbait Berkley® Flicker Minnow™ Pro Series Bandit Lures Walleye Bandit Crankbait Strike King® Pro Model® XD Crankbait
 Bill Lewis Echo 1.75™ CrankbaitSalmo HornetBomber® Model A CrankbaitsBass Pro Shops® XPS® Lazer Eye™ Hard Baits – Shallow CrankBandit® Lures Walleye Bandit™ CrankbaitBerkley® Dredger CrankbaitRapala® Sinking Magnum #14MirrOlure® Top Dog®Offshore Angler™ Lazer Eye™ Saltwater Series Down UnderSpro™ Fat Papa Square Bill CrankbaitMirrOlure® MirrOdine® C-Eye Pro Series CrankbaitWorden's® Flatfish® Trout and PanfishStrike King® KVD Square-Bill Silent CrankbaitBerkley® Flicker Minnow™ Pro SeriesBandit Lures Walleye Bandit CrankbaitStrike King® Pro Model® XD Crankbait
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BrandSALMOBandit Lures-Strike KingL&S BAIT COPURE FISHING BERKLEYStrike KingWORDEN'SBomberBerkley®RapalaBandit-SPRO CORPL&S BAIT CO-
Size-4-3/4", 5/8 oz.3".--2-1/4".-1-1/2" (1/16 oz.).---4-3/4", 5/8 oz.¼ oz.5/8 oz.  4-9/16", 15/16 oz.9”.

Bill Lewis Echo 1.75™ Crankbait

  • Casts long and calls fish in from far away
  • Produces loud, low knocks and high rattles
  • Allows you to cover water faster
  • Realistic raised fin design
  • Quality Mustad Triple Grip hooks
  • Extend your coverage zone with the Bill Lewis Echo 1.75 Crankbait. This is an extremely aggressive squarebill diver, designed to cast long and call fish in from farther away than you can imagine. The secret: the pros at Bill Lewis Lures have created a noisy balance of low knocking sounds and high rattles – multiple waves that simultaneously reverberate through the water as the bait works, hitting the fish's inner ear at a distance. With its cargo of mixed rattles and compact body design, the Echo 1.75 casts farther and thumps harder than other squarebills, allowing you to cover water faster. Great finishes, with that signature raised-fin look and realistic eyes that give bass fits. Equipped with super-sticky Mustad® Triple Grip® hooks. Dive depth: 3'-5'. Per each. Made in USA.
    Size: 3".
    Colors: (417)Rayburn Red Craw, (418)Sexy Chrome, (419)Stumpknocker.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Salmo Hornet

  • 14 Cabela's Exclusive colors available
  • Deadly on walleye, crappie, bass and trout
  • Enticing action triggers big strikes
  • High-density foam construction can take a beating
  • Drive walleye, crappie, bass and trout absolutely bonkers with the enticing action of Salmo's Hornet. It's made of incredibly strong high-density foam, rather than balsa wood or hollow plastic, so you can be sure this crankbait can take a beating season after season and still keep on hooking those lunkers. A deadly trolling bait that excels when trolled straight or o lead core. Per each.
    • #4 - 1-5/8", dives 5 to10 ft. 
    • #5 - 2", dives 6-1/2 to 15 ft. 
    • #6 - 2-3/8", dives 6-1/2 to 18 ft.
    Colors: (003)Yellow Dace, (005)Dace, (006)Dace Blue, (007)Gold Metallic Orange, (008)Green Tiger, (009)Hot Perch, (010)Black Tiger, (011)Crawdad, (014)Dalmatian, (016)Viking, (020)Real Sunfish, (021)Red Crawfish, (022)Red Tail Shiner, (030)Holographic Gold Fluorescent Perch, (031)Holographic Silver Red/Orange, (032)Holographic Silver Black/Red, (033)Holographic Silver Blue Shad, (062)Chartreuse/Blue, (078)Clown Metallic Dace.
    Cabela's Exclusive Colors: (101)Smoothy, (103)Goblin, (105)Bar Fight, (107)Lime Perch, (109)Fruit Salad, (111)Bullseye, (113)Blue Muffin, (115)Grape Tiger, (132)Rug Burn, (161)Hit Man, (163)Firefly, (166)Peacock, (167)Stud Muffin, (169)Sick Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Dit is de salmo hornet van twee en half centimeter fijn klein plukje van salmo hij zo klein dat ik vermoed dat jullie niet goed kunnen zien op de video van laat ik. Even als volgt laat zien komt hij nu hebben jullie wat beter gezien klein plukje een dregt zit er aan 2 is ook teveel zijn en zit alleen maar vast als je ingooit hele fijne beetje schuddende actie onder water kan een prima mijn vissen op baars zeker ook voor wel comfort en noem maar op en we gaan er vandaag mee vissen op baars doen in dit geval met een nylon lijn wat minder op de zomer het water is helder gaan kijken of. We daar een mooie baars mee kunnen vangen mooie aanbeet voelt goed vis ik zie ons helemaal waar ik soms fantastische baars op de samen hoor net van twee en half centimeter echter plaatje om te zien ze gaan mij vond haken en gaat hier terug in het water hele mooie vis om te vangen.

