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  Strike King® KVD Perfect Plastics Swim'n Caffeine Shad Zoom® Swimmin' Super Fluke Bass Pro Shops® Lazer Eye™ Shad Storm® WildEye® Swim Shad Strike King® Rage Swimmer Strike King® KVD Swim-N-Shiner LIVETARGET® Threadfin Shad Swimbait Zoom Swimming Super Fluke Jr. Northland® UV Mimic Minnow® Sébile® Soft Magic Swimmer Savage Gear 3D Burbot Tail Storm® Wildeye® 9 Swimbait Livetarget® Sardine Swimbait Blakemore® Road Runner® Slab Daddy Supper Rig Livetarget® Pinfish Swimbait Optimum Baits Rigged Harness Boom Boom Swimbait
  Strike King® KVD Perfect Plastics Swim'n Caffeine Shad Zoom® Swimmin' Super Fluke Bass Pro Shops® Lazer Eye™ Shad Storm® WildEye® Swim Shad Strike King® Rage Swimmer Strike King® KVD Swim-N-Shiner LIVETARGET® Threadfin Shad Swimbait Zoom Swimming Super Fluke Jr. Northland® UV Mimic Minnow® Sébile® Soft Magic Swimmer Savage Gear 3D Burbot Tail Storm® Wildeye® 9 Swimbait Livetarget® Sardine Swimbait Blakemore® Road Runner® Slab Daddy Supper Rig Livetarget® Pinfish Swimbait Optimum Baits Rigged Harness Boom Boom Swimbait
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Brand Storm Northland Zoom Storm STRIKE KING LURE CO - Savage Gear Sebile - ZOOM - LiveTarget Blakemore LiveTarget LiveTarget STRIKE KING LURE CO

Strike King® KVD Perfect Plastics Swim'n Caffeine Shad

  • Baitfish profile
  • Swimming action
  • Versatile design can be fished multiple ways
  • Coffee scent and salt
  • Masks human scent and oils
  • Like its popular predecessor, the Caffeine Shad, Strike King's KVD Perfect Plastics Swim'n Caffeine Shad is a soft-plastic lure that sports a baitfish profile. The Swim'n Caffeine Shad also incorporates a swimming action built into its tail design. You can fish this versatile lure weightless, on a jighead, as a trailer, or on a weighted hook. In addition, the KVD Swim'n Caffeine Shad can also be rigged in umbrella applications.
    Size: 4”.
    Colors: (001)KVD Magic, (002)Watermelon/Red Clear, (003)KE (not shown).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You know it's straight King we've ended a lot of new sizes. And colors to our soft plastics line. And the 7-inch caffeine shed is. Another great example of. This is my favorite soft plastic stick bait right here. It has tremendous action. This new 7-inch model has a big profile it's loaded with salt so. You can cast it a mile. And the beauty of it is. It sinks horizontally so. You can twitch it along. And fish that erratic side-to-side action but. You kill it hovers. It kind of Wiggles it sinks horizontally down. This new 7-inch caffeine shed catches the big bass don't be afraid to burn. And check it out at mass Pro shops. Or Bass Pro comm you can see.

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    Zoom® Swimmin' Super Fluke

