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Tervis Tumbler® Slip-On Handle Thermos® 16-oz. Vac Travel Mug CamelBak® KickBak™ Tumbler – Atlantic YETI® Rambler Bottle PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Tumbler Tervis Tumbler® Insulated Mug with Lid Cabela's Vacuum Bottles by Thermos® YETI® Rambler Straw Lid Stanley® Vacuum Pint Steel Glass CamelBak® eddy™ Kids' Two-Pack Replacement Bite Valve™ PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Tumblers Tervis Tumbler® Insulated Travel Lids PURE Drink Stainless Steel Tumbler – 22 oz. Pelican™ Travel Tumbler – Silver CamelBak® Forge™ Divide 16-oz. Mug Big Sky Carvers Metal Pint Glasses with Bottle Opener
Tervis Tumbler® Slip-On HandleThermos® 16-oz. Vac Travel MugCamelBak® KickBak™ Tumbler – AtlanticYETI® Rambler BottlePURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Stemless Wine GlassPURE Drinkware Stainless Steel TumblerTervis Tumbler® Insulated Mug with LidCabela's Vacuum Bottles by Thermos®YETI® Rambler Straw LidStanley® Vacuum Pint Steel GlassCamelBak® eddy™ Kids' Two-Pack Replacement Bite Valve™PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel TumblersTervis Tumbler® Insulated Travel LidsPURE Drink Stainless Steel Tumbler – 22 oz.Pelican™ Travel Tumbler – SilverCamelBak® Forge™ Divide 16-oz. MugBig Sky Carvers Metal Pint Glasses with Bottle Opener
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Tervis Tumbler® Slip-On Handle

  • Turns your Tervis Tumbler into a to-go cup
  • Durable polypropylene handle with soft grip
  • Removable
  • Dishwasher safe

Turn your lightweight, insulated Tervis Tumbler into a convenient, to-go cup with the Tervis Tumbler Slip-On Handle. These durable polypropylene handles slip onto your 16-oz. or 24-oz. Tervis Tumblers with ease, giving you a soft and comfortable handle for easier carrying. Removable handle slides easily onto the tumbler and does not interfere with most cup holders. Dishwasher safe. Not designed for use in microwaves. Made in USA.
Sizes: 16 oz., 24 oz.

Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Thermos® 16-oz. Vac Travel Mug

  • Keeps hot beverages hot for up to 5 hours
  • Cold drinks stay cold for up to 9 hours
  • Remains cool to the touch and condensation-free
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle

Take your favorite beverage with you in the Thermos 16-oz. Vac Travel Mug. Thermos vacuum insulation keeps hot beverages hot for up to 5 hours and cold beverages cold for up to 9 hours. BPA-free, stainless steel construction remains cool to the touch with hot drinks and condensation-free with cold drinks. Unique 360° drink lid allows you to drink from anywhere on the lid. Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. Locking release button for easy removal and cleaning. Dishwasher safe.
Size: 16 oz.
Colors: Black/Gray, Charcoal/Lime.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

We are showcasing two items from the new sip line by thirties. These are the sip travel tumbler. And travel mugs both models are made from unbreakable stainless steel. Both inside and have the thermos patented Thermal box vacuum insulation for maximum hot. Or cold retention then a cold rating of up to nine hours. And a higher e go up to five hours the little zhuzh have a newly designed the proof push button lid.

This makes single-handed operation much. More convenient they're constructed with palfrey materials. And coming white or black last but not least. These are these have a built-in tea bag hook located on the inside of the lid. This is made of old tea pouches. Or loose-leaf tea bags whichever. You prefer get one of these today please visit. Us on the way up and outdoors out. Is online or desert for outdoors.

CamelBak® KickBak™ Tumbler – Atlantic

  • Double-walled, vacuum-insulated construction
  • Keeps drinks cold up to eight hours and warm up to four hours
  • Durable stainless steel and BPA-free Eastman Tritan
  • Easy-to-grip design fits in most cup holders
  • Easy-care, dishwasher-safe construction

No matter where your day takes you, stay hydrated with your favorite drinks all day long with CamelBak's KickBak Tumbler. Double-walled, vacuum-insulated construction keeps your cold drinks chilled for up to eight hours and your hot drinks warm for up to four hours. Stainless steel construction with a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe Eastman Tritan™ splashproof, dual-flip lid. Base fits in most cup holders and is easy to grip when you need a gulp.
Sizes: 20 oz., 30 oz.
Color: Atlantic.

