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  Caldwell® Deadshot® ChairPod™ Primos® Gen 3 Trigger Stick Primos® Pole Cat Shooting Sticks Caldwell® DeadShot® FieldPod Max Primos® Trigger Stick™ Treestand Attachment BOGgear Binocular Rest Primos® Polecat Steady Stix Magnum BOGgear BOG-POD® Xtreme Shooting Rest BOGgear Bog-Pod® Super Steady Combo Vanguard VEO 2 Gunpod RedHead® Kwik Stik Bipod Shooting Rest Primos® Polecat Rapid Pivot Bipod BOGgear BOG-POD® Tactical Shooting Tripods BOGgear BOG-POD® Professional Camera Adapter Caldwell® Camo XLA Bipods™ BOG® Adrenaline Switcheroo® Tripod BOGgear® Havoc™ Shooting Sticks
  Caldwell® Deadshot® ChairPod™ Primos® Gen 3 Trigger Stick Primos® Pole Cat Shooting Sticks Caldwell® DeadShot® FieldPod Max Primos® Trigger Stick™ Treestand Attachment BOGgear Binocular Rest Primos® Polecat Steady Stix Magnum BOGgear BOG-POD® Xtreme Shooting Rest BOGgear Bog-Pod® Super Steady Combo Vanguard VEO 2 Gunpod RedHead® Kwik Stik Bipod Shooting Rest Primos® Polecat Rapid Pivot Bipod BOGgear BOG-POD® Tactical Shooting Tripods BOGgear BOG-POD® Professional Camera Adapter Caldwell® Camo XLA Bipods™ BOG® Adrenaline Switcheroo® Tripod BOGgear® Havoc™ Shooting Sticks
Brand BOG Gear Caldwell Caldwell Caldwell BOG Gear Primos Primos Primos Primos Vangaurd - BOG Gear BOG Gear BOG Gear Primos BOG BOG

Caldwell® Deadshot® ChairPod™

  • Stabilize the entire weight of your firearm
  • Swing-arm system and 360˚ chair for precise aiming
  • Rubber over-molded front and rear forks
  • Extend your effective shooting range by stabilizing the entire weight of your firearm with Caldwell's Deadshot Chairpod. A heavy-duty chair with built-in post and swing-arm assembly supports your gun's front and rear for steady shooting. Swing-arm system and 360° chair allows precise aiming no matter where your target is. Tension-adjustable up and down tilt function. Rubber over-molded front and rear forks and retention strap ensure your firearm is held securely at all times. Imported.
    Approx. Wt:  22 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The dead shot chair pod provides true bench rest accuracy from a single shooting unit there's no need to bother carrying chairs. And separate rests out to the ground blind arranged the chair pod provides. One package weighing approximately 22 pounds the dead shot chair pod comes with carrying straps. And collapses for easy transport to. And from the field the chair pod features a comfortable the dead shot chair pod provides true bench rest accuracy from a single shooting room there's no need to bother carrying chairs. And separate rests out to the ground winder range the chair pod provides. One package weighing approximately 22 pounds the dead shot chair pod comes with carrying straps. And collapses for easy transport to. And from the field the chair pod features a comfortable heavy-duty chair with built-in post. And swing assembly that fully supports the front. And rear of your weapon stabilizing your entire firearm the swing arm assembly adjusts up to 40 inches in height to accommodate.

    Any shooter and the multi bearing swing arm system. And silent swivel technology provides 360 degrees of coverage like. All products in the pod family the chair pod features rubber molded front. And rear forks to support your weapon. And give you true vent rest accuracy the chair.

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    Primos® Gen 3 Trigger Stick