  • High-action paddle tail
  • Can be worked quickly
  • Outstanding for schooling bass
  • Also great as a search lure
  • Super-soft, yet durable
  • The world's most popular soft jerkbait now sports a high-action swimming paddle tail. The Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke is a true swimmer and is recommended for schooling bass or as a search tool that's handy for locating fish. For schoolies busting on top, try burning an unweighted Swimmin' Super Fluke just under the surface and hang on for smashing strikes. When they sound, quickly thread a fresh bait onto a weighted swim hook and run it deeper in the water column to pick up a few more. It also serves as an outstanding spinnerbait trailer. The Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke's soft texture also makes it perfect for rigging with a buried hook for weedless applications. Generously salt-impregnated to hold the bite. Year after year, Zoom Baits remain the hottest soft plastics in bass fishing. Zoom soft baits are legendary for their uncanny fish-producing ability, and rare is the tournament angler who will leave the dock without a good supply in the boat. Wholly realistic, super-soft to the touch, and salt-impregnated, Zoom soft baits have the look, action, and flavor needed to make fish bite down hard, and fight to hang on. Per 5. Made in USA.
    Size: 4-1/2".
    Colors: (106)Arkansas Shiner, (115)Baby Bass, (185)White Ice, (297)Houdini, (353)Bluegill Flash, (354)Sexy Shad, (356)Silver Flash, (357)Tennessee Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We're back all right. What we got here is. We got the swimming super blue which is watermelon red that's Caleb. And then here's mine I've got the bait fish. And then Isaac's Harry Houdini baby. Now you see me now. You don't cuz you're gonna be down on the passes gullet right in his mouth alright we're. Either gonna use what we are going to use it's a g lock warm hook but. Iwant to use this. Either a for off or the 5 volt hook. Ireally I really like to Gamakatsu hooks it's been. Something I fished with at least 20 years is the kamikatsu hooks but. Imean when you find something you like. You kind of stick with them but. These are just the regular swim baits just like. We have another caller did. Is really well, but they forgot so technically I'm basically using the bait fish nice slit in. It here allows you to use different size hooks really easy. And then the Harry Houdini baby. Now you see they don't. All right there you have. It which one you think will win. All right we'll find out mate fish which one's yours the Houdini Isaac. Or the red watermelon then you'll see who wins alright y'all be good. And like always and no matter. What the season we got. You in our sights be good.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Lazer Eye™ Shad

  • Super-swimming action
  • Oversized Lazer Eyes
  • Natural holographic finish
  • Durable soft-plastic body
  • The swishing-tail action on Bass Pro Shops' double-jointed Lazer Eye Shad is enough to make any bass want to engulf it as soon as it comes into range. But the oversized lazer eyes and natural holographic finish combine to aggravate the situation. Super-swimming action. Durable soft-plastic body is pre-rigged with a supersharp hook. Per each.
    Size: 5”.
    Colors: (055)Shad, (056)Olive Shiner (not shown), (058)XXX Shad, (059)White, (060)Blue Black Herring, (105)Chartreuse Shad.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Storm® WildEye® Swim Shad

    The lifelike swimming action, holographic flash foil body and Storm’s incredibly effective WildEyes seal the deal on finicky game fish. Strong, soft body with internal lead head features a superior VMC® needle-point hook and secure I-Bolt system. Per 3.
    Sizes: 2", 3", 4".
    Colors: (001)Pearl, (002)Natural Shad, (003)Olive Shad, (010)Shad, (019)Yellow Perch, (021)Firetiger, (077)Bluegill, (351)Baby Bass.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi there I'd like to show. You the wild I swim shed from storm. This is a soft plastic lure features a paddle tail a durable. Yet soft plastic body fantastic holographic foil interior. And a internal weight in fish. This lure in a couple of ways. One of the most effective ways is a lift. And drop style retrieve sink the lure down to the bottom got. That paddle tail working all the way it's the bottom sits a nice to know. That you recommence your retrieved paddle sails start straightaway. Another way to fish. It cast it around structure. Or where you think fish might be suspending get. It down to that depth. And work it back in a paddle tail is going to be putting out lots of vibrations the foil inter is going to be sending out lots of flash it's an irresistible lure. When you actually use. This lure you can see. And feel through the rod the action from. That paddle tail sends out a lot of vibration as. Iwas saying before. When you sink that lower down. It sinks down on a free fall lead the paddle tail is working it hits the bottom. It sits there nice and straight recommence.

    You retrieve maybe with a couple of little jigs just to get. That paddle tail working a bit faster fantastic searching lure for a range of big predatory species in the fresh. And saltwater storms wild. Iswim shed one of the classic soft plastics you.

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    Strike King® Rage Swimmer