YETI® Rambler Bottle

  • Rugged, ultra-insulated beverage bottle
  • Premium, kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel
  • Double-wall insulation keeps contents hot or cold
  • Over-the-Nose technology for easy drinking
  • Insulated TripleHaul leak-proof cap

The YETI Rambler Bottle insulates your favorite drink and keeps it at the perfect temperature for the long haul. Whether you want to keep your coffee hot or water ice cold, this premium, rugged, insulated bottle delivers big with industry-leading double-wall insulation. YETI's Over-the-Nose technology makes drinking easier while the insulated TripleHaul leak-proof cap ensures you don't make a mess. The Yeti Rambler Bottle even features BPA-free, 18/8 stainless steel construction and a sweat-free design to keep your hands dry. Imported.
Capacity: 36 oz.
Color: Canyon Red.

PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass

  • Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours
  • Copper-plated double-wall 304 stainless steel
  • Triple-layer protection against heat entering or escaping
  • BPA-, BPS- and BPF-free
  • Maximum-flow-control lid

The PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass is the perfect way to enjoy your red or white. Ideal for picnics or tailgating, it keeps your drink cold for 24 hours. Double-wall 304 stainless steel is copper plated to prevent heat from entering or escaping, while the precisely designed lid allows maximum flow control. Hand wash. Imported.
Size: 12 oz.
Available: TrueTimber® Kanati, Solid.

These 18 ounce stainless steel stemless wine glasses are perfect for serving all your beverages made from high-grade stainless steel. They feature a beautiful satin finish they're shatterproof dishwasher safe. And palfrey making them. More durable and safer. Then glass drinks stayed chilled longer so there are great choice for outdoor entertaining for the perfect table setting or gift-giving these stainless steel stemless wine glasses will add modern elegance to. Any occasion

PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Tumbler

  • Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours
  • Copper-plated double-wall 304 stainless steel
  • Triple-layer protection against heat entering or escaping
  • BPA-, BPS- and BPF-free
  • Maximum-flow-control lid

Enjoy hot coffee or fruit-infused ice water in the PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Tumbler. This triple-layer travel mug keeps your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Double-wall 304 stainless steel is copper-plated to prevent heat from entering or escaping. The precisely designed lid allows maximum flow control. Take it to work, to the woods or in the car. Hand wash. Imported.
Size: 22 oz.
Colors: Blue/Purple, Bloomin Dahlia, Iridescent Pink, Iridescent Purple.

Tervis Tumbler® Insulated Mug with Lid

  • Keeps hot and cold drinks at perfect temperature
  • Reduces condensation and sweat
  • Fits most cup holders
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Reusable, sustainable, and long-lasting travel cup

The Tervis Tumbler Insulated Mug with Lid shows off your fun side with bold graphics. This Tervis insulated travel mug fits most cup holders, has a spill-proof drinking lid, and keeps both hot and cold drinks at the right temperatures. It's microwave and dishwasher safe and BPA-free. The Tervis Tumbler's Insulated Mug reduces condensation, so it's furniture-friendly. Manufacturer's limited lifetime guarantee. Made in USA.
Size: 16 oz.
Available: Donut Worry Be Happy, Deer Badge Emblem, Retro Camping, Bite Me, My Kids Have Paws, Jeep® Logo Emblem.

Cabela's Vacuum Bottles by Thermos®

  • Thermos Vacuum Insulation stops air from infiltrating walls
  • Double O-ring system seals in heat
  • Pour-through cap lets you refill your mug

Made with a double O-ring system, our Vacuum Bottles by Thermos seal in heat, keeping your hot beverage the temperature you want it. Thermos Vacuum Insulation creates an airless space between two walls, thus eliminating temperature transfer between the walls. Pour-through cap lets you refill your mug without removing the lid. Stainless steel liner provides shatterproof insulation.
Sizes: 1-pt. Slim, 32-oz. Slim, 1-qt. Regular, 1.9-qt. Regular.