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    Bomber® Model A Crankbaits

  • Famous fish-catching shape and action
  • Fishes deeper than similar-sized crankbaits
  • Strong, true-running molded-in lip
  • Bomber's Model A Crankbait is famous for its ability to catch fish. This slim, trim lure has a fast wiggle that sends it deeper than most crankbaits of the same size, and its timeless design and durability have made it the go-to lure of top bass anglers. The tough, molded-in lip gives it extra strength and true-running ability, so you spend less time tuning and more time fishing. Cranking depth is 0-10 ft. Per each.
    B02A – 2-1/8", 1/4 oz.
    • B04A – 2-5/8", 5/16 oz. N/A in (009), (228).
    • B05A – 1-7/8", 1/5 oz.
    • B06A – 2-1/8", 3/8 oz.
    • B07A – 2-5/8", 1/2 oz. N/A in (004).
    Colors: (001)White, (002)Black Pearl, (004)Citruse, (009)Red Crawfish, (012)Chartreuse Shad, (021)Firetiger, (035)Foxy Shad™, (203)Glitter Fleck Firetiger, (228)Dark Brown Crawfish, (244)Apple Red Crawdad, (288)Green Smallmouth Bass, (373)Dark Green Crawdad.
     (875)Baby Bass/Orange Belly.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    As mrs Bryce here from Smith best fishing team. This is my first video I've made in a. While just going over. Some lures this will be a couple part little series. Idid just lubbers I got a little review on them first up longtime favorite of mine bomber model a six to eight foot divers picked up two of these from Bass Pro Shops excuse. Me um first one here. Ihave out is in a foxy shad folks on these things are nice really sharp bills. You know just a normal bill look good never had a problem with bomber probably my favorite crank baits. These have rattling them run true you're just good baits. This other one here is in Tennessee shed it's also really good. More mimics kind of like a bluegill. Idon't know I just it's a really good color. And the fish is really liked. It's kind of like a pumpkin see. Iguess pumpkins he's got. That bright belly on them but. It really isn't a bait fish. That looks like that so just has a lot of fish appeal. That one's you know bluegill shed so really good crank baits I've had the suggest picking them up. You got water you can fish them like. They run about six to eight so over spawning flats around docks.

    If the water is deep enough nah come on rocks. And do a lot with these crank baits so that's just a little bit about the bombers have a nice day.

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    Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Lazer Eye™ Hard Baits – Shallow Crank