  • Sleek nose cone
  • Soft-ribbed, realistically contoured body
  • Thin, pancake-like tail
  • Pumps out frantic vibrations at any speed
  • Great on a jig, a drop-shot rig, or spinnerbait
  • Designed to provoke an immediate reaction, the Strike King Rage Swimmer looks great out of the water and even better below the surface. Its sleek nose cone and softly ribbed body closely replicate the contours found in nature, and its thin, pancake-like tail pumps out frantic vibrations at any speed. Extremely versatile, this softbait offers an enticing swim whether it's pinned to a jig, nose-hooked on a drop-shot rig, or trailed behind a spinnerbait. Targeted for bass, but deadly on all other predators as well. Per 7.
    Size: 3-1/4".
    Colors: (046)Pro Blue Red Pearl, (141)KVD Magic, (151)Phantom Shad, (267)Pearl Flash, (504)Green Pumpkin, (568)Ayu, (590)Green Gizzard Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Wow healthy fish just look around four. And a half what a beautiful fish that's a good fish man that's. What you call wanting the rage tail swimmer man smoke. This swim jig oh my lord wow it's a five pounder. What a tank so heavy alright guys, so we're out here today. Iwant to preview a swim bait for you. Ithink it's gonna make a pretty big difference. And not only catching numbers of fish but quality talk today we're gonna be talking about the rage tell swimmer new swim bait from Strike King gonna be released here at ICAST 2016 right. Now I'm fishing on the back of the striking targets swim jig there's a couple of different times of the year. That you're really gonna want to focus in on swim baits. Or swim bait tails so in the spring pre spawn respond. These are the absolute best trailers. You can buy for your swim jig. It comes to swimming action. It swims a lot slower. You can swim it a lot faster. Both speeds it's not gonna roll.

    And it's not going to sit there. And lay dormant so the great thing about. This swim baits the ribs are actually it's like they're inverted so it's its almost like a cup but the cup is facing forward so. It puts off a lot of vibration but it's. All in the swim bait tail. It moves really slow the bait. You know you can pretty much drag the bait. And you're still going to get a thump. Or a side-to-side action. Now in the fall I like to fish. You know on jig heads. And under spins and things like. That different time of the year but same principle. You can still slow roll. It you're going to get a lot of action out of. And the baits not going to continue to just kind of. You know sit there and get a roll like every. You know every three. Or four turns of the handle. You want that swim bait tail to move back. And forth with every single turn of your reel handle.

    It up put it in the water. What it's doing you need to know exactly. How the bait is moving and. What it looks like in the water so. You cast you have confidence. That's one bait was moving and. If your slow roll in. That it's barely something back. And forth this fish is so long its tails actually damaged here. You can see it healed itself. What interesting looking fish but holy smokes is. It healthy I'm just amazed at the quality of the fish in here.

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    Strike King® KVD Swim-N-Shiner

  • Coffee scent and salt
  • Tail moves easily at slow speeds
  • Action differs from Swim'n Caffeine Shad
  • The Strike King KVD Swim-N-Shiner swimbait has a subtler wiggle than Strike King's other swimbaits and is scented with coffee and salt. The tail moves easily at slow speeds, creating a different action than that of the Swim'n Caffeine Shad.
    Sizes: 4” (per 6), 5” (per 5).
    Colors: (001)Green Pumpkin/Pearl Belly.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    LIVETARGET® Threadfin Shad Swimbait

  • The most lifelike, anatomically correct shadbait ever
  • Catches fish when other lures can't
  • Great in all seasons
  • Medium-slow sinking action
  • To a game fish, the LIVETARGET Threadfin Shad Swimbait isn't just shadlike – it IS a shad, and that means dinnertime. This medium-slow sinker is simply the most lifelike, anatomically correct shadbait ever, and since it's a dead ringer for the most sought-after forage in the lake, it will catch fish when other lures can't. Great in all seasons, from spring spawn through fall school-up. Don't just match the hatch; BE the hatch, with the LIVETARGET Threadfin Shad Swimbait. Per each.
    Size: 1/2 oz.
    Color: (703)Green/Bronze.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Zoom Swimming Super Fluke Jr.