Fill your freezer with flavor with the Cabala's Pro Series vacuum sealer. You can keep your harvest as fresh as the day. You packed it the 15-inch could be powered from. Either a wall outlet. Or your car plug-in. While the compact 12-inch is powered from a wall outlet. Both can seal up to 100 bags in an hour. And the powerful vacuum pump locks in flavor saving freshness with a reliable sealing bar. And replaceable crush resistant foam gaskets you'll get an airtight seal every time plus the see-through eliminated vacuum chamber lets. You keep an eye on the sealing process. And the positioning guides ensure the bag remains in place there's. Even built-in storage for a roll of bags. And a cutter to trim them down to size professional performance for lasting freshness cabala's pro series vacuum sealers you.

YETI® Rambler Straw Lid

  • Wide straw allows even thick liquids to flow easily
  • Handy molded-in stopper
  • Durable shatterproof BPA-free construction

The YETI Rambler Straw Lid lets you enjoy frozen drinks with its wide design that allows both thick and thin liquids to flow through it easily. Molded-in stopper keeps straw in place. Shatterproof construction is BPA-free. Dishwasher safe.
Sizes: 20 oz., 30 oz.
Straw length: 9.5".

good morning to. All my Keurig coffee drinkers. And tumblr users it's our mic first time I've done a video for about coffee products. Anything coffee related in a wanna so as. You can see I have an open box in front of. One item out of three items in. This I've already made a video on. That should be posted shortly the next item in. This box is something. That works with our Yeti tumblers. And I'm going to try. If they'll work with. One as well so here is our Yeti so. All know I have a 30 ounce Yeti right here so inside. Something I came across online a Yeti branded Rambler mag slide lid. This is for the 30 ounce. They do make this for the 20 ounces tumblers 10 ounce 20 ounce as well. Ibelieve it's just 20. It might make a small. One for a low baller as well which surprised. It is still resistant magnetic slider shatter resistant so. This will not post will not break. And get destroyed it will probably get a crack in. You drop at the right angle wouldn't out. That Yeti saw just through their site directly but. You look for this online through Amazon. You will find down there as well. And that's I went directly through Amazon to pick. This up please excuse my air conditioner you're hearing in the background. And what's going ahead. And crack this open here. And take a good look at. It of course I'm not going to use. It without washing it so. We will take care of. This has a five-year warranty to. It really five-year warranty snow still beverage containers. And lids or warranty to be free.

Many defects workmanship materials for a period of five years. You have any questions regarding any of the Yeti products please visit giddy Outfitters to their cell phone number. They give you okay so open here see. That easy does not seem. That easier to me is back. And focus okay it pulls enough. You break the field And there is your nice get. That down there we got our Yeti lid. Now comparing this to other lids let. One really quick the only other. That I've been using is my completely spill proof lid. That has held up well. I don't think I've had. Any major issues with. It we've done pretty good. And next we're yeti here. We can see that our guess is pretty much identical. It feels heavier it's made out of a heavier acrylic. And then our scope of lid actually has a snapping mechanism so takes care of the breather hole.

And your main hall is not designed for straws but. It has been working perfectly I've not spilt at. Whether used on a Yeti. Whether I've used to them artx. Even the O's are Turtles as for our Yeti the cool parts of. It is magnetic so it makes for much easier cleaning and. This is a spill resistant not a spill proof. When you're ready to clean should be just a matter of popping off. Because I'm computer lift that's. It's just a magnet there then there's magnet inside here which. You can come tell they placed. It's right back on. That is very nice that so for still resistance. This should help out quite well Fitz it's a nice tight seal to. It's good try it on give it a shot on Ozark trails. Ihave my wife's those are trails are in here it's actually quite a tight fit on. That as well so yes. You can use it on pretty much. Any 30 ounce tumbler. You get the lid that's made for the 20 ounce.

And 10 ounces will work with. That too should have no issues so yeah. You guys have any comments. Or questions please leave in the comment section down below first time I've done a Yeti lid. Because I've kind of been waiting to see. If Yeti was going to come out with. Something like this which obviously. They finally have I don't know. How long it's been on the market. Ijust noticed what — two days ago on a Friday. Inoticed it happened to pop up in my facebook feed of course. You know how Facebook is so. When two yetis website. They want $999 plus ten dollars for shipping I was like nope not doing.