  • Super-tight, fish-triggering wobble
  • Detailed fish body design
  • 3D lazer eyes
  • Bounces off cover
  • The Bass Pro Shops XPS Lazer Eye Hard Baits offer a super-tight, fish-triggering wobble, with its detailed fish body design and 3D lazer eyes. Jerk it, let it rise, and repeat, all the way in — deadly! Bounces off shallow structures to provoke strikes. Built to kick bass! Bass Pro Shops analyzed and tested these baits down to the last detail, and built them using only the finest quality components and premium hooks. All styles feature naturally sculpted bodies, lifelike 3D lazer eyes, extra-loud rattles and unique finishes that replicate the natural colorization process (becoming more pronounced in direct sunlight, and somewhat less intense under the surface). Can't beat the price either — why not try some today?
    Size: ¼ oz.
    Colors: (241)Bluegill, (383)Firetiger, (401)Green Shad, (871)Green Crawdad, (872)Chrome Blue Back, (873)Fire Crawdad, (874)Natural Brown Craw, (875)Homer, (876)Splatterback Pearl, (877)Blue Back Chartreuse, (878)Texas Shad, (879)Crawfish Boil, (880)Pearl Red Eye (not shown), (881)OJ Brown Craw, (882)Olive Shad, (883)XXX Shad, (884)Gold XXX Shad, (885)Chartreuse Green Craw, (886)Green Craw, (887)Brown Craw, (888)Chartreuse Perch, (889)Live River Shad, (890)Copper Craw, (891)Phantom Copper Black Craw, (892)Phantom Brown Craw, (893)Dark Back, (894)Copper Perch, (895)Hot Perch.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Bandit® Lures Walleye Bandit™ Crankbait

  • Ideal for trolling and casting
  • Shallow- and deep-running models available
  • Irresistible rattle attracts fish
  • The slim profile, irresistible rattle and deep or shallow diving lips make these a great choice for casting or trolling. They cast well and run quickly to the desired depths to catch suspended fish. Available in deep and shallow models. Deep model dives to 27 ft. Shallow model dives to 12ft. Per each.
    Size: 4-3/4", 5/8 oz.
    Depth: Deep, Shallow.
    Colors: ((028)Green Perch, (029)Red/Chartreuse, (031)Chrome/Black Back, (032)Chrome/Blue Back, (062)Gold/Black Back.
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    Berkley® Dredger Crankbait

  • Dives deeper, faster, than any other crankbait
  • Smaller size makes it easier to work down deep
  • Casts easily and reduces fatigue
  • Runs as deep as 26', depending on model
  • Tight, subtle action is ideal for deep fish
  • Designed to dive deeper and faster than any other bait in your crankin' box, the Berkley Dredger Crankbait eliminates the need to throw oversized baits into another area code, just to hit the strike zone. Legendary deep cranker David Fritts helped design this small-profile lure will run down to 11' on an average cast. Easy to cast despite its size, the Berkley Dredger's forward-focused body shape and weighted bill provide an incredibly steep dive curve, so you can keep your lure at the productive depth longer, while experiencing far less fatigue at the end of the day. This deep diver delivers the tight, subtle action that's proven to be so deadly down deep; pause your retrieve, and it exhibits an agonizingly slow rise to trigger bites from all game species. Equipped with premium Fusion19® hooks for superior holding power. Per each. Made in USA.
    Size: 2-1/4".
    Colors: (702)Brown Craw, (703)Lone Ranger.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's up guys james version here a little video then cool new card base from Berkeley. Ipicked up at the Bass master Classic oh. These are free they're handy mount in pretty awesome date. One of these in a challenge over to. Igot for free in the booth. However beautiful moon base cool bass. And bass you guys are silver. One check out their awesome. Now we'll start up a small base. This state here is in the dredger category Berkeley's new lineup of bait just click your edges he's diving currently. This up to you to figure 35 right here. They are cooked the Berkeley fusion hooks in resin a therapist normal Berkeley bills earthly go to my strengths a lonely it's a bad habit there's be bigger 15 in a dozen times in. Whatever that close is amiss sort of shad color but. This is a cool Berkeley bro. Iwas talking about them. It is a perfect little river.

    You watched my videos like. This river saw the way okay perfect. This little guy all in the library deep of the nice tight wobble. And should work really well that's the Berkeley bigger 35 around. If the back says Bukhara base have been designed by combining decking is broke variance from know. How of Berkeley's passionate. Or lion taming state-of-the-art design. And testing facilities I've library hard bass the extensions the old tensing proves. All the hard work in the lab created simply out fish the competition. And deliver you confidence. It comes it counts on their pro tip is official on graphite Lovato circle will just go on to get extreme little roll that's the first thing real nice cool.