    Streamlined body works great around vegetation and timber. Rig these plastics weighted or weightless for long-distance casts. Can be rigged in multiple configurations depending what style of fishing you want to do. The extra-soft boot tail produces an attractive kicking pattern that pulls fish in from a distance. Per 10.
    Size: 3-1/2".
    Colors: (045)White Pearl, (109)Smokin Shad, (185)White Ice, (314)Watermelon Violet Gold.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today I'm going to be reviewing no other. Than the zoom swimming salute junior back. Whenever I got started fishing always fish the plane super flip juniors. Ifigured out I came out with a swimming version. Ihad to go pick up. These just happened to be in smoking shad I've got a lot. More colors at the house. These things are swimming through the water. You get good subtle vibrations. Ilike to put these on an Alabama Rig. And with the juniors. It actually comes tend to a pack so. You can go through and actually lose to Alabama Rix before. You lose this tag whenever. These are on Alabama Rig they're just dynamite that's. Iuse on my old memories as for whenever you're using them by their self the profile on. One of these is just perfect to imitate. All kinds of bait fish for one it's the exact size of a thread fin shad. This in a watermelon color. Or green pumpkin it imitates a bite size bluegill. This smoking shad color imitates a mentor which would also be in a small pond as four hooks I've tried them on a belly weighted swim bait hook. These are a little bit too small for those but. What I love doing is just getting regular ball head jig head. And just sticking it rights through with an exposed hook. And just laying them on. That so there these are hands down my favorite soft swim bait so just go on down to your bait. Or tackle store and just try them out for yourself. You definitely won't be disappointed.

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    Northland® UV Mimic Minnow®

    The plastic body and paddle tail of Northland's UV Mimic Minnow produce a lifelike swimming motion that switches predatory fish into kill mode. Optically brightened UV colors are attention grabbing.
    Sizes: 1-7/8" (1/16 oz.), 2-1/8" (1/8 oz.), 2-1/2" (1/4 oz.).
    Colors: (001)White Tiger, (026)Pink TIger, (038)Tech Tiger, (046)Purple Tiger, (055)Clown Tiger, (315)Watermelon Tiger.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is bass fishing 171. And I'm gonna do a review on my absolute favorite B is the north land mimic metal with the paddle tail. Ialso have a bunch of the twist details. Igot in the kit these there. They work good I still have cotton bass on them but. You can not be the paddle tail on. This one is actually. Ihave the this is the. One with I can find it here. Idon't know it is but it's got the UM can. One had the connector to. It the metal bar thing. That comes up with the Colorado blade on top but. It got destroyed this bait got absolutely wrecked cuz. Icaught eight or nine bass on. This thing in one weekend. Icaught one northern. And then two other Norma northern were attacking it. And that's why that's why I had to UM stop using this. Igo through about two of these a weekend because of how much. It but it's really beat up from hitting rocks. Idon't know you can see. That he's got some tears in the bottom from the northern teeth it's got the form. All the bad drilling it's separated the starting to separate the UM like soft bait part of. And also it's the tail is just absolutely we're. If there're two rips right there. You can see the little shed of. It come off is you know. And then the paddle tail part is. All shredded as well because of the northern were trailing it bites net the tail. Ididn't get anywhere near the hook but. Everybody knit the tail. It basically ripped. It but that's why I always have two of these on hand. And two of the paddle tail with the spinners on hand. They just absolutely wreck the bass.

    And pretty much every. You will catch any species on. This I've had a huge perch hooked to. One of these I was casting out by the shore. Some basses up on the shore. It was a huge perch for my lake. Idon't know it might have been reaching a pound not gonna lie but it's. Ithought it was a bass. And then it breached the water. Isaw was a perch but. And then it out but. It was a pretty big perch. And then this thing also has the green. And silver you can't really see. It the green is over flakes in. It which absolutely kills. And then this colour is the just a regular mineral color. This is basically clear water the tiger. Or perch whatever you want to call. It colours therefore the slightly stained water. And then by far the golden ones best for like the muddy murky waters right here the super stain wolf oh yeah that's basically. It on my mimic mental review of but.

    It picked up at Gander but I'm pretty sure. They saw him almost anywhere I've seen him at a. Few rest stops whatever the self fishing gear. Ihighly recommend getting these. This thing absolutely kills so um uh. You know what right. Now I'm gonna do this — its I'll show. You the jig head cuz. Idon't use one anymore, so I'll just take off the back here's the jig head the weighted jig head. Ithink it's 1/4 of an ounce maybe but yeah here's the back tail. Even actually uses as a trailer there's back. One ounce on a jig since. This is messed up but there. You go get one North land mimic minnow alright see ya.