  • One hand and the pull of the trigger adjusts the height
  • Quick-detach yoke system with integrated lock
  • Contoured grip with nonslip backbone
  • Strengthened rotating joint for smooth panning
  • Never satisfied, Primos has gone and done it again. Just like the originals, the Gen 3 Trigger Sticks allow you to adjust the desired height with just one hand and the pull of a trigger. The Gen 3 Trigger Sticks are a lightweight, height-adjustable gunrest and optical gear mount, perfect for sitting, kneeling or standing positions. The redesigned quick-detach yoke system features an integrated lock that makes switching from gun to optics hassle-free. Contoured grip features a nonslip surface. Strengthened rotating joint offers smoother panning so you can scan and find your target quickly and easily. Dark-earth accents.
    Available: 21"-30" Monopod, 33"-65" Monopod, 18"-38" Bipod, 24"-62" Bipod, 18"-38" Tripod, 24"-62" Tripod.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    moin und waidmannsheil vom demenz primus sie kennen die meisten von ihnen es gibt etwas neues, und zwar jetzt mittlerweile in der dritten generation primus ziel stock träger generation 3 neu ist zum beispiel dass die gabe fest arretiert ist um eine waffe aufzunehmen und wenn ich umschalten will für eine optische aufnahme löse ich den schalter betätige die sperr klinke und kann die gabe direkt entfernen das ist sehr praktisch gerade für jäger, die auch mit der kamera unterwegs sind also schwer Klinke lösen schwer knopf drücken und schon kann ich die gabel entfernen und austauschen um ein optisches gerät aufzusetzen die von den vorgängern bereits gewohnt lässt sich über den abzug am pistolengriff der ziel stock leise und leicht und flüssig in der höhe verstellen neu ist die gestaltung des kugl kopfes das heißt ich habe die möglichkeit den ziel stock im Stehen zu nutzen aber auch in der kleinen position das heißt ich habe hier am kugelkopf einen ring, den ich verstehen kann und jetzt vergrössern ich die auflage des stocks und kann ihn jetzt zum beispiel auch hervorragend ihm Knien nutzen die maße des cil stocks betragen 61 bis herausgezogen ein meter 57 stets eine sichere kugel und viel waidmannsheil würde ich das team wird.

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    Primos® Pole Cat Shooting Sticks

  • Posi-Lock adjustments are fast and stable
  • Lightweight, mobile and silently adjusts to terrain
  • Tactile rubber shooting V grips
  • The Primos Pole Cat Shooting Sticks have the best strength-to-weight ratio of any shooting stick in the field. Seamless tempered aluminum tubes with patented Posi-Lock™ adjustment are bench stable, lightweight, mobile and silently adjust to terrain with a quick quarter twist. The rugged nylon yoke is strong, lighter than steel and will never rust. Tactile rubber shooting V grips stock for a steadier shot. Its rock-solid support is lightweight enough to take you anywhere. Monopod includes wrist strap.
    • Tripod – Adjustable 25"-62"
    • Bipod – Adjustable 25"-62"
    • Bipod – Adjustable 16"-38"
    • Monopod – Adjustable 16"-38"
    • Monopod – Adjustable 25"-62"

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Caldwell® DeadShot® FieldPod Max

  • Lightweight aluminum construction for strength and portability
  • Height adjusts between 20" and 48"
  • Legs telescope independently to ensure a level platform
  • Supports your firearm or crossbow at both the forend and the stock
  • Dual-tube frame is compatible with detachable magazines
  • Caldwell's DeadShot FieldPod Max is constructed of rugged, easily portable, lightweight aluminum, allowing you to take a rock-solid rest into the field so you can confidently pull down on that buck trying to sneak out of range. Adjustable height from 20" to 48" is perfect whether you're kneeling for a shot at a bull of a lifetime or lining up on a wise old whitetail from a ground blind. Plus, since each leg adjusts independently, it's easy to use the bubble reference to ensure a perfectly level shooting platform. Supports the weight of your firearm at both the forend and the stock, enhancing both accuracy and safety. Innovative design is compatible with crossbows, rifles and shotguns so you can take it along during every season from spring turkeys to late-season muzzleloader deer. Dual-tube frame doesn't get in the way of detachable magazines. Carry strap included.
    Wt: 6.5 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The Magnum Earshot feel pod provides. You bench rest accuracy in the field to accommodate. All styles of hunting the original Earshot filled pod was the first true hunting rest on the market the Magnum Earshot filled pod brings the same bench rust accuracy to the field with. Some great new added features shotgun AR rifle. Or crossbow the Magnum Earshot filled pod provides. You bench rest accuracy in the field the dual framed upper legs. And oversized extrusion profile of the lower legs lock rigidly with a quick cam lever an integrated bubble level. And the aluminum hub allows the rest to be precisely leveled independent angle adjustment of the legs in the spike feet ensure a solid grip on. Any terrain at approximately 13 pounds. And collapse to 30 inches the Magnum Earshot filled pod remains highly portable for easy transport with the included carry strap the quick height adjustment allows. You to easily shoot from standing position the front rear forks fully support your weapon extending your effective range bringing you bench rest hackers ultra smooth rotation.