    They definitely any fishing this you'll see. This in my videos moving on to the second new bait of really respect. This is a slow rising rate so. You stop it's going to slowly right guys 35 feet sy 505. And it's one quarter ounce. And it's the way seven the next bait well I'm truly excited about. This safe I am very playable. Ifish canyon like a lot not. You guys have been a fish can. You later a third Canyon Lake. It has a lot of shat Andy Millman which the back are constantly FEMA almost. All the time I'm most on the Fisher your vacation is on Mars beta starts exploding when. You get over there it stops. And explodes over here so there's a lot of date in. That Lake I was fishing and. Ihave the bait they have the bait pinned against a the boat dock. And the bathroom Hannah the boat dr. You throw over the boat dock real back of. All my duo Chad current base. And slam them me my dad.

    Both call on that time well in 68. Ithink is going to be truly key to. Some fishing techniques voluptatem like. It is the Berkeley cutters 110 awesome-looking bait. Now SI extreme versatile eat versatility Di abate dice become jerked erotic starting inside / half a detailing on. Ihope my camera fixes up isn't so good. You catch the light on. It rights in the belly will turn purple reminds. Me of a uo ever that company is but. It is clear looks just like the bass dish on the black is blue but gets dark. And stuff in the blue come down with slightly terms correctly hope the light can pick up. That cool sheen pattern on the side. Ihope belly awesome. We detail bait it's got three sticky sharp treble look so. Anything the bike was going to be hooked really good.

    And it's nice narrow. Ilike to marry well. Idon't like the ones. That are dirt it looks so cool work so. Ilooked in the lips like. That dust doesn't seem logical to. Me my wife's profile looks like a bait fish. You can see it's got two large knockers up here in the front. And two rattles back here so. Iwere to shake is I'm going to cover up. This hook and split ring so. You hear what you're hearing is simply the rattle front too not. That actually sounds like a fish, so I've held fish. They sound like some previously it's clear doesn't as well. They just going to work really well oh just about. Everyone make sureI'm not the world. One instance okay it only does 386 feet. You discography that your trip pause they'll freeze method also tracks will SE recuperate road.

    All the same stuff for my backup see other completed, so I'm not going to read. It up so you haven't checked out the Berkeley cutter 110. Or the Berkeley digger 35. You totally should they automate I'm sure. They feel they work extremely extremely well. This year next bait x 54 will come into play as well as the digger very soon. Because back on bent. This time of year this is a pro for been fishing the squirtle Grampus. This guy is a Berkeley wild thing 85. It does eight and a half feet 8 45. Igot the crawfish color which. Ithought it's really well on your off here by sedo progress on team. You need rubbish I thought Colonel about. This comes super productive color so. If a fat little crack make. This mimics a so what they call a egg curry baby but very nicely detailed we're coasting a really good job with.

    It Wows okay the hooks are crazily sharp their fusion hooks are really nice um there's a squirrel crank bait with rounded. And like squares you can see. These edges the corners you're knocked off I'm thinking. That I'm pretty sure that's good. And should give it a nice action. Ilike the oversized split ring that's nice. You don't have a pain t 1 yes. What it does well fat look at with. This current date okay here's my thumb it's why are. Some nice detailing though so. That would give it a nice wide wall of dumping you can see the eyes are nice eyes we've got the nice scale pattern. Iwill help you pick up on. This nice crawfish really detailed crawfish on the side. And then we've got that orange on the other side. This is going to catch. Some fish very quickly should have a great action. Ithink it's going to produce really well better be Berkeley wild thing 85 in the round cross.

    This is the H in sh the next is blue paper so. They really clear the bait right about fishing. That guy I know I'm gonna catch fish so those are the three base right here. You can see the three bait got picked up the classic very new Berkeley late. These are going to work. Iknow I'm yes official. We are going to work very well. Now I'm gonna ask three of them. They make a lot than Inc thanks four. Or five different types of hundreds of thousands of different colors bubbly but. These are gone come into play. This year they will work excellent. That may even be very funny fish so. That is hunkered in the Berkeley wild thing 85 in brown cross key cutter 110 in bloom vapor.