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    Sébile® Soft Magic Swimmer

  • Jointed body for natural swimming action
  • Soft bait can be rigged or drop-shotted
  • Recessed groove conceals hook tip
  • Weedless, wide-gap, weighted hook included
  • Sébile's Soft Magic Swimmer is a jointed soft plastic bait that swims as well as the original Magic Swimmer but offers the versatility to be Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged or nose-hooked for drop-shotting. Intricate detail and realistic swimming action bring the bait to life. Swim it, jig it or jerk it, the Soft Magic Swimmer works in all applications. Recessed groove in the top of the lure's back conceals the hook point. Strategically placed holes in the nose and throat, along with slots in the belly allow it to slide on the leader for added durability. Weedless, wide-gap, weighted hook included. Reinforced body and enhanced cosmetics for higher pull strength.
    Sizes: 4" (per 4), 5" (per 3), 6-1/4" (per 3), 8" (per 2).
    Colors: (001)Ghostescent, (003)Green Mackerel, (005)Holo Greenie, (007)Natural Shiner, (009)American Shad, (011)Firetiger Gold, (013)Bunker, (015)Natural Golden Shiner, (017)Whiteliner, (018)Darkliner, (019)Amberliner.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Magic swimmers slow sink. And sink model this is the bait. That you've been hearing about taking the country by storm from Bass master Elite Series competition. All the way to the national ranks of FLW. This bait has put over a million dollars in. Many anglers pocket. One of my favorite features of the Seville magic swimmer happens to be. How natural this bait looks. Even on a standard retrieve. What I'm talking standard retrieve I'm talking a long cast. And just a regular retrieve in the water. How key that's going to be but for those anglers. That want to fish this bait extremely slow you're going to notice a nice wide wobble motion with the bait. And for the anglers. And warm water that simply wants to burn. This bait to try to trigger a lot of those big game fish come up. And strike one thing is for certain. This bait is going to attract. And remain true and the water regardless of how fast. You really another unique feature the Seville magic swimmer happens to be. This bait sinks this is unique a lot of people are saying well. What in the world does. That matter all sink the same well. Most competing swim baits on the market are gonna sink in. And nose down fashion that's gonna number. You hung up on the first treble hook a lot. More often but number two is gonna happen to put a lot. More fatigue on the anglers wrist at the end of the day in order to keep. This bait riding nose up to get the proper action well the magic swimmer always a hundred percent of time is gonna sink horizontal.

    This is gonna allow the angler especially. When dealing with hard twitches almost like you're twitching this with a jerk bait you're gonna notice. This Bay is literally gonna come alive. One of my favorite techniques for extremely aggressive game fish. If you're like me there's. Nothing more frustrated. Than having fish follow your bait. All the way back to the boat especially the big ones. And choose not to bite. It what's so unique about the Sabeel magic swimmer happens to be. This bacon does a 180 degree turn right back in the fish's face. What that's gonna do is that's gonna show mr giant game fish out there who's boss let. Me demonstrate this technique works it's a little trick of the trade that's definitely gonna help out. Some nice big ones in the boat for you the easiest way to do the 180 degree turn with the magic swimmer it's. All in the rod tip many times.

    That fish falling all. You simply want to do is to be able to point a rod tip at the bait. And just do a 12-inch jerk. What that's going to do is. That 12 inch jerk more times. All we're doing is given. That baits left, and we're not reeling and by doing so you're going to notice. That baits going to turn around right into the game fish's face really enticing. That fish to bite the magic swimmer is a deadly bait especially. You need just the right amount of Vanessa out there. This bait will literally entice monster strikes. When twist real slowly trying to imitate a dying bait fish the new Sabeel magic swimmer fast sinking line of swim baits let. This bait has five different models.

    And is literally the next evolution. And swim bait technology with the increased way to the magic swimmer fast sinking models it's gonna make. This an excellent choice. When casting into windy conditions you're also going to have a lot better control. And fishing this bait. And strong winds and heavy waves. One of the unique features of the magic swimmer fast sink happens to be the ability to have. This bait swim on the drop just a little bit of slack in the line. This bait is gonna literally swim on its own. All the way the bottom unique. This allows the angler to fish. And 3d means basically three different depth zones shallow mid depth. And deep literally one cast in addition to fishing this bait in 3d. One of my favorite ways to fish the magic swimmer fasting happens to be able to throw. This bait out and burn. All the way back this is gonna be key being will cover a lot of water. And at the end of the day the superior cast ability.

    And the severe balance. That the magic swimmer fastings gonna give. You is gonna help put a lot.