That went over to Amazon found. This on Amazon for $999 shipped so yes I'll leave the link in the comment section down below for. That as well you have. Any comments or questions like. Isaid leave them down below hit. That like button subscribe. You are new I will see. You off in the next video.

Stanley® Vacuum Pint Steel Glass

  • Vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 4.5 hours
  • Rustproof 18/8 stainless steel
  • Built-in bottle opener

Featuring vacuum insulation, Stanley's Vacuum Pint Steel Glass keeps drinks cold for up to 4.5 hours while the exterior stays comfortable to the touch and bone dry. Rustproof 18/8 stainless steel. Built-in bottle opener is easy to operate. Naturally BPA-free. Dishwasher safe.
Capacity: 16 oz.

CamelBak® eddy™ Kids' Two-Pack Replacement Bite Valve™

  • One-piece silicone design
  • Self seals to prevent leaks
  • Keeps bottles in working order

Kids are notorious for chewing on everything. Get the extra parts you need to keep water bottles in good working order with CamelBak eddy Kids Replacement Bite Valves. The one-piece, silicone design self seals to prevent leaking. Made of medical-grade silicone with low density polyethylene. BPA-, BPS- and BPF-free. Per 2.
Color: Ice Blue.

PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Tumblers

  • Keeps drinks cold for over 24 hours
  • Keeps drinks hot for over 12 hours
  • Double-wall 304 stainless steel
  • Copper-plated interior
  • Triple-layer protection against heat entering or escaping

A Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops Exclusive!
Take your favorite drink on the go with the PURE Drinkware Papa Bear Stainless Steel Tumbler. Double-wall 304 stainless steel, a copper-plated interior, and triple-layer protection against heat entering or escaping keeps drinks cold for over 24 hours or hot for over 12 hours. A maximum flow-control lid allows easy sipping, while condensation-free performance keeps surfaces and your hands dry. The PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Tumbler is ideal for travel, work, or the woods. Hand wash. 30 oz.
Available: Papa Bear, Kaleidoscope, Keep It Wild, Not All Who Wander.

What I'm going to show. You today is the dirty poor technique doing. That on a stainless steel tumbler I've seen a lot of videos. And I've done it myself of. This technique on canvas but recently people have started doing it on stainless steel tumblers. I thought it looked really cool so. Ithought I would give it an attempt myself the paint. That I'm using is really cheap paint. Ibought it at Michael's. Ibelieve for $050 a bottle. You noticed the purple was a little different. Than the others just. It was a different brand. It did cost a little bit. More but I couldn't find a neon purple. And the same brand as. All the others so each paint is gonna have its own cup you're gonna need to keep them separate. Idon't put than just the bottom section of the cup worth of paint in. You will use more paint. You anticipate needing because.

You pour it over the cup. It has to cover all the services. It wants to sometimes go. One side than the other. And you'll see we get further in the video so. You do want to use more paint. You think that you're going to need to so like. Isaid just make sure. You keep all the paint separate. And then all the paints poured you're gonna add a little bit of water to. Each of the paints what that's going to do is help sort of thin them out. And give them a better consistency so. It will pour over the cup a little bit better so the important part. It comes to adding the water to the paint is just. You can add more water but. You add water you can't really take.

You don't want this to pour out like the consistency of water. You do want it to be still a little thicker. You lift that Popsicle stick up. You want it just sort of fall down continuously kind of like you're seeing this was probably still a little bit thicker but. You can tell it's definitely. More fluid like it was just the paint alone so do. This for each of course. You want to get a separate Popsicle stick. Whatever you're stirring your paint with. You want a separate. This pink definitely has. That consistency that talking about it's thin but it's not so thin. That it's like water but. It flows nicely off of the Popsicle stick, so we're gonna do. This for each of the colors. And then start adding them together okay so. Once you've mixed up. All of your paint and water.