    And the bigger 35 in 8 NM h. You know hnnh you can count tell. Ihad no idea um so. Many of those are being green baits. Igot from Berkeley thanks for watching get up their catch.

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    Rapala® Sinking Magnum #14

    One of the best traditional sinking-diving baits for big fish, this wide, contoured body is made of durable African odom wood. Heavy-duty corrosion-resistant hooks.
    Length: 5-1/2".
    Weight: 1-1/4 oz.
    Colors: (001)Silver, (011)Red Head, (021)Fire Tiger, (281)Silver Mackerel, (816)Green Mackerel.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    To champion families combined at last the world-famous ex rap Magnum. And the highly successful clacking series to produce a lure. That is extremely advanced. And perfect in design Rapala clacking Magnum the clacking Magnum embodies. All of the successful characteristics of. Both its parent families with a number of customized alterations. That set it apart including a long narrow swimming lip with internal Rapala flash disk for added attraction. This narrow lip allows the lure to be fished of a wide range of line classes providing much less resistance. When trolled or cars flat sides are also a defining feature which produces a slightly. More aggressive rolling action. That is simply unbeatable for big game trolling inheriting from the ex rad Magnum the cliking Magnum features the same fish enticing internal flash high speed straight tracking action. And the depth control concept. That made its parent law such a success Rapala further added their signature clacking chamber into the mix to create a complete sensory stimulant for big predatory fish.

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    MirrOlure® Top Dog®

  • Original flash-and-scale finish
  • 3D eyes and under chin tie-in
  • For years fans have been clamoring for a jerkbait with the famous MirrOlure Top Dog action – and it's finally here. Features the original flash-and-scale finish and 3D eyes with an under-chin tie-in point so you can walk the dog with ease. For maximum action, we recommend that you use a loop knot or a Duo-Lock snap. Per each.
    Size: 4-9/16", 15/16 oz.
    Colors: (097)Silver, (661)Bone.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Offshore Angler™ Lazer Eye™ Saltwater Series Down Under

  • Attention-grabbing lazer eyes
  • Lifelike body shape
  • Extra-loud rattle
  • Ultrarealistic colors
  • Durable metal lip and through-wire construction
  • No matter if you're trolling it from a flatline, a downrigger or simply casting from shore, Offshore Angler's Lazer Eye Saltwater Series Down Under lure is sure to catch fish's attention. It's all thanks to the powerful combination of attention-grabbing lazer eyes, lifelike body shape, extra-loud rattle, and ultrarealistic colors. Durable metal lip and solid through-wire construction stands up to hard hits season after season. Equipped with double corrosion-resistant, supersharp Mustad® hooks. Pre-tuned for saltwater casting or moderate trolling. Per each.
    Size: 9”.
    Colors: (666)Firetiger, (667)Red Head/White, (668)Blue Mackeral, (669)Purple Mackeral, (670)Black/Silver Back.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Spro™ Fat Papa Square Bill Crankbait

  • Computer-chip bill
  • Super-buoyant and responsive
  • Reacts quickly when deflecting off cover
  • Requires less effort to fish than balsa
  • Quality Gamakatsu hooks
  • Fishing a squarebill for bass doesn't have to resemble work. The Spro Fat Papa Square Bill Crankbait has a lightweight plastic body and a computer-chip bill, which make it super-buoyant and responsive – meaning you won't have to work your rod tip quite so hard to get the searching action you want. And when the Fat Papa Square Bill bangs off cover, you won't have nearly the resistance that you'd get from a balsa bait when cranking the lure back down. Quick and deadly, incredibly agile even in dense cover, the Spro Fat Papa Square Bill crank has all the moves to trigger a strong reaction bite. Equipped with quality Gamakatsu® hooks.
    Size: 5/8 oz.  
    Colors: (172)Chartreuse/Black Back, (241)Bluegill, (426)Nasty Shad, (643)Tropical Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Ja hoor hij mocht komen want aan de top halen Alexander scorpio heel stel je de b12 mist in de partij kwaliteit loon in mijn brein dat randen mozes professor jullie morgen ultee twee en hij wijst moeilijkheid voor dieet vol met zo'n big mij op in het niet mee eens ben wim van de theetafel mijn baby wordt marjan lekker.