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    Savage Gear 3D Burbot Tail

  • 3-D scanned version of Burbot
  • Hybrid line-through design
  • Bait takes less damage after fish is hooked
  • The Savage Gear 3D Burbot Ribbon Tail is the only 3-D scanned version of Burbot, a favorite target of large muskie and pike. The hybrid line-through design lets the hook release from the bait while fighting the fish so the bait takes less damage. It also increases the hooked-to-landed ratio for fishermen. A glass rattle in the ribbon tail calls fish in from greater distances.
    Sizes: 10”, 14”.
    Colors: (526)Firetiger, (627)Magic Motor Oil, (928)Walleye.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys early morning start its rec time early mornings here in. This Little River these Water Rats are gonna jump in the water. And try to swim to the other side let's see. We can mimic that yeah go wrap right on the surface oh did. You see just hammer. That there we go ah compete. He didn't make it across the river. He didn't make it's just like in the old days the rats. They don't make it hey go rock band yes right on the top hey guys let. Me introduce you to the 3d rat. And it's spelled our ad for radical the 3d rat comes in two sizes. You got a full 30 centimeters. You got a little 20 centimeters here it's made from a 3d scan of a real rat so. You can see all the details are just amazing just looks like a real rat. Even down to the whiskers the 3d rat. You can fish in several ways. You can see you've got to you've got to tie points you've got. One in the mouth and you've got.

    One on the bill you fish the lure in the mouth people actually dive to 3 feet. You fish it on the bill. You can actually wake him. It will stay on the surface the lures floating actually sits quite high in the water comes pre rigged with treble hooks on the belly but. You can also remove those. And fish just one big treble hook on the back here with a little stinger so. You can fish that over weeds. And stuff but the bill actually goes well. You fish over sunken trees. And lily pads it will actually push. That away you can fish. And in quite snacky areas. You can change the tail. You buy the 3d rat it comes with a spare tail. We also have maintenance kits so. If your feet or your ears get bitten off. You can actually repair the rat yourself for the smaller size.

    You only have the option of the treble hook on the belly but as. You can see that bill will also push away. All the branches and the end the weed. And the lily pads so 3d rat from savage gear awesome fun to fish with come on oh. That was an attack right there yep there. That little rat was just what's gonna die a terrible destiny nice little river pike here well. How awesome is that goodbye to. That rat so he was on her own Bank. One already ate a rat bye-bye see. You later you hit a stump yep it's a pike special just change. That right to the diving position. It deep don't Wow just gonna hold on to. That nice this certainly brings back childhood memories to see. These small rivers see the pike the way. They just hit the rats is just so awesome. It is a savage world out there don't want to be a little rat in. This river splitter back by cool stuff so radical you.

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    Storm® Wildeye® 9 Swimbait

  • Hand-poured for incredible detail
  • Lead head buried within the soft-plastic body for lifelike feel
  • Holographic flash foil insert
  • These hand-poured PVC soft-plastic bodies are impregnated with Biosalt for added flavor that fish really love. The buried lead head won't give fish an odd, hard feel and cause them to spit the bait prematurely. The holographic flash matches natural forage colors for realistic detail. Per each.
    Size: 9", 2-3/4 oz.
    Colors: (020)Pearl, (353)Rainbow Trout, (447)Shiner/Chartreuse/Silver, (556)Bunker.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Livetarget® Sardine Swimbait

  • Highly effective on spawning whitebait
  • Tight flickering action triggers strikes
  • Profile perfectly matches a sardine
  • A must-have lure for the saltwater angler, Livetarget's Sardine Swimbait is a great choice when the whitebaits arrive in their in-shore spawning grounds. Its profile and tight flickering action perfectly matches that of a tasty sardine. Dives 1 to 8 ft.
    Sizes: 3-1/2", 1/2 oz dives to 8ft.; 4-1/2", 1 oz. dive to 8ft.;
    Color: (095)Silver/Green.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Good morning guys what's going on got a list of. This morning we're in the target snip. This morning, but we're gonna do a little different way. You know in my video yesterday. Iwas talking about. These new live target swim baits. That are really sick they're very cool baits so focus right there. You know one yesterday's. You guys saw I got broken off by a decent-sized snook so. And picked up two and today a stripe mullet pattern right there. And the other is a silver mullet like. And so it's really interesting you know throwing it yesterday. And I'm just ripping it rights across. That dock line pretty quick. These work really well as a wake bait. Ireally never tried to throw wake baits for snook early in the morning but. Ithink I'll try it today. It works these can be very deadly. You know worked almost right along the surface just pushing off a big little head wake. That was a big little head wake their might but. You should work well, but we're going to target them around walls. And docks but I think they're going to be excelled at throwing a parallel to a dock line. And ripping them right along the dock line, so I'm going to tie up with the silver pattern oh. This is going to tie of the black pattern. Ibelieve we're gonna see. We catch a big slip.