    And tilt adjustment allow for fast. And precise target acquisition the Magnum will accommodate. All styles of Turkey allowing your hands-free operation until the shop the independent legs easily fold flat allowing you to shoot from a prone position the Magnum Earshot deal pod. Another truly innovative product by Caldwell.

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    Primos® Trigger Stick™ Treestand Attachment

    Create a secure, steady mount for a monopod in your treestand for rock-solid accuracy and nonslip safety. Compatible with short and tall Trigger Stick monopods. Quick and easy attachment.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Seho like Jack here. We go alright then good morning this morning I want to show. You a piece of the kit. Iwouldn't go out shooting without first of. All I'm going to show. You them here in the carpark. And then once with the have a little look at them. How they're practical sort of application with the rifle I'm going to put the video camera on them. And we're going to go out. We can't stalk on some deer. What we can film so the first of. All the product itself is the pre moss trigger stick. It is a bipod three legs trigger stick. They come in tripod bipod mono pod. One is a tripod not a bipod my correction. Ido own both a tripod. And a bipod and depending on where I'm going on what sort of stalking I'm doing depends on which set of sticks. Iuse so as you can see very straightforward simple use pulling the trigger. It extends the legs it's not much. That really easy absolutely silent in the field nice quiet small lightweight spread your legs pull your trigger down.

    They come all independently a nice level stable platform for you to mount your rifle on. If you're going to be shooting with the V yoke. They have on the top is really good for any gun really. Imean as you can see on my rifle here I've got a bipod mounted it's not a problem. It sits in their nice and securely nice and tight again a nice secure a platform for me to be able to shoot. And again easily adjustable with the trigger that's taking all the weight of the rifle away from. Me I've just got a nice cure steady platform so. Ican take my shots so yeah that's the Primo trigger stick from standing as. You can see the trigger sticks here I've lowered them down. You could quite easily sit up in the drip bushes trees seat. And still use your sticks again it's a nice stable platform I'm quite comfortable leaving my gun here its resting nice and securely.

    If my quarry comes out it's very easy for me to then just pick up my gun take aim. And pull the trigger it's very useful the yoke on these. It maneuvers it's got a 360 degree turning circle on. That means if you've traditional sticks. They tend to have a bolt in them. They sort of like a scissor motion so. You can only get them so far before. You have to readjust just sticks. These it's not an issue your rifle can just sit on there. You can twist it as far as. You need to move you can move the other thing I was really impressed with they're very quiet sticks again traditional sticks. That I've used in the past. They tend to clatter together the legs clattered together makes a bit of noise it's not ideal. When you're out in the field it's. Something else you've got to worry about with. These they're almost silent. And I'm very impressed. Ican said at the start of the little video here.

    Iwould not go out shooting without. They are superb piece of kit. It should be in everybody's kit bag obviously today I'm out with my 243 it's not necessary. You have to use a center fire rifle. You know these sticks a practical application is air rifles zeroing in rifles. They were also threaded here for cameras I'm actually using one. You can't see because the camera is on. It to film today they're so diverse in really for all your shooting nice and flat here perfect for being able to rest your binoculars on there so. You can get a nice stable platform to glass an area yeah ideal. Idare say it but as you're getting older I've certainly got. Some issues with one of my knees. Ifind if I'm out shooting if I'm actually with the air rifle I'm out hunting bunny rabbits in the fields it's really hard for me to get down low put the bipod out.

    And to take a shot with. You don't have to bother it's ever so simple very straightforward spread out the legs pull the trigger. All deploy independently so. You got a nice even surface then to put your gun on to take your shot it's a super piece of kit I'm really impressed so the 360 so your rifle can sit in. And move the handle moves independently as well your trigger to adjust height. This is your trigger lock the secure sticks into position the yoke then comes off. Even use it might be cumbersome gloves I'm a bit of a rattle. You can hear hopefully the microphone doesn't do them a disservice. Now better giving them a bit of a read off as I'm holding the sticks together. Now that's I tend to carry them I'm going to release the sticks. Now I'm going to hold the handle. You give them a good shake. You know very little noise they're. That was the whipping of the okay very nice and quiet but. They have a little design feature here.