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    MirrOlure® MirrOdine® C-Eye Pro Series Crankbait

  • Clear 3D eyes
  • Fish-enticing colors
  • Premium black-nickel hooks
  • The MirrOlure MirrOdine lure is now offered in a MirrOdine C-Eye Pro Series Crankbait which features natural, clear 3D eyes; contemporary, fish-enticing finishes, and premium black-nickel hooks. Put that long-awaited trophy on the wall with a MirrOdine C-Eye Pro Series lure. Per each.
    Sizes: 2-5/8".
    Color: (669)Black Silver Bones.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Worden's® Flatfish® Trout and Panfish

  • One of the most successful fishing lures ever developed
  • One-of-a-kind swimming, wide-wobbling action
  • Produces results no matter where you are fishing
  • Worden's Famous Helin Flatfish Trout and Panfish is one of the most successful fishing lures ever developed. The secret is the Flatfish's perfect balance and buoyancy that enhances its one-of-a-kind swimming, wide-wobbling action – even on slow retrieves. The Flatfish is incredibly versatile and produces results no matter where you are fishing. Made in USA.
    Size: 1-1/2" (1/16 oz.).
    Colors: (097)Metlic/Silver/Flame/Chartreuse, (163)Sherbet Rainbow, (420)Watemelon, (926)Blue Scale (not shown). 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Strike King® KVD Square-Bill Silent Crankbait

  • 2011 Bassmaster Classic winning lure
  • Designed to KVD’s exact specifications
  • Silent assassins perfect for shallow-water power fishing
  • Square bill deflects off cover while producing erratic wandering action
  • No internal rattles for a silent approach
  • Designed to the exact specifications of Bassmaster Classic® Champ, Kevin VanDam, the Strike King KVD Square-Bill Silent Crankbait is a silent assassin perfect for KVD's style of shallow-water power fishing. In addition to allowing the crankbait to bounce and deflect off cover, the square-bill design also allows this KVD crank to constantly wander with an erratic searching action while still running true. The KVD Square Bill Silent Crankbait does not have internal rattles, making it absolutely perfect for skittish, pressured fish. Per each.
    Sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2-1/2".
    Colors: (013)Sexy Blue/Back Herring, (021)Firetiger, (108)Blue Craw, (165)Gizzard Shad, (447)Brown Craw, (450)Delta Red, (453)Olive Shad, (454)Albino Craw (not shown), (462)Sugar Daddy, (514)Chrome Sexy Shad, (526)Sexy Sunfish, (534)Citrus Shad, (535)Black Back Chartreuse, (538)Chartreuse Sexy Shad, (541)Sam Rayburn Red Craw, (561)Powder Blue Chartreuse, (564)Orange Craw Belly, (568)Green Gizzard Shad, (569)Green Tomato, (570)Pearl/Black Splatter/Chartreuse, (576)Blue Gill, (584)Oyster, (590)Sexy Shad, (596)River Minnow, (598)Chartreuse Shad, (605)Cataouatche Special, (610)Sexy Ghost Minnow, (648)Chili Craw, (650)Chartreuse Perch, (651)Neon Bluegill, (652)Summer Sexy Shad, (655)Chartreuse Splatter Back, (656)Chartreuse Crazy Shad, (658)Natural Chartreuse Craw, (659)Natural Red Craw, (662)Natural Pumpkin, (663)Natural Bream, (667)DB Craw, (680)Yellow Perch (not shown), (693)Sunrise Shad, (694)Chartreuse Citrus Shad, (695)Bayou Tiger, (696)River Shiner, (697)Orange Bream, (699)Natural Shad.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You know there's a bait in my tackle box it's. What I call a four-wheel drive of. All baits and that's a square bill crank bait square bill crank bait has properties. And has boolean C it deflects. It runs into cover it's got a great wiggle. And a great wobble me a lot of bytes in shallow water situations but there are times. When I'm fishing on a lake. That has a population of smaller fish I'm River fishing where bait size does matter. And smaller that a 10 square bill from Strike King is my go-to. This little bitty boy right here has. All the attributes of its big brother has buoyancy deflection characteristics has a great wiggle. And a great wobble but. Yet it's just a bite-sized morsel just like a Snickers candy bar. One of those little bite size. You get at Halloween stole a bunch of those from my kids. This weekend at Halloween but. This bait right here gets. Me those extra bytes. More keeper I need to fill out a limit so.