And you've gotten them. All to a consistency. You feel will work really well. You want to start layering those into a brand-new cup just do a little bit of. Each at a time just pouring directly on top of the other. You do not want to mix. These up you don't want to put. Anything in there to mix them up just continue to layer them. Idid about three layers of. All the colors before. Istarted putting them actually on the cup okay so. Once you've poured all of your paints together it'll look like. This then you're gonna try to very carefully put the cup on the top of the stainless steel tumbler without pouring any like. Ijust did you feel like. That paint sort of gone down to the bottom.

You just lift the cup up. And then all the paint will begin to cover the cup. What I ran into with. This cup was the fact. That the paint didn't want to fall. All the way down I did try to sit here. And encourage more paint to come out so that's. Where those purple big purple spots are coming from the other thing is the top of the cup is actually holding a lot of extra paint. It doesn't really need to be sitting up there so. Ihad a huge silver gap. Where the paint wasn't covering the cup. That was a bunch fell to the side. And started covering it a little bit better. And you'll see this side there was a area.

Where the silver wasn't covered. You can see the paint on the top of the cup sort of beginning to pour over so make sure. That paint you don't want. It to draw so thick on the bottom of the cup the other thing I did was. Istill wasn't getting the coverage. Iwanted I was actually taking the paint from the paper underneath. All the paint had fallen. And then dropping that back onto the cup so. Icould get paint covering those areas. That the paint on the cup just would not cover. That gave me a good enough coverage. Now the purple does look different. It looks a lot brighter. All the other colors. Isaid at the beginning of the video. It was a different brand so. Idon't know if that's why. That did I think I'm going to play around with.

That a little bit more to try to see. If the different brands maybe get less muddied. You know using the same brain makes a difference completely since. Iuse a different brand with the purple but. Ijust added two I felt like the cup was covered enough the other thing. That you'll notice is. That the bottom of the cup will start to have big drips so you're gonna want to take a Popsicle stick. Something like that to just wipe around the edge. And you're gonna keep doing. That as the paint continues to drip until it's dried enough. That it's not moving down the cup anymore. And you'll see that in just a minute but you're gonna have to keep doing. You don't end up with those big drips at the bottom of your cup.

And that's you just let. It dries for 24 hours. Or so after this point. You feel good about. Once those strips have stopped dripping and then you're gonna just go ahead. And epoxy you would. Any other cup you can add a decal at. This point without having to do. Anything else and then do the epoxy over. You have any questions make sure. You comment below and I'll try to get back to those as soon as. Ican make sure you subscribe to the page like. This video you liked. Any other videos that you'd like to see thank. You so much for watching everyone.

That you're getting. That off you want to make sure. That you're getting all of your fingerprints off before. You spray-paint I will do. That with both of my cups okay. All right so one of the cups. Ihad actually taped off the bottom. And we've painted it does not have to be perfect. You can see that there's. Idon't know you can see. This through the video. Or not but you can see. That it's not completely perfect there are. Some spots you can see through a little bit we're just looking for a base coat on. You want the paint to stick really well. This hydro dip you just need. That base coat also parts of your bottom layer are going to show through the hydro dip isn't going to cover every ounce of your cup so. You just want to get. That base layer in what I've used here is a rust-oleum.

And it's just a flat white the only time. Iusually will use a flat is for a base coat. It dries really fast. You try to use a flat for the actual hydro dip a lot of times. It dries just a little too fast. And then you end up with glumpy with clumpy paint on your cup so. What I'm gonna do with. One I've picked out a. Few colors to dip I will show. That next okay so you're gonna have to forgive my bucket. Ihave used it for countless cups. And it's getting a little unpainted there. That paint is dry you never want to hydro dip in a bucket. That still has what paint along the sides so anytime. If you're doing multiple cups. If you're doing multiple cups in a row. You definitely want to make sure. That you've gotten that wet paint off of the sides. You don't want that to affect your next Cup. All right so what I've done here is I've taken the lid to my 20 ounce tumbler.