    This morning I would like to I'm ready are. You ready all ready he's ready okay. Another tarpon watch. One of these things. If your site casts down to. One Oh like I don't know. What I just that must be a jack oh. That really threw me off guard it's got. Me yeah it's shaking its head like. Me yeah Jack how to perfectly Levin. That was actually a tarpon. That just snapped that first fish the mortar right there not be a targeted species but. That least tells this bait works hopefully. You know that was too funny. Where I'm talking about a tarpon would just inhale. One of these I get hammered. Iwas so hoping that would be a tarpon but. You know that's all right that's just a little Jack but first fish the morning move on hopefully go. And stuff hey what the heck was. That dude what just happened oh god it's not a jack. That gave me a heart attack it's just got to be a big jack right. It is that's why you reel.

    All the way the boat cutlery just about to pull. That out of the water it's not. That big you just hit. It like he's 400 pounds not at a Goliath Grouper calm Oh talk about head shakin. You know Dave Isay so scrawled okay Oh freaking there. You go okay well all right well decent-sized Jack. Ithought that was a big snook at first. Iate but sorry Oh fun turn out the boat so fast just a little jacket time. You can pick up yours up. And thrown so you want double up gosh. Ijust feel it just there's just a bunch of small Jack. Though right up against the wall. You might hook up with. All right number four. Or five right here it's probably for four. Or five pounds as well but. Ithought that was a monster fish but. Ithink there was just about twenty of these little guys writing into the wall Oh snook later oh my god did. That oh my gosh I just dropped. That right in front of his face was. That the most unreal thing you've ever seen.

    Ijust saw the snook swimming at the boat. Ijust dropped the mullet right for his hand. He just engulfed it oh my gosh I'm yeah. That was the coolest thing ever. They button buddy crying I'm in disbelief at. That right there that's so rarely ever happens. That against the boat but that's that's like why ice go so slowly on the trolling motor through the river. This hook right in the top of the mouth just came on right there hey that's okay. We got the leader touch. All right there that was just unreal. That was super cool it'd have been nice to land him but. Whatever all right so. Iwill say that the caught fish. We had leader touch. Iliterally grabbed him in the mouth like. Iliterally reached down to grab him. He came with hook he just hooked right in the top of the jaw.

    It just shook right next a boat. Igrabbed them he swam off it's its. What I'm really not too heartbroken about. It wasn't a huge snow he's probably like 28 to 30 inches but. That was just one of the. Most unreal things I saw that's not swimming at the boat. Iliterally didn't cast. Ijust dropped this little mowett straight down. It was just falling down kicking and. He just went whoom and slammed. Iset hook right against the boat. That was one of those things. That rarely happens like. It seems like but there's a reason. Igo so slow my trolling motor. You know I haven't gotten over speed of three the whole entire morning and that's why because snook. It wasn't snook tarpon redfish know they're cruising up. And down these dock lines. You go really sometimes slow they'll swim right next to your boat. You can get a shot out of like. That but that was awesome too bad. We didn't really get to pull in for a picture but that's okay oh look right there come on eat eat just drop your straight down he's sitting or.

    Any thoughts right now not a very big. One Oh Eric but you're telling me. What you just came off right there. Iofficially approve of these things right here. That was just insane. Istill just came up a take. This off the top underneath a dock there's a big giant weight pushing down. This wall oh come on eat. It's snug nice nook come on come on did. You see him casing so. He shot out instantly like a rocket after. It but then halfway through. He kind of slowed down start falling it. And falling off it sink let sink. He kind of looked at. And kind of swam the other direction Alyssa got her first fish of the day right monster City up in here much easier to handle. These guys you don't have trouble in cinema there. You go alright Alyssa.