    Many times. Ifishing on mono filament line. Iuse cigar ripping mono filament in 12 to 15 cranks it through. And around cover rocks the whole nine yards making it bounce. And deflect is the key to. Any square bill fishing when. You need more bite. More fish to fill your limit the little brother the 10 the 15 s little brother is the. Igo to get more bite you.

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    Berkley® Flicker Minnow™ Pro Series

  • Profile mimics young-of-the-year baitfish
  • Oil-slick color pattern reflects light naturally
  • Rolling action is perfect for casting or trolling
  • Unique rattle and a reflective flashing finish
  • Includes both Slick and Flashy Series colors
  • Berkley has expanded their incredibly popular Flicker series with the Flicker Minnow Pro Slick Series Crankbait. Designed by professional anglers, this devious diver boasts a profile that mimics young-of-the-year baitfish. Slick finish has an oil-slick pattern that reflects light naturally for a realistc look. Individually tank tested to run true, the Flicker Minnow creates an aggressive rolling action that's ideal for casting or while trolling. Decked out with a unique rattle, lifelike pattern and a reflective flashing finish, you're sure to experience pro-level fishing excitement.
    • 7cm – 7.4 grams (1/4 oz.) Dives 14-17 ft.
    • 9cm – 9.44 grams, (1/3 oz.) Dives 18-23 ft.
    • 11cm – 12.76 grams (7/16 oz.) Dives 24-30 ft.
    Colors: (002)Slick Purple Bengal, (003)Slick Sunset, (004)Slick Alewife, (005)Slick Firetiger, (006)Slick Mouse, (007)Slick Blue Alewife, (008)Slick Green Alewife, (009)Flashy Perch, (010)Flashy Purple Candy, (016)Flashy Pearl, (017)Flashy Green Crush, (018)Flashy Chartreuse, (022)Slick Black Pearl, (023)Slick Chartreuse, (024)Slick Pearl Silver, (025)Slick Smelt, (088)Flashy Ghost.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is the bait that caused. All the hoopla on the walleye tournament well. You guys have got a pretty good fish on behind. Me it's a representation of what this baits done Keith go bias chase Parsons. And myself had the bait. This summer took Keith. Ialong with the Berkley engineers about three years to develop. This bait you can see. This bait has got a very specific action. And it's one tens of thousands of dollars already the summer it's been the talk of the walleye tournament world the competition will. You deal with a company. That tweak and play. And tweak complete and change the action. And movies are on your name. It until we get them to really rock. This is the best of my life. This is awesome it's called the Berkeley Flickr middle it's gonna come in two sizes at first with. Many sizes later but. This is the bait you can see.

    We just barely use one today. And it's all scratched up from. All the fish that we've caught so it's Flickerman. All by Berkley proofs in the pudding here. These guys have been doing it.

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    Bandit Lures Walleye Bandit Crankbait

  • Troll down to 27 ft.
  • Minnow-jerkbait-style body attracts predators
  • Equipped with three sharp treble hooks
  • Troll Bandit Lures' Walleye Bandit Crankbait down to 27 ft. with ease, and get it down deep quickly, thanks to its large round lip. The slender, minnow-jerkbait-styled body attracts walleye, zander and other predatory game fish time and time again. Three razor-sharp treble hooks ensure rock-solid hooksets. Per 1.
    Size: 4-3/4", 5/8 oz.
    Colors: (201)Blue Shiner, (231)Chrome Black Back, (232)Chrome Blue Back, (266)Fruit Dots, (269)Green Clown, (271)Popsicle, (272)Purple Shad, (377)Humble Bee, (423)Viral Perch, (491)Wild Thing, (521)Orange Crush, (526)Purple Mist, (620)Clear, (928)Pearl Chartreuse Back.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Strike King® Pro Model® XD Crankbait