    That should you desire to shake your sticks like. When you're out stalking you can just put the rubber band which is just on the bottom here just around just to secure the legs in place. And again can be used as a mono pod which is again dead hand. If you're doing any sort of woodland stalking or. Something like what you might not necessarily have the time to spread out. All of the legs thanks for. That dad I'm slightly concerned at how well. You shut the trigger sticks guys. You like what we're doing please subscribe. You want to continue watching the last minute of the video. You can watch down to stalk up on. Some deer using the trigger sticks but don't panic. None of the deer got harmed.

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    BOGgear Binocular Rest

    A universal rest that fits most brands and sizes from 7X-20X. Mounts on all Bog-Pod sticks with quick-change stem (except Sportsman’s Bipod) or any tripod, bipod or monopod with a 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting bolt.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Primos® Polecat Steady Stix Magnum

    When time is of the essence, the Primos Polecat Steady Stix Magnum unfolds quickly for ultralightweight yet rock-solid stability. The three-piece bipod packs tight and unfurls automatically to 40” in height so you can zero in on that trophy buck. The extreme-duty shock cords and pressure-fit ferrules deliver split-second performance. Weighing only 8 oz., the Polecat Steady Stix Magnum folds down to 15” for easy carry.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    BOGgear BOG-POD® Xtreme Shooting Rest

    Crafted of lightweight, high-strength aluminum and designed to work with the unique quick-change head system of the BOG-POD® tripod shooting sticks. It provides portable benchrest steadiness. Two adjustable, rubber- coated Universal Shooting Rests and hook-and-loop safety straps anchor any firearm.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    BOGgear Bog-Pod® Super Steady Combo

  • Tripod sets up quickly and easily
  • 360˚ swivel-shooting rest
  • Xtreme shooting rest perfect as benchrest
  • Shoot with a confident, steady hand using the BOGgear Bog-Pod Super-Steady Combo. Easily set up the RLD 3 tripod using the rapid-adjust twist locks that loosen or tighten legs with a couple of turns. Use while sitting, kneeling or standing. Removable rubber feet reveal carbide tips for a secure grip on ice. Inch markers on middle leg sections for precise height adjustments. Includes 600-denier polyester carry bag. The universal shooting rest uses a quick-change stem for easy switching between accessories. Swivels 360˚ to easily track targets. Rubber covered to protect your gunstock from damage. The Xtreme shooting rest is perfect as a benchrest in the field. Lightweight aluminum construction weighs only 18 oz. for on-the-go convenience. Great for long-range shooting and for hunting from ground blinds. Imported.
    Includes: Universal Shooting Rest, Xtreme Shooting Rest
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Vanguard VEO 2 Gunpod

  • Tri-stand base for stable shooting platform
  • Smooth ball joint allows pan and tilt
  • Can be used as monopod or walking stick
  • Extends out to 64”, folds down to 24.4”
  • Perfect for the outdoorsman concerned with versatility, the Vanguard VEO 2 Gunpod uses rugged aluminum with a tri-stand base for a stable shooting platform. It allows shooters to pan and tilt with a smooth ball joint at the base of the shooting stick for shooting at a variety of angles. The added stability of the tri-stand allows for perfect shots in the field. The four-section, 23mm lightweight aluminum leg uses quarter-twist leg locks for easy carrying, taking up minimal space. The U-yoke rotates 360° with rubber fins to make sure your rifle or crossbow is stable and secure. It's also removable to be used as a monopod for spotting scopes, camera or video equipment with the Vanguard photo/video head (sold separately). Quietly and quickly extends to 64” and folds down to 24.4” for adaptability in the field. A rubber cover hides the top mounting screw so the gunpod can also be used as a walking stick with the hand strap, carabiner and soft rubber handle for comfortable grip. Maximum load capacity of 11 lbs.
    Length: 24.4" - 64”.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You guys daytime suborn plant. I'm in the field here. One of our new projects a lot. That hasn't been turned over, so we're working on right. While I'm doing I wanted to showcase the new vo -. This is the 265 a B from Vanguard our Friends of anger always creating great things I'm actually filming this on the original vo 235 ap right. Now which is a great stand. This would become one of my favorite go-to stands in the field. Because it's super light. And compact this new one's. Even lighter and smaller they've done such a great job with. And watch these quick releases. You just twist so it's. Even faster than the original with the clip so it's gonna make for a really easy time. When you're trying to do video. Or photos in the field again very small light compact. They have different colors let's go. And open it up, so I can kind of show. You guys it works you can see. How quick this works out so. You just tighten them like. This get them all tight on the. One you're just twisting my hand as. Igo so again it's really fast. You know these guys are always creating great things. This gonna be my new favorite go-to in the field. You can see real quickly. How easy and look how smooth the reaction is. You can adjust that here real smooth the ball head can move around. This also has different configurations so. You can get different heads for this. You want leave have. This little twisty piece here. That allows you to put.