And I've put it inside a plastic bag. You want to make sure. You get as much of the air out as possible up top. And then kind of twist. It around to make a tail on the other side. What you want to make sure a lot of these plastic bags for safety purposes to have little holes in them so. If they get on somebody's. You know face they don't suffocate so make sure. You don't have any of the holes on here. Or your paints just gonna leak into your lid okay so then. You take the tail of. It into your cup and fasten your lid down. And then you just want to make sure. This plastic is bubbling over onto your primed portion of copper okay for this. One I'm going to use key lime gloss seaside gloss satin Lagoon. And the magenta laying in my base coat really well When I'm spraying this in I'm trying to spray. It without moving the water so much. That it's all gonna stick to the sides. You want the majority of the paint to sit on top of your water. And not hold on to the sides.

Because then it won't be part. And just you think. You might have enough paint on the top add a little bit. More Hey all right. Ithink I'm good now I'm gonna start my arm twisted lowering it slowly twisting it in a spiral. And then underneath. And pull it out there. We go there's that saturation. That I'm looking for there. Itake I'm going to blow. That gorgeous that looks beautiful okay so. What I'm gonna be doing now is the second step basically. What you do with these you'll notice. That the tape is off. And the lids are off so after. They start to get they start to dry a little bit. You want to make sure. You take the lid off. You take the tape off. You don't want the paint to stick to the tape then you'll be ripping paint off of your cup so. Once the paint started to kind of set. Now it's dry we brought. What we're gonna do is we've actually got to retake.

Because we're going to put our epoxy on. It to seal coat we don't want the epoxy to go on the stainless steel portion so. Imade today there's. Iactually had made a couple days ago. One really looks like a tie. And then we had made today as well so. All turned out really well. This year I don't know. You can see it very well but. This here is actually a bottle. That my daughter had wanted. Us to make so we had to rig. Something up to this would turn. We could epoxy this but for right. Now I'm going to focus on these cups. We were doing so basically. Ijust take I reapply. This tape it on so. You can just barely see. That stainless steel so. It actually seals the bottom. Where the paint um ends here yes.

When you're doing when you're doing it for the dip. You actually have to get the whole bottom but for this part. You don't because your epoxy isn't going to go down. That far you just want to make sure. That the epoxy doesn't end up on the sides. It won't as long as. You tape you don't need to waste the tape. It on the bottom at. This point you're basically just going to take. All of them up and actually I'm going to move. One for a moment this a little bit better, so I'm gonna take. Ijust kind of pop it on here. What I use these little. These little medicine cups. You can get these on Amazon for like next to. Nothing there's like a bunch in a pack for like five bucks. Something like this two-part epoxy it's amazing clear cast epoxy. Ido not have the box right. Ithought I still had kept the box but. Ididn't but it's a two-part epoxy.

You can get it anywhere Michaels Hobby Lobby Amazon. Wherever I usually go to Michaels. One of my 40 percent coupons it's. It makes it a lot cheaper. This goes a long way I've been using the same epoxy for a. Now basically I would say an entire cup of. Each of Part A and an entire cup of Part B would probably cover about four of these so. It really goes it really goes a long way so. What I'm going to do. Now I'm just going to show. And for one I'm just gonna put about a teaspoon of Part A. And a teaspoon of Part B. You want equal parts. You want to get this as equal as. You possibly can you don't it's never gonna settle correctly. And you're going to have mushy epoxy that's never going to actually set up right okay so. When I'm using this little bit. When I'm using more. And making four more pups at a time I'll then mix. And like one of these small cups but why waste. One of those when I've got such a little bit so.

That Part B is actually easier to pour. Then part a, so I will pour Part B into Part A. Ijust take these Popsicle sticks. Igot a giant box of Popsicle sticks on Amazon for like. Nothing I've been using them for months. It doesn't even look like. Any are gone that's. Many cames in this box it's huge so. That into I just slowly mix. These together I don't know. You can see that but. Ijust slowly mix these together. You don't want to move your Popsicle stick up. And out of it too much. Because that's just gonna create a bunch of air bubbles. You want to mix this together with as. Few air bubbles as possible it's impossible to get rid of.