    Iare done for the day. You know the whole entire day was spent just throwing these bad boys right here. They worked well. You know the action on them is unreal. They just swim perfectly straight up right. You start reeling little kind of fast until tale' ittle bit but. Istill looks perfect. You know the fish they seem to like him a lot. You know we can't I don't know probably like six Jacks on him. And then we had to suck on them as well. And right now it's kind of a mediocre time to be throwing swim bait for snook. Where they're still eating them pretty well. That was I've never steering something like. Ijust dropped the swim bait straight down. That big nice snook ate. It rights against the boat. That was very cool. You know I'll probably I'm going to throw a lot of these. Ireally like the action of them. They skip unbelievably well like.

    You can skip these like you're throwing a DOA Shrimp underneath the dock. They fly underneath. It my only complaint really about them is. You know after one day of using them. They kind of falling apart like. You can see this one's eyes already missing in. And the paint is chipping a little bit right there peeling off. They already have some tears around the hooks. And stuff like you know they're not super durable but. Iguess it's kind of be expected from a soft plastic. You know it's hard to say. This for me I think with ten dollars. It may only have the durability of equivalent to like a DOA Shrimp. You get three a pack for six dollars. Whatever you know but I'll probably throw. More they're very cool. They work really well. They did work well I really want to throw. These during the summer. These will be unbelievable.

    When the water warms up for snook. That are suspended around docks. And hanging around it for today guys. Iappreciate if you're interested start throwing some swim baits are cool. You know I'm a fan of these. You know I have a lot of different swim bait. They like you know find what works for your brand specific doesn't really matter. This is made by live target I'll put the name in description. That but today was a fun day. Iappreciate you guys until next time see.

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     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    these big swim baits like. This need a big hook you're going to need an eight. Or nine aught extra wide gaps hook a screw lock hook to rig. These it's very simple to do. You just take that screw lock. And screw it rights into the nose of the bait. This bait actually has a good little divot in the front. That shows you exactly. Where to put that screw lock in. And then you want to make sure. That hook comes out the very tough center of. That bait you come out the back of. And then just kind of tech spose. It on top the main thing to keep in mind. When you're rigging these swim baits is keep. Everything as straight as possible. When you're trying to swim. This thing at the slowest speed. You want to make sure. Everything is in line. It looks very natural that's. What really gets those bass to come over there. And grab these baits. Everything looks just right looks natural it's not crooked but straight it's in line you're going to get those bass triggered fishing these swim baits. They are heavy bait so. You want to make sure to have. Some beefier gear. Ilike to use braided line at least 50 pound braided line a lot of anglers like to use 65.

    Even but 50 is pretty okay for this bait right here it's not too huge. And then you want to make sure to throw. This on a heavy action rod so. You can actually throw. This on a big jig. And word rod a heavy power. You want to make sure to have. Some backbone so this is a. This is a jig and worm action. It means that so that's a lot of a lot of stiffness in the lower part of the rod so. Ican really load up. And throw this bait the other thing. You want to have is a lower speed gear ratio reel for throwing these a lot of swim mates. You just want that steady nice retrieve. And a high quality reel will get. You a long way with a swim bait. Because the gears it's a lot of stress on those gear stone those big swim baits so a nice reel with.

    You know five to eight to. This maybe all the way up to 6 to 1 gear ratio it's really good. That 50 to 65 pound braided line. And then something around a 7 foot. All the way up too maybe. Even an 8-foot heavy action rod to throw. This bait out there are long ways. And really set the hook into those bass. They grab it the perfect action for swim baits like. This is just going to be a constant steady retrieve. That tail is going to do. All the work gives it a nice natural action. And just a steady cost of retrieve gives. Us bait exactly the right action. You need ideal conditions for these swim baits like. This clear water anytime. You have big bass and the lake clear water conditions there's big bait fish in the lake.

    This is a great time to throw swim baits like. Where you're going for. That big bite there's a lot of four. Or five pound fish that will eat. This but really what you're going for on these big bigger swim baits is. That five pound plus bass those. That aren't hitting a little finesse worm Texas rigs things like. These are just kind of rogue bass. That will go after bigger baits. If you've got a ton of bait around you're catching a lot of little fish. You could also use some baits like. This to kind of weed through those small fish. And go for that big pot big bass in. That herd

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