    It on easy and in the field. You need to have and why because nine times out of ten. You don't have a tool with. You a neon wrench to put. It on so you simply do. It on very simple it's gonna go just like so there's a level on here. Now I'm able to take photography. Or videography and look. How smooth this is look at. That there's not even having a little arm on. You don't even need. It looks at you can't get an arm. They do have different configurations again. That allows you to change. That the ball head you need to make an Engel. This thing will go on so. Many angles it's unbelievable. These legs will pop out flat gives. You as a photographer the ability to do a bunch of four kinds of shots.

    Ifeel like today I'm out here. And we're doing a lot of work on. This a lot so I want to take. Some pictures and capture those moments check out being guard. This is just some of the stuff. They got their packs. Or pioneer packs even have camera bags too specifically. If you're looking for camera bags which is. What I use to carry. All my camera equipment so check. That online the new vo 2 series don't miss out on. This amazing super light easy to pack in. And out of the field. Whether you're hunting fishing hiking whatever you're trying to do are just doing photography in the field. They usually the ability to do. It easily and with comfort.

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    RedHead® Kwik Stik Bipod Shooting Rest

  • Adjusts from 16" to 41.5"
  • 115° maximum extension
  • Rubberized yoke grips gun securely
  • 9.5mm tubing
  • The RedHead Kwik Stik Bipod Shooting Rest provides rock-solid stability for accurate shooting from a wide range of shooting positions on any terrain. The Kwik Stik adjusts silently to any height or any terrain with a simple twist. The rubberized flex fins on the yoke secure your firearm quietly at any angle without scuffing firearm finishes. Made of lightweight aluminum, the RedHead Kwik Stik Bipod Shooting Rest folds up small enough to fit in your day pack yet unfolds in a second.
    Length: 16"-41.5".
    Wt: 4.48 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Primos® Polecat Rapid Pivot Bipod

    One of the most versatile, efficient and mobile bipods on the market, the Rapid Pivot swings with you as you get on target. Quickly and easily mounts to your sling stud and adjusts for height with a quarter turn. Inverted rubber yoke smoothly swivels 360° and cants up to 45°. Adjusts from 25" to 43" in height.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    BOGgear BOG-POD® Tactical Shooting Tripods

    Loaded with innovative shooter-friendly features, these are among the quietest portable shooting platforms you can buy. BOG's Universal Shooting Rest™ (USR) is shaped to accept the forend of almost any long gun and swivels 360° on the horizontal plane so you can keep moving targets in sight without having to move the tripod. USR is also made with noise-reducing material, so you won't spook game when you rest your gun on it. The lightweight aluminum leg sections have inch markers for precise height adjustments. Rapid-adjust lever locks secure the legs at the desired heights with noise-reducing rubber ring guards. An all-terrain foot system adjusts the feet for optimal performance on everything from rocky ground to soft dirt or mud. Vel-Coat™ finish on the tops of the leg tubes provides a nonglare and noise-dampening surface that enhances grip. TAC-3 can be used standing, sitting or kneeling with a height range of adjustment from 22" to 68". Overall length when collapsed with legs together including USR is 31". The TAC-3S is the only tripod on the market in its class that can be used in the prone position. It can be adjusted for heights from as low as 6" up to 40" for use when sitting or kneeling. Overall length with collapsed legs and USR is approximately 22". Both models come with Allen wrenches for lever lock and USR adjustments.
  • TAC-3S (6"-40") Tripod
  • TAC-3 (22"-68") Tripod
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    BOGgear BOG-POD® Professional Camera Adapter

    For use with cameras or spotting scopes. Locking, pistol-grip style, swivel ballhead mount, one accessory plate with 1/4"-20 camera screw and 3/8"-16 brushing, and a patented USR with stem.
    Weight: 21 oz.
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    Caldwell® Camo XLA Bipods™