  • Designed for maximum castability
  • Lifelike 3-D eyes
  • Deep-bill design target fish in deep structure
  • A staple in any bass fisherman's tackle box, this Strike King Pro Model XD Crankbait features lifelike 3-D eyes and is designed for maximum castability. The XD's deep-bill design is ideal for targeting deep structure and large bass. Per each.
    • Series 3XD: 2", 7/16 oz., dives to 10 ft.
    • Series 5XD: 2-3/4", 5/8 oz., dives to 15 ft.
    • Series 6XD: 3", 1 oz., dives to 19 ft.
    • Series 8XD: 3-1/2", 1-1/2 oz., dives to 20 ft.
    • Series 10XD: 4", 2 oz., dives to 24 ft.
    Colors: (021)Firetiger, (061)Tennessee Shad, (165)Gizzard Shad, (401)Chrome Blue, (450)Delta Red, (514)Chrome Sexy Shad, (534)Citrus, (534)Citrus Shad, (535)Black/Chartreuse, (538)Chartreuse Sexy Shad, (561)Powder Blue,  (562)Chartreuse Belly Craw, (568)Green Gizzard Shad, (583)Blue Gizzard Shad, (586)Sexy Herring, (590)Sexy Shad, (648)Chili Craw, (651)Neon Bluegill, (652)Summer Sexy Shad, (663)Natural Bream, (681)Pro Blue, (684)Clearwater Minnow, (699)Natural Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys Adam here from the bass note welcome to the world of bass fishing in. This video we're going to be talking a little bit about the 5x d series of crank baits yes. Ilabel mine how deep. They can go and that's usually between 10 and 15 feet. These are just a couple variations here of how. What colors I generally throw. And just going to kind of give. You a quick look at. It's got some pretty cool looking eyes in there really nice looking bait. They have pretty good paint jobs on them. These are going to come in. And around oh I don't know. You can see some rust on there. Where them is sitting in the tackle box but. These are generally come in. And right around I think I'm gonna say about six to seven dollars. It probably just all depends on where. You get them I get them from Bass Pro Shop just kind of whoever has them on sale. They have a long you can see the build on. It kind of swoops out like. And they've got a wide build on their kind of gives. It a pretty good action in the water. They dig real good like. You can see how wide the bill is kind of helps lock. That keeps that hook from getting caught up. You can see they say. You see the sparkle in the paint job they're just kind of giving you guys a quick overview of the 5xd crank bait they're a lot of the crank bait fish especially in the summer like the deep crank bait.

    You know it's just one of my favorite things to do. Ilove throwing crank baits. Some people call them idiot baits. You know that's in other opinions. Iguess but you know. Idon't really think they're idiot baits. You throw them in you know deeper water. And stuff like you still got to find the fish guys manage the seller is — they've got extremely sharp hooks on them big those hooks. Ican't remember I don't know exactly which hooks are on these. You guys can weigh in the comments down there. And tell what style hooks. What name brand of hooks are on these I'm pretty sure. Idon't think there must ads I'm pretty sure they're not must ads but.

    You know that's just a quick overview guys. On a quick view of. It lets's pick to sell them up here show. You guys on it's a really cool looking this one's a cool looking beta can't remember which color. One comes in I think the. They come in a ton of different colors I'm pretty sure it's like seven to ten different colors but plenty of color variations. These are just some of my favorite ones. These are the ones I've had the best luck. One so that's why I kind of stay in. This color range right here so that's a nice little setup there I'm the next video I'm gonna be coming out with guys it's gonna be on the sixth XD which is right here. You can kind of see the difference in the size. And the bill everything you can tell. This one's been beat up pretty good. You know cuz I've thrown. It quite a bit but uh. You can see the difference in the size there. One will go down to 18 to 20 feet. And works very well but that's not the review on. One will be cranked out here next.

    You guys are stay tuned for. One hope you guys enjoyed comment rate subscribe. And I'll see you in future videos.

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