All of them or to not have. You want to mix it with as. Few as possible you'll see it'll start to get cloudy. And then once it's really mixing together it'll start to clear up. Now I'm going to move. It up really quick and just kind of scrape the sides but. Itry to do that without lifting it too much. This is just about all mixed together definitely. Some air bubbles in. It but you're definitely going to have. Once you're sure that it's. All mixed together that's. When you're going to start applying now. Some people will turn their cup rotisserie on to do. Iactually don't it manually as. When I'm applying it. And then I turn the cup rotisserie on my cup rotisserie moves a little bit faster.

Though so I prefer. That way if my moved a little bit slower. Imight do it the other way. All right so this is done. And ready now I'm going to start by. Ijust start by lightly pouring some on. Istay away from the bottom. And the top I just kind of put. It in the middle so. Ican use my brush to move. Idon't want it to really get too far over. That line on either the top of the bottom but. Ido want to make sure. It gets to the top of the bottom. And then I don't end up with brushstrokes. You can see move this slightly. One on here you can see flaws. You might have thought we're on your cup are gonna slowly disappear. You start to put this epoxy on. It really makes a big difference.

It makes those colors really start to pop. It really changes the cup completely it's crazy. It works but it does okay. And pour a little bit. More on here I try to get an. Even amount you don't want. It to be too gloppy but at the same time. You don't want to get so little on there. You can't that you're like. That you've got spots. That aren't covered completely. Because that's the pain to cover later right. Now I'm just taking what's left. And going over if there's. That didn't get covered covering. Now there's a few spots a little less. Than others, they probably could have mixed up a little bit. More epoxy but this is just cold. You know the first coat so of course.

You want to make sure it's complete but second time still too basically. What you want to do is. You coat it with the epoxy. And then you want to put. Any kind of vinyl any kind of words. Or names or pictures. Anything like that first coat of epoxy cures in about 24 to 48 hours. That cures then that vinyl on. And then you'll give it a second coat of epoxy Ithink we're pretty good one. It just really pops. You probably can't tell in the video as much. How much that epoxy really changes the cup but. It really does alright. And so then I would turn on I'm gonna go ahead. And turn it on but. Istill got some other cups to do I'm just gonna turn. It on the kind of show. What it does but I do intend to fill the entire to fill the entire rotisserie there.

And so basically the movement keeps the epoxy from clumping and causing big drips before. Ihad the rotisserie. Iactually every 5 to 10 minutes had to hand rotate the cup myself. When you're using epoxy. It can cause rippling anyway just. Because it's epoxy and that's. What it does but when you're doing it by hand you're. More likely to get ripples so. This is a nicer way to usually get a much. Smoother or epoxy coat.

Tervis Tumbler® Insulated Travel Lids

  • Open/close slider
  • Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime guarantee

Enjoy your favorite beverage on the go with one of these Tervis Tumbler Insulated Travel Lids. These sturdy replacement lids fit any Tervis Tumbler 16 oz. tumbler or 24 oz. mug, goblet, or tumbler. The tight-fitting lid makes your Tervis Tumbler cup ready to carry while traveling, commuting, or enjoying the game. An open/close slider prevents spills and keeps your drink hot or cold. Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Made in USA.
Sizes: 16 oz., 24 oz.
Color: Black.

PURE Drink Stainless Steel Tumbler – 22 oz.

  • Triple-layer protection against heat entering or escaping
  • Double-wall 304 stainless steel is vacuum-insulated
  • Keeps drinks cold for 24+ hours or hot for 12+ hours
  • Copper-plated stainless steel is BPA-, BPS-, and BPF-free
  • Maximum-flow control lid

Enjoy hot coffee or ice water in the PURE Drinkware Stainless Steel Tumbler. This triple-layer travel mug keeps your favorite drink cold for 24+ hours or hot for 12+ hours. Double-wall 304 stainless steel is copper-plated to prevent heat from entering or escaping. Precisely designed lid allows maximum flow control. Take the PURE Drinkware Tumbler to the woods, to work, or in the car. Hand wash.
Capacity: 22 oz.
Available: Vodka is Just Fun Water, Hunting Makes Me Happy, Mama Bear, Shut Up Liver, Today's Good Mood, Don't Speak (not shown), Be A Mermaid, Freedom Isn't Free, Paw Prints, One Shot One Kill, Yeah It's Spiked, This Girl Loves to Hunt/Fish, Sleeping Bags Taco, New Mama Bear (not shown), Early Bird.