    In the real world of hunting, the chances of the ideal shot opportunity occuring on level ground are slim – using a pivoting bipod allows you to compensate for ground that is unlevel by up to 20º. The Caldwell XLA bipod provides a stable shooting support that conveniently attaches to almost any firearm with a sling swivel stud. The lightweight aluminum design adds minimal weight and deploys quickly, with legs that instantly spring out to the shooting position with the touch of a button. The lower portion of the bipod pivots independently from the upper stock mount, allowing the firearm to be quickly leveled on uneven ground. The legs are notched for easy indexing to a specific height, and there’s a connection point for sling attachment and multisection legs that collapse forward for convenient carrying. Soft rubber feet provide enhanced stability, while the padded bipod base protects the firearm’s forend. The tension knob can be adjusted to control the resistance of the pivoting motion.

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    BOG® Adrenaline Switcheroo® Tripod

  • Incorporates Switcheroo Shooting System
  • Adjusts from 18" to 68" in height
  • Rubberized yoke swivels 360°
  • Nonslip, rubber feet
  • Retractable metal spikes
  • The BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo Tripod incorporates the Switcheroo Shooting System that's compatible with other Switcheroo products, such as interchangeable mounting heads. The 3-section, lightweight aluminum legs use lever leg locks to adjust from 18" to 68" in height for shooting from sitting, kneeling, or standing positions. The legs are outfitted with nonslip, rubber feet, featuring retractable metal spikes for icy or exceptionally rugged terrain. The yoke swivels 360° for maximum field of fire, and has rubber padding that prevents slippage or damage to your firearm. The Adrenaline Switcheroo Tripod is a highly modular shooting rest that's convenient to carry and quick to set up. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    BOGgear® Havoc™ Shooting Sticks

  • Shooting rest swivels 360°
  • Lightweight aluminum legs
  • Rubber yoke padding
  • The BOGgear Havoc Shooting Sticks use a Universal Shooting Rest (USR) that swivels 360° for maximum field of fire; and the yoke has rubber padding that holds the firearm solidly, while guarding firearm finish against damage. The 4-section, lightweight aluminum legs use twist locks to adjust height independently, for shooting from sitting, kneeling, or standing positions. The legs are outfitted with nonslip, rubber feet.
    Available: Bipod, Tripod.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Having a good set of qt6 is important to. Any hunter whether you're on the plains of Africa. Or at your home property. And being able to shoot off of them is really important as well hey Andrew. We have three different sets of shooting sticks. What are the differences okay. These sticks are from bog pod shooting sticks they're probably the. Sturdiest most reliable sticks out on the market. Now the first we have here is the original red legged devil. It gets a name from. These red grips here. These grips are tear resistant. They also help keep your hands warm carrying around. These sticks are made out of aluminum. It can't get cold but the aluminum on these sticks is extremely sturdy. And I'll keep it from rusting now. Isee there's like a velcro strip on here. That for the velcro is to hold the sticks together. When you're transporting whenever. If you're walking around. You want to keep it together. It tight they'll keep. You know wiggling and making any noise. Another thing you can do. You have the tripod version is. You can make a bipod out of them by just hooking together two legs then. You have a bipod you know like. You have them all together. You can have a mono pod. These are also so sturdy. You got them all wrap together like. And make a great walking stick as well. Now at the top of we have the V rest. You put your gun at. This swivels a complete 360 degrees around. Now why this is good is. You can set your rifle on. If a game is moving you can just move your rifle with.

    It tracks it as well. These expand I do know. How to do that is just simply twist off the bottom legs first. And just twist it to the left. And you'll feel it get loose then pull. You can see it gets to. That stop sign you've gone far enough. And then twist now the top part legs same thing twist. It to the left and then. It pulls out what are. These numbers with the Lions 4 okay. These are inch markings. And to use you know why it's good is. Even using the sticks you'll set them to your height so. You fold them up for the day. You just pack them up the next day. You can set them right to your height as well. You can use it for measuring say the inside spread of your deer. Or maybe some of the time link so give. You a little better. You know judgment of how. It scores that's a great teacher hold. It up again just twist. It to the left back to the right.