Pelican™ Travel Tumbler – Silver

  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel with copper-plated inner wall
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention
  • Fits up to 99% of all vehicle cup holders

Own a tumbler that lasts. Pelican stands behind their Traveler Tumbler with a lifetime warranty to prove the level of quality. Constructed from 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation and a copper-plated inner wall, these tumblers deliver extreme cold and heat retention for your beverages. They fit up to 99% of all vehicle cup holders and have a slide lid to resist spills. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
Sizes: 22 oz., 32 oz.

Adam here forget out their magazine. This is the Pelican traveler tumbler. This comes in 22 and 32 ounces. And the 32 ounces is quite big so. You do drink a lot of coffee. Or tea in one sitting and. This is definitely the size for you. If not the 22 ounce will suffice. However the 32 ounce does fit nicely into. Any size cup holders so unlike other travelers. And tumblers I've had. This does not chip when it's dropped. That leads me to my next point. That is pelican makes durable products in. This tumbler really it's no different so. If you're like and you're not nice to your belongings. Or they're just running the middle stuff to have around the house.

This product for day-to-day use is absolutely awesome. You somehow do break. This tumbler it does have a lifetime guarantee as well the traveler tumbler is made from palfrey stainless steel. And has a thick insulation which keeps drinks hot. Or cold for long periods of time. Now finally the lid is spill resistant not spill proof. Ilearned this the hard way. Iplaced it sideways in a boat on top of my pack. And a slow steady stream of coffee was coming out. Now with that being said. You are buying a pelican product for its durability. And for this case its installation. That regard this tumbler is absolutely perfect. If you'd like more information on the traveler tumbler.

Any other pelican product go down into the description below. And find the link there

CamelBak® Forge™ Divide 16-oz. Mug

  • Perfect for taking to the woods, the water or anywhere else
  • Self-sealing, leakproof, impact-resistant lid
  • Lock-open button prevents spills and allows hot liquids to cool
  • Stainless steel construction with stainless steel vacuum insulation

Is going without your morning joe simply not an option? Thanks to CamelBak's Forge Divide Mug, you can take your coffee with you on the road, in the woods or to the water without worrying about spills, leaks or burning your mouth. Self-sealing, leakproof lid and lock-open button ensure confident, convenient one-handed useno matter where you are or what you're doing. Plus, the lock-open button also serves as a handy vent, allowing you to cool those too-hot beverages down before taking a sip. Impact-resistant cap and durable stainless steel construction with stainless steel vacuum insulation. Easy-to-clean design. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
Colors: Onyx, Frost, Green Apple, Bora Bora, Jazzberry, Mango Tango.

The Camelbak Forge Divide travel mug has reinvented the travel mug experience Our unique cap is engineered for a one-handed self-sealing leak-proof experience The Forge Divide collection comes in a variety of cheerful colors to brighten your day To use press the lever open. And release the lever to close for a one-sip experience You also have the option to use the "lock open" feature for continuous sipping or to cool your beverage The rounded drink interface lets. You sense the temperature of your beverage before the liquid reaches your lips And the aroma bowl allows for an enhanced hot beverage experience The Forge Divide is easy to carry. Whether you're keeping your fuel hot at home at work. Or working against mother nature's terrain The handle is designed to fit in the crook of your finger. Or attached to a carabiner The Forge Divide cap is dishwasher safe To clean the cap unscrew. And remove from the vessel When removed from the vessel release the lever This allows the seal arms to open up. And away from the drink port to clean thoroughly The unique.

Big Sky Carvers Metal Pint Glasses with Bottle Opener

  • Stainless steel 18-oz. pint glasses
  • Built-in bottle opener and cap re-sealer
  • Set of two glasses

The Big Sky Carvers Metal Pint Glasses with Bottle Opener celebrate a life outdoors and do more than just hold your beverage. Each stainless steel 18-oz. pint glass has a built-in bottle opener and cap re-sealer. Novelty artwork personalizes them to match your interests. Hand wash only. Not intended for microwave use. Per 2.
6.25"H x 3.5"Dia.
Available: Bear and Deer, Born to Hunt, Adventure, Outside The Box.

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