    And same thing with the bottom. You notice these rubber feet on a great feature about. It is the feet themselves twist off. And reveal a tip okay. And the tip is for using say eyes are really hard ground. Or the rubber foot you might want to use in soccer grand. Or dirt but really you can probably leave the rubber on for most of what you're doing anyways. Now what's the difference between the red legged devil. And then this camo. One right here the camel. One is pretty much an upgraded version of the red legged devil. It is got all the things. You need out of a shooting stick same great. You know structure as a camel. Or the red legged got. All the great features of. It sturdy aluminum legs tear resistant grips but. You notice is shooting risk there's a lot different it's a lot bigger is the universal shooting wrist staying fit. You know your gun more snugly in there. It also swivels 360 degrees. That there are levers on. And there weren't levers on the red legged devil rights right.

    This is a great updated feature the camel legged Devils. You have to do to adjust legs pull. This lever up and then slide the legs down so it's a lot easier to do. And also they have the inch markings as well skate things flight in. They come with an Allen wrench to adjust. These levers if they get too loose over time sometimes in using what they will so. You can just adjust them in the field. And they're ready to go. Now the bottoms the feets on these look a lot different that's right. This is a little bit upgraded bottom foot to. Now instead of having to take. All the way off to expose the tip. You just twist and then. It reveals the metal tip for ice. Or hard ground like before so. You don't have to mess with.

    Any other parts with. One left that is the tactical. This is pretty much the same features of the camel leg Adel. We got the universal shooting wrasse the locks the bottom feet grips but the main difference is feel. That coating allows a special type of coating. That helps with you know noise dampening and shine so. Iwon't really reflect the east come in two different models the tall. One like I have here the technical. And then it has the tech 3s which is a short. It won't extend all the way up but a great feature about. You can fold all the way into the prone position which is probably the steadiest rest. You can have when shooting now there's also a lot of great accessories.

    That come with a bog pod. They are all interchangeable so no matter. What stick you can use. Any of the accessories. Now the first we have here is called the switcher rail system okay. They didn't see these kind of different bottom tips to know. How to use them is simply taken off ahead of. And to do I have allen wrench heads so just use your allen wrench. That comes with the camel. You can go in at a hardware store. Wherever these just twist off that's. You need now the switcheroo system comes with a ball head mount with an attachment plate on. This is great for spotting scopes cameras video cameras. Whatever you need they can adjust like.

    You can move it around swivel. You want and then lock. It back into place you also see. It has a level on it as well. If you're filming or taking photos. Now due to use you have to do is push. It down in there and match up a little hole with. One there okay just shove. It down in their then it's ready to go. You don't if you're. You know camera by knotek's. Whatever don't fit that attachment ball called also sells two different attachment plates. You can buy separately. They should fit your application that's a great accessory. Icould really season. That quite a bit in the field a great part about. These are so light you know. Ihave to carry a big tripod around with. You as well exactly. Icarry a tripod with. Me everywhere in the car so. Icould just have my shooting sticks in. That already it's it comes so mobile. Now taking part just pull. It out okays and the switcher.

    It also comes with the standard V head as well as the original rail a. That will do they apply the same way okay. You can buy is Universal shooting rest the camel Leggett attacked already come with. That but if you're using the switcheroo a lot. You might want to go ahead. And purchase that way. You can swap them out easier as well. And it's the same way just shove. It in their then you're ready to go ready to go say. Something long ways way. You want to use your spotting scope put the ball head mount on take. This off you can see. What you have now probably the coolest attachment. They have is the extreme shooting wrist oh wow. This for well this is pretty much a mobile shooting bench as. You can see it as to Universal shooting rests on. You can adjust them to. Any length you need. What you do is stick.

    It on top of the sticks like. Everything else mm-hmm. And you're ready to go. What you do is adjust. Whatever you know shotgun rifle muzzle loader. Some pistols will work on. Now to adjust these heads to simply unscrew the. And slide them to whatever length. You have to fit the stocks needs. It also has two velcro wraps. And that's for attaching to the rifle. This is really great for hunting out of blinds. Or maybe even with younger. Or older shooters they have problems. You know holding up a gun for a long period of time it's great for you know out west hunting antelope. Wherever you're hunting it gives. You the super steady res. You know I didn't realize. That there are so many accessories available for these shooting sticks well there are the ruggedness of these sticks of durability.

    All the accessories. You can give with it definitely make. It a must-have product for more information on bog pod sticks to watch. This segment again or to research. Any other product we have on our show go to must-have outdoors com.

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